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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Beryl asks in shock, "What?" Craig insists, "I can prove it. You left me when I was two." Beryl protests, "I never left anyone when they were two. I haven't got the faintest idea what you're talking about." Fiona suddenly walks in, pushing Robert, and asks Craig in surprise what he's doing there. Beryl snaps, "He's got some stupid idea I'm his mother." Craig insists, "It's true." Fiona points out, "You told Janice your mother was dead. Maisie; that was her name, wasn't it?" Craig explains, "Maisie was my foster mother. Beryl's my real mother." Turning back to Beryl, he adds, "It's OK, though: you passed the test." Beryl demands, "What test?" Craig replies, "When I took Robert: I wasn't going to hurt him; I just wanted to see if you cared about him, that's all." Beryl snaps, "Of course I cared." Craig continues, "I deliberately kept him out late and you got really worried. A mother like that wouldn't leave a kid for no good reason, so I'm not angry at you for fostering me." Beryl, looking perplexed, snaps, "Don't be stupid, Craig. Taking Robert was one thing, but to suggest I'm your mother is just plain ridiculous. You are not my son; I have never seen you before in my life. I don't know what put that idea into your head, but you couldn't be more wrong. I am not your mother." Craig suddenly reaches into the pocket of his jeans and takes out a photo, telling Beryl, "That's how you looked about a year ago. You try and tell me that's not you." Beryl stares at the photo: it's of a woman almost identical to herself, only a bit more tarty-looking. Beryl and Fiona glance at each other in shock.

Charlie is sitting out by her pool when the back gate opens and an attractive young man walks through. Charlie stares at him as he approaches her. He joins her and smiles, "Good morning." Charlie smiles, "It certainly is!" The man holds out his hand and says, "Glen Young." Charlie stands up and beams, "Charlie Bartlett. What can I do for you?" Glen asks her if she has anything a handyman might be able to help with. Charlie flirts, "One or two things spring to mind...!" She then tells him, "Why don't you toddle off and come back in half an hour? By then, I'm sure I'll have thought of something you can put your hands to..." With that, Glen walks off again. Charlie immediately picks up her 'phone - which is sitting on a table next to her chair - dials a number and, when it's answered, says, "Barbara, it's Charlie. I've had an idea: what do you say if we turned Gordon's study into a bedroom? Save him walking up and down those dreadful stairs?" She listens and then says, "It's no problem really... No, I won't be needing any help, either. I've got all the help I need..."

Beryl and Fiona are still staring at the photo in Fiona's room at the mansion. Beryl tells Craig that she doesn't know where he got it, but it definitely isn't her. Fiona suggests to Craig that he wait outside, and he heads off. When he's gone, Beryl says to Fiona incredulously, "You don't think he's telling the truth?" Fiona replies, "Of course not, but there has to be some explanation. Where did he get the photo from in the first place?" Beryl murmurs, "You tell me." Fiona suggests, "Give me half a chance and I'll see if I can find out." With that, she heads out to the hallway.

A few moments later, Craig is saying to Fiona, "When Maisie died, I went to live with her sister, Jean. Trouble was, she didn't want me. It wasn't until then that I found out that I'd been fostered. Bit of a shock, believe me - and when I went through all mum's bits and pieces, I found the photo. I showed it to sis and she said 'Yeah, that's your real mum'. Apparently, Beryl was one of mum's neighbours and when she had me, I don't know why but she couldn't look after me, and Maisie said she would." Fiona comments, "Which didn't altogether please sister Jean?" Craig replies, "No, not a lot. She told me that Maisie kept in touch with my real mum and about a year ago, she asked for a photo. She was going to tell me the whole story but she didn't get around to it." Fiona murmurs, "You've had a really rough trot." Craig shrugs, "Others have it worse." He goes on, "I was happy as a kid; there's no reason why I shouldn't have been. I just wish that Beryl would admit she's my real mum. Why won't she?"

Charlie is trying to pump up one of the tyres on her bike when Glen returns and smiles, "You trying to pull it off or push it on?!" Charlie quickly tells him, "I'm having a bit of trouble with the chain, actually. Well - not exactly; not yet, anyway - but I could have, and when I do - if I do - you'll be able to fix it for me, won't you?!" Glen nods, "If I'm still around." Charlie smiles, "You will be, darling - especially if I have anything to do with it... I mean, if I can find enough work for you in the meantime! - and I have: my neighbour wants a little gardening done, and some heavy lifting, so I thought I'd use your services." Glen smiles, "Thankyou very much." Charlie assures him, "My pleasure, darling...!"

That night, Beryl is packing some things into a bag in Fiona's room at the mansion, saying to Fiona as she does so, "I feel sorry for Craig - it must be awful for him - but he's got to realise it's just a simple case of mistaken identity." Fiona suggests that they take it slowly for the time being. Beryl sighs, "If you say so." There's suddenly a knock on the door and Fiona opens it to find Janice standing there. Beryl heads out and Fiona lets Janice in and closes the door again. Janice asks her aunt, "Would it be terribly inconvenient if I used your bedsit to get changed tomorrow night - and stayed the night as well?" Fiona smiles that she can't see any problem with that. Janice goes on, "I'm being taken to dinner by a young gentleman. I'm going to buy a new dress and shoes tomorrow." Fiona beams, "Won't we look smart?" She then comments that this escort of Janice's must be someone very special to go to all that trouble. Janice, though, tells her, "Not really." Fiona smiles, "Come on: the new dress, new shoes, the hair... anyone would think you'd never been out with a man before." Janice tells her, "I haven't." Fiona stares at her in shock.

The next morning, Susan is walking along a street in Melbourne, aimlessly. A car suddenly pulls up next to her and Ted Dawson calls out from inside, "Just been round to your place. No one home." He stops the car and climbs out, calling over as he does so, "All the flowers and chocolates I've sent, and not a word." Susan retorts bluntly, "Didn't you get the message?" Dawson smiles, "Maybe my receptionist didn't pass it on?" Susan turns to glare at him and snaps, "OK: you need it spelt out for you. Will you please take the hint and leave me alone? Thankyou." With that, she walks off.

Sometime later, Susan rocks up outside the back door at the country house. Tim is just emerging from the house and he asks her how she is. She laughs that she's fine. She then asks if her dad's at home. Tim, though, explains that he's in Sydney, filling in for a truckie mate. Susan tells him, "This is obviously your lucky day: I can stick around and cook you lunch and dinner." Tim, though, says he'll have to give dinner a miss as he's going out tonight." Susan suggests, "Lunch then?" Tim nods, "Alright." He then adds that Caroline is inside, having a late breakfast. He heads off and Susan walks inside. She stares at the woman sitting at the table and asks, "Caroline?" Caroline smiles, "And you're Susan." Susan tells her, "I keep hearing a lot about you." She continues staring and then comments awkwardly, "Tim's always said that you're an old friend of dad's; I just expected someone..." Caroline offers, "A bit longer in the tooth?" Susan laughs, "Sorry!" Caroline laughs as well and offers Susan some tea. She then asks her if she's come to spend the day on the farm. Susan, though, sitting down, explains that, actually, it's a chance to get out of the house. Caroline asks, "Tired of living on your own?" Susan replies, "No, I'm used to that. It's just that a certain party knows where I live, that's all." Caroline asks, "Man trouble?" Susan nods, "Yeah." Caroline murmurs, "Join the club."

Later that morning, Caroline is walking with Doug Fletcher through the shopping mall. As they do so, he comments, "You're the sort of person who likes to stand up for herself, aren't you?" Caroline nods, "If I think I'm right, I do." Doug goes on, "I'm looking for a troubleshooter: somebody who can move around the mall and sort out any little problems that might arise. You interested?" Caroline muses, "I could be." She then asks, "What salary did you have in mind?" Doug tells her, "Fifty dollars a week more than you get as the Easter Bunny." Caroline retorts, "A hundred." Doug counters, "Seventy-five." Caroline smiles, "Done!" Doug then says warily, "I hope I've made the right decision..." Caroline tells him, "If all you want is a troubleshooter, you have."

Charlie and Glen are walking up the driveway towards Dural, Charlie saying as they do so, "You'll like Barbara - she's a lovely lady. She usually does the garden herself, but unfortunately she was involved in the most awful accident a couple of weeks ago." Glen asks if she can get around. Charlie nods, "That's alright - but her face: it's heavily bandaged." Samantha suddenly emerges from the house and, seeing Charlie and Glen approaching, smiles, "Hi!" Charlie asks, "Just leaving, are you?" Samantha, glancing at Glen, replies, "I was - but I'm not in a hurry..." Charlie tells her, "I'm afraid we are: we're turning Gordon's study into a bedroom." Samantha comments, "Aunty Barb should have told me: I'll give you a hand." Charlie, though, says quickly, "Darling, there's no need to: Glen and I can manage. Besides, I'd hate to hold you up..." Samantha, smiling at Glen, points out, "I already told you: I'm not in a hurry. And it wouldn't be any trouble. Besides, many hands make light work!" With that, she heads back up towards the house, leaving Charlie looking annoyed.

A while later, Charlie comes downstairs, holding a pillow. Glen and Samantha are standing by the doorway to the study and Glen is saying, "You don't mind people calling you 'Sam'?" Samantha tells him, "I don't like it from everyone but you can." Charlie joins then and asks curtly, "Everything set up?" Samantha smiles, "Yes, all done." Charlie retorts, "Then I think Glen and I can manage from now on." Glen takes the pillow and says he'll make up the bed. He heads back into the study, closing the door behind him. He leaves Charlie standing with Samantha and Samantha smiles at Charlie, "Where did you find him?!" Charlie growls, "You might say he just wandered into my life." She heads across to the lounge room. Samantha follows her and comments, "He's got a beautiful smile." Charlie, though, just changes the subject and asks sharply, "Have you heard from Caroline?" Samantha retorts, "No - and I don't particularly want to, either." Charlie sighs, "Don't be too hard on her." Samantha snaps, "After all her lies about the accident? Why not?" Charlie shrugs cautiously, "She is your mother." Samantha mutters in surprise, "I don't understand you. She blamed Alison for the smash and she's supposed to be your best friend. I'm surprised you're even the slightest bit worried about mum." Charlie insists, "You know me, darling: never one to hold grudges. I just hope Caroline's not having too hard a time of it - wherever she is..."

Caroline is standing in the shopping mall, grinning as she watches another unfortunate woman dressed as the Easter Bunny, promoting 'Michael's Chocolate Box'. Doug wanders up to her and comments, "Wishing you had your old job back?" Caroline smiles, "Hardly!" Doug then tells her, "Don't forget you're working back tonight." Caroline, looking annoyed, mutters, "I had a feeling you were about to say that. I can't remember it being in our contract." Doug tells her, "It won't be just the two of us; it's a regular meeting I hold once a month. It gives people a chance to talk about any problems they might have." Caroline retorts, "I had plans to have dinner at home." Doug just suggests, "You'll have to change them, won't you?" He walks off, leaving Caroline looking annoyed.

Susan is polishing the silver in the kitchen at the country house when Ted Dawson appears in the open doorway and comments, "Bit late for spring cleaning, isn't it?" He walks in. Susan growls, "I thought I told you to leave me alone?" Ted closes the door and asks, "When are you going to stop running?" Susan snaps, "I'm not running." Ted, though, insists, "Of course you are - and you're scared what will happen when you stand still. Why don't you admit it: you're attracted to me?" He goes on, "I'm certainly attracted to you - I can't stop thinking about you. And the sensible thing to do would be to stand still for a while," - he puts a hand on Susan's arm to stop her polishing - "and get to know each other." Susan turns to face him and mutters, "You've got it all worked out, haven't you?" Ted just asks, "When are we going to have dinner again?" Susan hesitates. A smile then crosses her face and she suggests, "How about tonight? Here. There'll be three of us: Tim can't make it, but there's a friend of dad's: Caroline." Ted comments, "Safety in numbers, eh?" Susan tells him, "That's the deal: take it or leave it." Ted smiles, "One step at a time is fine by me." Susan grins, "Great - then there'll be just the three of us..."

Glen is standing in the lounge room with Samantha and Charlie - who's plumping-up the cushions - and he suggests to Samantha that they put a portable telly in the study. Samantha smiles that that's a good idea, and she suggests they go and look for one. Charlie points out curtly that Gordon may not want a television. Samantha retorts, "He doesn't have to watch it." Charlie walks over to where there's a sheet covering what looks like a picture frame and pulls it off. She stares at the painting of Fiona, underneath, and gawps at it in surprise. Samantha remarks, "It's a touch risqué!" Glen asks what it was doing behind the couch. Charlie points out that it looks like someone was trying to hide it. Samantha asks if it's by anyone famous. Charlie reads from the painting, "Lindsay someone." She quickly adds, "Of course, I know all about art: a friend of mine was an expert." She stands there, looking thoughtful, and then declares, "Norman Lindsay." Samantha asks her in surprise if she's sure. Glen chips in that it looks like an original, adding that it must have cost a few bob. Charlie stares at the portrait and comments, "There's something terribly familiar about it." Glen asks, "What?" Charlie muses, "I don't know..." She continues to stare at it and then exclaims happily, "I know: the feather boa. I used to have one just like it. Fancy that!"

Craig emerges from a newsagent's in Sydney, looking at a card in his hand. Fiona is just coming along the street and she asks him why he isn't in school. He explains that he couldn't really concentrate at the moment. He then shows Fiona the card and asks if she thinks Beryl will like it. He adds that it's just to say he wants to be friends. Fiona, looking wary, comments, "You're really convinced that Beryl is your mother, aren't you?" Craig insists, "She is."

A while later, Fiona is back at the mansion. Beryl is sitting at the table in her room, pointing out, "I wanted to tell him last night, but you said leave it for the time being." Fiona sighs, "I know - and I was wrong. As far as Craig is concerned, you are his mother; that's all there is to it. Somehow you have just got to try and get through to him." Beryl asks tersely, "What can I say that I haven't already said?" Fiona, though, shrugs, "I don't know - but you've just got to try. He's in Wayne's office at the moment; why don't you go in there and talk to him?" Beryl pauses and then asks, "May I borrow some of your old photographs?"

A short time later, a number of photos are spread out on the table in the manager's office. Beryl stubs a finger on one and says, "That is David." She points to another one and says, "John and Angela: they're twins." Moving on, she tells Craig, "Kevin and Lynn - they're living in London now - and that's their first, Davey. And of course, you know our youngest, Robert." Craig protests, "That still doesn't prove that--" Beryl, though, interrupts and snaps, "Yes it does." She then goes on more calmly, "When you were born, I was living in Melbourne and married to David. The twins were already seven years old. Susan had just started school and Kevin was learning to walk. Even if I'd wanted another baby, I didn't have time. I do understand how you must feel, not knowing who your mother was...; thinking you'd found her... It must be an awful let-down. But you're right about one thing: she must have been a good person - she just didn't leave you with anyone, she left you with someone who cared. But I can't take credit for that, because I am not your mother. Now, I think it's best if you don't try and keep in touch - but I do wish you well and hope there's no hard feelings." Craig listens but then just says, "If you're worried I'll tell your husband, don't be." Beryl glares at him and snaps, "There's no getting through to you, is there? Well, I have done my best. I'm going back to Melbourne." With that, she gathers up the photos, mutters, "Goodbye, Craig," and walks out. When she's gone, Charlie picks up a telephone directory and takes the piece of paper with Beryl's address out of his pocket.

Sometime later, Beryl is packing her things in Fiona's room as Fiona asks her what time the train leaves. Beryl replies, "Eight." Fiona smiles that she'll be home in twelve hours. Beryl, though, tells her, "Not quite: I'm going to stop off at Wagga and visit some friends." She then goes on, "I know I was sharp with Craig, but he just wouldn't listen." Fiona tells her, "Don't worry about it - I'll keep an eye on him."

Craig is bending down on the footpath outside the newsagent's where he works. He's showing his bike to a young teenage boy, who exclaims, "$80? You've got to be kidding." Craig tells him that he'd better make his mind up: three other kids on the rounds are interested. The boy hesitates before saying, "OK - but I'll have to get money out of the bank." He then asks Craig why he's selling. Craig just replies, "I'm leaving town." He then suggests to the boy that he get to the bank before they close. The boy walks off. Janice suddenly comes along and Craig asks her if she's finished teaching for the day. Janice smiles that she's on her way to her Aunty Fiona's. Craig asks her if she'll be seeing Wayne. Janice nods, "Yes - actually, I'm going out to dinner with him." Craig asks, "Could you tell him that I'm moving out?" Janice asks in surprise, "When?" Craig tells her, "Today. Sort of... moving on." He takes out some cash and hands it over, explaining that it's the rent he owes. Janice remarks, "It's very sudden." Craig just muses, "I know. Still..."

Sometime later, Craig is standing at the side of a road, trying to hitch a lift. A blue car eventually pulls up and Craig goes and opens the passenger-side door. The driver asks, "How far you going?" Craig tells him, "Melbourne." The driver replies, "Jump in - I'll take you out to the highway."

In Fiona's room at the mansion, Janice removes a dress from a bag and, holding it up in front of herself, asks Fiona, "What do you think?" Fiona, looking taken aback, replies, "Er... well... er... I would've thought you'd have bought something a little more modern." Janice protests, "This dress is very sensible - and it's not going to go out of fashion overnight." Fiona sighs, "I hate to be rude, but it's not even in fashion now. This is your first real date; you should look elegant and pretty." Janice snaps, "I refuse to go out looking cheap. Anyway, I'm sure Wayne will like it." Suddenly looking shocked, Fiona demands, "Wayne who?" Janice tells her, "Hamilton. Who do you think?" Fiona, though, growls, "You're not going anywhere with that two-faced opportunist." Janice insists, "He's a gentleman." Fiona, however, snaps, "He is not - he never has and he never will be." Janice protests, "Aunt Fiona." Fiona, though, just yells, "Forget it, Janice - you are not going anywhere with Wayne Hamilton and that's all there is to it."


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