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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Craig starts walking down the corridor, but May suddenly emerges from her room and asks him if he'd be kind enough to take her rubbish out for her. She holds out a black sack, but Craig just mutters, "Sorry," and walks off. Janice emerges from the manager's office and asks May what's wrong with Craig. May snaps that he's a very rude young man. Janice asks what happened. May cries, "It's terrible when you get old and nobody cares. He'll be old himself one day. Just wait until somebody's rude to him and see how he likes it. Young people have no manners these days." With that, she walks off. Janice storms over to the stairs, which Craig is just descending. She demands to know what the idea is of upsetting Miss. Walters. Craig insists, "I didn't mean to upset her. My mind was on something else..."

At Hornsby Hospital, Alison is pacing the floor of Gordon's room as Gordon lies in bed and recalls, "At times, Patricia could be hard... but somehow you could understand why." Alison asks, "What do you mean 'hard'?" Gordon explains, "She'd try to manipulate people... situations... so that everything turned out the way she wanted." Alison suggests, "Maybe she had good reasons?" Gordon replies, "She did - and they weren't always selfish. She always wanted what she thought was best for her children... for John and for Angela. Their careers and their love lives... which inevitably caused trouble because it wasn't what they wanted." Alison looks down, guiltily. Gordon goes on, "But Patricia cared. She could be very loving... very generous. That's why I loved her." He then asks, "Why on earth did I say that?" Alison asks blankly, "Say what?" Gordon replies, "'Loved her'. Past tense." He muses, "Maybe it's called 'coming to terms with death'." Alison insists, "You're not going to die," and she reminds him, "You were talking about Patricia." Gordon smiles, "You are very good for me." Alison quickly says, "Remember the first time you and Patricia met?" Gordon smiles, "Oh yes. She was sitting on the steps of Fiona's boarding house, nursing Angela." Alison nods, "That's right." Gordon looks at her in surprise and she says quickly, "Patricia told me. She also said how she felt when she first met you: you gave her another chance in life." Gordon muses, "Cuts both ways. I'd not long lost my first wife. I dreamt about Patricia last night and it all got mixed-up in that dream about the accident. And that woman in the other car... God knows why." Alison suddenly says, "Gordon, I'm afraid I have some bad news - about Patricia." Gordon asks in concern, "What's wrong?" Alison hesitates and then says, "She's... er.... we still haven't had a reply to the cable we sent." Gordon sighs in relief, "For a moment there, I thought you were going to tell me something far worse." Alison looks at him, guiltily.

Alison arrives back at Charlie's to hear Charlie fussing over Isabella. She rolls her eyes and then heads into the lounge room and joins Charlie. Charlie asks how Gordon is. Alison replies that they had quite a chat: Gordon said she was good for him; he was responding to her as if she was Patricia. Charlie points out, "You are Patricia." Alison reminds her, "Gordon doesn't know that." She then muses, "The strange thing was I felt the same... it was just like when we first met." Charlie asks, "Were you ever in love with Gordon?" Alison replies, "No, I was never in love with him - but I loved him; I cared about him. I still do. I'd never do anything to hurt him."

Wayne is trying to saw a piece off a pipe in the manager's office at the mansion, holding the pipe down with his foot, when Janice walks in and tells him sternly that he needs a vice to hold it firm. Craig then walks in and comments, "Setting up a plumbing shop, are you?" He then goes on, "That friend of Fiona's that went out a while ago... what's her last name?" Wayne tells him, "Palmer." Craig asks, "Got any family, has she?" Wayne, though, snaps, "Anything you want to know about Beryl, ask Fiona: they're bosom buddies from way back. She'll give you the whole family history." Janice, however, warns Craig, "Don't you go near Fiona - she's convalescing and is not to be disturbed. That's why May's looking after the baby." Craig asks in shock, "Fiona has a baby?" Janice sighs, "Beryl." Craig comments in surprise, "She's got a kid? That's hard to believe." Changing the subject, Wayne asks Janice if she can go and get a packet of brass fittings from the seat of his car. Janice agrees and then asks Craig, "Why is it hard to believe Beryl has a baby?" Craig shrugs, "Just didn't think she was the type... you know... who loves kids." Janice tells him, "She dotes on young Robert." She then asks, "Do you like children?" Craig mutters, "They're alright - if they're loved. If they're not, they're better off dead."

Out in the corridor, May is looking through the mail that's lying on the table. She suddenly comes across an envelope addressed to, 'Miss. Fiona Reid'. She looks at it in shock. Janice emerges from the manager's office and asks May if there's anything she can take in for Fiona. May, though, hides the envelope behind some others and says quickly, "No dear. Nothing today." Janice walks off. May then starts opening the letter addressed to Fiona.

Alison and Charlie are walking in the rain, towards Dural, and Charlie smiles, "I'm glad you decided to join me. Poor Barbara can do with all the support she can get at the moment." Alison comments, "I'm quite prepared to let bygones be bygones. I'm sorry the poor woman has to give up her home." Charlie points out, "Only until Gordon gets his memory back." Alison muses, "How long's that going to take?" Charlie replies, "Not long, I hope - for Barbara's sake." Alison muses, "So do I. Dreadful if it took ages..."

A few minutes later, Barbara opens the door to the flat and lets Charlie and Alison in. Charlie hands over some flowers and Barbara says she'll put them in a vase. Charlie, though, says quickly that she'll do it, and she suggests to Barbara that she sit with Alison and have a chat. She walks off. Barbara immediately glares at Alison and growls, "For Charlie's sake, I won't cause a scene - but if you show you face at my door again, you'll be the one in bandages." Alison retorts, "Bitterness doesn't become you, Barbara." She adds that she's only there for appearance' sake. She then goes on, "I won't have time to bother you in future - I'll be too busy looking after Gordon." Barbara growls, "That won't last - he'll soon learn your true colours." Alison just smiles nastily, "Tell me: how does it feel to be living in exile? It's going to be worse when he gets home: him in there, you out here. Should have taken my advice and left." Barbara retorts, "It's only a matter of time before he remembers that I'm his wife." Alison laughs, "I wouldn't hold your breath." She then asks, "Alright for money, are you?" Barbara growls, "I've always had money of my own." Alison smiles, "Good, I can stop worrying. I know you're entitled to Gordon's share of the profits from the company and Woombai, but it would be rather difficult if he saw me passing you cheques. He might ask some rather awkward questions." Barbara, however, glares at her and then snaps, "Don't think for one second that you're going to keep my share of the profits, because if you do, I'll get the Fraud Squad onto you so quickly your feet won't touch the ground. You're a clever woman - I'm sure you'll think of some way of giving me what's mine without Gordon finding out." Alison stares at her, angrily.

Wayne is still working on a pipe in the manager's office at the mansion, but Janice chastises him for cutting it too short and points out that it's going to leave a nasty gap. Wayne looks at her, ruefully. May suddenly walks past the door and Wayne yells out, "May." May turns and walks in. She's holding Robert. Wayne snaps at her, "You're late with the rent on your storage room." May tells him, "I should be getting it rent-free since you took all my money." Wayne, though, retorts, "Who said it was yours? I found it; you just hopped on the bandwagon because you saw a good thing going. If you hadn't dragged Fiona in, I'd still have it. You're an opportunist, May; don't try and pretend you're anything else." May, looking shocked, insists, "It isn't true. That money is mine." Wayne, though, just growls, "Pay up or your junk ends up in the street, alright?" May storms out, looking upset. Janice cries at Wayne, "Couldn't you at least give her some credit? I'm sure she'll pay when she can." Wayne, though, snaps, "Shut up, Janice. I'm sick to death of you telling me what I should do. You think you know everything, don't you? Well you don't; you know nothing. You're half to blame for me losing that money and you're totally to blame for me losing most of my tenants. To put it bluntly, you're a pain in the bum."

A few moments later, Wayne murmurs, "I'm sorry." Janice sobs, "No one's ever made me cry before." Wayne sighs, "It's been a bad day. It's been a bad week. I lost that money... I'm worried about dad... I'm the world's worst plumber... You were just closest when I blew my stack. I'm sorry - honestly." Janice just sobs, "At least I know how you really feel about me. I won't bother you anymore." With that, she storms out.

Barbara is walking in the hallway at Dural. She finds some women's clothes over the bannister and she picks them up and heads into the lounge room with them. Alison suddenly walks across from the study and comments sarcastically, "Not so short of clothes that you have to steal mine, are you, Barbara?" Barbara demands, "What are you doing here?" Alison replies lightly, "Just sorting through some of Gordon's company papers." Barbara, indicating the clothes in her hand, asks sarcastically, "Then off to the dry cleaner's, were you?" Alison replies, "No, I was putting some clothes in the guest room. Gordon's idea: he suggested that since I was going to be spending so much time at the house, I should bring some clothes over here, so I can shower and change without going back to Charlie's." Barbara snaps, "You're taking a hell of a lot on yourself, aren't you?" Alison nods, "Yes, I am." Barbara growls, "I'm Gordon's wife, not you, and I do not want you in my house." Alison, ignoring this, asks lightly, "If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing here?" Barbara retorts, "I'm seeing the house is tidy before Gordon gets home." Alison tells her, "I've already seen to that, so you can scurry back to your little flat and stop worrying." She then holds out a leather folder and says, "Oh, I presume this belongs to you: it has your initials on it. I found it in Gordon's study. We don't want him asking who 'BH' is, do we? Shall we swap?" Barbara takes the folder reluctantly and holds out Alison's clothes. As Alison goes to grab them, Barbara lets them drop to the floor! Alison bends down to pick them up and then smiles, "Out with the old, in with the new, huh?" She then walks off, leaving Barbara looking furious.

Sometime later, Irene is walking up the driveway to the house when Barbara emerges through the front door. Irene looks at the expression on her face and asks what's up. Barbara retorts, "Miss. Carr." Irene asks what she's done now. Barbara snaps, "She's taking over my house. She's inside now, acting like Lady Muck." Irene suggests, "Kick her out." Barbara, though, retorts, "I can't. Gordon has invited her to move in. She has control of his money, she is telling him how to think... I don't even have a say anymore. She's gone through the whole house to make sure there's no indication I ever existed. I tell you, Irene, that woman is evil - and it's only a matter of time before she moves in on Gordon permanently..."

A short time later, in the flat, Irene hands Barbara a pill which Barbara swallows reluctantly. She then cries, "It is going to be awful just sitting here in this flat like some dispossessed relative with Alison having the run of the house. How much longer am I supposed to keep up this pretence?" Irene assures her that she mightn't have to put up with it for long at all. Barbara, however, snaps that it could be years. She goes on, "Don't expect me to sit here like some patient little wife while some other woman steals my husband." Irene asks in surprise if that's what she thinks Alison is after. Barbara snaps, "Of course it is. She's as good as moved into the house; how much longer is it before she moves into my husband's bed?" Irene warns Barbara that she's over-reacting. Barbara, though, insists, "I am sure there must be some simple way of breaking it to him that I am his wife." Irene, however, warns her, "Don't even think of it. The shock could kill him." Barbara cries, "I said 'gently'. I'm hardly likely to go waltzing in there and saying 'Hi, Gordon, I'm your wife'." Irene tells her, "Whatever way you put it, it's going to be a shock. If you've set your mind to it, there's nothing I can say, but I'd like you to consider one thing: what's more important: Gordon's life or pulling the rug out from under Alison, because that's what it all boils down to?" Barbara retorts, "I don't agree - because unless I stop Alison, she's going to ruin Gordon's life and I'm not going to let that happen, Irene. No wife would."

Charlie is waltzing along the corridor at the mansion, holding a large bunch of flowers, when May emerges from her room, pushing Robert in his pushchair. She smiles at Charlie, "How lovely to see you." She then asks her if she's there to see Fiona. Charlie indicates the flowers and explains that she thought they might cheer Fiona up. She then asks May if she's taking Robert for a stroll. May replies that they're going to the park. She suggests that they could have lunch sometime. Charlie beams, "Absolutely, darling," and she trots off. May - pushing Robert - heads towards the front door. Craig suddenly appears in front of her and tells her that he'd like to apologise for before. May smiles that she supposes she can forgive him - this time. Changing the subject, Craig indicates Robert and asks, "Mrs. Palmer's baby?" May replies that they're going for a walk in the park. Craig quickly says, "I can take him for you." May looks at him in surprise and he clarifies quickly, "I mean, I'd like to help make up for my rudeness - and I'm very good with children." May muses, "I have had him most of the day... but you're not to go anywhere near the water." Craig smiles, "Scout's honour."

Alison is back at Hornsby Hospital, plumping-up Gordon's pillows. As he lies back down, she tells him that she's been talking to the doctors and he's not going to be in there much longer. She adds that she'll also make enquiries about a private nurse for when he gets home. Barbara suddenly appears in the doorway and knocks gently. Alison turns and glares at her, muttering, "Only family and close friends are allowed as visitors." Barbara retorts tersely, "Oh, I think I qualify." Alison asks, "Did you speak to the receptionist at the front desk?" Barbara replies, "Yes, I did, and they told me not to shock the patient. And I told them that any news I had for Mr. Hamilton I would break very gently." She then walks past Alison and looks at Gordon. He smiles, "Hello. I thought you went home." Barbara nods, "I did." Gordon, staring at her, goes on, "I know you from somewhere... I'm sure of it. You're Barbara..." Barbara nods encouragingly, "Yes." Gordon continues, "And you live next door. Barbara Armstrong. You're my neighbour." Barbara, looking disappointed, asks, "Is that all?" Alison quickly says, "One step at a time, I think, Barbara. We don't want to risk anything by forcing him to remember more than he has already. Who'd want that on their conscience? I know I certainly wouldn't." Barbara, looking upset, murmurs, "Neither would I."

A short time later, Barbara and Alison are walking along the hospital corridor and Alison challenges, "You were all prepared to tell Gordon you were his wife, weren't you?" Barbara points out, "But I didn't." Alison says, "Please - don't tell him. The shock would kill him." Barbara growls, "And that's the last thing you want, isn't it?" Alison agrees, "Yes, it is." Barbara retorts, "Only because you'd lose your next meal ticket. If Gordon died, his Power of Attorney would go to his next of kin. You'd be back to square one then, wouldn't you?" She continues, "Something else to remember: Gordon has already remembered that I'm a good neighbour. I doubt if it'll be very long before he realises he's married to me - and when that happens, you will be well and truly history, madam. That I promise you." She walks off, leaving Alison looking worried.

Janice is marching along the park near the mansion. Wayne is chasing after her and he catches up with her and asks if she can stop for a moment. He adds that he's been trying to catch her since she left the library. Janice turns to him and demands, "What do you want? I can't think of anything we have to talk about." Wayne tells her, "Of course we do. One, I do think you're bossy. Two, I also think you're a know-all. But in spite of people's faults, you can still like them. You weigh up the good and the bad, and if the good comes out on top... that's how I feel about you. I'd like us to be friends. It meant a lot to me knowing the day dad had his accident you cared so much. I'll never forget that. And after all the stupid carry-on earlier, the last thing I wanted to do was hurt you. I'm sorry. Can we be friends again?" Janice replies warmly, "I'd like it if we could be." Wayne then suggests, "Why don't we go out and have dinner sometime soon?" Janice beams, "I'd like that."

In the corridor at the mansion, Beryl is yelling at May, "You let a boy you hardly know walk off with my child?" May insists, "He's only taken him to the park." Beryl snaps, "I don't care where he's taken him." The front door suddenly opens and Janice and Wayne walk in, Janice smiling, "Hello, Beryl. How was work?" Ignoring this, Beryl just asks curtly, "Have either of you seen Craig?" Janice tells her, "Not lately." Beryl growls, "He's got Robert with him. May took it upon herself to let him take my baby for a walk." Wayne asks how long he's been gone. Beryl replies, "About an hour. Why?" Wayne comments, "There's something about that guy. When he was talking to us, he asked a lot of questions about you. There was something about kids." Janice chips in, "He was surprised you had Robert - almost as if he didn't think you liked children." Beryl stares at them in horror and then says, "If I'm not back in half an hour, call the police." She heads out.

A while later, Beryl is running through the park, calling fearfully, "Craig! Craig!" She suddenly notices one of Robert's toys on the ground and she bends down and picks it up, looking nervous. She then yells, "Robert. Robert, it's mummy. Where are you?" She runs forward again and then notices Craig bending down on a small bridge. He's by himself. Beryl runs over to him and demands, "Where's Robert? Where's my baby? If you've so much as hurt him, I'll kill you." Craig stands up and Beryl starts shaking him as she repeats furiously, "Do you hear me? I'll kill you."


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