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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

Alison arrives back at Charlie's and heads into the lounge room. She finds Barbara sitting in there, and Charlie whispers to her that Alison is back from James's funeral. Barbara asks Alison how it went. Alison mutters, "As most funerals go. They're no different in Quilpie to anywhere else." She then asks if there's been any improvement with Gordon. Barbara growls, "He's eating well." Alison comments, "He still doesn't remember who you are?" Barbara glares at her and then makes her excuses and leaves. Alison sits down. Charlie then says to her, "James's funeral didn't go well? Do you want to talk about it?" Alison snaps, "It's the last thing I want to talk about; I wish to God I'd never met the man." With that, she storms off again.

Wayne walks into the manager's office at the mansion with a potential tenant and asks him what he thinks. The man retorts, "I think you should be reported for false advertising." Wayne asks in surprise, "What about the view?" The tenant retorts, "What view?" With that, he goes to walk out. Wayne quickly points out that he's not going to get anything cheaper. The man, though, ignores him and walks off anyway. Wayne calls after him bitterly, "Too damn fussy, mate. That's your problem." He sits down, looking weary. Janice suddenly comes in with the young man who helped Fiona with Horrie Mulligan. She tells Wayne that the young man is interested in renting a room. Wayne quickly jumps up and introduces himself. The young man shakes his hand and replies, "Craig Maxwell." Wayne suggests that they have a look at the rooms that are still available. Craig, though, announces, "I'd like room 13. Janice showed it to me; it'll be fine." Wayne grins, "That was easy enough. It'll be two weeks in advance and $35 a week." Craig tells him, "I reckon it's only about $30." Wayne offers, "$33 and I'll lose money on the deal." Craig insists, "You'll have to lose another three, I'm afraid." Wayne retorts, "No can do." Craig accepts this and goes to walk off. Wayne, though, quickly - and reluctantly - agrees, "Thirty."

A few moments later, Janice and Craig emerge from the manager's office. Wayne follows them and suggests that they could sort out the paperwork before Craig leaves; he could pay some rent... Craig, though, explains that he hasn't got much money with him. Wayne accepts this and Craig and Janice head out. Beryl suddenly emerges from Fiona's room and says, "Hello, Wayne." Wayne tells her, "I was just coming to see you - and Fiona." Beryl asks sarcastically, "Planning to rip up the floorboards and look for some more hidden booty, were you?" She adds, "I bet you wished you owned the building, then you could toss Fiona and May out in the street." Wayne growls, "I'll be throwing you and Fiona out if you don't pay your rent - it was due today." Beryl immediately goes to her purse and takes out some notes. As she hands them over, she explains that it covers Fiona too. Wayne remarks in surprise that he thought Beryl was supposed to have lost all her money. Beryl retorts, "I'm managing." Wayne asks, "How? Freeloading off of David now he's back in your good books?" Beryl ignores this, instead saying, "This building is full of cockroaches, Wayne - and most of the plumbing leaks. Unless something is done about it soon, I'll report it to the Health Department. Goodnight." With that, she walks off, leaving Wayne looking annoyed.

Charlie walks into the lounge room at her house, where Alison is lying glumly on the couch. Charlie sits down and asks, "You going to tell me what's wrong?" Alison stands up and sighs, "Want to hear a funny story, Charlie? Not the 'funny ha-ha' sort of story; more the 'black' variety. You know how James died?" Charlie murmurs, "No." Alison tells her, "He fell out of a ferris wheel." She then continues, "When he received David's letter and discovered I was actually Lucretia Borgia in disguise, he felt the need to go out and get drunk; pick up the first girl he could find. He ended up at some funfair or other and decided to go up on the ferris wheel. Maybe he thought he'd improve his chances with his lady friend by showing off. He stood out on one of those steel girder things and... lost his footing and fell. What do you think of that?" She sits down and goes on bitterly, "Half the town turned out for the funeral - all of them whispering and sniggering behind my back. I spoke to one of the locals after the service: apparently, it didn't take James long to forget me. He was hardly a week back and there were other women. Down at the pub, he was always talking about his meal ticket back in the city - the woman who was making all his money for him..." Charlie goes and puts her arm around Alison, murmuring, "It's too easy to say 'forget him', isn't it?" Alison cries, "I loved him, Charlie." She then sobs, "It wasn't a very funny story at all, was it...?" With that, she breaks down in Charlie's arms.

Tim, Caroline and David are sitting in front of the TV in the lounge room at the country. Caroline is telling Tim that she'll be working in public relations. Tim asks her what exactly she'll be doing, but Caroline laughs that she doesn't know yet. She adds that, whatever it is, she's looking forward to doing it. She goes on, "They're supplying me with an outfit; it'll be nice to wear some new clothes again." With that, Tim announces that he's going to bed, and he heads off. David then tells Caroline that she's a lot happier today than she was yesterday. Caroline smiles, "I feel a lot happier."

Susan and Ted Dawson arrive back at Beryl's. The house is in darkness, and Ted comments, "Coming home to an empty house after a night on the town... it doesn't seem right." Susan tells him, "I've been coming home to an empty house for quite some time. I'm used to it." Ted suggests, "I'll have to help you break the habit..." Susan, however, quickly thanks him for a wonderful evening. Ted then goes to kiss her, but she pulls away and says, "I'd better get in. I've got an early start in the morning." Ted assures her that he understands. He then suggests they have dinner tomorrow night. Susan, though, replies that she doesn't think so. She goes on, "It's too early to get involved with anyone yet. Bill and I have just decided on a divorce and... it's too early for me, anyway." Ted assures her, "If you decide to spread your wings, give me a call." He hands over a card and adds, "If I'm not there, my receptionist will take a message." With that, he walks off, leaving Susan looking worried.

The next morning, David pulls up in his car outside a building in Melbourne. Caroline is sitting in the passenger seat, and she comments that she feels like a school-leaver about to start a new job! David muses that he'd be far happier if he knew exactly what her job was. Caroline just laughs that he's a fusspot! She then tells him to go off and do his shopping and she'll catch up with him later. With that, she climbs out of the car.

Sometime later, Caroline is walking around a shopping mall, dressed as a bunny and saying loudly to passers-by, "Get your Easter Eggs from Michael's Chocolate Box. Big eggs, small eggs, eggs covered in marshmallow! We've got all sorts of eggs at Michael's Chocolate Box!" She hands out some leaflets to a guy who walks by. Two teenagers suddenly run up to her and pull on the tail of her costume, laughing, "How's it going, Bugs?!" Caroline snaps, "Get out of it." One of the teenagers grins, "What's up, Doc?!" With that, they run off again, leaving Caroline looking annoyed. David suddenly walks by, looking thoughtful. As Caroline still stares at the departing boys, she hands David a leaflet absentmindedly. He doesn't notice that it's her and Caroline doesn't notice that it's him. She suddenly starts her spiel again and David stops in his tracks and turns to face her. He asks in surprise, "Caroline?" Caroline looks at him, wearily.

Alison walks into Gordon's room at Hornsby Hospital. Gordon is sleeping, and muttering various noises as he does so. He calls out what sounds like, "Barbara." He then wakes up and Alison comments that he must have been dreaming. Gordon tells her, "The same dream I always have: the accident." Alison asks him what he sees. Gordon, though, admits that he can't remember - it's so jumbled. He goes on, "There was another person..." Alison quickly insists, "No, no - there was only the driver of the car." Gordon tells her, "No, no. Someone else." Alison asks, "Who?" Gordon murmurs, "I don't know... there were two... both of them women." Alison stares at him, looking worried.

Wayne is kneeling on the lounge room floor at Dural, packing up a toolkit. Barbara comes in and comments that he looks very workmanlike. Wayne tells her, "Now that I can't afford a plumber, I have to try and do all the work around the old house myself." He then asks Barbara if she moved everything into the flat. Barbara nods, "Yes - although I think I should move out altogether. I think I'm going to find it rather difficult living in the same house as your father - especially if I have to avoid him." Wayne smiles, "No... stay in the flat. It'll all work out!" Barbara asks suspiciously, "What's in it for you, Wayne?" Wayne insists, "Nothing - honestly. I don't want to see dad under any more stress, but I don't want to see you moving out, either. Besides, I need an ally to keep Alison under control." Barbara snaps, "It is not fair - she has no right to that money. It should have gone to Gordon." Wayne just muses, "You never know your luck in a big city. I reckon it'll find its way to its rightful owner one day..." With that, he heads out.

The front door to the mansion opens and Janice and Craig walk in. Janice is commenting that she can't understand how Craig's parents allowed him to move out on his own. Craig points out, "I'm seventeen." Janice retorts, "Exactly." Craig hesitates and then tells Janice, "I was brought-up by a foster mother. She died a couple of months back." Janice says sympathetically, "I'm so sorry. Aren't there any relatives?" Craig replies, "None that I could live with." He then heads off to clean his room. Janice heads into the manager's office and finds Wayne sitting at the desk, tools in front of him and a large plumbing manual in his hands. She comments, "Taken up self-improvement, have you?" Wayne retorts, "I'm trying to repair the plumbing in this place without going bankrupt."

In Gordon's room at the hospital, Alison is saying, "You shouldn't try and force yourself to remember, Gordon." Gordon points out, "The dream just happened." Alison suggests that there are more interesting things that they could talk about. Gordon, though, sighs, "Why do I keep seeing two people in the other car when the doctors tell me there was only one?" Alison quickly suggests that there's probably some complicated medical theory to explain it away. Gordon laughs and Alison tells him, "It's about time you smiled." Gordon comments, "Having you around must be good for me." Alison replies, "I'd like to think so." The door to the room suddenly opens and Charlie charges in, grinning, "Hello, darling." Gordon is staring at her and he mouths, "Charlie..." Charlie exclaims in delight, "You do remember me. Now, where do I live?" Gordon pauses and then says, "Next door. You're my neighbour." Charlie beams that that's right. Alison, looking worried that Charlie might give too much away, quickly suggests that they leave it at that. Charlie nods, "Of course. That's enough for one day." She then hands Alison an envelope and tells her, "You forgot these." Turning back to Gordon, she explains, "James's papers. The solicitor gave them to Alison after the poor man's funeral." Alison warns sharply, "Charlie." It's too late, though. Gordon stares at Charlie and gasps, "James is dead? When did that happen?" He starts breathing heavily and Alison snaps at Charlie to get a doctor. She runs out. Gordon cries, "I don't believe it. Not James..."

A few minutes later, Charlie is sitting with Alison out in the corridor, crying that if Gordon dies, she'll never forgive herself. Alison comments, "Gordon's starting to pick up bits and pieces of the accident. He knows there was another person in the other car. So far, he doesn't know who it was, but if he does... I'm history." Charlie gasps in shock, "I don't believe what you're saying. You want Gordon to die?" Alison insists, "Of course not. I'm just projecting; thinking of the worst possible outcome. I don't want Gordon to die any more than you do."

At Beryl's, Susan is talking on the 'phone to Beryl saying, "I was wondering when you were coming home. It's been ages since we've seen each other." Standing in the corridor at the mansion, Beryl explains that it'll probably be some time next week - she said she'd stay and give Fiona a hand. She asks Susan if she's alright. Susan says quickly, "I'm fine. Been spending a bit of time with dad. When you've been married to someone for nearly four years, and then having to face up to a divorce, it isn't easy." As she says this, she looks at Ted Dawson's card, which she's holding in her other hand. She then muses, "Still... other people manage it, so I guess I'll be able to survive." Beryl suggests to Susan that she move out with David. She then listens to the answer before saying, "It's up to you." She then announces that she's got to go to work. Susan tells her, "I'll see you when you get back home." With that, they hang up. At the mansion, Beryl goes and knocks on the door to Fiona's room and heads inside. A few seconds later, Craig walks along the hallway and stops outside Fiona's room, a puzzled look on his face.

In the manager's office, Janice and Wayne are talking about the plumbing work that needs doing. Craig suddenly walks in - holding a black sack - and asks if there's anywhere special where he should dump his rubbish. Wayne tells him that there's a collection bin out the back. Craig then asks uncertainly, "Um... who was the lady on the 'phone?" Wayne asks what she looked like. Craig tells him, "Short. Curly hair." Wayne replies, "Beryl." Janice adds, "A friend of Aunt Fiona's." Craig asks how long they've known each other. Janice tells him, "Ages, apparently." She then tells Wayne that he's got to go down to the hardware store to get copper piping. The two of them head out to the hallway, leaving Craig looking thoughtful.

Irene emerges from Gordon's room at the hospital and Charlie asks in concern, "How is he?" Irene replies that he seems to have stabilised. Charlie cries, "I could cut my tongue out, saying what I did." Alison suggests to Irene that she should let the front desk know what Gordon's visitors can and can't talk about. Irene replies that that's a good idea. She adds that she'll give Barbara and Wayne a ring, too, and tell them what's happened. She walks off, leaving Charlie to ask Alison if she can give her a lift anywhere. Alison, though, says she'd like to wait around and see that Gordon's alright before she leaves. Charlie walks off, leaving Alison standing outside the door to Gordon's room, looking thoughtful. She then heads inside, and Gordon comments warmly, "Still here?" Alison explains, "I didn't want to leave before saying goodbye." She asks him how he's feeling and he tells her, "Weak." Alison goes on, "I thought if we talk for a while, it might help you relax." Gordon sighs, "Anything to get my mind off James." Alison suggests, "Let's talk about Patricia."

Beryl emerges from Fiona's room at the mansion to find Craig standing in the hallway. He stares at her and she smiles, "Hello." Craig says quickly, "You're new here?" Beryl nods, "That's right." Craig then asks, "Where have you been living all these years?" Beryl tells him, "In Melbourne." Craig asks, "You going back there?" Beryl nods, "Yes - in about a week or so." With that, she walks off, leaving Craig standing in the hallway, looking confused and worried.


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