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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

The next morning, Janice pulls up in her car outside the mansion. Fiona is sitting in the passenger seat, and comments on the fact that quite a crowd's gathered already. She adds sadly that the old place hasn't changed much... They climb out of the car. A short distance away, a young woman is standing with May, and she indicates Fiona and Janice and asks, "Who's that?" May stares at them and replies, "I don't know." She then notices Janice taking Fiona's mobile chair out of the car, and asks the woman if she ordered a wheelchair. The woman replies, "No." May mutters, "Well I'd better tell them to send it back; we're not invalids." She walks over to Fiona and Janice and says, "Excuse me. You've come to the wrong place - we don't need one." Janice, though, assures her, "It's alright, May - it's for her, not you." She indicates Fiona. Fiona is staring at May intently, and she says in shock, "May...?" May retorts, "Who are you?" Fiona explains, "Fiona. Fiona Reid." May gasps, "Oh my God!" She then quickly adds, "Please, please. Friends. Neighbours. That's all." Fiona nods, "Sure, sure, mum's the word." Janice tells Fiona that May is another resident who can remember the house in its full grandeur. Fiona smiles, "We used to wor--; we used to live here a long time ago!" Janice explains to May that Fiona is going to help them try and save the place. May asks in surprise, "How?!" Fiona tells her, "I'm going to try and have it classified as an historic building." A Channel 7 TV truck suddenly pulls up nearby. Fiona says to Janice, "Come on, let's get this wheelchair ready: it's time for a little sales pitch!"

Wayne is sitting working in the lounge room at Dural, with the TV on in the background. Barbara and Irene come in and Barbara asks how Gordon is. Irene smiles that he's insisting he doesn't need his monthly check-up! Wayne suddenly leaps up and turns the volume up on the TV, exclaiming, "Geez... I don't believe it." A reporter on-screen is saying, "The protesters are trying to convince authorities this old example of federation architecture ought to be declared historic - which would, of course, put a stop to plans to develop the site. A spokesperson for the residents' action group is Mrs. Fiona Thompson." Barbara gasps, "What's she doing there?" Wayne retorts bitterly, "Making a fool of herself, as usual." On the TV, the reporter turns to Fiona and asks her a question. She tells him curtly, "This 'building', as you refer to it, is still home to half a dozen people. Now why should they have to suffer at the hands of money-grabbing developers? This place was always a beautiful and peaceful place to live - and it still will be if it is allowed to be preserved." The reporter comments, "You obviously feel strongly about the issue." Fiona retorts, "Yes, very. I have just had major surgery, some ten days or so ago. My doctor would have a fit if she knew where I was." At Dural, Irene muses, "If she jumps up and carries a placard around, I sure will!" Fiona goes on, "The public has been bowing under corporate pressure for far too long, and I think it is high time that somebody made a stand." May and a number of other people standing around start clapping. The reporter turns back to the camera and says to the audience, "The applause speaks for itself, I think. Mrs. Thompson may be facing a difficult task, but she certainly has plenty of supporters. From Burke Street, Elizabeth Bay, it's back to the studio." At Dural, Wayne turns off the TV and snaps, "Stupid old fool." Irene points out, "You've got to hand it to her: she sure knows how to get things done." Wayne, though, retorts, "She won't win this one. By the looks of the place, it's falling apart; who's going to want to preserve it?" He storms off. Irene looks at Barbara in surprise.

Sometime later, Irene is back at her flat, and Kelly asks her, "How much effect do you think it will have?" Irene replies that it's hard to say, but Fiona gave it her best shot. Changing the subject, Irene then asks Kelly if she's spoken to Andy yet about going away. Kelly retorts, "I'm not going to tell him what to do." Irene suggests, "You could tell him how you feel." Kelly, though, sighs, "He's looking forward to a great time cruising round the Pacific. What's the point of putting pressure on him?" Irene assures her, "If he cares about you and he knows you care about him, that wouldn't be pressure." Kelly, though, murmurs, "If he wants me, I'll be here when he gets back." Irene smiles, "He's mad if he doesn't want you."

Fiona and Janice have arrived back at the boarding house and are making their way slowly along the corridor, Fiona standing awkwardly and laughing, "We did it, we did it! Round one to the residents' action group!" She suddenly appears to come over faint, and Janice quickly helps her into her mobile chair. Fiona sighs, "I'm not quite as strong as I thought I was." Janice, though, assures her admiringly, "Stronger than most."

Irene is still sitting with Kelly in Irene's flat, having some lunch, when there's a knock on the door. Irene calls that it's open and Fiona and Janice come in. Irene grins, "Look at it: if it isn't the star of midday television!" Looking surprised, Fiona asks her where she saw it. Irene replies, "Over at the Hamiltons'." Fiona asks eagerly how it came across. Irene assures her, "Logie-winning material! You looked fragile and battled... persecuted...!" Kelly asks Fiona, "When will you know?" Fiona replies, "Soon, with any luck. As soon as the interview was over, we asked a couple of the historical societies to come and inspect the place. They weren't exactly falling over themselves to get there, but when they do, one of them will agree to preserve it." Irene asks her if she's sure. Fiona smiles, "Positive!"

At Beryl's, Spider is looking in Beryl's 'fridge as Beryl does some ironing. Beryl suggests to him that he have a piece of fruit. He declines, though, saying he can't stay long. He moves across to the pile of ironing that Beryl's doing and picks up a pair of longjohns. Looking astonished to find them there, he asks what's going on. Beryl retorts, "I've been doing some ironing for some people." Spider asks in surprise, "Why?" Beryl retorts, "I need the money." Spider remarks that he thought she was waitressing. Beryl tells him, "I am, but it doesn't pay enough and the bills keep mounting up - and I have to pay Donna to babysit Robert and it's hard making ends meet." Spider asks if it's getting worse. Beryl sighs, "Yes - but I've never asked for charity before, and I don't intend to start now." Changing the subject, she asks how Jess is. Spider replies, "She's still a bit shook up about Donna losing the kid." Beryl murmurs, "Understandable."

In Sunbury, Jess walks up to the back door of the country house to find David standing outside. She stops in her tracks as he asks if it's school holidays. Jess murmurs that it's a double-free this afternoon. She then asks if Donna is in. David replies that she's in her bedroom, resting. He adds that she can go on in. She does so. She finds Tim in the kitchen, doing some washing-up. He doesn't look round as he says, "You going to help dry some of these, Dave?" Jess stares at him. He looks shocked as he turns to see who it is. He then demands of Jess, "What are you doing here?" Jess explains that she came to see Donna. She asks him if he needs a hand, but he retorts that he can manage. Donna comes in from the hallway at that moment and Jess tells her, "I've brought you something: it's a university handbook that lists all the courses." Donna thanks her and sits down with it at the table. Tim announces that he's going out for a while, and he leaves them. When he's gone, Jess asks Donna if she thinks she'll go to university. Donna replies, "I want to. Have to wait and see, I guess." She then adds, "You didn't come all the way out here just to give me this, did you?" Jess admits, "No. No, I didn't. I came to say goodbye, I suppose." She continues sadly, "It's no good, Donna, coming out here all the time and seeing Tim; things will just get worse. And it's you he wants; it's obvious." Donna suggests that perhaps they could meet in town some day and have lunch together." Jess replies, "That would be nice." She then murmurs that she'd better be off. She goes, leaving Donna sitting at the table, looking worried.

Spider and Beryl walk from the kitchen into the lounge room at Beryl's, Spider asking, "How much are you getting for those two baskets?" Beryl replies, "$5 each." Spider gasps, "Only five? That wouldn't buy a pizza!" They head to the front door and Beryl opens it. Spider suddenly points down to the ground and tells Beryl, "Somebody's left a note for you." Beryl bends down to pick up a piece of paper lying there. She reads the contents and then raises her eyebrows. Spider asks, "Bad news?" Beryl replies wearily, "It's a final notice for an electricity bill. $183 - and I don't have it." Spider asks when it's due. Beryl tells him, "If I don't pay by tomorrow, they cut the power off. What am I going to do?"

A few moments later, back in the kitchen, Spider suggests that Beryl hock some jewellery or some junk. Beryl, looking thoughtful, muses that the old shed is full of junk. Spider tells her that they'll have a garage sale; he'll make up some signs! Beryl smiles, "You might be on to something, Spider." Spider insists, "I am. It'll solve everything!" David suddenly comes in through the back door and tells Beryl that he's brought her some veggies. He puts them down on the counter for her. Spider says he'd better get cracking. David asks what's happening. Beryl quickly says, "Nothing." Spider, though, tells him, "Garage sale." David asks in surprise, "What?" Beryl tells him cautiously, "I'm just clearing out the shed." David accepts this. He then notices the basket of ironing on the table and asks Beryl if she's taken in a family or something! Beryl quickly says, "No, I'm just doing some ironing for Spider." Spider quickly says, "It's not all mine!" Beryl, clearly irritated, asks him tersely if he wasn't going. Spider replies that he's on his way. He heads off, leaving Beryl looking embarrassed.

A while later, Spider arrives back at the Campbell house. Jess is taking down some washing in the garden, and Spider hands her a letter that he picked up on the way up the path. He then asks if they have any marking pens and cardboard. Jess suggests that he try the rumpus room. She then opens her letter and Spider asks who it's from. Jess replies, "Dad. Says he still misses me." Spider points out, "Of course he would." Jess continues, "He wants me to come up and join him, too." She pauses, then says, "I think I will, granddad." Looking surprised, Spider comments that he thought she said she'd have trouble finishing school by correspondence." Jess shrugs, "I'll manage if I try hard enough - and I am missing him." She adds sadly, "It's the best thing right now..."

Wayne is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, saying, "I just want to know if any of the heritage groups have been in touch yet." He listens and then says, "No one's come and looked over the place?... You ought to know; you're the manager... Good - make sure they don't, either. From now on, refuse to let anyone in, OK? I'll be in touch." Barbara comes into the room and overhears the end of the conversation. As Wayne hangs up, she asks, "Who was that?" Wayne tells her, "Just a friend." Barbara accepts this. She then goes on that she hopes he hasn't made any arrangements for tonight. Wayne asks suspiciously, "Why?" Barbara explains, "Fiona rang. Irene's arranged a dinner party for her and asked us along." Wayne mutters, "I suppose you've already accepted?" Barbara retorts, "Gordon's got to go to a rotary do, but I said we'd both go - and seeing how Fiona would like to thank you for saving her life, I think you ought to turn up - if it's not too much trouble." Wayne suddenly grins and replies, "It won't hurt, I guess..."

That evening, Kelly is setting the table in Irene's flat. Fiona is sitting, guiding her on where to put the knives and forks. Irene emerges from her bedroom as there's a knock on the front door. She calls, "Come in." Barbara and Wayne enter and Barbara asks if they're too early. Irene laughs, "Yes, yes, but you're welcome nonetheless!" They come in and Fiona tells Barbara that she's so glad she could come. She then turns to Wayne and says seriously, "And I'm so pleased you're here too, Wayne." Wayne just smiles at her and shrugs, and she comments that he's quieter than usual tonight. Wayne tells her, "I haven't got much to say." Fiona, however, tells him, "I have - and I think I might just as well say it now." She then goes on, "We'll never be friends - I don't think that's any big secret - but a couple of weeks ago, you decided to say a few well-chosen words, hoping they'd save my life. You could have kept quiet, but you didn't. I know when I owe someone a debt, and I've never been backward in showing appreciation, so... thankyou, Wayne. I know you must have had a lot of fun composing your outburst, but it certainly did do the trick." Wayne listens and then says, "Good. I just hope it wasn't in vain." Fiona looks at him in surprise and asks, "Hmm?" Wayne tells her, "Well, one minute you're on death's door; the next, you're on telly, organising a protest march. The least you could do is take it easy for a while; make me feel it was worth the effort." Irene chips in, "I agree. Once was OK, but I wouldn't like to see you make a habit of it." Fiona laughs, "Alright, alright, I'll limit my public appearances!" She then goes on more seriously, "I don't think it's going to work anyway. None of the historical societies seemed interested, more's the pity." Wayne muses, "Oh well, not to worry. It was a good try..."

The next morning, Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, some plans in front of him and the 'phone to his ear. He's saying to the person at the other end, "I can relocate the tenants tomorrow, if I have to. It all depends on how soon you can start demolishing." Barbara comes into the room as he then says down the 'phone, "Yes, next week will be fine. Bye." Barbara hands him a letter, which he opens. He reads it and then mutters angrily, "I don't believe it." Barbara smiles, "Good news?!" Wayne stands up and announces, "I have to go out for a while." He storms off.

Janice, Fiona, Irene and May are standing outside the mansion, along with a few other people. They all grab hold of part of a banner and lift it up. It says, "WE DID IT!" Wayne sits in his car, a few yards away, looking at them furiously.

Spider is walking with Jess in the garden at the Campbell house. He asks her what time her 'plane leaves. Jess replies, "Four o'clock." They stop walking and Jess picks the head off a flower. As she smells it, she comments, "I'm going to miss Melbourne." Spider points out that it's not forever. He then asks her if she's told Donna that she's going. She nods, and Spider muses, "That means that Tim would know too, eh?" Jess murmurs, "Guess so." Spider presses, "He's the real reason you're leaving, isn't he?" Jess shrugs, "If I stayed, we'd only end up seeing each other again. He wants to keep his marriage and I wouldn't want to hurt Donna." Spider assures her, "You're doing the right thing, Jess - and I'm proud of you." Jess smiles at him, weakly.

Beryl is sitting at her kitchen table, counting money, as David stares out the window to the back garden and remarks, "There's a mob outside!" Beryl nods, "And they're buying, too, which is great." David asks her, "You need the money, do you?" Beryl, though, quickly says, "No, but I'm not going to knock it back. The main thing is to clear the shed of junk." David tells her that he might go down and see if there's anything he can use. He opens the back door just as Spider is coming in. He goes. Beryl tells Spider, "I don't know what you ended up putting on that sign, Spider, but whatever it was certainly did the trick!" Spider asks her how much she's got, and she replies, "$176." Spider remarks that she's almost there. Beryl offers him a biscuit, which he accepts. He then asks if Dave knows what the money's for. Beryl, though, retorts, "No - and he's not going to, either, is he?" Spider assures her, "Not from me. Mr. Confidentiality, that's me!" Beryl puts the money she's accumulated into the biscuit tin and puts it back in one of the cupboards, saying as she does so, "I am going to get myself out of this mess, Spider. I only need seven more dollars, that's all - then I'll pay the electricity bill."

Donna is sitting at the kitchen table at the county house, the university guide in front of her, when Tim comes in. He asks if David is home yet. Donna asks, "Want the car, do you?" She adds, "I don't mind, Tim." Tim asks 'innocently', "Mind what?" Donna retorts, "You want to go and see Jess off, don't you? Catch a taxi, if you like." Tim snaps, "I don't want to catch a taxi." Donna insists, "I'll pay." Tim, though, retorts, "I don't want to go, alright? What are you trying to push us together for? Two weeks ago, you didn't want me anywhere near her." Donna points out, "Two weeks ago, everything was different." Tim asks her how she means. Donna explains, "I was pregnant. I thought you were going to walk out on me. I didn't know what to do." Tim comments sourly, "Whereas now, you wouldn't mind if I did walk out?" Donna tells him, "I know you won't, now." Tim asks, "Would you rather I did? That's what I'm asking. Look, Don, we're married; I care a lot about you. I'm willing to work hard and save for a house and maybe even have a kid of our own... but there's not much use in that if it's not what you really want." Donna looks down and then murmurs, "Of course it is..."

Beryl and David step outside the front door at Beryl's, Beryl smiling, "$10 well spent, you think?" David is holding a small blackboard, and he replies that he reckons he'll be able to use it in the kitchen to put reminders on! He adds, "Bought it for John, remember?" A young man with long, greasy black hair suddenly pushes past them. Beryl asks him if anything took his fancy. He just mutters, "No, no," and walks off. Beryl then turns back to the blackboard and murmurs to David, "He'd just learnt to write..." Changing the subject, David suggests that he'd better hit the road. He goes. Beryl heads back inside the house with the $10 and walks into the kitchen. Spider is just coming in the back door and he tells her that the crowd's not as big as it was. Beryl, though, replies, "It doesn't matter - I made it!" Spider smiles, "Congratulations!" Beryl goes to the cupboard and takes out the biscuit tin. She lifts off the lid but then looks at the tin in shock. She cries, "My God. All the money: it's gone. It's been stolen."


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