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    Written by: Lyn Ogilvy   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Phillis

Beryl runs out through the front door and yells, "David! Wait!" David is just driving off and doesn't hear her. Beryl runs down the path to where two boys are playing on the footpath and she asks them if either of them saw a man come out of her house a few minutes ago. She adds that he was tall with long hair. One of the boys points along the street and says, "Down there." Beryl heads off in that direction.

Inside the house, Spider is holding Robert, saying to him, "Your mum's got Buckley's of getting the money back..."

A short time later, Beryl is running down the street, looking increasingly out of breath. She suddenly runs full pelt into an elderly gentleman who's emerging from a shop. He drops the parcels he's carrying. Beryl goes to run off again, but the man grabs her arm and snaps, "You help me pick these parcels up." The thief is walking on the other side of the street, and he hears the commotion, sees Beryl standing there and starts running. Beryl helps the elderly man with his parcels then starts chasing after the thief again. She eventually spots him heading into a café. The owner is just serving a police officer, who pays and goes to walk out. The owner then asks the thief if he's decided what he wants. He asks for a hamburger and chips. As the policeman emerges from the café, Beryl runs up to him and tells him, "Someone's stolen my money. You've got to help me!" The officer asks, "Who?" Beryl points to the café and says, "He's in there." They head into the café and Beryl points to the thief and says, "That's him, officer. Arrest him." The thief asks 'innocently' what's going on. Beryl snaps, "You took the money from my garage sale. I want it back." The thief, though, retorts, "I didn't steal nothing. I had a quick look round and then I left." Beryl growls, "You're lying. The money was in a calico bag in my biscuit tin." The officer asks the thief, "Do you mind if I have a look, sir?" The thief retorts, "No way." Beryl growls, "He doesn't want you to search him because he's got my money. Thief." The thief suddenly holds out his arms and says to the officer, "Alright. Go on, search me if that will shut her up." The officer pats his hands against the thief's body, but doesn't find anything. He then turns to the man's bag and looks through it. Still failing to find the money, the officer suggests to Beryl, "Perhaps you made a mistake, madam?" Beryl, though, snaps, "No I didn't. He's hidden it." The thief mutters, "Lay off, you silly old bag. I never saw your money." The officer, however, sighs, "Come on, both of you. Since we can't seem to get to the bottom of this here, we'd better sort it out at the station." He leads them both away.

Robert is in his playpen in the lounge room at Beryl's. Spider is sitting on the couch, musing, "She should be back by now, mate. I hope nothing's gone wrong." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Spider gets up and answers it. Beryl comes on and tells him, "I found him, but he didn't have it on him... I've just spent ages at the police station, but it didn't do any good: he keeps saying he didn't take it - and he's threatened to sue me for harassment." Spider asks her what she's going to do. He listens and then asks, "Where?" Beryl replies, "The only chance he would have had to hide it is when he got into Cross Street, at the top of that narrow lane." She then adds, "I've got to go, Spider. Wish me luck." With that, she hangs up.

A while later, Beryl is sorting through the contents of some dustbins and other rubbish at the top of the narrow lane in Cross Street. She searches through several bags - and then lifts the lid off another dustbin and finds her bag of money inside. She sighs in relief and checks inside to find the money's still there. It is. She then starts to head home, but the thief suddenly steps out in front of her and she stops in her tracks, looking horrified. He growls menacingly, "Hello. Fancy meetin' you 'ere..."

A few moments later, the thief walks towards Beryl and shoves her up against a fence. She cries, "Get away." The thief, though, snaps, "Not 'til I've got my money." Beryl cries, "It's all I've got." The thief retorts, "Tough. Now give it to me." At that moment, though, David comes running round the corner. He grabs the thief and pulls him away from Beryl, punching him in the stomach and causing him to collapse to the ground. Beryl tells David in relief that she's never been so pleased to see anyone in her life. She then asks him how he knew she was there. David explains, "Spider." Beryl asks hesitantly what he said. David replies, "He just told me this guy had pinched your money." Beryl asks, "Is that all?" David replies, "What else is there?" Beryl quickly says, "Nothing." She then tells David that she has to go somewhere urgently. She gives him a kiss and adds, "Come around later and I'll give you some dinner." David asks incredulously what he should do with the thief. Beryl retorts, "Take him back to the police station. Maybe now, they'll believe me."

Donna is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, the university guide in front of her. Tim comes in through the back door and goes to wash him hands at the sink. He asks where Dave is. Donna replies that he went racing out somewhere; something to do with Beryl. Having finished at the sink, Tim turns to her and asks her what she's looking at. Donna explains, "I'm thinking of doing a computer course." Tim mutters, "You're mad - all this study..." Donna, though, tells him, "I want to take it up as a career. There's a lot of money in this business." Tim asks, "Why do you want to work? Aren't you happy?" Donna sighs, "I need to do something with my life now that I'm not--" She breaks off before continuing, "I feel as if I've got a second chance. I want to find out what I want to do." Tim murmurs, "If it makes you happy, I don't mind. But computers?" Donna retorts, "We need to know how to handle them these days. A lot of people are using them." Tim points out, "I'm not." Donna mutters bitterly, "Then I suppose we'll just have to accept the fact that we're going to be different, won't we?"

David is at Beryl's, and as Spider lets him in, he asks if Beryl isn't home. Spider replies, "No." David explains that he wanted to have a private word with her. He heads into the lounge room and starts fussing over Robert. Spider smiles that he's a great little tyke. David then asks Spider bluntly, "Is Beryl having financial trouble?" Spider quickly says, "What made you think of a thing like that?" David explains, "Just the way she carried on about getting her money back." Spider, though, insists, "It was the principle of the thing." David murmurs, "That was her excuse, too..." Spider hesitates and then sighs, "If you must know, she needed to pay the electricity bill: they were going to cut it off." David asks why she didn't tell him. Spider points out, "You know what she's like: gets a bit stubborn about things." David asks how bad things are. Spider replies, "She's taken a job waitressing - and she's also started taking in ironing. But there's a bind here, Dave: if she knows I told you, she's going to get real mad and I don't want that to happen, so you mustn't tell her you know, right? You know how much pride she's got - Beryl; not only that: she's not the sort that likes taking charity." David murmurs, "There must be some way I can help her, one way or the other." Spider says, "I wish you all the best of luck - but I don't like your chances."

That night, Charlie and Alison are sitting at the bar at Dural. Barbara offers them a drink and Alison asks for a sherry. Charlie says she'll have a teensy gin and tonic! As Barbara goes to get the drinks, Alison tells her, "The six kids have been chosen. They're all very keen." Charlie adds, "Doesn't it make you feel marvellous doing something worthwhile?!" Barbara nods, "Yes, I suppose it does - but I'm rather surprised you're connected with this particular venture, Charlie. I thought you went in for more glamorous charities." Charlie sighs, " I do, darling, but it was that dreadful girl, Janice: she actually called me empty-headed - to my face! So I'm determined to show her." Gordon comes in at that moment, and smiles at everyone, "Hello!" He then glances at Alison and comments, "You're looking very attractive." Barbara's face drops.

David and Spider are sitting at the living room table at Beryl's. Beryl is pottering around in the kitchen and David calls out to her that dinner was great. Beryl rejoins the two men and David thanks her for the invite. He adds that it gives Donna and Tim a chance to spend a bit of time together. Beryl asks how they are and David replies that they're good: they've got their ups and downs, like most young-uns. He then asks Beryl how she is. She tells him that she's fine. David comments, "You weren't too fine this arvo." Beryl admits, "No, I could've been hurt. I'm glad you came along. Thankyou." David remarks, "It's still a bit of a risk to take for $176." Beryl, though, insists, "You know me when I see red. Besides, $176 is $176." David asks her if she's sure that was the only reason. Beryl quickly retorts, "What other reason would there be?" With that, she picks up some plates and heads off back to the kitchen. Spider sighs to David, "I told you." David mutters, "Yeah, yeah, I know - but I'm going to get it out of her, eventually."

Alison, Gordon, Barbara and Charlie are sitting on the settees in the lounge room at Dural. Gordon is saying to Alison, "It all sounds fair enough to me. You've been busy: bush-walking... fishing... cooking... Got it all worked out for the children, haven't you?!" Alison reminds him, "It was my idea. It seemed only fair I do most of the organising." Gordon smiles, "You've done very well. Congratulations." Alison thanks him. She then announces that she'd better get off to her function. Gordon tells her that he'll see her out. Barbara, though, says quickly, "Don't bother, darling. I'll take care of it." She follows Alison out to the front door and closes the lounge room doors behind her. She then spits, "Oh, you're very clever, Alison. But you're not quite clever enough." Alison raises her eyebrows and says 'innocently', "I'm sorry - I don't know what you mean." Barbara retorts, "Don't treat me like an idiot. You're trying to get on the right side of Gordon." Alison smiles and asks, "What's wrong with that? We are business partners." Barbara snaps, "And what more do you want from him? His Power of Attorney?" Alison, though, replies calmly, "Why should he take it away from Wayne? Your imagination's working overtime, Barbara." Barbara, though, snaps, "Not where you're concerned. You want as much power as you can get. Well, you can forget it while I'm around. Now get out." She opens the door. Alison smiles, "Charming!" With that, she goes. Barbara shuts the door firmly behind her.

The next morning, Barbara is sitting in Irene's flat at the boarding house as Irene checks her right arm. She tells Barbara, "You'd better have a pathology test done, just to be on the safe side." Barbara asks if she thinks it's something serious. Irene, though, quickly assures her, "I didn't say that." She asks Barbara if it's giving her any trouble. Barbara groans, "It is itching like mad. Can you give me something to ease it? I've got to go to Woombai today." Irene, though, tells her, "Uh huh. It could be infectious. You might give it to the kids." Barbara insists, "I have got to go. I'm not letting Alison alone with Gordon." Irene laughs, "Come on, you can trust Gordon!" Barbara, though, retorts, "But I can't trust Alison. She's out to get him. I know it sounds stupid, but she is." Irene points out, "Charlie's going to be there, isn't she? And with six kids hanging around... I think they'd find it a bit difficult to organise a tête-à-tête." Barbara murmurs reluctantly, "I suppose so..."

Charlie walks into the lounge room at her house. Alison is standing there and Charlie smiles, "Mission accomplished! But we're going to be one short on our little expedition, darling." Alison looks at her in surprise and Charlie explains, "Barbara's come down with a dreadful rash. Irene won't let her go." Alison muses, "What a pity..." She then suddenly curses, "Oh damn. I've just remembered: I mightn't be able to go either." Charlie exclaims in surprise, "You have to go." Alison, though, tells her, "No, I promised Barry Walker I'd go to a charity dinner with him tonight." Charlie remarks that Gordon will be very disappointed. Alison nods, "I know. What can I do? Still, if I'm going to miss out, this is the best way of doing it. Everyone who's anyone will be there tonight." Charlie, suddenly looking very interested, says, "Really...?" Alison goes on, "Still, I'd rather up-country: campfires... bush-walking... Trouble is, I can't think of anyone to replace me; not at such short notice." Charlie quickly tells her, "I'll stand in for you." Alison points out, "You're going to Woombai. You're looking forward to it." Charlie, though, insists, "I don't mind - and this idea of weekends for children was all yours. You should follow it through." Alison asks, "What about proving to Janice you're not empty-headed?" Charlie smiles, "I can do that some other time." Alison tells her, "I hate to have to ask you." Charlie, though, replies, "Nonsense, darling. What are friends for?" She then asks what she should wear. Alison suggests to her, "Why don't you pop upstairs? I'll go and ring Barry." Charlie does as suggested and Alison goes to the 'phone and dials a number. It rings and a male voice comes on and says, "Hello?" Alison replies, "Hello. Barry? It's Alison Carr. I hope you haven't got any plans for tonight..."

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon asks Barbara if she feels OK. She replies, "A bit strange. I'll be fine. Irene chips in that it's nothing serious." Gordon asks his wife, "Would you like me to stay home?" Barbara tells him, "Of course, I'd love you to--" Gordon interrupts and says, "I'll tell the others." Barbara, though, insists, "No, I'll be alright. You go. Wayne will be here if I need anything." With that, Gordon heads towards the front door. Barbara follows him. He suddenly pauses and says, "Will you remind Wayne about that business luncheon tomorrow? It is important. I want him to make a good impression for a change." Barbara comments, "That's a bit harsh." Gordon, though, mutters, "I don't think so. He's been up to all his old tricks, lately: that mansion business leaves a nasty taste and he's constantly sniping at Alison." Barbara asks, "You don't think she deserves it?" Gordon retorts, "No, I don't. I can't see the company running smoothly if one of the Directors spends all his time and energy on personal grievances." Barbara, however, snaps, "For once, I'm on his side: he doesn't trust Alison and neither do I." Gordon sighs, "You are slow to forgive, aren't you?" Barbara, though, retorts, "Can't you see what she's doing?" Gordon tells her tersely, "Yes I can: she has come up with a useful, constructive idea and she's carried it through. I think we have to admit that the woman has a decent side." Barbara glares at him as he walks off.

Next door, Charlie is trying to choose a dress for that night. As she does so, she asks, "Did Barry mind about me going instead?" Alison assures her, "Of course not - he's looking forward to it." She then goes on, "I'm rather glad Barbara's not going to be there. I can't seem to put a foot right with her." Charlie muses, "Yes, she can be a bit, um... frank!" Alison, though, assures her, "I don't mind that. She had a go at me last night: accused me of being after something." Charlie asks suspiciously, "Are you?" Alison retorts, "Of course not. What do you take me for?" A car horn suddenly sounds outside and Alison comments that it'll be Gordon. She then tells Charlie, "Enjoy yourself. Wow them all!" Charlie smiles, "Have a wonderful weekend." Alison grins, "I will. I certainly will..." With that, she heads out.

Later that day, Gordon and Alison climb out of Gordon's car at a petrol station. The attendant tells Gordon, "Just in time, mate. Fill her up yourself, will you?" Gordon nods, "Fine." He then asks if the restroom is open. The attendant replies, "Yeah, sure, but make it quick: the missus has just put the tea on." Alison tells Gordon to go the restroom and she'll fill up the tank. Gordon heads off. Alison goes and takes off the petrol cap and inserts the nozzle of the pump in the hole. She starts to fill the car up. After a few seconds, though, she takes the nozzle out again, picks up a can of water that's resting next to the pump, and, checking around to make sure no one's looking, starts pouring the contents into the petrol tank...

Irene is with Barbara, in the lounge room at Dural. Barbara rolls her right sleeve down and comments, "Not getting any better, is it?" Irene muses, "The sooner we get those tests back from the Pathology department, the better." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Barbara quickly goes and answers it. A male voice comes on and says, "Barbara, it's Ben Thomas. Is Gordon there?" Barbara, though, replies in a worried tone, "No, Ben. He should be at Woombai. He won't be back until Monday." Ben says he'll call back then. They hang up and Barbara turns to Irene and cries, "They should be there by now. What time is it?" Irene points out, "Two minutes later than when you asked before." Barbara mutters, "I'll give them half an hour." Irene asks, "What then?" Barbara retorts, "I'll ring Woombai." Irene asks, "What if they're not there? Listen, I'm beginning to think that this rash of yours is nervous." Barbara snaps, "Rubbish." Irene, though, insists, "Worrying about things won't help." Barbara, however, retorts, "Alison has so blinded Gordon, he thinks she can do no wrong. When I simply mentioned that I didn't trust her, suddenly I was the worst person in the world." Irene sighs, "Barbara, if Gordon and Alison had gone away together alone, then I could understand you being a bit twitchy - but they haven't; Charlie's with them. Barbara murmurs, "I know, I know, but I can't help it. I don't trust that woman." There's suddenly a knock at the front door. Barbara snaps, "God, if that's some charity, I'm going to shut the door in their face." She goes and answers it to find Charlie standing there. She trills, "Hello, Barbara!" Barbara stares at her and asks in horror, "What are you doing here? You should be at Woombai, with Alison and Gordon." Charlie smiles, "I know, it looks dreadful, doesn't it, but Alison needed me here." She waltzes into the lounge room as Barbara demands, "What did she need you here for?" Charlie explains, "She had a very important engagement in town. I'm filling in for her." Barbara murmurs nervously, "I see."

Gordon is poring over the engine of his car, which is parked at the side of a road. He shrugs and sighs to Alison, "I can see absolutely nothing wrong with it." Alison points out, "Except that it won't go." She then asks, "What do we do now?" Gordon replies, "I don't know. We can't wait here for someone to pass. We'll have to walk to that motel about five kilometres back. Are you up to it?" Alison smiles, "Yes, I'm fit." Gordon adds, "I can arrange for someone to come and have a look at it from there." Alison suggests, "Why don't we take some of our gear? If we can't get it fixed tonight, we don't have to come back and get the toothbrushes. I don't mind being deserted in a hick hotel, but I will not stay if I can't clean my teeth!" Gordon grins, "I guess that's the sensible thing!" Alison goes on, "At least it's not raining. Quite a nice day for a walk!"

It's dark, and Barbara is pacing the floor of the lounge room at Dural as Irene sits and stares at her. Barbara cries, "It doesn't take nine hours to get to Woombai. Where are they?" Irene suggests, "Maybe something happened?" Barbara snaps, "Exactly." Irene, though, asks, "What do you think Alison's done with him: abducted him? Maybe the car broke down." Barbara growls, "Our car never breaks down." Irene suggests, "Then maybe they went straight to the campsite?" Barbara retorts, "Then Gordon would have rung - if Alison had let him." Irene says, "I don't see how she could stop him - and I wish you'd stop pacing up and down like that; you're not doing that rash a bit of good." At that moment, the 'phone starts ringing and Barbara dashes to answer it at the bar. STD pips sound and Alison comes on. Barbara demands, "Where's Gordon?" Alison replies, "He's fine. We've had a bit of a mishap, though." Barbara asks, "What sort of a mishap?" Alison explains, "The car broke down. Gordon's out seeing about a tow-truck now." Barbara asks, "Where are you?" Alison tells her, "At a motel." Barbara cries, "What are you doing in a motel?" Alison replies, "We didn't want to stay the night in the car and we can't get to Woombai until tomorrow morning. I expect Gordon will call you from there." Barbara retorts, "I'll ring him when he gets back. What's the name of the motel?" Alison, though, sighs, "Barbara, I have no idea; I didn't look. But we'll be fine; don't worry. Bye." With that, she hangs up. Barbara cries down the 'phone, "Alison?" It's too late, though. She hangs up at her end and then turns and snaps at Irene, "The car broke down. They're staying at a motel." Irene comments, "Sounds sensible to me." Barbara, though, goes on, "They'll be spending the night together." Irene asks calmly, "Don't you think you're projecting, just a little?" Barbara retorts, "No, I don't. Alison is very glamorous and she knows exactly how to play up to Gordon's ego." Irene points out, "Gordon loves you." Barbara cries, "It didn't stop him falling for Liz, though, did it? I probably would have lost him to her except she had some scruples. Ever seen any scruples around Alison?" Irene murmurs, "No, not a lot." Barbara, looking close to tears, quivers, "Alison's out to get my husband, Irene. And there's not a damn thing I can do about it."


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