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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Sometime later, Alison storms into Charlie's lounge room, wearing her dressing gown, and pours herself a drink. Charlie comes into the room with a towel, laughing, "You still haven't told me why he did it!" Alison, though, retorts, "That's beside the point. Nobody humiliates me and gets away with it - least of all Wayne." She starts towelling herself dry. Charlie carries on laughing until eventually Alison snaps, "If you're enjoying this so much, let me tell you something really funny. Trent Harris asked me to give you a message: he asked me to tell you he's not coming back again; he's gone - because you bored him mindless. You want something to laugh at? Laugh at that." She then storms off, leaving Charlie looking shocked.

Wayne is at the Morrell town house, yelling at Caroline, "What a stupid, inconsiderate thing to do. Did you stop and think for one second what selling your shares would mean to the rest of us?" Caroline snaps at him to keep his voice down, as Samantha is asleep. Wayne, though, goes on angrily, "Alison's picked you for exactly what you are: a weak, booze-sodden pushover. Couldn't you see what she was up to?" Caroline gasps, "What were you up to, if it comes to that? You were the one who kept on saying a few drinks would ease the pain." Wayne growls, "Don't blame it on me - I presumed you had some self-control." Caroline, suddenly looking thoughtful, says, "Actually, what were you up to?" Wayne retorts, "Nothing. What do you think I was up to?" Caroline muses, "I think you were hoping you'd get me muddled enough I'd sell my shares to you - and that's why you're so angry: Alison's beaten you at your own game." Wayne spits, "Nobody's beaten me at anything. I still control 50% and I'll get the rest back, don't you worry." Caroline, though, asks, "Why should I worry? It's nothing to do with me, now - although personally, I'd enjoy seeing Alison run rings around you." Wayne snaps at her that she won't see Alison for dust now that she's got what she wants. With that, he storms out, leaving Caroline looking worried but thoughtful. She walks over to the drinks tray and pours herself a glass of scotch. She goes to sip it, but then hesitates and puts the glass down again.

Alison walks into the lounge room at Charlie's and apologises to Charlie for lashing out. She adds that she made that crack about Trent just to annoy her. Charlie asks, "Then he hasn't really gone?" Alison admits that that bit's true, but it wasn't because of Charlie. She goes on, "Yesterday, he attacked Samantha - or at least, attempted to." Charlie gasps, "Oh my goodness. Is she alright?" Alison nods, "Yes, thankfully - but that's why he's gone. He won't be back, I can assure you of that." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Alison comments that it'll be Gordon and Barbara. She and Charlie both head out to the hallway and Charlie opens the door. Gordon asks Charlie if she's ready. Charlie says she'll just get her bag, and she heads off to her room. Gordon then comments to Alison, "Wayne said that you slipped into the pool." Alison muses, "Yes, silly of me, wasn't it?" Barbara mutters sourly, "I do hope you weren't hurt..." Alison retorts, "No - I just ruined a $700 dress, that's all." Barbara snipes, "Let's hope it hasn't shrunk - too much!" Gordon asks how it happened. Alison replies, "I don't know. One minute I was talking to Wayne and the next I just toppled in. I'll have to watch my step in future." Changing the subject, Gordon asks her if she's still coming to lunch. She replies, though, that she's lost her appetite. Barbara mutters, "Pity..." Charlie rejoins them and she, Gordon and Barbara head out, leaving Alison standing in the hallway, looking angry.

Sometime later, Alison pulls up in a car outside the mansion that Wayne bought. An elderly woman is walking up the path and Alison runs after her and says, "Excuse me. Do you live here?" The woman turns to her and replies, "Yes." She then adds, "I'm sorry, dear, there are no vacancies." Alison, though, assures her, "That's not the reason I ask. I notice the building's been sold." The woman mutters, "It should never have been allowed." Alison comments, "Yes, it's a pity. Whoever bought it will probably want to pull it down and redevelop the site." The woman gasps, "They can't do that; people live here." Alison muses, "I doubt whether that will stop them." She then adds, "Actually, I was interested in buying the place myself. Such a lovely old place... I would have loved to restore it to the way it was." The woman smiles, "I don't think they'd let you do that, dear." Looking puzzled, Alison asks why not. The woman replies, "They just couldn't, that's all. But it would be nice to see some money spent on it, though... spruce it up a bit. It was beautiful in the old days... very classy. I was the first tenant when they turned it into flats. I told them 'I'm going to live in this house for the rest of my life'. I made them write it into the agreement; that's how much I love the place. I've never had a moment's unhappiness here - except for new year 1948--" Alison quickly interrupts and tells her, "The thing is, the owners will probably want you to leave." The woman - May Walters - gasps, "They're going to have a fight on their hands!" Alison asks her how she'll stop them. May replies, "I don't know - but somehow." Alison smiles, "Good for you - and if I can think of a way of bringing the developers to grief, I'll let you know." May asks, "Would you, dear? That's very kind." Alison tells her, "It's my pleasure - I assure you..."

Samantha is sitting with Caroline on the couch at the Morrell town house, asking, "Mum, why did you sell your shares? The company means so much to you." Caroline, though, assures her, "Not as much as you do. You're the only daughter I've got now, and I'm going to be a full-time mother to you. Samantha comments that she must have lost a lot of money. Caroline, though, assures her, "Not at all. I sold for a good price and I'm going to invest the proceeds with a reputable broker for our future." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Caroline goes to answer it. She finds Alison standing there. Alison explains, "I just dropped by to see how Samantha was." Caroline invites her in. She hands Samantha a present to cheer her up. It's a bottle of perfume and Samantha smiles, "Oh Alison. Thankyou." Alison assures her, "You needn't have any more worries about Harris: Charlie threw him out as soon as she heard; he won't be back." With that, Samantha announces that she's going to have a lie down, and she goes. Alison then looks at Caroline: she has a sneer on her face. Alison asks what the matter is. Caroline replies, "I wasn't sure I'd be seeing you so soon." Alison asks in surprise, "Why not?" Caroline explains, "Something Wayne said: he said all you wanted from me was my shares. Now you've got them." Alison points out that she wouldn't be there now if she didn't genuinely care about her and Samantha. She adds, "Don't listen to Wayne - he'll say anything to cause trouble." Caroline sighs, "I know - but he's very good at stirring up doubts, and it wasn't so long since we've been at each other's throats." Alison tells her, "That was before we got to know each other. We're friends now and that means a lot to me." Caroline nods, "Me too." Alison goes on, "Don't believe a word Wayne says. He's an immature, vindictive little brat. He deserves everything that's coming to him..."



Gordon and Barbara are with Fiona in her hospital room, and Barbara smiles at her that she looks wonderful! Fiona grins that she's got a whole new lease of life! She adds that she owes Irene her life - although the doctor can be so stubborn when she sets her mind to it. Indicating the seat next to her, she continues, "Do you know, I had to practically tie her to that chair to talk about our future - you know, after all the money we lost on the coffee future thing?" Barbara asks if they came to any decisions. Fiona nods, "We've decided: yes, we have to sell the boarding house - and I'll give up my flat and I'll move in with Irene until such time as I'm well enough to go and find a job. It's a whole new adventure!" Gordon tells her, "You'll be surprised at the number of people who have been concerned about you; even 'amazed'." Fiona asks, "Like who?" Gordon replies, "Like Wayne." Fiona snaps, "His behaviour has been thoroughly uncaring." Gordon, though, tells her, "You think about it: who got you mad enough to fight, hmm? And to have the operation?" Fiona growls, "He most certainly did that. But that was out of no concern for me; that was purely and simply because--" She breaks off as she realises, "I don't believe it... I fell for it." Gordon nods, "Hook, line and sinker." Fiona sighs, "That's one more person I have to thank."

Alison is standing in the driveway outside Charlie's, watching as Charlie successfully rides her bike towards her! She suddenly notices Wayne approaching them. He snaps at Alison, "I want a word with you." He then pushes Charlie's bike and snaps at her to take a ride. She wheels away, ringing her bell! Wayne turns back to Alison and growls, "I was just on the 'phone to the manager of the mansion. Some woman was over there trying to stir up the old duck with the lease. Didn't take much figuring out who it was." He goes on, "You wasted your breath. My information is the old girl's half-dotty; no one's going to take any notice of her - and I couldn't care if they did: the building's not a classified heritage property, so you might as well just save yourself the effort." Alison grins, "What effort? You're perfectly capable of going broke without any help from me." Wayne, though, snaps, "No way. I'm going to make a killing and you're going to be kicking yourself you didn't pick the place up when you had the chance." Alison mutters, "Sorry, I don't have time to listen to your little pipe dreams. I'm just on my way over to see your father." With that, she walks off. Wayne follows her a short way behind her.

A few moments later, Alison knocks on the front door at Dural and Gordon lets her in. She tells him that she wondered how the plans were coming along for bringing those underprivileged children to Woombai. Gordon explains that he's arranged a barbecue for this afternoon. Wayne comes into the house as Alison asks if Wayne is going to be there. Gordon replies that he imagines so. He asks if anything's wrong between them. Alison tells him, "We're not seeing eye-to-eye on a lot of things. Still, you and I are getting along so well, it more than makes up for it." Wayne laughs, "He's not silly enough to fall for a line like that." Alison, though, insists, "It wasn't a line." She then tells Gordon, "For whatever reason, Wayne doesn't like me. Normally that wouldn't bother me, but he's letting it affect his business decisions. In the light of that, it concerns me he has your Power of Attorney." Gordon asks Wayne what he has to say about that. Wayne, looking furious, yells, "Of course I don't like her. She's a scheming, self-centred liar. Her only interest in the company is to stir up enough trouble until she gets full control." Gordon tells his son, "That is hardly fair." Wayne, though, yells, "It's the truth - and I'm sick of people treating me like dirt because they can't see what a devious little sneak she is." Gordon yells back, "That's enough. If that outburst's anything to go by, I can understand why Alison's worried." Wayne glares at him. Alison stands there, smirking.

Barbara is gardening outside when she sees Alison and Gordon emerge from the house. Alison tells Gordon, "I didn't want to say all that - it seems like I'm trying to come between father and son. It's really just the company I'm worried about." Gordon assures her that he understands. Wayne joins Barbara and tells her, "I worry about dad, sometimes. He's too honest for his own good. He thinks people are as up-front as he is." Barbara suggests tersely, "Not in your case, surely?" Wayne ignores this and goes on, "Alison wants total control and she won't stop until she gets it. Buttering-up Gordon's all part of the plan, and he's falling for it." Barbara growls that that's nonsense. Wayne, though, points out, "It's worked before. He fell for Liz because she brought out his protective instincts. Alison's using the same ploy." Barbara snaps, "I'll thank you not to mention Liz's name, if you don't mind. And as for the rest, that's rubbish. Your father's got more sense than you give him credit for."

Fiona is reading the newspaper in her hospital bed when Charlie, Janice and Andy walk in. Andy hands her some flowers and Janice asks her if she hasn't started packing. Fiona explains, "I was just reading about this old house they want to pull down. If I wasn't feeling so good, I'd be quite depressed about it." She indicates the newspaper article, which is about the mansion that Wayne has bought. Charlie comments, "It's just an old house." Fiona smiles, "But it was a grand old place, once. I worked--" She breaks off and quickly changes it to, "I mean I stayed there once, during the war. Those were the days. It would seem a shame to see that old place gone. Another part of my life gone forever..." Charlie muses, "That's progress, I suppose. But think of all the wonderful things it's given us: colour TVs... automatic dishwashers...!" Janice glares at her and rants, "Doesn't it matter to you that all the poor people in that house have to find somewhere else to live? Low-rent housing's scarce enough without money-hungry developers smashing down the few places left." Charlie, looking surprised, murmurs, "I'm sure you're right, darling, but there's nothing I can do about it." Janice, though, snaps, "That's typical of people who can't think of anything but their own comfort." She then grabs Andy's arm, saying as she does so, "Maybe everyone else is too scared to act, but I'm not. Come on, we're going out to that house." Andy protests, "We only just got here." Janice, however, retorts, "Don't argue." Fiona warns her not to do anything rash. Janice tells her, "I'll do whatever's necessary, no more, no less." With that, she and Andy walk off, leaving Fiona looking worried.

May Walters is walking up the path towards the front door of the mansion when Alison approaches her and reminds her that she spoke to her last week. She tells May, "I've been thinking up some ideas for a campaign to restore it; to win public support." May just stares at her blankly, though, and asks, "To restore what?" Alison explains, "The house." She then asks, "Is there anyone else with a lease like yours?" May replies that she doesn't think so. Alison asks, "What about the manager?" May, though, retorts, "Stay away from him, dear. He's a nasty man." Alison mutters, "Great." With that, May heads off inside.

Isabella is sitting on the couch at Charlie's as Charlie rants to her, "How dare she speak to me like that? 'Can't think of anyone else's comfort but your own'? I think of your comfort, don't I, darling?" Alison suddenly comes in, looking at Charlie in surprise as she goes on, "Look how much money I give to charity a year - and I'm accused of not caring." Alison tells her that they have to get ready for Gordon's barbecue in a minute. Charlie, though, ignores this, declaring, "I've got as much social conscience as anyone, and I'm going to prove it." Alison asks her what on earth she's going on about. Charlie hands her the newspaper and indicates the article about the mansion. Alison asks, "What about it?" Charlie tells her, "Someone's going knock it down and I'm going to stop them." Alison asks in surprise, "Why?" Charlie retorts, "Why shouldn't I? I've got important friends in the media; people who can bring this to public attention. That's what it needs." Alison, looking delighted, grins, "I couldn't agree more..."

Janice and Andy are helping Fiona along the corridor at the boarding house, and Janice is saying, "We talked to this old woman. She's been living there for ages." Andy muses, "Nice enough old chook, but I'd say there's a few notes missing from the top end of the keyboard!" Fiona laughs, "That's good! The press love a colourful character. If you can generate enough publicity, the lawyers will be climbing over themselves to represent you." Janice comments that she seems to know a lot about it. Fiona assures her, "I've fought a few battles in my time, for the underprivileged - and won a few." They head into Irene's flat, where a big banner saying 'Welcome Home Fiona' has been posted on the wall. Fiona smiles, "You shouldn't have done this!" Andy tells her that they have a surprise for her. He helps her sit down while Janice heads off to one of the other rooms. Fiona tells Andy, "Thankyou so much. You've all been so wonderful." Janice suddenly comes back into the room, sitting on the seat of a motorised scooter! Fiona laughs, "What in heaven's name is all this?!" Janice tells her, "It's all yours, Aunt Fiona. I rented it specially!"

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon comments to Barbara that she'll be playing golf the weekend they're taking the kids to Woombai - it's club trophy day. Barbara says she'll cancel. Gordon, though, tells her, "There's no need. Alison's keen - she'll help me." Barbara, looking annoyed, mutters, "I wouldn't dream of not being there, darling..."

Outside, Wayne is tending to the barbecue as Alison and Charlie stand next to him. Gordon and Barbara come out and join them, holding some trays of food. Charlie says eagerly to Barbara, "I must tell you about my new crusade." Barbara asks, "What's that?" Alison glances at Wayne as she chips in, "She's all fired up about some lovely old mansion that Wayne wanted us to buy. Someone else bought it and now they want to pull it down. There's going to be a terrible public outcry." Wayne asks Charlie what got her so interested. Charlie explains, "Fiona, actually. She used to live there during the war. She was quite upset when she heard it might be demolished. That dreadful niece of hers has started a campaign, too, but I think I can do as much good as she can." Barbara comments that it sounds like there's a lot of excitement in store. Alison adds gleefully, "Yes... doesn't it..."

Fiona is sitting at the living room table in Irene's flat, sobbing. She has a deck of playing cards in her hand. Janice joins her and asks her in concern if she's crying. Fiona sniffs, "I just realise how glad and lucky I am to be alive." She deals one of the playing cards down on the table. It's the ace of spades again. She picks it up and orders, "No, go away, death. You had your chance." Andy suddenly comes in and tells Janice, "I've just been over to the old house. Someone's been doing some hassling." Janice asks, "Who?" Andy replies, "I don't know. The manager's freaking out about the TV station calling. They're sending all this crew out in the morning." Janice says they'll have to be there to talk to them. Fiona, though, says quickly, "Wait a minute. This has to be done exactly right if it's going to work. I'll go instead of Andy." Janice chastises, "You're not well enough to go yet." Fiona, though, declares, "I'm well enough to do what has to be done, my girl. You need someone who knows what they're doing - and that someone is me."


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