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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Phillis

Caroline tells Bella, "Sydney was getting a bit too crowded. I thought I might try a change of scenery." Bella asks, "Where did you work in Sydney?" Caroline retorts, "The Cross, of course." Bella asks, "Who for?" Caroline tells her, "No one. I had my own business." Bella comments, "Brave lady. Not too many girls would go up there on their own." She then tells Caroline, "I don't believe a word of it. It's your first time, isn't it?" Caroline smiles at her weakly and then nods, "Yes - professionally, that is." She adds that she's not naive. Bella muses, "I think you could do rather well." She asks, "What's your name?" Caroline starts to say, "Carol--" She then breaks off and leaves it at, "Carol." Bella accepts this and then says, "Right, the rules: I keep a quiet house. You don't do private deals with the customers and you keep your nose clean. Alright?" Caroline nods at her. Bella tells her, "Start at 5:30pm." Caroline, suddenly looking taken aback, "This afternoon...?" Bella retorts, "We don't have an early-morning shift!" She then suggests to Pam that they get a photo. Pam lifts a camera off a hook and explains to Caroline, "It's nothing suss, but we do quite a bit of escort work - we need to have a piccy of you; it saves time with clients." She takes the photo and then comments to Caroline, "You've got lovely hair. It must take you ages." The Polaroid develops and Caroline looks over Pam's shoulder as she flicks through an album full of photos of young women, looking for a space for it. To her disappointment, she doesn't see one of Amanda, though. Bella then tells Caroline, "Be ready at 5:30pm, OK?" Caroline nods reluctantly, "Fine."

Alison is walking up the driveway to Charlie's house when a taxi pulls up and Charlie, Adam, Sally and Tom all climb out. Charlie tells everyone that she's going to arrange a party so they can meet all her friends. The guests start heading up towards the house. Charlie lingers with Alison and tells her, "We, my darling, can have a good old gossip about what's been going on down in Melbourne." Alison, though, retorts, "I don't think I'm terribly interested." Charlie looks at her in surprise.

In the lounge room at the country house, Caroline is telling Fiona that she thinks she managed to fool Bella. Fiona warns her that she doesn't think she's realised what she's let herself in for. Caroline sighs that, hopefully, she'll manage to see Amanda before she has to see any clients. Fiona asks her, "If you don't... are you really prepared to go through with it?" Caroline shrugs, "If it's the only way..." David suddenly comes in and the two women quickly stop talking. Fiona asks him if Irene got away alright. David nods that her flight left on time. Looking at her and Caroline suspiciously, he then announces that he'd better go and do some work, and he leaves them again. Caroline says to Fiona that she'd better keep an eye on the time: she wants to get back to the house before 5:30pm; maybe she can catch a glimpse of Amanda before she starts working. Fiona points out, "If she's there." Caroline insists, "She has to be there. Anyway, I'm determined to find her."

Alison is hosing Charlie's garden when Charlie joins her. Charlie asks her friend, "What's the matter with you? You've been avoiding me ever since I got back." Alison retorts, "You should know. I wanted to talk to you without them around." She indicates towards the house. Charlie insists that there's no reason why they can't talk. She adds, "And I'd be careful with my tone, if I were you. One of 'them' happens not only to be my son but in a great need of some understanding at the moment - not that I'd expect you to know anything about that." Alison growls, "Oh wouldn't I? What do you think I need?" Charlie snaps, "A good kick up the backside, if you want the truth." At that moment, Adam emerges from the house and joins them. He announces that he thinks he'll go for a walk. He then thanks Charlie for talking him into coming, as he's feeling better already. Alison snaps, "How nice," and she storms off. Charlie murmurs to Adam, "Sorry about her - she really is the most selfish person I know." Sally and Tom join them and Sally announces that the two of them are heading out. Charlie asks, "Where to?" Tom tells her, "We looked in the paper and the Impressionist exhibition closes today." Sally asks her mother if she wants to come. Charlie, though, sighs that she really must spend some time with Alison. She adds, "Take my car, though." Tom tells her that they'll see her and he and Sally head off. Adam lingers with Charlie and asks, "How come Alison still gets her guernsey?" Charlie tells him, "In spite of everything, she's a friend. She does need me. I can't just turn my back on her."

At the boarding house, Andy is standing on his head, leaning his legs against the wall in the reception area of Irene's surgery as Samantha sits behind the desk and laughs that he should be in the circus! Irene walks in and asks what's going on. Andy explains that he's trying to cheer Samantha up! Samantha asks Irene what's happening with her mum. Irene explains, "Not much, I'm afraid. Fiona traced Bella and your mother's just trying to find out what she can." She then suggests to Samantha that she looks as though she could do with some cheering up, and she tells her to go shopping. With that, Andy grabs her hand and leads her out! Irene heads into her consulting room. Kelly suddenly walks into the reception area and calls for Samantha. Irene joins her from the consulting room and tells her that Samantha has gone shopping with Andy. She adds, "Pity you didn't come round sooner; you could have gone shopping with them." Kelly, though, mutters, "I don't think I'd want to go with Samantha, thanks."

A car pulls up in the driveway at Charlie's and Tom and Sally climb out. As they walk up to the house, Sally enthuses that the exhibition was great. Tom smiles that it's nice to find someone who appreciates art. They head inside.

Charlie and Alison are sitting inside in the lounge room, surrounded by coloured invitations. Charlie is saying to her friend, "You mustn't let it ruin your life. So David left you? Well, you've just got to be strong and say to yourself, 'Well, Alison, it's over'. The one thing you've got going for you is your ability to bounce back." Alison, though, sighs, "I can't bounce like I used to, Charlie." The front door suddenly bangs shut and Tom and Sally walk in. Sally immediately says to Charlie, "You should have come, mum. It was really good." She then heads off to change, and Charlie comments to Tom that it was obviously a successful outing. He sits down next to her as she then tells him, "I've nearly finished the invitations. We're going to have a ball! I've invited a complete cross-section of all my friends." A look of distaste crosses Tom's face...

At the brothel, Pam opens the front door and lets Caroline in. She's all tarted-up again. As they stand in the entrance hall, a young woman passes them and Caroline comments to Pam that she's very attractive. She asks if they have many young ones there. Pam, though, explains that Bella prefers her women to be a bit more mature. Caroline asks, "How many young ones have you got at the moment?" Pam replies, "Not a lot. We've had a few through in the last couple of months." The door to the office suddenly opens and Bella emerges. She tells Caroline and some other women who are standing around, "Right-o. You're not here to gossip. Time to start work. Everybody inside." Caroline stands there, looking worried.

Later that evening, Pam and Caroline are sitting in a couple of leather chairs in a room by entrance hall, looking at a beefy-looking man standing nearby. Pam tells Caroline, "That's George. Gets rid of all the troublemakers." Caroline, changing the subject, comments that it seems a pity about the kids; she supposes quite a few of them must get started because they need money for drugs? Pam, though, mutters, "You a social worker or something?" Caroline quickly says, "No, just curious." Bella suddenly escorts a gentleman into the room and he eyes-up all the women sitting there. His eyes eventually land on Caroline. She stares at him in concern.

Samantha and Andy arrive back at the Morrell town house and Samantha smiles that that was a wonderful suggestion of Irene's. She then adds that she'll just try on her dress and then get them something to eat. Andy, though, says warily, "I had promised to take Kelly out tonight. Would you mind if I rang her up and called her over?" Samantha points out, "We haven't exactly been getting on lately..." She then sighs, "You go. I'll be alright." Andy comments, "You're still worried about your mum, aren't you?" Samantha nods, "Yeah, I am..." Andy shrugs, "I'd better stay, then. I can call her and postpone. She'll understand."

Caroline is sitting at a dressing table in a room at the brothel, looking terrified. The gentleman who picked her walks up to her and places his hands gently on her shoulders. She shudders, though, and the man asks, "What's the matter? Are my hands too cold?" Caroline murmurs in distress, "No. Please..." The man asks gently, "What's the matter?" Caroline retorts, "I'm sorry. I can't." The man, putting his hands on her shoulders again, insists, "Course you can." Caroline, though, pulls away, stands up and snaps, "Please. No." The man asks gruffly, "This part of the act or something?" Caroline, though, tells him, "I don't want to. I'm sorry." The man glares at her and snaps, "What do you mean you don't want to? I paid up; I want my money's-worth." He then picks up his coat, mutters, "We'll see about this," and leaves the room. Caroline stands there, looking worried.

David is sitting watching TV in the lounge room at the country house when Fiona appears in the doorway. David asks her if she's going to come and sit down. Fiona, though, just mutters that she's cleaning-up a bit. She offers him a cup of tea, but he declines, saying he's got a beer. He then asks her if she has something on her mind. Fiona sighs that she just feels a bit edgy, that's all. David asks what about. Fiona hesitates and then says, "I know I'm going to regret this. It's about Caroline..."

At the brothel, Bella snaps at Caroline, "What the hell did you think you were playing at?" Caroline mutters, "I'm sorry." Bella goes on, "He was one of my regular gentlemen. I don't like to lose customers." Caroline insists, "It won't happen again, I promise." Bella snaps, "I thought you said you weren't naive?" Caroline quickly tells her, "Yes, well it's not the same when you're not at your own place. It feels different. He was so unattractive." Bella growls, "Oh, you like to pick, do you? Well that's not on, for a start." Caroline assures her, "Of course not. I'll get used to it. He was just the first one, that's all." Bella snaps, "Let's get one thing clear: I don't keep prima donnas. You go along with the next bloke that comes in or you're out. Understood?" Caroline nods reluctantly, "Understood." Bella growls, "Right. Now get out there - and for gawd's sake, smile."

Kelly wanders into the reception area at the surgery and calls for Irene. Irene is sitting at the reception desk and replies, "Yeah?" Kelly asks her if she's going to eat tonight. Irene asks her if she isn't supposed to be going out. Kelly explains that Andy cancelled; he's spending time with Samantha. Irene tells her softly, "I'm sorry." Kelly says sadly, "It's made me think: I was always scared about getting involved with anyone because I'm blind; I didn't think it was fair on them. But Andy was different... and then she comes along and spoils it." Irene smiles at her and says gently, "For starters, I think you're over-reacting just a touch. Samantha's having a rough time at the moment and Andy's one of her very best friends. It's only natural she should lean on him a bit when she wants some help." She adds, "Could be you're doing the same thing to Andy yourself." Kelly asks her in surprise what she means. Irene suggests, "Do you think perhaps you might be leaning on him a bit, too? When you lost your mum, naturally you started to feel about for somebody else." Kelly murmurs, "I suppose it could be that." Irene suggests, "Just need to get it straight in your mind, eh?" Kelly nods, sadly.

Pam is sitting in the room next to the entrance hall at the brothel, with Caroline. Lots of other women are milling around. Pam says to Caroline, "I remember when I first started. Some of them look at you real funny. It's a bit unnerving at first, but you get used to it." Caroline murmurs, "I hope so." Pam warns her, "If you don't, you shouldn't be doing it." Changing the subject slightly, Caroline says, "You know that photograph that you took of me: what would happen to it when I left?" Pam replies, "I'm supposed to look after that, but I'm behind to blazes, though. I just clean them out and throw them away. Don't worry, you wouldn't be marked for life." Caroline asks, "How far behind are you?" Pam tells her, "A good two or three months, I'd say." Bella suddenly comes into the room and says to one of the girls, "OK, Trixie. One of your hotel fellas wants you." Trixie stands up and heads out. Bella then turns to Caroline and says, "Carol, there's a customer outside I think might suit you." Caroline looks at her, nervously, and says weakly, "Already?" She stands up and follows Bella out to the entrance hall. David is standing there and Caroline stops in her tracks. Bella says, "David, this is Carol. I think you two might hit it off." David says to Caroline, "How do you do?" Caroline just stares at him.

A short time later, Caroline and David walk into a private room. Caroline comments to David that he obviously isn't there as a client. David snaps that of course he isn't. Caroline asks if Fiona has told him everything. David retorts that she has and it's the most stupid idea he's ever heard. Caroline cries that she has to find Amanda. David grabs her arm and tells her, "You've got to get out of here." Caroline, though, insists that she hasn't come this far to give up. She goes on that she knows what he's saying is right, and she's probably getting herself into an awful lot of trouble... but if he had some sort of chance of bringing Leigh back, wouldn't he like to take it? She continues, "I haven't got the faintest idea if Amanda is here or not, but she is my daughter and I have to do everything I possibly can to get her back." David insists that he still thinks she's going about it the wrong way. Caroline, calming down, looks at him and comments, "This is bizarre, isn't it? You and I locked in this room. If some people could see us, it would raise a few eyebrows..."

Tim walks into the lounge room at the country house, where Fiona is looking at the TV guide. He asks if David has gone out and Fiona replies that he has. They sit down and Fiona asks how Donna is. Tim replies that she's fine; she's gone to bed. Fiona comments that it's not easy being an expectant father. Tim just murmurs, "We're managing." He then sighs, "Not being the real father... I guess it makes a difference." Fiona tells him, "I think you deserve a medal. A wife and child are a big responsibility. You would have to be the most unselfish young man that I've ever met." Tim says, "I like her... I love her, but I like her, too." Fiona assures him, "That's the most important part." Tim goes on, "I have to admit I worry sometimes that I won't be able to keep a family..." Fiona, though, tells him, "At least you're trying - and you do realise that, if you ever need to talk to someone or need any help of any sort, I'm always here." Tim smiles, "Thanks."

At the private room at the brothel, David is saying to Caroline that what he can't understand is what she thinks she'll achieve. Caroline sighs that she doesn't know: Fiona didn't have much luck when she came straight out and asked about Amanda so she thought she'd try and get in by the back door, so to speak. She adds sadly, "Of course, I was hoping that she might still be working here..." David suggests that it could take ages before she finds anything out. Caroline, though, explains that it won't take long to check if Amanda was actually working there: they keep a photo file and hopefully Amanda's in it; she was going to wait until later and then hopefully sneak a look. David says, "I reckon I stand a better chance. Where is it?"

A short time later, David walks into the office, looking around carefully as he does so. He finds the the photo album and starts flicking through it. He doesn't notice Pam suddenly appears in the doorway. She watches him for several seconds before demanding, "What are you doing in here?" David quickly says, "I was just looking to see who else was available." Pam comments, "You've got a lot of energy." David, though, tells her, "No, not really. Just the bird that I was given wasn't too keen and I thought I'd have a look to see who else there was." Pam asks him who he was given. David replies, "Um... Carol." Pam mutters, "Not again. I reckon she might have had her lot. Bella won't be happy." David takes a photo out of the album, saying as he does so, "That's got nothing to do with me." He then indicates the photo and says, "How about I spend a couple of hours with this one here? What's her name?" He looks at the back of the photograph and reads, "Mandy." Pam grabs it from him and snaps, "What the hell are you really playing at, mate?" David insists, "Nothing." Pam, though, mutters, "Carol's put you up to this, hasn't she?" David, indicating the photo, growls, "I fancy her, that's all." Pam, though, threatens, "By the time George has finished with you, mate, you won't be capable of fancying anybody." With that, she leaves the room. David quickly stuffs the photo of Amanda into his shirt pocket...


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