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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Phillis

David runs back to Caroline's room and tells her they've got to move. Caroline quickly picks up her things and the two of them dash out of the brothel.

Back at the country house, a while later, Caroline is sitting staring at the photo that David stole. It's of Amanda. Fiona is making a cup of tea and she tells Caroline that it'll settle her down a bit. David joins them and tells Caroline he's put her suitcases in her room. The three of them sit down and Fiona comments to David and Caroline that it sounds like they just got out by the skin of their teeth. She then asks what their next move is. David replies that it's the cops, he supposes. Caroline, though, quickly says, "I don't want to bring them in." David asks in surprise, "Why?" Caroline points out, "You know what they'll do if they find her." David reminds her that Amanda was forced into it. Caroline, though, asks how they can prove that; the police will charge Amanda and she'll have to go to court; she doesn't want to have anything to do with that. Fiona chips in and suggests that everybody's tired, and she asks Caroline why she doesn't go and have a nice hot bath to help relax her. Caroline murmurs that she will, and she heads off to the bathroom. When she's gone, David says to Fiona, "Thank God we found that photo. She wasn't going to leave until she got some evidence of some kind. I hate to imagine what would have happened to her if she'd have stayed there. I don't think Caroline's the type that could handle it." Fiona muses sadly, "Not many girls are, to start with, but you can come to terms with almost anything if you're desperate enough..."

In the lounge room at Dural, James is talking on the 'phone to Alison, commenting that it looks like he has to give up hope of her coming over today. Alison tells him that she doesn't need the tension of her coming over. James, though, retorts that he wants to see her - tomorrow. He invites her for lunch and Alison laughs, "You've talked me into it!" She then asks quickly, "You haven't forgotten your promise, have you? About the file?" James assures her that he hasn't forgotten. With that, he hangs up. As he does so, Barbara comments sourly from the couch, "You know, James, there are one or two things I've learned to like about you over the past couple of weeks, but your choice of friends isn't one of them." James just retorts, "You're entitled to your opinion, Barbara, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't make it too obvious to Alison. She's pretty important to me." He goes to walk out. Gordon calls after him, "James... you hardly know her." James turns and snaps, "I know her well enough. Out there in the bush, all you can do is wait and talk. You learn a lot about someone under those circumstances." With that, he walks out. When he's gone, Barbara comments to Gordon grimly that Alison seems to have her hooks well-and-truly in...

Caroline is sitting at the kitchen table in the country house. Fiona tells her that there might still be a way they can find out about Amanda - but it's going to depend a lot on David's help. She turns to David, who mutters that he doesn't think there's anything more they can do unless they get the police in. Fiona appeals, "David, please...?" David sighs reluctantly, "OK. What is it?"

A short time later, David is talking on the 'phone. At the other end, Bella is saying, "I'll have to check if Pam is available, Mr. Wilson." David tells her, "I don't mind waiting, but she's the one I want. I was with her once before and we got on real good!" After a moment, Bella tells him that Pam is free and she asks if she's been to David's house before. David replies that she hasn't. Bella comments that the address he gave her is some way out of town; he'll have to pay for a taxi fare. David nods, "Sure." Bella then tells him that Pam should be there in forty minutes or so. The two of them hang up and David tells Fiona and Caroline that Pam is on her way. Sitting down, he comments that he still doesn't see what Fiona has in mind. Fiona asserts, "That girl knows where Amanda is, I'm sure." David retorts, "And she's scared to talk. When she sees me, she'll know it's a set-up and run a mile." Fiona points out, "Not if we make it worth her while, she won't. We're talking about working girls: they've got a very strong commercial instinct. If we keep it all businesslike... make her a good enough offer... and Bella's not here breathing down her neck... she might just think it's worth the risk." David counters, "She might go straight back and tell King Kong where to find us." Fiona, though, assures him, "No, he won't come after you. As far he's concerned, you've already spoken to the police. I know it's a gamble, but I think it might just pay off." David sighs, "I'll go along with anything that might help Amanda. I just hope we're not clutching at straws, that's all."

There's a knock on the front door at the Morrell town house and Samantha opens it to let Irene in. She tells Samantha that she thought she'd drop round on the way home after checking a patient to see how things are. Samantha replies, "I'm glad you did. Andy's only just left and I'm already feeling jumpy." She goes on, "I'm worried sick. You know better than anyone mum's not thinking too clearly at the moment." Irene points out that Fiona is with her; she'll see Caroline doesn't get into any trouble. She then asks if Andy was going straight home. Samantha replies that she thinks so and she asks why. Irene explains that Kelly is upset; she's very fond of him. Samantha says in exasperation, "He's told her we're just friends. I can't help it if she doesn't believe him." She then calms down and sighs, "I know you're right. I've been so worried about Amanda, nothing else seems to have mattered." She asks if it would help if she had a word to Kelly. Irene replies that it would help a lot.

James is burning the file on Alison in a metal bucket in the lounge room at Dural. Gordon suddenly comes downstairs, wearing his dressing gown and walks into the room. He asks his brother suspiciously what he's burning. James quickly tells him that they're some company papers he's finished with. Gordon asks, "In the middle of the night?" James muses, "It's about time we got ourselves a shredder!" Gordon reaches down and picks up the cardboard cover from the file. It has a label on it saying 'ALISON CARR'. Gordon comments, "Company papers?" James grabs it from him and snaps, "It's nothing. I'm just keeping a promise to a friend. What was in these papers is history now and that's the way it's going to stay. I'm sorry." With that, he places the cover in the bucket and it catches alight.

Pam is standing in the kitchen at the country house with Caroline, Fiona and David. Caroline is telling her, "I'm offering you a lot of money - cash - as soon as the banks open in the morning." Pam mutters, "If Bella ever found out... do you know what she'd do to me?" Caroline assures her, "She won't find out - not from us." Pam warns her, "You don't know who you're dealing with. The guy who brought Mandy to Bella's is mixed-up in every racket going. He's real bad news." David asks, "What's his name? Maybe we should talk to him?" Pam, though, retorts, "Are you kidding?" She then goes on, "Look, I'll tell you this much: he wanted Bella to put the kid to work and keep an eye on her. But she was a hopeless junkie. She hated working and she was nothing but trouble. In the end, Bella had to get rid of her." Caroline exclaims in horror, "Get rid of her?" Pam explains, "Tell her to shove off; hit the street." Fiona gasps, "You mean to say she's working the street?" Pam replies, "I suppose so. What else is she going to do? She's got a giant-sized habit that costs her a fortune. I feel sorry for her, in a way. It's rough out there, sometimes." Caroline cries, "You must tell us how to find her." Pam, though, tells her, "I can't. They'll know who told you. I've already said a lot more than I should. I've got to go." Caroline cries, "Please.... Wait..." Fiona appeals, "I know the pressure you're under - but you can see what this is doing to Caroline: Amanda is her daughter; now how would you feel it it was your daughter out there working the street every night?" Pam, though, retorts, "It won't be - not if I've got anything to do with it. My little girl... she's the reason I work: to buy her a decent start in life." Fiona suggests, "Then maybe, as one mother to another..." Pam hesitates and then sighs, "Alright, I'll tell you what I can."

A few moments later, Pam is saying, "She moved into a house with a girl called Monica, in St. Kilda - just the two of them, freelancing." Caroline asks Pam if she knows the address, and Pam nods that she does. Caroline asks what it is. Pam asks for a bit of paper and David picks some up from the cabinet. Pam goes on, "I don't know if she's still there - it's a while since I saw her. Reckon she probably would be, though, unless she's--; yeah, well she ought to be." She writes down the address. Caroline thanks her and tells her she'll have her money ready first thing in the morning. Pam, though, responds, "Forget it. All I want's my fee for coming out tonight - and you to promise if anything happens, my name's never mentioned." Caroline assures her, "It's forgotten already."

The next morning, Alison is walking a stubborn Isabella in the grounds outside Dural. Barbara suddenly passes her and Alison asks cheekily, "Looking forward to lunch today? I hope I'm not putting you out!" Barbara retorts, "Oh, I'd never let you put me out, Alison. And don't think Gordon and I approve - we're only tolerating the situation because it's what James seems to want." She adds, "Don't think it'll last too long, either - James isn't stupid: he'll soon see you're only out for what you can get." Alison smiles and comments, "That's choice coming from you and Gordon! Who was it who was trying to trick him out of his inheritance at one stage?" Barbara just glares at her and walks off, leaving Alison with a broad grin on her face.

At Irene's surgery, Samantha is telling Irene that her mother didn't say how she found out, but she did sound hopeful. Irene warns her not to get her hopes up too high. Samantha, though, insists that she's thinking positive; she knows they'll find Amanda. She goes on eagerly, "I can't wait to see her again... talk to her. We had that fight just before she went missing and I've never been able to forgive myself. There's nothing I want more than to tell her I'm sorry and get us all back together again." Irene assures her, "We're all hoping." Samantha comments, "Just think: with a bit of luck, mum could be with her right now."

A car pulls up outside a rundown house in St. Kilda, and David, Caroline and Fiona all climb out. Caroline says warily to Fiona, "If she is a drug addict, living in a place like this, can we ever get her back?" Fiona tells her, "Yes. It's going to be difficult; it's going to need all the love that you and Samantha can give her. But remember, she was brought into this against her will - and once you get her home, into rehabilitation..." Caroline cries, "God, I hope so..." She then murmurs that she doesn't know if she can go in. Fiona, though, tells her that they can go in together. David says he'll stay outside and he tells the women to give him a yell if they need him. With that, Fiona and Caroline walk slowly up to the front door of the house. Fiona knocks, and after a few seconds, a young woman answers and mutters, "Yeah?" Caroline tells her, "We're looking for Amanda." The woman asks blankly, "Who?" Fiona clarifies, "Mandy. We were told she lives here." The woman stares at them and then turns back inside and calls, "Mandy... you've got visitors." She heads back inside. Caroline looks at Fiona.

A few moments later, Caroline and Fiona are still standing on the step, and Caroline cries, "Why is she taking so long?" Fiona tells her that the other girl is probably waking her up. A dark-haired girl suddenly walks down the hallway towards them and says, "Yeah?" Caroline stares at her and explains, "We're looking for Mandy. It's important; we've got to see her." The girl mutters, "I'm Mandy." Caroline, though, cries, "No you're not." Fiona tells the girl, "It's Amanda Morrell we're looking for." The girl retorts, "She's not here anymore." Caroline demands, "Where is she?" The girl, though, mutters, "I don't know. I never even knew her. I just took the room over." Fiona asks, "And her name?" The girl retorts, "It's a working name. In case you didn't know, she was a--" Fiona interrupts and assures her grimly, "We know what she was." Mandy goes on, "A lot of girls still ring up for her. They get me. It saves explanations." Caroline takes out the photo of Amanda and, showing it to Mandy, says, "You must have seen her around?" Mandy, though, shakes her head and mutters, "I don't know anything about her." Caroline cries, "Please, I have to find her." Mandy, though, retorts, "There's no point. It's too late." Caroline insists, "I'm her mother. I've got a right to see her. Please tell me where she is." Mandy looks down guiltily and then says, "You're better off not knowing. Believe me." Caroline appeals, "Tell me. Please." Mandy just stands there, looking at them.

Sometime later, the door opens to a storage chamber in a morgue and a body is pulled out on a shelf. It's covered by a sheet. Caroline and Fiona are standing there with a policewoman, looking upset. The morgue attendant removes the sheet. Caroline stares at the body underneath and then shudders and cries in horror, "No..." She bursts into tears. The policewoman asks, "Is it your daughter, Mrs. Morrell?" Fiona answers, saying, "Yes, it is." She then adds, "Please cover her up..." She holds Caroline as she begins to break down. The policewoman looks on and murmurs, "We've been trying to identify her for weeks..."

Later that day, Caroline and Fiona are walking along the hallway at the country house, and Caroline is thanking Fiona for everything. Fiona asks her if she's sure she's up to catching the 'plane on her own. Caroline insists that she'll be alright. David joins them and asks Caroline if she's sure she doesn't want to 'phone Samantha. Caroline, though, replies that she doesn't want to tell her daughter over the 'phone. Fiona then gives her a hug. As they pull apart, Caroline asks, "Are you sure there won't be any problem arranging for Amanda to be flown back to Sydney?" Fiona insists that she'll see to all that, and she tells Caroline not to even think about it. Caroline, though, murmurs, "I can't stop thinking about it. All those months... worrying... then getting so close. At least they can't hurt her now." She then thanks Fiona and David for everything and tells them that she'll never forget how good they've been.

Barbara opens the front door at Dural to let Alison in. Alison heads into the lounge room where Gordon and James are talking business. Gordon asks his brother and Alison to excuse him as he's got some work to do in the study. Alison, though, insists that the two men keep on talking. She adds that she'll help set the table. She walks over to where Barbara is setting out the knives and forks and asks if she can help. Barbara, though, retorts, "No thankyou. I'm managing very well." Alison muses, "Oh. Probably a good thing - I'm not very good at things domestic!" She wanders back to James and comments that the air seems a little chilly in there. She suggests that they go for a walk and she and James head out. When they've gone, Gordon wanders over to Barbara and, putting his arm around her, remarks, "And I thought Patricia was bad!" Barbara tells him through gritted teeth, "It's going to be a challenge getting through lunch without tipping any vegetables over her head!"

As Alison and James wander along outside, James chuckles about the way Alison was giving it to Gordon and Barbara just now, telling her that it keeps them on their toes! Changing the subject, Alison then asks him if he took care of her file. James tells her, "Last night, we had a cremation ceremony. R.I.P Patricia Hamilton Morrell Palmer." Alison smiles at him. James goes on, "It's hard to imagine you being Mrs. Hamilton." Alison points out grimly, "You're lucky you only have to imagine. I had to live it!" James asks, "That bad, eh?" He then says, "What do you think about trying it again?" Alison looks at him in surprise and asks, "What?" James tells her, "About being Mrs. Hamilton." Alison laughs, "Have a heart! I'm only just getting used to being Alison Carr!" James stares at her intently and says, "I'm serious. I know you don't love me - not yet, anyway - but I think we could make a pretty good go of it." Alison asks him, "What makes you think that?" James tells her, "Instinct. My instincts are always right. So, what do you think?"


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