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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

At the Morrell town house, Andy is telling Samantha that he and Kelly were playing Trivial Pursuit when she rang. Samantha suggests that they all have a game, and she gets up and says she'll look for the box in her mum's room. She then pauses and starts indicating to Andy silently that she wants to talk to him in the bedroom. After a few seconds, the silence prompts Kelly to ask angrily what's going on. Samantha quickly says, "I'm sorry. I just wanted to talk to Andy privately, that's all." Kelly mutters that she knew that from the moment she got there. She asks Andy to call her a taxi. Andy, though, tells her that he can run her home and come back. Kelly protests, but Andy insists and she gives in. Samantha apologises to her for upsetting her. Kelly retorts, "I'm not upset. I just like people to be more direct."

Alison and James are playing poker in James's hospital room. Alison wins a hand and James laughs that she's so damn lucky! Alison muses, "That's $200,000 you owe me!" A nurse suddenly comes in and tells James curtly that visiting time finished an hour ago. She adds that she's brought him a sleeping tablet. James asks Alison what she's going to do with the matches she's won. Alison sighs, "What I wouldn't have given for a match after the 'plane crash..." The nurse appeals to Alison to leave and she stands up. James tells her to come straight back in the morning. Alison smiles, "Of course I will. I have to collect my $200,000, don't I?!" She then kisses him.

A car horn sounds outside the country house in Sunbury. Inside, in the lounge room, Caroline thanks Fiona and Irene. Fiona tells her, "I can't guarantee anything, but I'll certainly do what I can." With that, Caroline goes. When they're alone, Irene snaps at Fiona, "I never would have brought you in on this if I thought you were going to get so involved. I thought you could just give her some advice." Fiona insists, "I just want to help." Irene warns her, "I'm worried about you. You're not going to be dealing with a couple of kindergarten teachers." Fiona growls, "I can handle myself." Irene, though, asks, "Are you sure? You're not as well as you used to be, you know?" Fiona snaps, "Oh, for the last time, Irene, I am fine. I have got no pain... Bella is an old friend... so there is no need to worry." Irene looks at her in concern.

At the Morrell town house, Samantha is talking on the 'phone, saying, "If you see Amanda soon, give her my love." From her hotel room, Caroline says she will. She then asks Samantha if she's alright. Samantha replies that she's fine. She adds that Andy's with her; she told him everything. With that, Caroline says she'd better get going and she and Samantha hang up. At the town house, Samantha turns to Andy and tells him that Irene and Fiona are helping. Andy muses that he supposes that will make things a little easier. Samantha thanks him for coming back to keep her company. Andy, though, mutters, "I just wish you could have been a bit more tactful with Kelly." Samantha retorts, "I was trying to be tactful. She was hypersensitive." She then asks Andy if he's really interested in her. Andy admits, "I like her a lot." Samantha comments, "It's clear she's pretty jealous of me." Andy assures her, "I explained that we're just friends, but..." Samantha sighs, "I hope she's not going to stop that - I need your friendship right now." Andy assures her, "You've got it."

The next morning, in the lounge room at the country house, Irene tells Fiona that she's changed her flight to this afternoon as she wants to see how Fiona gets on before she goes. Fiona smiles weakly and comments, "Oh, well, if I do get to wear cement shoes, at least it'll be quicker than the other way!" She then adds that she'll be alright and she tells Irene to fly on home to Sydney. Irene, though, insists, "I'm not leaving until you get back." Fiona sighs, "Alright, alright. Have it your own way."

Tim is having breakfast in the kitchen when Donna comes in and looks disappointed that he's already eating. She told him that she wanted to make breakfast for him. Tim insists, "It's alright. I can make my own brekkie." Changing the subject, Donna asks, "Do you reckon David would mind if we did up the old shed and moved into it?" Looking surprised, Tim asks, "What for?" Donna replies, "So we could have our own place." Tim points out that there's lots of space in the house. Donna, though, tells him that it's not the same as having something of their own. Tim tells her, "I don't see the point. I stayed in the shed the last time I was here and I can tell you it's a lot more comfortable." He then mutters at her, "I wish you wouldn't do that with your fingers." Donna is chewing the nails of her right hand and she quickly pulls them away from her mouth and mutters, "Sorry." Irene joins them as Tim announces gruffly that it was time he was out working. Donna offers him a hand. Irene, though, warns her that there's no point taking risks if she doesn't have to. Tim tells his wife, "Bring me out some morning tea about 10am, OK?" He then goes. Left alone with Donna - who has put her nails to her mouth again - Irene asks, "Something up?" Donna murmurs, "Just a silly habit I started. Don't know why." Irene suggests, "Must be nervous about something." Donna just shrugs. She then asks where Fiona is. Irene smiles nervously and replies, "Fiona had to go out..."

Fiona is standing outside a building in town. She walks up some steps and goes and rings the bell. After a few moments, a young woman answers it and says, "Yeah?" Fiona tells her, "I've come to see Bella." The woman mutters, "Bella doesn't see anyone before midday." Fiona retorts, "You tell her Fiona Reid's here. She'll see me." The woman retorts, "OK, OK. Don't get your knickers in a knot." Fiona just stares at her.

A short time later, Fiona is sitting in a plush drawing room. A cleaner comes in and stares at her. A middle-aged woman suddenly walks in, followed by the woman who answered the door. The middle-aged woman - Bella - smiles at Fiona and laughs, "My God, it must be twenty years!" Fiona smiles, "I'd say it's much more like thirty!" Bella invites her into the office. As they head in there, she says to the young woman, "Make a pot of tea, Pam - and use the good silver: I want to impress!" As Fiona sits down in the office, Bella comments, "I hope you haven't come to tell me you're setting up in opposition!" Fiona, though, laughs, "No, no, those days are long gone for me!" Bella asks her, "Do you still keep in touch with Bunty and Thel?" Fiona smiles, "Yes, yes, I see them often. They're still as mad as ever! Bunty's arthritis get to her a bit." Bella muses, "I used to tell her she should dress more warmly. She was always parading around in something scanty!" She then asks Fiona what brings her knocking at her door. Fiona tells her, "I was talking to Bunty and Thel the other night and your name came up - and I thought while I was down here in Melbourne, I'd drop in and say 'hello'." Bella smiles, "I'm glad you did - it's nice to have someone to talk about old times with. Things have changed, you know? Now when I send a girl out to a client, she takes her own credit card machine with her! Can you believe it?!" She then laughs, "It's great to see an old face." Fiona points out, "Not so old!" Bella smiles, "You're right! You're alive and kicking - that's the main thing." Suddenly subdued, Fiona agrees, "Oh yes... there's plenty of life in the old girl yet..."

In Fiona's flat, Andy asks Kelly if she'd like to come out for breakfast. She snaps, though, that she had hers hours ago. Andy sighs that he's sorry: Samantha had something on her mind that she wanted to talk about; that's all. Kelly retorts that he doesn't have to explain anything to her - and he doesn't have to keep going on with all that 'cousins' stuff, either. Andy, though, asks curtly, "When are you going to get it into your thick head that there's nothing between me and Samantha? Do you think I would have taken you there last night if there was?" Kelly admits, "I suppose not." Andy asks, "Then what are you worried about?" Kelly asks, "Is she very pretty?" Andy replies, "Samantha? She's a knockout." Kelly turns away, sadly. Andy quickly assures her, "So are you. She's all blonde and pretty but you're dark and pretty." Kelly says bitterly, "I can hardly remember the difference anymore." She then asks, "Do you really think I'm pretty?" Andy, though, tells her, "I don't think, I know." He adds, "Other guys must have told you." Kelly, though, admits, "I've never really got friendly with another guy. I was always a bit scared." Andy assures her, "You don't have to be scared with me." He leans in and they start kissing. When they pull apart, Andy asks, "How about dinner tonight?" Kelly smiles, "Great!"

Wayne is at the Morrell town house, rubbing his neck. Samantha asks him curtly, "Did you watch the hotel all night?" Wayne growls, "Yeah." Samantha asks, "And?" Wayne retorts, "He didn't stir." Samantha cries, "He could go while you're here." Wayne, though, snaps, "I've hired a private detective to watch the place. I don't intend to spend night and day parked in front of a hotel." Samantha calms down and asks, "Have you eaten?" Wayne replies that he hasn't got time: he's got to get home to see Mary. He then asks Samantha if she's heard from her mother. Samantha tells him, "Last night. She's spoken to Irene and Fiona: they're going to help her." Wayne muses, "Should be right up Fiona's alley..."

At the brothel, Fiona and Bella are laughing about old times. Bella, though, suddenly comes back to earth and sighs, "You get a different sort of person on the game now: girls working to support a drug habit. I see some pretty sorry sights." Fiona tells her, "I know what you mean. A friend of mine's worried about her daughter - she thinks she's peddling her wares for that reason." She adds, "She's supposed to be down here working somewhere. You probably know her: she's a very pretty girl." Bella sighs, "A lot of them are - to start with." Fiona goes on, "Her name's Amanda Morrell." Bella, suddenly looking shifty, quickly shrugs, "No, no one I've heard of. Still, I don't know them all." Fiona suggests that Amanda may have changed her name. Bella, though, tells her quickly that it's been terrific, but she really must get back to work. Fiona persists, "I heard that she was working for you." Bella retorts tersely, "Then you've heard wrong." Fiona suggests that she could get a photo. Bella, though, calls to Pam, who comes in. She asks Pam to show Fiona out. Turning back to Fiona, she adds menacingly, "Nice to see you again. Good to talk about old times. You do tend to remember the good side, though; you forget some people in this business can be pretty nasty. You always had to steer clear of them, didn't we..." Fiona stands up and smiles weakly, "I'm glad you've done so well, Bella." Bella, though, retorts, "I still have to take orders from the boss - same as everyone else." Fiona murmurs, "Thanks for the tea," and she goes. Bella closes the door behind her and stands in the office looking thoughtful.

Pam sees Fiona out to the front door. She steps outside with Fiona and tells her, "I was just outside when I heard you talking to Bella. I heard you asking about Amanda." Fiona quickly says, "You know her?" Pam, though, retorts, "I don't know anything - because that's the safest. I reckon Bella was trying to tell you the same thing." Fiona pleads, "Please..." Pam, though, warns her not to push her luck. She then heads back inside.

At Dural, Gordon is loading Mary's suitcase into the boot of his car when Wayne pulls up in his car. He climbs out, walks over to Mary and smiles, "I thought I'd miss you." He hands her a bunch of flowers and she tells him that they're lovely. He adds, "I hope you like the school. I'm sorry it didn't work out; I think we could have made a real go of things." Mary agrees sadly, "Yes, we could've." They hug tightly. Mary then hands Wayne an envelope and tells him, "I wrote it by myself - without anyone's help. It's probably not spelt right, but I reckon you'll know what I mean." She then gives him a quick kiss and runs over to Gordon's car. She climbs in and he and Barbara drive away with Mary as Wayne looks on sadly. When they're gone, he opens the letter and starts reading:

"Dear Wayne, This is the first letter I've ever written to anybody and I mightn't make a very good job of it - but I want you to know that I really love you; not like I'm your sister. Perhaps I'll be able to feel that way in time - but not now. Except for Gordon, my dad, I think you're the nicest, kindest man I've ever met. I hope one day you'll be very happy. And I hope you'll miss me a little bit, because I know I'll miss you lots. Love Mary."

Wayne stands there looking upset.

Alison walks into James's room at the hospital. He's playing cards by himself, but she hands him a model aeroplane to build and tells him, "Try not to crash this one!" James laughs but then replies, "I won't be here much longer. Gordon and Barbara are coming by to pick me up after they drop Mary off at the airport." Alison, looking taken aback, asks where she's going. James replies, "She's going to some school in the country. Didn't she tell you?" Alison explains sadly, "I didn't even tell her I was coming back here. She was pretty angry with me." Changing the subject, she comments to James that she doesn't suppose she'll see much of him for a while if he's resting at Gordon and Barbara's. James, though, insists that he'll expect her to be a frequent visitor. Alison points out, "Gordon and Barbara won't." James retorts, "That's tough. They're just going to have to accept that you're my friend. After all, I made Gordon a partner." Alison, looking surprised, muses, "Oh?" James nods, "I gave him a fifty-fifty share in my inheritance." Alison reminds him lightly, "You tried to give him the lot after the 'plane crash!" James murmurs, "Yeah, well I thought I was dying, didn't I." He then adds, "Sometimes I think I should give him the lot. Being a company Director isn't exactly the life for me." Alison insists, "You'd be crazy. Keep at least half of it." James murmurs, "Things like that are really important to you, aren't they?" Alison replies, "Money and power. Aren't they to everyone?" She then sighs, "I suppose they're not: David couldn't care less about it. Nor could you, by the sound of it." James takes her hand and comments that David must be out of his mind, letting a woman like her go. He adds, "I know living with a woman like you wouldn't be easy, but it would be a lot of fun trying!"

Irene is sitting in the kitchen at the country house with Caroline. The back door suddenly opens and Fiona walks in. Caroline quickly says, "Well?" Fiona sighs, "I'm sorry." Irene asks her if she saw Bella. Fiona muses, "Oh yes - I saw Bella, and she knows something, too; but she's not game enough to talk." She adds, "One of the other women warned me off, too. Obviously, the man Bill Ashley handed Amanda over to has got plenty of clout. Everybody's frightened of him." Caroline cries, "You can't just give up." Fiona agrees, "Oh no... no, I'll be going back there." Irene exclaims, "Don't be a fool, Fiona." Ignoring this, though, Fiona says she'll just have to give it away for a couple of days. Irene warns her that she can't go back there now; she's put them on their guard; it's far too dangerous. Caroline cries, "She has to." Turning to Fiona, she goes on, "Or if you won't, I will. I have to get my daughter back; I don't care how dangerous it is." Fiona warns her, "Bella's not about to talk." Caroline asks about the other woman. Fiona replies, "Her name was Pam - and I had a feeling that she felt sympathetic about Amanda - but she was more scared than Bella." Caroline mutters despairingly, "There must be some way."

At the hospital, James is building his model 'plane, commenting that it's years since he did one of them! Alison then reminds him lightheartedly that he hasn't made arrangements about her matches! James grins, "I'll give you a box a week for the rest of your life. How does that sound?" Alison sighs, "Just when I've given up smoking!" The door to the room suddenly opens and Gordon and Barbara come in. Alison tells them that she was just about to leave. She gives James a kiss and goes. Gordon asks his brother if he's ready to go. James packs away the model 'plane as Barbara asks him if he's not a bit old to play with that. James explains that it's a present from Alison. Barbara mutters, "Oh." James tells her, "I know she can be as hard as nails, but I have seen a softer side of her. She did save my life - and I want her to feel free to visit me." Gordon assures him, "We won't object."

In the office at the brothel, Bella says to Pam, "Tell her to come back later. You know I never interview new girls until after lunch." Pam, though, explains, "She wouldn't take 'no' for an answer - and she looks like she's got what it takes to me." Bella stands up and heads out to the door. She looks the woman who's standing there up and down and then says to her, "I hear you're looking for work?" The woman is Caroline, who's all tarted-up. Putting on a cockney accent, she replies, "That's right. I heard you look after your girls. I want to be one."


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