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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Ashley laughs, "She's a prostitute. Don't you know what--?" Caroline interrupts him and growls, "I know what you're talking about." Samantha cries that Amanda would never get involved in anything like that. Caroline suggests grimly, "Unless she was forced into it..." Ashley tells Samantha, "Mum's on the ball." Samantha looks at him blankly and he goes on, "If your sister was hooked on... drugs, let's say, she'd have to do something to support her habit." Caroline asks him curtly what else he knows. Ashley retorts, "That's it." Caroline growls, "You don't get a cent until you have a better answer than that." Ashley, though, tells her, "Look, I took the girl to Melbourne and dumped her with a mate. She works for a madam called Bella something... Bella Brixton. She's not walking the streets literally; she's a cut above that." Caroline glares at him as he then tells her, "I want the money." Caroline retorts, "Half." Ashley reminds her, "We agreed on fifty thousand." Caroline, though, snaps, "Twenty-five. You get the rest when I'm convinced you're telling the truth." Ashley insists, "I am." Caroline points out, "Then you have nothing to worry about, do you"?

Alison is sitting with James in his room at the hospital, and he comments that he didn't expect to see her in Sydney so soon; things didn't go well with the boyfriend, eh? Alison admits, "Not the best." She adds, "I'll have to learn to live with it." James takes her hand as she comments, "Friends have been deserting me like a sinking ship, lately." He reminds her, "I'm still here." Alison tells him, "I'm glad of your friendship." She then goes on, "I want a favour: my file - the one Roger Carlyle so thoughtfully put together: I want it destroyed. Too many people know the real me already." James assures her, "Consider it done."

Caroline and Samantha are back at the Morrell town house. Caroline opens the front door and lets Wayne in. She asks, "Well?" Wayne replies that Ashley is staying in a hotel; he hands over an address written on a piece of paper. Caroline asks him curtly why he's not watching him. Wayne, though, retorts that he's done his bit. Caroline cries that she's got to know what Bill Ashley is up to. Wayne, though, retorts that she's got what she wanted from him; he doesn't know why she's making such a big deal out of it. Caroline snaps, "I love Amanda and I want to make sure I cover every angle to make sure that I get her back. I would have thought that you'd have understood that. Weren't you supposed to be in love with her at one stage?" Wayne murmurs, "I was. OK, I'll get back there now." With that, he goes. Samantha looks at Caroline and comments, "I didn't realise how determined you were to keep track of Bill." Caroline retorts, "If I don't get Amanda back, I'm going to make sure Bill pays for what's happened to her.

Irene, Fiona and Spider are in the kitchen at the country house, talking about dancing. Fiona smiles that she loves the occasional glide across the sawdust. Spider tells her that, now that she's staying on in Melbourne, she'll have to go with him to one of their senior cits' nights! Fiona smiles that that would be lovely - she'll look forward to it! Spider leaves them and heads off to the lounge room. When he's gone, Irene asks Fiona, "What's all this about staying on in Melbourne?" Fiona replies breezily, "I feel like a change of scenery." Irene suggests, "You plan to live it up a bit; go out dancing, eh?" Fiona retorts, "The idea of kicking up my heels appeals." Irene asks, "How are the back pains?" Fiona growls, "They passed." She then adds, "I don't intend to go painting the town red every night." Irene just stands and stares at her. Fiona eventually sighs, "Alright, if it makes you sleep any better, I will take some of your painkillers." Irene tells her that they won't fix anything. Fiona snaps stubbornly, "I am well aware of that, Irene. I know my condition simply won't clear up of its own accord, but I don't need your constant reminder." Irene stares at her in concern.

In the lounge room, Spider is sitting with Charlie, Adam and Sally. He asks Charlie if she's decided if she's going up to Sydney. Charlie, though, replies that she's decided to stay with her family. Adam tells her that he thinks she should go - and so does Sal. Sally says to her mother, "It would be nice if we all went away together - we've never had a family holiday." Charlie asks Sally in surprise, "What about uni?" Sally smiles, "I'll defer for a while. You can write a note to teacher, saying I'm sick!" Charlie smiles broadly, "Thankyou. I do love you kids." She then sighs wistfully, "All I need now is Tom, to make me totally happy - but I'm not quite sure he's interested anymore." Changing the subject, Spider stands up and announces that he's off to see his granddaughter. Sally offers him a lift, which he accepts. The two of them head out. When they've gone, Charlie says to Adam, "I'm lucky, you know, to have children like you and Sally." Adam smiles, "At the risk of sounding mushy, I reckon we've done OK on the deal too!"

As Spider and Sally head out through the kitchen door, Tom comes round the corner. Spider introduces him to Sally and he asks her if she's the one studying Art Conservation. Sally nods that that's right. Tom suggests that they get together some time and compare notes. Spider then notices a gift in Tom's hands and asks if it's for Charlie. Tom explains that it's a small going-away present. Spider comments that he almost wasted his money! Sally explains that Charlie changed her mind about going but she and Adam convinced her to change it back again. She then says suddenly, "Why don't you come with us? It's only for a few days. You'll make someone very happy." Tom stands there, looking thoughtful.

A while later, Spider is at the Campbell house. As Jess escorts him into the lounge room, he comments to his granddaughter that she looks about as happy as a dog with two tails. Jess sighs that she's missing Doris; she feels awful about it. Spider assures her that the housekeeper will come out of the clinic a lot happier than when she went in. Rod joins them and Spider asks Jess if he can have a private word with her father. Jess leaves them. When she's gone, Spider tells Rod tersely that he's lucky he's still in one piece after almost having a go at Beryl. Rod snaps he wishes everyone would get off his back; he's had enough. Spider, though, asks, "What do you expect? You're in the wrong, you pay the consequences." Rod sighs, "I know." He then pauses before going on, "It's just one of those times, mate, when you think everything's going against you and you lose control. Things are getting too much for me, Spider. Trouble is, no one seems to want to give me the time of day. You wouldn't have time to sit down and have a beer with us, would you, mate?" Spider smiles, "I think I could be talked into that, yeah."

Alison is sitting with James on his bed at the hospital and she asks if there's anything she can bring him back tonight. James tells her, "A smile wouldn't go astray." She goes to stand up, but James pulls her back and asks, "What about a kiss before you go?" Alison smiles, "You drive a hard bargain." She then leans in, though, and kisses him passionately. When she pulls away, James tells her softly, "I'll never be able to repay you for everything you've done. When I get out of here, I want to see more of you." They're interrupted by the door suddenly opening and Caroline bursting in. Alison tells James that she'll see him tonight. She kisses him again - to Caroline's obvious horror - and goes. Caroline then hands James a basket of fruit and tells him curtly that she can't stay long as she's leaving for Melbourne. James asks if it's a holiday. Caroline, though, explains that it's just something that came up. She then comments that Alison appears to have a been a devoted well-wisher. James remarks, "You don't approve?" Caroline points out, "She's a nasty piece of work; we both know that. A couple of weeks ago, she tried to blackmail you." James, though, insists, "It's alright: there is a softer side to Alison. She's not all bad." He then adds, "Just so we don't get into an argument, I don't like people telling me who my friends should and shouldn't be." Caroline murmurs, "Of course." She then says she'll miss her 'plane if she's not careful. She adds, "We should organise a night out when I get back." James just mutters, "Yeah..."

At the Campbell house, Spider is asking Rod about his new job. Rod explains that he'll be wiring up the houses they're building for the miners; he reckons it'll do him and Jess good. He then asks Spider if he'd like to move into the Campbell house while they're away and look after the joint. Spider smiles that it's better than paying rent! Jess comes in and offers the two men some afternoon tea. Spider tells her that a bit of cake would go down alright. Rod tells Jess, "Spider's going to move in while we're away." Jess retorts that she's already said she's not going to Western Australia. Rod retorts that she can't stay in Melbourne on her own. Jess, though, snaps, "Course I can. I can get a job if I have to. Find somewhere to board." Rod warns her, "You're going to do as you're told." Jess, though, retorts, "Not by you, I won't. I'm over sixteen so I can do what I like. I'm certainly not going to live with you on some coalfield where I don't know anyone." With that, she storms off.

A short time later, Rod is standing outside Jess's bedroom, snapping at her, "Get out here right now." Jess reluctantly emerges from her room and rejoins him and Spider. She snaps, though, "I'm not going. All my friends live in Melbourne. This is my last year at school. It's important I do well because I want to go to uni next year. If you force me to leave, I'll end up hating you - and I'm not just saying that; I mean it." Spider chips in that he can see Jess's point of view: the move would unsettle her. He then suggests, "If I'm staying in the house, I can look after her. You've got no worries there." Rod glares at them both and mutters, "Do what you like." He storms off. Jess sits down and Spider tells her that her father's going through a rough patch: he only wants her to go with him because he feels no one loves him. He suggests that she leave it for a bit and then she can try and sort things out. Jess murmurs, "Alright." She sits there, looking worried,

It's nighttime, and in Sydney, Kelly answers the 'phone in Fiona's flat. Andy is sitting at the living room table. Fiona comes on the line and asks Kelly how everything is going. Kelly smiles that she's wiping Andy off the board in a game of Trivial Pursuit! Fiona laughs and then goes on, "I hope you don't think that I've walked out on you and left you to fend for yourself - although I suppose that's what I have done." Kelly, though, insists that she's fine - and Andy's there. Fiona tells her to take care and she hangs up.

A few minutes later, Fiona heads into the lounge room and offers Tom and Charlie more coffee. They decline, though, and Fiona picks up their dirty cups and leaves them again. When she's gone, Tom comments to Charlie that he's not sure if he should have stayed for dinner: David was very down and he was feeling a bit out of place. Charlie assures him that he didn't need to feel out of place - although he's right about David: not finding Sarah didn't help. She then thanks Tom for his present - a book entitled 'The History of World Painting' - and says she'll treasure it. She adds, "It was a lovely farewell gift." Tom, though, tells her, "It needn't be farewell." Charlie looks at him in surprise. He goes on, "I'm sure I could get a couple of weeks' leave - and Sydney sounds very interesting...!" Charlie beams excitedly, "Tom, that's wonderful!" They start kissing passionately!

Out in the kitchen, Fiona laughs to Irene that they seem to have been washing dishes all day; she's going to talk to David about getting a dishwasher! Changing the subject, Irene comments to her that she thought she'd have gone with Tim and Donna over to Beryl's. Fiona explains that she was going to, but it's Frannie's last night and she didn't want to intrude on a family get-together. There's suddenly a knock on the back door and Irene opens it to find Caroline standing there. Irene lets her in and Fiona asks her what she's doing in this neck of the woods. Caroline explains, "Business." She then asks Irene if she can have a word with her in private. Fiona heads off to the lounge room. When she's gone, Caroline tells Irene, "Irene, I need your help."

A short time later, Irene and Caroline are sitting at the kitchen table and Caroline is saying, "She's supposed to be working for some madam called Bella Brixton." Irene asks what the name of her outfit is. Caroline replies, "Bill couldn't tell me. That's why I haven't got the faintest idea where to start looking." Irene suggests, "Massage parlours and escort agencies, I guess." Caroline muses, "That's all very well if you know your way around Melbourne. I don't, really; that's why I came to see you." Irene, though, tells her, "I'm sorry. I'd love to be able to help more but I've got to go back to the practice tomorrow." She then adds, "I know somebody who might be able to give you a hand, though." Caroline says quickly, "I don't want to go around broadcasting Amanda's predicament to all and sundry." Irene, though, smiles, "I don't think you'd have too much to worry about that with the lady I've got in mind." Caroline asks, "Who is she?" Irene replies, "Fiona."

Andy and Kelly are still playing Trivial Pursuit in Fiona's flat and Andy asks the question, "Who was a member of both The Dirty Dozen and The Magnificent Seven?" He then adds that it's not really fair asking her an Entertainment question, never having seen the movie. Kelly asks, "Who is it?" Andy looks at the answer and replies, "Charles Bronson." He puts the card away. Kelly then tells him, "It's just not films that I don't see. I don't even know what you look like." Andy laughs, "I'm a pretty handsome bloke! Light brown hair... green eyes. About six foot." Kelly says, "Let me see." She then places her hands on his face and comments, "You've got smooth skin. It feels a good face." Andy places his hands gently on Kelly's arms and tells her, "I'm going to kiss you." He leans in and they start kissing passionately. However, they're interrupted by the 'phone ringing and Andy reluctantly gets up and goes and answers it. Samantha comes on and Andy asks her what he can do for her. Samantha explains that Caroline's gone to Melbourne and she's at a bit of a loose end; she thought he might like to come over. Andy just murmurs, "Oh..." Samantha comments that he doesn't sound very enthusiastic. She asks if he's there with Kelly, and Andy replies, "Yes." Samantha asks him, "Can you come over? I could do with the company. Please?" Andy nods, "OK. I'll see you in about fifteen minutes." He hangs up and, turning to Kelly, says, "I've been invited out - and seeing as I'm losing, I've accepted. How would you like to come along?"

Samantha is reading a magazine on the couch at the Morrell town house when there's a knock on the front door. She goes and opens it and Andy and Kelly walk in. Andy tells Samantha that he thought they'd both come over and cheer her up twice as fast! Samantha mutters, "The more the merrier." She goes to get them some orange juices from the kitchen. When she's gone, Andy looks at the expression on Kelly's face and asks her if she's OK. Kelly tells him, "She doesn't want me here, Andy. I can hear it in her voice. She wanted to see you tonight, not me. She's probably jealous." Andy, though, insists, "Samantha's a friend. You're worrying over nothing."

Rod is sitting watching TV at the Campbell house. Jess joins him and asks if he still wants it on. Rod shakes his head and she goes and turns it off. She then pauses before saying, "I suppose kids aren't really fair on their parents... always expecting them to be perfect... never thinking they'd do anything wrong. I never thought you would." Rod asks her if she's talking about Doris. Jess tells him, "What happened between you two... it shouldn't have - but I'm not blaming you. It was just as much my fault: I shouldn't have pushed you two together. I guess we both made a mistake." She adds, "I don't hate you, daddy." With that she goes and gives her father a hug. He tells her, "I love you, sweetheart - and I'm sorry if I've been too hard on you. I have to accept that you're growing up; you're no longer a little girl. Maybe it's a good thing we'll be apart for six months, eh? Give us a bit of breathing space. Maybe we'll get on better when I get back?" Jess assures him, "We will."

In the kitchen at the country house, Fiona smiles, "Oh yes, I know Bella - from the old days at The Cross - although I understand she's moved to Melbourne and doing very well." Caroline, looking surprised, comments, "I had no idea you'd ever been involved in..." Fiona completes, "Prostitution?" She then replies, "I've never hidden the fact, but it's not exactly something you bring up in conversation every day!" Irene asks her if she thinks she can help. Fiona replies, "I know where Bella works, so that will save us some time. I'll go there and ask some questions." Caroline says gratefully, "Thankyou, Fiona. I don't know what else I can say." Irene asks Fiona in concern, "Do you really know what you're getting yourself into?" Fiona laughs, "Yeah! I'm brave!" Irene, looking concerned, retorts, "Maybe, but this Bill Ashley and his cronies... they're obviously very dangerous people." Fiona stares at her and retorts, "So? What have I got to lose?" Irene sighs reluctantly, "Alright, it's your decision." Fiona tells her, "That's right - and if helping Amanda means taking a personal risk, so be it."


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