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    Written by: Lyn Ogilvy   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Rod apologises, stuttering that he just lost his temper. Beryl repeats the order to get out. Rod insists that it'll never happen again. Beryl snaps, "Damn right it won't." She goes and opens the front door to find Spider standing there. Rod walks out, muttering to Beryl, "I'll see you when I see you, I suppose." Spider and Beryl head into the lounge room and Spider asks Beryl if she and Rod have had a barney. Beryl murmurs, "He was going to hit me." Spider sighs, "Geez, I thought he'd stopped all that." Beryl looks at him in shock and exclaims, "He's done it before?" Spider assures her, "Not for years. I mean, I wouldn't have introduced you otherwise. I thought he'd changed - and the situation was different then: Jessica used to have a go at him all the time; rile a saint, that one would, when she got going." Beryl mutters that that's no excuse. Spider insists, "He won't do it again; I'd stake me life on it." Beryl just growls, "He won't get the chance. I won't even see him again."

In the kitchen at the country house, Charlie is talking to Donna about Ararat . There's suddenly a knock on the back door and Fiona and Irene walk in. Tim comes in from the hallway and Charlie introduces him to the two women. Irene tells Tim that she's sorry about Leigh. Fiona asks where David is. Charlie explains that he's gone to pick up Beryl. Adam - holding Isabella - walks in from outside and Charlie introduces him to Irene. Irene tells him that he has her sympathy. Adam hands Isabella to Charlie and goes again. Charlie sighs that he's taking it very hard; she wishes she could do more for him. Fiona says she's sure Charlie is doing all she can. She suddenly winces in pain. Charlie asks what the matter is, but Fiona quickly says, "Nothing... I think the flight was a bit much and I really didn't sleep well last night. I might just sit down." With that, she walks off to the lounge room. Irene follows her and, as she walks into the lounge room, reminds Fiona, "I told you this trip was going to be too much for you." They sit down and Fiona retorts, "David needs his friends around him and I'm not about to let him down." Irene pleads with her to take a painkiller. Fiona, though, snaps, "You know what you can do with your painkillers. I'm better already. See?" She then adds, "You've got to keep your promise: you're not to tell anyone I'm ill - especially David." Irene sighs that she doesn't like it. Fiona asks, "Promise?" Irene replies reluctantly, "Alright, I promise."

At Beryl's, Spider is telling Beryl that Rod never meant to hurt anyone. Beryl, though, snaps that he can drop it; it's not going to make any difference. There's suddenly a knock on the front door. Beryl goes to answer it. It's David, and Beryl tells him that she'll just get her bag. She heads off to her bedroom and David joins Spider in the lounge room. David comments to him that he's looking pretty gripey. Spider mutters, "It's her business; if she wants to tell you, she will." David pushes, "Spider..." Spider sighs, "Rod tried to belt her." Beryl emerges from her room and David asks her if she's OK. Beryl mutters, "Of course I am." She then asks Spider angrily why he couldn't keep quiet. Spider retorts, "He's got a right to know." David asks Beryl, "Where does he live?" Beryl tells him, "Leave it, David." David, though, retorts, "I've got something to say to him." Beryl insists, "It's not important. He lost his temper but he didn't hit me and he apologised straight away." David mutters, "And you were going to let that mongrel adopt my son?" Beryl suggests, "Let's forget about it - we'll be late for the funeral." David, though, growls, "What's his address? He needs to be taught a lesson. He can't go around threatening women." Beryl retorts, "I'm not going to tell you." David goes over to the telephone index and, picking it up, mutters, "Alright. I'll find out myself. He's not getting away with it."

Rod is gardening at the back of the Campbell house. Doris is with him and she comments that she thought he'd have gone to the funeral. Rod explains that he went to Beryl's instead. Doris remarks that he's come back in a filthy mood, and she asks if something went wrong. Rod growls, "Something went wrong alright: it's all over; it's finished." Doris suggests to him, "Maybe you weren't suited? You had lots of fights." Rod, though, retorts, "We had lots of fights alright - a lot of them because of you and Jess. I hope the both of you are satisfied." He then apologises, adding that he just doesn't know what to do anymore; he shouldn't have got his hopes up. They suddenly spot David walking towards them - wearing his funeral suit - and Rod asks him curtly, "What do you want?" David snaps, "Stay away from Beryl." Rod mutters, "Get off your horse, will you? She's already kicked me out." David retorts, "I'm here to underline the message." He adds, "What sort of bloke would go for a woman anyway? You're nothing but a coward." Doris protests, "Rod wouldn't hit anyone." Rod, though, admits that he nearly did. David snaps at him, "I'm warning you: if I hear you've been anywhere near Beryl or my son, I'll take you apart; you got it?"

The funeral guests are standing outside the church. Fiona joins Beryl and asks her where David is. Beryl explains that he should be there shortly. She looks around to see Frannie in discussion with the funeral director. Beryl walks over and joins them and Frannie tells her that they'll have to start without David. Beryl sighs that there's nothing they can do. Frannie and the funeral director head inside. At that moment, David walks round the corner and tells Beryl, "You won't have any more trouble with him." Everyone heads inside.

The 'phone rings at the Morrell town house and Caroline answers it. Bill Ashley comes on and asks if Samantha is there. Caroline replies that she's just gone out; she shouldn't be long. Ashley says he'll call back later. Caroline, though, quickly says, "Please - don't hang up. I know it's Bill Ashley. Samantha told me." Ashley asks suspiciously, "Told you what?" Caroline replies, "She told me that you wanted money - for information about Amanda." Ashley asks curtly who else knows. Caroline insists, "No one. She told me because she can't pay - and I can - and will." Ashley asks how he knows she won't go straight to the police. Caroline retorts, "Because I love Amanda and want to find her. I'll do anything that you ask me. I've arranged to get the money out of the bank this morning." Ashley nods, "OK. But if I were you, I wouldn't try and double-cross me. Understand?" Caroline nods, "Yes." Ashley then says, "Got a picnic basket?" Caroline, looking surprised, replies, "Yes." Ashley tells her, "Right. Then you, me and Samantha are going to have a picnic."

At the Campbell house, Jess is saying to Doris, "I wish I could go with you." She adds, "Don't worry. You'll be back with us in no time at all." Doris smiles weakly, "Look after yourself, Jess. And your dad." With that, she heads out with Rod, leaving Jess standing in the house, looking upset.

The mourners are standing at the side of Leigh's grave as the Minister says, "We brought nothing into the world and we can take nothing out of the world. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. He comes forth like a flower and he withers. He passes like a shadow..." As he stands there, Tim thinks back to when he was talking to Leigh and telling her that Leanne said he should say goodbye - and should forgive her, too. He'd told Leigh, "I can't." Leigh had retorted, "Well, if you won't forgive me, you've got no one." Tim had told her, "You should have thought of that before. I'm sick of forgiving you, Leigh. It never does any good. I don't know... maybe one day, you'll change, but I doubt it." Leigh had stood there, looking upset. Back at the funeral, the Minister continues, "We here lift the body of our dear sister, Leigh, to the ground. Earth to earth. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust." Adam drops some earth onto the coffin as it's lowered into the ground. The Minister says, "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who died..." Adam stands there and thinks back to when he and Leigh were sitting in his car by the edge of the cliff. He had told her, "However long you're in jail, I'll wait for you." Leigh had cried, "It's not fair, Adam." Adam, though, had insisted, "Come on... I love you." They'd then kissed passionately. At the funeral, David drops a single red rose onto Leigh's coffin as the Minister continues, "Blessed are the dead and those who die in the Lord henceforth. Blessed indeed, for they rest from their labours." David thinks back to when he was working under his truck at the side of the road after it had broken down: Leigh was with him and she'd been interested in how the grease gun had worked. David had told her to get the thermos and get him a cup of coffee. Leigh had suggested cheekily that he could get the coffee and she could grease the truck. David, though, had warned her lightly that she wasn't too old for a spanking for not doing what she was told! Leigh had pointed the grease gun at him and warned jokingly, "You touch me and I'll squirt you." David had told her, "You pull that lever and see what you get." Leigh had done so - and a small blob of thick grease had appeared at the end! David had laughed and Leigh had gone off to make the coffee. As she'd done so, she'd turned back and said, "Dad... you're not sorry I came, are you?" David had smiled, "No. Not a bit." Back by the graveside, the Minister says, "Let us say the Lord's Prayer together." The congregation does so: Spider, Tim, Donna, Adam, Charlie, the funeral director, Sally, Frannie, Fiona, Irene, David and Beryl - who's looking at David in concern - and one or two others all recite the words. As he does so, David wipes a sudden tear from his eye. Beryl takes his hand comfortingly in hers.

Later, back at the country house, the wake is in progress in the lounge room. Donna hands around some food. Irene says to everyone, "Look at us. You think Leigh would want us sitting around like this, all glum?" Spider suggests that he could tell a joke. Charlie, though, asks him warily if he thinks it's the right time. Spider insists that Leigh had a great sense of humour; she always loved his jokes. David muses, "That's true. Go for it, Spider." Spider smiles and starts telling the joke. Tim heads out to the kitchen. Fiona follows him and comments that funerals are never much fun. She adds that it's alright to show his grief - particularly amongst people he's close to, like Donna. Tim, though, mutters, "We're not that close." Fiona comments in surprise that they seemed to be this morning. Tim just murmurs, "Yeah, well... Donna's a good kid. I like her." Fiona asks him bluntly, "Why did you get married?" Tim sighs, "She was going to marry Brett - he couldn't hack it when she got pregnant. It didn't seem right to let her have it by herself; don't think she would have handled it too well." He goes on, "I care a lot about Donna. I reckon we'll make a go of it." Fiona asks, "But you're not close?" Tim replies, "Maybe I shouldn't have said that. We're close about some things." Fiona tells him, "Donna's your wife, Tim. You owe it to her to share everything. I'm sure she'll be supportive if you give her a chance; show her you need her." At that moment, Donna joins them and asks Tim if he's OK. Tim smiles weakly, "Better now."

Wayne is at the Morrell town house, saying to Caroline, "You'd be better off contacting the police, wouldn't you?" Caroline, though, retorts that they can't risk it: the police would have to arrest him and they'll never find Amanda then. Wayne asks, "What if he finds me following him?" Caroline retorts, "You'll just have to keep yourself low." Wayne mutters, "If he's already buried Amanda and he catches me, I could end up dead, too." Caroline snaps that that's rubbish: Amanda could be alive; does he want to help find her or not? Samantha pleads, "Please, Wayne..." Wayne sighs, "Alright - but I still don't like it."

Beryl is standing in the doorway of her house with Rod, who's telling her, "I've been sitting out there for what feels like hours. The least you could do is just listen to me, Beryl. I won't hurt you, if that's what you're frightened of." Beryl mutters, "I didn't expect to see you again." Rod asks, "After you sent David around?" Beryl retorts, "I did not send him around. I didn't want him to get involved at all." Rod asks, "They why go running to him in the first place?" Beryl, though, explains, "I didn't. Spider was playing town crier again." Rod mutters, "Oh." He then tells Beryl that he took Doris to the psychiatrist this morning. Beryl asks what he said. Rod replies that she needs treatment - and she committed herself there and then. He adds that the housekeeper is still saying she wouldn't have gone through with it; she's feeling pretty guilty. Beryl asks him if he's still going to Western Australia. Rod nods, "Yeah." He adds quickly, "It's alright: I know you're not going." He then goes on, "I still love you, Beryl - and I still want to marry you. Look, do you reckon you could give us a second chance in six months' time, when I get back? I need you, Beryl." Beryl, though, murmurs, "It's too late. I'm sorry." Rod says quietly, "So that's it, is it? I won't bother you again." With that, he walks off, leaving Beryl looking upset.

Wayne pokes his head out of his car, which is parked at the side of a road. It's raining heavily. In Caroline's car, Caroline pours Samantha a glass of champagne and mutters, "I hope he hasn't got the nerve to ask for a glass." Samantha takes her drink and says, "I need this." Wayne pulls his head back into his car and ducks down as another car passes. It's Bill Ashley's car, and as he looks into Wayne's car, it appears to be empty. Ashley pulls up his car in front of Caroline's, climbs out and then climbs into the back seat of Caroline's car. He asks her, "You got the money?" She nods. Ashley asks, "You call the cops?" Caroline shakes her head. Ashley asks suspiciously, "How do I know?" Caroline insists, "I wouldn't do anything to risk my daughter's life. You ought to know that." Ashley then smiles at her and asks, "You going to offer me a glass?" Caroline pours a small one reluctantly and he sips it. Caroline then snaps, "Well... we've kept our side of the bargain. Where is she?" Ashley replies, "Melbourne." Samantha asks in surprise, "Doing what?" Ashley tells her, "Walking the streets." Caroline looks at Samantha in shock.


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