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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Andy is standing with Samantha just outside the front door of the Morrell town house. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing inside and Samantha goes and answers it. Bill Ashley comes on and asks her if she's organised the money. Samantha replies that she has part of it; her mum will have to come up with the rest. Ashley gives her 24 hours. Samantha cries that she can't lay it on her mum now; she's not well. Ashley, though, retorts that he doesn't want excuses; he wants the cash. Samantha sighs that he'll get it - but not until she has proof that Amanda's alive. Ashley tells her, "Fifty thousand buys a name; nothing more." Samantha mutters, "And by the time I check it out, you'll be long gone. You must think I'm a fool." Ashley points out, "It's your choice - and if you don't take the chance, you'll never see your sister again..." With that, he hangs up.

Wayne is cleaning the pool at Dural. Gordon brings out some tea, and Wayne mutters, "It's tea and sympathy time, is it?" Gordon points out to his son that he can either let this sour his life, or be happy that he has a charming young sister. Wayne asks if the solicitor thinks there'll be any trouble with the annulment. Gordon replies that there won't; it'll take time, that's all. He then checks, "You didn't marry her just for the money, did you?" Wayne tells him, "It swayed the balance. It was the only way I could see of helping you. But it was an excuse, too - I didn't have to admit how strongly I felt about her, that way." He sighs, "I could be myself with her. She didn't try to run my life like Karen. She didn't nag me or try to change me like Julie. She loved me - warts and all. She's the one woman I could never have..."

Alison is sitting glumly in the kitchen at the country house. Charlie comes in from outside and tells her that she'll make her some herbal tea. Alison sighs, "Why do I have such a genius for messing up my life?" She adds, "It's not all my fault. I don't know why David even married Sarah; he must have known she was a phoney. I'll never understand how he fell for her." Charlie points out, "She was you - without the disadvantages. You're independent, and as much as David might have loved you, it was always going to be a problem. When he found Sarah, she'd lost her memory and needed someone to lean on. All the evidence pointed to her being you; I think it's perfectly obvious why he fell for her. Must have been a nasty shock when he saw you." Alison mutters, "Got any more comforting thoughts to share with me?!" She then asks sadly, "Remember the picnic we had here when we first bought the place? David was so excited... so full of plans... couldn't wait to move in... settle down. I'm scared, Charlie. I've got nothing without David." She then asks, "Will you come back to Sydney with me?" Charlie points out that it's Leigh's funeral tomorrow. Alison replies that she meant straight afterwards. Charlie assures her, "Of course."

Barbara heads outside at Dural to find Mary sitting on a wall by the driveway. She asks the girl if she wants to talk about it. Mary cries, "How can I suddenly--?" She breaks off and Barbara assures her that no one's going to expect her to switch off her feelings just like that. Mary murmurs that she wishes she didn't have to see Wayne every day...

Inside, in the lounge room, Gordon hangs up the 'phone on the bar and tells Wayne that Duncan has confessed to Ben Simmonds' murder. Wayne comments that James will just be charged with helping conceal Simmonds' body, then. The front door suddenly bangs and Barbara comes in. Sitting down, she tells Wayne awkwardly, "I've just been talking to Mary and she feels it would be easier if you were apart for a while." Wayne quickly says he'll rent a flat. Barbara, though, tells him to hold his horses. She then goes on, "She wants to go to a special school recommended by her teacher." Gordon asks where it is. Barbara explains, "It's in South Australia - but we can always go and see her and she can come back for holidays." Gordon murmurs that he'll miss her. Barbara assures him, "She feels the same - but I do think it's the answer."

Spider opens the door at Beryl's to let David in. Spider asks him how he is, and David replies that he's bearing up. Spider escorts David into the lounge room and Beryl thanks Spider for dropping round. Looking surprised at the unsubtle hint, Spider says he might pop around and say hello to Charlie. He goes. Beryl asks David if there's any news on Sarah. David replies, "Not a word." He then adds, "Pat came back again. I kicked her out - and this time it's for good." Beryl laughs disbelievingly that she's heard that before. David, though, continues, "I came within an inch of giving her up to the police. The way she's been carrying on, it wouldn't surprise me if she did kill Luke Carlyle." Beryl points out, "You've kicked her out before and you always end up forgiving her." David sighs, "I know. But I don't feel the same about her. I don't feel anything for her. It's like getting over some sort of sickness." Beryl suggests, "Let's hope you make a full recovery." David assures her, "I will."

Spider is with Charlie in the kitchen at the country house, complaining that, the way things are going, he's going to be living on baked beans until his pension arrives. Charlie exclaims that that's terrible, and she tells him that he must let her help out. Spider replies that he could do with something to buy a proper wreath. Charlie takes some money out of her handbag and, handing it over, tells him to buy some proper food, too. Spider comments that he doesn't know what he'd do without her. Charlie explains that he's going to have to, soon: she's heading straight back to Sydney after the funeral. Tom suddenly appears in the doorway. Charlie quickly asks Spider if he could see if he can find Isabella outside, for her. Spider takes the hint and goes. Charlie tells Tom that she was going to call him about leaving. Tom asks how long she'll be away. Charlie replies that she's not quite sure; she doesn't want to go, but right now, Alison needs her more than he does. Tom remarks, "That's a moot point." Charlie, a smile on her face, asks, "Does that mean what I think it does?" Tom replies, "It means I'm going to miss you - a lot." They go to kiss, but Spider suddenly dashes back in, holding Isabella and exclaiming, "Shut the door before she bolts!"

At Beryl's, David and Beryl are fussing over baby Robert, and Beryl comments that her son has got boundless energy at the moment; he's even worse than Kevin was at his age! David says, "If you ever need any help with him..." He then breaks off and murmurs bitterly, "You'll have help, won't you..." Beryl points out to him that he's Robert's father. David reminds her that Rod wants to adopt him. Beryl, though, says she won't let Rod adopt him: she wants Robert growing up knowing he's his father; she wants them to spend lots of time together. David smiles at her fondly and comments, "A man's a mug, you know... going our separate ways. Should have tried a bit harder, I reckon." Beryl points out, "You've got a lovely wife." David smiles, "Yeah, I know. Just wanted you to know how I feel." Beryl kisses him on the top of the head.

Samantha is at Dural. Caroline is sitting on the couch, but she just stares blankly at her daughter and says, "Hello, Sam." Samantha tells her mother, "You're looking great." Caroline mutters, "I just want to be left in peace." Samantha, though, explains, "I need your help. Bill Ashley called. He says he knows where Amanda is." Caroline stares at her in shock.

A few minutes later, Caroline and Samantha emerge from Dural with Barbara, who's asking Samantha in surprise, "How did you do it?!" Samantha smiles, "I just pushed the right buttons!" She and Caroline walk round to Samantha's car. Caroline suddenly stops and stares at it. Samantha assures her that it'll be alright: they'll wind down the windows. Caroline climbs in, nervously.

Back outside the front door of the Morrell town house, Samantha asks her mother if she's alright. Caroline insists that she's fine. They head inside and Samantha says she's going to give Irene a ring and get a temp in for the locum tomorrow. Caroline asks where Irene's going and Samantha explains, "Melbourne. Leigh Palmer's funeral." Caroline tells her, "I'd rather you went back to work." Samantha, though, exclaims, "And leave you to cope with Bill Ashley? Nothing doing." Caroline insists, "As long as he doesn't want us to meet in a broom cupboard, I'll be fine!" Samantha, though, insists, "I'll still be here - except for maybe an hour or so: I'd better show the temp where everything is while Irene's away." Caroline smiles, "I can manage perfectly - and I can promise you one thing: he's not getting his money until I'm sure his information is correct." Samantha tells her that there's no way she'll get Ashley to agree to that. Caroline, though, retorts, "You don't have my powers of persuasion. Bill Ashley is going to really earn his money..."

Rod opens the front door at the Campbell house to find Beryl standing on the step. He invites her in. Jess is standing in the lounge room and she snaps at Beryl that if she's there to see Doris, she can't. She then stomps off and Rod apologises to Beryl. He offers her a drink, but she declines, explaining that David is outside, with Robert. Rod asks how David is, and Beryl explains that that's why she's there. Rod tells her to fire away. Beryl tells him, "David's at a pretty low ebb at the moment. He needs something to live for; something to hold on to - so I promised him he could see Robert whenever he wanted to and that you wouldn't adopt him. You don't mind, do you?" Rod, looking annoyed, mutters, "I wish you'd discussed it with me first. If we go to W.A., what then? Does David tag along too?" Beryl snaps, "No." She goes on, "I'm sorry it's upset you, but I didn't really think you wanted to adopt Robert." Rod snaps, "I just want to know where the hell I stand, that's all." Beryl retorts, "David and I were married for a long time. Just because we lead separate lives now doesn't mean we've stopped caring for each other." Rod growls, "You don't have to explain it. I get the message." Beryl, though, retorts, "If you want to be jealous, Rod, that's your problem - but it won't change anything. If you can't accept it, then I really don't think we have much going for us anymore." With that, she storms off.

That night, Doris, Rod and Jess are sitting at the dinner table at the Campbell house, in silence. Rod breaks it by saying he's going to take the job in Western Australia tomorrow. He adds that Jess will really like it: she'll be able to finish her HSC by correspondence. Doris, looking upset, stands up and walks out. Jess goes to follow her, but Rod stops her and warns her that Doris has to get used to the idea that they're leaving. Jess, though, retorts that she's not leaving; somebody has to look after Doris. Rod suggests curtly that they leave it to the doctors. Jess, though, snaps, "You're responsible for her being such a mess. When Beryl sent you packing, you used Doris to boost your ego. You never once thought how she might have felt - as long as you got what you wanted." Rod growls, "If that's the kind of feminist claptrap they're teaching you, I think it's a damn good thing we're leaving." Jess, though, raising her voice, cries, "I won't desert her." Rod snarls, "You've got no say in the matter." Jess cries, "I won't." Rod glares at her and threatens, "You are heading for a backhander if you don't watch it." Jess just glares back at him and retorts, "I haven't got much respect left for you, daddy. Don't make it worse."

The next morning, Charlie joins Adam in the lounge room at the country house. They're dressed in black. Adam asks Charlie if she'll be heading straight back to Sydney after the funeral. Charlie explains that the 'plane doesn't go until late this afternoon. She then suggests that he come with her; new surroundings will do him the world of good. Adam, though, insists that he'll be fine. He takes Isabella from Charlie and heads outside to take her for a pitstop. When he's gone, Charlie picks up the 'phone on the coffee table and dials a number. Alison answers the call and Charlie tells her, "Oh, darling, it's me. I'm afraid there's been a slight hitch. I'm afraid I won't be able to come to Sydney for a while..." She pauses and then continues, "Oh, darling, don't be cross with me. Adam's terribly upset; I can't just leave him." Alison demands, "What about me?" Charlie retorts, "My children had to cope without me being around while they were growing up. The least I can do is be here when Adam needs me." Alison muses, "I don't suppose this sudden surge of maternal feeling has anything to do with not wanting to leave the boyfriend?" Charlie exclaims in shock, "Don't be so catty!" Alison, though, persists, "I should have known you'd put yourself first when it came to the crunch." David comes into the room behind Charlie as she snaps, "You always put yourself first; I think it's my turn for a change." With that, she slams down the 'phone. David smiles, "Good for you." Charlie murmurs sadly, "I think I've lost a friend..." David, though, tells her, "She's no loss. All she ever did was take advantage of you. Your real friends are here."

Beryl opens the front door of her house to find Rod standing on the step. He tells her that he has to talk to her. Beryl warns him that David will be there shortly. Rod, though, insists that it'll only take five minutes and Beryl lets him in. They head into the lounge room and Rod apologises for last night. He goes on, though, "If you're honest, I reckon you'll have to admit I did have a point: a marriage can't work unless people consider each other when they make decisions." Beryl nods, "Fair enough." Rod then tells her that he has to give an answer on the Western Australia job today. He continues, "I want to take it. What do you say?" Beryl, turning away, replies, "I'd rather you didn't." Rod asks, "Because of David?" Beryl tells him, "Partly. But I think it's the wrong move and you're taking it for all the wrong reasons." Rod asks, "Such as?" Beryl retorts, "The money's the important factor, isn't it?" Rod admits, "It's a factor, yeah. Why, is that a crime?" Beryl replies, "No. It just makes me uneasy. You want to make sure that you'll never be financially dependant on me, and that's what broke up the marriage with David. I don't want us to go through that too." Rod points out that they're not even married yet. He then tells her that he's going to take the job and he's going with her or without out. Beryl pauses and then says, "You'll have to go without me." Rod glares at her and growls, "You never had any intention of going in the first place. You've just been stringing me along." Beryl warns him that that's enough. Rod, though, snarls, "What's the real story, eh? You reckon you've got a chance with your ex now his wife's shot through? Is that it?" Beryl snaps, "Stop it." Rod snaps, "You know what I can't stand? Eh? I can't stand the way you use your kid to get at him." Beryl yells back, "And I can't stand your constant fits of paranoid jealousy." Rod suddenly pulls his arm back as if he's going to slap her. Beryl glares at him and snaps, "Don't you dare hit me. Get out, Rod. We're finished."


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