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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Barbara and Gordon walk into James's hospital room and catch Duncan injecting the contents of the syringe into the drip. Duncan runs out.

Alison is making a call from a public 'phone box. Charlie answers and, when she hears who it is, asks Alison in concern if she's alright. Alison just asks Charlie to do something for her: if the Hamiltons 'phone Sarah, it's vital that she tells them that Mary's her daughter; Patricia's daughter, that is. Charlie explains that Sarah's not there - she's more-or-less run away. Alison, looking thoughtful, muses that that'll make it easier for her to sort things out with David. Charlie starts to cry, "Darling, something dreadful has happened." Alison, though, ignores this, instead telling Charlie that when the Hamiltons 'phone, Charlie has to tell them that Sarah admitted to her that Mary's her daughter. Charlie says she will. With that, Alison hangs up.

At the hospital, two detectives lead Duncan away. One of them then tells Gordon that James will be fine. He adds that the registration of the gun James was supposed to have thrown off the bridge was traced back to Phipps - and now that they've got him on an attempted murder charge, they'll get a conviction for Ben Simmonds' murder. As they go, Gordon puts his arm around Barbara and murmurs, "I hope they're right..."

Alison is at Dural. As Caroline lets her in, Alison asks her if she's told Wayne and Mary that they can't stay married. Caroline just stares at her blankly. Alison asks if they've left yet. Caroline says they haven't. Alison asks if she can speak to Mary alone, then. Caroline goes upstairs to get her.

In the lounge room at the country house, Charlie is reading the note that Sarah wrote to David. She reads aloud, "I wasn't sneaking about. I was just coming in to see if I could do anything for you. But after hearing how you felt about me, I felt the best thing I could do was leave. All my love, Sarah." David mutters, "Why couldn't I just keep my stupid mouth shut?" Charlie suggests that she might come back. David, though, asks sarcastically, "You reckon?" He then stands up and announces that he's going to search for her.

Mary walks into the lounge room at Dural with a smile on her face, and she comments to Alison that she heard she wanted to see her. Alison sighs and says, "Mary, the reason James and I were flying to Brolga was to stop you and Wayne getting married." Mary asks in surprise, "Why?" Alison tells her, "Because you and he are..." She breaks off before continuing, "I'm sorry; this is going to be a shock, but you have to know: what you thought before was right: Gordon and Patricia are your parents. Wayne's your half-brother." Mary stands there, looking shocked.

A few moments later, Mary cries that it's not true; she checked herself. Alison tells her that Sarah couldn't remember; it was David who said Patricia wasn't her mother, and he wouldn't know. Mary retorts that he would; he knows everything about Patricia. Alison, though, snaps, "Mary, please believe me: I swear for an absolute certainty that you're Gordon and Patricia's daughter." Mary cries, "If I was, they would have told me. They're both good people; they wouldn't lie." Alison points out, "But they don't know; can't you understand that?" She goes on, "Mary, I'm not lying; you have to believe me." Mary retorts, "I believe Sarah." Alison snaps, "But she's not Patricia. I am." Mary looks at her in shock. Alison goes on, "The last thing I want to do is hurt you - but you have to know the truth." With that, she takes out from her handbag Mary's photos of Patricia and the letter from Patricia to Mary's nan and, indicating the photos, admits, "I did steal them - because they prove that I'm your mother." Mary, tears welling in her eyes, asks, "Why?" Alison explains, "I didn't want you going on looking for someone you couldn't find. Least, that's how I felt then." Indicating the letter, she adds,"If you want proof, compare that handwriting to mine." Mary cries, "But you dumped me. Why come back now? It doesn't make any sense." Alison sighs, "I didn't have any choice. If you read that letter, you'd understand." Mary just runs out. Alison cries, "Wait..."

Mary heads outside and Alison runs after her and asks her to let her try and explain. Mary cries, "Go away." Alison, though, tells her, "When I married Gordon, I already had a daughter - Angela - and he wouldn't let us move to the city until she'd grown up. He had this 'thing' that the country was the best place to bring up children. I hated it there. All I wanted to do was move to the city. When I finally realised I was going to have another baby, I knew he'd want to bring you up there, as well. I just couldn't bear the thought of all those extra years there." Mary cries, "You got rid of me just so that you could go and live in the city?" Alison asks, "Can you imagine what it meant to me, to be stuck out there in the middle of nowhere? All my life we'd been poor; we had nothing. And when I finally managed to marry a man who could give me something more than that, he made us hermits. I was young then, and when you came along, I panicked." Mary sobs, "You married Gordon just for the money?" Alison admits, "Partly - but there were other reasons." Mary glares at her and cries angrily, "I think you're the worst person I've ever met. My mother? I wish I'd never found out."

At the hospital, Gordon and Barbara are about to leave James's hospital room. Before they go, James tells Gordon that, now that Duncan's out of the way, there won't be any problems about dividing Woombai fairly. With that, Gordon and Barbara head off, but they bump into Fiona in the corridor. She explains that she thought she'd just drop by and see how James is. Gordon warns her not to stay too long. Barbara sympathises that she heard about Fiona going to hospital. Fiona, though, assures her that it was just a minor back injury; it's improving already...

In the grounds at Dural, Alison insists to Mary, "I know what I did was wrong, but I did make sure you were well looked after." Mary, though, retorts, "You never did anything for me. You never even cared about me at all." Alison assures her, "I wouldn't have told you this if I didn't care about you." Mary, staring into space, says sadly, "For the first time ever, I could have been happy, married to Wayne. Now it's like we've done something sick, all because of you. Thank goodness we didn't sleep together." Alison comments in surprise, "But you've been married two days." Mary replies hesitantly, "I know, but I don't... I'm a bit nervous about it and Wayne said he'd wait 'til I was ready. How many men are that understanding?" Alison agrees, "Not many, that's for sure." Mary then cries, "You've told me what you had to, now. Leave me alone." The front door of the house suddenly opens and Wayne emerges. Mary cries to Alison, "I don't know how I'm going to tell him." Alison pleads, "Don't tell him about Patricia - please." Mary, though, retorts, "I'm not doing you any more favours." With that, she runs over to Wayne.

A few moments later, Alison joins Wayne and Mary and Wayne says a curt, "Hello, Alison." Mary says to him bluntly, "Darling... I am Gordon and Patricia's daughter." Wayne stares at her and asks incredulously, "Who says?" He indicates Alison and adds, "Her? What would she know? David and Sarah said you weren't." Alison snaps, "Sarah's memory came back just after you saw her." Wayne snarls, "You expect me to believe that?" Mary tells him, "It's true." Wayne asks, "How do you know? Have you talked to Sarah?" Mary admits, "No - but why would Alison lie if it's so easy for us to check?" Wayne retorts, "I don't know, but I'm damn well going to." With that, he leads Mary back into the house.

Charlie is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. David comes in and announces sadly that there's no sign of Sarah. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing. Charlie answers it and Wayne comes on, demanding to talk to Sarah. Charlie explains that she's not there. She asks if something's wrong. Wayne snarls, "Yes. Your friend, Alison... I don't know what she's trying to do, but she's got Mary believing some stupid story about Gordon and Patricia being her parents. I thought we had all that sorted out." Charlie replies hesitantly, "Well... Sarah did tell us that. Apparently, her memory of it's just come back." Wayne snarls furiously, "That's great. That's just great. Tell her 'thanks a lot'." With that, he slams down the 'phone. At Dural, Alison asks him, "Satisfied?" Wayne, though, snaps, "I still don't believe it. We've only got dopey Sarah's word on it, and she doesn't know if she's coming or going." Alison takes Mary's letter from Patricia and suggests they they let Wayne see it. Wayne asks what it is. Mary explains, "It's a letter nan gave me - from my mother." Alison points out, "It's years old - and there's no doubt it's Patricia's handwriting." Wayne asks Mary incredulously, "Why didn't you show me this before?" Alison tells him, "I took it. I knew how much Patricia wanted it kept secret." Wayne glares at her and snaps, "Then you've got one hell of a lot to answer for." He then rants angrily, "The bitch. Whenever things start going my way, she always manages to wreck it - every time." Turning to Alison, he adds, "Well you've done what you came to do. Now get out." Alison murmurs to Mary, "I'm sorry." She then goes.

In the kitchen at the country house, David is saying to Charlie, "Now let me get this straight: Pat told you to say that Sarah remembered that Mary was her daughter?" Charlie nods, "Yes." David asks why she's shifting the blame to Sarah. He then adds bitterly, "I'll tell you why: she's thinking of herself as usual." Charlie cries that she found out Wayne and Mary were planning to get married; it wasn't her fault the 'plane crashed. David mutters, "Pity it didn't do a better job." Charlie cries that that's an awful thing to say. David, ignoring this, asks, "How have you been able to stay friends with her, Charlie? I can't work it out." Charlie insists that he loves Alison. David, though, mutters that he was a fool to think he could live with her when he thinks of all the innocent people she's hurt. He adds, "I'm finished with her. I don't want to see her again, I don't want to talk about her... I don't even want to think about her..."

Wayne and Mary are sitting in silence in the lounge room at Dural. Mary eventually asks what they're going to do. Wayne retorts that it shouldn't be too much trouble to get the wedding annulled, considering the circumstances. Mary asks if they should see someone - a lawyer, or something? Wayne, though, mutters, "A psychiatrist might do more good. We both must have been crazy to get into this in the first place." He quickly adds that he's sorry; he didn't mean it like that. Mary points out, "It was your idea not to tell anyone. If she'd known we were getting married, she'd have told us the truth sooner." Wayne sighs bitterly, "Yeah, alright, it's all my fault. Whatever you like." Mary apologises, saying she just doesn't know what to feel. The front door suddenly bangs and Wayne sighs, "That's dad and Barbara. Wait 'til they hear our story." Gordon and Barbara come into the lounge room and Gordon comments to Wayne and Mary, "I thought you'd be flat out packing." Wayne tells him curtly, "We're not packing because we're not going anywhere. The honeymoon's off." Barbara asks in surprise, "Off?" Wayne retorts, "Yeah - and the marriage. We've just learnt that Mary was right all along: Patricia is her mother." Turning to Gordon, he adds, "And you're her father." A look of shock crosses Gordon's face.

Alison is at the hospital, and James asks her how Mary took it. Alison replies that Mary made it pretty clear she hates her. James tells her to give the girl time. Alison, though, sighs, "If I was in her place, I wouldn't want to know me." She adds that the good thing is that they didn't consummate it: Mary apparently had some 'block' about physical contact. James laughs bitterly that they raced up there and nearly got themselves killed, and all the time, Mary wasn't going to let Wayne touch her! He then sympathises, "You've lost a daughter... I might lose a leg... We make a great pair, don't we?!" Changing the subject, he goes on, "Almost dying out there made me realise you've got to act on what you want. Don't let the chance slip you by. The one thing you regret is leaving David. Don't regret it. Fix it. Fly to Melbourne and fix it." Alison murmurs that she doesn't think she can. James, though, tells her, "Give it your best shot. You'll hate yourself if you don't."

In the kitchen at the country house, David is talking on the 'phone. After a few seconds, he hangs up. Charlie tells him to have something to eat, as he's been on the 'phone all morning. David, though, mutters that the funeral's tomorrow; there's lots to organise. There's suddenly a knock on the back door and David opens it to find Tim and Donna standing there. David and Tim shake hands and Donna thanks David for letting her stay. Charlie gives Tim a hug and then smiles at the kids, "It's lovely you two are married." Donna holds out an album and Charlie asks if they're the wedding photos. Donna nods that they are. Charlie escorts her into the lounge room to look at them. David and Tim sit down at the kitchen table and David asks how Frannie is. Tim murmurs, "A bit better." He adds, "I wish we'd got here earlier; get a chance to talk to Leigh. Tell her I was sorry for not inviting her to the wedding." David comments, "I was surprised myself, you getting married." Tim points out, "Someone had to look after Donna and the baby. Brett dumped her." He then asks if there's any chance of getting work there. David says he's waiting to see if Brett wants to come back. Tim, though, insists, "He won't. Things are a bit tense with us, but at least he wants to see Donna and the baby looked after; I'll give him that." He adds, "I couldn't get a job in Ararat and so he said I could have his old one here, if it was OK by you." David smiles, "Fine by me. I'm glad to have you back. Leigh would have been glad, too." Tim sighs, "I still can't believe how one person could have so much rotten luck." David, though, retorts, "You can call it luck - but I know who I put the blame on..."

In the lounge room at Dural, Barbara asks Wayne and Mary how they can expect people to believe nothing happened; they've been married for two days. Wayne and Mary both insist that it's true. Gordon murmurs that he's still in a state of shellshock - although he is delighted to be belatedly the father of a bouncing baby girl! Mary asks sadly, "How could Patricia have hidden it from you?" Gordon muses, "Could only have been that three months she went to visit her sister. It was about the time you were born. I was busy at the time... and away." He then adds, "I would have noticed that she was six months pregnant." Barbara, though, points out that some women don't show for some time - and Mary may have been premature. Gordon suggests, "I'd better get onto a solicitor - about having the marriage annulled." Upon hearing this, Mary runs out of the room, looking upset. Barbara goes after her. Wayne mutters, "She'll be alright." Gordon puts his hands on his son's shoulders and asks, "What about you?" Wayne retorts, "I only did it for the money..."

In the lounge room at the country house, Charlie tells Tim and Donna that David's under a terrible strain; she hopes having young people there will keep him from brooding. She then heads out to the kitchen. David is out there, but he picks up one of Tim and Donna's cases and takes it off to their bedroom. There's suddenly a knock on the back door and Charlie opens it to find Alison standing there. She walks in and asks if David is there. Charlie says nervously, "I don't think you ought to see him. He's under a terrible strain." Alison retorts, "So am I." Charlie cries, "But you don't know what's happened. I tried to tell you on the telephone, but--" She breaks off as David comes back in. He turns and glares at Alison. Alison tells him, "I have to talk to you." David, though, mutters furiously, "My God... where do you get your gall, coming back here after what you've done?" Alison cries, "I didn't make Sarah leave. She left because she knows you don't love her. I do - and this time I'll make you happy, I promise. Just give me the chance." David asks curtly, "What about Leigh? Everything that happened to her was your fault." Alison looks round at Charlie, blankly, and murmurs, "Sorry?" David growls, "She was only a larrikin kid before you got your hands on her. If there's any justice, you should have gone under that truck." Alison stares at him and asks, "What's Leigh got to do with it? I'm talking about us; our future." David snaps, "You've never got anything to do with it, have you? Always 'sweet, innocent little Pat'. Well, I'm not buying it any longer. For the last time, get out." Charlie cries, "David, she doesn't know." Alison asks David, "Know what?" David retorts, "Leigh's dead. Because of you, she's dead. And you know something else? I'm beginning to think you murdered Luke Carlyle - and if you show your face around here again, that's exactly what I'm going to tell the cops, because I'm sick and tired of you getting away with it." With that, he storms out. Alison sits down at the table, looking shocked. She breaks down in tears, sobbing to Charlie as she does so, "I didn't kill anybody..."


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