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    Written by: Lyn Ogilvy   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Leigh is lying on the road. Everyone dashes over to her. David cries, "God..." The driver cries that she just ran out in front of him. David murmurs, "You hang on, Leigh..."

Samantha and Andy emerge from Fiona's flat at the boarding house, Andy telling Samantha as they do so to stop worrying about her mum; she could have gone flying with James. Samantha, though, retorts that she's still scared of confined spaces. Andy says he reckons Caroline will be there when Samantha gets home.

Gordon and Barbara have arrived back at Dural and Gordon smiles that they'll have the place to themselves for a couple of weeks. Barbara notices that the plants in front of the cupboard under the stairs have been moved. Gordon suggests that James must have been looking for something in the cupboard. Barbara snaps that she wishes he'd put things back where he found them.

At the country house, Charlie offers tea, but no one is interested. David is sitting at the table looking glum. Sarah tells him that he has to stop blaming himself. David, though, murmurs that he wasn't there when Leigh needed him; he let her down. Sarah points out, "She'd obviously made up her mind she didn't want to live." David suddenly yells, "Will you shut up? You know nothing about it. You didn't even know her." With that, he storms out. Beryl goes after him. Looking shocked, Sarah says to Charlie, "I'm his wife, aren't I? Why won't he let me comfort him?" Charlie tells her, "Sometimes, the people we love the most aren't who we need."

Samantha and Irene are at Dural, telling Barbara that they're on a rescue mission for Samantha. Samantha asks Barbara if she's seen Caroline, but Barbara replies that she hasn't. Samantha goes on that she thought she might be with James. Barbara tells her that they haven't seen James, either; they've no idea where he is. Irene suggests that they're probably somewhere together. Gordon, who was on the 'phone, wanders over to the women slowly and mouths, "He's crashed... James. That was Search and Rescue: they've been trying to contact us all day." Looking worried, Samantha asks if Caroline was with him. Gordon replies that James had a passenger, but that's all they know. Barbara asks where this happened. Gordon tells her that, according to James's mayday, it was somewhere near Brolga.

Alison and James are lying together underneath James's blanket. Alison is murmuring a recipe out loud to keep the two of them awake. James tells her that she's doing a great job. Alison breaks off, but James tells her to keep talking. Alison murmurs, "I wish we could have got there in time. I really wanted to stop the wedding." James asks weakly, "For whose sake? Mary's or Patricia's?" Alison replies, "Both. I've ruined everything for her, now." James looks at Alison in surprise and whispers, "You are Patricia, aren't you?" Alison nods weakly. James murmurs, "It's OK - you're safe with this little black duck. I knew it all along. It's alright - I won't tell anyone."

Beryl is pacing in the lounge room at the country house as David rants that Sarah is an outsider; she'd have no idea how he felt about Leigh. Beryl, though, points out that she was only trying to help. David mutters, "It's all Pat's fault. Leigh said that: she was the one who made her believe that money was the be all and end all. She wouldn't have stolen Robert otherwise." He doesn't notice Sarah appear in the doorway as he snaps, "Why in the hell did Pat have to send me on a wild goosechase around South America? I should have been here, where I was needed. Leigh's always needed me. Pat never has. If she wasn't here, Leigh would probably still be alive; that's the part that really hurts." Sarah walks off, still unnoticed. Beryl tells David, "You can't be sure of that." David, though, says sadly, "My little girl is dead, Beryl - and I should have been here to look after her. Now, I can't."

In the woods, Alison murmurs to James that she can't think of anything else to talk about. She goes on that she's been thinking about how she would have lived if she could start over, and she came to the awful conclusion that she wouldn't change much. She continues, "Even when I was a kid, I was always going out and getting what I wanted. I don't regret that. But I want to stay with David. Even he was..." Her voice trails off. James tells her to go on. Alison murmurs, "It was the only mistake I ever made." She suddenly notices that James has faded into unconsciousness. She gets up and starts shaking him, begging him to wake up. She becomes aware of the noise of an aircraft overhead, and she stands up and starts waving her arms frantically at it, yelling, "Help... help... help!" It flies away again, though, and she sinks to the ground and bursts into tears.

Adam is sitting in the kitchen at the country house, looking devastated. Frannie announces that she's taking Shane for a walk. Charlie asks Sarah how she's feeling, and she suggests to her that she go and lie down for a while. Sarah takes up the suggestion and goes. Left alone with Charlie, Adam cries, "Why did she have to do it? She knew how much I loved her. We could have worked it out; I felt so happy when I found out she was alive..." He stands up and adds, "I wish I could cry." Charlie assures him, "You will." Adam, though, says, "I'm not sure I want to." Beryl comes in and announces she was about to go home. She adds that she'll take Frannie and Shane with her. Charlie asks how David is and Beryl replies that he's gone for a walk. She then squeezes Adam's arm and tells him, "I'm so sorry." Charlie walks over to her son. He breaks down in her arms.

Alison is sitting staring at the unconscious James, saying, "I don't know why I'm bothering. Do you realise we're both going to die? You're unconscious and I'm going mad. Sorry... " She suddenly bursts into sad laughter and sniffs, "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm going to die, And so are you..." Several men suddenly come into view in the distance and they spot the wreckage of the 'plane. They run over to the craft and spot Alison and James there. One of them tells Alison that they saw them from the helicopter but had trouble finding a spot to land. They start treating James for the injury to his leg and they give Alison some chocolate.

In the lounge room at Dural, Irene tells Samantha that they're sure to hear some news soon. Gordon comes in and tells Barbara that the back door's been forced. They look around but agree that nothing appears to have been touched. Irene comments that he must have been disturbed - or he knew what he was after and went straight for it. Gordon, looking thoughtful, declares, "Duncan." Barbara dashes off to search his room. She heads out to the hallway but suddenly calls back, "Gordon." Gordon goes and joins her and asks what it is. She indicates the plant by the cupboard under the stairs and suggests, "Maybe he took something from the cupboard." She goes and moves the plant and opens the cupboard door. As she does so, Caroline's unconscious body falls out. Barbara screams fearfully.

A short time later, Caroline is lying, still unconscious, on the couch in the lounge room. Irene is treating her and she begins to show signs of coming round. The 'phone rings and Gordon goes to get it. On the couch, Caroline stares into space, vacantly, apparently not recognising anyone. Barbara puts a blanket over her. Gordon comes back and announces, "They've found James. Alison Carr was with him." Barbara asks how they are. Gordon replies that he needs major surgery - something to do with his leg; apparently, Alison kept him alive. He and Barbara head off to meet James at the hospital.

Beryl opens the front door at her house to find Tim and Donna standing on the step. Tim asks if his mum's there and Beryl invites the two of them in. They head into the lounge room and Tim gives Frannie a hug. Beryl tells them to sit down. Donna asks how it went today. Tim adds, "I wish I could have told Leigh I was sorry for not inviting her to the wedding. I thought it might make her feel a bit better." Donna asks eagerly, "Can we see her?" Tim goes on, "Donna made me realise it was pretty stupid staying angry with her. After all, she is my sister; I just wanted to tell her that." Frannie looks at Beryl and then turns back to Tim and Donna, warily. Tim murmurs, "It went pretty bad, huh?" Frannie looks again at Beryl. Beginning to look concerned, Tim asks, "What happened?" Frannie tells him sadly, "Leigh's dead." Tim and Donna stare at her in shock.

Caroline is still lying on the couch at Dural, staring into space unblinkingly. Samantha asks Irene if they can jolt her out of it. Irene, though, insists that, if they're patient, she'll come around. The 'phone starts ringing and Samantha goes and answers it. A male voice comes on and asks if James is there. Samantha replies that he isn't. The man asks where he is, adding that he has to talk to him. Samantha replies that he's on his way to the hospital. The man asks what the matter is with him. Samantha, growing suspicious, asks, "Who is this?" The man just hangs up, though. Samantha does likewise. Irene asks who it was. Samantha replies that she thinks it was Duncan. Upon hearing Duncan's name, Caroline suddenly twitches and starts shaking. Irene quickly soothes that it's alright; Duncan's not there. She then comments to Samantha, "There's no doubt who locked her in that cupboard now, is there?"

It's nighttime, and at the hospital in Sydney, Barbara hands Gordon a cup of coffee and asks him if they can go home and get some sleep and come back in the morning. Gordon tells Barbara that she can go. Barbara, though, insists that she's alright. A trolley is suddenly wheeled past them. James is lying on it and Gordon asks the accompanying surgeon how he is. The surgeon replies, "He'll pull through." Barbara asks about his leg. The surgeon tells her, "We won't know for another day or two. He might lose it. He's got a fighting chance, though, and he's a battler; that's in his favour." With that, he follows the trolley into a room.

The next morning, Barbara and Gordon are sitting at the breakfast table at Dural and Barbara is telling her husband that she'll ring the hospital after breakfast and see if James is allowed visitors. Samantha joins them and announces that Caroline is still asleep. She then asks Barbara and Gordon if either of them will be home today or if they're both going to the hospital, as she has to go home for a while and doesn't like leaving her mum alone. Gordon tells her that Mary and Wayne will be there; they're not leaving for Perth until this afternoon. Barbara stands up and says she'll ring the hospital. As she does so, Samantha says, "Oh - there was a call for James last night. I think it was Duncan." Gordon asks curtly what he wanted. Samantha shrugs, "He just asked to speak to James. When I told him he was on his way to hospital, he hung up." Gordon asks, "Did you tell him which hospital?" Samantha replies, "No." Barbara points out grimly, "It's easy enough for him to find out." Gordon, standing up, says he'd better get over there; the last thing in the world James wants is Duncan bothering him.

Alison walks into James's room at the hospital. He's asleep, but he stirs as Alison stands over him. As he wakes, he smiles, "Hello." Alison smiles back and asks, "How's the service at this hotel?" James tells her, "It's pretty good. I'm thinking of coming here more often!" He takes Alison's hand as she murmurs, "You were in trouble there, for a minute." James smiles, "You're looking good." Alison assures him, "Not a lot can keep me down. I've got a few bruises and a bump on the head; otherwise, I'm as good as new." James whispers, "Thanks for saving my life." Alison whispers back, "Any time!" She then turns to a cleaner who's mopping the floor by the door and asks if she can leave them alone for a minute. The cleaner goes and Alison closes the door. Returning to James, she tells him, "I've made up my mind: I'm going to see Mary this morning." James asks, "Are you going to tell her?" Alison nods, "Mm." James asks if it's a good idea. Alison replies that she has to. James smiles that she's a brave lady; he admires her. He then adds, "What I said out there in the bush, about not telling anybody you're Patricia: I meant that, too." Alison smiles, "I know." The sister suddenly comes in and tells Alison that her time's up. Alison goes to walk out. She turns back to James, though, to say, "Look after yourself, champ, OK?" As she does this, she doesn't notice Duncan slipping through a door in a room behind her... A nurse suddenly comes in and cries to the sister that she's needed urgently to stop a haemorrhaging. The sister puts down a syringe that she's holding in her hand and walks off with the nurse, leaving James alone in his room...

Charlie is frying some eggs in the kitchen at the country house. David comes in and Charlie offers him some breakfast, but he declines. He sits down at the table and Charlie comments that she thought they would have heard from Alison by now. David, though, mutters that the best thing Alison can do is stay right out of his way. Charlie insists, "David, I know how strongly you two love one another; if you gave yourself time..." David, though, snaps, "I've had it, Charlie. She's not going to con me again. She's not going to spoil what I've got with Sarah. That's all that's important now: me and Sarah." Charlie asks where Sarah is this morning. David comments that he thought she'd be there with Charlie. Charlie, though shrugs that she hasn't seen her. She then points out a note that's lying on the table for David. He picks up the piece of paper and reads it. He then laughs bitterly. Charlie asks, "Bad news?" David tells her, "It's Sarah: she's left me."

James is lying asleep again in his hospital bed when he's roused by Duncan shaking him. Duncan snaps that he wants his opals. James, though, retorts, "What opals?" Duncan growls, "The ones you stole from my room." James mutters, "Listen, mate: any opals that I might have taken out of your belongings were mine in the first place. You were never going to give me half, were you?" Duncan just snaps, "Where are they?" James, though, retorts, "Forget it. You're never going to see 'em again." Duncan cries, "Those opals are my ticket out of the country. If I don't get away, the cops will catch me." James mutters, "That's your problem. You're not screwing another cent out of me." With that, he slips into unconsciousness again. Duncan starts shaking him, snapping, "Wake up. Wake up, damn you." James doesn't rouse, though, and so Duncan snarls, "Alright, buster, you asked for it." He closes the door to the room and then picks up the syringe that the sister left lying on the table. He walks over to James's drip and starts injecting the contents of the syringe into it...


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