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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

At Beryl's, David is fixing the smashed front window. Beryl thanks him for being around. David suggests to her that she and Robert come to the farm for a few days for a break. Beryl, though, comments that he's got enough on his hands. David explains that he told Alison to leave. Beryl, though, tells him that he and Sarah need time to settle down - and she'd like some time with Robert. David tells her to get in touch if she needs anything. He adds sourly that Rod is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. Beryl tells him hesitantly that he ought to know that Rod has asked her to marry him and wants to adopt Robert. David exclaims in shock that he's the father. Beryl snaps that Robert needs a new home; David gave Robert up for dead when he disappeared. David sighs and says Leigh's trial must have him on edge. Beryl suggests they talk when that's over. She asks what time it is tomorrow, and David replies that it's at 10:30am. Beryl tells him that she'll see him tomorrow. She thanks him again for fixing the window and he goes.

At the country house, Charlie tells Isabella to wave goodbye to Tom. As Tom shakes the dog's paw, she adds that he should have seen the original: she was even prettier. Tom tells her, "The original Charlotte's prettier, too. You don't need blonde hair and a wig to be beautiful." Charlie muses that it was rather silly! They go to kiss, but David comes in at that moment and Charlie introduces the two men to each other. David then heads off to see Sarah in the lounge room. Charlie then tells Tom that she won't be able to see him for a few days due to Leigh's trial. They kiss passionately.

In the woods, James is lying semi-conscious. Alison is bending down over him and he asks weakly if it's morning. Alison, though, tells him that it's still Sunday afternoon. James murmurs, "Top pocket... pencil... paper. You write... Gordon... tell him I want him to have Woombai..." Alison cries that she's not writing any wills - and Gordon's already next of kin. James murmurs, "I want him to know it's what I want and not because the law says so." Alison sighs, "Alright, I'll write your note for you. You can sign it."

Spider is sitting in Beryl's kitchen but announces that he'd better push off. Beryl invites him to stay for dinner, adding that she could do with the company. Spider accepts. He asks how things are with Rod. Beryl shrugs that she doesn't know how she feels about him at the moment. She adds that he's taking responsibility for Doris, which is something, but David isn't very happy about him adopting Robert. Spider comments that it's a pity: she and Rod make a good pair. Beryl sighs that maybe there's still a chance.

Fiona opens the door of her flat at the boarding house to find Andy, Samantha and Kelly standing there. Andy hands her a bunch of flowers and asks her if she's glad to be home. Fiona laughs that the doctors gave her so many tests that she felt like a guinea pig! Samantha asks what the verdict was. Fiona declares, "I am as fit as a fiddle!" She adds, "In fact, I even bought a bottle of champagne just for the hell of it!" Andy and Samantha head to the kitchen to fetch it, along with some glasses. Samantha asks how many glasses they need. Fiona replies, "Four." Kelly suggests, "Make it five. I'll get Irene." Fiona, though, says sharply, "No. I wouldn't do that. I saw her a little while ago and she said she wanted to lie down and have a rest." Kelly accepts this. Samantha and Andy return with the bottle and glasses and Andy pops the cork. He pours the drinks and Kelly then proposes a toast: "To Fiona being home." Fiona adds, "And to life!" She sips her drink.

A while later, Andy and Samantha leave Fiona's flat and Andy comments to Samantha that Fiona's on top of the world! Irene comes round the corner and Andy comments to her in surprise that he thought she was resting; Fiona said she was exhausted - they were going to invite her into help celebrate. Irene asks, "Celebrate what?" Andy replies, "Fiona's clean bill of health - and life in general." He suggests she pop in. Inside the flat, Kelly heads off to the kitchen. There's a knock on the door and Fiona answers it to find Irene standing there. She invites her in. Irene asks her if she's by herself. Fiona explains that Kelly's in the kitchen, making coffee. She adds, "She's really coping so well: she's accepted her mother's death but she isn't letting it make her helpless." Irene asks, "How about you?" Fiona turns away and so Irene goes on, "If you won't have the operation, then at least do yourself a favour and take these painkillers." She holds out a bottle. Fiona retorts that there's no pain to kill. Irene snaps that it's going to get worse unless Fiona has professional treatment. At that moment, Kelly emerges from the kitchen and offers Irene coffee. Irene, though, declines, explaining quickly that she just wanted to see if the Hamiltons were back from the wedding. Fiona, handing her back the bottle of pills, mutters, "I'll let you know if I hear from them." Irene goes, reluctantly.

Rod has turned up at Beryl's and he asks Beryl if they can talk. Spider is sitting at the living room table but he heads off to the kitchen to do the washing up. Rod sits down and suggests to Beryl that they make a truce and start everything completely from scratch - away from all their problems. Spider listens in the kitchen as Beryl asks Rod what he had he mind. Rod replies, "Let's move; go and live somewhere else." Beryl cries that all of her friends are in Melbourne; and there's Robert: she couldn't just get up and go." Rod tells her that he's just been offered a contract in a new mining town; there's a big air-conditioned house, rent free; he'd be on top salary and it would be a stable home for Robert. Beryl muses that she supposes it could be good in some ways. Rod adds that it's only a six-month contract to start with; they could always move back. Beryl asks where it is. Rod tells her, "Six hundred miles north of Perth."

Samantha opens the front door at the Morrell town house and walks inside. Andy is with her. She switches on the light and calls for Caroline. There's no answer, though, and she murmurs in concern that she can't still be out with James. Andy suggests that she's probably just forgotten to call. Samantha accepts this reluctantly. She then thanks Andy for the lift, and he goes. Samantha shuts the door and then turns round to find the foreman from the roadworks standing behind her. He tells her, "Glad your boyfriend left." It's Bill Ashley.

A few moments later, Samantha asks Ashley what he's doing there. He retorts, "I thought I'd come early - in case you invited the police along tomorrow." Samantha tells him curtly that they'd better hurry; her mum might be home in a minute. She then demands, "Where's Amanda?" Ashley, though, laughs nastily and retorts, "It's not quite that simple. It'll cost." Samantha asks, "How much?" Ashley replies, "Fifty thousand. To get me out of the country." Samantha cries, "What are you going on: the Space Shuttle?" Ashley says, "The blokes I was working for at Woombai are still after me. If they find me... well, I'm not much use to you dead, am I?" Samantha, suddenly putting on a forlorn look, places her hand on Ashley's arm and murmurs, "I've only got twenty thousand." Ashley stares into her eyes but then retorts, "Yeah, well, I'm sure you'd manage if Caroline chipped in." Samantha cries that she'll need more time. Ashley, though, retorts that he can't give her much - he's got to disappear again soon, whether she gives him the money or not. He makes to go and Samantha quickly asks how she can contact him. Ashley, though, tells her, "I'll contact you. Tomorrow." With that, he goes.

The next morning, Sarah and David are having breakfast at the country house. Adam is pacing the kitchen floor. Charlie comes in and exclaims that she can't get hold of Alison anywhere. David says he's going to get changed. Sarah offers him a hand, but he snaps that he's not useless. There's suddenly a knock at the back door. Adam opens it to find Frannie standing there. David smiles in delight, "G'day, Fran!" He introduces everyone and asks her if George is with her. Frannie shakes her head. David takes Shane from her. Frannie says she knows Leigh said not to bring him, but she doesn't think she meant it. Charlie points out that it might upset Leigh terribly. David, though, insists that he reckons she'd love to see her baby today.

At the Brolga Hotel, Mary is making the bed. Wayne laughs that they have people to do that. Mary just stands there, sullenly. Wayne goes and holds her, saying, "Come on... don't feel so bad. I didn't mind sleeping over there - honestly." He indicates a separate bed. He then asks her if she wants to postpone the honeymoon until she feels more relaxed. He adds that Perth won't disappear. Mary, though, insists, "I'll be OK when we're on our way." Wayne tells her, "Don't get uptight. I'm not going to force anything." He then suggests that they go and have breakfast with Gordon and Barbara and then get back to Sydney and go and pack. He opens the bedroom door and picks up the newspaper - The Brolga Times - lying on the floor outside. He puts it on a chair without looking at it. He doesn't notice the headline 'Search for Plane Crash Victims Continues'.

In the woods, Alison is lying asleep next to James. James murmurs, "Alison... what time is it." She rouses, looks at her watch and replies that it's just gone 9am. She asks him how his leg is and he murmurs that it's fine - thanks to her. He then tells her, "I owe you a lot. You kept me from freezing to death." Alison smiles, "Something they taught us in the girl guides!"

David and Frannie are walking up the steps towards the courthouse in Melbourne. Charlie and Adam follow them. Beryl joins them, accompanied by a man who she introduces as Mr. Copeland, Leigh's solicitor. She introduces everyone and they all head inside. Sarah and Spider take up the rear. As they pass through the doors, David asks Copeland what he thinks Leigh's chances are of getting off. Copeland admits, "None, really. I wish I could say otherwise, but kidnapping is pretty serious. Between ten and fifteen years, I'd say." They suddenly notice Leigh being brought up the steps outside by two officers. She walks in past everyone without acknowledging them.

Fiona is baking a cake in the kitchen at her flat. Kelly is with her and they talk about the fact that Andy is taking them shopping. Kelly asks Fiona what she's going to buy and Fiona exclaims, "Clothes, clothes and more clothes! I can't tell you how sick I am of all my stuffy things; they're so--" She suddenly breaks off as she grimaces in pain from a twinge in her back. Kelly asks in concern, "Fiona?" Fiona quickly replies that she just burnt her finger under the water. There's a knock at the front door and Kelly goes to get it. Fiona remains in the kitchen, looking pained. Kelly lets Andy in and he asks her if she's all set. Kelly replies, "Almost." Andy calls to Fiona to ask her if she's ready yet. Fiona calls back that she's just taking the cake out of the oven. She tries to pull the oven door open, but finds she doesn't have the strength without causing the pain in her back to rear up.

Beryl is sitting in the corridor outside the courtroom. Adam emerges from the room and murmurs to her, "I've given evidence before, but against someone you love...?" Beryl sympathises that it couldn't have been easy. Adam cries that, of all the hundreds of cops on the force, why couldn't one of them have arrested her? He adds that the jury isn't sympathetic. Beryl says she'll do what she can. Adam, though, tells her, "You're her aunt. If the jury finds you kind and forgiving, they'll just be more jacked-off that Leigh stole your baby." With that, he goes to wait outside. A court officer suddenly emerges from the courtroom and calls, "Beryl Aileen Palmer." Beryl looks round at him and then heads into the court room.

Rod and Doris step outside the back door of the Campbell house and go and sit in the garden. Rod sighs and tells the housekeeper that they should see about getting her some professional help. Doris sighs that she doesn't need a psychiatrist. Rod, though, reminds her that it was a condition of her being released. He then tells her that he's really sorry that he wasn't aware of how strongly she cared about him. Doris insists, "I wouldn't have killed Beryl's baby. I wouldn't have. I only wanted a family of my own. And I saw you and Beryl so happy together..." Jess suddenly emerges from the house and offers Doris some coffee. Doris declines. Rod says he wouldn't mind one. Jess frowns at him and remarks that she thought he was going to meet Beryl at the court. Rod explains that he decided to hang around there and help Doris instead. Jess tells him sourly that he'd be more help if he just left her alone.

In the corridor outside the courtroom, Spider tells Adam to wait until Beryl gives the jury a mouthful. Charlie suddenly emerges from the courtroom and says she needs a breath of fresh air. Adam asks how it's going and she replies, "Quite well, I think." Beryl and David emerge from the courtroom, and Beryl says, "I did what I could..." Charlie comments that at least it's over now. Beryl, though, sighs, "No, it isn't - it's adjourned until tomorrow. Leigh'll have to be cross-examined then." Adam cries that that's ridiculous: the more they drag it on, the more it'll knock her about. He storms off.

Kelly and Andy are sitting on the couch at Fiona's when Fiona emerges from her bedroom, dressed in a bright and garish outfit, and smiles, "Ta da!" There's a knock on the door and she goes to answer it. She finds Samantha standing there and Fiona invites her in. Andy asks how Caroline is. Samantha, though, explains that she's still not back yet. Andy asks her if she's called the Hamiltons. Samantha replies that she's tried everybody: the Hamiltons are on their way to Brolga and there's still no answer from Dural.

The friends and witnesses in Leigh's trial are standing on the steps outside the court house when Leigh suddenly emerges, flanked by two officers. Adam calls to her, "Leigh..." She ignores him, though. Frannie suddenly steps towards her, holding Shane out to her. Leigh stops in her tracks and asks one of the officers if she can hold her son for a minute. The officer replies, "I'm sorry, Miss. Palmer--" Leigh pleads, "Please - just for a second." The officer looks at her colleague and then sighs, "Right you are. Quickly, though." Frannie continues to hold Shane, but Leigh takes his hands and murmurs, "I'm sorry, Shane. I'm sorry." She then says to Frannie sadly, "Take good care of him, mum - but don't bring him tomorrow; I couldn't stand it." Frannie nods, "OK - but we'll all be here. You won't be lonely. We love you, darling." With that, the officers lead Leigh off down the steps, towards a waiting car. One of the officers opens the rear door. As she goes to climb in, Leigh looks round and notices a large truck driving down the road. She suddenly breaks free from the officers and runs off into the middle of the road, straight towards the vehicle. David yells, "Leigh..." The truck driver doesn't stand a chance: he hits Leigh straight on, and she's thrown down onto the road.


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