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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

At Beryl's, David smashes his foot through the lounge room window and orders Doris to get away from Robert. Beryl runs round the house and heads in through the back door. She grabs her son, looking relieved.

The vicar opens the doors of the church and as Wayne and Mary emerge, Barbara throws rice over them.

The 'plane has gone down in the woods. It's apparently still fairly intact.

At Beryl's, David 'phones the police but finds it engaged. Beryl tells him to call Rod and get him to take Doris - who's sitting at the living room table - away. Doris insists that she wouldn't have gone through with it.

At the hospital in Sydney, Fiona cries at Irene that there's no way she could have cancer; she's just had a couple of twinges of back pain. Irene insists that there's no need to panic; they can operate and remove the kidney. Fiona, however, snaps that nobody is going to operate on her. Irene tells her that if they operate early and catch the cancer, she'll be laughing. Fiona, though, relates, "There was this friend of mine. The doctors told her she had cancer and she had three months to live unless they operated, so she told them to go ahead. Two weeks later, she was dead." She adds that she doesn't intend to take that risk - and she doesn't have what Irene says she has, so there's no point discussing it any further.

James is hanging out of the 'plane, unconscious. In the passenger seat, Alison comes round. She tries to rouse James and he comes-to. She suddenly notices that part of a tree has gashed his leg.

At the Morrell town house, Samantha opens the door and lets Andy and Kelly in. As she does so, she looks outside and comments that she thought her mother would be back from Dural by now. Kelly tells her that she and Andy are off to an open-air rock concert and thought Samantha might like to come with them. Samantha exclaims that that would be great! She goes to the 'phone to try the Hamiltons' again. At Dural, the 'phone rings, but there's no answer. Caroline is still trapped in the cupboard under the stairs. At the Morrell town house, Samantha hangs up and comments that her mum's probably out having a good time somewhere!

In the woods, Alison has manoeuvred James onto the ground. He's panting as she wraps a blanket over him. She tells him that she thinks he's cut an artery and that she's going to make a tourniquet for him. James, though, retorts that if it's an artery, that's the last thing to do. He tells her to get a fire going; the smoke will help the search party. Alison kneels over him, tears streaming down her eyes.

Beryl opens the door at her place to find Rod and Jess standing there. Beryl tells Jess that she doesn't think she should be there. Rod, though, explains that Jess was there when Beryl rang; he couldn't stop her. Beryl invites them in and introduces David. Doris is still sitting at the living room table. David tells Rod bluntly that Doris was going to smother Robert. Jess goes and sits with Doris as the housekeeper protests that she wouldn't have gone through with it; it was just a stupid impulse that lasted for a minute - there's no way in the world she would have harmed him. David suggests they let the police decide that. Rod asks curtly if they have to involve the police; he could make sure Doris gets professional help. David, though, snaps that this is his kid's life they're talking about. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Beryl goes to answer it, saying, "That'll be them now."

Wayne, Mary, Gordon and Barbara are walking along a corridor at the Brolga Hotel. Wayne and Mary stop outside their room and Gordon tells them that he and Barbara will catch up with them later. The two of them walk off. Wayne opens the door to his and Mary's room. Wayne then lifts Mary up and carries her over the threshold. Mary smiles, "Thankyou, kind sir!" When he's put her down in the room, Wayne then hands her a jewellery box. She opens it to find a pair of earrings inside. Mary comments, "Never had my ears pierced." Wayne smiles, "You're going to have to, now!" He sits down and takes off his shoes. Mary stands there, suddenly looking nervous, and Wayne asks what the matter is. Mary murmurs, "Nothing... it's just..." Wayne insists that there's no hurry.

In her room at the hospital, Fiona is dressed and is packing her things. As she does so, a look of anguish crosses her face and she puts her hand to her back. The door to the room suddenly opens and Irene and another doctor come in. Irene introduces him as Dr. Robertson. Fiona announces that she's going home; she can't see any reason to be in hospital. She goes to walk out. Irene, though, calls after her, "If you don't let us operate, you're going to die. If we do operate, you have a very good chance of survival. Now you add that one up yourself." Fiona asks Dr. Robertson if he's there to back up Irene's argument. Dr. Robertson just tells Fiona that he has the results of her tests; he thought he might sit down with her and-- Fiona interrupts and growls, "Convince me to let you chop me up?" She goes on, "Doctor, I don't agree with your diagnosis. Therefore, there's no need to even think about an operation." With that, she walks out. Robertson comments to Irene, "Denial's often the first stage."

Alison is running through the woods, a pile of bits of tree branches in her arms. She goes and bends down by James and asks him how he's feeling. He mutters that he's OK. Alison cries that he's still bleeding. James just tells her to get the fire started. Alison says she'll see if she can find some matches. She climbs into the wreckage of the 'plane and starts looking through a box in there. She eventually gives up in frustration, though. She returns to James and sobs that she can't find any matches. James just murmurs, "Water..." Alison looks around and says she'll see what she can find. Panting heavily, she stands up again.

Fiona walks into her apartment at the boarding house, followed by Irene. She growls at Irene that she could have got a cab; she didn't need a lift. Irene, though, retorts that she wasn't going to let her wallow in self-pity. She adds that she's not going to let Fiona sweep this under the carpet. Fiona snaps that she is perfectly alright; there's nothing wrong with her and she's never felt better in her life. She suddenly yells, "I just don't believe it. I mean, one minute all I've got is a pain in the back, and the next minute you're telling me I've got cancer..." She breaks down into tears and sobs, "It's just not fair..." Irene goes to comfort her, but Fiona pulls away.

A short time later, Fiona and Irene are sitting on Fiona's couch, and Irene asks, "Feel better for all that?" Fiona nods. Irene tells her that that's good: they can organise the operation. Fiona, though, insists that there's not going to be an operation. She adds sadly that she's not denying what she's got or how serious it is, but she's going to let nature take its course. Irene exclaims that she can't believe what she's hearing; she thought she'd got through to Fiona. Fiona tells her, "You have - as far as accepting the truth goes. But as to what I do about it... I've made my decision. There's not going to be an operation."

Alison runs back to James, carrying a metal tin filled with water. She tells him that she'll drip some onto his lips. She does so. She also wipes his brow and asks him if he feels better. He doesn't respond. She adds that they should see some search 'planes soon - or a rescue party. James murmurs, "They'd better hurry. They'll give up 'til morning, otherwise." Alison cries, "That's alright - we'll be here tomorrow." James, though, murmurs, "Not me. I won't last 'til then." Alison cries, "Yes, you will." James suddenly starts staring into space and he goes quiet. Alison checks his injury and sobs, "God..."

Andy pulls up his yellow van at the side of a road. He, Samantha and Kelly all climb out and Samantha asks if it's much of a walk to the concert. Andy replies that it's only a couple of blocks. Samantha suddenly notices three workmen - one of whom is topless - digging up the road nearby, and she lets out a wolfwhistle. Two of the guys look over at her. Kelly asks what's going on and Andy explains that Samantha has taken a fancy to a guy who's digging up the road! Samantha smiles, "They're gorgeous, Kelly - all muscle and good looks!" The smile on Samantha's face suddenly disappears, though, as she notices the bearded foreman standing with them. Andy asks what's wrong. Samantha mutters in shock, "It's Bill." Andy asks, "Bill who?" Samantha cries, "Ashley - the one behind Amanda's disappearance, remember? He vanished when he knew we were on to him." Andy asks which of the men he is. Samantha, though, tells Andy not to look; she doesn't want Ashley to know she's seen him. Andy snarls, "If he is who you say he is, he's got a hell of a lot to answer for. A good punch in the head might sort it--" He starts walking towards the guy, but Samantha snaps that she'll handle it. Andy suggests that they get the cops. Samantha, though, retorts that she wants to be sure, first. With that, she walks off. The foreman watches her.

Rod, Doris and Jess emerge from the police station in Melbourne, Rod commenting as they do so that it could have been worse. Jess, though, points out that Doris has been charged with attempted murder. Doris cries, "They want me to see a psychiatrist." Rod tells her that that's part of the bail conditions. They go to climb in Rod's car. As they do so, Jess hesitates and Rod asks her if she's alright. Jess retorts, "I heard what you said to the magistrate. I didn't realise you'd actually slept with Doris. No wonder she was in such a state when you told her she didn't mean anything to you." With that, she climbs into the car, angrily. Beryl - carrying Robert - and David come down the steps behind them and Rod tells Beryl that he's really sorry it all turned out like this. David tells Rod to make sure he keeps Doris away from Beryl and Robert. Rod tells Beryl that he'll give her a ring. With that, he goes and gets in his car. David tells Beryl that he'll take her home.

In Sydney, Kelly asks Andy what's happening. Andy tells her that Samantha is still talking to the guy; he's writing something down. Samantha snatches the piece of paper from the foreman and then walks back over to Andy and Kelly, saying brightly, "We'd better hurry if we're going to make that concert." Andy asks, "Was it him?" Samantha retorts, "No." Andy asks what he was writing down. Samantha smiles, "I gave him my telephone number." Andy asks incredulously, "Why?" Samantha replies, "Because I fancied him." Andy protests that he thought she liked the guy with his shirt off. Samantha, though, retorts that he was all brawn and no brains. As the three of them start walking along, they pass the foreman and Andy asks Samantha, "Are you sure it wasn't him?" Samantha insists, "Yes. For God's sake, how many times do I have to tell you?" She glances at the foreman, though, looking worried.


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