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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Sometime later, Fiona is sitting up in a hospital bed, complaining, "I don't know why they're keeping me in here. I'm fine; even the pain in my back has gone!" Irene is with her and tells her that that's because of what they've given her. Fiona mutters, "What's all this with the tests? I mean, the litres of blood they've taken out of me... you know, I feel that I am personally replenishing the blood bank!" Irene points out, "You did collapse, you know. That's not your everyday normal backache." Fiona asks, suddenly muted, "Did they ask when I can get out of here?" Irene replies, "Yeah: probably tomorrow morning. They just want to keep you in overnight for observation." She then then adds, "Just you behave yourself. I'll come back later, OK?" With that, she goes to walk out. As she does so, Fiona says, "Would you tell Kelly I'm sorry? I must have given her an awful fright." Irene laughs, "Alright! Now why don't you relax and enjoy being pampered?" Fiona snorts, "Huh! Tortured's more the point!" Irene heads out of the room. Kelly is sitting in the corridor, and Irene walks over to her and tells her, "I just want a word with the doctors and then we can go home, OK?" Kelly asks how Fiona is. Irene, suddenly frowning, replies, "She's getting on her high-horse about everything, but it could be a lot more serious than she thinks..."

That night, Mary is standing behind the bar at Dural, staring into space. Wayne joins her and asks what's wrong. Mary explains, "I've just been thinking: James won't be so hard on Gordon anymore, will he?" Wayne agrees, "Not now Duncan's off his back." Mary goes on sadly, "No need for us to marry now. You don't need my money." Wayne, though, smiles at her and assures her, "It was never just for the money. I've gone to a lot of trouble to push everything through so that we could be married in Brolga tomorrow. That hasn't changed as far as I'm concerned." Mary asks in surprise, "You really do want to marry me?!" Wayne tells her, "I'm very fond of you. And I think you're pretty keen on me! I reckon we could make a go of things." He continues, "I've been married before, Mary, but for all the wrong reasons. This time, it'll be for the right ones." Mary smiles at him and gives him a hug. Out in the hallway, Barbara is watering the plants by the cupboard under the stairs. The front door suddenly opens and James and Gordon come in. Barbara immediately asks, "Everything alright?" James smiles, "Free as a bird!" Gordon, though, warns him not to get too carried away: he's only out on bail. James tells Barbara, "Your husband's one hell of a bloke!" Wayne and Mary join them and Wayne says, "While everybody's in the mood for celebrating, Mary and I have got something to tell you. We were going to keep it secret, but I don't think we have to, now." Barbara, James and Gordon stare at him as he grins at Mary, happily.

The next morning, Rod is at Beryl's, and as Beryl shows him into the lounge room, he asks her if she enjoyed her evening last night. Beryl looks at him blankly, and he reminds her that she said she was going out. Beryl just mutters, "Oh. Yeah." Rod starts to say, "It seemed a pretty strange sort of--" Beryl, though, interrupts him and growls, "I was talking to Doris. You slept with her while you were going with me, didn't you?" Rod looks away, guiltily, and sighs, "Look, it was a stupid thing to do and I was drunk and it didn't mean anything..." Beryl snaps, "It did to Doris." Rod mutters, "Doris is just trying to cause trouble." Beryl, though, snaps, "She's in love with you." Rod stares at her in surprise and mouths, "What?" Beryl growls, "You have a lot of sorting out to do, Rod, before you have any hope of a future with me." She turns away. Rod looks at her and then walks out.

Back at the Campbell house, Doris comments to Rod glumly, "You've been talking to Beryl, haven't you?" Rod tells her, "Look, Doris, I'll give you one month's wages and I'd like you out of the house this afternoon." Doris looks at him in shock. He goes on, "I'm sorry about what happened; I was drunk." Doris snaps, "It's easy for you, isn't it. Apologising, then throw me out. Get rid of the embarrassment. But what if I tell Jess? I don't think she'd be too proud of her dad..." Rod sighs, "Come on, Doris. It would always be awkward between us; you must know that. And I'll help you out with money and all that until you find another job. And I don't think you should say anything to Jess - because I know you wouldn't want to hurt her." Doris admits reluctantly, "No, I wouldn't..."

Caroline is at Dural, and she sits down in the lounge room with James, telling him, "I'm so glad you're out." As Barbara and Gordon stand by the bar, James replies, "It's not over yet, by a long shot. They have to catch Duncan first." Caroline asks if the police think Duncan killed Ben Simmonds. Duncan replies that it's a pretty fair bet. He goes on, "I reckon he was ripping Ben off; pocketing the opals. In fact, I think he was ripping me off, too. Ben found out, tackled him about it, Duncan panicked and shot him." Caroline points out, "But you thought that you killed him when you were blasting." James explains that that's because Duncan dragged the body down into the mine. Gordon asks James if he wouldn't have noticed the bullet wound. James, though, tells him that it was too dark. He adds, "You can hide anything in those places." He then growls, "My God, when I get my hands on that mongrel..." Gordon, though, tells him to let the police take care of him. James looks at Caroline and says sincerely, "Thanks for all your effort to help me." Caroline smiles flirtatiously, "It would have been such a waste if you went to jail..." Barbara quickly clears her throat and asks Gordon if he can go and see if Wayne and Mary are ready to go. Caroline comments that it was quite a surprise announcement; Mary's not the type of girl she expected Wayne to marry. Barbara agrees, "No..." Caroline goes on, "Her inheritance wouldn't have anything to do with it...?" Gordon retorts, "They're very fond of each other. I'm sure Mary will be very good for him." Caroline quickly says, "Don't get me wrong - I hope they'll be very happy - but I can't help wondering how good Wayne will be for Mary." At that moment, Wayne and Mary come in with packed cases. Barbara tells them that they should be going. Caroline stands up and says she should be making tracks, too. James, though, asks quickly, "Do you have to? I'm at a loose end. Thought we might spend the day together." Caroline smiles, "Why not...?" The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Barbara answers it at the bar. STD pips sound and Charlie then comes on and says, "You'll never guess who!" Barbara groans, "Hello, Charlie!" Charlie asks her, "Are you keeping an eye on my place for me? I'd hate to come back and find the place full of squatters!" Barbara, though, tells her, "I'm sorry: I can't talk - Wayne and Mary are getting married this afternoon. I'll ring you in a day or two." A look of horror crosses Charlie's face and she mouths, "Wayne and Mary..." Barbara retorts, "Yes, I'm sorry. Must fly. Bye." With that, she hangs up. Charlie cries too late, "But they can't. They're some sort of brother and sister..."

A short time later, Charlie is in the lounge room with Alison and David. Alison, looking shocked, cries, "I have to stop them." David asks in surprise, "Why?" Alison pauses and then tells him, "Mary's my daughter and Gordon's her father." David glares at her and snaps, "You told me..." He breaks off and sighs angrily, "When am I going to learn to stop believing you? You've lied all your life. Now look what you've done to your own daughter. God only knows what's happened between her and Wayne. I told you once to pack your bags; I should have made you go there and then. Well, you can get out now." Turning to Charlie, he adds, "If you're going to defend her, Charlie, you can go with her. I'll cancel our partnership if I have to." Alison quickly says, "It's alright. I'll go." David snaps, "Make it fast," and he storms out. When he's gone, Charlie cries to Alison, "The partnership with David's important." Alison ignores this, though, instead asking, "What time's the wedding?" Charlie tells her, "This afternoon. I'm not sure." Alison looks at her watch and says, "If I leave straight away, I'll just make it in time."

Barbara and Gordon are packing cases into the back of Gordon's car outside Dural. As they do so, Barbara says quietly to Gordon, "Caroline could be right, you know. You know what Wayne's like: he could end up making Mary very unhappy." Gordon, though, responds, "They're very fond of each other; that's all that matters." Barbara cries, "She's like a child. She's certainly not the sort of wife Wayne's used to." With that, she goes and climbs in the car. Gordon wanders over to where Wayne is standing by the front door of the house and says, "Promise me that money has nothing to do with it." Wayne assures him, "It hasn't." Gordon acknowledges, "That's all I wanted to hear." With that, he and Wayne climb into the car and they drive off. A few seconds later, they turn out of the driveway and onto the main road, not noticing a car parked nearby. Sitting in the driver's seat of that car is Duncan...

David is working in the grounds at the country house when Charlie calls over from the house that lunch is ready. David, though, calls back that he's not hungry. Charlie walks over to him and tells him that Sarah has gone to a lot of trouble; he can't disappoint her. David, ignoring this, just sighs, "Why have I wasted so much of my life on Pat? She's not going to change." Charlie insists, "She does try. It's just that circumstances--" David, though, interrupts and mutters, "There's no excuses for the things she's done. None." Charlie agrees, "I love her dearly. But sometimes..." David suddenly notices a man walking towards them and he asks Charlie who it is. Charlie looks round and exclaims, "It's Tom! I never thought I'd see him again!" She walks over to him quickly and he asks if they can talk. Charlie nods, "Of course."

At the bar at Dural, James pours two glasses of champagne and, then walking over to the couch and handing one to Caroline, smiles, "That was a great lunch!" He sits down next to her and she giggles, "Do you think we should have opened another bottle of champagne?!" James assures her, "You bet ya. I'm still celebrating getting out of the nick!" There's suddenly a frantic knocking at the door and Caroline gets up and goes and answers it. Alison bursts in and demands, "I want to talk to Mary." She turns and heads into the lounge room and asks James, "Where's Mary?" James replies tipsily, "If you want to wish them luck, you're too late." Alison, looking shocked, cries, "The wedding isn't over?" James replies, "No, no, but you missed them. They went to Brolga hours ago. They're staying overnight, so you'll have to catch up with them later." As Alison stands there looking horrified, he adds, "It's not all that important, is it?"

A few moments later, Caroline is asking Alison suspiciously, "How could you possibly know that she's Gordon's daughter?" Alison retorts, "Patricia told me." Caroline asks her why she's denied it all along. Alison, though, mutters that she hasn't got time to explain now. She then asks, "How can I get to Brolga? How far away is it?" Caroline retorts, "Too far to get there in time." She then suggests that Alison could 'phone up the local police and they could sort it. James, though, chips in, "I'm not sure that's a good idea. Brolga's Mary's home town. Word's bound to spread. You'll embarrass the girl. I've got a better idea: I'll fly you. You should get there before they start tossing confetti." He stands up. Caroline warns him, "I don't think you're under .05." James, though, still slurring his words slightly, insists, "I'll be alright once we get out to the airfield. They don't have any Booze Buses up there." He tells Caroline to come on. Caroline, though, retorts, "The last thing I want to do is get cooped-up in a light 'plane. I'll tidy things up here and let myself out." James slurs, "I'm sorry about our date." With that, he and Alison head out. Caroline goes and closes the door behind them.

A short time later, James turns out of the driveway and onto the main road. Duncan sits in his car, watching...

Charlie and Tom are sitting in embarrassed silence in the lounge room at the country house. Charlie suddenly says, "Can you stay for lunch?" Tom, though, murmurs, "Charlotte... or maybe I ought to call you 'Charlie', now; suddenly you seem more like a Charlie." Charlie suggests, "You mean more like a fool." Tom, though, insists, "No, I don't mean that. I admit, I was a bit shocked in finding out that you'd been deceiving me. I know you're an intelligent woman." Charlie smiles, "Most people wouldn't agree with you." Tom, though, tells her, "I'm not most people." He goes on, "I've been thinking about you and my ex-wife." Charlie asks, "How much we're alike?" Tom replies, "In some ways, you are - she was always keen on living the life you obviously do. She became very discontented: the way we lived...; things we did...; me. You seem to like the same sort of things I do." Charlie tells him, "I have to be honest: I like cocktail parties. I enjoy fashion parades and I love keeping up with the latest gossip." Tom replies, "I realise that. Maybe we could meet each other halfway." He smiles at her and she assures him, "I'd be willing." Tom suggests, "Then let's give it a go. It mightn't work out, but I reckon it's worth a try." Charlie beams, "Let's give it a whirl!" With that, they start kissing passionately...

At the Campbell house, there are three packed bags standing in the hallway. As Rod and Spider look on, Doris tells Jess, "She's my only sister, love. I have to look after her." Jess cries, "I just wish it wasn't all the way to Western Australia." She adds, "You will be coming back, though, won't you?" Doris tells her, "I don't know how long she'll be sick - that's why I'm taking everything. I don't know whether I'll be able to come back." Jess sobs, "Oh, Doris... you'll write, won't you?" Doris assures her, "Of course I will." Jess then murmurs, "I won't come outside. Bye." She walks off as Doris says sadly, "Bye, Jess."

At Dural, Caroline is humming to herself as she wipes the champagne glasses dry behind the bar. She suddenly hears a noise outside the room and goes out to the hallway to investigate. She doesn't find anything, though. She returns to the lounge room and picks up her handbag. Heading back out to the hallway, to leave, she comes face-to-face with Duncan.

A few moments later, Caroline demands, "What do you think you're doing?" Duncan is holding a crowbar and he snaps, "I've got a fortune in opals hidden upstairs and I'm not going without them." Caroline says, "Don't you know the police are after you?" Duncan just grins wildly and retorts, "I thought the place was empty. Bad luck for you, isn't it?" Caroline stares at him, suddenly looking very nervous, and tells him, "I'm not going to stop you getting the opals." Duncan, though, retorts, "You'd call the cops as soon as I got upstairs." Caroline tells him to pull all the 'phones out. Duncan mutters, "You'd still get a message through the minute I left the house. They'd be onto me as quick as look at you." Caroline asks nervously, "What are you going to do?" Duncan looks round and his eyes alight on the door to the cupboard under the stairs. He points to it and smiles, "In there." He grabs her arm and pulls her towards the doorway. Caroline, looking fearful, protests, "No... oh, no, no, you can't." She manages to pull away and goes to run off, but Duncan quickly grabs her and snaps, "Get in there." Indicating the crowbar, he adds menacingly, "I'll use it..." He bundles Caroline into the small cupboard space as she cries, "No... please. No, Duncan. Duncan. Please let me out..." Duncan just closes the door, turns the lock and looks away, triumphantly.

At the airfield, James and Alison climb into James's light aircraft. As they start doing up their belts, Alison mutters at James, "Hurry up." James is studying the gauges and he tells her, "We're a bit low. We should fill up at the fuel bowser." Alison mutters in horror, "We're not going to have to wait to refuel?" James sighs, "Fine. It's not that far. Should be right." With that, he starts the engine. The propellor starts turning and the aircraft starts taxiing. A short time later, it takes off.

At the boarding house, Andy is sitting with Kelly in Fiona's flat. There's suddenly a knock at the door and he goes to answer it. Irene comes in and says she just thought she'd let them know that she's going back to the hospital to see Fiona. Andy asks in concern what's wrong. Irene tells him, "One of the doctors rang me from there." Andy asks what he said. Irene replies, "He just wanted to let me know how everything was going." Andy smiles, "Tell her she'll be right as rain." Irene smiles, "Yeah." With that, she heads back out. As she closes the door behind her, she looks worried.

Baby Robert is sitting in his playpen at Beryl's. Rod is fussing over him, saying to Beryl as he does so, "She was standing there with tears just running down her cheeks when I drove off." Beryl says she knows it seems cruel, but the situation couldn't go on like it was. Rod tells her, "It was my fault, Beryl." Beryl retorts, "I can't argue with that." Rod looks at Robert again and comments to Beryl, "I know I reacted pretty badly with this little bloke when I first came on the scene; now I've got to know him, though, he's a pretty good bloke!" Beryl smiles at him as he lifts Robert up and starts playing with him. He goes on, "If you do marry me, Beryl, I'd like to make him my son officially; adopt him." A look of surprise crosses Beryl's face and she comments, "There's a turnabout!" Rod tells her, "I know - but I mean, it, though." He then says, "I reckon I've apologised a hundred times. Can't you forgive me?" Beryl looks at him intently and smiles, "I guess a hundred times is enough!"

The bell is on the top of the church in Brolga ringing. The vicar is standing outside with a woman and Gordon. He indicates the woman and tells Gordon, "My wife, Mavis, will be playing the organ. " Barbara, Wayne and Mary - both wearing their wedding outfits - join them and the vicar asks, "Any particular selection you'd like?" Wayne suggests, "How about a Bruce Springsteen number?!" The vicar and his wife look at each other. Gordon suggests, "Whatever Mrs. Knowles chooses." The vicar smiles, "Fine, fine." He then adds, "You're a little early, but there's no one else to come, is there?" Barbara replies that there isn't, and so the vicar suggests, "We might as well begin." They all start to head off inside...

At Dural, Duncan walks downstairs, carrying a packed bag and the crowbar. Caroline is banging on the door of the cupboard under the stairs yelling, "Let me out. Please let me out. Duncan... Duncan..." Duncan goes and stands by the door and calls nastily, "Take it easy. Someone will be home sooner or later..." With that, he heads out of the house. In the cupboard, Caroline is sitting in the dark, banging on the door and crying, "Please... Please someone, let me out. Let me out, someone..." She bursts into tears.

In James's light 'plane, Alison asks James, "Didn't they give you any idea what time the wedding was?" James retorts, "Nope." Alison looks at her watch and comments that it could be over. James points out, "I doubt if the honeymoon would have had time to take place. That's the main worry, isn't it?" There's suddenly a clicking noise, and James looks at one of the gauges in front of him. He starts tapping it with his fingers. Alison looks at him and demands, "What's the matter?" James, looking slightly concerned, just tells her, "Oh, the damn thing's always sticking." Alison sits there and sighs heavily. She closes her eyes. James looks at the fuel gauge: it's on 'Empty'. He reaches down and pulls a lever across. He then looks at Alison, apparently relieved that she hasn't seen this...

Irene is standing in Fiona's room at the hospital in Sydney. She's telling Fiona, "Dr. Robertson's very good at his job. He really knows what he's doing." Fiona sighs, "Irene, look, you've been beating around the bush for the last quarter of an hour. Is there something you have to tell me?" Irene replies hesitantly, "There's, er, no easy way of saying this, Fiona." Fiona suggests, "Then just say it." Irene sighs and tells her, "You have cancer." Fiona stares at her in shock.

Beryl opens the front door at her house to find Doris standing there. Doris tells her, "I waited 'til Rod drove off. I have to talk to you." Beryl says she doesn't think they have anything to say. She suddenly hears Robert making a noise, and she asks Doris to wait a minute. She heads into the lounge room and tells Robert, "It's alright, darling, mummy's here." Doris follows her and asks curtly, "Are you going to marry Rod?" Beryl looks at her and retorts, "I don't know. I'm thinking about it." She adds, "I really am sorry, Doris, but I don't think it has anything more to do with you. Now, I hate to be rude, but I've got a lot to do today." She goes and walks back to the front door and Doris follows her, growling, "It's not fair. You've got your baby and you'll have Rod. I've got no one." Beryl insists, "I know how upset you must be about losing your job and I--" She's suddenly interrupted as Doris pushes her out through the front door and closes it behind her. A shocked Beryl starts banging on the door, yelling, "Open the door. What are you doing?" Inside, Doris heads back into the lounge room. She looks at baby Robert in his playpen and then goes and picks up a cushion from the couch. Outside, David suddenly appears behind Beryl and asks what's going on. Beryl cries, "It's Doris, Rod's housekeeper. She's locked me out and she's in there with the baby." Inside, Doris approaches Robert, holding the cushion in front of her. Beryl and David stare in through the window and Beryl cries in horror, "Oh my God..."

James's light aircraft is flying over a wooded area. The engine suddenly starts to make noises that suggest it's cutting out. Alison asks James, "Why's it doing that?" James tells her, "We're out of fuel." Alison asks, "Isn't there a reserve pack, or something?" James retorts, "I switched to that ten minutes ago. We're down to zero, lady." Alison demands, "Land somewhere." James, though, snaps, "Have you looked down there? Nothing but trees. The 'plane will be ripped to pieces." Alison insists, "There must be somewhere." James retorts tersely, "Don't worry - I'm looking." Alison, beginning to look panicky, cries, "What are we going to do?" As the noises the engine's making grow louder, James tells her, "Pray." The radio suddenly crackles. James picks it up and says into it, "Mayday. Mayday. Mayday. Foxtrot Whiskey Quebec. Foxtrot Whiskey Quebec." Alison looks at him in horror.

Wayne and Mary are standing in front of the vicar in the church at Brolga. Barbara and Gordon are standing behind them. The vicar asks, "Who gives this woman to this man?" Gordon says, "I do." He steps back. The vicar tells Wayne and Mary, "Then I now pronounce you man and wife." Turning to a smiling Wayne, he adds, "You may now kiss the bride." Wayne turns to Mary and they kiss gently.

In the 'plane, James is saying into the radio, "Foxtrot Whiskey Quebec. Foxtrot Whiskey Quebec. We'll attempt a forced landing twenty kilometres north-east of Brolga. Mayday. Mayday. Mayday." He puts the radio back in its holder. Turning to Alison, he then tells her, "Brace yourself, sweetheart. We're going to hit." Alison looks at him in horror. The 'plane dives towards the ground beneath a cloudless sky. A few seconds later, there's an almighty crash...


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