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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Alison corrects, "Alison." David muses, "I suppose you can call yourself whatever you like." Alison comments, "You knew the second we met." David nods. Alison moves towards him, but David quickly says, "No." Alison asks why not. She adds, "You still love me, don't you?" David retorts, "That's not the point. There's Sarah." Alison points out, "There's only Sarah because you thought she was me. You can't let her come between us." David snaps, "She's my responsibility." Alison asks curtly, "For how long? Your whole life? Look, I understand you don't want to hurt her, but once she's settled... stronger... you have to tell her the truth." She pauses before adding, "David, I love you. That hasn't changed; it never will." David stares at her but then murmurs, "I can't. I don't want to hurt Sarah." He then returns to his work, leaving Alison looking upset.

In the kitchen at Irene's, Mary asks Wayne, "What will Gordon and Barbara say?" Wayne replies, "A lot, probably, so we won't tell them for the time being." He then asks her if she'd mind if it wasn't a big wedding. Mary comments that she doesn't know anyone she can ask, anyway. Wayne suggests, "Then let's get it done quickly and quietly. I've got a mate in the registry office; it shouldn't take more than a few days to organise the paperwork. Once we're married, you can collect the inheritance and we can do something to help Barbara and dad." At that moment, Gordon comes in and tells Wayne that Fiona has had some bad news; he thinks they should go. Wayne asks what's happened. Gordon explains, "Kelly's mother didn't make it, I'm afraid." Wayne sympathises, "Poor kid." He adds that he and Mary will be out in a minute. Gordon leaves them and Wayne says to Mary, "Our secret, OK?" Mary nods, happily.

Sometime later, back at Dural, Gordon and Wayne wander into the lounge room and Gordon asks his son if anything's the matter, as he hardly said a word on the way back. Wayne sits down and assures him, "Nothing in particular." James comes into the room - putting his coat on as he does so - and growls, "You won't be having any more trouble with Duncan." Gordon asks if he's gone. James retorts, "No, but I laid it on the line. He's not going to give any more problems." Gordon says he's glad to hear it. James then announces that he's going out for a breath of fresh air, and he heads off. When he's gone, Wayne muses to his father, "Maybe that's it." Gordon stares at him and he goes on, "Duncan. I knew someone had something on James; I didn't know who. Must be him." Gordon, though, points out, "If he did, it doesn't appear to be the case any longer. James appears to have the upper hand." Wayne murmurs, "Yeah. For now..."

Irene is sitting with Fiona in Fiona's flat, looking at her watch. She sighs that she wonders if Kelly might have 'phoned the hospital herself. Fiona says she hopes not; she wants to break it to her gently. The two of them suddenly hear Andy's voice out in the corridor. He helps Kelly into Fiona's flat and then heads off to his own bedsit, opposite. Kelly calls, "Fiona?" Fiona smiles, "Yes, yes. And Irene." Kelly tells them enthusiastically, "We've been to the Botanical Gardens, feeding the ducks!" Fiona smiles nervously, "Yeah..." She then says more seriously, "Er... Kelly..." Kelly asks nervously what's wrong. Fiona says gently, "There's been some bad news, dear." Kelly, looking shocked, cries, "Mum...?" Irene tells her, "She, er... she didn't come out of the anaesthetic." Kelly mouths, "No... that can't be right. She said the operation wasn't dangerous. She said it was routine; it would make her well again. She can't be dead. She can't..." She suddenly bursts into tears. Andy comes in at that moment and starts asking if he can borrow a jog. Fiona, though, interrupts him and tells him that Kelly has had some bad news about her mum. Kelly sobs, "I'm alright. I knew there was a chance this would happen. Any surgery is dangerous. It won't do any good getting upset about it." Irene assures her that it's only natural to get upset. Kelly, though, insists through her tears, "I'm fine - really. I've got to make arrangements."

A cab pulls up in the driveway at Dural and Caroline and Samantha climb out. Caroline sighs, "Back to square one. So much for my hopes of finding the goods on Alison." Samantha points out that at least she knows the truth. Samantha pays the driver while Caroline heads up to the house. James is just emerging, and he tells her, "I've been trying to ring you. I wanted to say sorry if the meeting got a bit heated yesterday." Taking the file of papers out of her handbag, Caroline says, "I've been to Melbourne - to see Alison." James asks her curtly where she got the file. Caroline replies, "Wayne." She quickly adds, "Don't get angry: you should be grateful." James asks why. Caroline tells him, "It's full of all the wrong information: Alison Carr isn't Patricia. Patricia is currently living under the name of Sarah Hunt, and she's alive and well and living in Melbourne." A look of shock crosses James's face.

A short time later, James, Caroline and Samantha head into the lounge room, James commenting as they do so, "It doesn't make sense. If Alison isn't Patricia, how come she caved-in when I threatened her with it?" Caroline suggests that maybe she's got something else to hide and didn't want him to keep on digging. Samantha says she'll go and say 'hello' to Barbara and she leaves them. When she's gone, James says to Caroline, "Tell me about Sarah." Caroline, though, replies, "There's nothing more to tell: she's Patricia. End of story." She sits down and suggests, "Let's talk about the Hamiltons. I want to help them and I know you do, too - but somebody's stopping you." James sighs heavily and sits down next to her. He then explains, "It's Duncan. I killed a guy and he knows about it." A look of shock crosses Caroline's face as he insists, "It was an accident - but nobody's going to believe it." He goes on, "His name was Ben Simmonds. I won a worked-out opal mine off him in a game of poker - 'cept it wasn't as worked-out as he thought. First thing I did, I cracked a big vein. Ben got mad as hell." Caroline comments, "If he lost it fair and square..." James replies, "He did - 'cept he started saying I cheated. We got drunk and there was a big fight; the whole town was watching." Caroline asks, "That's how he died?" James replies, "No. It was the next day. I was blasting down at this mine and I let off this charge. Duncan suddenly came running up: he said Ben had gone down in the mine looking for me." Caroline remarks that she still doesn't see how it was his fault. James tells her, "I was a bit fragile from the night before; I wasn't as careful as I should've been. Like Duncan said: knowing how we were about each other, who was going to believe it was an accident? I had to hide the body; keep quiet about it. Duncan stuck around; he helped me. I made him my partner to show him my gratitude." Caroline comments, "Duncan did pretty well out of it, didn't he?" James nods. Caroline asks him if he and Duncan were friends before this happened. James, though, replies, "No - I hardly knew him. He was Ben's offsider." Caroline muses, "So, when Ben lost the mine, Duncan lost his job. Duncan would never have become your partner if Ben Simmonds hadn't conveniently got himself killed..." James, though, assures her that he already thought of that. He adds that he even wondered if Duncan knew that Ben had gone down in the mine and didn't tell him until he let off that charge - but he's got no way of knowing; not for sure - and he's sure as hell not going to risk a jail term letting the cops work it out. Caroline insists, "There must be some way of finding out what really happened." James, standing up, tells her, "Then maybe you can help." Caroline asks in surprise, "How?" James explains, "He's got two weaknesses: booze and good-looking women." He adds, "This worked for Alison; maybe it will work for you." Caroline asks if he's going to fall for the same trick twice. James, though, asks, "Why not? Just think what it's going to do for Barbara and Gordon..." Caroline stares at him and then sighs, "Alright. I'll try." James smiles, "Good girl. All you've got to do is get this guy talking--" He quickly breaks off as Duncan suddenly comes in and starts pouring himself a drink. Caroline looks at James 'innocently' and says, "Aren't you going to introduce us?" James does the introductions and Caroline smiles at Duncan, "Haven't seen you before..." She then turns to James and says, "Why don't you both come over tonight: have a drink and a chat?" James, looking surprised, asks, "What? Me and Duncan?" Duncan tells her, "Sounds a beaut idea to me." Caroline smiles, "Good..."

Sarah is sitting at the kitchen table at David's, cutting up some scones. Alison is standing watching her and Sarah asks her to pass the butter. She does so. She then comments to Sarah, "It's quite amazing: the surgery. I'd honestly never have recognised you." Sarah smiles, "It's incredible. I still can't believe he found me." Alison goes on, "What I find even more fascinating is... it's not just your face; your whole personality's changed." Looking surprise, Sarah asks, "How?" Alison tells her, "For a start, you wouldn't have gone to so much trouble making David afternoon tea." Sarah insists, "I just want to make him happy." Alison persists, "You probably don't remember, but in Rio you told me you and David had the most terrible fights. He seemed to love you all the more because of it; as though he admired your strength." Sarah, beginning to look upset, retorts, "He says he loves me the way I am now. That's all that matters. He's been so good to me." At that moment, the back door opens and David comes in. Sarah immediately stands up and goes and hugs him. David asks suspiciously what's wrong. Alison tells him, "Sarah and I were just saying how her personality's changed: she seems a lot sweeter; none of that old sharpness." She adds knowingly, "A change for the better, though, don't you think, David?" David retorts, "Yes, I do. I love her exactly the way she is." Alison glares at him.

At Dural, Wayne is standing behind the bar, pouring himself a mineral water. Mary comes in and tells him they have to talk. She hesitates and then says, "I love you - and I want us to get married." She goes on, however, "But I keep thinking: when I first came to Woombai, Gordon said he was sure he wasn't my father. What if he's wrong? I can't marry you if there's a chance I'm your half-sister. There's no way I can ever know for sure." Wayne, though, smiles, "Yes there is." He guides Mary over to the couch and, sitting down, tells her, "Patricia's back. She's in Melbourne with David Palmer." A broad smile crosses Mary's face and she says eagerly, "I have to see her." Wayne tells her, "I don't think you have to worry - Gordon's not your father - but let's fly down and talk to her. That way, we need only delay the wedding a couple of days." The smile on Mary's face suddenly disappears, and Wayne asks what the matter is. Mary explains, "It's all changed, hasn't it? For so long, I've wanted to find Patricia and for her to be my mother - but if she is, I can't marry you. I don't know what I want - except to know the truth..."

Outside, Duncan is swinging a golf club in the air, practising a stroke. James joins him and asks where the clubs came from. Duncan replies that they're Gordon's. James then tells him, "We're going to have to cancel tonight: I've got a bit of a gut ache." Duncan, though, retorts, "You cancel; nothing wrong with my gut." James points out, "You're going to look a bit silly going along without me: you and Caroline hardly know each other." Duncan, though, says, "I reckon we'll manage alright." James tells him, "She's only invited you over out of politeness. You're going to make a fool out of yourself." Duncan retorts, "I'll risk it." With that, James walks off, a nasty smile on his face...

At the Morrell town house, Caroline fills a jug with tapwater and then tips it into an empty gin bottle. Samantha joins her and remarks that she didn't know they were in the home-brewing business! Caroline explains that she has a guest coming over tonight and she'll need to keep a clear head. She then adds that she was wondering if Samantha was going out somewhere... Samantha raises her eyebrows and asks, "It's not James, is it?" Caroline retorts, "No." Samantha warns her, "One of these days, these games are going to get you into trouble, mother." Caroline, though, assures her, "I know what I'm doing, darling."

Andy and Kelly are walking along the corridor at the boarding house. Andy asks Kelly if she's sure there's nothing more he can do. Kelly just replies, "Thanks for driving me. I don't need anything else." Andy insists that she doesn't have to go through all this on her own. Kelly, though, retorts that she prefers it this way. Andy, taking her arm, starts to guide her towards his bedsit, saying, "Look, come and have a coffee. It might cheer you up." Kelly, though, snaps, "Don't pity me, Andy. I don't need it from you or anyone." Andy mutters, "Sorry - I just thought you might want a coffee. If you change your mind, it's a standing invitation. I'll see you around." With that, he heads into his bedsit, leaving Kelly standing in the corridor. She goes to put her key in Fiona's front door but misses the lock and drops the key onto her floor. Her handbag then drops off her arm and the items inside fall out. Kelly drops to her knees and starts trying to feel around on the carpet for the key, crying in frustration, "Come on... where is it?" After a few seconds, she buries her head in her hands and breaks down into tears.

A few moments later, Fiona and Irene are helping Kelly into Fiona's flat. Kelly is crying, "I couldn't find my keys..." Fiona puts her arms round her and tells her, "You just have a good cry: it's the best thing you can do." Kelly sobs, "So much for being independent." Fiona, though, tells her, "I don't want to hear any more about that; no one can be independent at a time like this." Kelly cries, "I never have been - not really. It was just a way of fooling myself; making myself pretend I wasn't totally useless..." Irene tells her, "You sure had us fooled." Kelly cries, "I kind of carried it off because I knew my mother was there if I ever really needed her. Now she's gone..." Fiona points out, "You've got us: Andy and Irene and myself. We'll give you all the help you need." Irene adds, "Frankly, though, love, I don't think you're going to need it. You really have made yourself very independent, and once the shock wears off, that'll all come back soon enough." Kelly, though, sobs, "You don't know what it's like." Fiona tells her, "It's only as much of a handicap as you let it be." Kelly, though, suddenly snaps, "You don't know what you're talking about. How would you like it? Being helpless; knowing it's a struggle to survive if people didn't pity you enough to feed you and clothe you and help you across the street...?" Fiona insists, "It's not like that, darling. You know it isn't." Kelly, though, cries, "Do I? How would you like it? How would you like to be blind?" Fiona soothes, "I wouldn't like it very much at all. And I'm sure I couldn't cope with it nearly as well as you have. But don't downgrade yourself from what you have. Bitterness won't bring your mum back - and it won't help you..."

It's nighttime, and Duncan has arrived at the Morrell town house. As Caroline lets him in, he tells her, "James says to say sorry; he's a bit crook." Caroline comments that it's nothing serious, she hopes. Duncan retorts that he doubts it. He then asks her if she's disappointed that she's got him instead of James. Caroline smiles and asks, "Why would I be disappointed?" Duncan replies, "He's pretty clever with the ladies; I'm more your rough-and-ready type." Caroline smiles, "I see." She then invites him to sit down, and she offers him a drink. Duncan, though, says, "I think I'll stay off the booze tonight." Caroline, suddenly looking worried, asks, "Why?" Duncan explains, "I get a bit frisky with a couple under the belt." Caroline smiles, "Oh, I think we could handle that!" She adds that she's generally a gin-and-tonic girl herself, but she bought some tequila specially. Duncan muses, "Well... if you put it that way..." Caroline tells him to make himself comfortable, and she heads off to the kitchen. Duncan sits down.

Later that evening, Duncan slams an empty tequila glass down on the coffee table and then skulls a glass of beer. He puts that down as well and slurs, "I told you you shouldn't have got me started!" Caroline, though, replies, "Who says you can't drink? You've only had three and you're only just beginning to sparkle!" She pours him another pair of drinks as he tells her, "I think it's time you tried another one." Caroline, though, insists, "One's enough for me... the G&T's already beginning to go to my head!" Changing the subject, she then comments, "It must be a fascinating life, mining opals in the outback." Duncan mutters that it's alright. Caroline comments, "I think it's exciting - out there in the wild, getting into all sorts of adventures." Duncan slurs, "I like the adventures down here better." He goes to grab the bottle of gin to pour Caroline another drink, but his hand doesn't grab it properly and it tips over onto the coffee table. Caroline yells out in annoyance and then tells him to stay there while she gets something to mop it up with. She heads off. Duncan picks up the bottle of 'gin' and, holding it in front of him, smiles and toasts, "Mud in your eye, James." He then takes a gulp of the drink. As he removes it from his mouth, he looks at it in surprise. He takes another gulp, to confirm his suspicions. A few seconds later, Caroline rejoins him and comments that she hopes he didn't get any all over his clothes. Duncan ignores this and slurs, "I'm surprised you can still stand up - with all this stuff in you." He takes another swig of the 'gin' and then bangs the bottle down on the table, angrily. Caroline smiles nervously, "Oh dear - my secret's out! You said you couldn't drink, but you should see me: one glass and I'm under the table - and there are a lot of other places I'd much rather be..." With that, she puts her arms round Duncan. He leans in to kiss her, but then suddenly puts his hand around her neck and snarls, "How stupid do you think I am? I've already fallen for this line once." He pushes her onto the couch, snapping, "And I'm not going to fall for it again." With that, he storms out.

At the country house, Sarah removes a saucepan of milk from the stove in the kitchen. Alison comes in and comments, "You really are out for the 'Homemaker of the Year' award, aren't you?" Sarah asks her angrily, "Do you have to be so sarcastic all the time." Alison tells her, "It's simply that I can't get over how out-of-character you are. It's as though you're a different person." Sarah mutters, "From what I've heard about the way I used to be, that might be a good thing." Alison tells her, "Not in David's eyes, I'm afraid: he was in love with the old Patricia. He's trying hard to get used to the new one, but we all know it's not working." She adds, "I hope you won't take it too badly when he ends up hating you." Sarah glares at her and snaps, "Do you have to keep on-and-on about it all the time? Things would be alright for us if you'd just leave us alone." Alison retorts, "I doubt it." She suddenly becomes aware of David appearing in the doorway to the hall, and she looks at him and storms off. Alone with David, Sarah starts to say curtly, "I'm sorry: if I'm not what you want--" David, though, takes her hands and insists, "You're exactly what I want. I promise." He then asks her to wait there a minute. He heads out to the hallway and into the lounge room, where Alison is standing, staring into space. She starts to snaps, "Just you tell me what I said wasn't--" David interrupts her, though, and growls, "Pack your bags and get out." Alison stares at him in shock and murmurs, "David..." David repeats, "You heard me: get out." Alison retorts, "You don't want me to do that: I couldn't stand it and neither could you." David snaps, "It's finished." Alison, though, retorts, "It'll never be finished." She then adds, "But I'll go and I'll never bother you again if you'll just look at me and tell me that's what you really want." David stands there and sighs heavily.


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