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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Chris Langman

Heather turns and heads back inside. Beryl follows her and cries that it's kidnapping. She adds, "Leigh's going to jail for exactly what you're doing." Heather sobs, "I'll fight it. I will. We adopted him; it was all legal." David, though, tells her gently, "You wouldn't stand a chance, Heather."

Barbara is vacuuming the lounge room at Dural when Duncan walks in, wearing just his swimming trunks, and says, "Hey, Barbie..." Barbara looks at him furiously as he asks her to turn the vacuum cleaner off. She does so, tersely, and then glares at him and snaps, "You could have at least dried yourself off before you came in." Duncan mutters, "Sorry." He goes on, "I was after a pump for the lilo." Barbara asks curtly, "What's wrong with your mouth?" Duncan snaps, "If you have a pump, I would like a pump. It ain't exactly a balloon, you know." Barbara mutters that she thinks there's one under the stairs. She heads out to the hallway. Duncan follows her, commenting as he does so, "It's a nice place you've got here. All the mod-cons... pool... I reckon I'm going to be real comfortable." At Barbara's request, he moves a pot plant out of the way and Barbara opens a door under the stairs. As she does so, Duncan muses, "I've always wanted to live like a king." Barbara reaches under the stairs and takes out a pump. She hands it Duncan and then asks him to put it back when he's finished, as she's spring cleaning. Duncan, though, tells her, "I wouldn't bother with that, if I were you. There's a party on tonight. Some of the blokes are coming down from Quilpie after three months on the field; I told them it's open-house." Barbara glares at him furiously and yells, "I don't know who you think you are, Mr. Phipps, but James does not own this house yet, and I'm not going to jump when you say, so you can forget any ideas you have about a party." Duncan just smiles, "If anyone calls, I'll be outside, conserving my energy." With that, he walks off, leaving Barbara looking furious.

In Melbourne, Jess is walking along the footpath outside the Campbell house. She heads through the gate and into the house and joins Doris in the kitchen. She asks the housekeeper how her day has been, and Doris murmurs, "So so." Jess, looking surprised, asks, "You're not still moping, are you? You've been like this ever since my big home-cooked meal. I thought you said it was a good night." Doris replies, "It was - until the morning after. Your father saying I should forget the whole thing because he was a bit drunk didn't exactly do wonders for my confidence." Jess insists, "He's probably just feeling guilty; it'll pass." Doris, though, asks, "You had experience in this sort of thing, have you?" Jess replies, "No, but I know dad - and I reckon if you play your cards right, everything will--" At that moment, Rod comes in and Jess quickly changes the subject and says, "Dad, I was just telling Doris: I thought I might cook another meal for you two on the weekend." Rod just murmurs, "If you want to..." Doris quickly asks Jess to go and pick some parsley for her, and Jess heads outside. When she's gone, Rod asks the housekeeper, "How much have you told her?" Doris retorts, "I could hardly tell her everything; she's got a pretty fair idea, though." Rod asks, "Does that worry you?" Doris admits, "A bit. Why?" Rod quickly says, "Nothing, nothing." He then goes on hesitantly, "I just thought that, maybe, if it was making you feel uncomfortable... maybe you'd sort of like to move on..." Doris stares at him and asks, "Are you giving me notice?" Rod quickly assures her, "No, nothing like that. I just mean you don't have to feel obligated." Doris retorts, "I don't. But I would like to say: as for the other night, it never happened, if that's the way you want it." Rod nods, "Fine." Doris stands there, looking disappointed.

Beryl is standing in her lounge room, holding Robert. David walks past in the hallway, carrying Heather's case. In the lounge room, Beryl tells Heather, "If you want to visit when Robert's settled..." Heather, though, says sadly, "No, I couldn't - not for a long time, anyway. I'll go back to Brisbane and... I don't know... life goes on, I suppose." Beryl tells her, "If you get too lonely, don't think twice about calling." A car horn suddenly sounds outside, and tears well-up in Heather's eyes as she sobs at Beryl, "Be good to him." She strokes Robert's arm one last time and then heads out. When she's gone, David turns to Beryl and asks sympathetically, "How are you, Curly?" Beryl murmurs, "Life's cruel, sometimes, David. I feel almost guilty about being happy." David tells her, "Don't be. You've got as much right to smile as anyone." He adds, "Sorry I didn't have my shoulder here when you...; it's been a rough couple of weeks for you." Beryl nods. She then tells David, "I hope all of your problems work out as well as mine did."

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon snaps, "Party?" Barbara retorts, "That what he said." Gordon asks, "Who the hell does he think he is?" Barbara snaps, "I'm not going to sit back and watch him--" At that moment, James walks in and asks what the problem is. Gordon explains curtly that, apparently, Duncan is going to throw a party. He adds, "I'm sorry, James: friend or no friend, the line has to be drawn somewhere." James asks impatiently, "What do you want me to do about it?" Gordon retorts, "Ask him to leave." James mutters, "I can't do that." Gordon continues, "We don't want him here. You invited him, you get rid of him." James retorts, "He's a mate." Gordon mutters, "Alright - if you won't, I will." He goes to walk out of the room, but James quickly says, "Gordon, wait. If I push Duncan, he'll make things very awkward." Gordon asks how, but James retorts that he just will; he doesn't want to go into it. Gordon snaps that he's not standing for any more excuses. James quickly says, "Will you just cool it? When he comes in, I'll talk to him." Gordon growls, "We don't want him here. This is still our house, remember?" James insists, "I understand how you feel. Just let me talk to him first, alright?" Gordon nods and James walks off to the kitchen. When he's gone, Barbara comments to her husband, "You're learning how to handle him..." Changing the subject, she then tells Gordon that Irene has invited them to her place for afternoon tea. Gordon, though, just muses, "James isn't his usual carefree self, is he? I don't know where this Duncan character fits in, but obviously something's going on..."

Sarah is sitting outside by the kitchen door at the country house, looking at Alison's photos of her wedding to David - there's one of David, Patricia, Irene and Barbara. David suddenly comes around the corner and sits down next to her, asking her what she's got there. Sarah explains that Alison found them: she's been trying to remember. David comments that that was nice of Alison. Sarah goes on, "She said it was me with some friends, but I can't recognise any of them." David tells her not to let it get her down. He stands up and the two of them head inside. Alison is making some tea in the kitchen. David immediately indicates the photos and snaps, "What do you think you're playing at, showing Sarah these? Don't tell me you didn't think it would upset her." Alison retorts, "She asked for them; it was her idea. She thought they might help. Sorry if I did the wrong thing." David mutters, "Well I just thought..." Alison asks bluntly, "What? That I was trying to get to her?" David mutters, "Alright, my mistake." Alison comments, "It's a pity they didn't help." Sarah, sitting down, sighs, "I don't know what can, now. I've been through the house... I've walked around outside... nothing seems familiar at all." Alison tells her, "I think it's a very delicate situation for all of us: we have to patient and we have to be careful. It'll all work out in the end." She glances at David. Sarah murmurs, "I hope so. Probably when I least expect it, something will ring a bell." David assures her, "Yeah. It'll be tough, but there's nothing else we can do." Sarah says to Alison, "Thanks for trying, anyway." She then tells David, "I'm sorry to cause a fuss; I didn't mean to. I know we must have been happy here; we still will be, won't we? You and me?" She stands up and puts her arms around David. Alison looks away in disappointment.

Duncan is standing in the hallway at Dural, putting the pot plant back in front of the door under the stairs. Gordon joins him and asks him if James has spoken to him yet. Duncan replies, "No, what about?" Gordon retorts, "Let him tell you." With that, he heads into the lounge room, where he asks Barbara if she's ready. Barbara replies that she is, and she adds that Mary and Wayne - who are also standing there - are coming too. The four of them head for the front door, Barbara saying curtly to Duncan, "Goodbye, Mr. Phipps," as they do so. Gordon lingers momentarily and turns to James - who's sitting on the couch - and says, "You will have that word with your friend, won't you?" He then goes. Duncan joins James and asks suspiciously if there's something going on that he ought to know about. He adds that, if they're cheesed-off about the party... James retorts that they're not exactly tickled to death about it. Duncan goes to the bar and pours himself a scotch, going on as he does so, "I've got to hand it to you, mate: you sure picked your brother well. I'm going to enjoy living here: every creature comfort known to man." James stands up and walks over to him. He stands there, staring at Duncan before saying curtly, "Don't push your luck, pal." Duncan snaps, "Listen, mate: remember who you're talking to. I can get you thrown into the cooler if you're not nice to me." James suddenly lashes out and lands a heavy punch on Duncan's jaw. He drops to the ground.

A few moments later, James is sitting at the bar, pouring himself a scotch, as Duncan climbs up off the floor. He snarls at James that that was a big mistake; it's going to cost him. James, though, growls, "You ask for one more cent, I'll break your head. You'll be joining old-man Simmonds up in that great club in the sky." Duncan mutters, "You haven't got it in you." James points out, "Ben's there, isn't he?" Duncan retorts, "That was an accident." James, though, reminds him, "I'd still take the rap for it, wouldn't I - otherwise you wouldn't be here." He goes on, "As far as I'm concerned, you've got two choices, sport: either you stop acting like a smart-aleck - in which case you get what you want - or you keep rocking the boat and you live dangerously. The decision's yours." Duncan stares at him.

Rod and Jess step through the front gate outside the Campbell house and start walking along the footpath. Rod asks his daughter what she's got on this afternoon, and she replies that it's just maths. They head over to Rod's car and Jess thanks her father for giving her a lift. Rod explains that, actually, he's going around to see Beryl. Looking annoyed, Jess snaps, "What for?" Rod explains, "To apologise. It was silly, really, asking her to give up her baby. I don't blame her for getting a bit stroppy." Jess asks him how Doris will feel. Rod retorts, "I really don't see how it's got anything to do with Doris." Jess asks, "What about the other night?" Rod sighs heavily and tells her, "I was a bit drunk and Doris was a bit drunk. It didn't mean a thing, OK?" Jess points out that Doris mightn't feel that way. Rod, though, mutters, "Jessie, how about letting me lead my life the way I'd like to? It's not asking too much, is it?" Jess mutters, "Alright." She then adds, "I think I might walk to school, but." With that, she starts heading back along the footpath. Rod calls, "Jessie..." Jess, though, calls back, "I wouldn't want to keep you from seeing Beryl." Rod stands there, looking frustrated.

A while later, Rod is at Beryl's, and as the two of them head into the lounge room he comments to Beryl that he didn't know if she'd let him in or not. Beryl retorts that she's not one for closing doors in people's faces. She then asks him if he's on the way to a job. Rod, though, explains that it's a special trip: he just wanted to say that he could have kicked himself for what he said before; he's sorry. Beryl asks suspiciously, "Are you expecting instant forgiveness?" Rod, though, quickly assures her, "Definitely not. It was crazy. I'm sorry." Beryl snaps, "It was more than crazy; it was downright cruel." Rod sighs, "Alright, it was cruel too." He goes on, "I don't hate the kid, Beryl. It's just that I could see what was happening: as soon as Robert came on the scene, we didn't have a relationship. Suddenly, he was everything and I didn't exist." Looking shocked, Beryl snaps, "I see. So now it's my fault, is it?" Rod quickly says, "No, I don't mean that, Beryl. Look, I suppose I was jealous, OK?." Beryl sighs, "Thankyou. At least you're being honest. But it's still difficult to ignore the fact that you--" Rod interrupts and insists, "Yeah, but it was never serious, Beryl. It was just one of those things you say. It was stupid and cruel and all of that - but it was just a heat of the moment thing, that's all." Beryl stares at him.

Gordon is sitting in Irene's flat at the boarding house. Irene, Fiona, Wayne, Barbara and Mary are all sitting or standing around, and Gordon is telling Fiona that he will repay her and Irene for the investment they lost on Woombai. Irene, though, points out that they took a perfectly straightforward business gamble which, through nobody's fault, backfired; he's under no obligation to reach into his hip pocket. Fiona adds that he's not to worry about them; they're good losers. Changing the subject, Barbara asks where Andy and Kelly are. Fiona explains that she's just missed them: Andy is doing his best to keep Kelly occupied today. Irene chips in to explain that Kelly's mum is having her operation. Barbara asks, "No word?" Irene shakes her head. She then asks the Hamiltons, "How is everything up your way?" Wayne asks sarcastically, "Do you want a room at the Quilpie Hilton?" Irene muses, "Like that, is it?" Barbara retorts, "Oh yes. James has a mate there now: they're waltzing around as if they own the place." Gordon points out, "They soon will - or at least James will. And I'd say we'll get our marching orders the moment it becomes official." Fiona asks him what they'll do then. Gordon replies distantly, "I don't know, Fiona. I honestly don't know..."

Rod is sitting at the living room table at Beryl's. Beryl joins him and hands him a beer. She then sits down and asks how Jess is. Rod replies, "Fine, fine. Headstrong, as usual!" Beryl remarks that she must have exams coming up soon. Rod, though, replies that she's not doing anywhere near as much study as she should be. A bell suddenly rings in the kitchen and Beryl says she's got to take some biscuits out of the oven. She stands up and goes to head out there. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, though, and she asks Rod to get it. He heads out to the front door and opens it to find Spider standing there. Looking delighted, Spider steps inside and smiles, "Rod, my boy! I was just passing by, saw your car out-front... just hung around for a bit, then I thought: why not come in and see how things are going?" Rod, though, says quietly, "Do you have to, mate? For once in your life, couldn't you just sort of walk on by, eh? I'm trying to win her back, Spider, and I've had an awful lot of explaining to do and I'm still not out of the woods, so if you'd just turn yourself around, maybe..." Spider asks what got Beryl's goat in the first place. Rod sighs, "I'll tell you later, OK?" Spider, though, retorts, "Tell me now and I'll go peacefully." Rod sighs heavily and explains, "Beryl and Doris were having a bit of a yack and Doris let slip some comment that I'd made... something about wishing Robert would go away." Spider says knowingly, "Oh, just let it slip like 'that', eh?" Rod insists, "It was all a mistake." At that moment, Beryl emerges from the kitchen with a plate of biscuits, and Spider smiles, "Ah, Beryl, I just popped in." He looks at the biscuits and Beryl asks if he's going to stay around until they've cooled. Rod glares at him, though, and he quickly says, "No, I'd better not. I've got another appointment." With that, he heads off again. Beryl looks at Rod and says, "You told him to go, didn't you?" Rod takes the tray of biscuits from her and puts it down on the living room table. He then nods, "That's right: I did. I'm not here to have a social afternoon tea with my father-in-law. I want you and I to discuss and understand each other's point of view - and until we do that and we both feel comfortable, we sit here and we talk, right?"

Sarah is curled-up on the couch in the lounge room at David's. David comes in and tells her that he's going to make a quick 'phone call and then he's going to do a bit of work in the garden. He adds, "If you want anything, just yell." Sarah asks him who he's calling, and he replies, "Fiona. Fiona Thompson." Sarah asks, "Do I know her?" David nods, "Yeah." Sarah suggests, "Maybe if I talked to her--" David, though, quickly interrupts and says, "No, I don't... well, you knew her, but you weren't friends. You didn't get on all that well, really. If you're going to talk to people, they should be friends." Sarah suddenly says, "I am Patricia, aren't I?" David insists, "Of course." Sarah goes on, "I know a lot of people don't think I am." David asks, "Who?" Sarah replies, "Alison, for one - and I got the feeling from what Caroline was saying--" David interrupts her and tells her, "Caroline never met you. And Alison... well, she didn't know you very well." Sarah sighs, "I know - but what if I start remembering things and I'm someone else?" David sighs, "Will you quit that? You're you, alright? I knew Pat better than anyone. Even without your memory, you're just like the girl I knew when I was eighteen. The things that have come to the surface is the best side of you: gentle and caring. That's what I saw when I found you; that's why you're here. Quit worrying. I love you and I'm never going to leave you." He runs his fingers through her hair and she asks, "Promise?" David assures her, "I promise."

Andy emerges from a shop, carrying two ice-creams. He goes and climbs into his parked van and hands one to Kelly. She asks what flavour it is and Andy tells her to guess. Kelly licks some and then says distantly, "Hazelnut..." Looking disappointed, Andy asks, "You don't like it?" Kelly explains, "It was one of my father's favourites, hazelnut ice-cream. I remember things like that." Andy asks what her what her father was like. Kelly retorts, "He was a louse. Sent me blind. Ran out on us. I don't want to talk about him. If it wasn't for my mum, I don't know what I'd do." Andy comments, "She means a lot to you, doesn't she..." Kelly tells him, "I think the world of her. For a long time, she was my world... She taught me how to cope, I suppose." She then asks what the time is. Andy checks his watch and tells her, "Nearly quarter past three." Kelly comments, "It should be over." Andy points out that she won't be out of her anaesthetic for ages. Kelly, though, insists, "I'd still like to go - to sit beside her; hold her hand, if they'll let me." Andy nods, "Sure."

Mary is standing in the kitchen at Irene's, setting out some cups. Wayne joins her and laughs, "You don't have to make the tea over here, you know!" He then adds that Fiona said there was a tin of biscuits round there, somewhere. Mary points it out and Wayne goes and picks it up. As he does so, Mary remarks to him, "Your father's really feeling the strain, isn't he?" Wayne muses, "Who wouldn't be? He's about to lose everything." Mary sighs, "I wish there was something I could do. I sure owe him a lot." Wayne, suddenly looking thoughtful, says, "You've got your inheritance..." Mary reminds him, "I'm not married, am I? I can't touch it - unless I could get some sort of advance on it." Wayne is just standing there, staring into space. Mary prods, "Wayne..." He comes back to earth and says, "I doubt it. They're usually pretty watertight, these trust funds." Mary murmurs, "There's not much I can do, then, is there?" Wayne continues to stand there, looking thoughtful.

Out in the lounge area, Barbara and Gordon are sitting with Fiona, and Barbara asks her, "Is David sure it's Patricia?" Fiona replies that he says so; he was trying to convince her that she's a changed woman. Gordon mutters, "That'll be the day." Barbara adds, "I suppose she is, sort of." Fiona, though, says she doesn't think he's talking about her face. Gordon asks, "Does he realise that he's harbouring somebody wanted for murder?" Fiona, though, replies, "I don't think he cares anymore. He loves her and he wants to be with her - regardless of what the risks are." She adds, "The thing is, do we tell Mary?" Barbara comments, "I don't think we have the right to keep it from her." Gordon, though, points out, "She'll probably want to go down to Melbourne with the crazy idea of the woman being her mother." Barbara suggests that at least that would settle it once and for all. The front door suddenly opens and Irene comes in, looking worried. She asks Fiona if she knows where Andy and Kelly went. Fiona replies that they went for a drive. Looking at the expression on Irene's face, she asks what's wrong. Irene sighs heavily and tells her, "Mrs. Burns... she didn't make it. I called the hospital. She died half an hour ago."

In the kitchen, Mary is making some tea as Wayne watches her, intently. She remarks to him that he's gone quiet, and he explains that he was just thinking. Mary asks, "What about?" Wayne replies, "You!" Looking surprised, Mary asks, "Me? Am I interesting?" Wayne nods, "Mmm!" Mary smiles, "That's good. Wouldn't want to bore you!" Wayne assures her, "I doubt you'd ever do that. I like you." Mary tells him, "I like you, too." Wayne asks, "How much?" Mary asks him what he means. Wayne just grins at her, and she asks, "Are you trying to ask me out, or something?" In reply, Wayne asks, "What would you say if I said I was asking you to marry me?" Looking at the expression of surprise on Mary's face, he quickly adds, "I know it's a bit sudden, isn't it, but think about it: we're both fond of each other - very fond. OK, so we're not madly in love, but I reckon we could live together pretty happily." He adds, "Think of the benefits: if we do tie the knot, you get your money... we could help dad out..." Mary asks dubiously, "What if I'm Gordon and Patricia's daughter? We'd be half-brother and sister." Wayne, though, insists, "That's impossible." He tells her, "All you've got to decide is whether you want to live with me, knowing how we feel and knowing you could help Gordon; after all, that's what you want to do, isn't it?" Mary nods, "Yes, but..." Wayne asks, "Would you like some time to think about it?" Mary shakes her head. Wayne asks, "Are you turning me down?" Mary, though, tells him, "No, I don't want to think it over. I'll marry you!" Wayne smiles at her, happily.

David is gardening in the grounds at the country house. Alison steps outside the house and stands there, watching him. David suddenly becomes aware of her presence and he turns to face her. She says softly to him, "Hello, David." David looks at her and replies, "Hello, Pat."


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