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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Chris Langman

Alison smiles at Caroline, "Well, that puts paid to your little theory, doesn't it?" Caroline just mutters, "We'll see." Alison adds, "You must be tired. Don't let us keep you." Caroline, though, retorts, "We'll be back in the morning. I've heard so much about Patricia; I've got to meet her. Charlie opens the back door and lets Caroline and Samantha out. When they're out of earshot, Alison tells her, "It was very clever, saying David had Patricia with him - but Caroline won't be put off that easily." Charlie, though, replies, "I wasn't making it up, darling. That's exactly what David said: that the woman he married in Rio is Patricia - and she's with him. Looking shocked, Alison mutters, "It doesn't make sense. Who on earth would want to pass herself off as me?"

Beryl is fussing over Robert in the kitchen at her house as Heather stands and looks on, sadly. Beryl tells Robert that she'll give him a bath, and Heather quickly says, "He likes his water warmer than most babies." Beryl looks at her and she assures her, "I wasn't trying to interfere." Beryl sighs, "I know. I'm sorry - I guess I'm fairly touchy where Robert's concerned." Heather says,"I guess it's like we're both treading on eggshells." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Beryl goes to get it in the lounge room. Fiona comes on and Beryl asks her how she is. Fiona smiles, "Fine, fine - except for a few twinges in the back: old-age creeping on." Beryl laughs, "Get away with you!" She then asks how Kelly is, and Fiona replies that she thinks they've worked everything out. She adds, "What about you?" Beryl sighs, "Well... it's a bit hard with Heather still here. I know she's only trying to help, but I find myself getting so jealous." Fiona points out, "She won't be there for very much longer, and then you'll have little Robert all to yourself." Beryl smiles, "Yes, finally."

Barbara, Gordon, Wayne and Mary are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne asks his father passionately, "There's no point in even trying to fight it?" Gordon tells him, "The solicitor's been looking at all the details since I spoke to him yesterday and he says that all I'd end up with is the costs going against me. His advice is that I come to some sort of agreement with James out of court." Mary sighs that it doesn't seem fair. Barbara agrees, "It certainly doesn't, but that's the law." Wayne tells Mary, "You'll be right: you've got your inheritance coming." Mary, though, reminds him, "Not 'til I'm married; don't reckon that will be for a long time." They suddenly hear a noise at the front door, and Barbara stands up, growling, "That's James. I'm off." She heads off to the kitchen. Mary stands up as well and heads out to the hallway. James is just going upstairs and Mary snaps at him, "You should be real proud of yourself. I don't know how you can act like that towards your own brother." James just looks at her and she storms off.

The next morning, Caroline and Samantha are back at the country house, sitting in the lounge room with Alison, as Charlie pours coffee. Caroline looks at Alison and comments, "Your nerves don't appear to be all that good." Alison mutters, "Don't they?" Caroline muses, "Almost as nervous as I was in the lift." She adds, "Actually, I was quite worried about coming down here by 'plane - but it turned out better than I expected. Perhaps I should be thanking you? Maybe you've helped me overcome my claustrophobia?" Alison sits there and ignores her. Samantha breaks the silence by commenting, "I hope we haven't come too early." Caroline smiles, "Yes, I did want to be here when David and his new wife arrive. Can't wait to meet Patricia." Looking at Alison, she adds, "Can you?" Alison looks down at her coffee.

A cab pulls up in a street in Melbourne and David climbs out of the back seat. He walks round to the other side of the car and opens the back door. A woman climbs out: she has short, grey hair and bears a faint resemblance to Patricia. She asks him, "Why did you want the taxi to stop here?" David explains, "We used to come here a lot - right back when we were teenagers. And I thought it might jog some memories." They go and stand at the side of the road and look across a river. The woman looks around and David asks her, "Doesn't seeing your home town have some effect?" The woman admits, "No." She then looks at David and asks, "What if there's been some awful mistake? What if I'm not Patricia?" David, though, insists, "Of course you are." The woman reminds him, "You said yourself I'd changed. Not just my face; my personality." David asks her, "What do you reckon, after what you've been through? Anyway, I reckon it's been good for both of us: it's given you a chance to start again and be more like the girl I first knew." 'Patricia' asks, "Do you know how much I love you?" David smiles, "Yeah. Course I do." 'Patricia' asks, "If it turned out I wasn't Patricia, would you still love me then?" David, though, cries, "Will you stop it? You are Pat. It'll all come back to you in time. 'Patricia' murmurs, "I hope so." David puts his arm around her and they walk down to the river bank.

Alison joins Charlie in the kitchen at the country house, muttering that she feels nervous enough without Caroline being there. Charlie asks in concern, "What if David recognises you?" Alison admits, "He will, eventually." She adds sadly, "Charlie, I want to see him so badly. The crazy thing is: I'm scared stiff." Charlie looks out through the kitchen window and suddenly exclaims, "They're here!" Alison tells her nervously, "You talk to him; break the ice." With that, she heads back to the lounge room. David and 'Patricia' head towards the back door, David saying to his wife as they do so, "There'll probably only be Caroline and Leigh here. Charlie's your best friend." 'Patricia' comments that she feels so strange, meeting people who know more about her than she does herself. Charlie suddenly bursts out of the house and throws her arms around David, smiling, "It's wonderful to have you back!" She then looks at 'Patricia' and says a wary, "Hello." Turning back to David, she adds, "I thought you said you had Pat with you." David tells her, "I have. This is Pat. Didn't Fiona show you the photo? Charlie quickly says, "Of course... the woman in the photograph." David explains, "We call her 'Sarah', now." He puts his arm around Sarah, who tells Charlie, "I'm sorry I don't remember you. I don't remember much of anything these days." David explains, "She's been a bit crook." He then goes to head into the house, saying as he does so, "Where's Leigh? I thought she'd be here to welcome home her old man." Charlie says nervously, "She can't be here, unfortunately. I'll explain it later." Alison is standing out in the hallway, looking concerned, as Charlie goes on, "There is someone else here: a friend of mine." Alison walks into the kitchen and Charlie introduces, "Alison Carr." David stares at her intently, apparently taken aback, and she says, "Hello." Sarah, looking concerned, asks him what's wrong. David smiles nervously, "Nothing... Alison just reminded me of someone, that's all." He stares at her and murmurs, "It's nice to meet you..."

A short time later, David, Sarah, Charlie and Alison are standing in the lounge room with Caroline and Samantha, and Caroline and David are shaking hands as Caroline says, "We've only met briefly." She then turns to Sarah and comments to David, "This is your new wife?" David introduces Sarah and she and Caroline shake hands. Caroline, looking puzzled, muses, "Sarah... Charlie must have been confused: she seemed to think you were with Patricia." Looking annoyed, David mutters that that wasn't meant for general knowledge. Charlie cries that she's sorry: she was just so excited that it slipped out. Caroline, looking at Sarah, says, "This is Patricia?" David retorts, "I think it's best if you call her 'Sarah'. Pat's wanted by the police; I was only game enough to bring her back because she looks so different. The fewer people who know who she really is, the better." Charlie says to Sarah, "You've had a long trip. Would you like to freshen up?" Sarah nods, "Yes." Charlie tells her, "I'll show you the way." They go to leave the room, but Caroline quickly says, "Patricia lived here. She'd know where to go, wouldn't she?" David explains, "Sarah's having a few problems with her memory." Caroline murmurs, "Oh." She quickly adds, "She would know who Alison was, then? She's only just met her in Rio, a while back." Alison tells Sarah quickly, "We got to be very close friends." Sarah murmurs, "I've been trying so hard to remember. Sometimes I get little flashes, but nothing much before a couple of months ago." Alison smiles, "That's alright: we can start again, Patricia." David quickly corrects, "Sarah." Alison looks at him and murmurs, "Yes, of course. I'm sorry." Caroline stares at her.

Spider is at Beryl's, and as Heather lets him in, he asks how things are going. Heather replies that it's all sorting itself out - slowly. They head into the kitchen and Heather asks Beryl if they can find something for a peckish Spider. Beryl smiles that she'll cook some toast! Heather goes on that she's got some letters to write, and she leaves them to it. Spider sits down at the kitchen table and comments that he had a yarn to Rod last night. Beryl raises her eyebrows as Spider goes on, "He's real worried about the way things are going." Beryl mutters that she doesn't want to talk about him: he expected her to choose between him and Robert. Spider insists, "I don't think you'll find he meant that. Perhaps you misunderstood." Beryl, though, snaps, "Rod has done his dash, as far as I'm concerned. No one is coming between me and Robert now, so that's the end of it."

David is sitting with Caroline, Samantha and Alison in the lounge room at the country house, saying, "I had a hell of a time trying to find her. I had no idea what she looked like until one of Quinteros's servants gave me a photo. That's all I had to go on: a photo." Charlie comes back in and says, "I've put her in the spare room." David, though, growls, "She's my wife and she'll share my room." Alison mutters, "Let her shower and change in peace; she can switch rooms later." Caroline asks David, "Did she know who you were when you found her?" David, though, replies, "She didn't know anything. I'd never seen her like that before: so helpless - like a kid." Caroline asks, "Then how can you be sure it was her?" David retorts, "I'd know Pat anywhere - no matter what she looked like." Charlie says, "I don't understand why you married her again." David explains, "Make it easy to get papers for her." Caroline suggests, "It's still dangerous for you, isn't it, harbouring a wanted criminal?" David, though, retorts, "Pat never killed Luke Carlyle. Everyone that knows her knows that. She needs my help more than ever and that's exactly what she's going to get. I love Sarah." Alison sits there staring at him. Charlie quickly suggests to her that they get David some breakfast. Alison stands up. Caroline tells him that she and Samantha will leave and let him get some rest. David smiles that it was good of her to come and welcome him home. Caroline retorts, "That's alright. Glad to have met Patricia, anyway. Seems I had a few wrong ideas about her..." She glances at Alison. David tells her that he'll see her and Samantha to their car, and the three of them head out the front. Charlie and Alison head off to the kitchen, Charlie murmuring as they do so, "He knows who you are, doesn't he." Alison snaps, "How could he ever think that insipid little creature is me? Who is she? Why is she doing it?" Charlie suggests, "Perhaps she really doesn't know who she is?" Alison, though, retorts, "Rubbish. She's playing some game. What can the woman hope to gain?" Charlie points out, "It did get her out of some dreadful institution in Brazil." Alison sighs, "Yes, I suppose she kept it up because she realised David was a ticket to Australia." Changing the subject, she then asks Charlie, "Are you still meeting Tom this morning?" Charlie murmurs, "Oh yes, and it's going to be the most awful disaster. I let him think I was an expert on Australian paintings. I'll take the book and keep cramming until the last moment; hopefully, I won't make a complete idiot of myself. Alison assures her, "You'll be fine." She adds, "At least it'll give David and me time to talk - as long as Sarah keeps out of the way." Charlie says, "I get the feeling he really cares about her." Alison, though, retorts, "That won't last long - not now he's with me again..."

Beryl is talking on the 'phone to David, saying, "Charlie told me you arrived this morning. Er... has she explained everything about Leigh?" David replies, "Yeah - and Robert. Look, I'd like to come over: there's a few things I want to talk about." Beryl asks him if he shouldn't rest first, but David insists that he'll come over now. He hangs up. Alison joins him in the lounge room and starts to say, "David, I want--" She breaks off, though, as Sarah suddenly appears in the doorway behind her. She raises her eyebrows in annoyance. David tells his wife, "Sarah, look, I have to go out for a while, but I shouldn't be too long." Sarah asks him if she can come with him. David, though, tells her to stop there and get some shut-eye. He adds, "Alison and Charlie will look after you." Looking at Alison, he goes on, "Won't you, Alison?" Alison nods, "Of course." He then kisses Sarah and heads off. When he's out of earshot, Alison says sharply to Sarah, "How long do you think you can keep this up?" Sarah looks at her in surprise and asks blankly, "What?" Alison retorts, "Pretending to be Patricia." Sarah insists, "I'm not pretending. I just can't remember anything." She goes and sits down, continuing, "It was awful until David came... like living in a sort of fog; not sure of anything. I hope I am Patricia: it's important to David." Alison asks, "Do you love him?" Sarah replies, "More than anything." Charlie comes in and asks Sarah how she's feeling. She replies that she's much better. She suddenly looks at the necklace that Charlie is wearing and asks, "Isn't that the pendant I gave you before I left?" Charlie looks at her in shock and murmurs, "Yes... but how...?" She glances at Alison. Sarah smiles, "David said coming back would help me to remember. Things are starting to come back to me." Suddenly putting her hand to her head, she murmurs that she's a bit jetlagged; she thinks she will go and lie down. Charlie says nervously, "Good idea... I'm going out for a few hours, but Alison will be here." With that, Sarah leaves them. Charlie, looking at Alison and indicating the pendant, asks, "How did she know about this? Not even David knew. Only you and me." Alison, a smile crossing her face, just says, "I know who she is..."

A few moments later, Charlie is putting on her blonde wig as Alison holds a pocket mirror for her and explains, "The woman shared a room with me at the clinic. They found her in a back alley somewhere, with her face smashed. She had no identification and she couldn't remember who she was." Charlie asks, "Why didn't you recognise each other?" Alison replies, "Our faces were bandaged the whole time. I did her a disservice a while ago: she does have a memory problem." Charlie asks how she knows about the pendant. Alison explains, "We were both frightened and lonely and we talked. She tried desperately to remember who she was, but nothing came. So I talked about all sorts of things: about David and about our life here... and then you came to the clinic, wanting to see me. So after you left, I talked about you - I even mentioned the pendant; described it. Obviously, when she saw you wearing it, the memory of it filtered through." Charlie realises, "So she really doesn't know that she's not Patricia?" Alison replies, "No." Charlie sighs, "It's going to be an awful shock when David tells her the truth." Alison comments, "He doesn't know what to do. It's obviously why he went running off to see Beryl..."

Spider is standing in the kitchen at Beryl's and he tells Beryl that the kettle's nearly boiling. Robert suddenly starts crying and Beryl heads off to see to him in the lounge room. Before she can get there, though, Heather emerges from her bedroom, picks him up and coos, "What's the matter, love? What's wrong?" She suddenly becomes aware of Beryl staring at her. There's a knock at the front door and Beryl mutters, "That'll be David." She adds, "I'll just take Robert to see his dad." Heather hands him over, reluctantly. Beryl then goes to the front door and opens it. David smiles, "G'day, Beryl!" Beryl smiles warmly, "Hello, David. Say hello to your son!" David takes him from her and smiles, "G'day, cobber!"

Tom and Charlie are standing outside an art gallery, talking about the exhibition they've just seen. Charlie tells Tom, "You know, the distant view of Melbourne in the last panel was added at a later date." Tom smiles, "You're a fount of knowledge, Charlotte!" A woman suddenly walks past them and her handbag catches the bag that Charlie's holding. It drops to the ground, and her book Australian Painting slips out. Tom says he'll get it. Charlie, though, quickly bends down and insists nervously, "It's alright." She stuffs the book back into her bag and says, "We've just got time for a walk before I start work." She leads him away before he can say anything more.

Beryl - holding Robert - and David are sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's. Beryl is saying to David, "And you thought this other woman was Patricia until you saw Alison?" David murmurs, "I think I wanted to believe it. She's a good person, Beryl." Beryl mutters sarcastically, "Then I don't know how you possibly thought it was Patricia." David sighs, "The awful thing is I've convinced her that she is - or pretty well. How can I pull the rug from under her feet now? All these months, looking for Pat... thinking I've found her and looking forward to coming home and having a bit of peace and quiet together..." He adds, "I've got a problem, Beryl, and I haven't the faintest idea what to do about it." Beryl tells him, "I've got a problem, too, but I've worked out what to do with mine." She looks at Robert. David strokes his head, lovingly.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon is telling his brother, "I'd like to come to some agreement as to what you actually want, James, so I know where I stand." James insists, "I don't want to be unfair about this." Barbara calls over curtly to Gordon from the living room table, where she arranging some flowers, "Like that in writing?" Gordon tells James, "I was advised this morning that your solicitor is seeking a court injunction to have my bank accounts and assets frozen until the situation can be sorted out to your satisfaction." James sighs, "The whole thing has got out of hand." Gordon asks him what he means. Wayne chips in, "He means someone else is pulling the strings." James snaps at him to shut up. Gordon asks his son what he's talking about. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Barbara goes to get it. Wayne says to his father, "I don't know why he won't admit it." James growls, "Look, I told you: keep your mouth shut." Out in the hallway, Barbara opens the door. Duncan is standing on the step and Barbara asks, "Can I help you?" He walks in and says, "I'm Duncan Phipps, James's partner from Quilpie. I'd like to see him." Barbara retorts, "I'm afraid it's rather awkward at the moment. Could you come back later, please?" Duncan, though, snaps, "No, I can't. Just tell him I'm here." Barbara glares at him.

David is playing with Robert in his playpen at Beryl's. Beryl joins him and asks him if he can give Spider a lift home. David nods, "Sure." He goes to head out to his car, adding, "I'll come back." Spider says to Beryl conspiratorially, "I hope things work out." Beryl assures him, "They will." He goes. Beryl looks at Robert and then calls, "Heather." Heather emerges from her bedroom and Beryl tells her, "I'd like to talk to you." Heather smiles at Robert as Beryl goes on, "You must realise the situation is impossible. Robert's not going to learn that I'm his mother while you're still here, so I think it would be better if you left today." Heather looks at her in shock and mutters, "That's a bit sudden." Beryl tells her, "I know it's painful, Heather - it is for me, too - but we both can't be the boy's mother." Heather murmurs, "No." Beryl continues, "So I really think it would be for the best if you left." Heather nods sadly, "Alright." She then says quietly, "I felt a bit queasy on the 'plane on the way down. I'll need some air sickness tablets. Could you pop down to the chemist's for me while I pack and have a few minutes alone with Robert?" Beryl whispers, "Yes, of course." She adds, "I really am sorry, Heather, but it does seem to be the only way." With that, she picks up her handbag and heads out. Heather lifts Robert out of his playpen and carries him off to her bedroom.

Charlie and Tom are walking along, arm-in-arm, Charlie displaying her 'new-found' knowledge about art. Tom looks at her and comments, "You sound like a textbook." Charlie, suddenly looking alarmed, says quickly, "Yes... well, with my studies and everything..." Indicating her bag, Tom remarks, "I notice you've been doing a bit of brushing-up." Charlie murmurs, "The book. Yes, well..." She then stops walking and sighs, "Oh, Tom... it's silly to pretend. I crammed half the night to learn what I said today." Tom smiles, "I thought you had it down a bit pat! You sounded like a museum guide!" Charlie admits, "And that's not all. You know I told you about going to uni... it's not true." Tom asks in surprise, "Why did you think you had to lie to me?" Charlie explains, "I didn't want you to think I'm a fool." Tom insists, "I don't think you're a fool, Charlotte. I'm very flattered you went to all that trouble to impress me." Charlie, looking surprised, mouths, "Really?" Tom goes on, "I think basically you're an honest, down-to-earth person. That's what I like about you: not what you know about art or anything else..." With that, he leans in and kisses her. When Charlie pulls away after several seconds, she smiles, "I guess I am a fairly down-to-earth person..."

The lounge room doors are shut at Dural. Wayne is standing in the lounge room, leaning against them, listening, as Barbara tells Gordon, "He said his name is Duncan something-or-other and he's James's partner." Gordon looks at Wayne and tells him not to eavesdrop. Wayne mutters, "Just curious." Out in the hallway, James is growling at Duncan, "You said you were going to stay in Woombai." Duncan retorts, "I got the hankering for city life again. I thought I'd move down here for a while." James growls, "You can't." Duncan, though, insists nastily, "I think I can. Gordon and Barbara are going to do what you tell them and you're going to do what I tell you." James snarls, "The power is going to your head." Duncan, though, points out, "I'm also the only thing between you and a murder rap." James glares at him and then heads into the lounge room. He announces, "Duncan's going to be staying for a while." Wayne points out, "Perhaps it's not convenient." James, though, snaps, "It'll have to be."

Heather is standing in the hallway at Beryl's, wearing her coat and holding a grizzling Robert, telling him, "That's alright, darling. Mummy will soon have you out of here." She goes to pick up a packed case. Outside, David and Beryl are heading towards the front door, David commenting as they do so, "That Spider's a bit of a character, isn't he?!" He then adds, "I'll say a quick hello to Robert and then I'll get back to the farm." Beryl goes to put her key in the lock, but before she can do so, the door is opened from inside and Beryl and David are confronted with the sight of Heather standing there, about to leave with Robert. Beryl stares at her and demands, "What are you doing? You were going to take him, weren't you?" David says, "Come on, Heather, don't be silly." Heather, though, snaps, "He's more my baby than hers." Beryl growls, "Give him to me." Heather, though, cries, "No. I'm taking him with me - and you can't stop me. I'll fight it in court. I've had him for months; you only ever had him for a few minutes." Beryl, however, yells, "I gave birth to him. He's my child and you're not taking him anywhere."


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