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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

David sighs heavily and snaps, "I'm not going to stand round here and play games." Alison retorts, "It isn't, is it? You really don't want me to leave." David starts to snap, "I want you--" He breaks off, though, as Charlie comes waltzing in, smiling that she's had the most wonderful evening... She breaks off as she notices the expressions on their faces and she asks if she's interrupting something. Alison tells her, "David's about to throw me out." David retorts, "She's been upsetting Sarah; deliberately going out of her way--" Alison interrupts him and snaps, "I've been trying to make the woman face facts. You're being over-protective, that's all." David snaps that that's bull. Alison says to Charlie, "I'm your guest. You half-own the place." Charlie points out, "The business, darling, not the property." Alison insists, "Even so, that gives you a pretty fair say. Do you want me to leave?" David rants, "I am not going to put up with you continually upsetting my--" He breaks off, and Alison completes nastily, "Wife." Charlie tells David that she can't throw Alison out, and she asks if they can't come to some sort of arrangement. David snaps, "You do what you like." He then points at Alison, adding, "But you tell her, when she's around Sarah, to mind her own business and keep her trap shut." With that, he storms out.

The next morning, David is sitting on the couch, reading the newspaper, when Sarah wanders in. He comments that she tossed and turned a bit last night. Sarah admits that she found it difficult to sleep. She then asks if Alison is still there, and David replies that he's afraid so. Sarah sighs, "I sort of hoped you'd ask her to leave." David explains, "She's Charlie's friend and Charlie didn't want her to leave. It got a bit tricky. But don't worry: I've given her a warning." Sarah sighs, "All she has to do is look at me now I feel as though I'm doing something wrong. She makes me feel awkward." David tells her, "Don't let her get to you." Alison appears in the doorway as Sarah pleads, "Can't you get rid of her?" A smirk appears on Alison's face as David argues, "I can't, Sarah. I've just explained--" He breaks off as he spots Alison standing there. She says politely, "Excuse me. Have you finished with the paper?" David snaps, "No." Alison smiles, "I'm sorry. I'll look at it later." With that, she walks off again. When she's gone, David tells Sarah softly, "I'm sorry, love. She's getting under my skin, too. Just have to give her a wide berth whenever we can, eh?" He puts his arm round her, comfortingly.

Alison heads into the kitchen, where Charlie is frying some breakfast, and smiles, "It's working, Charlie: I just caught David and Sarah in the middle of a little domestic." Charlie mutters disapprovingly, "It didn't take you long to swing into action, did it?" Alison muses, "Idle hands are the devil's playground." She then thanks Charlie for her help last night. Charlie mutters that she doesn't feel very proud of herself. Alison, though, insists, "It's all in a good cause. David simply has to face it: I'm the woman he wants, not some mindless refugee from South America." The back door suddenly opens and Adam comes in. Charlie goes and hugs him and he asks if David's home. Alison replies that he's in the lounge room. Adam asks, "Has anyone told him about me and Leigh?" Charlie replies, "I did - last night." Adam asks what he said. Charlie assures him, "He thinks you're a nice young man. He's quite happy with the match." Adam muses, "If it ever gets off the ground..." At that moment, David comes in from the hallway and throws the paper down on the table in front of Alison. He and Adam exchange greetings and David asks Adam what brings him out there at the crack of dawn. Adam explains, "Leigh. She doesn't want to see me. I was wondering if... if you were going out there sometime, maybe you could talk to her for me." David nods, "I'll be seeing her this morning. Put a word in for you, eh?" Adam replies, "Thanks."

At Dural, James is finishing his breakfast at the living room table when Duncan wanders in. James asks him how his night was. Duncan mutters, "Wouldn't you like to know..." James muses, "Didn't score, huh?" Duncan retorts, "As a matter of fact, no. But I roughed her up a bit." James stares at him in shock and growls, "What for?" Duncan snarls, "You know damn well what for. Tummy ache better now, is it? I bet it is. I don't know what you and that bitch, Caroline, had planned - some fact-finding mission, probably." James sits there looking glum, but Duncan taunts, "Come on, mate, don't take it too bad. So you blew it. I won't tell anyone." He laughs nastily and then goes on, "Remember Benny Simmonds? Tough old geezer, wasn't he? He had that saying: 'If you don't stand still, you won't get hit'. I reckon he had a point." James mutters, "The point being?" Duncan retorts, "I'm sick of pussy-footing around. It's time you and me got things moving." James murmurs, "I warned you yesterday, pal." Duncan muses, "Yeah. Had me scared for a bit - but you and me have played too many hands of poker, and I know when you're bluffing. Now, I want you to get on to your solicitors and make sure Woombai is ours as soon as possible." James snaps, "Come off it." Duncan adds, "And this place, too. And get rid of those couple of freeloaders." James retorts, "They own the place, for God's sake." Duncan, though, just suggests tersely, "Then talk to your solicitors - because if things aren't well-and-truly moving by midday, the cops are going to get to hear about old Ben Simmonds. Got it?" James sits there, staring at him.

David is pacing in the visitors' room at Fairlea. The door to the room suddenly opens and a guard escorts Leigh in. She and David stand and look at each other, and they then hug, tightly.

James is standing at the door of the Morrell town house. Samantha has answered the door and James asks her where Caroline is. Samantha retorts that she's gone back to bed. She then asks him curtly what he's doing there. He retorts that he came to see how Caroline was. Samantha mutters, "She's fine. A bit shaken, but fine. Now if you don't mind..." She goes to close the door, but James snaps, "I want to see her." Samantha retorts, "I'll tell her you dropped around." At that moment, though, Caroline emerges from her room and tells Samantha that it's alright: she can let him in. James steps inside and asks Caroline if she's OK. She nods, and James says he's sorry: he shouldn't have asked her to do it. Samantha storms past them into the kitchen. James then asks Caroline where Duncan got her. Caroline replies, "On the side of the neck. It's not painful." She goes and sits down and asks how Duncan is. James retorts, "He's unreasonable, as ever. He wants Woombai as soon as it can be arranged. He wants Barbara and Gordon tossed out today. I should have clobbered the hell out of him." He goes and sits down next to Caroline as she points out, "It's not going to help." She then says, "Gordon and Barbara aren't going to leave, are they?" James admits, "Not if I simply ask them. If I don't find some way to get them out... I am going to jail."

David and Leigh are sitting opposite each other at the table in the visitors' room at Fairlea. Leigh tells her father, "I'm glad you found... what's her name?" David replies, "Sarah." He adds, "I just wish I would have found her earlier. I should have been here looking after you." Leigh muses, "It wouldn't have done any good. My problems go way back - as far as Richard, I guess." She then sighs and asks, "How often have I used that as an excuse?" David tells her, "I reckon you got a right to." Leigh, though, points out, "I still had a choice. I didn't have to start acting like a one-woman revenge machine!" She goes on, "I don't blame Sarah, either. Tell her that, will you?" David looks at her in surprise and asks, "What has she got to do with anything?" Leigh explains, "She was the one who told me that if I wanted money and power and the trimmings, I had to do whatever had to be done. That's why I stole the baby, really: thought there was something in it for me." David asks, "When did she tell you all this?" Leigh replies, "Before she left." She quickly adds, "But don't get angry with her." David, though, snaps, "Why not? Look where you've ended up because of her filling you with crazy ideas." Leigh insists, "No, you can't blame her. If I put a gun in your hand and you shoot someone, you can't turn around to the Judge and say 'Please, sir, I wouldn't have killed him if she hadn't given me the gun'. You're still the guy that pulled the trigger and you'd have to live with that decision - and so do I. You've given up so much to find Sarah. The love you two have must be very special. Don't throw it away." David sits there, looking thoughtful.

Wayne and Mary have arrived at the country house, and Charlie invites them in, adding that they weren't expecting them. Alison is sitting at the kitchen table and Wayne and Mary acknowledge her. Mary immediately says, "We heard Patricia was here." Charlie quickly corrects, "Sarah, darling." Mary goes on, "I had to come and see her. Is she around?" Alison replies that she's not feeling very well at the moment: it might be an idea to leave it for a while." At that moment, though, Sarah comes in and Mary stares at her. She asks nervously, "Patricia...?" Sarah looks at her and Mary goes on, "I'm Mary. I think... I was told I'm your daughter." Alison stares at her, looking worried.

At Fairlea, David is telling Leigh, "Frannie called this morning, just before I left. She sends her love and told me to tell you that Shane's going great. They're hoping to try and get down to see you soon." Leigh retorts, "Tell her not to bother." David points out, "She is your mother." Leigh, though, snaps, "I don't want to see her." David sighs, "I hear you don't want to see Adam, either. A bit rough, isn't it?" Leigh retorts, "I'm not going to see anyone after this. I had to meet you once, but that's all. Once I go inside..." David snaps, "Why are you turning your back on people who care?" Leigh cries, "I've hurt every one of you at some stage or another." David retorts, "That's no need to have to go and punish yourself any more than you have to, for God's sake - or us." Leigh insists, "You'll get over it. You've all got someone: you and Sarah... Frannie and Shane..." David asks, "What about Adam?" Leigh replies, "Charlie and Sally. Anyway, he's got to learn it's over." David points out, "That's not going to make it any easier for him." Leigh, though, retorts, "In the long run, I think it is." She goes on, "We can't just pick up the pieces in ten or fifteen years' time. I know I'm right." David sits and stares at her, sadly.

Barbara joins Gordon in the lounge room at Dural and offers him some lunch. He accepts. James comes in and Barbara offers him some lunch as well. He declines, though, and Barbara goes to walk off. James quickly asks her to wait a minute, as there's something he has to say. Barbara turns to look at him. He clears his throat and goes on, "I've just been to see my solicitor and I've been trying to think all day of a nice way of putting this, but, er..." Barbara mutters, "We're listening." James announces, "I want you to pack your bags and leave this afternoon." Gordon looks at him in shock as he continues, "I know it sounds harsh, but I think it's better for all concerned. I'm going to own this place soon and it's better a clean break now than letting it drag on for weeks." Barbara yells, "You've got a nerve, James, you really have. If you expect us to move out one second before--" James interrupts and snaps, "Alright, I never said it was going to be easy, but if you just stop and think about it--" Barbara interrupts and retorts, "We have been thinking, for the past two weeks, and we're not going to be pushed around by you, Duncan or any other outback hick you drag into this house." Gordon suddenly stands up says, "Please, both of you, let's just calm down." Turning to James, he adds, "I think it's time we knew what was going on." James stares at him in surprise and asks, "What do you mean?" Gordon tells him, "We're brothers, James. We should be able to share each other's problems. Wayne thinks that you're changing your mind all the time because someone is pressuring you - and he thinks it's Duncan. Frankly, that sounds like a pretty good guess to me. Is it true?"

Adam is working in the grounds at the country house when David wanders over to him. He asks how Leigh is, and David replies that she's trying to cut herself off from everyone. He adds, "You especially, I guess." He goes on, "I tried to convince her to see you, but she thinks she's doing the right thing. I doubt if she'll even see me again." Adam shoves his spade into the ground angrily and mutters, "I'm not going to give up on her. If she thinks I'm going to walk away from her, she couldn't be more wrong." David sighs, "It's a pity you didn't come along a couple of years ago, Adam. I don't think she would have been in the strife today if someone decent had..." He breaks off before concluding, "Still, it's not your fault. Leigh's problem is there's always been someone around to lead her astray."

Gordon and James are walking in the grounds at Dural, Gordon saying to his brother, "You can't let him dictate to you for the rest of your life. That's crazy." James murmurs, "It would be crazier still spending the next twenty years in jail." Gordon insists, "Ben's death was an accident. OK, you buried the body when you shouldn't've, but you admitted that. If you tell the police where the body is, all that will go in your favour." James, though, mutters, "Duncan is my only witness. He can make it as bad for me as he wants. He's already shown that he's prepared to do the dirty on me." Gordon retorts, "Duncan has you bluffed. He's not going to come out of it smelling like roses, either. You've got nothing to worry about with Duncan. I'll stand by you, James, not because you're my brother, but because I believe you're telling the truth - but you have to go to the police." James looks at him intently and sighs, "You haven't changed, have you? Not as long as I can remember. Big brother: always prepared to do the right thing." He sighs again, heavily, and goes on, "Well, this time, old boy, you're right. You reckon you can drive me down the police station?" Gordon nods and smiles, "I think I can manage that."

Wayne and Mary are sitting with Sarah, Charlie and Alison in the lounge room at David's. Wayne says earnestly to Sarah, "Look, are you sure you can't remember? It's very important Mary finds out who her parents are." Alison stands up and mutters, "I keep hearing that over and over. Why's it so important? Quite frankly, it's all starting to bore me." Wayne explains, "If Sarah - Patricia - is Mary's mother, Gordon could be her father." Alison laughs, "That's ridiculous!" Charlie chips in, "Of course it is. Gordon would know, surely?" Mary asks, "What if Patricia didn't tell him? Left it as long as she could and then went away somewhere?" Alison retorts that it's highly unlikely. Sarah, though, says, "I'd still like to know, one way or another." David comes in and Alison asks him, "How's Leigh?" David retorts, "I didn't think you'd be interested." A puzzled look crosses Alison's face. He then says, "Hi," to Sarah. She tells him that she thinks he's back just in time. Turning to the girl on her left, she says, "This is Mary Reynolds. There's something you might be able to help us with." Alison stands there, looking worried.

Gordon pulls up his car outside Dural and he and James climb out. Gordon comments to his brother, "You should be smiling. I thought the police were very reasonable." James mutters, "I suppose they were. Let's hope the Quilpie cops are going to feel the same after they've dug up the body." Gordon comforts, "I'm sure they will." James points out, "I'm still going to be in strife for not reporting everything in the first place." Gordon, though, suggests, "That's better than being under Duncan's thumb for the rest of your days, isn't it?" The two of them suddenly become aware of a car heading up the driveway and Gordon muses, "Judas Iscariot's second cousin." James warns him, "Hang on to your silver!" Gordon says, "I'll leave you to it." He then adds, "It might be best for the moment if he doesn't know that I'm aware of his blackmail attempts." James asks why not. Gordon explains, "It's just a feeling, but I don't think he's quite the innocent bystander he'd like you to believe. Let's play our cards close to our chest, eh, and see what happens?" With that, he heads off up to the house. James walks over to the car that Duncan is just climbing out of. Duncan mutters, "Given Gordon his marching orders, I hope." James retorts, "Nope." Duncan asks, "You did speak to your solicitor?" James, though, tells him, "Uh huh. I went to the cops instead. I told them everything about Ben." Duncan glares at him and snaps, "Are you out of your mind, or something? You're going to end up in the clink, mate." James, though, points out, "Not if I can prove it was an accident. Fingers crossed, huh?" He goes to head back to the house. However, he pauses and adds, "However much I can't stand the sight of you, you'd better hang about. The Queensland cops will probably want to have a chat with both of us after they've dug up poor old Ben..." With that, he walks off. Duncan immediately goes to the boot of his car, reaches into a bag stashed inside and takes out something wrapped in a cloth. He then runs over to a nearby clump of reeds by the stream under the bridge, removes a gun from the cloth, wipes it for prints and then throws it down into the middle of the reeds. He looks back at the house, a nasty smile on his face...

At David's, David is telling Sarah, "There's no way Mary could be your daughter." Sarah asks why not, and David points out, "Because I'd know." Alison adds, "Patricia would have told you." Mary comments, "You were very close...." David, glancing at Alison, mutters, "We were..." He then bends down by Sarah and adds, "We still are." Sarah tells Mary that she's sorry to disappoint her. Mary comments sadly that maybe she was never meant to know who her parents were. She goes on, "I don't know why I ever thought you were my mother. Still, at least now, I know Gordon's not my father." Wayne tells her that they'll have to hurry if they're going to make their flight. Charlie goes with them to show them out, and Sarah follows them. Left alone with Alison, David says, "I was right, wasn't I?" Alison asks, "About what?" David retorts, "Mary not being your daughter." Alison asks, "What do you think? Course she isn't. Still, thanks for convincing her she wasn't." David points out, "I had to. You couldn't - without blowing your cover." Changing the subject, Alison asks, "What did you mean before about me not caring for Leigh?" David retorts, "Just that." Alison insists, "You're wrong. I care about you and Leigh a lot. It must have been terrible seeing her in jail..." She places her hands on David's arm and shoulder, but he pushes them off and snaps, "Get away." He goes on angrily, "You would have to be the biggest hypocrite of all time, Pat--" Alison interrupts and corrects, "Alison." David continues curtly, "Leigh has a message: she doesn't blame you for the mess she's in; all that advice you gave her. Remember?" Alison looks down, guiltily. David mutters, "I thought you would." He goes on, "She mightn't blame you, but I do. Your face might have changed, but you haven't. You stay away from me, Alison. Sarah too. Because there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of you and I ever getting together." With that, he storms out, leaving Alison looking shocked.

It's nighttime, and a detective is pacing the lounge room floor at Dural as he tells James, "You were right, Mr. Hamilton: found Ben Simmonds exactly where you'd told us." Gordon chips in, "I hope, now, that you're satisfied that my brother was telling the truth about the whole thing." The detective, ignoring this, goes on at James, "You say Mr. Simmonds was caught in an explosion and died in a rockfall...?" James murmurs, "That's right." The detective bends over him and continues, "The police at Quilpie tell us that Mr. Simmonds had a bullet wound in the chest. They don't think he was caught in an explosion or died in a rockfall. They think he was murdered." James, looking taken aback, comments, "You don't think I shot him?" The detective asks, "Did you?" James retorts, "No." The detective tells him, "We'd like you to come down to the station for further questioning, Mr. Hamilton." James says, "Come on, you guys. This is crazy. I don't even have a gun." Duncan, who's standing by the bar, suddenly says, "That's not exactly true, is it? About the gun." Barbara asks James in surprise, "What is he talking about?" James mutters, "I haven't got the faintest idea." Duncan suggests, "Look, maybe I should talk to your solicitor. I don't want to damage your case any more than I have to." The detective insists, "You'll have to tell us all you know eventually, Mr. Phipps." Duncan sighs and says, "The gun's in the reeds near the bridge. I saw James throw it there this afternoon." James stands up and growls, "That's a damn lie." Duncan, though, insists, "It's there alright." Gordon chips in and says, "If James murdered Ben Simmonds - and I don't for one moment believe that he did - why on earth would he go to the police in the first place?" Duncan just shrugs, "Conscience?" James glares at Duncan and snarls, "I haven't got a clue what you're talking about. What gun?" The detective grabs his arm and says, "Come on, sir, let's go." James, still staring at Duncan, snaps at the detective, "If you want to know about a gun, you talk to him. I've already made a statement." The detective points out curtly, "Which doesn't fit the facts." He adds, "There are a few questions we'd like to ask you, too, Mr. Phipps." Duncan nods, "Yeah, sure." Turning to James, he adds, "Sorry, fella, it's a rotten mess." Gordon tells James, "I'll have a solicitor come down to the station." The detective, James and Duncan then all head out. Gordon walks over to the 'phone on the bar. Before he dials, though, he turns to Barbara and says guiltily, "I talked James into going to the police. I don't believe Duncan, but if his evidence sticks, I'll send my brother to jail for the next twenty years..."


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