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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Caroline tells Jenny that Wayne shouldn't be long; he's just getting dressed. She pauses and then goes on that she's sorry about Stephen: if she'd known how sick Jenny is, she'd never have tried to force him into resigning. Jenny mutters, "No, of course not. Not you." Caroline glares at her and growls, "You're determined to paint me black, aren't you? You couldn't wait to accuse me of causing trouble at your wedding and now you think I'm using Wayne." Jenny retorts, "You are." Caroline sighs, "I can't win. Nothing I say is going to change your mind, is it?"

There's a knock on the front door at Dural and Denise answers it. Andy is standing on the step and he asks if Colin is ready. Denise indicates the lounge room and mutters, "Ask him." Andy then asks her if she's changed her mind and decided to come. Denise, though, snaps that she wouldn't be seen dead with creeps like them. She adds that, if her brother's going, she's got a fair idea what sort of party it is; she doesn't think a real girl will be very welcome. Stephen joins them at that moment and says 'hello' to Andy. He then asks Denise if Jenny went upstairs, and Denise murmurs that she thinks so. Andy heads into the lounge room and sits down with Colin. He immediately comments, "She knows..." Colin explains that she put two and two together. Andy remarks that she doesn't seem too impressed. Colin retorts that that's her problem. He looks worried, though.

Caroline is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's. Jenny is standing in the middle of the floor when Wayne walks in, slowly, and mutters, "You wanted to see me?" He sits down as Jenny replies that she heard he wasn't well. Wayne growls that he thought doctors weren't supposed to blab about their patients. Jenny explains that Irene was very worried; she thought the family might be able to help. Wayne snaps at her that he doesn't want her saying anything. Jenny asks why not, and Wayne tells her, "Because the less they know, the better." Glaring at him in disbelief, Jenny snaps that he's being stupid; he's playing right into Caroline's hands, and if he's not careful he'll lose everything. Wayne asks how that's supposed to happen, and Jenny retorts that he's letting Caroline take control of his life and his company; she's no good and he should stay away from her. Caroline suddenly stands up and snaps, "Excuse me, but I do have better things to do than stand around here, listening to your drivel." She then tells Wayne that if he wants her, she'll be at the apartment. She storms off. When she's gone, Wayne growls at Jenny, "I wish people would mind their own business." Jenny sighs and tells him that she's having a party in a few days; if he'd like to come, he's more than welcome. Wayne snorts that it's pretty obvious they must be setting him up for something. Jenny, though, snaps at him not to judge everyone by his own standards. She then goes on that she simply thought he might like to see his father again; she's invited him - and Barbara too. She then reminds him, "It was your little scheme that started off all your problems." Wayne stares at her incredulously and then snarls, "I was being sacked from the company... accused of being a rapist... and you say it's all my fault?" Jenny retorts, "You were blackmailing Caroline; that's how it all began. And now you're both--" She breaks off and sighs, "It's all too bizarre for words. Why can't you just swallow your pride, say you're sorry and come to the party? I'm sure Gordon would love to see you." Wayne sighs and then cries wretchedly, "I didn't mean for it to go as far as it did. I was just sick of being played for a sucker. Fat lot of good it's done me..." Jenny suggests to him that he come back next door with her, adding that she's sure he'd be more comfortable in his own home - and Denise is worried about him. Wayne asks quickly, "What's she said?" Jenny, though, replies, "Nothing. She's just very concerned." Realising she's not getting anywhere, she changes the subject and asks Wayne if Caroline has cooked him any dinner. Wayne snaps, "Don't bother." Jenny, though, insists that it's no bother, and she heads off to the kitchen.

At Woombai, Mary walks into the kitchen with Officer Moore, smiling, "It certainly is a small world. Fancy you going to school in Brolga!" Officer Moore puts down his cup, thanks Mary for the cup of tea and adds that he'll be right outside if she needs him. He goes and closes the kitchen door behind him. Mary suddenly notices Barbara's barely-drunk cup of tea on the table, and, looking surprised, she picks it up and calls, "Barbara?" There's no answer. She picks up the cup and empties the cold tea down the sink. She calls again for Barbara and then for Gordon. She then walks over to the door that leads to the hallway. 'Mark' suddenly bursts through it, grabs her and, as she starts struggling and yelling, stuffs a blanket over her face.

In the attic, Gordon stirs, sits up and looks around. He suddenly spots 'Mark's' rifle and picks it up. He then stands up and starts making his way slowly down the ladder.

In the kitchen, 'Mark' is dragging Mary to the back door. Gordon suddenly appears in the doorway leading from the hall and, aiming the rifle at 'Mark', snaps, "Hold it right there." 'Mark', looking startled, starts reaching into his pocket. Gordon yells, "Constable... constable..." Officer Moore runs in and, pointing a pistol at 'Mark's' head, snaps, "Drop it... drop it... now." 'Mark' drops the gun he was reaching for. Moore then grabs his arm and handcuffs him. Gordon bends down to check on Mary and murmurs that she's still breathing, thank God. He then turns to 'Mark' and demands, "Where's Barbara?" 'Mark' retorts, "In your bedroom." Gordon threatens, "If you've so much as scratched her, I'll tear you apart." He then runs off to check on her. Officer Moore grabs 'Mark's' arm and snaps, "Come on."

Stephen is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, saying to Charlie that he knows she probably can't make it, but the invitation's there if she can. In the kitchen at the country house, Charlie agrees that things are chaotic at the moment, but you never know. Stephen says, "We'll see you if we see you." Charlie thanks him for thinking of her and the two of them hang up. Charlie then turns to Alison, who's sitting at the kitchen table, and asks her if she's thought of anything. Alison, though, sighs, "No..." Charlie offers her more coffee, but she declines. Alison continues to sit there, staring into space, but then suddenly says, "Wait a minute: he must have got a taxi." Charlie, looking bemused, asks, "Sorry?" Alison explains, "Jeff - to get to Luke's." She then smiles, "Charlie, that's it! All I've got to do now is find the driver!" Charlie points out that there must be hundreds of taxi drivers in Melbourne. Alison replies that she knows, but she can get a private detective to find him. Charlie suggests that she talk to Adam. Alison, though, retorts that there's no way; she learnt her lesson with Eddie: you find the proof first, then go to the police. She then announces that she has to go to Sydney to raise some money, and she asks Charlie if she could come with her. Looking dubious, Charlie replies, "Not really." Alison points out that Brett can look after the market garden and Beryl can look after Shane. Charlie asks, "What if Leigh comes back?" Alison, though, assures her, "She won't. She's fine. Just don't worry about her." Charlie asks her suspiciously how she can be sure. Alison pleads, "Charlie, please, don't ask any questions. It's better if you know nothing, then you won't have to lie to Adam." Charlie assures her that she won't say another word. Alison asks her if she'll come, then, and Charlie smiles, "If you want me to."

Denise is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, eating ice-cream and watching TV. Stephen comes in and asks her if she's sure Jenny said she was going up to lie down. Denise replies, "Pretty sure - why?" Stephen explains, "She's not there." Denise asks if she could have gone off again. Stephen, though, says he wouldn't have thought so. He then suggests that she did say she was worried about Wayne. Denise comments that she's probably gone over there. Stephen sighs that she's very silly if she has - she's not well enough to go running around worrying about other people's problems.

There's a plate of food on the coffee table in Charlie's lounge room. Wayne is staring at it, but he tells Jenny that the thought of food makes him queasy at the moment; he's sorry. Jenny murmurs that there's no point forcing it down. She then asks him about coming back next door with her, but Wayne shakes his head. Jenny insists that it's not good for him to be on his own so much. Wayne, though, points out that Caroline is there most of the time. Jenny sighs and tells him that she thinks that's half his problem. She suddenly grabs his arm and says, "Come with me now. Stephen can pick up your things later." Wayne doesn't resist, and Jenny leads him out to the front door. As she does so, he asks, "What about Caroline?" Jenny replies that she thinks some time away from her won't do him any harm at all; it'll give him time to get things into its proper perspective - and he may even decide that being in partnership's not such a good idea after all. Wayne nods, accepting this. Jenny opens the door and Wayne goes to head out. He suddenly pauses in the doorway and a look of panic crosses his face. He stares outside and then grabs the door and quickly pushes it shut. Jenny, looking surprised, cries, "What's the matter?" Wayne murmurs, "Can't go out there. I know it's crazy, but I can't." He runs back into the lounge room.

A few moments later, Jenny suggests to Wayne that he might be better lying down. He goes and lies on the couch. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Jenny goes to get it. Stephen is standing on the step, and he comments that he thought she might be there. Jenny explains that she came over to see Wayne. Stephen asks disinterestedly how he is: another one of his little games? Jenny insists, "It's serious." Stephen mutters, "It's always serious." Jenny pleads, "Come and look at him." Stephen, though, retorts, "I came to get you, not to give Wayne a medical." Jenny insists, "Please," and so Stephen sighs, "Alright, what's wrong?" Jenny leads him into the lounge room and explains that she tried to get Wayne to go out of the house and he just went to pieces. Stephen stares at Wayne lying on the couch.

Barbara and Mary are sitting at the kitchen table at Woombai as Gordon talks to the sergeant on the 'phone. He thanks him for letting them know and then hangs up. Joining Barbara and Mary, he announces, "Mark told them everything - including his real name." Turning to Mary, he goes on, "Apparently, he was your nan's nephew. He asked them for money, and when they refused, he killed them. Then he found out that he wasn't going to inherit anything and that it was all going to you." Barbara sighs that she's just glad it's all over. Mary, looking puzzled, asks how he got in. Gordon explains, "Apparently, when he was fixing the water tank, he loosened a piece of iron. Then, when he missed shooting you, he got in that way." Barbara murmurs that she goes cold even thinking about it. Gordon tells her, though, "Don't worry now - he's a guest of Her Majesty." Mary smiles at him, "I'm glad he didn't get the money. Now I can lend it to you to buy back Woombai." Gordon, though, explains hesitantly that, according to the sergeant, there won't be very much of it. Barbara asks, "What about the farm?" Gordon replies, "Not when the mortgages are paid out - and they had some very lean years." Mary murmurs sadly that she supposes she'll have to go, then. Barbara, though, insists that they'll be very happy to have her as a housekeeper - until they know what's happening. Gordon tells Mary, "Don't worry - we might keep the place yet. Depends if we get a good price for Dural. So don't worry too soon, eh?" Mary smiles "OK!" Barbara adds, "Besides, we have that big party tomorrow to think about. Give you a chance to meet some people of your own age. It'll do you good! And first thing tomorrow, we are going to buy you a new outfit. We are going to make those boys down there sit up and take notice!" A broad smile crosses Mary's face.



Barbara, Gordon and Mary have arrived at Dural, and Barbara is giving Jenny a big hug in the hallway and asking her how she's feeling. Jenny replies that she's not too bad, all things considered. She turns to acknowledge Mary, and Gordon introduces everyone. Jenny comments to Mary that they heard what happened, and she adds that it must have been awful. Mary agrees that it was, a bit. Everyone heads into the lounge room and Stephen asks Gordon how Alan Pascoe is. Gordon replies that he comes out of hospital tomorrow; he should be back at work in a day or two. Barbara asks Jenny how the house has been: is the air-conditioning still playing up? Jenny, though, tells her that the man came and fixed it. Barbara laughs, "Amazing - you must have more clout than I have!" She then asks how the organisation for the party is coming on, and Jenny replies that it's great: Charlie's the only doubtful starter. Barbara muses that it's not like her to miss out on something. Gordon chips in, "She wouldn't know it's the last party we'll be throwing here." Changing the subject, Barbara suggests to him that he goes and get the bags out of the car. Gordon smiles, "You can tell who's back in town!" He then asks Jenny and Stephen if they've heard any more about Wayne. Stephen and Jenny look at each other.

Wayne is sitting on one of the couch's in Charlie's lounge room, staring into space. Caroline is sitting on the other couch. She puts down some papers, stares at him and then sighs, "Don't just sit there. Say something." Wayne asks, "What?" and Caroline points out that he's supposed to be helping her come up with a few ideas. Wayne shakes his head and murmurs, "I can't think of anything." Caroline tells him tersely, "We can't afford to let the company be dissolved, Wayne. We haven't got enough money to buy out the other shareholders and unless you start pulling your weight, we won't be able to form a new company. We'd be bankrupt before the first profits came in." Wayne, still staring into space, murmurs, "Do you know what I wish? I wish I had never got mixed up with you. All you think about is profits and wheeling and dealing..." Caroline stares at him and growls, "Look who's talking: business usually is about making money." She then adds, "Anyway, we've got in too deep now. We can't just walk away." The front door suddenly bangs and Caroline asks, "Who's that?" They hear Charlie's voice out in the hallway, and Wayne groans, "Oh no..." Charlie and Alison walk into the lounge room and Charlie smiles, "Hello, Caroline, Wayne... I didn't expect to see you still here." Alison comments that it looks like Wayne's been running open house. Wayne murmurs, "I've been sick. Caroline's been looking after me." Alison smiles, "I'll bet she has." Caroline glares at her and retorts, "I was - although frankly I'm a bit tired of babysitting. You're welcome to him." She stands up and turns to go, but Alison quickly says, "Don't rush - I want to discuss our business arrangement." Caroline laughs, "Humour me, why don't you?" Alison points out that she holds the balance of power in the company; Caroline shouldn't forget that. Caroline, though, retorts, "It's not my company. In fact, it won't be anyone's, soon. Gordon's about to dissolve it." A look of shock crosses Alison's face.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon asks if they know what's wrong with Wayne. Stephen tells him that Irene thinks it's agoraphobia. Jenny chips in, "She's been looking after him, but he doesn't seem to be getting any better. I went over to try to get him to come over here. I got him as far as the front door and he just went to pieces." Stephen adds that Irene says that if it gets any worse, he'll need psychiatric treatment. Jenny pleads, "Go and see him, Gordon." Gordon, though, retorts, "No, I can't come running back here every time he gets depressed and maudlin." Barbara looks at him and says, "I think you should." Gordon looks at her in surprise and she goes on, "Normally, I'd agree with you, but since Simon left, I've just realised how important it is to keep in touch with your children, no matter what." Gordon sits there, looking thoughtful, as Barbara pleads, "Please try. I know how much he's hurt you, but you still love him - and if anything serious happens to him, you'll never forgive yourself."

Wayne and Alison are alone in the lounge room at Charlie's. Alison snaps at Wayne that, frankly, she thinks his handling of the whole situation stinks. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Charlie emerges from her bedroom to get it. Alison goes on at Wayne that surely he can get the other Directors to sell their shares? Wayne snaps, "Even if I could, what do we buy them with?" Alison growls that she's not prepared to sit back and watch the company go under." Wayne mutters bitterly, "Of course not. Your 2% wouldn't be worth very much, then, would it? You'd lose everything: your money... the power. You're no different to Caroline when it comes to the crunch: out for all you can get." Alison murmurs that that's not true. Charlie comes in and announces that Gordon's there. Wayne demands, "What does he want?" Charlie tells him, "He's worried about you." She then heads back out to the hallway to bring him in. When she's gone, Alison tells Wayne, "Now's your chance - to talk Gordon out of selling the company." Wayne snaps, "How am I supposed to do that? Say 'pretty please with sugar on top'?" At that moment, Gordon comes in with Charlie and acknowledges, "Wayne..." Wayne murmurs, "Hello." He then apologises for not being able to get up, explaining that his legs aren't too strong at the moment. Charlie asks Alison to come with her and help her choose something for the party, and she tells Gordon to call her if she needs anything. The two women head off to Charlie's bedroom. Alone with his son, Gordon asks Wayne, "Why didn't you tell me you were sick?" Wayne mutters, "I didn't think you'd be interested. You weren't exactly friendly last time we talked." Gordon sits down next to him as Wayne goes on, "It's funny, isn't it - how two people don't always get on... yet they never stop loving each other." He suddenly breaks down into tears, and Gordon puts his arm round him and murmurs, "It's alright. It's alright."

Andy and Colin are preparing a gas barbecue out by the pool at Dural. Colin asks Andy if he's checked whether the bottles are full, but Andy says he doesn't know how to. Denise approaches them and asks if they want a hand. Andy tells her, "Yeah, you can chop some wood if you like." Denise comments, "I thought it was gas," and Andy and Colin both burst out laughing! Denise mutters, "Very funny." Andy then asks her if her mates from school are coming. Denise retorts, "Yes - but don't get too excited: they're bringing their boyfriends. The girls wouldn't be your type anyway." Andy asks, "How come?" and Denise tells him, "They don't go out with creeps - especially creeps who go round trying to drown people." Andy insists that they only meant to frighten Wayne. Denise, though, retorts, "Yeah, well I hope you know what it feels like now." Andy and Colin both stare at her, and Andy asks her what she's talking about. Denise replies, "To be frightened." Andy looks at her and then asks, "You wouldn't know anything about a funnel-web spider, now, would you, Denise?" Denise looks away airily, and Andy sighs, "At least we know who sent it." Colin growls at his sister that he supposes she thought it was funny. Denise retorts, "I wanted Andy to know what it felt like to be frightened. I found a dead one in Biology so I thought I'd send it to him." Andy laughs sarcastically, "It really shook me up, Denise. I don't know how I didn't drop dead on the spot!" Colin snaps at his sister, "When are you going to grow up?" Denise just glares at him and storms off. When she's gone, Andy says to Colin that he's pleased Samantha invited Chris: he feels really rotten blaming him for the funnel-web; at least he'll be able to apologise.

Inside, Mary, Barbara and Jenny are coming downstairs in the hallway, and Barbara asks Mary if she likes her bedroom. Mary smiles that it's beautiful, and she adds that she's never slept in a double bed before! Barbara then turns to Jenny and tells her that she looks a bit tired. She asks her if she's sure she's up to this party, but Jenny assures her that she's determined to cope. Mary asks if any of Patricia's old friends are going to be there today, and Barbara tells her that Charlie Bartlett's coming; she's an old friend of Patricia's. Mary smiles that she'll look forward to meeting her, then. Barbara, looking wary, suggests to the girl that she go and help herself to a drink inside, and Mary heads into the lounge room. When she's gone, Barbara says to Jenny, "I do wish she wouldn't go on about Patricia being her mother; it's just not possible." Jenny says she supposes the girl is just trying to cling on to anything that gives her a sense of identity. Barbara muses, "Yeah, Gordon and Woombai are all she's got at the moment." She then puts her arm around Jenny and smiles, "Enough of the humdrums. Let's get this party on!"

At Charlie's, Gordon tells Wayne that he might duck back and tell Barbara how Wayne's getting on; she's been more worried about him than he has. Wayne murmurs, "Take your time. I'm not going anywhere." Gordon heads out. As he walks to the front door, Alison calls, "Gordon." She appears from the bedroom and Gordon turns to look at her. She tells him, "We haven't been properly introduced before. I'm Alison Carr." Gordon shakes her hand and tells her that it's nice to meet her. Alison goes on that she heard the company might be dissolved - and she does hope that can be avoided. Gordon stares at her and then asks her if she's making an offer. Alison replies, "Not me personally, but I do know someone who might be interested in talking to you." Gordon continues to stare at her.

Barbara, Jenny and Mary lay out some bowls of food on the table in the living room at Dural. They suddenly hear voices out in the hallway and Charlie, Gordon and Alison come in. Charlie smiles, "Barbara, how are you?!" She then notices the food and goes to try some. Alison follows her. Alone with Gordon, Barbara asks, "How's Wayne?" Gordon murmurs, "Not good - but at least we're talking again." He adds, "I can't begin to tell you what he looks like: 'just warmed up' is one phrase that comes to mind." Barbara asks him if he should have left him. Gordon explains that he's going back; he just came to get him some food. Barbara suggests to him that he go up and get changed first, and he goes. She then joins Charlie, Alison, Jenny and Mary at the table. She asks Charlie if she's met Mary, and Charlie replies, "We've just introduced ourselves." Jenny offers drinks, and everyone accepts. Barbara goes to the bar to give her a hand. Left alone with Charlie and Alison, Mary says to Charlie, "Er... Mrs. Bartlett, you were an old friend of Patricia Hamilton's, weren't you?" Charlie nods, "Yes, why?" Mary explains, "I was hoping you might be able to tell me a few things about her personal life." Charlie, looking surprised, asks, "What on earth for?" Mary explains, "I think she was my mother." Charlie looks at Alison. Alison is staring at Mary in shock.


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