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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Eddie Benson is staring out of the window at Alison and Charlie as they approach the front door. He quickly moves away so that they can't see him. Alison goes and knocks on the door. There's no answer. She knocks again, and the door is eventually opened. Benson demands, "What do you want?" Alison tells him that she'd like to talk to him, but Benson retorts, "I'm an atheist." He goes to shut the door, but Alison quickly explains that she's not selling anything. Benson asks what she wants to talk to him about, then, and she explains, "You were in hospital almost ten months ago. There was a young man--" Benson suddenly interrupts and snaps, "Look, I talked to the cops about that. I don't know nothing. Now nick off." He shuts the door. Alison tries to tell him that there could be something in this for him, but it's too late. She sighs heavily and tells Charlie, "Come on, we can just make the banks." Charlie asks her suspiciously what she's up to, and Alison explains, "I'm going to appeal to Mr. Benson's better nature: his greed." She adds, "You good for a loan, Charlie?"

In the reception area of Irene's surgery, Andy splutters that no one in their right mind goes round sending spiders to people. Irene smiles, "Unless they're an arachnologist!" Andy ignores her and goes on that the only thing Bainbridge would understand would be a damn good whack across the jaw. Samantha snaps, "That's typical, isn't it: solve everything by thumping someone." She adds that he's got no evidence it was Chris. Irene chips in and suggests they stop it: they're not going to solve anything by arguing. Turning to Andy, she adds that, if Chris did send it, the last thing he should be thinking of doing is going round to Crossley House and thumping him one. Samantha says she'll be seeing him tonight and she'll ask him. Andy snaps incredulously, "You're going out with him after he's done something like that? You're off your head." Samantha repeats indignantly that he's got no proof, and she asks Irene if she can't convince Andy that a man's innocent until proven guilty. Irene, though, says she doesn't think it's a good idea for Samantha to see Chris tonight. Samantha snaps, "Wonderful. Another one on my side." Irene tells her that she's not saying Chris did send the funnel-web, but she does think Samantha should leave it until she's spoken to him, and she can't do that until tomorrow. She then announces that she has to go, and she tells Andy and Samantha curtly that she doesn't want to come back and find them still at it. She heads out.

Gordon, Barbara and Mary emerge from the Woombai homestead with some detectives. One of the detectives is saying that a search party found Mark's bike. Gordon asks where it was, and the detective replies that it was well-hidden in a bush, which would indicate that he's going to use it again. Gordon comments in concern that he's still around, then. The detective suggests that he could have hitchhiked out of the area. Barbara asks how they can be certain. The detective, though, replies that they can't be - and if he's still there, he's still armed: there was no sign of his pistol or rifle. Gordon points out that he's hardly likely to be hitchhiking with those. The detective agrees, "True." He then goes on, "One thing has emerged: he isn't Mark Sproule. We did a check and it emerged Sproule died seven years ago." Gordon asks who he is, then, but the detective replies that that's a bit of a curly one - although they have one theory. Mary chips in, "The more I think about it, the more I'm sure I've seen him before." The detective tells her that they hoped she'd be able to help them. He continues that they found a will had been made by her grandmother and the two beneficiaries are her and her nephew. He goes on that he doesn't know all the details yet, but apparently she inherits most of the estate; however, in the event of her death, the nephew gets the lot. Mary asks, "Do you think he's after me because of the will?" The detective, though, says he's not sure; the way she can help is if she remembers anything about the nephew. Mary replies that she doesn't, but, like she said, she has seen him - Mark, or whoever he is - and she thinks she knows where... With that, she dashes off. Gordon comments to the detective that it's all been a bit much for her. The detective assures him that they'll have protection there around the clock. Barbara suggests that they should just hope Mary has remembered something worthwhile. Changing the subject, the detective comments that he noticed a few auction signs down by the main road. Gordon tells him that it wasn't an easy decision, but they have a few business problems; he hopes to buy the place back himself. The detective tells him that he hopes he succeeds. Mary comes back out of the house, holding a photo. She tells the detectives that she doesn't know if it'll help, but she knew she'd seen him before. She goes on that the photo was amongst a pile of other stuff; he was a lot younger then. The detective takes the photo - which is of a younger 'Mark' - and comments that at least it shows them what he looks like; it'll make it easier - if he's still around...

Eddie Benson opens the door of his house to find Charlie and Alison standing there. Alison is holding out several high-value bills. Benson doesn't notice them immediately, though, instead snapping at the women that he told them to beat it. Alison, indicating the money, tells him that she thought he might like to make a few dollars: $200 for five minutes. Benson stares at it and Alison puts it in her pocket. Benson comments that it must be pretty important to her, and Alison replies that it is. She then shows him some notes in her other hand and adds that there's more if he's interested. Benson asks her suspiciously what she's up to. Alison, though, retorts that if he's stupid enough to turn down $1,000 for talking to her for a few minutes, that's his problem. She goes to walk off, but Benson calls, "No, hold on." He then moves aside and reluctantly lets them into his house.

A while later, Charlie and Alison walk triumphantly into the kitchen at the country house, Alison exclaiming, "What more could I want? He admitted it! He admitted that Jeff O'Brien left the hospital on the night of the murder." Charlie remarks dubiously that she can't help feeling he was just doing it for the money; after all Alison did lead him on a bit. Alison, though, insists that he was telling the truth. She then adds that, anyway, it doesn't matter if he wasn't. Charlie asks what good that would do, as he would be charged with perjury. Alison, though, retorts, "No he wouldn't. Not if he sticks to the story." She goes on that all she needs is for someone - anyone - to say they saw that boy leave the hospital and she's off the hook. Charlie says she just doesn't think Benson can be trusted. Alison, though, points out that he's her only hope; she has to believe he'll go through with it. Charlie asks, "Tell the police?" Alison replies, "Yeah, exactly." She then goes on that all they have to do now is sit back and wait for Adam to contact them with the good news. Charlie looks worried.

Samantha is at Crossley House, and she approaches Chris and asks him if she can talk to him for a moment. Looking surprised, Chris asks her what she's doing there, as he was supposed to pick her up after work. Samantha explains hesitantly, "I need the truth: somebody sent Andy a funnel-web spider. He thinks it was you." Chris smiles and tells her, "I suppose I can understand why. The business with Fiona... the way he tried to stop me seeing you..." He then asks Samantha if she thinks he sent it. Samantha replies that if he says he didn't, she believes him. A middle-aged man suddenly wanders over to them, leaning on a rake for support, and Chris says to him enthusiastically, "Hello, Leo, good to see you." He then introduces Samantha to Leo, and explains that Leo helps in the garden. Leo tells Samantha, in a simple voice, "I have to go away sometimes, when I get sick. But I'm back again now." Chris suggests to Leo that he go and talk to the plants for a bit, and Leo wanders off. Alone with Samantha, Chris tells her that if she'd rather call tonight off, he'd understand. Samantha, though, insists that she wants to see him. Chris smiles that he's glad. Samantha adds that she's sorry for doubting him. She then tells him that she'll see him tonight and she wanders off. When she's gone, Leo rejoins Chris and demands, "Who's she?" Chris assures him, "Oh, you don't have to worry about her - she's just a good friend. I'll still be spending plenty of time with you, OK?" Leo turns and stares at a retreating Samantha, doubtfully.

As Samantha arrives back at the boarding house and unlocks the door to Irene's surgery, Andy comes along the corridor. Samantha tells him that she went to see Chris. Andy mutters that she doesn't give up, but Samantha retorts that she thought it only fair he had his say - and as far as she's concerned, he didn't do it. Andy asks who did do it, then. Samantha, heading into the reception area, says she doesn't know - although there is someone he hasn't even considered. Andy asks, "Who?" Samantha replies, "Wayne." She adds that Andy did try to drown him, and she'd think he would be quite angry about that. Andy, though, tells her that it's not his style; he goes more for the clever stuff. Samantha insists that she's convinced it wasn't Chris.

At Charlie's, Caroline and Irene wander into the lounge room from one of the bedrooms, Caroline asking as they do so if it's serious. Irene replies, "Well, the symptoms don't look good: nervous... pale... extreme agitation... poor Wayne could be heading for a breakdown if he's not careful." Caroline asks her if she can't give him something, but Irene explains that peace of mind is what he needs most. She tells Caroline that she should ring Gordon and let him know. Caroline, though, replies that if Wayne is heading for a breakdown, the family would only make it worse: they're the cause of it. Irene says the main thing he needs is constant supervision, and she asks Caroline if she can be with him all the time. Caroline, looking taken aback, murmurs that she supposes so. She adds that she did try to get him to come back to her apartment, but it seems the only thing he's interested in is curling up in a corner and staying there. Irene then tells Caroline that Wayne mentioned a young girl in his wanderings: it seems he was involved with her and it doesn't seem to be helping his mental state. She asks Caroline if he said anything to her. Caroline quickly replies, "Oh, he said something but I wasn't taking much notice." Irene suggests that, if he brings it up again, Caroline should see if she can get more out of him - but she shouldn't push. She then hands Caroline a prescription and tells her that what she's prescribed will help Wayne relax, but they certainly won't cure him. She adds that Wayne is his own worst enemy: he loves having a go at people and then suffers the consequences later. Caroline mutters that she supposes that could apply to a lot of people... With that, Irene announces that she'd better be off. As the two women head to the door, Irene adds that she really does think Caroline should give Gordon a ring, and Caroline sighs, "If you say so." Irene goes on that she'll pop in again in a day or so. With that, she goes. Caroline closes the door and leans against it, looking thoughtful.

In the kitchen at the Woombai homestead, Barbara places some vegetables round a joint of beef and Mary smiles that it smells wonderful. Gordon comes into the kitchen and Barbara asks him if he can find them a nice red to go with dinner. Gordon says mutedly, "I'll look." Looking concerned, Barbara asks him what's wrong, and he explains that he's just been on the 'phone to Peter. Barbara asks, "Peter who?" and Gordon explains, "The accountant - discussing buying the place." Barbara muses that it's not good, she takes it. Gordon tells her, "More money than I thought - and raising it won't be easy: with the improvements we've made, the value's gone up. It's too much, I'm afraid." Barbara suggests, "There is one simple solution: we sell Dural." Gordon, looking surprised, tells her that the thought had occurred to him, but he didn't like to suggest it; he knows how she likes the area. Barbara assures him, "Anything to keep you happy. Besides, the cost of living's going up all the time and maybe it's about time we bought somewhere smaller and nearer the city?" They suddenly hear a noise above them, and Mary asks in surprise, "What was that?" Gordon tells her that it'll be a couple of rats in the ceiling, and he adds that he'll set some traps. Barbara tells him it can wait until after dinner, and she begins to dish up.

Unknown to Gordon, Barbara and Mary, 'Mark' is sitting in the attic above them. He loads his pistol with bullets and cocks it, ready to fire...

Irene is at Dural, and as Stephen lets her in, she explains that she was out that way so she thought she'd pop in and say hello. Stephen tells her that he's glad she did: Jenny's got it into her head to hold a party before they go away and he doesn't think she's really up to it. He asks Irene to have a word to her. Irene, though, says she'll see how she is, first. She heads into the lounge room and Stephen follows her. She comments to Jenny warmly that she looks bright as a button, before adding that she believes there's a bone of contention between her and Stephen. Jenny pleads, "Please, Irene, don't tell me I'm not allowed--" Irene interrupts and points out, "I didn't say a word!" Jenny cries that she's sick of doing nothing and sitting around; she wants to spend some time with friends. Irene asks her if she'd be having it at Dural. Jenny nods that she'd have to ask Gordon and Barbara... Irene says that she doesn't see that that's any problem, then. Looking concerned, Stephen asks her if she's sure. Irene tells Jenny that as long as she doesn't go over-tiring herself, she thinks it's a great idea. Jenny smiles triumphantly, "There, the doctor's spoken! We'll make it a barbecue; the men can do all the work!" She then turns to Stephen and pleads, "Please, darling..." Stephen gives in, "Alright. Of course." Changing the subject, Jenny asks Irene what she's doing out there, and Irene explains that she had to come out and see Wayne: he's not a well boy. Jenny asks what the matter is with him, but Irene replies that she can't say; ethics and all that. She adds that she has to say she's glad Caroline is there to look after him. Stephen asks if Gordon knows about it. Irene replies that Caroline said she'd 'phone him. She goes on that she knows Gordon doesn't need any more hassles, but he should be told. Stephen and Jenny look at each other.

It's early evening and getting dark. Samantha is sitting at her desk in the surgery's reception when Chris comes in and smiles, "G'day!" Looking surprised, Samantha asks him if he isn't a bit early, as she hasn't had a chance to get ready yet. Chris explains that his car broke down so he took the bus; he left a bit early so he wouldn't be late. Samantha asks him how he knew she was there, and Chris tells her that she wasn't at home, so he figured she'd still be working. Accepting this, Samantha says she'll just lock up and they can leave. She takes a set of keys out of a drawer and heads into the examination room. She switches the light off and is about to leave the room when she suddenly spots movement outside. She goes and looks out through the french windows and then cries, "Chris!" Chris comes in and asks what's wrong. Samantha murmurs that she was just checking the doors and she thought someone was out there. Chris opens the door and finds Leo standing just outside. He pulls him into the room and demands sternly, "What are you doing here?" Leo murmurs, "I was lonely. You left and I was by myself." Chris tells him that he scared Samantha. Leo murmurs, "Sorry." Chris closes the french windows and locks them. The three of them head back out to reception and Chris asks Leo how he found him. Leo explains, "Followed you. I saw you come in here but I didn't know where you'd gone, so I looked in all the windows." He then adds, "You're angry..." Chris, though, assures him, "I'm not angry, but you shouldn't have done it." Turning to Samantha, he apologises, "Sorry, looks like our date's blown." Samantha, though, suggests that he and Leo could both come back to her apartment and she could cook them all a meal. Chris asks Leo what he says, and he smiles, "That would be nice!"

Barbara has the 'phone to her ear in the kitchen at Woombai. Stephen is talking to her from Dural, saying, "Irene's given her the OK for the party. We wondered if you'd mind if we held it here." Barbara smiles that it sounds a good idea. Stephen goes on, "It'll be the day after tomorrow. You're all invited, of course. Jenny has a whole list of people from around Woombai, so you can all come down in convoy!" Barbara agrees that it sounds like a good idea - although the police might not let Mary leave until they've caught that crazy nephew. Stephen says he'll keep his fingers crossed. He then asks his sister if Caroline has called. Looking annoyed at the mention of her name, Barbara growls, "Why should she?" Stephen explains, "She was supposed to call about Wayne: Irene says he's in a pretty bad way and thought Gordon should know." Barbara mutters, "Oh, really?" Stephen just tells her that he'll see her in a couple of days, and they hang up. At Dural, Stephen muses to Jenny that he's sure the reason Caroline hasn't called is because she doesn't want Wayne and Gordon back on speaking terms; she's just using them. Jenny says she's actually beginning to feel sorry for Wayne, and she asks Stephen if they might invite him to the party. Stephen tells her not to get carried away. Jenny, though, comments that it would be a good opportunity for him and Gordon to patch things up. Stephen looks thoughtful.

Barbara and Mary are doing the washing-up in the kitchen at Woombai. Barbara tells Mary that they've been invited to a party; Jenny's giving it. She adds that they'll have to get Mary a new outfit so she can make a big impression for her first visit to the city. Mary smiles that that would be great! She then tells Barbara that, once the police have caught that man and she gets her inheritance, she'd like to help Gordon buy Woombai. Barbara, looking surprised, comments that that's very sweet of her, but she doesn't think Gordon would feel he could accept. Mary, though, explains that she's got another reason, too: that way, if they wanted, of course, she could stay on as housekeeper. Gordon suddenly comes in from outside, carrying a ladder, and Barbara quickly suggests to Mary that they talk about it later. Barbara asks her husband whether, before he lays the traps, he's going to ring Wayne. Gordon, though, just retorts, "No." Barbara then tells him to be careful, as she doesn't want him falling. Having finished the dishes, she changes the subject and hands Mary a pad and asks her to make a shopping list while she checks the cupboard. Mary, though, tells her, "I can't do that, Mrs. Hamilton." Barbara stares at her and she explains nervously, "I can't read or write. Nan never taught me." Looking startled, Barbara exclaims, "You can't--" She breaks off before smiling awkwardly, "That's not your fault. Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Mary explains softly that she was too embarrassed. Barbara, though, laughs that that's silly. Mary murmurs that she supposes it's too late to learn now. Barbara, though, asks, "You want a bet?"

Out in the hallway, Gordon has climbed the ladder and he pushes back the hatch that leads to the attic. He sticks his head through the gap and then starts looking around, shining a torch in front of him. 'Mark' is waiting for him, though, and he lashes out with his pistol and knocks him out. He then pulls Gordon fully up into the attic...

A short time later, in the kitchen, Barbara tells Mary that the best way to learn is to get her a private tutor while she's up there. Mary smiles that she can't believe she'll be able to read books and write letters! Changing the subject, Barbara offers her a cup of tea, adding that she's sure Gordon could do with one. Mary laughs that by the sound he was making before, it sounded like he was catching them by hand! Barbara heads out to the hallway and starts calling for him. The ladder is still standing beneath the hatch, which 'Mark' has pulled closed. Gordon is lying on the floor of the attic, unconscious. Barbara keeps calling for him, but there's no answer. After a few seconds, she returns to the kitchen and comments to Mary that it's typical: he's finished and wandered off somewhere. There's suddenly a knock at the back door, and Barbara opens it to find a police officer standing there. He asks if everything is OK, and Barbara replies that everything's fine. The officer explains that he's just going off-duty and Constable Moore has arrived to take over. Barbara wishes the officer a a good night and he goes.

In the kitchen at the country house, Charlie asks Adam if he's heard anything from that man: Eddie Benson. Alison sits there, looking worried, as Adam asks if he should have. Charlie explains that she just wondered if he'd changed his mind about giving information. Looking annoyed, Alison chips in curtly, "I'm sure Adam doesn't want to talk about Eddie Benson, Charlie." Adam muses that he doubts if anybody will be hearing from him for quite a while. Alison turns to him and asks sharply, "Why not?" Adam explains, "One of his mates was picked up for breaking and entering; dobbed Eddie in, too. Our boys went to pick him up and he'd done a bunk." Looking incredulous, Alison suggests that he might just have gone out for a while. Adam, though, says he doesn't think so. Alison looks at Charlie, who murmurs, "How awful..." Adam tells her, "You expect it from fellas like that. Probably vanished to another State; won't surface for years." Turning to Alison, he adds, "Doesn't affect you, though. He wouldn't give me any information, so he couldn't have cleared your friend's name, anyway." Alison just sits there, looking defeated.

There's a knock on Charlie's front door and Caroline goes to answer it. She looks surprised to find Jenny standing there. Jenny announces that she has to see Wayne. Caroline, though, explains that he's asleep, and not at all up to visitors. Jenny snaps, "It's perfectly obvious you're trying to keep Wayne away from his family. You didn't even telephone Barbara when you said you would." Caroline explains that she hasn't had the time. Jenny, though, snaps, "Nonsense." Closing the door, she adds curtly, "I've come to see Wayne and I'm not leaving until I do."

In the attic at Woombai, 'Mark' pulls back the hatch silently to reveal a light on in the hallway. Gordon is still lying on the attic floor, unconscious, as 'Mark' lowers himself down the ladder, very quietly, the pistol in his right hand. He pauses as he reaches the bottom step.

In the kitchen, Barbara opens the back door and Mary heads outside with a cup of tea for Officer Moore. Barbara then picks up her own cup of tea and sits down at the table. She stirs the tea and then takes a sip. The door leading from the hallway suddenly opens and Barbara, without turning round, says, "Gordon, I've made a pot of tea. Do you want one?" 'Mark' suddenly lunges for her and wraps his hands around her mouth. Barbara starts struggling and trying to yell out in terror...


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