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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Colin comes downstairs slowly at Dural. Stephen joins him in the hallway and asks him if Jenny's awake. Colin replies hesitantly that she is, but he thinks the treatment this morning really took it out of her. He then asks Stephen if he's teed anything up in New Zealand yet, and Stephen replies that he's made arrangements with some clinics over there. Colin asks in concern if his mother is really strong enough to go. Stephen, though, points out, "If she wants to, we would be selfish to try and stop her." He then adds that they have to be strong - for her sake. He goes on that Denise has taken it pretty hard, and he suggests to Colin that he go and buck her up a bit. With that, he heads upstairs. Colin wanders into the lounge room, where Denise is sitting on the couch, and offers, "Like to go for a drive?" Denise, though, retorts tersely, "Not with you." Colin sighs that he knows he got pretty heavy before, but there's no use them fighting - not with their mum so sick. Denise asks him if he's going to take back what he said about Wayne. Colin, though, retorts, "He is bad news, Denny. Can't you see that?" Denise, though, snaps that it's nothing worse than what Colin and his 'mate' did to him yesterday. She then stands up and announces haughtily that she's going out. Colin cries, "Not back to Wayne again?" Denise, though, snaps, "I don't have to explain myself to you." Colin asks, "What if mum asks where you are?" Denise replies, "I'm going to school to get my things and say goodbye to some of my friends." Colin tells her, "I'll drive you." Denise, though, retorts, "I'd rather go by myself," and she storms out.

Caroline is knocking on the front door at Charlie's. After several seconds, Wayne answers the door, swaying drunkenly as he does so. Caroline looks at him in surprise and comments that she was beginning to think there was no one at home. Wayne glares at her and snaps, "What do you want?" Caroline explains that she was wondering if he might like to know what she learnt about Alison Carr. Wayne, though, retorts that he couldn't care less. Caroline asks, "May I at least some in?" and she marches past him, into the lounge room. Wayne follows her and she says to him, "You've been drinking. What's wrong?" Wayne just slurs, "I needed it." Caroline asks, "What happened?" adding, "If it's about the company, you'd better tell--" Wayne interrupts her and growls, "That's all you care about, isn't it? The company. No one gives a damn about me - except Denise. And what do I to do her? Took advantage of the poor kid." He goes and pours himself another glass of scotch. Caroline warns him that she thinks he's had enough, but Wayne mutters, "I don't." He takes a sip of his drink and goes on bitterly, "Gordy doesn't want to know about me." Caroline comments that she thought Wayne felt the same way about him. Wayne, though, mutters, "He's still my father." Caroline points out, "And still a partner in the company. He'll come round." Wayne, however, announces, "He's going to get the company dissolved. Take us to court - on the grounds that we're 'oppressing him'. Beryl and Roland are in it, too." As Caroline stares at him, he holds up his glass and offers drunkenly, "Want to join me?" He then adds, "Sorry I didn't break it to you too tactfully. I haven't got the energy to be gentle." A smile appears on Caroline's face, though, and she muses, "Maybe it's for the best." Wayne asks her how she can say that. Caroline tells him they can form a new company and find new partners; at least Alison Carr will be out of their hair that way. Wayne mutters that he couldn't be bothered. Caroline suddenly grabs his glass from him and snaps, "No, not drunk you couldn't." Wayne cries, "Hey," indignantly, but Caroline snaps, "The first thing you've got to do is pull yourself together. I have no intention of seeing all my money go down the drain. We are going to form a new company." Wayne slurs, "You only want me because you wouldn't know where to start." Caroline, though, retorts, "We need each other, Wayne. We've got to show them that nobody can walk all over us."

Charlie is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at the country house as Alison relates, "Roberto was insane with jealousy; he thought I'd been flirting with one of his bodyguards. So, he had one of his men bash me up. The man was a maniac; he almost killed me. My face was a mess." Charlie cries, "That's awful. Dr. Santos did a wonderful job. I can hardly believe it. But why did you pretend to be dead?" Alison points out, "I was wanted for murder. But I knew I could never come back to David. I was at my lowest ebb, Charlie. I thought I'd lost everything. When I saw what a good job the surgeons had done, I slowly realised I could come back to Australia as a different person. Try to clear my name. So, I ran away from Roberto. He tried to follow me, of course, so I laid low for months. Charlie asks, "And then you sent the money to David?" Alison replies, "Yes. I knew he'd know it was from me and I was pretty sure he'd go looking for me. I needed him out of the country before I came back; he was the one person I knew I couldn't fool - even with a different face." Charlie tells her, "I just didn't know about the plastic surgery. As soon as Fiona told me that, I twigged." Alison laughs, "You came pretty close anyway, I think. I would have had to have told you soon." Charlie asks, "Why didn't you tell me straight away?" Alison replies, "I wanted to - but I found out your son was a policeman; I didn't want you to have to lie to him. You're going to have to be very careful now, you know?" Charlie assures her, "Of course I will." She then cries, "Oh, it's so good to have you back, Patricia!" Alison, though, retorts, "I'm Alison Carr. You have to think of me as a different person. Don't ever call me Patricia - at least, not until I've proved I didn't kill Luke." Charlie points out, "It's going to be hard." Alison asks, "You see now why I didn't tell you?" Charlie replies, "But I can do it, though. You're Alison. I'll forget you were ever Patricia. Oh, but it's still good to have you back!" With that, the two women hug tightly.

Samantha is putting away some files in the cabinet in the reception area of Irene's surgery when Andy comes in and asks if she has time to come outside and check out his new van. Samantha, though, explains that Irene has some patients; she thinks she'd better leave it. Andy enthuses that the equipment's great! Samantha asks when he gets to test it, and Andy replies, "Tonight - out at Dural. A twenty-first." He then asks Samantha if she'd like to be his assistant. Samantha, though, replies hesitantly that she would, but she's got something else on. Andy asks who the lucky guy is, and Samantha tells him, "Chris..." Looking shocked, Andy asks, "Chris Bainbridge?" Samantha retorts, "Yes - and before you say anything, I think he's completely recovered. He's a very nice, gentle guy." Andy snaps that that's how he seemed when he first came to stay with Fiona, but he ended up trying to kill her. Samantha points out, "It's my business, Andy. We're only going to the movies, so I don't want to talk about it, alright?" Andy glares at her and then storms out.

Chris is planting some bushes in the grounds of Crossley House when he suddenly spots Andy approaching him at a pace. He stands up and says, "Hello, Andy." Andy ignores this and just says, "You've asked Samantha Morrell out?" Chris retorts that that's right. Andy goes on that Samantha is like a sister to him and he doesn't want to see her getting involved with a madman. Chris assures him that he's OK; he likes Samantha and he wants to take her out. Andy, though, snaps, "If you really like her, then you'll call her and tell her the date's off." Chris asks why, and Andy retorts, "Because you saying you're OK means nothing to me. Anything could happen, and I don't want to see Samantha getting hurt." Returning to his planting, Chris asks, "What do you think I am? Some kind of werewolf or something?" Andy, though, snaps, "I just don't trust you - so stay away from Samantha. Ring her up and tell her some excuse." Chris warns, "You're taking a lot on yourself, mate." Andy, though, snarls, "You break the date or I'll take a lot more on myself." With that, he storms off.

A while later, as Andy arrives back at the boarding house, Samantha is standing in the corridor, locking up Irene's surgery. She tells him that she can come and have a look at his van, now, if he likes. Andy, though, tells her to come out with him tonight and see it in action. Samantha points out that she can't; she told him. Andy, though, says, "I think you might find yourself free after all." Samantha asks him what he means, and Andy tells her, "Don't be surprised if Bainbridge breaks your date." Samantha asks him suspiciously, "Now why would he do that? You haven't said something to him...?" Andy admits, "I told him to stay away." He goes on that Chris might seem alright now, but anything could push him over the edge; it's better to be safe than sorry. Samantha glares at him and cries, "The one thing that will push him over the edge is somebody having a go at him. People recovering from nervous breakdowns need all the help they can get, not threats. And I don't need your protection." With that, she storms off.

Donna joins Beryl in Beryl's living room. Beryl suggests that they'd better hurry up or they'll miss the bus. Donna says she doesn't think she really wants to go now, but Beryl tells her that it's for the best: she should go home and talk about it with her parents; they'll be shocked at first but they'll come round. Donna mutters, "Dad's going to want to kill Brett." Beryl comments that that's understandable: Brett really should be going back with her; in fact, he'll hear a lot from her the next time she sees him. Donna cries that she doesn't want to cause any trouble. Beryl asks why not, and Donna replies, "It's my fault as much as his." Beryl points out that she's the one left with the consequences. With that, she picks up Donna's bag and goes to head out. She opens the front door but a look of surprise crosses her face as she finds Brett standing there. She growls, "Speak of the devil. You're just in time to say goodbye to Donna." Looking surprised, Brett asks, "Goodbye?" Beryl retorts, "As you don't want to seem to take any responsibility for your actions, I think it's best that she should go home." Brett, though, explains, "That's what I've come to see her about. I'll marry her if she wants me to." A broad smile crosses Donna's face and she runs into his arms and exclaims that that's wonderful! Beryl, though, says dubiously that she thinks they should both come inside and talk things through first.

Spider and Alison are in the kitchen at the country house when the back door opens and Charlie and Adam come in. Alison immediately asks Adam if he's had any news about Eddie Benson. Adam tells her that wheels are in motion; they should locate him soon. Charlie comments that they haven't been able to trace Leigh, either. She adds that she can't say she's sorry; she doesn't want to see her locked up. Adam says he's worried about how she's managing alone: he wouldn't want to see her end up on Fitzroy Street. Charlie cries that she wouldn't do that. Adam, though, retorts that if she's desperate enough, she might have to. Spider chips in knowledgeably, "Ah, no, no. She'll be right. It wouldn't come to that." Looking surprised, Adam comments that he seems pretty sure of himself. Spider, though, explains that he thinks Leigh's too smart for that sort of caper. The 'phone starts ringing and Charlie goes to get it. Adam tells Spider that they'll catch Leigh eventually. Charlie calls over to Adam that the call is for him: the station. Adam takes it. Spider stands up and announces that he'd better be going. Charlie offers him a lift, but Spider quickly says he'll catch a bus. Charlie points out that he hates the bus. Spider, though, explains quickly that he's been chatting up one of the women drivers! Charlie offers him some more scones and asks him if he won't stay for afternoon tea. Spider hesitates and then gives in and sits down again! Alison walks over to where Adam is on the 'phone, saying he'll look into this one for himself. He then hangs up and tells Alison, "Eddie Benson. I've got an address." A broad smile crosses Alison's face.

Beryl sits down with Brett and Donna in the lounge room at her house and asks curtly, "Do either of you know what you're letting yourselves in for?" Donna murmurs that she knows it won't be easy, but as long as Brett wants to marry her... Beryl asks how he's supposed to support a family. Brett replies that he's got the job at the farm - and he supposes he could get a night job as well. Donna suggests that she could get a job part-time. Beryl, though, tells her that she couldn't at first - and if she did, she'd have to put the baby into a crèche; how would she feel about that? Donna cries, "You sound as if you're trying to talk us out of it." Beryl, though, explains that she's only trying to make them see that it won't be easy; they're both so young, and she doesn't want them to rush into a marriage and then regret it. She goes on, "My son, Kevin, got married at eighteen, and it certainly hasn't been easy for him and his wife." Donna asks if they're still together. Beryl replies, "Yes, but I wouldn't like you to have the problems they've had." Donna comments that she thought Beryl wanted Brett to marry her. Beryl replies that she didn't want Brett to turn his back on her, but she's not sure marriage is the answer. She asks Brett how sure he feels about it. Before Brett can answer, though, Donna says, "He must be sure - otherwise he wouldn't have asked me to marry him." Brett just murmurs, "Yeah..." Beryl suggests to Donna that she ring her parents and discuss it with them. Brett sits there looking worried.

A car pulls up by the side of a road and Adam climbs out of the driver's seat. He's wearing his police uniform. A dark-haired, shifty-looking man, wearing a black top, dark blue jeans and a black leather jacket, is walking along the path, and he pauses briefly as he spots Adam standing there. He then starts heading towards him again. When he's close enough, Adam says, "I want a word, Cockroach." The guy retorts, "Only my friends call me that. It's Mr. Benson to you." Adam ignores this, going on, "Were you in hospital a couple of months back?" Benson retorts that it's not a crime, is it? Adam continues, "There was a young fella in the same room as you. Kid called Jeff O'Brien." Benson asks, "So what?" Adam asks, "Do you remember him?" Benson replies, "Sort of. Didn't have much to say for himself." Adam persists, "We think he might have left in the middle of the night. Do you remember anything about that?" Benson retorts, "I sleep at night." Adam goes on, "He had to get up, get dressed... he must have made some noise." Benson, though, tells him, "Take a brass band to wake me. Sorry, copper, got nothing to tell you, OK?" He goes to walk off, but Adam calls after him, "What you been doing since you got out?" Benson turns back to him and retorts, "Nothing. I'm clean - dead set; you can check around." Adam assures him that he will.

A while later, Adam is back at the country house, standing in the kitchen with Alison, Charlie and Spider. Alison asks incredulously, "He doesn't know anything?" Adam, though, replies, "Not necessarily. He's the type who lies to the police on principle. If he does know, he doesn't intend to tell us." Alison insists that he'll have to make Benson tell him, but Adam asks how. Alison suggests that she could talk to him, but Adam retorts that he's too dangerous for her to tangle with. Alison insists that there must be something she can do, but Adam says he doesn't know what. Charlie offers more tea, but Spider declines, saying this time he really must be going. He tells Alison that he's sorry things didn't work out, and he adds that he might pop in again tomorrow. He goes to the back door, but as he opens it, Alison suddenly calls, "Spider..." and she heads outside with him. Charlie looks at Adam in surprise. Just outside, Alison tells Spider, "I need your help - but it might be something a bit tricky." Spider assures her, "You helped young Leigh. I reckon one good turn deserves another." Alison smiles in delight.

Brett hangs up the 'phone in Beryl's lounge room, and Beryl comments, "Your mum wasn't too pleased?" Brett mutters that she can say that again. Beryl goes on, "Yeah, and your dad will probably hit the roof, too. But if I know my brother, he'll calm down and stand by you." She then tells Brett that marriage isn't the only way; he could offer to support the baby. Brett, though, explains that Donna's parents are real old-fashioned; if they knew she was having his kid, they'd think he ought to marry her. Donna suddenly comes out of the kitchen and tells Beryl that she's cut the sponge. She adds that it looks beautiful; she should ask Beryl to make their wedding cake! Brett looks at Beryl and sighs heavily.

Wayne staggers into the lounge room at Charlie's after having had a sleep. Caroline is sitting on the couch, and Wayne comments that he didn't know if she'd still be there. Caroline points out that she said they should stick together. She then asks him if he's feeling any better, but he groans, "Worse." Sitting down, he adds that what he needs is a drink. Caroline, though, retorts, "No you don't." She then goes on that she's just been through the Articles of the company: Gordon and the others probably would win a court case. Wayne mutters that he told her that. There's suddenly a frantic knocking on the front door. Wayne asks Caroline if she can go and see who it is, but before Caroline can move, a voice calls, "Wayne, it's me: Denise." Wayne groans that he can't face her. Caroline, standing up, says, "I'll take care of it - on one condition: that you stop feeling sorry for yourself and you help me with the details of forming a new company." Denise knocks on the door again and calls to Wayne that she knows he's in there. Wayne sighs to Caroline, "Alright, alright, anything for a bit of peace." Caroline warns him, "And not another drink. I'll tip the whole lot out if you do." She then heads to the door and opens it. Looking surprised to see her, Denise asks, "What are you doing here?" Caroline explains that she had some business to discuss with Wayne. She adds that he's not well; he's not up to visitors. Denise insists that she needs to talk to him. Caroline, though, tells her, "Denise, he's very upset about what happened with you. He feels it would be better if you just kept away." Denise snaps, "What do you know about it?" Caroline assures her, "He likes you a lot, but he doesn't want to see you again. I know that's hard to accept, but you'd be better off with someone your own age." Denise growls, "Look who's talking. What about you and Colin?" Caroline sighs, "Hasn't anybody told you yet that nothing happened between Colin and me?" Denise retorts sniffily, "Oh, I know that's what he says, but you don't expect me to believe that, do you?" Caroline pauses and then growls, "Don't be so naive, Denise. If your brother doesn't like women, why should I be the only exception?" Denise stares at her and cries, "What?" Caroline asks, "Don't you know?" Denise asks, "Know what?" Caroline retorts, "If you can't guess, you'd better ask Colin about it. And please don't come back here, bothering Wayne; he's really not well enough. I'm sorry, but that's the way things are." With that, she shuts the door in a shocked-looking Denise's face.

In the kitchen at the country house, Charlie is muttering that people like that Cockroach person should be made to tell the truth; they should bring back the rack or something! Adam tells her that it's possible that Eddie may have slept through - even if Jeff did leave the hospital. Alison assures him that he left alright - and murdered Luke. Adam says he thinks that's pretty impossible to prove now. Alison suggests that they're going to have to forget about it, then. Charlie stares at her in surprise, but Adam tells her that he's glad she's being sensible. The back door suddenly opens and Spider comes in. Charlie exclaims that she thought he'd left, but Spider explains that he missed the bus; he's been helping Tim out there move some bags of spuds; his old back's playing up again now. Charlie warns him that he shouldn't be lifting things. Spider sighs that young Tim does need a bit of a hand... Adam takes the hint and says he'll help. Spider suggests to him that he take off his jacket, as it's a messy job. Adam does so and hangs it over the back of one of the chairs. He and Spider then head out. At the table, Alison says to Charlie, "Was that Shane?" Looking surprised, Charlie comments that she didn't hear anything, but Alison insists that she's sure it was. Charlie suggests that she'd better go and check, and she heads off to his room. Left alone in the kitchen, Alison walks round to Adam's jacket, reaches into a pocket, takes out his notebook and smiles as she riffles through it and finds Eddie Benson's address. Charlie suddenly comes back in and, catching Alison in the act, demands, "What are you doing?"

Colin is sitting at the living room table at Dural when Denise bursts into the room. Colin comments that she was a long time at school, but Denise retorts that she went to see Wayne on her way back. Colin sighs, "Denny..." Denise, sitting down, asks, "What's the matter. Jealous or something?" Colin stares at her and she goes on, "It's true, isn't it? You go for guys. I used to wonder why you never had a girlfriend, but I kept telling myself that my brother couldn't really be--" She breaks off and cries, "It's disgusting." Colin asks her what it matters to her, but Denise snaps, "How can I ever bring a boyfriend home now when you're likely to start chatting him up?" Colin snaps, "Cut it out, Denise. If you're so crazy about Wayne, why do you need other boyfriends?" Denise retorts, "Yeah, well, you're so worried about what mum will think if she finds out about Wayne and me. How do you think she'd feel if she knew about you?" Colin growls, "She does. So does Stephen. And they've both been terrific." Denise, looking stunned, growls, "They don't care? That makes me sick. The whole idea makes my skin crawl." She gets up and runs out.

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Caroline is telling Wayne that she thinks he'd better come over to her apartment; that way, Denise and the others wouldn't be able to bother him. Wayne, though, mutters, "No, I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to stay here. I just don't think I could handle going out or facing anyone." Caroline goes to the 'phone and Wayne asks her who she's calling. Caroline replies, "Irene Fisher. I think you ought to see a doctor." Wayne growls that he's not sick, but Caroline retorts that he's a bundle of nerves. Wayne snaps, "I don't need a doctor to tell me I'm nervous. How would you feel if the whole world was against you?" Caroline tells him, "I'd feel like getting some help." She dials and the call is answered by Samantha. When Caroline says it's her, Samantha exclaims that she didn't even know she was back from Melbourne! Caroline explains that she arrived this morning. She then goes on that she'd love to chat, but she's with Wayne at the moment and he's not feeling very well; she was wondering if Irene could come over and have a look at him; he's staying at Charlie Bartlett's. Samantha looks at Irene's list of appointments and then says she's sure she'll get there as soon as she can. With that, they hang up. Wayne asks Caroline if Irene's coming. Caroline replies, "As soon as she can."

A short time later, Samantha is sorting through a pile of patients' records as Irene stands next to her and comments that it would have been more sensible for Caroline to call a local doctor. Andy comes in and hands Irene some mail. Samantha then hands Andy a small box and tells him that a courier delivered it for him. Andy thanks her and then tells her that he's sorry about the other business. Samantha mutters, "He didn't ring anyway." Andy opens his parcel, but just finds a box filled with cotton wool. He takes it out, and then suddenly throws the box down onto the desk in horror and cries, "Stand back." Irene looks in the box and exclaims that it's a funnel-web." Samantha asks what sort of a sick joke that is. Andy growls, "Some joke. That thing could have bitten me." Irene, though, says she doesn't think so - the spider looks as if it's been dead for quite a while; somebody's just trying to frighten him. Andy mutters, "Yeah - like the carpet snake." Samantha asks, "What?" Andy tells her, "The snake Fiona got after she published Barney Adams' diaries. And we both know who that was from: Chris Bainbridge."

Charlie and Alison climb out of Charlie's car, which is parked outside Eddie Benson's house, and Charlie asks Alison if she's sure it's the right place. Alison nods that she is. Charlie sighs that she feels like she's deceiving her own son. Alison explains that that's why she didn't want her to know about it; she shouldn't have come. Charlie tells her that she thought she might need some help, and Alison agrees that she probably will. As they start heading up the path, Alison says she has to convince him to talk; it's her only chance. She adds, "If I'm to lead a normal life with David again, this man has to help me."


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