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    Written by: Steve Dunne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Bart is busy chopping away at a bush when he sees Mark's motorcycle zooming past him. He waves to him and his passenger and then returns to his work.

Inside the homestead, Alan sits down at the kitchen table and Barbara pours him some coffee. Alan tells Gordon that he's had a look at those old sheds this morning: if they tore them down and cleared up the paddock, they could put in some crops. Gordon, though, says it might be better to leave that for the moment - at least until after the auction. Barbara offers Alan some cake, which he accepts. Gordon then asks Alan how the new man is working out. Alan replies, "Mark? Oh, pretty good." Gordon asks him if he thinks he'll stay, but Alan tells him, "I don't know. I haven't really figured him out yet. Quiet sort of bloke - except round Mary: I reckon he's taken a real shine to her!" Barbara gives him a sudden look of concern and then asks, "Where is Mary?" Alan laughs that he left her with Mark. He adds that, by the way she was talking, he reckons she wants him for his motorbike! Gordon, beginning to look worried, muses that he doesn't like the idea of Mary talking to people they don't know, and he stands up and heads out, saying he'll be back in a minute. When he's gone, Alan says to Barbara that he hopes he hasn't done something wrong. Barbara explains that Gordon's a bit on edge, that's all: the police seem to think Mary's in danger and he's being a bit extra-protective. Alan, looking concerned, says he might go and check she's OK, too, and he stands up and heads out.

Bart is still chopping at a bush in the grounds outside as Gordon asks him, "Which way?" Bart replies that he headed left; away from the town. He adds that he doesn't think they were going far. Gordon, though, asks him curtly how he'd know. Alan joins them and Gordon tells him that Mark has taken Mary off on his motorbike. Alan asks if it's worth following them, and Gordon turns back to the house and says he'll get his keys. Alan, though, says they can use his car.

Mark pulls up his bike in a deserted area in the middle of some bush. Mary immediately climbs off, undoes her helmet and goes to run off. Mark, though, grabs her, pushes her to the ground and snaps that she's not going anywhere. Mary cries fearfully, "No..." She stares at the logo on his boots and then looks up to find him pointing a pistol at her head. He threatens, "No use trying to run away, sweetheart..."

Tim and Brett emerge from the back door at the country house, Brett saying as they do so that there must be a better way to make a living than shovelling fertiliser! Tim growls, "You must have some in your eyes." Looking surprised, Brett asks him what he's talking about. Tim asks, "Didn't you see how upset Donna was when you sent her back to Aunty Beryl's?" Brett tells him curtly to give it a rest. Tim asks Brett why he's so rotten to her. Brett, though, snaps at him to just butt out. Tim retorts, "She's a nice girl, mate. You're damn lucky to have someone like her around." Spider suddenly walks up and joins them, and he immediately comments on the smell of the fertiliser on their clothes! Brett tells him that he wants to apologise about jumping down his throat about Leigh. Spider assures him that it's water under the bridge. Tim asks Spider if he thinks she's alright, as no one's heard anything. Spider, though, assures him that she knows what to do; she's a real trouper. Looking surprised, Brett comments that that's a bit of a change, isn't it?: he thought Spider was worried about her... Spider retorts, "Who said I wasn't? It's just that I worry a little more casually than most people, that's all." Quickly changing the subject, he asks if Charlie's home, and Tim replies that she's inside. Spider heads in there, joking as he does so that she's probably fretting for his company! Brett suggests to Tim sourly that they get back to work.

Inside, in the lounge room, Charlie switches the vacuum cleaner on and starts hoovering. Alison suddenly appears in the doorway - wearing a robe and with her hair wrapped in a towel - and smiles, "Why don't you employ a cleaner, Charlie?" Charlie, not looking at her, replies that she'd love to, but David wouldn't have a bar of it; he's very old-fashioned when it comes to housewifely duties. Alison muses, "Yes, he is..." She then asks if Adam's called. Charlie, though, replies, "No, but I'm sure if he hears anything--" She turns to face Alison as she says this, and suddenly breaks off, a look of shock on her face. Alison asks what's wrong. Charlie murmurs, "I'm not sure, but with your hair up like that, you remind me so much of--" She breaks off as Spider comes in and says he just thought he'd drop in for a little chat. He adds that, actually, he thought he might take Shane out for the day, if that's alright; it would give the two of them a rest. Charlie comments that it's not easy looking after a little baby. Alison suggests that it couldn't do any harm, but Charlie, though, retorts that Shane is her responsibility and she'd rather have him where she can keep an eye on him. She adds, "I can imagine what Leigh would think if anything happened to him." Alison looks at Spider and muses, "She's the boss." She walks off. She heads into the kitchen and Spider follows her. He sits down at the table, commenting as he does so that he didn't do too well about taking Shane out for the day. Alison agrees, "No, you didn't." She then asks him how things are at home. Spider replies that they're not bad, although they could be better. Alison goes on that it's a pity Charlie's so determined not to let Shane out of her sight. Spider points out that the day's not over yet; he might still be able to change her mind. Alison, though, says she wishes he wouldn't try and change her mind; it could be dangerous. Spider tells her tersely, "Spider Webb Esquire has quite a reputation for twisting women round his little finger." Alison laughs that it must have been a long time ago! She then continues more seriously that if they push Charlie too hard, she's going to become suspicious; they should just play it safe. Spider, though, tells her, "Look, stop worrying. She won't get suspicious - and I can be quite subtle when I want to be." Charlie suddenly comes in, holding a photograph, and she exclaims, "I was right! It's amazing!" Spider starts to say to her, "Listen, about me taking Shane out for the day. I was wondering--" Charlie, though, interrupts him and retorts that she's already told him once. She then starts staring at Alison and she comments, "The same bone structure... the eyes..." Alison asks her what on earth she's talking about. Charlie explains, "You and Patricia." She adds that she found the photo in David's room, before going on, "You're so alike, it's incredible!" Alison quickly assures her, "You're not the first person to come to that conclusion. In fact, a lot of people who saw us together said exactly the same thing." She then makes a hasty exit, saying she's going to dry her hair. Spider takes the photo from Charlie and, looking at it, says, "You know, you're right? She does look like Alison. They could even be related. Very striking woman." Charlie muses, "Mmm..."

Alan is driving his car along a road, with Gordon sitting in the passenger seat. Alan pulls the vehicle to a halt and suggests to Gordon that he doesn't think there's much point going on; it's a pretty powerful bike that Mark's got. Gordon admits that they don't know where he's gone. Alan asks if they should go back to the house and Gordon sighs that there's not much else to do - except wait. Alan turns the vehicle round and starts to head back.

Out in the clearing in the bush, Mark hands Mary a piece of paper and a pen. Looking scared, she asks, "What are these for?" Mark tells her menacingly, "Your confession... about how you killed your grandparents." Mary cries, "I didn't." Mark, though, retorts lightly, "Really? Well, let's just pretend, huh? Say that, er... you couldn't live with the guilt and had to commit suicide." Mary cries, "I can't." Mark points the pistol at her again and orders, "Try." Mary, though, cries, "Please. I can't." Mark threatens, "You start writing sweetheart..." Mary, though, tells him, "I can't read and I can't write." Mark snaps, "Bull." Mary, though, insists, "It's true. Nan never taught me. I don't know why; she just didn't. All I know is how to sign my name." Mark suddenly puts the gun to her neck and demands, "Who knows you can't read and write? Anyone at Woombai?" Mary shakes her head and starts whimpering. Mark grabs the pen and pad from her and growls, "In that case, I'll print the note... and you can sign it." Holding Mary in front of him, he goes and leans on the saddle of his bike, putting the gun down so that he can write. Mary suddenly elbows him in the stomach, and he bends over double. Mary seizes the opportunity to grab the gun and point it at him.

Alan and Gordon are still heading back to Woombai. Gordon says to Alan that if Mary and Mark aren't back from Woombai, they're going to call the police. They suddenly hear a shot ring out and Gordon cries, "What the hell was that?" Alan asks if anyone from the riding school is out shooting, but Gordon retorts, "Not as far as I know - and it sounded like a pistol shot." He then points in front of them and adds, "Up ahead."

Mark is bending over the saddle of his motorbike. Mary is still aiming the pistol at him, but she suddenly hears a car coming, and she throws the weapon down onto the ground and runs up onto the road. Gordon and Alan spot her and Alan pulls his car to a halt. Gordon calls, "Mary! You alright?" Mary cries, "Mark. He tried to kill me." Mark's motorcycle suddenly pulls out onto the road behind them. Mary climbs into the car and Alan starts reversing to go after him.

In the reception of Irene's surgery at the boarding house in Sydney, Samantha hands a patient a receipt and confirms her appointment. She goes. Irene emerges from the examination room and asks, "No more victims?!" Samantha checks and replies, "Not 'til after lunch!" Irene says, "Good. I want to get over to Crossley House." Samantha comments that she won't have much time, but Irene replies that it'll keep her busy. Samantha suddenly remarks, "You've been doing a lot of that, lately." Irene asks innocently, "Have I?" Samantha goes on that she knows it's none of her business, but it's Roland, isn't it? Irene, though, retorts that she hadn't really given it much thought. She then hesitates before admitting, "Yes, of course it's Roland. If I keep busy, I don't have to think about it. I still miss him. I keep going over everything that happened, wondering if there wasn't some way I could have handled things better." Samantha asks her if she's heard from him, but Irene replies sadly, "No." She goes on that she has to admit that, the first week, her heart skipped a beat every time the 'phone rang, but it was always someone else. She then adds that she will get over it. Changing the subject, she smiles, "This is not getting me to Crossley House. Now do you want to come for a drive?" Samantha smiles, "Sure!"

Brett is working in the grounds of the country house as Tim sits on a bench, watching him and commenting, "I can't figure you out. I lose my girlfriend and you're all sympathy. Then Donna shows up and you're acting as though it's the end of the world. You're not even glad to see her, are you? The only reason she came down from Ararat was because of you." Brett suddenly stops working and, glaring at Tim, snaps, "Listen, when are you going to get it through your thick skull? It's none of your business. Now back off, OK?" Tim sighs, "Alright, I won't mention her again." Brett mutters that he's sorry, but he's a bit edgy: Donna suddenly hit him with some news last night. Tim asks, "What?"

Donna is sitting on the couch at Beryl's, watching TV, when the front door bangs and Beryl comes in, loaded down with groceries. She asks Donna how her morning was, but Donna just looks at her blankly. Beryl comments that things can't be that bad. Donna explains that she was thinking of checking into a hostel, and she asks Beryl if she can use her 'phone. Looking surprised, Beryl comments that she thought Donna was going to stay there a while longer. Donna replies that she was, but she doesn't think she should, now. Beryl smiles at her and says carefully, "Donna, I don't know what the problem is, love, but I do know that if you're around friends, it's a lot easier. Is it something to do with Brett?" Donna nods. There's silence and then Beryl concedes, "If you don't want to talk about it..." Donna, though, admits that she should talk to someone. She then goes on, "I thought he loved me, Mrs. Palmer. We've been together since High School. Just been making a fool of myself." Beryl asks her why she thinks that, and Donna sighs, "The way he reacted when I told him the news." Beryl looks at her and she explains, "I'm going to have a baby, Mrs. Palmer. Brett's the father."

A few moments later, Donna sighs that she didn't know what to do: Brett acts like he doesn't want to know about it. Beryl asks her if she's sure he's the father and Donna insists, "Yes. I'm not like some of the other girls at home." Beryl asks her if she's told her parents, but Donna shakes her head. She goes on that she thought that, once she saw Brett, he'd tell her what to do, but he doesn't even care. Beryl suggests that he's probably more shocked than anything; it must have been a big surprise for him. Donna murmurs, "I can't go home. Mum and dad would kill me." Beryl laughs that she doubts that. She then asks Donna if she'd like her to talk to Brett, but Donna quickly says she doesn't want to push him into anything; if he wants to marry her and look after the baby then fine - but if he doesn't, then she'll leave. Beryl says she knows it doesn't mean much, but she should try not to worry; they'll work something out.

Tim is sitting outside a barn in the grounds at the country house, listening as Brett says, "That's why I haven't been throwing too many jokes since she arrived." Tim asks him what he's going to do, but Brett says he's not sure. Tim comments that it seems to him that he's only got one choice: marry her. Brett, though, mutters, "Come off the grass." Tim asks him what else he can do, and Brett replies, "If I knew a doctor... someone who could, you know..." Tim realises angrily, "Get rid of the baby?" Brett retorts, "Yeah, well, it happens." Tim snaps, "It shouldn't. You got yourself into this mess, mate. Now you've got to do the right thing." He goes on, "I can't understand you. I always thought you liked kids." Brett, though, retorts, "This is different. Donna and I can't bring up a kid; what kind of life would it have? It would be bad news all round. Donna should have been more careful." Tim snarls, "Well, why weren't you more careful? You make me sick. You get all high-and-mighty about Leigh, but when you get yourself into trouble, you go running around blaming someone else. You're selfish, mate. No one else matters as far as you're concerned, do they?" Brett glares at him and then storms off.

Inside, Spider is sitting at the kitchen table as Alison prepares a salad and Charlie talks on the 'phone, saying, "Alright, darling, I'll tell her." She then hangs up and Alison asks if that was Adam. Charlie replies, "Yes. He's found some - 'associates' was the word I think he used - of Eddie Benson. He's going to see them and see what he can find out." Looking pleased, Alison asks if he thinks they'll be able to lead him to Eddie. Charlie points out, "He's one step closer, isn't he!" She then warns Alison not to get her hopes up too high - Eddie might still not be able to help clear Patricia's name. Alison, though, insists, "Oh come on, Charlie, be positive. Of course he will. In fact, I feel we can put the champagne on ice now." Spider stares at her in surprise. Charlie warns her not to get too carried away. Changing the subject, she then suggests that Alison go and tell the boys that lunch is nearly ready. Alison accepts this and heads out. When she's gone, Spider muses to Charlie, "Keen as mustard to clear Patricia's name, isn't she?" Charlie smiles, "We all are, darling." Spider, though, goes on, "She just seems to be taking things pretty much to heart, if you ask me. What do you think?" Charlie, looking thoughtful, murmurs, "I don't know, Spider..."

Irene and Samantha are walking along in the grounds of Crossley House with Chris Bainbridge, and Samantha comments that it's a nice place. Chris asks her sarcastically what she was expecting! Irene thanks Chris for showing them around, and she adds that she has to say she's impressed. Chris tells her that it's a pity Sister Jean's away; she's the driving force round there. Irene says she'd like to meet her. She then asks if they have a resident doctor, but Chris sighs, "No such luck, I'm afraid. Know anyone we can rope in?" Irene smiles that if she can give a hand, then just give her a call. Chris tells her that he'll pass the word on. They arrive back at Irene's car, and Irene goes and gets in. Samantha lingers with Chris and comments that it's a good garden. Chris tells her that he's been doing some planting today, and he points out an area nearby, saying they should have some nice shrubs there in a few months. He then pauses before changing the subject and saying seriously, "Samantha, I was wondering if you'd like to go out sometime. The pictures, maybe." Samantha immediately smiles, "Alright." Chris smiles back in relief and tells her, "I didn't know whether you'd say 'yes' or not; I daresay Andy's been badmouthing me." Samantha, though, assures him, "I make my own judgements." She then asks him what he was thinking of seeing, but Chris laughs that he hadn't got that far. Samantha suggests that they just go into town tonight and see what's on! Irene suddenly calls from her car, "Hurry it up, slowcoach!" Samantha heads for the car, calling back to Chris as she does so, "Pick me up at 7:30pm." Chris tells her that he'll see her then!

In the grounds at Woombai, Gordon and Alan shake the hands of two detectives, who climb back into their car and drive off. No one notices Mark hiding in some bushes nearby, now holding a rifle... He loads it. Alan says to Gordon that he can't figure Mark out: if he's the murderer and he thought Mary could recognise him, why turn up at Woombai? - and if she can't, he's got nothing to worry about anyway. He adds, "The bloke must be off his rocker." Gordon explains that that's what the police are afraid of: maybe he thought that if he could put the blame on Mary, it would take the heat off him. He adds, "I just hope they catch the mongrel before it's too late." He and Alan head inside. Mark watches them from his hiding place among some trees...

Inside, Barbara takes some baking out of the oven and places it on the counter. Mary is with her, stirring some more cake mixture, and Barbara comments to her that she didn't think she'd be up to helping after this morning. Mary murmurs that she has to get her mind off what happened somehow. Barbara says she's sure the police will pick Mark up sooner or later. Gordon and Alan come in through the back door and Gordon remarks that their cooking smells good! Mary immediately asks him if he thinks the police will catch Mark, and Gordon replies that of course he does - although it'll probably be in Queensland or Victoria. Alan chips in that the police think it likely that he's headed interstate. Barbara smiles that she told Mary she had nothing to worry about. She then suggests to Mary that she take the vegetables and they can all go and sit down. Alan tells her that she'll give her a hand. All of a sudden, a shot suddenly rings out, and Alan - who's standing in front of the window - drops to the ground. Mary screams out in terror. Gordon dives to the ground and crawls across to where Alan's lying with his hand to his chest. He tells him to try not to move. Barbara asks if he's alright. She hands Gordon a teatowel, which he places on Alan's wound. He then asks Alan how he feels, and he replies weakly, "Like I could lie here for a while..." Gordon tells Barbara to look after him and Barbara says she will. Gordon starts crawling backwards and Barbara asks him anxiously where he's going. He replies that he's going to call the police and an ambulance. Mary cries that she's scared. Gordon takes down the 'phone from the counter.

Charlie is talking to Fiona on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, and she asks how David is. Fiona replies, "Pretty much on the mend - and very keen to start looking for Patricia." Charlie asks if they have any idea where to start. Fiona, though, admits, "No - but at least we've got the photo." A look of surprise crosses Charlie's face, and she asks, "What photo?" Fiona explains, "Of Patricia. She's had plastic surgery. Doesn't look anything like she used to." Looking shocked, Charlie exclaims that she doesn't believe it. Fiona, though, says she's afraid it's true. She adds that she didn't say anything before because so much else has been happening. Charlie stands there, not saying anything. Fiona eventually prompts, "Charlie?" Charlie quickly says, "Oh, sorry. Say hello to David for me." Fiona says she will and then adds that she'd better go. The two women say goodbye to each other and Charlie hangs up very slowly. Spider stands up from where he's sitting at the table and asks if there's anything he can help with. Charlie, though, murmurs, "No, I don't think so." Spider points out, "Two heads are better than one." Charlie, though, asks him to go and read the paper or help the boys. She adds, "There's something I need to think about..."

Tim and Brett are approaching the back door outside, Brett saying he's going to skip lunch and he'll probably be back late. Tim asks him where he's going, and he explains that he's going to see Donna. He adds that he was thinking about what Tim said, and maybe he was right. Tim asks, "About marrying her?" Brett replies that he doesn't see there's much else he can do. Spider suddenly emerges from the house and complains, "That Charlie's turning into a real tyrant." Tim asks why that is, and Spider retorts, "I've just been told to clear out: read the paper or help you boys." Brett tells Tim that he'll see him later and he heads off. Spider asks Tim what the matter with Brett is and Tim explains that he has a few things on his mind; hassles with Donna. Spider mouths, "Oh..."

Alison is sitting inside, in the lounge room, reading a book entitled Being Your Own Boss. Charlie suddenly appears in the doorway, a glum expression on her face, and Alison comments to her that she doesn't look too happy. Charlie murmurs, "No..." Alison asks what's wrong, and Charlie, walking into the room slowly, replies, "Fiona rang - about David." Alison asks, "And?" Charlie tells her, "Bad news." A look of horror crosses Alison's face and she demands, "What kind of bad news?" Charlie says quietly, "I don't want to talk about it." Alison, though, stands up and asks earnestly, "What did Fiona say? What happened?" Charlie stares at her and asks her, "Why are you getting so upset?" Alison retorts, "If anything's happened to David, I want to know." Charlie protests, "You don't even know the man. It's nothing to do with you." She then adds, "I'm going to lie down." Alison suddenly snaps, "For God's sake, Charlie, tell me: what's wrong with him?" Charlie looks at her and then replies calmly, "Nothing." Alison stares at her in surprise and asks, "What?" Charlie tells her, "He's fine. It was a test." Alison gives her a look and then smiles and says, "You do go on sometimes, Charlie." She goes to sit down again, but Charlie tells her, "There's only one reason you'd react the way you did. You're Patricia - aren't you."


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