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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Alison asks Mary calmly why she thinks Patricia was her mother. Mary explains, "My nan told me. She and granddad brought me up, but I wasn't really theirs. Nan said Patricia paid them to raise me when I was a baby; she's dead now - nan." Charlie tells Mary that that's very sad, but she's afraid Mary's grandmother must have been mistaken; she and Alison knew Patricia quite well and they'd know if anything like that ever happened. She adds, "There's no way Patricia could be your mother." Looking disappointed, Mary goes on, "A lot of people say she wasn't a very nice person. Is that true? I mean, if you knew her..." Alison tells her, "She wasn't really a bad person; I just don't think people understood her. I think you would have liked her. I'm sure she would have liked you...

Outside, by the barbecue, Colin asks Andy how come he got himself elected cook. Andy laughs, "Pure talent, mate!" He then turns to look at Denise, who's sitting nearby with a drink in her hand. He comments to Colin in concern that she's going to wipe herself out before the party's even started. Colin murmurs that he knows... He then calls over to Denise and suggests that she slows it down a bit. Denise just stares at him, raises her glass to him and then gulps down the rest of her drink. Colin warns her that she won't be able to stand up by the time her friends arrive. Denise just spits, "That's my problem." She then goes on sourly, "I need something. We're supposed to be having a great day today, remember? A big family celebration before the trip to New Zealand. Most of the people don't even know why they're coming." Colin, looking guilty, tells her to just try and take it easy. Denise stands up and walks off. She bumps into Samantha and Chris, and Samantha tells her that she thinks some of her friends are here; there's a lost-looking mob out the front. Denise just looks at her and walks off. Samantha and Chris then approach the barbecue and Samantha asks if Denise is alright. Colin explains that he thinks she's taken the news about their mum pretty bad. Chris looks at Andy and asks him how he is. Andy replies, "OK." He then goes on, "I owe you an apology - about the funnel-web. It wasn't you." Chris points out, "I told you that from the start." Andy asks, "What can I say? I'm sorry." The two men shake hands and Samantha smiles, "Thank goodness that's all over! Now maybe we can start enjoying the party!"

Donna is sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's. Beryl joins her and comments about Shane, "Little monkey - do you think I could get him to go to sleep?!" Donna shows her a letter that she's holding and tells her that her mum and dad have sent her a cheque for a wedding dress. Beryl comments that that's good of them. She then goes through her own mail and comments that she doesn't think she wants tickets in a raffle or her carpets dry-cleaned! Donna goes on that her mum's even booked the CWA hall and church. Beryl smiles that it's all go! Donna asks, "Would you come with me to help choose a wedding dress?" Beryl, though, says, "I'd love to, Donna, but I can't leave Shane. If he'd already had his sleep, I could probably take him, but as it is, I've only just got him down." Donna, looking disappointed, murmurs that she understands. Beryl quickly suggests to her that she go out and choose a couple and then tomorrow, they'll both go into town and she can tell her which one she likes the best. Donna smiles, "Great. Thanks!" She adds, "It's going to be a great wedding, Mrs. Palmer. Everything's just going to be perfect."

Brett is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house as Tim tries to feed Isabella cold spaghetti. Brett laughs that Charlie will kill him for trying to feed the dog that stuff! Tim rejoins Brett at the table and, looking at the full plate in front of him, asks him if he's not going to eat his lunch. Brett shakes his head and Tim warns him that he'll fade away to a shadow if he's not careful. Brett suddenly says, "I don't know if I even love her." Looking surprised, Tim points out, "But you're going to marry her!" Brett grunts, "Yeah, more fool me." He goes on bitterly that it's the first time he's been away from home on his own and he doesn't want to go back - at least, not yet; he wants to live a bit - and getting married... it's got to be a mistake. Tim snaps, "Well I reckon you're damn lucky: you've got a nice girl... you're going to have a family... Blokes I know would give their right arm to be set up like that. I know I would." He then asks, "Doesn't it make you feel... I don't know... like you belong to someone?" Brett, though, mutters, "No." Adam suddenly calls, "Tim," from outside, and Tim calls that he's there. Adam appears in the doorway and asks if Isabella is around, as he promised Charlie he'd take her to the parlour while she's away. Tim indicates the dog under the table and explains that she's having lunch. Adam reaches under the table and retrieves her. He then asks if there's any word on Leigh. Tim asks suspiciously, "Who's asking: you or the cop?" Adam retorts, "Both." Tim mutters, "I know Leigh goes off the rails now and again, but I don't want to see her behind bars - so don't expect me to dob her in, alright?" Tim looks at Brett in surprise.

Spider is walking along a pavement, carrying some boxes of food. Leigh emerges from the front door of a house nearby, and as he approaches her, Spider snaps, "What are you doing outside? Someone will see you." Leigh asks, "Like who?" Spider retorts, "I don't know. Somebody." Leigh, ignoring this, asks where the nearest bus stop is. Spider, though, demands, "What do you want with a bus stop?" Leigh explains that she's going out to see Shane; make sure Charlie's looking after him. Spider, though, snaps, "You can't." Leigh cries that she's missing him like crazy; she just wants to make sure he's alright. Spider mutters, "He is. Somebody might see you." Leigh insists that she just wants to talk to him. Spider then tells her, "He's not there - that is, Charlie's not there." Leigh asks where she is, then, and Spider replies that she's in Sydney. Leigh asks where Shane is and Spider tells her, "Beryl's got him." Looking furious, Leigh snaps, "Like hell she has." She goes to march off, but Spider warns her, "Don't be stupid." Leigh turns back to face him and growls, "I'm not having Shane dumped on one person after another. I'm going to get him." She marches off again.

The party is in full swing in the grounds at Dural. Gordon joins Colin, Andy, Samantha and Chris by the barbecue and asks what the food's like. Samantha smiles that it's great! Colin asks Gordon if they're ready to set up inside, and Gordon says he thinks everybody's arrived. Andy indicates a plate of food on the table next to him and tells Gordon that that one's ready to go. Gordon acknowledges this and turns to Samantha and comments that Irene hasn't turned up yet. Samantha replies that she said she'd try, but she does have a few appointments. Gordon explains that he wanted to talk to her about Wayne; see if she can recommend somebody to help him. Samantha points out that it's still early. Gordon agrees that that's true and he picks up the plate of food and heads inside. As he does so, he passes a tarty-looking teenage girl, who is approaching Denise and some of her friends at one of the tables. Denise spots her and exclaims, "Janet, hi! You're late!" Janet laughs, "That's public transport for you!" Denise asks her if Ian didn't ring her, but Janet replies, "We split up!" Denise says she's sorry. Janet, though, sits down and laughs, "I'm not. Plenty more where he came from!" She then goes on, "In fact, I've heard you've got a rather cute brother!" Denise looks over at Colin, who's standing nearby, and then tells Janet, "You'd be wasting your time there... no, my brother doesn't go for girls." Colin wanders over to her and snaps, "You've got a big mouth, Denise. Pity you haven't got a brain to match it." Denise and her friends immediately all let out camp cries of, "Oooo!" Colin glares at them and wanders off, looking unhappy. He rejoins Andy, Samantha and Chris at the barbecue. Andy tells him, "You know what, mate: she's drunk." Colin just nods, looking concerned.

Inside, Charlie and Alison are sitting at the bar in the lounge room, and Charlie asks Alison if there's any truth in what Mary is saying. Alison retorts, "No. What makes you think there is?" Charlie points out that it's such a strange story. Alison, though, retorts that Mary simply has to accept that dear old grandma told her a lie. Elsewhere in the room, Barbara and Gordon wander over to the living room table and Gordon starts picking out some food for Wayne. Barbara tells him that he'd better take some mineral water, too. Mary says she'll get that. She then tells Gordon that she wouldn't mind coming over with him; she hasn't met his son, yet. Barbara asks dubiously if Wayne is up to visitors, but Gordon says he thinks so; Mary might be able to cheer him up a bit.

In Melbourne, Spider is following Leigh as she marches along a street, towards a bus stop. He calls to her, "You're crazy, girl. Stupid. I thought you had some brains." Leigh snaps back, "You tell me what I'm doing wrong." Spider retorts, "You're being selfish, that's what. Just plain selfish. What are you going to do when you get him? Go on the run?" Leigh turns to face him as he warns her, "Don't think the cops won't catch you, 'cos they will. You'll be dead easy to spot with Shane." He pauses before continuing, "Let me tell you something: my old man went to jail when I was a kid. By the time he got out, I'd forgotten what he looked like - not that I cared: the kids at school gave me such a bad time, I didn't want to know. I know that sounds a bit unfair, but... well, I just couldn't help it. You wouldn't like that to happen between you and Shane, would you?" Leigh shakes her head. Spider tells her, "A jail never did anyone any good, Leigh, so you've got to stay out of it. When Shane's older, tell him the truth then. That's better than having him grow up knowing his mum's doing time for kidnapping." Leigh, tears suddenly beginning to well in her eyes, murmurs, "Go and see Beryl. Tell her to take Shane up to Frannie. Please - make sure he's alright."

Mary and Gordon are at Charlie's, and as they walk into the lounge room with Wayne, Mary tells him that she'd understand if he didn't want her there. Wayne, though, assures her that he's glad of the company. The three of them sit down, and Mary places a tray that she's carrying on the coffee table in front of Wayne. She then tells him that she'll get him a knife and fork, and she asks which way it is to the kitchen. Wayne indicates, "Down the hall, first on the right." She goes. Alone with Wayne, Gordon asks, "Feeling better?" Wayne murmurs, "Not bad. Better now that you and I are talking again." He then goes on, "I've been trying to think of ways of not having to sell Woombai." Gordon, though, tells him, "It might be best if we do. If it goes onto the open market, I might be able to buy it myself and own it outright." Wayne exclaims that that would cost a fortune. Gordon, though, points out, "I've got my money from the share of the company, and Barbara has agreed to sell the house, so if I get it at the right price, I might just be able to scrape up enough." Wayne offers, "If there's anything I can to do help..." Gordon smiles, "Thanks. I may need it."

In the grounds at Dural, one of Denise's friends is gulping down a can of lager as Denise and her mates clap and yell, "Down! Down! Down!" He finishes the can and tosses it on the ground nearby. Denise kisses him on the lips and laughs, "Isn't he a hero?!" She walks away, but the guy asks, "Is that all?" Denise asks him drunkenly, "What did you want...?" The guy smiles, "How about another beer?" Another guy - who has his arm around Janet - tells the first guy that they've run out. Denise assures everyone that there's plenty more inside, and she heads off to get some. The guy she kissed watches her go. As she heads off, Colin walks into the middle of the gang of kids and starts picking up empty cans. Denise bumps into Samantha as she goes to head into the house, and Samantha, indicating Denise's friends, asks what's going on over there. Denise stares across at her friends and cries, "They're fighting." Samantha says she'll go and get Andy, and she runs off. Denise goes to rejoin her friends, who are roughing-up Colin. Denise runs up to them and cries, "Stop it." One of the guys tells her to stay out of it, but Denise pulls at him and snaps, "Let him go." The guy she kissed warns her, "No one calls me a pig." Janet tells her, "It was your brother's fault, Denise." Denise, though, snaps that she doesn't care whose fault it was. Andy and Chris suddenly run up and pull the guys apart. Andy punches the guy Denise kissed on the jaw. Chris starts struggling with another guy. Samantha runs into the middle of the fray and tells everyone to calm down. Janet spits that they were just having a bit of fun. Andy, though, snaps, "Just disappear, the lot of you, OK?" Janet turns to Denise and growls, "He can't tell us to do that. You were the one who started it, going on about your brother." One of the guys suggests that they get out of there, and Denise's friends all head off. Samantha asks Colin if he's alright. He murmurs that he'll survive. Samantha follows him. Andy finds himself alone with Denise, and he spits, "I hope you're real proud of yourself." He walks off, leaving Denise looking guilty.

A while later, Colin is coming downstairs inside, a bruise developing on his face. Denise joins him in the hallway and says, "I'm sorry." Colin mutters, "It's easy to say." Denise insists, "You're still my brother, Colin. I didn't mean--" She breaks off before saying, "I got a bit drunk. I am sorry." Colin snaps, "What do you want me to do? Pat you on the head and say that this is OK?" He indicates his face. Denise insists that she didn't want him to get hurt; she got a bit angry, that's all. Colin glares at her and then shakes his head and says, "No, Denny, you'll have to do better than that." He goes to walk off, but Denise cries, "Wait. Please." Colin stops walking and Denise goes on, "It's not just because you're--" She hesitates before continuing, "I felt angry ever since I found out about mum. And then Wayne ditched me. It's just been one thing after another and you were... you were the easiest person to blame, I guess. I know mum's been worried about the way we've... I've been snapping at you. I'll tell her it was my fault, too." Colin, though, says, "I don't think we should say anything. We're not biting each other's heads off; that should be enough. And who knows? If we stop fighting long enough, we might get to know each other a bit better." He then walks off, leaving Denise looking worried.

Spider is at Beryl's, and as Beryl shows him into the lounge room, he asks, "And how's me little mate?" Beryl replies that he's asleep - at least, he is now; he was up half the night. Spider asks if he's teething. Beryl, though, explains that he's missing his mother. She then goes on that she's surprised, actually, that Leigh has stayed away so long. Spider muses that, wherever she is, he's sure she's fretting as much for Shane as he is for her. Beryl murmurs, "Maybe." Spider then tells her, "You'll have your own baby back soon. You can't be expected to look after Shane forever. Nor Charlie. Might be worth giving some thought to taking him up to his grandmother's." Beryl queries, "Frannie?" Spider replies, "Is that her name, is it? Yes, er, Leigh said something about North Queensland." Beryl agrees that that's where she lives, and Spider muses, "Like I said, might be worth giving some thought." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Beryl answers it. Donna comes on, and Beryl asks what's wrong. Donna, sounding worried, tells her, "I've had an accident. It's been raining. When I came out of the dress shop, I slipped on the footpath. I think I've hurt the baby." Looking concerned, Beryl asks her where she is now. Donna tells her, "At the shop. The lady's called an ambulance. Can you come to the hospital?" Beryl says she'll be there as soon as she can, and she hangs up. Spider asks what's wrong, and Beryl explains. She then starts dialling a number and adds that she's just letting Brett know; she thinks he should be at the hospital, too. The 'phone rings in the kitchen at the country house, but there's no one there to answer it. Brett runs in through the doorway just as Beryl says to Spider, "He must be outside," and hangs up. She then asks Spider if he could look after Shane for her. Spider assures her, "Of course." With that, Beryl dashes off.

Tim joins Brett in the kitchen at the country house and asks who was on the 'phone. Brett, though, says he doesn't know; he wasn't fast enough. Adam suddenly knocks on the door and then walks in, carrying Isabella. He puts her down on one of the kitchen chairs and declares, "One clean dog!" He then suggests that he'd better get himself into gear. Brett tells him, "Have fun!" Adam muses, "I've got to go to Beryl's: Sarge wants me to talk to her - thinks Leigh might have been in touch because Beryl's got the kid." Tim glares at him and growls, "Yeah? Well you go your hardest, buster." With that, he storms out to the hallway. Adam shrugs at Brett, "See you later," and he goes.

At Beryl's, Spider picks up the telephone and goes to dial a number. He then appears to have second thoughts, however, and he hangs up. He changes his mind again, though, picks up the receiver and starts dialling. Leigh answers the call and Spider says it's him.

A while later, Leigh is standing in the lounge room at Beryl's, swinging Shane around, happily. Spider asks her if anyone saw her, but Leigh assures him, "No!" Spider tells her that he's glad she came as quick as she did, because Shane has been screaming his lungs out ever since he called. Looking worried, Leigh suggests that maybe Beryl shouldn't take him up to Frannie. Spider, though, insists that it's the only way; they decided that this morning. Leigh sighs that she knows, but giving him up isn't going to be easy. Spider assures her that Shane will be right once he's settled in with Leigh's mum. He then adds that Leigh can't stay there too long; Beryl might be back quicker than they think. Leigh pleads, "Just a few more minutes, Spider. Just a few more minutes..."

At Charlie's, Mary picks up the tray in front of Wayne and Gordon asks his son, "How was it?" Wayne smiles, "Lovely. Good Aussie barbecue tucker!" Mary asks him if he'd like another drink. Wayne tells her that another mineral water would be fine, and Mary heads off to get it. Gordon says to Wayne that he'd better be getting back to the party. He asks Wayne to come over for a while, but Wayne quickly says, "No, I couldn't." Gordon tells him that he's sure Jenny and Stephen would like to see him, but Wayne laughs bitterly, "I doubt if they'd miss me." Gordon insists that they'd be pleased if he came. Wayne, though, replies, "Thanks all the same, dad, I'd rather stay here. Really. I don't feel up to seeing too many people at the moment." Gordon accepts this, tells his son to take it easy and says he'll call in to see him again later. He then heads off. Mary comes in and hands Wayne his bottle of mineral water. He thanks her and then asks her if she's sure she doesn't want to go back with his dad. Mary just shrugs and sits down. Wayne smiles, "Shy little thing, aren't you?" He then goes on, "I suppose you've heard lots of stories about me." Mary quickly says, "No." She then tempers it with, "Well..." and Wayne mutters, "I thought so." Mary tells him, "I'm sure you're nice underneath. You look nice. You're really like your father." Wayne stares at her in surprise and asks how she works that out. Mary explains, "You're strong and gentle. You remind me of him, that's all." Wayne smiles at her and tells her, "That's the best compliment I've had all day."

Gordon arrives back at Dural and joins Barbara in the lounge room. She hands him a drink and laughs that she was wondering where he got to. Gordon explains that he and Wayne got talking - and Mary's still there: she and Wayne seemed to be getting along very well. Barbara smiles, "Good for them!" Gordon then asks how Jenny's holding up, and Barbara replies that she's being very brave. Elsewhere in the room, Stephen and Jenny stand up from their seats and Stephen starts to address the gathering, saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, if I could crave your indulgence for a moment..." Everyone turns to look at him. He then goes on, "The first thing I have to say is that making speeches absolutely terrifies me!" Jenny chips in, "His mother had a terrible time with him on his first day of school!" Stephen smiles and then goes on, "Now, as you know, Jenny and Colin and Denise and I are going away on a holiday. We don't know how long we're going to be away, but it could be for sometime." Denise, looking upset, stares at Stephen and Jenny and then walks out. Gordon looks at Barbara in concern. Stephen continues, "We just thought that as no one else thought of giving us a bon voyage party, we'd put one on ourselves!" One of the guests calls out, "You don't know when to stop, you people!" Stephen glares at him and asks, "Why's that, Henry?" Henry ticks off, "Well, weddings... engagement parties... bon voyage parties... what have you got planned next?" There's an embarrassed silence, which Stephen breaks by saying, "Yeah, well, I don't think there'll be any more parties for a while." Henry mutters, "That's a relief. Costing everybody a fortune in presents!" Jenny quickly says to the gathering, "Anyway, thankyou all for coming, and we hope you're having a nice time, because we are." Stephen tells everyone, "Drink up, be merry, enjoy the rest of the afternoon."

Leigh is sitting on the couch at Beryl's, holding Shane. Spider pleads with her that she's got to get going, as Beryl might be back at any minute. Leigh sighs, "Alright," and she gives Shane a final hug and says, "Bye bye, sweetheart." As she then puts him in his playpen, she says to Spider, "You'll make sure he gets up to mum's, won't you?" Spider assures her, "Cross my heart and hope to die. Now, get going." Leigh thanks him for everything. Spider tells her, "It's my pleasure - but get going before it's too late." There's suddenly a knock at the front door. Looking startled, Spider exclaims that that can't be Beryl; she'd have walked straight in. He goes to the window and looks out to see Adam standing there, knocking on the door. He cries, "Oh my God." Turning back to Leigh, he explains, "It's Adam." Adam goes to head back down the path. Spider tells Leigh that Adam must have heard Shane, so they have to get her out the back way in case Adam is still hanging around out the front. He heads out into the kitchen. Adam suddenly looks in through the kitchen window and then walks in through the open back door. He smiles, "G'day, Spider." Spider quickly asks him what he's doing there, and Adam explains, "Just looking for Beryl." Spider tells him that she's not there; it's just him. Adam comments, "I knocked at the front." Spider replies that he didn't hear anything. Adam muses that he thought he heard a baby crying. Spider quickly closes the doors leading to the lounge room. Leigh is hiding behind them. Spider tells Adam that the baby was probably Shane. Adam asks, "And there's nobody else here?" Spider assures him, "No, no, just me and the kid." In the lounge room, Leigh crouches down by the wall behind the kitchen doors, looking worried...


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