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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Caroline walks into Charlie's lounge room and asks Wayne if everything's signed and sealed. Wayne, though, replies that Alison's not back yet. Caroline asks him if Alison realises she doesn't have a hold on him anymore and Wayne replies that she doesn't. Caroline mutters that if Alison is trying to double-deal them in any way... Wayne asks why she should. He adds that she'll be back soon, and he offers Caroline a celebratory drink. Caroline muses, "When there's something to celebrate, we will..."

Alison is sitting in Fiona's flat at the boarding house, with Simon and Andy. Andy murmurs that he hopes they've done the right thing; maybe they should have given Gordon first offer. Simon, though, tells him that, from what their dad said, Gordon is pretty committed already - and besides, Gordon is up at Woombai: that would hold things up, and they need the money now. Alison hands Andy a cheque and he tells her that it was nice to do business with her. He then heads out, saying he's going to the bank before anything else happens. When he's gone, Alison hands Simon another cheque, explaining that it's his bonus for persuading Andy to sell. Simon, though, replies that he can't take all the credit; someone wrecked his disco van. Alison muses, "What a shame..." She then asks him if he's still thinking of going back to England, and he replies that there's nothing worth staying in Australia for. Smiling, he adds, "How about coming out for a farewell dinner?" Smiling back, Alison replies, "Well, I was supposed to be attending a small celebration, but your offer sounds better. They won't feel much like celebrating without me, anyway..."

That night, at Woombai, Mary is sitting in the lounge room, looking shocked as she cries, "How did she die?" Gordon explains that it happened in South America; they don't know the details. Mary cries that she hasn't got anyone, then. Gordon asks her if her nan gave her any idea of who her father might be. He adds that she was mistaken about Patricia, anyway. Mary starts to protest, "But she was so--" Gordon interrupts her and asks her how old she is. Mary replies that she's twenty. Gordon tells her that Patricia has twins and they're 23; they were babies when he and Patricia married and she never became pregnant again; he was always sorry that they didn't have children of their own. Mary insists, "But nan said--" Barbara points out that her nan was dying and may have been confused. Mary cries, "They lived at Brolga for over fifty years. What am I going to do...?" Gordon tells her that she can stay there until the police find whether or not she has any relatives. Mary, though, cries, "They wouldn't be mine, though, would they? I belong to no one. There's only me now." Gordon tells her not to worry; they'll help her. Mary looks at him fondly and says, "I reckon I'm lucky to have been left with nice people like you."

Andy and Roland are walking along one of the corridors at the boarding house. Andy says to his father that he hopes he doesn't mind. Roland explains that all that concerns him is that someone they don't know has 2% in the company. He adds that it won't give them a controlling interest but he'd feel a lot happier if he knew exactly who it was. Andy tells him that he's sorry if he's done the wrong thing. Roland, though, assures him that it's alright; they probably won't be too interested in the running of the company. He goes on that what does puzzle him is how this stockbroker lady knew he and Simon had the shares. He asks Andy if she gave him a business card, but Andy says she didn't. Roland suggests that she probably gave one to Simon, then. He takes his keys out of his pocket to open the door to Fiona's flat as Andy tells him that Simon went out - with Alison. Roland asks suspiciously, "Did he...?" Irene suddenly comes round the corner and comments to Roland that Samantha said he wanted to see her. Roland invites her into the flat. Andy heads off to his bedsit. In Fiona's flat, Irene says to Roland that she doesn't know if there's much left for them to say. Roland tells her, "I found out Simon had been working as a gigolo in London. That sort of thing disgusts me, but I understand now how it all happened: he saw that you were lonely and went after you at that party." Irene murmurs, "That's what I told you." Roland goes on, "When you realised what he was up to, you threw him out, right?" Irene replies, "The next morning." She then challenges, "What did you think? I made a big play for him?" Roland asks her if she can forgive him. Irene stares at him lovingly and then throws her arms round him and cries, "Oh Roland..."

At Charlie's, Caroline is pacing the floor, asking a seated Wayne angrily why on earth he gave Alison bank cheques; she could have cashed them in and disappeared. Wayne points out that he couldn't write personal ones; they'd have his name on them. He adds that it'll be alright - she'll be back soon. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Wayne dashes to get it. Alison comes on and Wayne asks her furiously where the hell she is. Alison replies calmly that she's having an evening out with a friend. Wayne asks her if she got the shares, and she smiles that it's all under control. Wayne yells, "Then get back here with the Transfer Forms." Alison smiles, "I will... sometime. But don't wait up for me; I could be late." With that, she hangs up. At Charlie's, Wayne slams down the 'phone and Caroline asks him what's happening. Wayne tells her that everything's settled but Alison has just decided to go out for the evening. Looking suspicious, Caroline growls, "She's up to something. I don't know what, but I know she's trying to double-cross us somehow..."

Mary is sitting in an armchair in the lounge room at Woombai, apparently asleep. Gordon and Barbara come out of the kitchen, talking about having finished the dishes, and the noise wakes her up. Gordon suggests to her that she get off to bed. Mary, standing up, tells him and Barbara that they've been real good to her, and she heads to her room. When she's gone, Gordon says to Barbara, "She seems a sweet girl." Barbara mutters, "Yes, she seems it..." Gordon stares at her and she goes on that obviously her story isn't true: maybe her parents originally came from the Woombai area and she heard them talk about the wealthy Hamiltons and she could be trying to cash in on it; the whole thing could be a fabrication - even the dead grandparents. Gordon, though, retorts that he only has to look at the girl to know she couldn't invent it. He goes on that he doesn't know where Patricia fits in, but obviously Mary believes in what she's saying. He then suggests that he'd better stay there until it's sorted out. Barbara shrugs, "Of course. I just feel funny about it, that's all. Maybe it's the mere mention of Patricia!" Gordon smiles, "Can't hold that against her!" Barbara muses, "I know, but it just doesn't make sense." Gordon suggests that they'll just have to wait and see.

The back door opens at David's country house and Adam heads inside. Brett, Sally, Spider and Charlie are all standing in the kitchen and Charlie asks him how it went. Adam replies that they put him on clerical duties - and he knows why, too: they think he's lost his nerve - and he reckons they might be right; maybe he should get out. Charlie tells him that, a few days ago, she would have agreed with him, but now that she knows how important it is to him... Sally chips in that that's right: he's wanted to be a policeman for as long as she can remember. Adam muses that maybe he should have been a fireman or a train driver. Spider tells him that he can't throw it away. Adam, though, retorts that Spider made him see that he shouldn't walk away from it, but things are different now: a desk job? - he doesn't think he can hack that - and what if, when he finally gets back on duties, he finds he has lost his nerve? Charlie says she's sure that won't happen. She then suggests that she could stop him being stuck behind a desk, as she's got some friends who know the Police Commissioner. Adam, though, snaps at her to keep out of it, adding that he'll fight his own battles. Looking upset, Charlie suggests to Spider that they have some more coffee, and she walks off to the lounge room. Spider lingers and tells Adam, "She's a fine lady, you know. A fine lady." Sally glares at Adam. Adam tells her, "She's got to learn not to interfere." Brett chips in, "A mum never lets you grow up, mate." Sally insists that Charlie really does want to help. Adam, though, mutters that he just doesn't want her interfering. In the lounge room, Charlie says to Spider sadly that she knows Adam thinks she's a fool. Spider, though, tells her that he's just too proud to accept help, and he reckons that's better than a kid who keeps clinging to his mother's apron strings. Charlie insists that she knows Adam won't be happy if he leaves the force - especially if she thinks it's because he's lost his nerve. She adds that she wishes there was some way to show he hasn't. Looking thoughtful, Spider says quietly, "Just leave it to me..."

The next morning, Irene is in Fiona's flat with Roland, telling him that she thought she'd pop in and say hello before she went down to the surgery. She then offers to make him some breakfast, but he declines, saying he'll have some coffee later. Irene muses that it's hardly a substantial diet. There's a nervous hesitation before Irene muses, "You're still a bit uneasy, aren't you?" Simon suddenly emerges from his room and Roland immediately asks him what time he got in. Simon asks his father if he woke him up. Roland, ignoring this, goes on, "You were out with that stockbroker woman." Simon retorts, "That's right, dad: out with an older woman. But don't get your knickers in a knot. I didn't charge her a cent." Looking uncomfortable, Irene says she'd better get down to the surgery. Simon, though, asks her to hang on. He then goes on that he's booked his ticket and he's going back to London this afternoon. Roland accuses, "You're going back to play gigolo." Simon just shrugs. Roland asks him angrily if he doesn't have any pride or dignity. Simon retorts, "It's not like being a prostitute. I spend a lot of time with them. I bring a little warmth and happiness into their lives; I can't see what's so wrong about that." Roland snaps that he doesn't care how Simon condones it; it sickens him. Irene turns to Roland and tells him, "I can understand what he's trying to say. He's not dishonest about what he does - and let's face it, for some women he might even be a saving grace!" Roland glares at her and growls, "You'd know, wouldn't you?" Irene, looking surprised, snaps that all she's trying to say is that it's not up to them to make moral judgements. Roland retorts angrily, "Certainly not up to you. I mean, you let yourself be picked up by him. That leaves your morality open to question, doesn't it?" Irene glares at him and then suddenly lashes out and slaps him round the face.

A few moments later, Irene, looking shocked at herself, tells Roland that she's sorry - she lost her head. Simon, though, says it was his father who was in the wrong: he owes Irene an apology. Roland snaps, "I'm damned if I'll apologise for saying what I feel." With that, he turns and storms out of the flat. Simon murmurs to Irene, "It's my fault. I should never have come back." Irene, though, points out that he wasn't to know that she'd turn out to be his father's fiancée - or rather ex-fiancée now... Simon thanks her for sticking up for him. Irene, though, retorts, "I wasn't sticking up for you - but you're old enough to make up your own mind. Nobody has the right to make value judgements about somebody else's life." Simon tells her, "You're a pretty terrific lady." Irene muses, "I only wish your dad felt the same way." There's suddenly a knock on the door and Irene goes to get it. Stephen is standing there, and he tells her that he ran into Roland outside the surgery and he said she was there. Irene asks what the problem is. Stephen explains that it's Jenny - she's in the car. He goes on that he thinks she's been feeling off-colour for a while but didn't want to say anything; she was feverish most of the night and she's weak and tired. Irene suggests that it sounds like some sort of virus, and she tells him to bring her to the surgery. Stephen walks off. Irene then turns back to Simon and says, "Come and say goodbye before you go, huh?" Simon nods, "Sure." Irene walks out, leaving Simon looking thoughtful.

Caroline has the 'phone to her ear at the Morrell apartment and is asking, "What do you mean you didn't see her?" Wayne, at the other end, explains that she couldn't have got back until the early hours and she was gone again at the crack of dawn. Caroline points out that he said he was going to wait up, but Wayne admits that he fell asleep. Caroline asks if she left the transfer forms. Wayne murmurs, "Um..." Caroline growls, "I bet she didn't. What about her belongings?" Wayne replies that they're still here, and so Caroline muses that at least she hasn't done a moonlight flit. She then adds that she'd say Alison won't give the forms to them unless they pay her what she wants. Wayne points out that she hasn't even asked for anything yet. Caroline, though, retorts, "Oh, she will - and I want to be there when she does. It's time she was cut down to size..."

Sally is putting on a jacket in the kitchen at the country house. Charlie is with her and Sally is saying, "I'm sorry to do this to you, Charlie. That rotten car of mine is always breaking down." Charlie tells her that, if Spider wasn't coming, she'd spend the day at uni with her again! At the table, Brett comments that Spider is turning up a fair bit, isn't he? Charlie explains that he gets lonely: his daughter, Julie, is away for a while. Changing the subject, she then asks Brett when he's taking Patch to his new home. Brett replies that it'll be in a minute - Adam's taking them. Sally asks her brother - who's wearing his police uniform - when his shift starts, and he tells her that it's not until after lunch. Charlie asks him cautiously if he's still thinking of resigning, but Adam replies that he hasn't made up his mind and he doesn't want to talk about it. He adds that he knows Charlie wants to help, but she can't. He then suggests to Brett that they get Patch, and the two men stand up. Adam opens the back door to find Spider standing there. Adam goes and Spider comes in. Charlie smiles at him that she wasn't expecting him until lunchtime; she has to take Sally to uni. Spider tells her, "I've thought of a way to help Adam. What if we pretend that two blokes with guns came and held us up and robbed us?" Sally and Charlie stare at him and he goes on, "See, when Adam gets back, we'll tell him it just happened and he'll go on after them." Sally points out, "But if they don't exist, how can he find them?" Spider insists, "Exactly - but what he will find is the loot that's been stolen; we'll get some stuff together and hide it in the bush somewhere." Looking puzzled, Charlie says she thinks she must have missed something! Spider explains, "Look, he's lost his confidence, right? But if he's brave enough to go after two men with guns, he'll prove he's no coward." Sally says carefully that she thinks it's pretty silly; if Adam found out the truth, he'd be furious. Charlie asks what would happen if Adam decided not to go after them. Spider retorts, "Then he'd have proved to himself that he's got no guts and he's better out of the force anyway." Charlie tells him that she knows he's trying to be helpful, but she doesn't think he's quite got it yet! She then invites him to come for a drive to uni. Spider, though, says he might just stay behind and put his feet up. He sits down at the table. Sally thanks him for wanting to help Adam and she and Charlie head out. When they've gone, Spider stands up again, takes a black plastic sack out of his pocket and starts piling valuables into it...

A few minutes later, Charlie is sitting in her car as Sally stands talking to Adam. Adam says incredulously, "He wasn't serious?!" Sally insists that he was dead serious - but he was only trying to help. Brett joins them, holding Patch, and saying that it's just as well he's going as he slipped his chain again. Charlie calls to Sally that she'll be late, and Sally heads over to the car. Adam says to Brett that he's going to have a word to Spider, so he'll see him in a second.

In the house, Spider walks from the lounge room to the kitchen, holding a now-full plastic sack full of valuables. He puts it down on the table and then reaches in and takes out a shovel used to tip coal on the fire, commenting to himself that it's making things a bit heavy. He takes it back to the lounge room. Adam suddenly comes in the back door and finds the sack of valuables on the table. A smile on his face, he then goes and hides behind the door that leads to the hallway. Spider comes back in and goes to pick up the bag of valuables. Adam suddenly reaches out and, placing his hand on Spider's shoulder, says curtly, "I didn't think you'd do it, Spider. Not to a friend like Charlie. I'm going to have to arrest you." With that, he slaps a pair of handcuffs on a shocked Spider's wrists!

A few moments later, Adam is leading Spider to his car, outside. Spider is protesting that he was only trying to help Adam, and he tells him to ask Charlie. Adam asks if she was involved too, and Spider retorts that of course she was; he told her about it. Adam suggests that he'll have to arrest her, too, then as it must be some kind of insurance fraud. Spider protests, "You wouldn't arrest your own mother?" Adam tells him, "I'd arrest my own grandmother if I had to!" Brett joins them and asks what's happening. Adam tells him, "I'm going to lock Spider up." Spider stares at him and says, "You're having me on, aren't you? You'll stop me old ticker in a minute." He then holds out his hands and tells Adam to take them off. Adam starts unlocking them and sighs, "Alright - but I'm just trying to make a point: no more interference. Fair enough?"

Caroline is back at Charlie's, striding purposefully into the lounge room. Wayne is saying to her fearfully, "You can't call the police. What if she tells them I had Andy's van stolen?" Looking shocked, Caroline turns to him slowly and snaps, "I beg your pardon?" Wayne insists, "It was a way to force him to sell his shares. She suggested it." Caroline growls, "That's criminal, Wayne. I'm not going to have anything to do with that sort of thing." Wayne, though, mutters that it's too late now. Sitting down, Caroline comments more calmly that she can't see Alison telling the police that; she'd incriminate herself. Wayne asks what they do say to them, then. Caroline tells him, "We say she's trying to blackmail us by withholding the shares. Once we've got hold of them, of course, we'll just let them charge her - but, we give her a shock." She adds, "One hour, Wayne. Then I'm calling the police." Wayne looks at her, ruefully.

Simon is sitting at the living room table in Fiona's flat when Roland wanders in from the kitchen. Simon announces that he has to head off to the airport soon. Roland says mutedly that he knows. He then goes on that he could never condone what Simon does, but he couldn't let him go without saying goodbye. Simon, standing up, says, "Make it up with Irene, dad. You'd be a fool to break it off with her; she's a great lady." Roland just muses, "We'll see, we'll see." He then asks Simon if he called his mother, and he replies that she was a bit surprised to hear he was heading back. Roland tells him, "When next you write, invent some sort of job you're supposed to be doing out there. She's proud of you; it would be a shame to spoil that." Simon murmurs, "But you're not proud of me, are you?" Roland tells him, "You're still my son." The two of them then hug each other, tightly.

Barbara and Gordon are sitting in the lounge room at Woombai. Barbara is preparing some flowers for display and saying that she's sure there's something Simon's not telling her. She adds, "Why couldn't he have waited 'til I got back to Sydney? I've hardly seen him." Gordon points out that he's a big boy - he knows he can come back any time he wants to and he has parents who are willing to help him when he needs them. Barbara thanks him. She then adds that she's sorry if she's been a bit harsh with Mary; she's sure she's just a sweet, rather simple girl. Gordon points out that she has no one to turn to; he feels sorry for her. He then goes on that he was thinking: they could offer the girl a job - Jenny will need a hand when she comes back; she still has the farm to run. Barbara murmurs, "I suppose so." At that moment, Mary comes in and Gordon tells her that they were wondering if she'd like to work there as a housekeeper. Mary exclaims, "I'd love to!" Gordon tells her that she's got the job, then. Barbara suggests to her that she's going to need some new clothes; they'd better go into town later and she'll get her some. A broad grin crosses Mary's face. Gordon puts his arm around Barbara, happily.

At Charlie's, Caroline looks at her watch. The front door suddenly bangs and Alison saunters in, saying a cheery, "Good morning!" Caroline immediately demands, "Where are the Share Transfer Forms?" Alison opens her handbag and says, "In here." She goes on, "I went into Corporate Affairs and had everything registered and I lodged the actual shares with a solicitor. These are the photocopies." Caroline snaps, "Very efficient, aren't you?" She then adds, "You'll be paid for what you've done and then you can get out." Alison asks, "Oh?" Caroline tells her, "You don't have a hold over Wayne anymore. I know it was he who made the trouble over the wedding; it doesn't make any difference." She orders Wayne to pay Alison. Alison, though, suggests, "I'd wait until you've read those, first." Wayne and Caroline both unfold some sheets of paper that Alison hands them and read them. After a few seconds, Caroline exclaims, "These are made out in your name." Alison smiles, "That's right. I bought them, not you." Taking something else out of her handbag, she adds that they can have their cheques back; she used her own money; it's all quite legal. Wayne growls that he thought she was broke. Alison, though, retorts, "Oh, I have a little - and with my salary for helping you stage the ruckus at the wedding, I had just enough. So, now I own 2% of the company. Not much in itself, but it does represent the balance of power. So now I can vote either with you two or with the other Directors. Makes my shares very important. I think it would be worthwhile staying in my good books. Don't you?" Wayne and Caroline stare at her furiously.


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