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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Caroline asks Alison sternly, "What's the price? There obviously is one since you left us dangling all night." Alison admits that, alright, she is after money - but not for her shares; she's keeping them. She goes on that she wants to be paid for her loyalty: she'll vote whichever way they want - as long as her bank balance stays healthy. Wayne exclaims, "That's blackmail!" Alison, though, retorts, "No, I'd call it 'out-foxing the foxes'. You're both as crooked as I am." Caroline growls at her, "Don't bet on it." She then throws on the floor the papers that Alison handed to her, adding, "You bought the shares, you're welcome to them." Wayne cries, "Caroline..." Caroline retorts, "It's bad enough dealing with you. I don't want to get mixed-up with her. Looks as though we have to forget about controlling the company." With that, she storms out. Wayne yells at Alison, "Why couldn't you have done what I told you do? You've stuffed it up for all of us now." Alison assures him, "She'll be back." Wayne retorts, "You don't know her." Alison, though, smiles, "She wants to get at Stephen. She'll be back..."

At Dural, Jenny walks into the lounge room, holding a pile of letters and complaining that there really should be a law against junk mail. Stephen follows her, listening with a bemused expression on his face. Jenny goes to the bar and pours herself a glass of mineral water. Stephen laughs, "You really get on your soap-box when you're sick, don't you!" Jenny apologises, saying it's nerves, she guesses. Stephen suggests that she come and sit down. Jenny says she feels like she's burning up. Stephen tells her that, when she's had her water, she can go to bed and sleep it off; it's only a virus. Jenny groans that the aches and pains are bad enough, but it's the dreadful, nervy feeling that's annoying: everything gets her scratchy. She adds sadly, "What a honeymoon..." Stephen, though, assures her that he's not complaining. He then asks if there's anything he can do for her once she's settled down. Jenny tells him, "You could call around and see Colin for me. I don't want him to think we're avoiding him." Stephen smiles, "You're really something special, you know that? Here you are, sick with the 'flu, and you're still thinking about everyone else. I really think I hit the jackpot when I married you, Mrs. Morrell." Jenny smiles back, "I won't argue with that..."

In the kitchen at the country house, Spider is telling Charlie that he thought he was a goner; he could see himself spending his last days in Pentridge! Charlie tells Adam - who's sitting at the table - that it was very cruel of him; Spider was only trying to help. Adam, though, laughs, "You should have seen the look on his face!" Charlie sympathises with Spider that he's been through a horrendous experience; she thinks Adam should be grateful he tried to help. Spider tells her, "I knew a bonzer bird like you would understand!" Charlie laughs that she's been called a lot of things in her time, but never 'a bonzer bird'! Spider assures her that it's a compliment! Changing the subject, Charlie says she's brought Spider's favourite cake for morning tea, so why doesn't he go and tell Brett it'll be ready in a jiffy? Spider goes to head out, saying to Adam as he does so that he ought to take a leaf out of his mother's book. With that, he heads outside. When he's gone, Charlie tells him that Spider means well. Adam assures her that he knows they all do, but he has to sort this one out for himself.

Brett is chopping wood outside when Spider walks up to him and tells him that he needs to get his back into it. Brett holds out the axe in his hand and asks Spider if he wants to show him. Spider, though, quickly retorts, "No thanks! I remember during the Depression, I was younger than you and was doing ten times that amount of wood! By the way, morning tea's on!" Brett asks him what happened to his bad mood, and he replies that a bloke can't help cheering up with Charlie around. He adds that she's going to make some lucky fella a good wife. Brett muses, "I've heard she's made three lucky fellas a good wife." Spider, though, replies, "That was just practising for the real one. What she needs now is the mature type; definitely the mature type!"

At the Morrell apartment, Caroline swallows some aspirin and takes a sip of water. There's suddenly a knock at the door and she goes and answers it. She finds Stephen standing there, and she tells him curtly that if he's come over for another tirade, she'd rather he went now: she's had a rough morning, she's got a headache and she's going to bed. Stephen explains that he was hoping Colin would be there, actually. Caroline retorts that he's not, but she'll tell him he called. Stephen takes a letter out of his pocket and, handing it to Caroline, asks her to give it to Colin. He adds, "I'd rather you didn't read it - it's private." Caroline glares at him and he goes on, "I wouldn't put it past you, after some of the things you've been doing lately." Caroline snaps, "Don't kid yourself. I couldn't be bothered causing trouble even if I did get a kick in the teeth from you and your drab little wife." Stephen retorts, "Which you thoroughly deserved." Caroline accuses, "You really think I'm out to hurt you, don't you?" Stephen snaps, "I think you're a lonely, frustrated lady." Caroline yells, "Maybe I should start living up to my reputation, then," and with that, she slams the door in Stephen's face. After a few moments, he walks off. Inside the apartment, Caroline storms over to the bar and slams the letter down on it. She stares at the telephone and then picks it up and dials a number. When it's answered, she says, "I've changed my mind. Promise Alison whatever she wants."

Sometime later, Wayne is talking on the 'phone at Charlie's as Alison sits on the couch, listening. Wayne is saying, "I know Beryl can't be there, but I want all the other shareholders at Dural by 2pm." Gordon, at the other end, says wearily, "I have problems here, Wayne. I can't make it." Wayne, though, retorts that, whatever they are, he's got bigger ones in Sydney. Gordon starts to say, "I know you're still angry with me, but--" Wayne, though, interrupts him and snorts, "You don't know the half of it. I'll be at Dural at 2pm. Make sure the others are." With that, he hangs up. At Woombai, Gordon starts dialling another number. When it's answered, he says, "Roland, it's Gordon. I have a horrible feeling that Wayne is up to something..."

A few minutes later, at Charlie's, Alison says to Wayne, "I hope you're up to carrying it through." Wayne asks, "Why shouldn't I be?" Alison tells him, "You've got a soft spot as far as your father's heart condition is concerned." Wayne retorts that he did have, but he stopped worrying about Gordy the day he tried to turn him into an office boy. Alison muses that she assumes that's what Gordon is going to be after the meeting. Wayne replies, "Maybe. Stephen we're hitting first, though." With that, Alison stands up and announces that she's off to pack; she'll leave him to it. Looking astonished, Wayne exclaims, "Pack?! We need you here this afternoon." Alison, though, retorts, "I'm going to Melbourne. I don't want to be dragged into your family brawl." Wayne cries that that's what she's being paid for. Alison, though, tells him, "You're paying for my vote. I'll leave you a letter covering that - for today's meeting only, of course. Any further letters depend on you and Caroline being generous." She then adds, "Ciao," and walks out, leaving Wayne looking furious.

Colin arrives back at the Morrell apartment, carrying some books. He heads over to the bar and notices the letter lying there. He picks it up, opens it and starts reading. Caroline suddenly emerges from her bedroom and asks, "Important?" Colin explains, "Mum's not well," and he asks who brought it over. Caroline retorts, "Stephen." She adds bitterly, "Isn't that a shame? It'll spoil their honeymoon." Colin sighs that he knows Stephen and Jenny came down heavy on her, but why doesn't she make the first move and sort it out? Caroline snaps, "Why should I? I stopped letting people walk all over me months ago." With that, she returns to her room. Colin takes the letter and heads out.

A short time later, Colin is at Dural, handing his mother a bunch of flowers. Jenny smiles that she's starting to feel better already! She then starts rubbing her neck with her hand, and comments that she wishes she'd told Irene about her swollen glands; they seem to be getting bigger. Stephen asks why she didn't, and Jenny explains that they weren't giving her any bother at the time. Stephen suggests that he should call Irene, but Jenny tells him not to be a fusspot; they're probably part of the virus. She then takes Colin's arm and leads him off to the kitchen, saying she'll put the flowers in water and then she'll go back to bed. When she's gone, Stephen walks over to the bar, picks up the 'phone and dials a number. Samantha answers, saying, "Dr. Fisher's surgery." Stephen says it's him and he asks if Irene is free, as Jenny's looking a bit worse. Samantha replies, "She will be soon. Do you want to hold?" Stephen nods, "Yes, thanks."

Caroline is at Charlie's. As she walks into the lounge room with Wayne, he comments that he wasn't expecting her for another half-hour. Caroline explains that she tried to sleep but she couldn't; she's worried. They sit down and Wayne asks her suspiciously if she's changed her mind again. Caroline tells him quietly, "No - but I don't trust Alison." Wayne assures her that she doesn't have to keep her voice down: Alison's not there; she's in Melbourne." As Caroline glares at him, he quickly adds that it's alright: he's got her proxy. Caroline mutters that Alison is far too cool for her liking, and she asks Wayne exactly how much he knows about her. Wayne admits, "Nothing - except she's from London and likes money." Caroline suggests, "If she goes on making trouble, it might be worth checking into her background. Two can play at out-foxing foxes..."

Alison is sitting in the front seat of a cab as it drives along a quiet road. She checks her make-up in a small mirror and then puts it back in her handbag - next to her passport. She reaches into the bag and takes out a leather wallet. She opens it to reveal a photo of David. She stares at it longingly...

Stephen is sitting in the lounge room at Dural with Roland and Gordon. He warns the others that, whatever happens, he wants them to keep their voices down, as he doesn't want Jenny upset. Roland growls that if Wayne's playing one of his tricks, he's going to have his say. Stephen assures him, "You and me both - but quietly, OK?" He adds that he's filled Colin in; he's going to make sure Jenny stays upstairs. Gordon remarks that it's only a virus, isn't it? Stephen, though, says he's not sure now; Irene's coming out to check. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Gordon goes to get it. As he does so, Roland says to Stephen, "You don't think Alison Carr's mixed-up in this, do you? If Wayne's got her on-side..." Stephen replies that it wouldn't matter; she's only bought 2%; it doesn't give her much voting power. Roland suggests, "Not unless, of course, she's teamed up with Caroline..." They look round as Caroline and Wayne come in. Wayne immediately says, "We won't waste any more time than's necessary. I've called you all here to let you know the wind of change is blowing through the company. Caroline and I have control - and the first change is Stephen's dismissal from Woombai..." Stephen stares at him in shock. Caroline stares at Stephen, a nasty smile on her face.

A moment later, Stephen snaps at Caroline, "Why the hell side with Wayne after what he's put you through?" Caroline retorts that Wayne is helping her get what she wants; she had years of him trampling all over her and she decided it's her turn. Stephen growls at her that she's chosen a pretty ridiculous way of doing it. Wayne chips in, "'Poetic justice', I'd call it." Gordon says to him that, if he thinks they've done the wrong thing by him, they should talk about it. Wayne, though, retorts, "I didn't notice you wanting to talk when you booted me out. You've seen Alison's letter; you know we've got the power. You've got 24 hours. Get rid of Stephen voluntarily or we'll force you to. I don't see there's any more to say." He goes to walk out, but Roland suddenly grabs his arm and snaps, "I've got a lot more to say--" Gordon, though, interrupts him and tells him that there's no point. He then tells his son, "If you force us, Wayne, we'll simply sell and start another company. We won't be dictated to." Wayne glares at him and retorts, "Really? If you sell, Woombai goes too. It's a choice between that or dumping Stephen. I don't care either way, really. One of you's going to get hurt." Caroline tells her ex-husband, "It's your own fault, Stephen." Stephen retorts, "I suppose in terms of your crazy logic it is." With that, Wayne and Caroline walk out. When they've gone, Stephen says to Gordon, "If it makes things any easier, Gordon, I'll resign. I can always get another job." Gordon, though, tells him, "Certainly not. If we give in now, we'll be giving in for the duration. I think we should talk to Alison Carr's solicitor. Get him to change her mind."

Caroline is sitting on the couch back at Charlie's as Wayne comes in with a bottle of champagne. He says cheerfully that it couldn't have gone better - and she shouldn't worry about Gordy's threat: he won't sell; he's got too much to lose. He starts to open the bottle of champagne, but Caroline snaps, "Don't get carried away. I don't like you; we just happen to be useful to one another. I'll do my own celebrating." She goes to walk out, but Wayne calls after her, "By the look on your face, it's going to be a real fun party." Caroline turns back to him and retorts, "It's alright for you. You don't give a damn about anyone. I'll have the flack at home." Wayne realises, "Samantha?" Caroline tells him that Stephen is her father; she'll probably take his side. She then goes.

A while later, Caroline arrives back at the Morrell apartment and takes off her shoes. She then starts sorting through a pile of mail that she's picked upon the way in. Samantha suddenly emerges from her bedroom, carrying a packed suitcase and saying tautly, "Daddy called." Caroline tells her that she was hoping to explain first, but Samantha retorts that it seems a pretty rotten way to treat him. Caroline asks, "What do you call the way he treated me? What was I supposed to do? Sit back and take it?" Samantha tells her, "No - but an eye for an eye isn't always the answer." Caroline starts to say, "Look, darling, I--" Samantha, though, interrupts and tells her not to bother: she's moving out; Irene said she could stay with her. She then adds that she's not taking sides; she's just looking after number one. As she goes to head out, she remembers, "Oh, and Colin rang. He knows, too. He's coming round to get his things and moving to Dural. Looks like you're on your own, mother." With that, she storms out, leaving Caroline looking upset.

Alison is standing in the grounds of David's house in Sunbury, watching Charlie and Brett playing basketball nearby. Her cab drives away and she starts to approach the house, a smile on her face. Looking surprised at her best friend's antics, she laughs to herself, "Charlie...?!" Charlie suddenly notices Alison standing there and approaches her. She asks her what she can do for her. Holding out her hand, Alison introduces herself. Charlie immediately snaps, "You've got a cheek coming here. I could have the police onto you for... well, impersonating a friend or something. I can't imagine why you came." Alison, holding out a piece of paper, says, "Read this. It's from a mutual friend." Charlie says to her suspiciously that she's not going to try the one about Cynthia again, is she? Alison assures her, "No, I'm not. It's from Patricia Palmer." Charlie stares at her in surprise.

A few moments later, Brett is still playing basketball as Charlie and Alison wander along slowly in the grounds. Charlie finishes reading the letter and Alison tells her, "Patricia and I became close friends in Rio. I was there on holiday. I don't know why she took to me; perhaps because we were similar in many ways." Charlie smiles, "You do vaguely remind me of her." Alison suggests, "I probably picked up some of her mannerisms." She then goes on, "I had a lot of problems there. She was a very good friend." Charlie cries, "But she was my best friend. Is. Oh, I can't get used to it. Why did she lie?; pretend she was dead?" Alison tells her, "She probably liked you too much to involve you any more." Charlie muses, "Yes, that's probably it. She hurt a lot of people, but never me." Alison assures her, "She was very fond of you. That's why she wanted us to work together. She didn't kill Luke Carlyle and we have to prove it - because that's the only way she'll ever be able to come back to David." Charlie asks, "Did she want David to go looking for her when she sent him the money?" Alison nods, "Probably. Subconsciously. At the time it probably seemed the right thing to do - help him out a little. It all went very wrong, though." Charlie tells her, "Fortunately, Fiona said he was doing very well last time she rang." She then adds, "You know, in a way, it's probably better he's not here. He's very straight; he might make it harder for us to do what Patricia wants." Alison asks, "Does that mean you'll help?" Charlie smiles, "Oh yes, of course. I'll do anything to get Patricia back again. Anything at all." She starts to wander off ahead of Alison, leaving Alison with a happy smile on her face.

At Dural, Roland is leaning into the study, saying, "Let me know if anything happens. I'll be in all night." He then closes the door and goes to head out. As he opens the front door, he finds Irene standing there, and he invites her in, telling her that Stephen's in the study with Gordon. Irene asks how the patient is, and Roland replies that she's worse than when Stephen called, he thinks. He then suggests nervously that he'd better not hold her up... Irene, though, says quickly, "Roland... er... is there any point in us talking later?" Roland tells her, "It's my problem, not yours. I'm the one with the hang-ups. I just can't bear to think of you with anyone else, let alone my son." He pauses before continuing, "As soon as I get a few business things fixed up, I'm going to Hong Kong. Wendy's there; I'd like to see her." Irene stares at him. Roland holds out his hand and says, "Goodbye." Irene shakes it, saying sadly that there's no need to make it sound so final. She then kisses him gently on the cheek and he goes. Irene stands there, looking upset.

Charlie and Alison head up to the back door at the country house and Alison asks Charlie if she's sure it's alright if she stays there. Charlie smiles that, as long as Alison doesn't mind a tight squeeze... there are four of them there at the moment, but Leigh and Beryl will be back soon. Alison, looking taken aback, says, "Beryl?" Charlie asks her in surprise if Patricia didn't tell her about her, and Alison quickly 'recalls', "Oh yes, she's David's sister, isn't she?" Charlie laughs, "They had a kinky relationship if she is! No, darling, she's David's first wife." Alison 'remembers', "Oh yes, that's right. Yes, I knew Patricia said there was a link there somewhere. I thought she hated her." Charlie smiles, "Just between you and me, Patricia was a bit biased. Beryl's lovely, really - but don't tell Patricia I said so!" Alison assures her, "I shan't breathe a word!" Charlie then asks how they go about proving Patricia's innocence; does Alison have any ideas? Alison replies, "Yes, a few. I'll take a day to rest and then we'll get into it. The sooner I start, the sooner Patricia can come home again..."

Gordon is standing in the hallway at Dural with Stephen, saying to him that he's sorry he can't wait to hear what Irene has to say, but he's sure everything will be fine. Stephen thanks him for standing by him. Gordon heads to the door. He then turns back to Stephen and assures him, "Don't worry. They won't get away with it." Stephen points out that Alison Carr's solicitor wasn't much joy. Gordon, though, muses, "So, she wouldn't change her mind. So what? We'll manage some other way." With that, he goes. Stephen turns back inside to find Irene coming downstairs, a concerned expression on her face. He asks, "Well?" Irene just tells him, "I want to do some extra tests." Stephen asks, "It's not just a virus?" and Irene replies that she doesn't think so. Stephen asks her what she thinks it is. Irene looks down at the ground, but Stephen snaps, "Come on, Irene, I want to know." Irene looks up at him again and sighs, "Hodgkin's Disease." Stephen mouths, "Hodgkin's Disease? Does it take long to get over it?" Irene, though, looks away from him, guiltily. He asks in shock, "You don't get over it?" Irene murmurs, "Sometimes..." Stephen asks, "And Jenny?" Irene tells him, "I'm not sure, Stephen. It doesn't look good." Stephen stares at her in shock.


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