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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Inside the O'Brien house, Tim is playing with 'Jamie' when there's suddenly a knock on the front door. He goes and opens it and Beryl smiles, "Hello, Tim!" Tim tells her that it's nice to see her again. Leigh comes in and says cheerily, "How you going?" Tim just mutters, "I'm alright." Beryl asks him if Heather is around, but Tim explains that she's at the hospital: Mike had a bit of a fall at work and they took him in for observation. He adds by way of explanation that Mike had a bout of the 'flu and it upset his balance. Beryl heads into the lounge room and, seeing Robert sitting there, goes and picks him up and starts fussing over him. Tim laughs that he's getting really good at babysitting, especially since Katie went overseas! Beryl tells Robert that he's very lucky to have Tim! Changing the subject, Tim asks Beryl if she's heard anything of Leanne; they were writing but she stopped. Beryl looks at him, apparently miles away, and he asks suspiciously if everything's alright. Beryl, smiling at Robert, replies, "Yes, everything's fine..."

At Woombai, Gordon is sitting in an armchair, looking thoughtful. Barbara comes in with some hot drinks and says to him, "Penny for them." Gordon explains that he was just wondering about the girl in the photograph: there's something about her that he can't quite put his finger on; something... familiar. Barbara suggests that perhaps she's a relative of someone who lives nearby or works at Woombai, but Gordon shakes his head and points out that nobody recognised her when the police showed the photograph around. Barbara suggests that perhaps she used to work there and came back, not realising they aren't there any more. She then points out that Gordon will see her later on; maybe it'll come to him then.

In Fiona's flat at the boarding house, Roland is putting on a jacket and can hear Andy and Samantha talking out in the corridor. He opens the door and asks Samantha if Irene is working today. Samantha replies that she should be; she's booked-up all afternoon. Roland says he'd better catch up with her before she gets too busy. Samantha asks if it's urgent, and Roland tells her that there's something he needs to clear up with her; it'll only take a minute. Looking dubious, Samantha says she doesn't think Irene will have time right now. Roland insists that surely she can spare a minute... Samantha, glancing at Andy warily, says she doesn't know what's going on, but Irene did give her the impression that she doesn't really want to see him right now. Andy tells Roland that he's taking the van for a service and he invites him to come for a drive. Roland, though, declines. He then asks Samantha to give Irene a message: that he needs to see her for a minute - she at least owes him that much. Samantha agrees to tell her.

Wayne is lying back on the couch in Charlie's lounge room, his eyes closed. Alison comes in and, looking annoyed, snaps at him that she'd feel a bit more confident if he made an effort to stay alert; they have a lot at stake. Wayne mutters that he can't see how him pacing the floor, sweating blood, is going to help them. Alison, sitting down, asks if he's heard any news. Wayne retorts that he hasn't, but no news is good news, he reckons. He then adds that, if Alison is interested, he's registered the partnership name that he and Caroline will be buying the shares under, so there's no way Simon and Andy can guess who they are; she's got nothing to worry about. Alison asks what they'll do if the ploy with Andy fouls up and the police trace it back to them. Wayne, though, assures her that the guys are hand-picked and he's paying them well; she's not to worry. Alison retorts, "If they'd been hand-picked by me, I wouldn't. Wayne replies sarcastically, "Oh yes, you're such a great organiser, aren't you? If I hadn't covered for you, you'd still be trying to explain yourself to the police." Alison snaps, "Lucky for you I'm not. If Caroline finds out it was your idea to blame her for what happened at the wedding, where would your little takeover bid be then?" Wayne points out, "There's only one person who can tell her that." Alison retorts, "Exactly. Keep that in mind." Wayne replies, "I will - but you remember: when it comes to who's calling the shots, positions can change very suddenly." Alison glares at him and then walks out, leaving Wayne with a smile on his face.

At Fiona's flat, Simon says to Roland, "I thought you'd be pleased." Roland, staring at him, asks, "Should I be?" Simon points out that, with him selling the shares and going back to England, he'll be out of Roland's life; he thought that would make him happy. Roland asks him who he's planning to sell to. Simon asks if it matters, but Roland retorts that it would be common courtesy to know who the buyer is before the transaction is finalised. Simon realises bitterly, "You're more concerned about that than you are about me leaving. A lousy 1% of the company is more important to you than your own son." Roland snaps at him that he gave him those shares so he'd have a financial base; a chance to have a financial start - but if he's weak enough to throw it all away on prostitution, then yes, as far as he's concerned it is good riddance. He adds angrily that it's a pity Simon can't take a leaf out of Andy's book: he's got more sense than to throw his shares away on some childish spending spree. Simon mutters, "Oh, yes, Andy: some tycoon he is. Watch out BHP." Roland retorts that at least Andy is earning an honest living; something he doubts Simon has ever done. Simon glares at him and snaps, "Thankyou. It's nice to know what you really think of me." With that, he goes to storm out. Roland, though, asks him to wait a minute. He then says quietly that he didn't mean it. Simon glares at him and tells him not to bother: he's heard all he wants to; he knows where they stand and it's on different sides of the fence, and that's the way it's always going to be. As the two men stand there, the front door suddenly opens and Andy bursts in, saying he's got to call the police. Roland asks what's wrong. Andy cries, "My van. It's been stolen. They've taken the lot."

At the O'Briens', Tim is talking on the 'phone. Leigh is holding Shane and Beryl is holding Robert. Beryl comments that Heather has been at the hospital a long time, adding that she hopes nothing's wrong. Leigh suggests that she might have had other things to do. On the 'phone, Tim tells the person at the other end that Beryl and Leigh have arrived, before hanging up. He then tells Beryl and Leigh that Heather is on her way home. Beryl asks about Mike, and Tim replies - looking worried - that they're keeping him in hospital; they want to do more tests. Beryl comments that she and Leigh have obviously arrived at a bad time, and she suggests to Leigh and Tim, "You two see to dinner and I'll bath Robert." She goes to walk out, but Tim quickly points out, "He's Jamie, not Robert." Beryl stops and turns and looks at Leigh guiltily as Tim goes on, "That's not why you're really here, is it? To start trouble over that baby again? If it is, you'd better go now; Heather has got enough to worry about--" Leigh suddenly interrupts him and tells him to come outside, saying they've got to talk. Beryl kisses Robert on the forehead.

A few minutes later, outside, Leigh is saying, "I knew then she wasn't ever going to get over it, so I had to tell her the truth." Looking astonished, Tim yells, "How's she going to 'get over it'? He's her baby." He then tells his sister that he thought nothing she'd do would surprise him, but he never thought she'd do something like that. He goes on angrily that, when he left, he said he doubted he could ever trust her again; he knows now-- Leigh interrupts him and insists curtly that she's not proud of what she did and she's trying to make up for it. Tim snaps that it's a bit late. He adds that it's the story of her life; she'll never change. Leigh retorts, "I have. Shane was nearly run over. Beryl saved him. It made me see how I'd feel if anything happened to him. I knew then what Beryl was going through." Tim asks what good it's doing bringing Beryl up to Brisbane. Leigh retorts that she's going to tell Heather the truth so Beryl can get Robert back. Looking horrified, Tim snaps at her that Heather will be wrecked, especially with Mike in hospital. Leigh retorts that she just wants to get it cleared up. Tim, however, snaps that she can't; not now - and she's got to make Beryl see that. Leigh yells, "How? He's her son. You can't expect her not to say anything." Tim retorts, "Then it's up to us to convince her not to, OK? I mean it, Leigh."

Sometime later, Heather is in the lounge room with Beryl and she tells her that she's glad she's there: she needs someone to talk to; she's so worried about Mike... she doesn't know what to do. Beryl comforts that she's sure Mike will be alright. Heather, though, goes on that the doctors won't tell her anything; they run all these tests but won't tell her why. Beryl points out that she knows what doctors are like. Heather, changing the subject, says she'll put the kettle on in a minute; she'll just see to Jamie first: he'll probably be all wet and wanting to be fed. She takes Robert from Beryl, who explains, "I've done all that." Looking surprised, Heather thanks her. She then hugs 'Jamie' and smiles, "Thank goodness you're here to cheer me up. I don't know what I'd do without you." Beryl looks away sheepishly.

Roland is talking on the 'phone in Fiona's flat, saying to the Gordon at the other end that he could have offered to buy the shares back himself, but things are already a bit heated. There's suddenly a knock on Fiona's front door and Roland asks Gordon to hold on. He goes and opens the door and finds Samantha standing there. She explains that she's just finished work and dropped by to let him know that she gave Irene his message. Roland asks what she said, and Samantha replies, "She'll see you when she gets the chance." Gordon invites her in and explains that he's just on the 'phone. He returns to the 'phone and Gordon tells him not to worry about the shares: some new blood in the company won't hurt - although they should try and find out who Simon is selling to. Roland says he'll try and do what he can. He then asks Gordon not to tell Barbara about Simon going back to England; there's no point in upsetting her if there's still a chance of him talking his son out of it. With that, they hang up. At Woombai, Barbara immediately asks Gordon if that's what it sounded like: Simon is selling his shares? Gordon replies that he's thinking about it. Barbara mutters that she never realised he was so ungrateful. Gordon, though, replies that he can see the boy's point of view: he's been given a good offer. He goes on that the thing that puzzles him is how the buyer found out about it so quickly... and why is he offering such a good price...?

A while later, at Fiona's, Samantha sympathises with Roland that that van was Andy's living. Roland says he agrees, adding that he's not looking forward to telling him. At that moment, Simon and Andy come in through the front door. Andy is saying to his half-brother that, sure, it makes sense, but he doesn't want to sell them; if he has to replace the van, he'll find another way to get the money. He then turns to Roland and Samantha and tells them glumly that there's no sign of the van: it's probably locked up in someone's garage by now. Roland says to him, "I'm sorry, Andy. The police 'phoned about half an hour ago: they found the van stripped and burnt out." Samantha suggests to a shocked-looking Andy that the insurance will replace it, won't it? Andy, though, murmurs, "What insurance? The premium would have cost the earth. So, stupid me took the risk and didn't take any out. I can't even bear to think what it's going to cost to replace it all - and I still owe Fiona the money for setting it up in the first place." Samantha suggests that there's got to be something they can do. Andy, though, burying his head in his hands, cries, "I'm just going to have to start from scratch." Turning to Roland, he adds, "I suppose I should think about selling the shares now. That's what Simon thinks I should do." Roland asks him how he feels about that, and Andy replies that it seems a bit rough. Samantha suddenly says, "I've got $20,000 in trust still. That would be enough, wouldn't it?" Andy, though, tells her that he appreciates it, but he doesn't want to owe her money on top of what he already owes Fiona; he doesn't want to be in debt for the rest of his life. Samantha points out that, if things got really bad later, then he could sell his shares and pay her back; at least it would stop him having to sell them now. She tells him to think about it, anyway. Andy thanks her. Simon glares at the two of them, unhappily.

At the O'Briens', Beryl and Heather are sipping cups of tea in the lounge room. Heather asks Beryl if everything went well at her meeting. Beryl stares at her blankly, and Heather reminds her that she said on the 'phone something about coming up on business. Beryl quickly replies that there are just a few more things to tie up. Leigh and Tim come in and Heather tells Leigh that it's nice to see her again. Tim asks Heather if everything's alright, but she replies that she doesn't know; they have to wait for the results of the tests. Tim asks her if she'll be seeing Mike again tonight, but Heather explains that the hospital said he'd still be asleep and asked her to leave it until tomorrow. Tim asks her to tell him when she sees him not to worry about work; he'll get the job finished. Heather thanks him and then tells Beryl that, in a small company like Mike's, you can't afford to have the boss off sick; she's glad they've got Tim working for them. With that, she heads off to get Tim and Leigh a cup of tea. When she's out of earshot, Tim sits down with Beryl and says to her quietly, "You haven't said anything?" Beryl shakes her head. Tim goes on that Leigh has told him the whole story, and he adds that he's sorry he didn't believe her. Beryl murmurs, "She has to know sooner or later." Tim, though, cries, "You can't. It wouldn't be fair on Heather. There's no knowing how bad Mike is or how long he'll be in hospital for. If she loses Jamie on top of everything else, she'll never get over it." Beryl assures him, "Tim, I don't want to hurt Heather any more than you do. I'll wait until the results of the tests are back and everything's settled down. But you have to understand that Robert is my baby and I lost him before and I'm not going to lose him again."

At Charlie's, Alison is sitting staring at the 'phone. Wayne, though, tells her that doing that isn't going to make it ring; if Simon convinces Andy to sell his shares, she'll find out soon enough. He picks up his jacket and Alison asks him where he's going. He retorts, "Out for a drive." Alison points out that they're in this together. Wayne, however, tells her that there's no point them both being chained to the 'phone. He adds, "Chill out. I'll bring you back a surprise." With that, he heads out, leaving Alison looking worried.

Gordon is sitting in the lounge room at Woombai, reading a magazine. Barbara comes into the room, accompanied by Detective Dunross. He's telling her that they're no closer to an explanation; he hopes she and Gordon can help somehow. They're followed into the room by a girl in her late-teens or early-twenties. She looks lost, but Gordon tells her gently that there's no need to be frightened, and he gets up and helps her over to the sofa. The girl looks around. Gordon tells her that his name is Gordon Hamilton, and he asks, "What's yours?" The girl just sits there, not responding. Dunross tells Gordon that he doesn't think he'll get anywhere; she hasn't spoken a word yet and there was no sign she recognised anything on the way there. Gordon suggests that they just wait and see; no one seems to know her, so if she was there, it must have been a long time ago. Barbara suggests to him that he take her for a walk round the property - she might see something that will jog her memory. Gordon, accepting this is a good idea, helps the girl up and leads her outside. Dunross and his colleague follow.

A while later, Gordon and Dunross are walking in the grounds, followed by the girl and Dunross's colleague a few yards behind them. Gordon tells Dunross that he'd like to help the girl, but she doesn't know who she is or even what she's looking for. Dunross replies that all they can do is take her back to the hospital and hope she snaps out of it. A shot suddenly rings out and the girl screams in fear. She starts shaking, and Dunross's colleague grabs her and holds her. Dunross asks what the noise was and Gordon explains that it was one of the guests hunting on the other side of the property. He and Dunross both go and hold the girl, who's shaking in terror, and Dunross tells her, "It's alright, no one's going to hurt you." The girl, though, cries, "No... no... it's him, coming to kill me. Oh, please help me. Please..."

A short time later, inside, Gordon tells the girl that he's sorry she was frightened, but she's quite safe there. The girl, though, insists that he's coming after her; he wants to kill her. Gordon explains that it was just somebody duck shooting; no one's going to hurt her. He then suggests, "Now, then. Why don't you tell me your name?" The girl replies quietly, "Mary Reynolds." Gordon asks her where she's from, and she replies, "Brolga." Detective Dunross says he knows it: it's a little town in Northern Victoria. Mary clarifies that it's near there. Dunross's colleague says they'll contact the parents and find out the full story. Mary, though, cries, "No, no, you can't." She turns to Gordon and cries, "Stop him. You've got..." Gordon, holding her, assures her, "It's alright, it's alright. They won't tell them straight away if you don't want us to. That right? You don't want them to know where you are?" Mary murmurs, "I don't have parents - only nan and granddad. And he killed them dead. If he finds me, he'll shoot me, too." Gordon assures her that nobody's going to shoot her; they want to help her, but she has to help them, too; they want her to tell them anything she can remember. Mary nods.

In Fiona's flat at the boarding house, Simon sits down with Andy and hands him a drink, telling him that he looks like he could do with some cheering up. He then goes on that he's expecting a call from a broker about his shares; if Andy's not too keen on owing Samantha, he'd say this woman would be interested in buying his shares, too; she's certainly offered him a good price. Andy murmurs that he's only just got them; it feels wrong to go out and sell them. Simon points out that he'll be in debt for years, otherwise - and he reckons it's a mistake to do people favours all the time, particularly where money's concerned. He goes on that they'll do it because they're your friend, but all it takes is one mistake and they'll lose respect for you. Andy hesitates and then nods, "You're right. I can't keep borrowing other people's money. I'll sell." Simon takes a sip from his drink, a hint of a smile on his face...

At the O'Briens', Leigh lifts Shane up from the lounge room floor and tells him that she'd better put him to bed. She heads out of the room, leaving Heather to comment to Beryl that Shane is certainly growing - and Leigh is turning into such a good mother. She adds that they might try to fight it, but it always wins out in the end. Beryl asks, "What's that?" and Heather explains, "Maternal instinct." Beryl, changing the subject, comments that it must be an awful nuisance for Heather to have them there at the moment. Heather, though, assures her that it isn't at all: she's going to have to spend a lot of time at the hospital with Mike, and Tim won't have much time to be home either... so she was wondering if it would be a terrible imposition for Beryl while she's there to help look after Jamie? She quickly adds that she knows it's asking a lot, and if Beryl is in a rush to get back to Melbourne... Beryl, though, quickly assures her, "No, no, no. Course not. I'd be happy to." She sits there, smiling happily.

Alison is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's when Wayne comes in, carrying a cardboard box. Alison says to him that she hopes he's got some champagne in there, as she's just clinched the deal. Wayne asks, "Andy too?" Alison explains that it seems he had a sudden change of mind; wrecking his van paid off. Wayne points out, "Only because I got the right people to do it." Alison muses sarcastically, "Yes, congratulations. Maybe we can find a job for you in Personnel Division!" Wayne mutters, "Very funny." He then asks when everything gets signed, and Alison, picking up a folder, tells him that she's got the transfer papers there; she's going over now. Wayne remarks that Caroline will be there soon; she'll be happy to hear the news - it'll give them a chance to have a little celebration and think about their next move. Taking a bottle of champagne out of the box he brought in, he adds that he'll put it on ice. Alison warns him, "Don't get any ideas about cutting me out. Remember, I've got enough on you to take you with me." Wayne asks, "How could I forget...?"

At Woombai, Mary is twisting her hands together nervously and crying, "I hid under the bed 'til he went. When I came out, granddad was dead and... nan was real hurt. Then she died, too." She breaks down in tears. Detective Dunross suggests to Gordon that they won't get much more out of her in this condition; they'll take her back to town and check out the story with the Brolga police. Gordon asks if there's any way she can stay at Woombai for a while; they'll make sure she's well looked after. Dunross, looking at his colleague, replies that they have no objection. Barbara goes to show the two detectives out. Gordon says to Mary gently, "Well, then, you'll be staying with us for a while. We'll have tea and then we'll find you a room, eh?" Mary, still looking shaky, says, "Nan told me something before she died. She said she wasn't my real nan. My mum isn't dead. She came to Brolga when I was a kid and paid nan and granddad to look after me. Nan said there's no one else now... I should try to find her." Gordon asks, "And that's why you came here?" Barbara comes back in and sits down with him. He glances at her before turning back to Mary and asking, "Do you know your real mother's name?" Mary replies, "She told me... I can't remember... something Hamilton." Gordon comments to Barbara that it couldn't have been Nancy. Mary tells him, "No. It was Penny... or Pam... or..." Barbara suggests curtly, "Patricia?" Mary cries, "That's it: Patricia. Patricia Hamilton." A look of shock crosses Gordon's face.


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