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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Phillis

Simon and Roland arrive back at the boarding house. Andy joins them in the corridor and smiles at Simon that they're gaining a new guest, are they? Simon mutters that it's only while Stephen and Jenny are staying at Barbara. Andy announces that he's going to play squash, and he invites Simon to come along, but he declines. Andy heads off. Simon and Roland walk into Fiona's apartment, and they sit down. Simon asks his father if he's not going to go and say hello to Irene, but Roland mutters that he'll do it in the morning. Simon asks him if he isn't taking things a bit far. Roland, though, retorts, "Am I?" Simon points out, "You haven't turned your back on me; why's it different with her?" Roland mutters that it is, that's all. Simon tells him that he and Irene have something; he shouldn't blow it over one mistake that happened before Irene even met him. Roland, though, growls that, if it had been anyone else, it wouldn't have mattered, but it being Simon changes things. He then admits grudgingly that he supposes he could call Irene and let her know they're home.

In the kitchen at the country house, Charlie sighs heavily and then chides Leigh furiously, "How could you possibly have been so cruel? I mean, poor Beryl." Leigh says softly, "I hated her, Charlie. I hated everyone then. It was just crazy." Charlie murmurs, "I suppose you'll have to tell her." Leigh admits that she can't live with it any longer - and Diane's going to remember her sooner or later, so she might as well own up to it. Charlie asks her if she can imagine how hurt Mike and Heather are going to be. She then goes on that she knows Leigh should tell Beryl, but... Leigh interrupts and snaps, "Not telling her would be ten times worse than upsetting the O'Briens." She adds, "Charlie, if it was your son, wouldn't you want him back...?" At that moment, Spider comes in from outside. Leigh asks him if Beryl's still picking herbs, and Spider smiles that she sure is! Leigh and Charlie turn away, looking worried.

Andy emerges from his bedsit at the boarding house and steps into the corridor, a sports bag in his hand. A blonde-haired woman suddenly comes along the corridor and Andy asks her if he can help her. The woman is Alison, and she 'explains' that she's looking for Andrew Green. Andy replies that she's looking at him, and Alison says she wonders if they might have a chat. Andy asks what it's about. Alison introduces herself and then tells him that she works for a stock brokerage firm - Dennison Management. She asks Andy if he's heard of them, but he admits that he hasn't. Alison then tells him that she's there because she heard he recently acquired shares in the Hamilton Company-- Andy interrupts her and asks, "How did you know?" Alison quickly explains that they were transferred through the Registry Office, and Andy accepts that that's fair enough. Alison goes on that her client was wondering if he might be willing to sell. Andy, though, tells her that she's wasting her time; he has a squash court booked. He goes to head off, but as he leaves, Alison asks him how she can get hold of Simon Armstrong. Andy points to Fiona's door and replies, "He's in there." He then walks off, leaving Alison to mutter, "Thanks a million."

At Woombai, Denise is talking on the 'phone as Barbara announces to Gordon that dinner will be ready in five minutes. Denise hangs up and she and Gordon both head over to the table. Barbara asks her how her mum is, and Denise replies that she sounded pretty happy. She goes on that Colin saw her today and they sorted out some problem; she didn't say what it was, but he's always got some problem! She then adds that she can't think why her mother and Stephen picked Sydney for a honeymoon; she can't think of anywhere worse! Barbara laughs that it's probably because she's got to go back there to go to school! Denise admits that it shouldn't be too bad - at least Andy's in Sydney! She heads off to wash her hands. Gordon puts his arms round Barbara and smiles, "Soon, we will have the place to ourselves." Barbara laughs, "Won't that be dreadful: nothing to do but eat... read... sleep...!" They hug tightly.

Simon is sitting at the table in Fiona's flat as Alison paces the floor and tells him, "It's a very good offer." Simon retorts that they can't be worth that much. Alison, though, replies that it's a long-term investment for a modest return; the Hamilton Company's considered one of the safest buys. She sits down and Simon asks why he should sell. Alison tells him that the Hamiltons are a dowdy bunch; there are much quicker ways of making money... Looking interested, Simon tells her to go on. Alison continues, "It depends what you want, naturally, but for someone who's young - and if you sell, someone who's got some capital - I think you'd do better being a little more adventurous." She adds, "Our client is offering double the current value." Simon says he'll think about it, adding that, after all, he was only given the shares yesterday and it might seem rude if he turns around and sells them. Alison asks for his number so that she can ring him tomorrow. He picks up some paper and starts to write it down. As he does so, Alison tells him, "Talk to Mr. Green, too. We'll give you a bonus if you can change his mind. I'm talking about a genuine bonus, not a tip..." Simon hands her his telephone number just as Roland comes in. Alison stands up, tells Simon that she'll call him tomorrow and goes. Roland shuts the door behind her. Simon quickly tells him, "Saleswoman. I can never say 'no' to their face." He then asks how Irene is, and Roland replies that she's tired and cranky and didn't want to listen; he shouldn't have bothered...

Beryl is preparing the herbs from the garden on the kitchen table at the country house. Leigh and Charlie are sitting there glumly. Spider is with them, but he heads off to watch television. When he's gone, Leigh says warily, "Beryl..." Beryl looks at her, and she goes on, "There's something I have to tell you." She pauses before continuing, "You know the baby the O'Briens adopted?" Beryl nods, "Yes... Jamie..." Leigh confesses, "It wasn't Jamie. It was Robert." Beryl stares at her in shock.

A few moments later, Beryl yells at Leigh, "Do you have any idea what you put me through? Hell, Leigh, pure Hell. I could kill you." Charlie pleads, "At least she's sorry." Beryl, though, growls, "Oh, she's sorry, so that makes everything alright, does it?" Leigh starts to insist that she didn't mean-- Beryl, though, yells at her to shut up. She then goes on, "And don't think I don't know why you're telling me now: because if Diane had've recognised you, it would have meant jail. Well, let me tell you something, young lady. If it was up to me, it would still mean jail." Leigh murmurs, "I'll help you get him back." Beryl, though, shouts, "You would be the last person on earth I'd ask for help." She then storms outside and bursts into tears...

Roland is sitting in an armchair in Fiona's flat. Simon asks him if he'd like something to eat; he can get some takeaway. Roland, though, says he's not hungry. Simon sits down and tells him that he's being silly; he's the one that did the chasing. Roland mutters that he doesn't want to talk about it. Changing the subject, he asks what that saleswoman was pushing. Simon replies, "Shares. She works for a stockbroker; she wanted to buy me out of the company." Looking surprised, Roland asks him how she knew he was in it, and Simon asks, "Didn't you have to register the transfer, or something?" Roland retorts, "No. It's a private company." Simon mutters, "I don't know, then. Word of mouth, I suppose." He goes on that Alison offered him a good price, and he asks his father if he'd be annoyed if he took it. Roland sighs, "It's only 1% and they're your shares. I guess it's up to you." Simon looks thoughtful.

Alison is back at Charlie's, and as Wayne pours them both drinks, she asks what he wants first: the good news or the bad? Wayne mutters, "They didn't sell?" Alison admits that that's the bad news - but the good news is that they still might. She goes on that Andy's a bit of a problem, and Wayne growls that he always is. He hands over the drinks and sits down as Alison continues that she's offered Simon a bonus if he can change Andy's mind. She adds that it might work. Wayne mutters that he wouldn't count on it, but Alison assures him that she doesn't intend to: what they need to do is organise things so that Andy needs the money they're offering. She asks Wayne if he has any ideas, but he looks blank. Alison goes on, "Is there anything Andy values? Anything he'd want to replace if he lost it?" Wayne replies, "Not that I know of. He's really only got the disco van; that's how he earns a crust." Alison asks, "What if something happened to it? An act of mindless vandalism...?" Wayne, looking surprised, warns, "Steady on..." Alison, though, suggests, "I'm sure you know someone who could arrange it..."

Brett, Charlie, Sally and Spider are eating dinner at the kitchen table at the country house. Spider gets up and heads to the stove to get himself seconds. Sally says to Charlie cautiously, "Mum... what's happened with Leigh and Beryl?" Charlie, though, replies, "I'll tell you later." Spider calls over from the stove, "There was a bit of a blue, from what I heard." Brett says to Charlie, "It's got something to do with Leigh, hasn't it? She's done something." Charlie replies softly, "Did, not done. It happened ages ago." Brett stands up and says he's going to find out. Charlie, though, suddenly snaps, "Brett. Sit down. I will tell you later. Right now, I'm, not in the mood."

Elsewhere in the house, Leigh walks with Shane into the lounge room, where Beryl is sitting, staring into space. She starts saying that Shane won't sleep. Beryl, though, mutters, "Do you have to talk?" Leigh then insists, "Heather won't believe you, Beryl, not if I'm not there to explain." Beryl retorts, "I could ring the police..." Leigh says she knows, but she hasn't and she doesn't think she wants to. She sits down and points out to Beryl that the O'Briens won't hand Robert over just because she asks them to. She then goes on that it won't make up for anything, but she'd like to help where she can. Beryl stands up and walks over to the telephone on the dresser. Suddenly looking worried, Leigh asks her who she's calling. Beryl retorts, "Don't worry. It's only Heather." Leigh cries at her that she can't tell them over the 'phone; they have to go up there." Beryl snaps, "We will. Tomorrow." She finishes dialling, the 'phone at the other end rings and STD pips sound. Heather then comes on and Beryl says, "Hello, Heather." Heather, sounding bright, comments that it's a lovely surprise to hear from her. Beryl tells her, "I'll be up your way tomorrow - Leigh's coming too; we were wondering if we could stay with you and Mike." Heather replies, "Of course. Mike's not the best at the moment, but we'd love to have you; catch up on all the gossip." Beryl thanks her and tells her that she'll her tomorrow. They then hang up. Beryl turns to Leigh and mutters, "It's going to break her heart. I don't know how you sleep at night, Leigh, I really don't."

The next morning, Leigh is cleaning out the stove in the kitchen when Sally joins her. She immediately says, "Charlie told me about--" She breaks off before admitting, "It's a pretty amazing story." Leigh turns to look at her and mutters, "It changes your opinion of me, I suppose?" Sally explains that Charlie told her about Richard, too, in Ceedum; Leigh hasn't had it easy. Leigh retorts that there's no use looking for excuses, but Sally assures her that she's not going to start judging her - and besides, she reckons Leigh's changed a bit now. She then asks Leigh if she's going to Brisbane, and Leigh retorts that they're leaving in about ten minutes. Sally smiles that Leigh will be seeing her brother, then; they're really close, aren't they? Leigh sighs, "We were. I tricked him, too, though. He didn't know Jamie was Robert." Sally tells her that Tim will forgive her; as soon as everyone realises she's at least trying to put things right, they'll give her a fair go. Leigh mutters that she hardly deserves it.

Denise is standing outside the Woombai homestead when Gordon joins her and smiles, "So, our scholar's about to make her departure, eh?!" Barbara suddenly calls over to them and says, "Gordon... 'phone: Detective Dunross." Gordon asks what he wants, but Barbara replies that he didn't say. Gordon says goodbye to Denise and heads inside. Denise then says goodbye to Barbara and heads towards a waiting car.

On the 'phone inside, Gordon says to Detective Dunross, "It's nothing to do with Amanda?" Dunross, though, replies that he's sorry: it's just a photo he'd like Gordon to look at. He asks if he can drop round sometime this morning and Gordon assures him that that's fine. Dunross hangs up. Barbara comes in and asks what Dunross wanted. Gordon replies that it's something to do with a photo; he's bringing it round later. He adds thoughtfully, "I don't know what it could be."

Leigh is dressing Shane in the lounge room at the country house. Charlie is sitting on the couch, watching her. Sally comes in and tells Leigh that she'll see her when she gets back. She then heads out. Beryl comes in. Charlie offers to babysit Shane while Leigh's away, but Leigh replies, "No, thanks, Charlie, I--" Beryl interrupts and mutters, "You wouldn't want to be without him, would you?" Looking sheepish, Leigh says she might go and say goodbye to Patch, and she hands Shane to Charlie. Beryl warns her that they have to leave soon. Leigh retorts that Brett has found a kennel for Patch; he won't be there when she gets back; she'll meet Beryl at the car. She heads out, leaving Beryl to comment to Charlie, "Pity she doesn't care as much about people." Charlie assures her that Leigh is very sorry, but Beryl snaps, "You must be joking, Charlie. She kidnapped my baby and I haven't even called the police. No one can say I've been too hard on her."

Outside, Leigh is telling Patch to keep out of mischief. Brett joins her and tells her that she doesn't have to say her goodbyes just yet. Leigh, though, says she knows, but she's going to Brisbane. Brett asks why. Leigh, looking surprised, replies, "It's only for few days. Didn't Charlie say anything? Sally knows." Brett assures her, "They didn't tell me." Leigh warns him that he'll hate her when he finds out. Brett asks her what she's done, but Leigh, looking fearful, murmurs, "I can't..." She then asks him to take care of Patch and she walks off.

There's a knock on the door of Fiona's flat. Roland opens it to find Andy standing there with some mail. He hands a letter to Roland and adds that the rest are for Fiona. Roland opens his letter, which is in an air-mail envelope. He reads the contents and a look of horror crosses his face. Andy notices and asks if it's bad news. Roland growls, "It was meant for Simon. Why couldn't the stupid woman address it properly?" Andy asks who it's from. Roland retorts, "You might say it was from a 'satisfied customer'..."

A few minutes later, Simon is sitting at Fiona's living room table, holding the letter as Roland snaps that he's sorry he opened it but Simon could hardly blame him - and it began 'My darling' so there was no clue to stop in that, either. Simon murmurs, "No... I guess it's understandable." Roland glares at him and asks him angrily if that's all he can say. Simon stands up and goes to head to his room, but Roland orders him to come back. Simon turns round and Roland reminds him, "I read that letter." Simon retorts that there's no need to over-react. Roland, though, asks angrily, "What do you expect me to do when I find out my son's a gigolo?" Simon warns, "Hey, now, wait a minute." Roland, though, goes on furiously, "What do you call it? Male prostitute? No wonder you came home flush... it makes me sick to think of it." He goes on, "Why? Why? If you were short of money, all you had to do was pick up a 'phone." Simon asks sarcastically, "And what, call my dead father?" Roland points out that Barbara was there. Simon, though, explains that it wasn't just the money - a lot of it was fun; and besides, he was good at it. Roland asks him, "Did you pick up Irene because you thought she had money?" Simon stands there looking sheepish and Roland goes on, "It throws a different light on things. If only she'd told me the full story..." Simon snaps that Irene didn't tell him the full story because she knew he'd react like a damn puritan. Roland, though, snaps back that he's reacting like a father who's concerned about his son, and he asks if there's some other way he should behave. Simon retorts, "You'll just have to face the fact that that's the way I earn my living." Roland suddenly grabs Simon's jumper and snaps, "Not here it isn't." Simon, pushing his father's arm away, retorts, "You can't stop me." Roland glares at him and growls, "If you mean that, then we've seen the last of each other. You'd better think about it carefully." With that, he heads off to see Irene, leaving Simon looking worried.

At Charlie's, Wayne is ranting at Alison that she's already offered Simon twice the value of what he's got. Alison asks calmly, "Do you or don't you want control of the company?" Wayne retorts that of course he does, and so Alison tells him that they can't afford to be a scrooge; all Simon's waiting for is a big enough offer. She goes to the 'phone and starts dialling. Simon answers the call at the other end and Alison says it's her. She then explains that she's calling to tell him that her client's now willing to offer him 2½ times the value of his shares. At Fiona's flat, Simon, looking surprised, murmurs that that's very generous. He then asks if it would come to enough to buy an apartment in London. Alison replies, "Just about. Why? Are you thinking of going back?" Simon admits, "Yes." He then pauses and says, "OK, I'll sell." Alison exclaims, "Wonderful!" She then adds that, if he wants to furnish the apartment, there's a bonus if he can talk Andy into selling too. Simon says he'll see what he can do. Alison tells him that she'll call again later and she hangs up. She then turns to Wayne and muses, "Now to help Andy make the right decision..." Wayne asks her why they don't wait and see if Simon can do it without them. Alison, though, retorts, "Never leave anything to chance if you can help it, Wayne." Looking worried, Wayne murmurs, "Alright, I'll arrange something..."

In the lounge room at Woombai, Gordon is sitting staring at a photo. Detective Dunross and a colleague are standing with him and Dunross is saying that the woman pictured was found late yesterday, just outside Chandler; they took that snap at the hospital last night. Barbara comes in with coffee as Dunross goes on that the woman seemed to be in a state of exhaustion and shock; she wouldn't talk and had no identification; no one knows who she is; she just turned up out of nowhere, as far as they can tell. Gordon asks, "And you thought I might be able to recognise her?" Dunross explains, "She had a piece of paper. The words 'Hamilton, Woombai' were written on it. I thought you might know something." Gordon shakes his head and hands the photo to Barbara. Dunross's colleague suggests that maybe if Gordon and Barbara saw her...?; the photo isn't too brilliant. Barbara stares at it and comments that it's no one she knows. Dunross says they'll bring the woman out in case anything clicks; it's just a bit of a mystery they'd like to clear up if they can.

Beryl and Leigh have arrived in Brisbane. Leigh is standing outside the O'Brien house as Beryl pays a taxi driver. He drives off and Beryl goes and joins Leigh, Shane and several suitcases which are resting on the pavement. Picking up two of the cases, Beryl suggests, "Well, let's get it over with." Leigh stares at Mike and Heather's house, looking worried, but doesn't move. Beryl turns to her and asks, "You coming?" Leigh asks, "What if they don't want to give him back?" Beryl retorts that they won't have any say in it. Leigh points out, "But he's been their son--" Beryl interrupts and tells her curtly, "He's my son, Leigh. And there's no way in the world I'm leaving without him."


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