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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Phillis

Alison insists that she hasn't the faintest idea what Caroline's talking about. Caroline repeats that she telephoned Cynthia Hemingway in London and she's never heard of an Alison Carr. She adds, "It's rather strange, don't you think, after the story you've been spinning?" Alison snaps, "Frankly, I think you've got an incredible cheek checking up on me." Caroline, though, retorts, "That doesn't answer my question. Who are you and what are you playing at?" Wayne adds, "I'll second that." Alison sighs, "Looks as though I'm going to have to tell you the truth, doesn't it?" Wayne agrees sourly, "Might be a good idea." Alison explains, "Alright. Cynthia isn't a friend of mine. Oh, I have met her, but that's about all. She probably doesn't remember me; I only met her once." Caroline asks where that was, and Alison replies, "At a social get-together." Caroline asks, "You're known in the circle, are you?" Alison, though, tells her, "No, not really - although not for want of trying. I picked up the invitation by sheer chance. During the course of the afternoon, Cynthia mentioned her friend, Charlie Bartlett, in Australia. I'd been planning on coming here for years." Wayne accuses, "And you thought it was a chance to worm you way in over here?" Alison clarifies, "Well I thought, with any luck, Charlie might be able to get me the right sort of introductions. With a bit more luck, I might have met a wealthy man." Caroline comments that it seems an incredible risk to take: Charlie only had to contact Cynthia and Alison's story would have been blown. Alison, though, explains that she had nothing to lose; it was worth the risk. She goes on that, besides, you never achieve anything unless you take a few risks from time-to-time. She then says to Caroline that she doesn't know why it should worry her, anyway. Caroline retorts, "I like to know who I'm dealing with - and as I haven't got the faintest idea about your real background, I'm cautious. Fair enough?" Alison suggests, "I should have thought I'd proved how useful I can be. Don't think I had any great ideas about meeting you both - I didn't - but when we met by accident, I saw an opportunity. I'm sure you couldn't care less about my background provided you get what you want." Wayne points out to Caroline that they still need help to get the shares from Andy and Simon. Looking at Alison, Caroline sighs, "Yes, I dare say you could be some help." Alison smiles, "I'm sure I can..."

Stephen is sitting at the living room table at Dural, reading the newspaper. Jenny is sitting with Colin on the couch in the lounge room and she offers him more tea, but he declines. She then asks how the trip was down from Woombai, but he just replies nervously that it was fine. Jenny asks where he's staying now he's back at uni and Colin explains that Caroline's letting him stay on with her. Jenny muses, "I bet it was her suggestion." Colin, though, snaps, "No it wasn't." He then explains that nothing ever happened between him and Caroline - she's just been very good to him, that's all; and she didn't have anything to do with what happened at the wedding, either. Stephen muses that he can't say he's entirely convinced of that, yet, and Jenny agrees that neither is she. Colin mutters that, anyway, he didn't come there to start arguing. He goes on that he knows his mother must have had a pretty good reason for asking him to come and see her during her honeymoon, but there's something pretty important that he has to say, too. He adds nervously, "I'd better stop trying to put it off any longer..."

Beryl is doing some washing-up in the kitchen at the country house when Leigh comes back in. Beryl immediately tells her, "It's OK - Diane's gone." Leigh muses that she's sorry she didn't meet her. Beryl, though, explains that Diane feels she's met her before: she saw her taking Patch for a walk earlier. She then asks Leigh if she's sure she hasn't met Diane, but Leigh insists that she hasn't. Brett suddenly comes in and announces that he's going to pick up the truck. Beryl comments that she never realised there was so much rubbish outside. Leigh comments that Spider is must still be there, and she heads off to have a chat to him. When she's gone, Brett comments to Beryl, "Something's very funny about her today." Beryl agrees, "Yes, she's got something on her mind, but I'm blowed if I know what."

At Dural, Jenny says to Colin, "Believe it or not, I have had time to think about it - or think about what my reaction would be if it were true." Colin, looking surprised, asks her how she knew, and she explains that Caroline made a few vague comments. She then goes on, "If I was honest... I'd have to admit I sensed it a long time ago - but I didn't want to face it, I suppose. They say mothers can sense these things, don't they? Caroline just started me thinking about it again - that's why I wanted to see you. And I have to admit, my first reaction was pretty typical, I suppose: I was hurt... upset..." Colin starts to say that he didn't-- Jenny, though, interrupts and asks him to let her finish. She goes on, "It was Stephen who made me look at it differently. He was the one who made me realise you're old enough to know your own mind and your own feelings. But I do wish you'd told me first - before Caroline." Colin cries that he couldn't; he was scared stiff about how she'd react. He adds, "Caroline's different - it's nowhere near as important that she understands as it is for you. I was scared that you wouldn't want me anymore." Jenny insists, "But you're my son. I love you. It wouldn't matter what you told me. I'd still love you." She takes his hand and then goes on, "It's very hard not to try and find a reason to blame myself. Is it something I did or didn't do? Is it because you lost your father?" Colin, though, cries, "Don't be silly. It's got nothing to do with any of that. It just... is. I'm not guilty about it - and there's no reason for you to be. The main thing is that you can still accept me the way you always have." Jenny assures him, "Of course I do," and she gives him a hug. She adds, "I may not always be able to understand - because it's new to me and I'm not used to it - but I'll be trying." Colin insists, "There's nothing wrong with loving another human being, is there?" Jenny shakes her head and cries, "No, darling, there's not." She gives him a tight, loving hug.

Caroline stands up from the couch at Charlie's and says to Alison and Wayne that she'll see if she can find out when Simon's getting back from Woombai and then they'll see what Alison can do about talking him and Andy into selling their shares. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Wayne answers it. Alison and Caroline head out to the front door. As Alison opens the door, Caroline warns her, "Don't think this is going to be a breeze for you. Just because you've got Wayne twisted round your little finger, I'm not going to be so easily swayed." Alison retorts, "I've told you the truth. If you don't believe me, that's your worry." Caroline, though, assures her, "Oh, I'm not worried. You're the one who's going to be watched - and believe me: I'll be watching..." She goes, leaving Alison looking worried.

Adam is sitting just outside the back door at the country house. Spider comes out and hands him a can of beer, and he sits down next to him. Adam explains that he's just waiting for Brett to come back with the truck. Spider tells him, "I'm an old mate of Charlie's, you know. She mentioned your problem." He then goes on that he remembers the first time he went to sea; it was during the war, of course, and the second night out, they were hit by a torpedo; he was pretty young and suddenly the war was real; his best mate was standing just a few feet away and he copped it while he got off without a scratch. He adds that he hasn't told this to anyone - not even Julie - but he was put onto temporary shore duty; he was due to go back into the real thing, but when the time came, he just couldn't face it, so he spent all his time behind that safe little desk in Stores. Adam muses that he doesn't see how all this relates to him. Spider explains, "Mate, the reason I was afraid to go back and face it was nothing but straight out fear. The thing that Bernie and I loved most in the whole world was the sea, and yet I couldn't face it; I was scared stiff. Somehow I think I betrayed Bernie by not going back - and it's the same with you: you've got to face up to what you really feel." Adam sighs, "You made your point." Spider tells him not to take too much time making up his mind. With that, he stands up and heads back inside.

Beryl is taking down some washing from the line as Leigh stands next to her, holding Shane. Beryl comments that Spider is a real wag - he's managed to wangle himself a dinner invitation! She and Leigh suddenly notice a truck pulling up nearby, and Leigh comments that Brett is back for more rubbish. Beryl asks Leigh to tell him about the old trough - and she adds, "And don't chat for too long - I could use some help with dinner!" Leigh walks off.

Inside the house, in the lounge room, Charlie asks Spider if he's sure he didn't say anything to Adam that might upset him. Spider assures her that they just had a bit of a chat and he spun Adam one of his yarns. He adds that Adam has to work it out for himself. Charlie sighs that she knows, but it's not easy watching him. At that moment, Adam comes in and agrees, "I know it isn't. Maybe I was a bit hasty deciding to resign so quickly. My reason wasn't too sensible, was it?" Looking surprised, Charlie suggests that it may have been at the time, but Adam explains that he's decided to think about it for a while; get his head together and see what he can come up with. Charlie exclaims that that's marvellous! With that, Adam heads back outside to help Brett. Charlie smiles at Spider, "You're quite something, Spider. You know that?" and she gives him a kiss on the cheek. Spider looks shyly embarrassed!

Leigh - holding Shane - is standing with Brett as he loads some rubbish into the back of the truck. There's a radio blaring out from the front of truck. Brett walks off to pick up some more rubbish. Leigh suddenly hears a squawking noise nearby and, looking over, she curses, "Damn dog." She then calls to Brett and asks him to look after Shane for a minute, as Patch is going for the chooks again. She puts Shane down on the ground and dashes over to the hen house. She doesn't realise that Brett hasn't heard her, and she doesn't notice Shane starting to crawl along... Brett emerges from the shed and discovers that Leigh has gone. As he loads more rubbish into the back of the truck, he doesn't spot Shane, who's sitting on the ground beneath the vehicle. He goes and climbs into the driver's seat and starts the engine. As she hears the engine roaring, Beryl looks over at her nephew from where she's taking down the washing, and a look of horror crosses her face as she spots the danger Shane is in. The radio is still blasting away in the truck, and Beryl yells, "Brett! Stop!" but Brett doesn't hear her. Beryl drops the bowl of washing and runs over to the truck. She dives underneath and grabs Shane, pushing him out of the way just as Brett rolls the truck forward. From where she's standing with Patch, Leigh suddenly notices what's happened and, looking horrified, she cries, "Oh my God!" Brett glances in his wing mirror and sees in the reflection Beryl standing comforting Shane.

A few moments later, in the kitchen, Brett cries, "I honestly couldn't see him. And the radio was on so loud, I couldn't hear a thing." Beryl tells him calmly to stop blaming himself. Leigh, sitting at the table with Shane, sobs, "I shouldn't have left him there. Beryl, I don't know what to say. If you hadn't been there... I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to Shane." Beryl assures her, "It's all over now, Leigh."

Colin is at the Morrell apartment, telling Caroline that his mother was really great about it, and so was Stephen; his mum was already onto it - that's why she wanted to see him. Caroline says she's glad. Colin then goes on more seriously, "I couldn't talk them round about you, though - they still think that you were behind the carry-on at the wedding." Caroline tells him that it doesn't matter now; it's over - they've made up their minds. Changing the subject, she then asks Colin casually if he knows when Simon's getting back from Woombai. Colin replies that he heard he and Roland were coming back later this evening. Caroline asks him what he thinks of Simon, and Colin replies that he seems alright; a bit keen on himself. He asks why, but Caroline explains that she's just curious. Colin sighs, "I wish that I could prove that it wasn't you who made Craig Foster go off his head at the wedding. He only said it was a well-dressed blonde woman from the city. I mean, that could have been anyone." A thoughtful look crosses Caroline's face and she mutters, "Yes, well, it had to be somebody who wanted to make trouble." Colin asks, "Who?" Caroline, though, replies, "Who knows...?"

Spider is sitting in the kitchen at the country house with Charlie, telling her another story. Beryl wanders in and Charlie asks in concern how they are. Beryl replies that they're fine: Shane's asleep and Leigh's finally settled down. Charlie comments that she can't blame the poor girl for getting hysterical: it took her so long to finally accept little Shane, and the possibility of something awful like that happening... Spider tells Beryl that she's a real hero, but Beryl assures him that anyone would have done the same. She then decides to start getting dinner. Charlie quickly says she'll do it, but the 'phone starts ringing and she goes to answer that instead. An operator comes on and tells her that she has a person-to-person call from London: a Mrs. Hemingway. Charlie exclaims that that's wonderful!

Alison is sitting on the couch at Charlie's, painting her nails. Wayne is putting on a suit jacket and saying that it's just a simple party; why doesn't she come along? Alison retorts that she doesn't feel like a party, but Wayne comments that he thought she'd jump at the chance to meet a prospective rich husband! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Wayne goes and answers it. STD pips sound and Charlie comes on. Wayne asks her what he can do for her, and Charlie replies curtly, "Is that woman still there?" Wayne asks what's wrong, and Charlie retorts, "I'll tell you what's wrong: she's an impostor." Wayne asks, "What are you talking about?" Charlie snaps, "I don't know who she is, but she's certainly not a friend of Cynthia Hemingway. She 'phoned me from London." Wayne insists that there must be some mistake. Charlie, though, retorts, "Not as far as I'm concerned. I've 'phoned the police and they're on their way over. They'll soon sort her out." Wayne stands there looking worried.

A short time later, two police officers are standing in the hallway at Charlie's. Wayne is with them, telling them, "I'm terribly sorry. Mrs. Bartlett's wasted your time. Alison Carr was gone when I got up this morning." One of the police officers asks him if he checked to see if anything was missing, and Wayne assures him that everything seems to be there. The police officer asks if it doesn't seem odd to him that a woman pretends to be a friend of a friend to get into the house and then takes off again; he can't quite see the point unless she was after something. Wayne explains conspiratorially, "To be truthful, I don't think she was all there." In the lounge room, a smile crosses Alison's face! The police officer asks Wayne what makes him think that, and Wayne replies that she used to talk to herself a bit; he caught her a couple of times walking around the house, chatting away. He adds, "She might have been a bit schizo - going around pretending she was someone else." The police officer accepts this. He then suggests that they'd better get a description in case she tries something else. Wayne says, "Sure, let's see: she was about mid-forties... quite plain... she wore specs... and she was always in a tweed skirt." The police officer thanks him and he and his colleague go. Wayne closes the door, a broad smile on his face, and returns to the lounge room. Alison muses, "I loved your description of me!" Wayne tells her, "Have to keep the law happy. And I wasn't going to tell them you're a very attractive woman, now, was I?" Alison looks annoyed at hearing this. Wayne adds, "Besides, I want to keep you for myself!" Alison points out that their arrangement is strictly business. Wayne, though, retorts, "With the money I'm paying you, I expect a little bit more than just a business arrangement." Alison mutters, "Don't kid yourself. You're doing very nicely because of me. In fact, without me, you wouldn't have a hope. You'd foul it up the way you always have." Wayne stares at her, suddenly looking suspicious, and asks, "How would you know what I've done before?" Alison retorts, "I make a point of knowing exactly who I'm dealing with - and believe me, I know all there is to know about you. So just behave yourself, huh? Because if you don't, you're going to come off second best. I promise you."

Leigh and Brett are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. Brett is cursing that he should have been looking where he was going; he didn't even think. Leigh, though, tells him to stop apologising, adding that, if anything, it was her fault for leaving Shane there without making sure Brett had heard her. Brett insists, "It's the worst thing that can happen to a mother, though - to lose her baby." He then explains, "Mum lost a kid when I was really young; it died not long after it was born. Took her years to get over it. And to think that I could have nearly done the same thing to you--" Leigh interrupts him and tells him not to go on. Brett, though, tells her, "It made me think how Beryl must have felt when she lost Robert. She doesn't say anything, but I've noticed how she looks at you sometimes when you're doing something for Shane. It really must eat her up." Leigh suddenly snaps, "Brett., I said don't go on. It's over. Now, nothing happened, alright?" Brett nods, reluctantly.

Wayne is at the Morrell apartment, and as Caroline lets him in, she asks what the problem is. Wayne retorts, "Who do you think?" Caroline asks him if he means Alison, and Wayne explains, "She says she knows all about me; the trouble is, I believe her." Caroline asks him if he's sure it's not just his guilty conscience! Wayne says he reckons Alison's had her spies out. Caroline tells him that her guess is that Alison is preying on his nerves; bluffing someone is always easier if they've got their guard up. She then suggests that, if Alison has got to him that much, they should give her her marching orders. Wayne, though, quickly says sharply, "No. We can't. I couldn't afford it." Looking intrigued, Caroline tells him to go on. Wayne, though, mutters that it doesn't matter. Caroline asks, "Worried that she might tell me who it was who went to see Craig Foster before the wedding yesterday?" Wayne looks at her guiltily. Caroline snaps, "My brains are a little more astute that some people give me credit for. It didn't take me long to work out that it had to be Alison." She then tells Wayne not to bother to look so nervous; her first reaction was to scratch his eyes out and have nothing further to do with his little scheme-- Wayne interrupts and protests, "I didn't think they'd point the finger at you. Neither did Alison." Caroline muses, "No, they were very quick to condemn me, weren't they?" She then explains, "That's why I'm prepared to go ahead with our plans. They all deserve everything they get." Wayne murmurs that he's glad she sees it that way. Caroline continues, "Now that you know Alison's got no hold on you, let's get rid of her." Wayne, though, says quickly, "No, I don't think we should. She says she's certain she can get Andy and Simon to sell their shares. We can't afford to get involved; I think we should at least use her to do that if she's willing." Caroline insists that there's still something about Alison that she doesn't trust. Wayne assures her that he agrees - it won't hurt to be on their toes - but at least they'll be prepared if she does try something. Caroline agrees, "OK, give her the rope - just as long as she doesn't hang us with it..."

Charlie is peeling potatoes in the kitchen at the country house. Leigh wanders in from the hallway and asks where Beryl is. Charlie replies that she's gone with Spider to get some herbs for the casserole. She asks what's important about seeing Beryl, but Leigh quickly says, "Nothing. It's alright." Charlie assures her that what happened with Shane wasn't her fault. Leigh replies, "I know, but it just made me realise how terrible it would be if anything happened to him." Charlie smiles, "Of course it would, but it's fine, so there's nothing to worry about." Leigh goes on, "It also made me realise just what Beryl's going through losing Robert." Charlie says she doesn't quite see the connection. Leigh sighs heavily and then admits, "Oh, Charlie... I have done something so awful... I'll go mad if I try and hold it in any longer." Charlie asks, "What is it?" Leigh explains nervously, "I know I could end up in jail, but I've just got to tell Beryl. There's no other way. I've just got to tell her..."


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