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    Written by: Jane Seaborn   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Later that night, Fiona is sitting in a corridor at a hospital in Rio when a nurse passes her. She stands up and says, "Por favor?" The nurse turns to her and Fiona asks her - in Portuguese - if she speaks English. The nurse replies in Portuguese, and so Fiona just asks slowly, "David Palmer. Where is...?" She then asks the question again slowly in Portuguese, and the nurse points to reception and walks off. At that moment, a doctor and an orderly come past. The orderly is pushing a trolley, and Fiona realises David is lying on it. He starts to say something, but his voice sounds constricted, and the doctor tells him not to try to talk. Fiona introduces herself to the doctor and asks if David is alright. The doctor replies - in English - that there are some internal injuries and they have to operate to see how bad the haemorrhaging is. David tries to talk again, and the doctor explains to Fiona that he's under the effects of sedatives. David makes further noises with his mouth, but then passes into unconsciousness and the orderly pushes him away. Fiona cries after him, "Oh, David, don't worry. We'll find it." She stands there, looking upset.

Caroline is talking on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment, saying she thinks the best idea is for Colin to stay at the Morrell apartment for a few days. At the other end, Stephen retorts that the best idea is for him to come back to Woombai as soon as possible, and he asks what he's supposed to say to Jenny. Caroline suggests that he could tell her the truth: that Colin's a very unhappy young man and that he needs time to sort things out. Stephen points out that the worst place Colin could be is with her, but Caroline insists that she's a friend; nothing more. Stephen suggests curtly that that's a matter of opinion, but Caroline growls, "For goodness' sake." She then adds that she'll make sure he comes to the wedding, but she's not going to tell him to leave unless she's sure he's ready to cope. With that, she hangs up. Colin comes out of his bedroom and joins her, asking what's up. Caroline tells him that Stephen and Jenny don't seem to be too happy about him staying there with her. Colin mutters, "Why don't they mind their own business?" Caroline tells him that she promised them he'd be at the wedding. Colin, though, retorts that he hasn't decided if he's going yet - it all depends on what happens with them... He goes to hold her, but Caroline moves out of the way and reminds him that she told him at Woombai that they can't have that sort of relationship; she wishes he'd accept that. Colin points out that she told him she needed him. Caroline, though, admits, "I just didn't want to be alone." She then pleads, "Please understand..." Colin stares at her.

Out in the corridor, Samantha and Andy are approaching the front door, Samantha saying to Andy as they do so that she'll wait for the right moment to tell her mother about the tape, and adding that she's going to be upset when she finds out she knows about it. Andy suggests, "Well, don't tell her," but Samantha says, "I think I have to."

Inside, Colin yells at Caroline, "You're not even giving me a chance," but Caroline retorts angrily that that's not the point, and she asks him how many times she has to tell him-- She breaks off as the front door suddenly opens and Samantha and Andy come in. Looking delighted, Caroline runs and gives her daughter a hug, and smiles that she's so glad she's back. Andy looks at Colin and asks him what he's doing there, and Colin explains hesitantly that he met Caroline at Woombai. Caroline quickly says to Colin, "Colin, this is my daughter, Samantha." She adds by way of explanation to Samantha that Colin is Jenny Turner's son - he was staying at college but they gave away his room so she offered to let him stay there for a few days. Samantha smiles at Colin, "You're going to be best man at the wedding, aren't you?" Colin mutters, "If I decide to go." Looking uncomfortable, Caroline suggests to him that he go and make some coffee, and he walks off.

Fiona is pacing the corridor in the hospital in Rio, when David is wheeled past again on the trolley. She asks the doctor who's with him how he is, and he replies that there was some internal bleeding but that has now stopped. He adds that there will need to be much rest for Senor Palmer to recuperate and all will be well. He then suggests to Fiona that she get some rest, and Fiona admits that she is feeling a little bit tired; she should get herself a coffee. The doctor tells her that there's a canteen on the floor below, and he then wheels David off to recover. Fiona goes to head for the canteen, but she suddenly stops in her tracks as a swarthy-looking man approaches her. She stares at him and demands, "What do you want?" The man replies menacingly, "I came to tell you how sorry I am to hear about your friend's most unfortunate accident..." Fiona snaps, "If you think for one moment that you're going to get away with this, you've got another think coming. I've told the police." The man smiles, "Is that so, senora? And what did you tell them?" Fiona snaps, "That Quinteros had David Palmer beaten-up." The man asks, "And did they not laugh in your face?" Fiona glares at him as he goes on, "Senor Quinteros is a very respected man; he has a lot of friends in the police here. As soon as Senor Palmer recovers, you should take him on the next 'plane back to Australia. Senora Stone is dead. Forget about her." Fiona, though, retorts, "If David Palmer wants to keep looking for her, there is no way that I can stop him." The man suddenly thrusts his face right in front of hers replies threateningly, "I suggest you try." With that, he walks off, leaving Fiona looking worried.

A while later, David is coming-to in his hospital bed. He notices Fiona standing in the room and he calls over to her. She looks at him and he murmurs, "Find the photo?" Fiona, though, replies that she hasn't been able to contact Consuela yet. David murmurs, "She gave me the photo just before I was jumped. Hardly at time to look at it." Fiona asks if they took it back, but David murmurs that he thinks it may be still there. He tries to sit up, but then cries out in pain and Fiona asks him sadly where he thinks he's going. David insists that he's got to try to find it, but Fiona tells him that he's not in any fit condition to go anywhere. David cries that it's his only hope. Fiona assures him that they'll look for it, but not in the dark; it just isn't safe. David insists that he's got to try, but Fiona tells him that if they haven't already picked it up, it'll still be there in the morning; she'll 'phone Juan then, and they can go back and search the alley. David nods, reluctantly.

At the Morrell apartment, Samantha is laying the table as Caroline stands next to her, looking worried. Samantha tells her that it was an accident: the tapes got mixed up. Caroline cries that she can't believe it. Samantha goes on that Andy explained to them what happened; they were all pretty understanding. Caroline then says to her that she wishes she'd told her she knew about the tape. Samantha just murmurs that it doesn't matter; it's over now. Caroline, changing the subject, tells Samantha that there's something she ought to know about Colin - these things have a funny way of getting back and she'd like Samantha to have heard it from her, first. Samantha comments that that sounds ominous. Looking uncomfortable, Caroline explains, "Everyone at Woombai thinks I seduced him." Samantha stops laying the table and stares at her in shock as she goes on, "I didn't. Well, it's partly true." Samantha cries, "Mum!" Caroline quickly explains that she did it to help him; he needed his confidence building. Samantha asks incredulously what sort of reason that is. Caroline assures her that she really wishes it hadn't happened now. Samantha asks why he's staying at the apartment, then, and Caroline explains that he followed her; he was going to leave last night, but... She pauses before continuing that the problem is that now he thinks he's in love with her. Samantha tells her that she can't let it go on; she's just going to have to be strong with him. At that moment, there's noise at the front door, and Andy and Colin come in, Andy telling Caroline and Samantha as they do so that Colin doesn't waste any time: there were these two girls in the pizza shop and he didn't even get a look-in - they were too busy eyeing Colin up! Colin mutters that he thinks Andy's imagining things. Everyone sits down and Andy says he wants to leave after tea as he wants to catch up with Roland and Irene. Samantha asks if she can come along, and Andy replies that that's fine. He then opens one of the pizzas and comments that it looks alright. He adds, "Lover-boy here smiled and got double cheese for free!" Colin sits there, looking uncomfortable.

Irene is clearing the table in her flat as Roland sits there staring at some files. She comments that he's in his own little dream world! Roland asks her how the practice is coming along, and she sighs that she's getting there. Roland suggests to her that, if she hasn't got too many patients tomorrow, she could spend the day with him. He adds that he and Simon were planning a day out and rather hoped she might join them. Irene's face drops, and she quickly replies that she'll be flat-out tomorrow. Roland, looking thoughtful, comments, "He upset you, didn't he?" but Irene assures him, "Of course not." There's suddenly a knock on the door and Irene goes to get it. As she does so, Roland tells her that Simon promised he wouldn't cause any trouble. Irene replies that she knows he won't - he's a very nice boy - but she really will be too busy. She opens the door to find Andy and Samantha standing there, and she asks the delightedly how Melbourne was. Samantha smiles that it was good! Andy adds that he ended up getting some great gigs; he had to turn a couple of them down, though. Irene offers them coffee, and Samantha goes with her to the kitchen to give her a hand. Alone with Andy, Roland comments, "You enjoyed Melbourne, then?" Andy replies that he did, but it's good to be back - he's looking forward to a few more games of chess. Roland asks humorously, "How many pieces head-start do I have to give you this time?!" Changing the subject, he then tells Andy that he's had some good news: Simon returned home today. The smile on Andy's face disappears as Roland goes on that he hadn't seen him for two years; they were planning a day out tomorrow and he thought it might be a good opportunity for his two sons to get to know each other. Andy, looking wary, replies, "Yes, it would have been, but unfortunately, I've got something else lined up." He then adds that Roland hasn't seen Simon for that long that it might be better if he was by himself. Looking disappointed, Roland murmurs that he guesses there'll be plenty of other opportunities. In the kitchen, Samantha asks Irene if she and Roland went to Stephen and Jenny's party, but Irene replies that they didn't in the end. Samantha apologises to her for messing her about, but Irene assures her and she and Roland managed to fill in the time! She then tells her, "Your mother needs you, Samantha. You know that, don't you?" Samantha nods that she does. She goes on that she's got to find a job, though - she's getting a bit bored doing nothing. Irene asks her what she's got in mind, but Samantha replies that she hasn't really thought about it yet. Irene asks her, "How's your typing?" but Samantha admits, "Not the best!" Irene then asks, "Good enough to handle a few accounts?" and Samantha nods that she reckons so. Irene smiles, "That's settled, then." Samantha asks, "What's settled?" and Irene tells her, "I need a part-time receptionist. You interested?" Samantha smiles at her, gratefully.

Colin is pouring himself a glass of scotch on the bar at the Morrell apartment. Caroline joins him and comments that he gets on very well with Andy, doesn't he? Colin doesn't respond, though, and Caroline asks what's wrong. Colin sighs and explains, "It's having Samantha here. It's going to change things - between us." Caroline retorts that there is nothing between them - he has to understand that. Colin cries that he knows it's because of what happened, but if she just gave him another chance... Caroline insists, "I can't." Colin cries, "You have to," but Caroline snaps, "No." Colin stares at her, slams down his glass on the bar and storms out.

The next morning, Samantha and Caroline are having breakfast and Samantha asks her mother if she's still worried. Caroline explains that, not only did Colin not come back last night, but he was so upset when he left. Samantha suggests that he probably went out and got drunk and slept it off at the uni. Caroline just sits there silently, and Samantha insists that he'll will be alright. She adds that, now that he's faced it, he'll just have to cope the best way he can. Caroline sighs that she's made such a mess of things, and she suggests that she should ring Stephen. Samantha asks why, and Caroline replies that, if anything should happen to him... Samantha, though, assures her that it won't. She adds that she'd say he's feeling pretty sorry for himself at the moment and he probably stayed away so she would worry; the best thing she can do is just wait until she hears from him. Caroline murmurs, "I suppose so."

David is sitting up slightly in his hospital bed in Rio. A nurse is writing down some readings, and Fiona is also with him. He tells her, "I will be alright." Fiona assures him that she knows; she just doesn't like leaving him on his own. David cries, "For God's sake, Fiona, will you just go and start looking?" Fiona stands there, looking worried, and so David pushes back the bedclothes and mutters, "If you won't, I will." The nurse quickly says to him in Portuguese not to move, and Fiona pleads with him likewise in English. She then tells him that they have to be very careful: Franco Lomas was there last night. David asks what he wanted, and Fiona laughs with a grimace, "Just a polite threat. He told us we had to give up searching for it." David growls that he's not going to be scared off: threats or no threats, he has to find that photo. Neither he nor Fiona notice the nurse looking at him with interest as he says this. Fiona agrees that they'll look for it - but in the meantime, he has to promise to stay in bed and rest. David nods, reluctantly.

The front door of the Morrell apartment opens and Colin walks in, sheepishly. Caroline dashes over to him and cries, "Thank God you're back. Where were you?" Colin replies, "In a bar. Drowning my sorrows." Samantha says goodbye to the two of them and heads out. When she's gone, Caroline tells Colin, "I was worried sick about you. You were so upset when you left and I didn't know where you'd gone..." Colin tells her there was no need to be worried, adding, "I met someone I found I had a lot in common with. We got talking and... I don't know... lost track of time, I suppose." Caroline asks, "You spent the night together?" Colin replies quietly, "Yeah. Yeah, it solved a lot of problems that I was making for myself." Caroline smiles at him, looking relieved.

Simon is at Irene's flat with his father, and he suggests,"How about lunch at Centrepoint?" Roland smiles that he was thinking more of a hamburger at the zoo! At that moment, Irene emerges from her room, and Simon says 'cheerily', "Morning, Irene. Pity you can't make it today." Irene retorts curtly, "Yes, I'd better get a move on or I won't make it to surgery, either." There's suddenly a knock at the door and Simon goes to get it. Samantha is standing there, and Simon, looking impressed, smiles, "Well, hello! Samantha?" Samantha laughs, "Cousin Simon, I presume?!" Simon kisses her hand and then exclaims that he doesn't believe it: last time he saw her, she had skinny legs, pimples and had fallen in love with some rock singer! Samantha retorts, "I don't exactly remember you as a spunk in your younger days, either!" Simon tells her, "Time can work wonders." He then suggests, "We have a lot to catch up on. How about dinner?" Samantha, though, looking bemused, replies that she's pretty tied-up, what with work and all. Irene asks her if she's ready, and the two of them go to head out. As they do so, Irene reminds Roland about the cocktail do this afternoon; she needs him to save her from all those doctors' wives! She and Samantha then go. Simon sits down and asks his father what the party's in aid of. Roland replies that it's just some social do - mostly doctors and their wives. He adds that Irene loathes it, but it's part of her social obligations now. Simon comments, "I can see why she'd hate it - mink and pearls aren't exactly her style, are they?" Roland glares at him and retorts, "No - and I wouldn't like it if they were." Simon says, "Well I don't mind the odd martini..." but Roland just suggests that they'd better get a move on, and he stands up. Simon follows him towards the front door, looking thoughtful.

Fiona is back in the alley in Rio where David was attacked. She picks up some brown paper from the ground, looks at it and then throws it down again. She continues making her way along the road, picking up several other pieces of paper. A guy suddenly runs up to her and says, "I've found the picture!" He shows Fiona the corner of a magazine that he's picked up, but Fiona looks at it and smiles sadly, "No, Juan. No, that's not the picture. It's not even a proper photograph." Juan points out that they've looked everywhere. Fiona sighs that she doesn't know how she's going to tell David - that picture was his last hope; without it, he'll never be able to find Patricia.

Irene and Samantha are standing in Irene's surgery, and Irene is saying animatedly, "So, that's the medical side of things. Now let's have a look at the administration." Samantha just stands there, her mouth wide open, and Irene laughs, "Don't look so keen. Come on!" Samantha explains nervously that she hasn't actually had a job before. Irene, though, assures her, "You'll cope!" They head out into the reception area, and Samantha sits down at her desk. Irene tells her that there shouldn't be too much trouble with the filing; she's only got about ten patients a day so far. Samantha smiles that it sounds simple enough. Irene then asks her if Caroline was pleased about her working there, but Samantha just replies that she seemed pleased enough. Irene asks if there are more problems, and Samantha explains, "No, not really. It's just we've got Colin Turner staying with us, and he's making her a bit jumpy." Irene suggests that, if she doesn't have any more patients this afternoon, what say she calls around and sees Caroline? Samantha smiles that she'd appreciate that. She then laughs, "Right. Now get to work!" Irene heads into her surgery as Samantha starts looking through the files on her desk.

The 'phone is ringing at the Morrell apartment, and Caroline answers it. A male voice comes on and asks if Colin's there. Caroline replies that she's sorry but he had to go out. She then asks if she can get him to call back, but the guy says, "No thanks. Just tell him Dean rang and I can't make it tonight. I'll 'phone him tomorrow." Caroline asks Dean to hold on, as she hasn't got a pen. She takes the 'phone over to the couch, sits down and picks up a pen that's lying on the coffee table. She then asks, "What was the name again?" The guy replies, "Dean. He'll know." Caroline asks him if he's a friend of Colin's from university. Dean, though, tells her, "No. We met last night." Caroline suddenly smiles and asks, "Did you see the girl he was with?" Dean, sounding puzzled, asks, "What?" Caroline quickly explains that she just wanted to know what she was like. Dean tells her, "Look, just give him the message, please." With that, he hangs up, leaving Caroline looking surprised.

Samantha is putting some files away in the cabinet in the reception area at Irene's surgery. Simon suddenly wanders in and Samantha, looking annoyed, comments that she thought he was going out. Simon explains that Roland got caught on the 'phone with some business. He goes on that he decided to come down for a look. He adds smarmily, "You know, you're going to make a great receptionist." Samantha mutters that Irene offered her the job as a friend, not because she claims to be some super secretary. Simon asks if Irene is with a patient, and Samantha snaps, "No." Simon says he'll have a quick word with her, then, and he heads into the surgery. Irene is laying a new paper sheet on the bed, and when she sees Simon standing there, she demands, "What do you want?" Simon closes the door and replies menacingly, "I thought it might be an idea if you and I were friends, considering how close you are to dad." Irene just mutters, "Alright." Simon stands there, and Irene asks if that's all. Simon continues, "Basically, I don't want us at odds. I'll probably be spending as much time with dad as possible." Irene asks suspiciously, "Oh yes?" and Simon retorts, "Well, you know I haven't seen him for almost two years. I have to catch up on things; meet his friends." Irene, going and sitting down at her desk, asks if this is leading anywhere. Simon replies, "Yes. I'd like to go to the party this afternoon." Irene asks him sharply, "And what? Meet a few lonely women? Don't expect me to help you." Simon retorts, "I'm trying to be pleasant." Irene warns him, "I'm not going to pimp for you," but Simon snaps, "Frankly, I don't think you've got much choice." Standing up, Irene snaps back, "Oh, haven't I? Roland would be devastated to find his son was a--" She breaks off before completing, "'Gigolo'." Simon, though, retorts, "He'd feel pretty sick knowing his fiancée took one home, too. My father's not a very broad-minded man. He'd find it difficult to forgive you." Irene stands there, looking worried. She eventually murmurs reluctantly, "I'll see what I can do." Simon smiles at her.

Fiona is approaching David's room at the hospital in Rio, but as she goes to head inside, a nurse comes out and says, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Thompson. The doctor is with Mr. Palmer. I can't allow you to enter." Fiona, looking intrigued, comments, "My goodness me, Nurse Ramirez, your English has improved. Have you been taking lessons?" The nurse ignores this and snaps, "They could be some time. Why don't you wait in the canteen." Fiona, though, retorts that she'll wait right there - that is, of course, if Nurse Ramirez doesn't mind... The nurse glares at her and then turns and heads back into the room. Fiona stands there, looking puzzled.

The front door opens at the Morrell apartment and Colin comes in. Caroline is sitting on the couch, reading a magazine, and she immediately tells him that there was a call for him - a boy named Dean: he said he couldn't make it tonight and will call Colin tomorrow. Colin asks hesitantly, "Did he, um, leave a number?" but Caroline says she's sorry. Colin goes to head out to the kitchen, but Caroline calls after him, "Colin?" Colin pauses and Caroline goes on, "He said he met you last night." Colin replies nervously, "Yeah. We had a few drinks together. Yeah, he's a nice guy." Caroline then asks, "Do you want to talk about him?" Colin asks, "Who? Dean? What for? I mean, he's just a bloke that I met in the pub, that's all." Caroline, though, says, "He was the person you spent the night with, wasn't he?" Colin snaps, "Of course not." He turns away, but after a few seconds, turns back and asks, "How much did he tell you?" Caroline replies gently, "Nothing. I didn't know for sure..." Colin asks, "You want me to leave?" Caroline, though, tells him not to be silly, adding that she's not going to throw him out for being honest; they're friends, remember? Colin smiles at her, gratefully, and then sighs heavily.

Fiona is sitting in the corridor at the hospital in Rio. An empty trolley is wheeled past and into David's room. Looking puzzled, Fiona goes to follow it, but Nurse Ramirez suddenly appears in the doorway and tries to block her entrance. Fiona, though, pushes her out of the way and shuts the door in her face. Dr. Santos is in the room and Fiona demands to know what's happening; why are they moving David? She then asks Santos what he's doing there. Santos says, "Please, if you mind waiting outside? Look, I'll be finished in a few moments and will be pleased to speak with you." Fiona, though, snaps, "I'm not moving an inch until someone tells me what is going on."


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