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    Written by: Stuart Ray    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Dr. Santos explains to Fiona, "Mr. Palmer is simply being transferred to my clinic." Fiona asks curtly, "On whose orders?" and Santos tells her that there have been a number of threats on Mr. Palmer's life; he's being moved for his own protection. He adds that Fiona is welcome to come if she wishes. Fiona demands, "Who else knows about this?" and Santos replies, "The hospital authorities, of course." He adds, "And there's no need to worry about payments - it's been taken care of." Fiona asks, "By whom?" but Santos says he doesn't know; some friends. Fiona questions, "Quinteros?" but Santos repeats that he doesn't know. Fiona glares at him and warns him tersely, "If you move David Palmer, I'm going straight to the Australian Embassy and I'll make quite sure they find out about that phoney death certificate you signed for Margaret Stone, because she's alive and we both know that. Santos suddenly says something in Portuguese to the two orderlies in the room and they walk out. When they've gone, Santos says to Fiona, "Mrs. Thompson, you are right to be frightened of Quinteros - he's a very powerful man. You and Mr. Palmer won't be safe until you leave Brazil." Fiona asks tautly, "Where is Margaret Stone?" Santos just replies, "Consider her dead, Mrs. Thompson. It'll be best for everyone if you do." With that, he walks out. Fiona sits down on the edge of David's bed and takes his hand in hers, looking worried.

Barbara heads up the pathway outside Charlie's and puts a key in the lock in the front door. The door is suddenly opened from inside, though - by Wayne. Barbara, looking shocked, asks him curtly what he's doing there. Wayne retorts that he could ask the same thing. Barbara explains that Charlie asked her to look after her pot plants. She then asks Wayne if Charlie knows he's staying there, and Wayne tells her, "She rang while I was packing my bags. She wanted someone to see how they were treating Isabella at the doggy home. I offered to look after the place and take care of Isabella. Charlie thought it was a great idea." Barbara asks him suspiciously if that's all he said, but Wayne asks, "What else is there?" Barbara retorts, "No sob story about how cruel everyone is being to Wayne?" Wayne mutters, "No, as a matter of fact." He then adds that Barbara should be pleased he's out of the way - she's been trying to get rid of him for long enough. He goes to close the door, but Barbara pushes on it to hold it open and asks him to wait. She then goes on, "Believe it or not, I would like you to come home." Wayne, looking disinterested, asks, "Why? So there'll be someone there to kick around some more?" Barbara tells him that Gordon is concerned about the way things have been happening and she thinks he'd like to make it up to him. Wayne, though, growls, "Forget it." Barbara snaps that he could at least talk to his father, but Wayne asks bitterly what the point is: Simon's there to take his place - and with Barbara's help, he ought to be able to crawl into Gordy's good books without too much trouble. Barbara yells, "For God's sake, grow up." Wayne, though, just asks lightly, "Anything else?" Barbara snaps, "Yes. If you're going to behave like a spoilt child, I'd rather you were out of the house. In fact, the way you've been carrying-on--" Wayne interrupts her and warns through gritted teeth, "Yeah, well don't think I'm going to forget how everyone else carried on. I can promise you one thing: you'll wish you hadn't." With that, he shuts the door in Barbara's face.

Leigh is sitting with Beryl and Charlie at the kitchen table at David's country house. She offers them more tea, but they both decline. Sally suddenly comes in from the hallway - wearing her normal clothes again - holding the newspaper. Charlie asks if there's anything interesting in there, and Sally replies sadly that there's a story about a policeman who was killed last night. She goes on that he was a friend of Adam's; she met him once; he was a nice guy. Charlie exclaims that that's awful. She then continues that she knows it was Adam's decision to join the force, but sometimes she wishes he'd listen to Eric. Changing the subject, she stands up and suggests they'd better be going. Beryl asks what's on today, and Charlie explains that she and Sally are going to see Lisa Cook: they've been promised a peek at her latest fashions. Charlie then asks Leigh if she'd like to come, but Leigh mutters, "No . thanks, I couldn't afford the prices." Charlie smiles, "I'm sure if you took a fancy to something, Lisa and I could come to an arrangement," but Leigh retorts that she doesn't think so. With that, Charlie and Sally head out. Just outside the back door, Charlie smiles at Sally that she loves buying new clothes; she's always wanted to take her daughter on a shopping spree! Sally, though, looking wary, says, "Look, mum, I don't need expensive clothes." Charlie insists that she needs something for those special occasions, but Sally assures her that what she has is fine; she's a uni student, not a fashion model. Charlie tells her that they don't have to go to Lisa's if she doesn't want to. Sally quickly replies that she does - she's looking forward to it; she just won't be buying anything, that's all. Charlie smiles, "We'll see..." and they head off. Back inside, in the kitchen, Beryl tells Leigh that she could have gone with Charlie; there's not that much to do there. Leigh, though, retorts that she didn't feel like it. Beryl continues that she knows Leigh is missing David, and that Brett's giving her a hard time, but she'll just have to learn to live with it. Leigh mutters, "Easy to say." At that moment, the back door opens and Brett comes in. He says, "Morning, Beryl." Leigh glares at him and heads outside to collect the eggs. When she's gone, Beryl snaps at Brett, "We all know Leigh did the wrong thing, but treating her as if she doesn't exist is not going to help anyone. The girl must feel bad enough about things as it is." Brett sighs that, alright, he'll stop giving her a hard time; he still doesn't like her, but he'll try to be a bit more polite. Beryl smiles in relief.

David is tossing and turning in his hospital bed. He starts talking in his sleep. Fiona dashes over to him from the window as he murmurs, "The photo... Pat's photo..." Fiona gently assures him, "I got the photo. I went back and found it. Now, you go on back to sleep." David murmurs, "You hang on to it..." He then dozes off again, leaving Fiona standing there looking worried.

Caroline is cutting up some oranges on the bar at the Morrell apartment when there's a knock on the front door. She answers it to find Irene standing there, and she invites her in. She asks if surgery's closed and Irene smiles, "For a couple of hours." Caroline then asks how Samantha coped, and Irene laughs that she was fine. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Caroline goes to answer it. Wayne comes on and says, "It's me. We have to talk." Caroline, though, retorts, "You might have to. I don't. Goodbye." With that, she hangs up. Turning back to Irene, she explains that it was Wayne. She then offers fresh orange juice, and Irene accepts. She asks if Colin's home, but Caroline replies, "No." Irene asks if it's awkward him staying there. Caroline, looking wary, replies, "Well, just at the moment, it is a bit."

Leigh emerges from the chicken coop in the grounds of the country house to find Patch the dog sitting outside. She starts stroking him and telling him that he should be at home, as Mr. Patterson might be looking for him. Brett approaches her and says, "G'day." Leigh asks suspiciously, "You talking to me or the dog?" Brett explains that he wanted to say he's sorry. He adds that he still reckons what she did was pretty low, but he probably went a bit overboard. He asks if they can call it quits, and Leigh smiles that that's fine by her. She then suggests that they could make it up by going out tonight and seeing a film or something, but Brett tells her that he reckons he'll be pretty tired tonight and he might stick to the TV. With that, he walks off. Leigh bends down and says to the dog, "He didn't mean it, did he, Patch? Beryl must have put him up to it." She suddenly sees a car in the distance and she yells out, "Adam! Adam!" Adam gets out of the car, but ignores Leigh. As a look of disappointment crosses her face, she says to Patch, "Looks like you're the only one around here who still likes me."

Adam heads into the kitchen in the house. Beryl is there, and Adam asks her if Charlie's in. Beryl explains that she's taken Sally into town, and so Adam says in a gloomy voice that he'll come back later. Beryl stops him and tells him that Sally told them that his friend was killed last night. She adds sympathetically that it must have been quite a shock. Adam agrees that it was. Beryl then asks him if he'd like to stay for morning tea, and he accepts. He then suddenly asks, "Can I stay here for a few days?" Beryl, a vague look of surprise on her face, assures him that of course he can. Adam explains that he's been thinking: he's got some time off and he could spend it with Charlie and Sally. Beryl asks him about his father, but Adam replies that he's fine now. Leigh suddenly comes in from outside and tells Adam that she waved when he drove up but he mustn't have seen her. Adam replies that he's sorry but he wasn't looking. Leigh sympathises that it was terrible about his friend. Adam murmurs that he doesn't really want to talk about it. Looking upset at his lack of interest, Leigh mutters, "I'll see you later, then. Better check on Shane." She storms off to her bedroom.

At the Morrell apartment, Caroline hands Irene a glass of orange juice and tells her, "Colin's embarrassed. I found out about him and Dean; attack of the guilts, I suppose." Irene asks her what she said to him, but Caroline replies that she doesn't think he wanted to talk about it much. She adds that it's difficult to know what to do, and she asks Irene if she has any suggestions. Irene, though, smiles that it's hardly a medical problem - and he's certainly got no reason to feel ashamed. She goes on that she thinks the best thing Caroline can do is let Colin know she's his friend and that she'll be around if he needs her. Caroline sighs, "Jenny's going to go through the roof when she finds out. She'll probably think I drove Colin to it. I mean, what am I going to say when she and Stephen start asking questions?" Irene, though, replies, "Nothing. Colin will tell them in his own good time." Caroline accepts this and then, changing the subject, asks Irene if she's sorted things out with Simon. Irene sighs that he wants her to take him to some cocktail do this afternoon; he's out to meet a rich, lonely doctor's wife. Caroline asserts, "I hope you told him what to do..." but Irene explains that he says he's going to tell Roland what happened in London if she doesn't; at least, his version of it. Caroline cries that that's blackmail. Irene, though, assures her, "Don't worry - I'm not going to let him walk over me as easily as all that." She then finishes her orange juice and announces that she'd better get going.

A while later, Irene is back at the boarding house and is unlocking the door to her surgery. Barbara is with her and Irene asks her what she's doing there. Barbara smiles that she's meeting Roland and Simon for lunch. Irene asks where they're off to, and Barbara tells her, "Edna's." Irene comments that that must be setting Roland back a bob or two, but Barbara explains that it's Simon's shout: apparently nothing is too good for mama and papa - although where he gets his money from is a mystery to her! Irene suggests brightly that maybe he robs banks! Barbara smiles, "Maybe he does!" She then goes on that he mentioned Irene had been able to get him a ticket for this afternoon. Irene murmurs that she pulled the odd string or two. Barbara thanks her, adding that she thinks Simon is a bit lonely. She then suggests that maybe he'll meet someone a bit special. Irene murmurs, "You never know your luck in the big city..."

Sometime later, Irene is sitting behind the desk in her surgery, the 'phone to her ear. A woman at the other end says, "Margot Sutherland." Irene explains that it's her, and Margot smiles that it's wonderful to hear her voice. Irene then asks her if she and James are going to this convention do this afternoon. Margot replies that they certainly are, and she adds that Irene isn't planning to be there, is she? Irene mutters that she is, actually. Margot exclaims, "Super! I'm dying to have a chat. You must tell us all about the practice." Irene nods that she will, but there's something she'd like Margot to do for her...

There's a knock on the front door at the Morrell apartment, and Caroline goes and answers it to find Wayne standing there. Looking annoyed, she snaps, "Go away." Wayne, though, tells her that he has to talk to her - it's important. Caroline growls that she's not interested, but Wayne insists, "At least listen to what I've got to say." He steps into the apartment, and Caroline warns him that she'll call the police. Wayne says lightly that he doesn't know why she's being so hostile. Looking amazed, Caroline exclaims that he must have a pretty short memory. Wayne, though, tells her that all he knows is that they're getting a rough deal from the others, so maybe they should join forces. Caroline asks curtly, "How?" Wayne explains, "Karen left me her shares in the company. That means, between us we've almost got a majority interest. We could just about run the company ourselves, if we wanted to. Whatever your feelings about me, that's got to be better than letting everyone else push you around." Caroline stares at him and then mutters that he must be mad if he thinks she's ever going to trust him again. She then orders him to get out. Wayne sighs, "OK - but the offer's still open. I'll be at Charlie's, if you want to contact me." He walks out, leaving Caroline glaring at him.

David is sitting up in his hospital bed in Rio, and Fiona hands him a glass of water. As he finishes sipping it, he asks, "You got the photo?" Fiona, suddenly looking sheepish, tells him that quite a lot has happened since he's been unconscious: Dr. Santos was there, causing a lot of bother - under Quinteros' orders, of course. She goes on that she 'phoned the Australian Embassy and they're having him transferred to somewhere outside of the city; he's going to be in hospital for quite a while yet. David just asks, "Where's the photo?" Fiona admits, "I don't know. I went back to try and find it, but it was gone. Quinteros' men must have taken it." She then cries, "Oh, David, I'm so sorry." David just stares at her.

In Sydney, the doctors' party is in full swing at the Boulevard Centre. There's muzak playing in the background in a function room as Irene stands with Roland and Simon. Margot Sutherland approaches them, and Irene smiles as she exclaims, "Hello, Margot!" She then introduces Roland and Simon before turning back to Margot and asking where James is. Margot replies, "My poor husband got the call from the hospital just as we were leaving. One of patients had a relapse." Irene exclaims that that's a pity, and she then tells Roland and an interested-looking Simon that she and James went through med school together. Margot adds, "Hopefully he will come up later, but I wouldn't be so sure - he can be a bit of a stick-in-the-mud if he wants to be!" Irene laughs that she doesn't think he's as bad as that, but Margot assures her, "Of course he is - he can be an absolute bore when it comes to socialising!" Irene laughs. Margot then tells Roland and Simon to get them some drinks and they can start mingling. She asks Roland for another gin and squash and Irene asks for the same. Roland and Simon head over to the bar. When they're out of earshot, Margot says to Irene - indicating Simon - "I guess he's the one?" Irene nods, "Uh huh." Margot smiles that she can see why he's a success with the ladies! Irene gives her a warning look, and Margot recalls ruefully, "Still, we are not here to encourage him, are we?" Irene smiles, "No!"

Charlie and Sally are back at the country house, and, in the kitchen, Charlie exclaims to her son, "Adam, what a wonderful idea!" Adam explains that he had a few days off. Charlie goes on that it was dreadful news about his friend, and Sally adds that she was sorry when she heard about it, too. Charlie remarks that his poor family must be terribly upset - it makes you realise what a risk it is being a policeman; there are so many criminals running around with a gun-- Adam glares at her and suddenly snaps, "Give it a break, will you?" He storms outside, angrily. Beryl wanders in from the hallway and tells Charlie that Adam has been on-edge all day; losing his friend's hit him pretty hard. Sally suggests that she should go after him, but Beryl says she thinks he's better by himself; he'll come back when he's ready. Charlie sighs in despair, "Oh, why do I always say the wrong thing?"

A short time later, Adam is sitting on his own outside when Leigh wanders up to him. She says a cheery, "G'day," but Adam snaps, "Go away, Leigh." Looking downcast, Leigh mutters, "Sorry," and she goes to walk off. Adam, though, quickly calls after her and she stops in her tracks. He tells her that it should be him who's saying sorry; everyone's been getting a blast lately, not just her. He then explains that the cop that was shot - Ian - was his partner; he was there. Leigh cries that that's awful. Adam tells her, "We were driving along, heading back to the station. We pulled over this guy for speeding. Ian got out of the car to book him... the guy rolled down his window, pulled out a rifle and shot him. Didn't even know what he was doing. He was drunk. Been out shooting with his mates." Leigh tells him, "You can't blame yourself." Adam, though, explains, "I just don't know if I can go back on the job. I'm scared."

It's nighttime again in Rio. Consuela suddenly runs round the corner of the corridor at the hospital and starts speaking to a passing nurse in Portuguese. At that moment, Fiona bursts out of David's room and cries, "Consuela! How on earth did you find us?!" Consuela explains in broken English, "I go to hotel. They tell me--" Fiona interrupts her and asks her where she went after she gave David Palmer the photo. Consuela replies, "I start to run away, but then I hear a noise. Mr. Palmer, he is--" Fiona interrupts and says, "Some men were hitting him." Consuela nods, "Si. Senor Quinteros. His men." Fiona pleads, "Where is the photo?" Consuela hands her an envelope and says, "It is here." Fiona, looking relieved, takes it and exclaims, "Oh, thank God!" She reaches into the envelope and pulls out the picture inside, staring at it in surprise. However, the women in the photo is not the same one pictured in the photo Consuela gave David the day before...

At the party in Sydney, Simon hands Irene her drink and then comments that it was bad luck about Margot's husband not being able to make it. He adds that they must have quite a bit of money between them, James being a specialist surgeon. Irene agrees, "Yes, they probably do." Simon goes on, "Might be worth my while getting to know her a bit better." Irene growls, "Margot is a friend of mine," but Simon just retorts, "Good. Should make things much easier." Margot suddenly approaches them and asks Irene why she's not socialising. Indicating her drink, Irene smiles that she's just getting together a bit of Dutch courage first! With that, she walks off to start mingling. When she's gone, Simon smiles charmingly at Margot and says, "Good of Irene to leave me alone with the most interesting woman in the room." Margot replies, "Aren't you sweet? That's the best compliment I've had in ages!" Simon doesn't notice Irene watching him and Margot gleefully from across the room...

Beryl is serving up tea in the kitchen at the country house. Brett asks where Adam is and Leigh explains that he was out walking earlier. Beryl suggests that she'd better go and get him, but at that moment, Adam comes in and says, "There's no need. I'm here." He then adds that he'd better get his stuff out of the car, and he asks where he's sleeping. Brett tells him that there's a spare bed in the shed. Looking surprised, Adam asks if there's anywhere else. Brett assures him that the shed's alright - there are no leaks and draughts, and not many insects; what more could he ask for?! Adam replies that he might stick to the sofa! With that, he heads out to get his bag. When he's gone, Brett asks Charlie in surprise, "What was all that about?" Charlie, though, tells him, "I'm not sure. Unless it has something to do with the shooting..." Leigh explains, "It has. Adam doesn't want to talk about it, but I think it's better if you all know what's really upsetting him."

Irene and Roland are sitting with another doctor at the party, and the other doctor is telling Irene that she was ahead of her time; herbal medicine is popular these days! Changing the subject, Irene tells Roland that it's getting awfully late; she thinks they should be going. She asks where Simon is, and Roland replies that he's still comparing notes on Europe with Margot, he imagines. Simon and Margot are sitting by the bar, talking, when a man walks over to them and says to Margot, "Hello. Not too late, I hope?" Margot, looking surprised to see him, introduces the man to Simon, explaining, "My husband: James." The two men shake hands, and Margot tells James that Simon is just back from New York. Irene and Roland walk over and join them, and Margot heads off to get her coat. Simon asks his father if he's got time for one last drink and Roland tells him to make it a quick one. He slips off and follows Margot to the coat rack, where he tells her, "I'd like to see you again. Perhaps dinner sometime - just you and me?" Margot, looking surprised, smiles, "Don't be silly - I wouldn't cheat on James." Looking taken aback and partly annoyed, Simon insists, "That's not what you've been implying all afternoon." Margot retorts, "Then I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lead you on. I've enjoyed your company, though, but that's all. I've got children your age!" With that, she walks off. Irene looks at Simon, a delighted smile on her face.

At the hospital in Rio, David is staring at the photo that Consuela handed to Fiona. Fiona is telling him, "As soon as Quinteros' thugs had finished with you, Consuela went back and picked up the photo." David shakes his head and cries, "She looks so different. I can hardly believe it's Pat. Still, we know who we're looking for now, don't we?"

Consuela is walking along a corridor elsewhere in the hospital when Dr. Santos calls over to her and asks her if Mrs. Thompson took the new photo. Consuela nods but then cries, "It is wrong." Santos, though, tells her, "It is not wrong to save their lives. When Quinteros knows they're looking for another woman, he'll let them leave. It is the only way." He then takes a photo of Patricia with her real new face and, staring at it, adds, "No one must really know what she looks like..."

A Qantas jet lands at Sydney airport in Australia, having flown in from Tahiti. A short time later, the exit doors to the airport open automatically and a woman - wearing dark glasses - steps outside and climbs into a chauffeured car. The woman is Patricia...


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