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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Vince Martin

Leigh is feeding baby Shane as she sits with Charlie, Beryl and Brett at the kitchen table at David's country house. Charlie says she wonders what Andy and Samantha are having for lunch, and Beryl muses that it's probably some takeaway hamburger! Brett stands up and announces that he'd better get back to it. Leigh offers to give him a hand, but he just asks bluntly, "Why?" Leigh replies sadly that she just thought he might like some help. Brett, though, mutters, "No thanks," and he walks out. Turning to Charlie and Beryl, Leigh asks, "What do I have to do to make Brett forgive me?" Beryl tells her, "He's disappointed in you, Leigh. We all are. It's no use pretending we're not." Leigh insists that she said she's sorry, but Beryl retorts that that's hardly enough. She goes on, "Brett's taking it the hardest because... well, he doesn't know what you're capable of. Leigh murmurs bitterly,"But everyone else does, is that right?" She then goes on angrily that they've all got pretty short memories, and she reminds them of the times when she's tried to do something decent, like helping Adam get closer to Charlie. She asks, "Doesn't that count?" She then continues that it seems that all it takes is one mistake and she's the worst person in the world again. Standing up, she growls, "If that's what everyone expects, I'll try not to disappoint you in the future." With that, she storms out. When she's gone, Charlie suggests to Beryl that maybe they are being a bit hard on her. Beryl, though, asks her if she thinks Samantha will think so. She then adds that she's sorry, but she really can't distance it that easily.

At Irene's, Roland is handing Irene and Simon glasses of champagne, smiling that it's the nectar of the Gods! Looking at the worried expression on Irene's face, he then comments to her that she looks as if she's going to a funeral! Irene murmurs, "I'm just a bit shy, that's all." Looking surprised, Roland exclaims that he doesn't believe it, but Irene insists that it's true: she only met Simon five minutes ago. Giving his son a pat on the back, Roland smiles, "And you couldn't meet a more decent lad!" He adds, "Don't you worry about Simon. He and his stepmother are going to get along just fine." There's suddenly a knock at the door and Simon goes to get it, saying as he does so, "It'll probably be mum." He opens the door to find Barbara standing there. She throws her arms round him in delight and tells him that it's so good to see him. She then adds that she's sorry she's late, but she was staying at Caroline's. Irene asks how Caroline is, and Barbara replies that she's hardly on top of the world: the hospital rang about Ron and he's taken a turn for the worse. Irene, looking concerned, says she'd better get over there. Roland points out that she hasn't drunk her champagne, but Irene insists that she wants to be back before surgery. Roland cries that she's rushing away before they've all had a chance to talk. Irene, though, tells him that it's best if Simon has a chat with his parents on his own; she'll catch up with them all later. With that, she dashes out. Out in the corridor, she leans against her front door and sighs heavily.

Caroline is talking to Stephen on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment, telling him curtly that she understands what he's saying but it's just not like that. There's suddenly a knock at the door and she asks Stephen to hold on while she gets it. She goes to the door and opens it to find Irene standing there. She lets her in and then tells Stephen that if Colin turns up, she'll send him straight back to Woombai. With that, she hangs up. Irene asks her sympathetically if it's been a rough day, and Caroline muses that it hasn't been too good so far. Irene explains that Barbara told her about Ron, and she adds that if there's anything she can do... Caroline, though, replies that it's all in the lap of the Gods - or the doctors! Irene smiles and then, indicating the telephone, asks who Colin is. Caroline replies, "Don't ask - except everybody now sees me as the Woombai cradle-snatcher." Irene assures Caroline that she has a fairly open mind - she's willing to listen if Caroline feels she wants to talk about it...

At Irene's, Roland is pouring Simon another glass of champagne as he asks him what he got up to overseas. Simon replies that he travelled around... worked here and there. Barbara asks him where he travelled and what sort of work he did, but Simon just replies, "I went to Europe a few times." Roland comments that that must be expensive, but Simon assures him that it's not difficult if you're prepared to do things on the cheap. Barbara tells him that she could have sent him the air fare home, but Simon retorts that he had enough money of his own. Barbara points out that he couldn't have had much; flats in Hyde Park don't come cheap. Simon, staring at her, asks, "What is this: the Spanish Inquisition?" Barbara quickly smiles that of course it isn't - she's just surprised: he was always such a spendthrift and never had any money, and now he's well-travelled and well-dressed... Simon suggests curtly, "Then you should be proud of me." Roland assures him, "We are." Simon looks away sheepishly.

At the Morrell apartment, Caroline is telling Irene that she thought she was doing something to help the boy, but everyone else just thought she was taking advantage of him. She goes on that the irony was that nothing happened: Colin's got some sort of problem or hang-up, and she just feels guilty. Irene looks down, and Caroline comments, "I take it that's how you expect me to feel, chasing somebody half my own age?" Irene, though, tells her, "I could hardly think that without being labelled the biggest hypocrite of all time." Caroline looks at her in surprise and Irene explains that she had a similar experience - only her intentions weren't quite so 'honourable'. Caroline asks her if she fell for a younger man, but Irene tells her that 'one night stand's' more the phrase that springs to mind. Caroline remarks, "We've all had plenty of those. What's the problem? Now that you've got Roland..." Irene replies, "The problem is, the younger man is Roland's son."

A few moments later, Irene explains to Caroline that, when she was in London, she went to this party - there was this guy and he seemed to make a special effort to look after her: put her in a taxi... saw her up to her room... and he was still there the next morning! She then adds that he presented her with a bill for services rendered. Caroline exclaims, "You're kidding! A gigolo?!" Irene, though, replies, "Let's not be coy, love: a prostitute." Looking astonished, Caroline asks her what she did. Irene tells her, "I booted him out. Hell, he wasn't that brilliant. He should have been paying me!" She quickly goes on that she wasn't really angry; actually, it was rather funny - but it's not such a laughing matter now... Caroline asks her if she thinks he'll say anything to Roland. Irene replies that she doubts it, but she doesn't like hiding it from Roland; he means so much to her. She then explains, "He's asked me to marry him." Caroline advises, "Then don't tell him about it. It's not worth it - believe me."

Beryl removes a cake from the oven in the kitchen at the country house as Charlie asks why sponges are so difficult to make! Sally suddenly comes and smiles, "Guess who!" Charlie, looking delighted to see her, tells her that she didn't think she'd come back. Sally, though, points out that she said on the 'phone that she would. She then adds that the only thing that did make her think twice was when she found out that Charlie got Andy to ask her to that party. Suddenly looking wary, Beryl quickly says she'll go and get the washing in, and she heads outside. Sally admonishes Charlie that no girl likes to feel a boy's asking her out as a favour. Charlie, though, quickly insists that she didn't mean it like that: she was worried that Sally was spending too much time with her nose in a book when she should be out enjoying herself and having fun. Sally pauses for a moment and then says, "You're right. I agree. Is the offer of a trip to the beauty parlour still open?" Charlie smiles that of course it is - it's going to be Eliza Dolittle all over again!"

Fiona is sitting in the passenger seat of the hire car in Rio. David climbs into the driver's seat and hands her a McDonald's hamburger carton, leading Fiona to laugh, "You can get these anywhere in the world!" She then asks him if he couldn't find any of the local product, but David replies seriously that he's trying to think what their next move's going to be. Fiona agrees that it does seem as if they've struck a bit of a dead-end. David, looking thoughtful, recalls that there was a maid at the Quinteros house: the one that gave Charlie the address of the Santos bloke. Fiona asks what her name was, but David shakes his head. Fiona sighs that even if he can remember it, they obviously can't go back there. David suddenly says, "Consuela. That was it."

Irene has arrived back at her flat, and Barbara asks her how Caroline is. Irene replies that she's given her something to calm her down. Barbara asks if she'll be OK, and Irene replies that she thinks so, as long as she doesn't get any more bad news today. Barbara suggests that she should go back to her, but with Simon there... Irene assures her that she'll keep an eye on Caroline. Roland chips in that Simon can stay with him, but Irene points out that Barbara's on her own at Dural; she could probably do with the company. Simon sits there, staring at Irene, as Roland smiles at his son that he wasn't really trying to keep him for himself! Barbara suggests to Simon that they make a move, then, adding that she has to call into Caroline's first and pick up her suitcase. She and Roland head to the door. Simon lingers a moment and says to Irene, "Irene, it was nice meeting you again - I mean twice in one day..." Irene nods, "Yes. Bye now..." He heads to the door and tells Roland that he'll see him soon, leaving Irene looking worried.

There's a knock on the door at the Morrell apartment and Caroline goes to answer it. To her horror, she finds Colin standing in the corridor, and she immediately asks him what he's doing there. He explains that he needs somewhere to stay - when he went back to Woombai, they gave away his room at college. Caroline tells him that he can't stay there: Stephen 'phoned and he and Jenny are very worried about him; they want him to go straight back home. Colin cries that he won't after the way they treated her. He adds that he's got nowhere else to go; it'll only be until he finds a place of his own. Caroline looks worried.

Charlie and Sally are back at the country house, and Charlie smiles broadly and says, "Da da..." as Sally follows her into the kitchen, having had a full makeover. Charlie smiles, "Isn't she beautiful?" Leigh agrees that it's nice, but Sally murmurs that she doesn't really feel it's quite her. Charlie, though, tells her, "Oh, tish tosh. It does one good to dress up occasionally!" The back door suddenly opens and Brett comes in and smiles at Sally, "Hello, who's the stunner?" He then adds, "When are we going out?!" Charlie smiles, "Oh, Mr. Keegan, you are so forward," but Brett tells her that you don't get anywhere unless you ask. Sally says she doesn't know. She then suggests they could make it a threesome: the two of them and Leigh. Brett glances at Leigh and then tells Sally that he only asked her. Leigh snaps that she wouldn't be interested anyway, and she storms out. Sally suggests to Brett that they'd better leave it, then. He heads off to wash up. Sally looks at Charlie.

Barbara is standing in the doorway of the Morrell apartment, telling Caroline that she left Simon in the car; she didn't think Caroline would be up to visitors. Caroline turns to look at Colin, who's sitting on the couch, and muses, "No." Barbara glances inside to see what Caroline is looking at, and then asks curtly what the hell he's doing there. Caroline explains that he needs a place to stay - they gave away his room at college. Barbara mutters, "Most unfortunate." She then walks into the apartment and suggests to Caroline that they take him back to Dural. Colin stands up and snaps that they shouldn't talk as if he's not there. Barbara retorts that it would be a damn sight better for Caroline if he wasn't, but Colin insists that he's staying. Barbara suggests to him that he make himself useful and go and get her suitcase from the spare bedroom. Colin stares at her and then walks off. When he's gone, Barbara warns Caroline that she's making a big mistake. Caroline, though, asks what she's supposed to do: throw him out and let him wander in the streets? She then adds that nothing's going to happen; she'll let him stay a few days, explain to him what she has to and send him back to Woombai in time for the wedding. Barbara muses, "As long as you know what you're doing." Colin comes back in and hands over the suitcase. He then opens the door and lets Barbara out. When she's gone, he says to Caroline, "Look, I don't want to cause you any trouble. But I need you - to help me sort out my problems." Caroline goes and picks up her handbag and Colin asks her sharply where she's going. Caroline replies, "To see Roland."

David and Fiona are sitting in the hire car in the middle of a market in Rio. David looks at his watch and then mops his brow with a handkerchief. He mutters, "She's late. What if she doesn't turn up? She wasn't that keen on the 'phone." Fiona suggests that they'll just have to wait and see. She then points out that even if she does turn up, there's no guarantee she's going to be able to help. They suddenly spot a young woman walking towards them hurriedly and looking around nervously. David climbs out of the car and the woman hurries over to him. She asks in faltering English, "Mr. Palmer?" David replies, "Consuela?" She nods and David lets her into the back seat of his car.

Roland is sitting looking at some papers on the table at Irene's, and he calls to Irene - who's in the kitchen - to ask how surgery was. Irene calls back, "One in-growing toenail, two hypochondriacs, one pregnancy test and a troublesome prostate. Nothing I couldn't handle!" She comes in and joins him, placing a couple of mugs on the table. Roland then tells her that Barbara called: young Colin has moved in with Caroline. He adds that Barbara told him the whole story. Irene mutters that she had no right to tell him, but Roland replies that she was worried; she wanted to talk it over with someone. He then goes on, "You think she'd have a little more dignity, wouldn't you?" Irene looks at him sharply, and he clarifies, "Caroline - getting mixed up with a boy half her age." Irene glares at him and demands, "Since when have you been in the habit of passing judgements?" Roland insists that he wasn't, but Irene retorts that of course he was. She goes on curtly that loneliness makes people do things that normally they wouldn't - and what about people who prey on loneliness? Looking surprised, Roland asks what that's go to do with it, but Irene quickly murmurs, "Nothing, I suppose." She then suggests that she'd better get a good night's rest; for some reason, she's all on edge today. Roland tells her to prescribe herself an aspirin!

David and Fiona are staring at Consuela, who's sitting in the back of the hire car. David clarifies, "Quinteros belted her, but she is still alive?" Consuela nods, "But different." David asks her what she means, and Consuela explains, "Face." Fiona asks, "She has a different face?" and Consuela nods, "Yes, yes." David turns to Fiona and asks her what Consuela's on about. Fiona asks Consuela, "Did Mrs. Stone have plastic surgery? You know: face doctor?" Consuela agrees, "Yes, new face." David sighs and asks Fiona how they're going to find her now; they don't even know what she looks like. Fiona asks Consuela, "Is she still with Mr. Quinteros?" Consuela, though, replies, "No, she ran away." Fiona asks her, "Do you have a photo of new face?" Consuela replies, "Mr. Quinteros," and Fiona asks, "He has a photo?" Consuela nods, "Yes." David asks her if she can get it for them, but Consuela shakes her head and says, "No." David pleads, "Please - it's very important."

A while later, David is standing in the middle of the marketplace, looking at his watch. Fiona approaches him, avoiding stray animals that are running around. She hands him some fruit and asks him, "What if Quinteros catches her taking it?" David comments that she should have been back by now. Fiona tells him to stay there and she'll go back to the hotel and get Juan to ring the house and see if Consuela has left there or not. David warns her to be careful, and Fiona assures him that she will. She walks off. David takes a bite out of his fruit and then throws it away, looking disgusted.

Colin is sitting reading a magazine at the Morrell apartment when the front door opens. A look of shock crosses his face as he stares at the distraught expression on Caroline's face, and he runs over to her, asking what's wrong. He then helps her to the couch, and asks if he can get her something. Caroline shakes her head. Colin sits down next to her and she murmurs, "Ron's dead. I went to see him and they just found him." Colin asks what happened and Caroline replies, "He'd hung himself." Colin looks shocked. He gently asks, "Can I make you a coffee?" Caroline nods gratefully and he goes to get it. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Colin calls out that he'll get it, but Caroline quickly says she'll go. She gets up and answers it and a young male voice comes on and asks if Colin's there. Caroline says she'll get him, but the guy says it's OK and he asks Caroline to just tell him 'Pete called and thanks for the loan of the room'. Caroline, suddenly looking surprised, asks, "What room?" Pete explains, "At uni. He said he wouldn't be needing it anymore and gave me first offer." Realisation dawning, Caroline replies sharply, "Oh. I'll give him the message." Pete thanks her. Caroline hangs up, looking furious.

David is sitting in his hire car when Consuela suddenly runs up to him, hands him an envelope through the window and says, "Mr. Palmer? The photo." David thanks her and she runs off. He calls after her to wait, but it's too late - she's gone. David looks at the envelope and then lifts up the flap at the top. He sits there, pausing before reaching inside to take out the contents. He slowly lifts the photo out, but he's only revealed the hair and the eyes when the car door is suddenly ripped open and two men pull him out, grab him, and start thumping him...

At the Morrell apartment, Caroline yells at Colin, "You lied." Colin asks her what she's talking about, and Caroline snaps, "That was Pete on the 'phone - he said 'thanks for the loan of the room'." Colin cries, "It was the only way I knew to get close to you." Caroline growls, "By lying?" She then orders, "Pack your bags and get out." Colin stares at her and then walks off to his room, sadly. Caroline stands there, looking upset. After a few seconds, tears start to well in her eyes and she cries, "Where are you, Samantha?" Colin comes back in with his bags, explaining that he didn't have time to unpack. He adds, "Look, I'm sorry. Honest. I know that's no excuse, but I--" He breaks off as Caroline starts sobbing heavily. He puts down the bags and walks over to her as she cries, "I don't want to be by myself... If I hadn't told Ron to help me, he'd have still been alive." Colin offers to call Mrs. Hamilton, but Caroline shakes her head and sobs, "Could you please stay - until Samantha gets back?" Colin puts his hands on her shoulders and she jumps in surprise. He murmurs, "Of course."

It's nighttime and Fiona is making her way through the busy streets of Rio. She approaches the hire car, but notices that the driver's door is open. Suddenly looking worried, she starts calling, "David. David?" She then stops a man walking past and says, "Excuse me. I am looking for a friend." As the man stares at her quizzically, she adds, "Amigo. Australian. Really tall?" The man, though, replies, "Sorry. No English," and he walks off. Fiona starts calling David's name again. She then heads round to the driver's side of the car and a look of horror crosses her face. David is lying on the ground by the car, covered in blood and bruises. He's moving, though, and trying to get to his feet. Fiona stares at him in shock, before reaching down to help him up. She tells him that she'll get him to a hospital. As she helps him get into the car, she doesn't notice the photo of the new-look Patricia lying on the ground...


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