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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Vince Martin

Stephen dashes into homestead and tells Gordon that the police are there: they say the man they're looking for is Jack and he's sent him out riding with Denise. He adds that the police have gone out looking for him and he's going to take the four-wheel drive. As he picks up his keys, Gordon tells him that he'll come with him, but Stephen asks him to stay there, as he doesn't want Jenny to know anything's wrong. He dashes out again. Jenny suddenly emerges from the kitchen and asks if that was Stephen. Gordon quickly explains that he was looking for his car keys. Jenny asks where he was going, but Gordon says he doesn't know. Jenny accepts this and then changes the subject and asks Gordon if he's seen Colin. He says he hasn't. Jenny muses that he'll come home when he's hungry, she supposes. Gordon sits down at the table, looking worried.

Out in the bush, Jack swings his branch at Wayne but Wayne dodges out of the way. He then turns to Denise and orders her to get the hell out of there. He turns back to Jack and snaps at him that if tries to kill them both, he'll be in real trouble. Jack growls that they'll get him for rape if he doesn't, but Wayne insists that that's better than murder. He then goes on, "Thought I'd killed someone once. It's a hard thing to live with. You won't be able to close your eyes at night without seeing both our faces. You're in enough trouble; don't make it worse." Jack growls, "I didn't want to hurt those girls. They wouldn't go out with me. They just laugh; treat me like an idiot." Wayne insists, "I know what it's like. It can be pretty rough when a girl leads you on and then knocks you back." Denise gives him a look. Jack growls, "It happens to me all the time. I got sick of it." Wayne tells him, "I can understand. The police will, too. They won't go hard on you. If you kill us, you won't stand a chance. The best thing to do is give yourself up - you'll be doing yourself a favour." Denise chips in and pleads, "Please, Jack?" Wayne adds, "I don't think you want to be a murderer? Do you, mate?" Jack stares at him for several seconds and then reluctantly throws his branch down on the ground.

Irene and Roland are having lunch in Irene's flat at the boarding house when the 'phone starts ringing. Roland goes to get it and a male voice comes on and says, "Hi, dad!" Roland exclaims, "Simon! Where are you?" Simon tells him that he's stopped over in Singapore and he'll be in Sydney tomorrow at about 11am. Roland smiles, "Good. Your mother and I will meet you." Simon, though, says, "Listen, dad, can you come by yourself? I'd like a chance to talk to you first." Looking dubious, Roland agrees, but adds that if it's about him and Barbara, Simon will have to accept things the way they are. Simon just murmurs, "Yeah, well, see you in the morning." Roland hangs up and Irene asks him if Simon's concerned about him and Barbara. Roland replies, "More concerned than upset - but he'll be alright after we've had a talk."

Denise is sitting at the living room table at the Woombai homestead. She takes a sip from a cup of tea and Jenny asks her if she's feeling better. She nods and then says she's been seeing the guy around every day and didn't suspect him for a minute. Stephen joins them and Jenny asks if the police got Jack. Stephen replies that he gave himself up - he had no fight left in him. Denise tells him enthusiastically that that's because of Wayne: he was tremendous: he really stood up to Jack and talked him out of killing them. Stephen tells Gordon that Wayne is still giving the police his statement; he shouldn't be long. Gordon murmurs, "I'd better talk to him." At that moment, Wayne comes in and Denise stands up and tells him that she hasn't had a chance to really thank him. Wayne mutters, "Don't bother." He then turns to Stephen and goes on, "I'll be leaving for Sydney shortly. I thought you might like to know in case you need the room at the Reid House." Stephen tells him that there's no need to go rushing off, but Wayne reminds him, "You said you wanted as little to do with me as possible - and that's fine by me." Turning to Gordon, he adds sourly, "Give me a couple of days and I'll move out of Dural, too. I'm still not giving up my shares in the business, but from now on I'll only be a name on the balance sheets as far as you're concerned." Gordon says, "Wayne..." but Wayne mutters, "Forget it. I'll send you a Christmas card," and he walks off.

Adam is walking across a car park, heading for his car. Samantha suddenly runs up to him and tells him that Charlie said he'd still be at work. Adam explains that he's just knocked off. He then goes on that Andy explained to him how she came to make that tape, and it's not her fault: he's had to raid a few of those places and he knows what they do to people. Samantha thanks him, but adds that she knows his father is trying to keep Sally away from Charlie because of it. Adam tells her that his father was shocked, but Sally has a mind of her own; the only reason she went with him last night was to get him out of the place as soon as possible. Samantha comments, "I guess she was pretty stunned, too." Adam replies that they all were, but that was before they knew the truth; she has no reason to feel ashamed. Samantha says she knows, but Eric is blaming Charlie, isn't he? Adam tells her that his father thinks it was her fault that the tape was in the house in the first place; he's tried to make him see reason but he just doesn't want to listen - which is a shame because he and Charlie were just beginning to get along with each other enough for him and Sally to see them both without causing arguments. He adds sadly, "I don't know. If they're going to be at loggerheads all the time, there's no point; we might as well just opt out. We don't want to be the meat in the sandwich." Samantha exclaims, "You mean you'd stop seeing Charlie?" and Adam nods, "Yeah." Samantha asks if it would help if she had a talk to Eric, as she might be able to convince him that Charlie didn't know anything about it. Adam agrees, "It might, but that would be pretty rough on you, wouldn't it?" Samantha tells him, "I'll do it if it can help," and she asks, "How can I contact your dad?" Adam replies that he'll give her his work number - but she's not to say she spoke to him first, because he'll get all defensive. He adds that he's got a dentist appointment but he'll drop round afterwards and see how she got on. He adds, "Don't let him browbeat you - and good luck."

Andy is knocking on the door of Samantha's motel room but there's no answer. Samantha suddenly comes along the corridor, opens the door and the two of them head inside. As they do so, Andy asks how it went with Adam. Samantha replies that he was very nice - although his father's pretty much in the air about it. She adds that she's going to talk to him. Looking dubious, Andy asks if that's a good idea, but Samantha explains that it's the only way she could think to help; she called him on the way back and he's coming over. Andy offers to hang around to offer moral support, but he then remembers that he has to go and meet Sally to apologise for cancelling-out last night. Samantha assures him that she's not scared of Mr. Tate, but adds that, once she's talked to him, she'd like to head back to Sydney. Andy tells her that they can leave first thing in the morning. He then wishes her good luck with Mr. Tate and he heads off. Samantha sits down on her bed, looking worried.

A while later, Andy and Sally are walking along by a road, and Sally comments that it's a pity they couldn't make the party last night: she was really looking forward to watching him work the disco. Andy tells her that a party's a party; they're pretty much all the same. Sally, though, admits that she doesn't get invited to many. She adds that Charlie says it's because she doesn't make herself look attractive enough, but she thinks that's a waste of time; doesn't he? Andy, looking slightly uncomfortable, murmurs, "Well..." Sally goes on, "That's why I was so pleased when you asked me out. Proved her wrong - although I did wonder...; then I figured: no, you just didn't want to go alone." Andy murmurs, "Yeah." Sally suddenly asks him, "Why did you ask me out?" and Andy quickly replies, "Because I like you." Sally asks, "Charlie didn't put you up to it, did she?" Andy tells her, "No, she... no." Sally realises sadly, "She did." Andy assures her that Charlie just gave him a bit of a push. Sally cries, "You wouldn't have needed a push if I was Bo Derek, would you? Looks like Charlie's right: unless a girl's pretty and all dolled up, the guys just aren't interested. Well I think people should be more interested in what's under the surface." Andy agrees, "Of course, but Charlie's got a point too: there's no reason why you shouldn't take a bit of pride in yourself. You're a good-looking girl, Sal. Why try and hide it?" Sally explains that she just doesn't believe in putting all that gunk and make-up on just to get attention. Andy suggests, "You could dress up a bit. Do something to the hair. It wouldn't take that much trouble. See, if you look good, you feel confident. I feel, maybe, that's what you need: a bit more confidence in yourself." Sally asks, "You mean, I dress down as a sort of excuse?" Andy tells her that, if she just put a little bit more effort into it, she'd look great!"

Samantha opens the door of her motel room and invites Eric Tate to come in. Looking nervous, she offers him a drink. He declines, though. Samantha then tells him, "I want to explain about the tape." Eric, though, assures her, "Oh, I'm a man of the world. You don't have to explain to me - I know a girl has to earn a living." Looking shocked, Samantha cries, "I was caught up in a cult. I was brainwashed and drugged and I didn't know what I was doing." Eric laughs and comments, "I suppose it must be embarrassing if a tape like that gets into the hands of friends, but you really ought to look for a better excuse." Samantha insists that it's not an excuse, but Eric tells her, "You don't have to go through the rigmarole for my sake. I've met girls like you before: you've got the goods, so why not make a bit of money out of them? I'm all for free enterprise." He then approaches her and, beginning to stroke her hair, suggests, "In fact, maybe we could come to a little arrangement ourselves...?"

A few moments later, Samantha snaps at Eric, "You rotten hypocrite. All that business last night about your children being exposed to immorality and then you turn up here--" Eric points out, "You rang me and invited me to your motel room. Come on, stop playing games. I can pay." Samantha snaps furiously, "Get out of here." Unknown to either of them, Adam is walking along the corridor outside, approaching the room. He stops outside the door and listens as his father asks, "Isn't my money good enough for you?" Samantha growls, "I am not interested in your money," but Eric retorts, "That is not the way it looked on the tape." Samantha insists, "I told you about that. Now just get out." Eric snarls, "Look, I really don't think you can start playing all high-and-mighty now. If I'm not good enough--" Adam suddenly barges in and asks curtly, "What's going on?" Samantha tells him, "Your father was just leaving." Adam mutters, "It looks like you're throwing him out." He then turns to Eric and goes on, "You made a pass at her, didn't you?" Eric shouts, "Don't be so stupid. She misunderstood me." He then storms out, adding that he doesn't have time for this sort of nonsense. Samantha tells Adam that she doesn't want to cause any more trouble, but Adam says, "Stay here," and he goes after his father.

Outside, Eric is unlocking his car when Adam runs up to him and demands, "Scared to face me?" Eric snaps, "Look, the truth is she 'phoned me up and invited me over. She asked me for money and when I said 'no go' she turned nasty." Adam growls, "That's not true. I gave her your number. She came round to explain about the tape. There's no way she was going to put the word on you; she knew I was going to call-in." Eric turns to look at him and growls, "So now I suppose you'll go straight to Charlie and Sally and have a good laugh at my expense?" Adam glares at him and retorts, "I used to respect you. Even when I read about your affairs, I thought 'Well, you were a young man. You made your mistakes.' Doesn't look like there's any excuses, now, though, does it?" Eric hesitates and then says quietly, "OK, I made a mistake. I had too much to drink at lunchtime, otherwise I probably wouldn't have done it." He asks, "Do you know why I was drinking?" Adam just looks at him and he continues, "Because I'm scared stiff I'm going to lose you and Sal to Charlie." Adam insists that there's no way that's going to happen, but Eric pleads, "Don't tell, Sally. Please? It's not too much to ask, is it? I've done a lot for you two kids in the past. One... one stupid misunderstanding shouldn't break us up." Adam shakes his head and replies, "I'm disgusted - but alright, I won't tell her." Eric thanks him, adding, "I couldn't bear to lose you and Sally." Adam adds, "One thing, though: we're going to see Charlie whenever we like." Eric sighs, "As long as I know I'm not going to lose you both." Adam insists, "Sally and I love you. Nobody's going to be able to change that except you." He then sighs, "I guess all kids are inclined to think their dads are some sort of supermen, but I know you're just a man like anybody else with the same sorts of weaknesses. In some ways, that can bring us closer - maybe." Eric nods, gratefully.

At Irene's flat, Irene finishes eating and then asks Roland humorously if he's sure he really did cook the meal himself! Roland laughs, "Who do you think did it?!" Irene tells him enthusiastically that he'll have to lay on a meal for Andy and Samantha when they get back. Roland comments that he doesn't know what's going on in Melbourne, but when Andy rang, he seemed very relieved that they were coming back home. Irene asks if Caroline knows, but Roland explains that Andy said Samantha wanted to surprise her. The two of them then stand up and head into the kitchen, where Irene comments that David and Fiona are nearly in Rio by now. Roland remarks that it sounds as if she'd like to be there, too, and Irene smiles, "I'd love it! Always did have a yen for those Latin-lover types!" Roland muses, "In that case, I don't think I'll suggest what I was going to." Irene looks at him and asks, "Which was?" Roland replies, "That we might spend our honeymoon there." Irene suddenly stares at him in shock and comments, "I think I must have missed something. I don't remember you actually mentioning marriage." Roland admits that he thought perhaps they needed a little longer to get to know each other - but he reckons he knows her pretty well, and she likes his cooking...! He asks, "Well? What do you think?" Irene, a broad smile crossing her face, replies, "I think Rio sounds a wonderful place for our honeymoon." With that, she throws herself into his arms, happily.

In Rio, David and Fiona walk up the path to a grand-looking mansion. They're talking to a gentleman who then heads inside. When he's gone, Fiona says to David, "You think maybe we should have booked into a hotel before we came here?" David, though, replies that they may as well get straight onto it. Fiona comments that at least they stopped long enough to hire a car, but David muses that left-hand drive takes a bit of getting used to! Fiona, changing the subject, comments, "Charlie said that Mr. Quinteros could be a very dangerous man - especially if he had anything to do with Patricia's disappearance." David, though, insists, "If he knows anything about where she's gone, we'll find out, alright?" He looks over and suddenly notices a gentleman approaching them. He smiles at Fiona, "It looks like the welcoming committee's arrived. How's your Portuguese?" The gentleman joins them and says with an accent, "I am Franco Ramez, Senor Quinteros' secretary. What do you want with him?" David tells him, "We want some information about a woman called Margaret Stone." Ramez retorts, "Mrs. Stone is dead - several months ago." David, though, tells him, "I don't think she is. Now, we've come from Australia and I want to see Mr. Quinteros." Ramez replies menacingly, "Senor Quinteros is busy." David snaps, "I'll wait. I want to see him." Ramez warns, "You will leave." David starts to say, "Now listen, we've come all the way--" He breaks off, though, as a group of guards approaches and point their rifles at him. Ramez repeats, "You will leave." Fiona quickly grabs David's arm and leads him away. Ramez watches him go.

A while later, David pulls his car up outside the 'Clinic Santa Maria'. He and Fiona climb out, and Fiona suggests that they'd better not be so aggressive here. David, though, retorts that they won't get anywhere if they don't let them know they mean it. Fiona warns him, "You're only getting yourself into strife, David. That ape at Quinteros' obviously meant business." David muses, "Yeah, just asking about Margaret Stone put the wind up him. There's obviously something fishy going on." He then suggests to Fiona that, if she's nervous, she should stay in the car. Fiona, though, smiles that he's not going anywhere without her!

They head inside. A doctor is talking to a receptionist in Portuguese. David approaches and says to the receptionist, "I'd like to see Dr. Carlos Santos." The receptionist indicates the doctor standing with her, and he says to David, "I'm Dr. Santos. How can I help?" David explains, "I'm making enquiries about a friend of mine: you treated her about five or six months ago." Santos asks, "What was her name?" and David replies, "Margaret Stone." Santos frowns and then recalls, "Ah yes, yes. I remember Mrs. Stone. Very unfortunate - her heart was not up to the stress of such a major operation." David asks, "You saying she's dead?" and Santos replies, "Of course - I wrote the death certificate myself." David mutters, "Yeah, I know all about the death certificate." Santos warns him, "I was to be very careful to what you implying, Mr...?" David tells him, "Palmer. David Palmer." Santos then says, "I can assure you Mrs. Stone is dead, Mr. Palmer. Now, I must ask you to leave my clinic." Suddenly placing his hands on a book on the reception desk, David asks, "Can I see some of your records or files?" Santos grabs his arm and warns him, "I will not have you bothering my staff. You are to leave immediately or I will call the police." David growls, "I don't think you'd like the police called in on this." Santos turns to the receptionist and says something in Portuguese. She immediately picks up the 'phone and starts dialling. Fiona warns David that she doesn't think they're going to get very far, but David says to Santos, "It's the last place we know where she was." Santos tells him, "Security guards will be here very shortly to escort you out. I would prefer you to leave without any further trouble." Fiona pleads, "Please, come on, David." David glares at Santos and then warns him, "You haven't heard the last of me." He and Fiona walk off. As they go, Santos picks up the telephone and the person on the other end says, "Hello? Caza de Senor Quinteros." Santos starts speaking to him in Portuguese. The person at the other end then says, "Une momento, por favor."

Outside, by their hire car, David sighs to Fiona that they're not getting very far. Fiona points out that they've only been there for a few hours, but David asks where they go to from there: they've had two leads, both of them as nervous as hell, and neither of them are going to tell them anything. Fiona asks if Charlie mentioned anyone else at all, but David says he doesn't think so. He then insists that there's got to be someone who'll tell them something, and he and Fiona climb back into the car.

In Sydney, Roland opens the door of Irene's apartment and he and a young man walk in. The young man - Simon Armstrong - looks round and mutters that the place doesn't quite compare with the family home. Roland tells him that the family home was sold when Barbara married Gordon; roughing it for the last few years has taught him quite a lot: he doesn't need to live as high on the hog anymore. Simon asks incredulously, "You mean you can be as happy in a boarding house as you were at home?" Roland replies, "Certainly." Simon growls, "I don't think I ever could." Roland comments to him that he must have roughed it a fair bit himself in the last few years: Barbara told him that she didn't have to send him any money. Sitting down, Simon just mutters, "I managed." He then asks when Barbara is coming over, and Roland replies, "Shortly." Simon says, "Thanks for meeting me by yourself - I just wanted to be put properly in the picture, that's all." Roland replies, "As long as you realise it was Barbara's decision and I just had to accept it." Simon mutters, "And now you've met 'Irene' - the half-landlady?" Roland stares at him and retorts, "She's also a doctor and a very nice woman. We intend to marry shortly." Simon, leaning forward, comments that he hadn't realised it was that serious. He then goes on that he had to admit that he came back with the idea that he might be able to get him and Barbara back together. Roland, though, tells him, "You'll have to forget about that - she's very much in love with Gordon. It was hard for me to accept at first, but, well, Irene came along and now I've got my second chance at happiness and I don't intend to sacrifice it." Simon concedes, "OK. As long as both you and mother are happy, I won't interfere." Roland smiles at him and says, "Great to see you again."

Denise joins Stephen and Gordon at the living room table at Woombai and asks when they can start lunch. Stephen tells her that Jenny's just trying to find Colin. Denise muses, "Still in a huff, is he?" but Gordon explains that, actually, they haven't seen him for quite a while. Jenny suddenly bursts in and cries, "He's gone." She shows everyone a note that she's holding and goes on that he must have left it this morning: he says he's never coming back and he never wants to see any of them again. Gordon says he's sure he doesn't mean it. Jenny growls, "I'll bet he's gone straight to Caroline's."

Roland opens the door to Irene's apartment to let Irene in. She asks eagerly if Simon's there yet, and Roland smiles that he's in the kitchen; he's uncorking a bottle of champagne. Irene asks how he is, and Roland replies, "Fine, fine. You two will get on like a house on fire." They suddenly hear a cork pop in the kitchen, and Roland adds, "Champagne coming up!" He goes to join his son, leaving Irene in the lounge room. After a few moments, Simon comes in and says, "Hi, I'm Simon." Irene stares at him, suddenly looking shocked. Simon stares back at her, looking equally surprised. Roland calls out that he can't find the champagne glasses, and Irene slightly nervously calls that they're in there. Roland joins them and, seeing Irene and Simon staring at each other, asks if they've met yet. Irene murmurs that they were just about to introduce themselves. Roland smiles, "Allow me." He then introduces, "Irene, Simon." The two of them shake hands and Irene tells Simon it's nice to meet him. Simon replies, "Dad's been talking a lot about you." Roland laughs, "Don't tell her that - it'll go to her head!" With that, he picks up the glasses and returns to the kitchen. When he's gone, Simon says to Irene tersely, "Well, a bit of a shock." Irene murmurs, "Yes..." Simon asks her how long she's been back, and she replies that it's been a few months: she went to Europe for a while after she left London. Simon comments nastily, "You're not exactly the sort of woman I would have thought dad would get keen on - but you needn't worry: if you keep your mouth shut, I'll do the same." As Irene stands there, looking worried, he adds, "I don't think either of us wants dad to know what happened in London. Do we...?"


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