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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Vince Martin

Jenny yells at Caroline, "I don't own Woombai and I can't order you to leave, but by God, I'll make life hell if you stay." Stephen warns her that that's enough. Caroline says, "I'll go," but Colin quickly tells her, "No you won't." He then tells his mother, "We didn't do anything. Why don't you get off your high horse and listen to what actually--" Caroline interrupts him and says, "No, Colin, there's no point in lying." Colin stares at her in surprise as she adds, "I'll leave in the morning." She walks out, leaving Wayne to comment, "She's sick". Colin, though, yells at him, "You're the one who's sick." He then turns back to Jenny and goes on, "And you. Talk about going off the deep end. Who gave you the right to go around slapping people?" Stephen snaps at him, "You're her son, for heaven's sake. She was trying to protect you." Colin, though, yells, "I am not her son. And I don't need protection." With that, he storms out. Wayne goes to follow him, but Gordon demands, "Where the hell do you think you're going?" Wayne replies with a smirk, "To pack. I've been relocated to the Reid House, remember?" He then addresses everyone and adds bitterly, "Just look at yourselves before you start ganging up on me next time." With that, he walks out.

A short time later, Caroline is in her room at the guest house, packing, when there's suddenly a knock on the door. She calls, "Come in," and the door opens to reveal Colin. Looking worried, Caroline asks him what he's doing there. He pleads, "Don't leave - please." Caroline, though, insists that she has to. Colin asks her why she said they shouldn't lie; nothing happened. Caroline, though, points out that they wanted it to, and there's not much difference. She goes on that he mustn't blame Jenny - mothers always think about their children as children. Colin cries that Jenny still shouldn't have hit her, but Caroline insists that the main thing is that she's right: if she stays on, it won't be fair to him. Colin cries that she told him she loved him. Caroline asks gently, "Did I?" Looking puzzled, Colin murmurs, "I thought... when you were saying how much you cared..." Caroline replies softly, "I just meant what I said: you're a lovely young man, Colin, and you mean a lot to me. If you think it didn't mean anything, it did - but if I stay on here, you're not going to look at anyone else for months and I don't want that. There are lots of attractive girls around, so get out there and knock them dead, right?" Colin just stands there, looking rueful. Gently placing the palm of her hand to his cheek, Caroline assures him, "You'll meet someone."

Samantha, Sally and Brett are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house while Charlie works at the sink and Leigh puts some pans away in the cupboard. Samantha asks Brett what they're watching tonight, and Brett smiles, "Fangs!" Samantha comments that that sounds gross! Leigh tells her, "You'll love it!" Samantha asks when it starts, and Leigh smiles, "Two minutes, if someone else would like to help me!" At that moment, Andy comes in from outside and tells Sally that she'd better get ready, as he has to leave soon. Sally comments that she thought she'd be alright as she is, and Andy, looking slightly surprised, agrees, "Whatever." There's suddenly a knock at the back door and Leigh opens it to find Adam standing there. She lets him in, but he immediately tells Charlie that his dad's there. Eric comes in behind him and says to his ex-wife, "Hello, er, Charlie." He then hands her some flowers and chocolates and asks her if he can have a word. Sally takes the flowers to put in water. Charlie suggests to Eric that they head into the lounge room and they go. In the kitchen, Sally asks Adam what's going on, and Adam explains, "We were talking about the transcripts and I made him see he was wrong about a few things. He came round to apologise." Sally asks, "Does he mean it?"

In the lounge room, Eric says to Charlie, "Of course I do. I wouldn't be here if I didn't." Charlie comments sourly that it's rather a sudden change of heart, and Eric agrees that it is, adding that it hasn't been easy, either: for nearly 16 years, he's been convinced that he was right, and admitting that perhaps he wasn't wasn't something he'd do lightly. Charlie comments, "There's still a 'perhaps'?" and Eric tells her that he might not have been entirely fair to her, but she wasn't exactly a model mother. Charlie opens her mouth in horror, and Eric quickly corrects that what he means is that they both had faults. Charlie mutters that, as apologies go, this isn't amounting to much. Eric growls, "Agatha, please..." He quickly corrects, "Sorry. Charlie." Charlie muses that old habits die hard. Eric goes on that, right or wrong, he wanted the best for Sally and Adam - every time; he loves those kids. Charlie assures him, "I don't want to steal them. I just want to get to know them. There's no reason why we can't all be friends, is there?" Eric smiles gratefully.

In the kitchen, Andy is looking at some papers lying on the table, and he asks if anyone knows where Elizabeth Street in Kew is. Adam says he doesn't, so Andy heads out to his van to get a street directory. Meanwhile, Samantha comments to Adam that she can't hear any screams of disagreement, and Adam points out that he said his father was on the level. Charlie suddenly waltzes in and smiles gleefully, "All's well, darlings! Now, where are the chocolates?" Sally asks what's going on, and Charlie explains that she's accepted Eric's apology and now they're going to watch the movie. Everyone heads off to the lounge room, leaving Leigh and Samantha standing doing the dishes. Leigh goes to follow them, but Samantha stops her and asks her if she could talk to her for a minute. Leigh turns to face her and demands, "Well?" Samantha tells her, "We haven't been getting on very well and I know most of it's been my fault. I just wanted you to know that I came down here because I'd had a pretty rough time. That's all. I've been taking it out on everyone; I didn't mean any of it." Suddenly looking worried, Leigh asks, "What sort of a tough time?"

Everyone is settling down in the lounge room and Charlie asks where the girls are. Beryl comments that they're probably still washing up, and Charlie muses out that they'll only miss the credits. Brett asks if they should start, then, and everyone nods in agreement. Brett switches the video on and the tape starts playing.

In the kitchen, Leigh says to Samantha, "You mean you didn't do it for money?" Samantha explains, "I don't even remember it. I was drugged and they hadn't let me sleep for days - and they forced me to. They filmed everything. I had to get the tape back; it's all I've been thinking about; I didn't mean to be catty." Looking increasingly panicky, Leigh cries, "Oh no," and she runs off to the lounge room.

In the lounge room, Eric stands up and murmurs, "What the hell?" Brett, staring at the screen, cries, "That's Samantha!" Leigh runs in but stops in her tracks when she sees it's too late. Samantha runs in after her as Eric snaps, "Turn that filth off now." Brett does as he's told. Looking horrified, Samantha runs out. She heads into the kitchen, where Andy has just come back inside. She cries to him, "Get me out of here." Andy asks what's wrong, and Samantha cries, "They've seen it. I have to get out." She runs outside as Andy asks, "Seen what?" He goes after her.

In the lounge room, Eric is snapping that he's never seen anything so sick in his life, and he asks what other tapes there are in the house. Adam asks where that one came from. Eric snaps at Charlie that she ought to be reported. Charlie cries, "It isn't mine." Eric points out, "It's in your house," but Charlie insists, "We didn't know." Eric tells her, "I don't care what you say. My daughter's not staying in this brothel a minute longer." Beryl starts to say, "I can assure you--" but Eric interrupts her and snaps, "Come on, Sal." Turning back to Charlie, he adds, "You never were fit to be a mother." With that, he leads Sally out. Charlie bursts into tears. Adam asks Brett if he knew what was on it but Brett says he didn't. Adam asks, "Did anybody?" At that moment, Andy comes in and demands, "Where's the tape?" Adam asks him what he knows about it, and Andy explains, "We just spent the last week getting it back off the people who made her do it." Adam hands it over and Andy goes on, "She thought she'd burnt it this morning, but someone must have switched it on her." Adam asks, "Who'd do a thing like that?" Leigh just stands there, looking worried...

Gordon is sitting at the living room table at Woombai when Wayne comes in, carrying a packed suitcase, and announces that he's off to the Reid House. He adds, "I'll catch you tomorrow - we'll go over the plans for the tourist development then." Gordon, though, mutters, "I don't think so." Wayne asks him if he wants to do it now, but Gordon tells him, "Stephen can handle it." Wayne, looking surprised, asks, "By himself?" Gordon points out, "I've already said you're to have nothing to do with running the company." Wayne laughs, "I've heard that song before," but Gordon suddenly shouts at him, "It's no joke, Wayne." Wayne quickly says he's sorry. Gordon then asks him what he was trying to prove this afternoon: that two wrongs make a right? As Barbara looks over from the couch, he goes on angrily, "I've given me chance after chance and you make a fool of me every time." Looking worried, Barbara warns, "Gordon..." Gordon, though, continues, telling Wayne, "I can't force you to sell your shares, but as of now, you're no longer an employee of the company." Wayne glares at him and snaps, "When you were too sick to work, it was me who kept your business afloat." Not looking at his son, Gordon tells him, "You can move out of Woombai - and Dural; find somewhere of your own; anywhere; I don't care. In future, we'll have as little to do with each other as possible." Finally turning to look at his son, he asks, "Is that understood?" Wayne glares at him and then turns and walks out. Barbara looks over at Gordon, sympathetically.

In the kitchen, Stephen tells Jenny that she can't really blame Colin - it isn't easy to say 'no' at his age, particularly if you're led on. Jenny mutters, "Which he obviously was. The woman's nearly 40. Trollop." Stephen insists that there's no excuse for Caroline, but there's no point in getting-- He breaks off as Colin comes in. As Stephen lapses into silence, he growls, "Don't stop because of me." Jenny asks him where he's been, and he retorts, "Walking." There's silence for several seconds, which Colin breaks by saying, "I'm going back to Sydney - with Caroline." Jenny growls, "Over my dead body." Colin retorts that someone has to look after her, but Stephen asks him if Caroline has agreed to this. Colin admits, "Not yet." Stephen says he doesn't think it's a very good idea, but Colin growls, "No, you wouldn't, stuck out here in Peyton Place. I'll treat her a hell of a lot better than you ever did, I can tell you that." Jenny snaps at Colin, "Alright, that's enough." Colin glares at his stepmother, who then asks, "What if Caroline doesn't want you to go back to Sydney with her? Maybe you were just someone to fill in time? I just don't want to see you hurt." Colin snaps that he's not arguing: he's going to Sydney with Caroline in the morning and that's the end of the discussion.

Beryl is folding up the dish cloth in the kitchen at the country house when Leigh wanders in. Beryl comments to her sourly, "Some people never change, do they?" Looking upset, Leigh insists, "I tried to stop it. If I'd known earlier... well, she was acting like a tramp: leading Brett on, not caring about his feelings or mine." Beryl snaps at her that there's no excuse. At that moment, the back door opens and Brett comes in. Beryl asks, "How is she?" and Brett replies that Andy has taken her back to the motel. He then goes on, "He told me about how it all happened: the tapes and what they were doing down here." Leigh stares at him and then says in a shaky voice, "Brett... I didn't know. Honestly..." Brett just snaps at her, "Don't talk to me, Leigh. I couldn't be bothered listening. In fact, if you can keep away from me from now on, do." With that, he storms off.

Barbara sits down in Caroline's room at the guesthouse as Caroline says to her, "I hope you didn't drop in to give me a lecture on morals." Barbara explains, "I thought you might like someone to talk to." She then asks Caroline how she's getting back: 'plane? Caroline nods agreement and Barbara tells her that she thought she'd go back tomorrow, too, as Simon's due back this week. Caroline just murmurs, "That's nice." She then goes on, "I've been a bit silly, haven't I?" Barbara nods her head. Caroline continues, "I wasn't trying to break up her family. I was trying to help, strange as it sounds." Barbara muses that how she was going to do that isn't entirely obvious! Caroline explains that she thought that, if she gave Colin some confidence, he'd feel more at ease; happy; he's not all that comfortable with women. Barbara comments that it's all backfired, and Caroline agrees sadly, "As far as Jenny's concerned, I'm the Wicked Witch of the West." Barbara tells her, "There is a way you can prove you meant well." Caroline stares at her and she goes on, "Colin wants to come back to Sydney with you - he's packing now. You can't let him do that, Caroline." Caroline shakes her head in concern.

The next morning, Gordon is talking on the 'phone at the homestead, saying, "Wayne moved into the Reid House last night." At the other end of the 'phone, Detective Sergeant Dunross tells him that they'll catch up with him, and they hang up. Gordon goes and joins Denise, Jenny and Stephen at the breakfast table. Denise says she might go for a ride today, and Jenny asks her if she's feeling better. Denise nods, "Now that Wayne's left." Stephen suggests to her that she get someone to go with her, and Denise agrees, "Sure. I don't mind." Colin comes into the room and Jenny asks him if he'd like some breakfast. Colin, though, says hesitantly, "No. I'm, um, going over to pick up Caroline. I've come to say goodbye." Jenny looks at him sympathetically and says, "Darling, Caroline's already left. She flew out early this morning with Barbara." Colin stares at her and cries, "I don't believe you." Stephen hands him a note and explains that Caroline asked him to give it to him. Colin storms out.

A few minutes later, Colin is approaching the old shack in the grounds . He takes Caroline's note out of his pocket and reads:

"I tried to explain last night. I'm not running away and I don't regret anything - although I am sorry I couldn't help the way I wanted to. But you can't come and live with me - it's impossible. I did enjoy the time we spent together, even if we never did get to Harper's Lookout. I know I'll always look back on our time together as a wonderful few days; I hope you do, too. But you have to let go. I'm sorry, Colin, but there really is no choice. Please, don't be sad."

Colin stands there, looking upset.

Wayne emerges from the Reid House, carrying some washing, just as DS Dunross and his colleague are approaching. Wayne looks at them and asks what's up. Dunross tells him, "I just want to know where you were between half past twelve and half past one this morning, that's all." Wayne asks what's happened, but Dunross just repeats, "Where were you?" Wayne asks if another girl was attacked last night, but Dunross just demands, "Do you have a witness?" Wayne laughs sarcastically, "Oh yeah, sure. The pillows... the blankets..." Dunross's colleague suddenly pulls one of the shirts from Wayne's pile of washing: it has blood on it. Dunross demands, "How did this happen?" Wayne quickly explains, "I had a blood nose yesterday." Dunross tells his colleague to check the blood against the girl's. Wayne insists that he was in bed, asleep, but Dunross tells him, "We're on our way back to the hospital now; hopefully she's regained consciousness. She was in pretty bad shape - must have put up quite a struggle. She probably saw who attacked her." Wayne insists, "Well she couldn't have seen me." Dunross warns him not to leave the property, adding that they'll be in touch.

Stephen approaches a worker in the grounds at Woombai as he loads a bail of hay onto the back of a truck. Stephen says to him, "G'day, Jack, how's it going?" Jack replies, "Pretty good, thanks, boss." Stephen then goes on that they've got a couple of horses free today, haven't they? Jack tells him, "Only a couple," and he asks Stephen if he's thinking of going for a ride. Stephen, though, explains that it's for Denise, Jenny's daughter. Jack says that, if she can wait until lunchtime, 'Harry' will be free - he's a good horse. Stephen smiles that 'Harry' will be fine. He then asks Jack what he's doing this afternoon, and Jack replies that he's washing the stables out. Stephen asks him if he could spare a couple of hours to go with Denise, and Jack smiles that he'd be glad to. Stephen thanks him and walks off. Jack watches him go, but then looks down, apparently in concern at the tatty state of his overalls.

On the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, Beryl thanks Andy and tells him to call if he thinks they can help. She then hangs up and tells Leigh - who's sitting at the table with Brett - that she's got the address. She adds that, if she was Samantha, she probably wouldn't want to see her, but she does think Leigh owes her some sort of apology. Leigh cries that it might upset her even more, but Brett, standing up, tells her, "I'm driving us over there." Leigh looks at him in horror and starts to protest, but he goes on, "You've got to face her. Now, are you going to walk to the car or do I have to drag you?" Leigh picks up her jacket, reluctantly.

A while later, Leigh and Brett are standing in Samantha's motel room as Samantha sits on the edge of her bed, looking upset. Brett asks her where Andy is, but Samantha just murmurs that he won't be long. Brett goes on, "I was driving Leigh over and I figured I ought to say a few things too. None of us knew what the hell was going on last night - and when Andy filled us in, well, we all felt pretty bad. We're sorry, Sam. No one thinks any the worse of you." Samantha just sits there. Brett walks over and crouches in front of her, adding gently, "I also want you to know that it doesn't make any difference to the way that I feel about you. None at all." Samantha mutters, "I'm going back to Sydney." Looking disappointed, Brett suggests that maybe he can visit some time. Samantha just murmurs, "Sure." Brett then tells her that Leigh's got something to say, and he heads out, telling Leigh as he does so that he'll see her downstairs. When he's gone, Samantha says to Leigh, "It took me ages to work out why you did it. I kept thinking: 'it couldn't be that simple'." Leigh admits, "I was jealous. I don't know what to say." Samantha points out that there's not much she can say. She goes on, "They all feel sorry for me - but I feel sorry for you: if you can hate someone that much, you need help." She then adds, "And next time you hate someone, just remember me, OK? And whatever you're planning on, don't do it." Leigh stares at her.

Denise is standing with Stephen and a horse by the stables at Woombai. Jack approaches them - wearing smart clothes - and Stephen comments that he's spruced himself up a bit. Jack smiles that you can't go out smelling like wet hay when you're going out with a lady! Stephen then says to Denise, "Jack Matthews, your escort for the afternoon." Denise goes to climb up on her horse. Jack offers her a hand up, but she tells him that she can manage.

A short time later, a police car pulls up outside the homestead and DS Dunross and his colleague climb out. Stephen approaches them and Dunross says to him, "Jack Matthews. He works for you, doesn't he?" Stephen agrees that he does, but adds that he's gone out riding and won't be back for a couple of hours. The second detective asks, "By himself?" but Stephen explains, "No, with Denise Turner." Dunross and his colleague look at each other. Stephen asks if something's wrong and Dunross tells him, "The girl who was attacked last night was able to give us a positive ID. We thought she was going to tell us it was Wayne Hamilton, but it was Jack." Stephen looks horrified.

Denise is riding her horse in the grounds. Jack is on his horse behind her, and the two of them start cantering along.

Wayne is walking elsewhere in the grounds, picking up sticks and throwing them away again.

Denise has stopped riding and is tying Harry to a tree. She bends down to check one of his hooves. Jack suddenly puts his hand on her shoulder and asks, "Trouble?" Denise turns to look at him with a start, and he quickly tells her, "Sorry. What did I do?" Denise assures him that it's nothing - it's just the way he put his hand on her shoulder. Jack asks what's up with Harry: limping a bit, is he? Denise returns to checking Harry's hoof, but then suddenly appears to notice something, and she turns to look at Jack again and says, "You're wearing aftershave." Jack smiles, "Yeah. You like it?" Denise stares at him, and Jack demands, "What are you looking at me like that for? What's the matter?" Denise cries, "It's you. Oh God..." Jack glares at her, threateningly.

Wayne is swinging a large branch in the growth nearby, pretending it's a golf club. He suddenly hears Denise crying, "Help! Please, somebody, help!" and he runs off towards her voice.

Jack has his hand over Denise's mouth, and he's dragging her backwards through the bush, snapping angrily that she had to be smart. He adds, "I can't let you go. I'll deal with you properly this time." He pushes Denise down onto the ground and picks up a large branch that's lying nearby, but he doesn't notice Wayne coming up behind him. Wayne hits him with the branch in his hand and he falls to the ground. Wayne yells at Denise to run for it. As she goes to do so, she warns Wayne, "Watch out, Wayne. He's the rapist; he'll kill you." Jack gets back on his feet and he and Wayne square up to each other. The branch Jack is holding is a lot larger than the one in Wayne's hand, and Jack snarls at him menacingly, "Sorry, cobber..."


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