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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Vince Martin

At the homestead, Wayne tells Gordon, "It's not all me, you know. I'm not the only one who has something to answer for." Gordon retorts, "At least you're admitting you have." Wayne goes on angrily, "What about Caroline? She nearly had me killed because of what she did. I notice you're not blaming her." Stephen chips in, "Because if you hadn't sunk to blackmail in the first place, none of this would have happened." Barbara adds, "Exactly. You brought the whole thing on yourself. Typical, though, isn't it? One of your nasty little schemes backfires and you start whinging when you get the flak." Gordon tells his son, "And it's not only blackmailing Caroline; your business ethics come into question, and that's just as bad." Wayne sits there looking worried as Barbara tells him, "I think it's unforgivable, the way you treated Caroline, knowing what she was going through with Amanda. And to have that hanging over her head was bad enough, but then you start to play your nasty little games..."

Caroline is sitting in her room at the guesthouse, looking in the mirror and brushing her hair. She's staring at Colin's reflection; he's sitting on the bed, looking upset. After a few moments, Caroline stands up and goes and joins him on the bed, where she tells him that she knows it's easy for her to say, but it was natural he was nervous. Colin, though, assures her, "I wasn't nervous with you." Caroline points out, "You said you were, with the girl from uni." Colin, though, sighs, "That's what I kept telling myself but it wasn't her fault - just like it isn't your fault. No, it's me. It has to be." Caroline insists that there's nothing wrong with him, but Colin cries, "Then why didn't it work?" Caroline tells him that it happens sometimes, but Colin sighs, "Not to any of the blokes I've spoken to." Caroline asks him gently if he thinks his friends are going to let anyone know they might have had their male ego shattered a bit. She goes on that of course it happens to them; they just don't talk about it, that's all. Colin cries, "Stop trying to make me feel better," but Caroline tells him that letting him wallow in self-pity isn't going to do him any good. She then adds, "Give it time, that's all. Believe me: you're a perfectly normal young man." Colin looks at her and asks, "Am I?" He looks worried.

At the homestead, Stephen is standing and ranting to Gordon, "I know he's your son and I know you want him to be part of the company, but he's done so many things that put the company in jeopardy because they weren't quite legal that we have to face facts: the company can't afford to let him try anything like that again." Wayne growls, "You've suddenly got a lot to say, haven't you? Not as though you're a major shareholder, or anything. Do you reckon this is your chance to make it into the big time? Get rid of 'naughty Wayne' so there'll be a Directorship up for grabs." Stephen snaps that that's got nothing to do with it. Gordon suddenly snaps at Stephen that he'd like to speak to Wayne alone, and the two of them go to head out to the kitchen. As they do so, Wayne glares at Barbara, who mutters, "You're going to kill him one day."

In the kitchen, Wayne tells his father, "Trying to get Roland Armstrong out of the company wasn't just a personal vendetta or anything. I did it for the company's sake; that's all I've ever done. You can't throw me out after I've spent all my time doing what's best for the company." Gordon comments to him that he seems suddenly very obsessed with the company, but Wayne retorts that Gordon knows it's always come first. Gordon growls, "Has it, indeed?" He goes on, "Every time you've made a move, it's been for personal reasons." Wayne insists that that's not true, but Gordon retorts that what Stephen said was quite true. Wayne mutters, "Yeah, well, he is out to get me." Gordon sighs, "There you go again, you see? It always comes back to the personal. We can't afford to have you as a Director, Wayne." Wayne cries, "You can't throw me out," but Gordon retorts, "We can't afford to have someone who doesn't know how to behave in a professional manner sitting on the Board. It's bad for business, it's bad for the image and, above all, it'd put us in the most invidious position if any of your schemes ever came to the attention of the law." Wayne pleads, "Please, dad..." Gordon, though, goes on, "I know that you've done some some very good things for the company, but you've managed to offset most of them by this one stupid action. You will be bought out of all your shares and just be an employee of the company with no say whatsoever in running it." Wayne stares at him and cries, "You expect me to work without any say?" Gordon retorts, "I can't see any other option." He then goes on tautly, "The one thing I can't work out in all this mess is how you could possibly bring yourself to use Amanda's letters to commit blackmail; you were supposed to have cared for the girl. Wayne cries, "I can explain," but Gordon, going to storm out, snaps, "Don't bother. I'm sick of all these lies." Wayne cries, "Please, dad, just one more chance." Gordon stops in his tracks and murmurs, "If I had invested just one dollar for every chance I'd given you over the years, I'd be a multi-millionaire. No more chances, Wayne." He then walks out, leaving Wayne looking rueful.

Leigh is cleaning the floor in the lounge room at the country house. Samantha comes in and Leigh asks to talk to her. Samantha asks what it's about, and Leigh replies hesitantly, "I think you probably know." She stands up and explains, "It's Brett: well, I like him a lot, and he likes me - I know that. We were getting on really well for a while..." She hesitates before continuing, "What I'm trying to say is that, well, you've got everything: money... looks... a chance to do whatever you want." Samantha smiles, "I'm just lucky." Leigh goes on, "Yeah, I know, and I'm not funny about that. It's just that... Brett likes me and he likes Shane. It's just hard for me when you go after him the way you do." Samantha points out, "He's fair game," and Leigh agrees, "Sure - but he means something to me. It's not a game." Samantha comments that she'd have thought it was up to Brett whether he wants to 'play' or not. Leigh growls, "You're not taking me seriously, are you?" Samantha, however, assures her, "Of course I am. You want him and I'm competition, simple as that." Leigh cries, "But you can have almost anyone you want." Samantha crosses her arms and admits, "Probably." Leigh goes on, "Look, all I wanted to ask was for you to back off; give me a chance." Samantha retorts that Brett is a big boy; he can decide who he likes best. Leigh insists, "But you don't really want him, do you?" Samantha, though, retorts, "There's not much else around at the moment. Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much - he's probably already made up his mind. You'll just have to learn to live with it: we don't always get what we want." With that, she wanders out of the room, airily. Leigh, looking at the video box on top of the TV, murmurs, "No, we don't. Then you asked for it..."

Caroline and Colin are out walking by the old shack at Woombai. Caroline says to Colin, "You'd rather I didn't come with you, wouldn't you?" Colin points out that she hasn't got anything to feel embarrassed about; it's not as if anything happened. Caroline admits that she'd be a bit embarrassed to see Stephen and Jenny, but adds that she's thinking of him: she thinks he'd be a little less self-conscious if she weren't there. Colin looks at her and then walks off.

A few minutes later, Colin is approaching the homestead when he passes Wayne, who's leaning against a tree. He comments to Colin sourly, "You look as if you've had a kick in then guts." Colin turns and stares at him and snaps, "You don't look too crash hot yourself - not that I could give a stuff. I mean, you don't give a damn for anyone else so why should they give a damn about you?" With that, he walks off. Wayne mutters, "You wait. You'll get yours."

Inside the homestead, Barbara and Jenny are sitting at the living room table while Gordon is sitting reading the newspaper in the lounge room. Barbara comments to Jenny that it was a delicious meal. Colin comes in and Jenny asks him if Caroline found him. Colin murmurs, "Yeah, we had a bit of a chat, then she went for a walk." Jenny asks him if he's alright, and he snaps, "Yes. Why shouldn't I be?" There's an embarrassed silence. Colin then asks if there's any food left for a sandwich, and he and Jenny head out to the kitchen to make a sandwich. When he's gone, Barbara comments to Gordon, "He seems a bit snappy." Gordon just murmurs, "Mmm." Barbara then goes on, "Gordon, I know how you must be feeling and I apologise for my part in the deception, but I didn't want to say anything about Wayne because I knew it would worry you." Gordon retorts, "If you'd told me, I might have been able to do something to sort out the mess." Barbara admits that she supposes so. She then adds, "Well, anyway, things should calm down once he's out of the house when we get home." Gordon retorts, "I haven't asked him to leave." Looking surprised, Barbara snaps, "You haven't?" Gordon explains, "No. What I have done is ask him to hand in his Directorship. That's enough without kicking him out." Barbara snaps that he's forgiving Wayne all over again, but Gordon retorts that, regardless of what Wayne might have done, he's still his son, and whether Barbara likes it or not, he owes him a great deal: if Wayne hadn't handled things the way he did during his illness, there wouldn't have been a company to come back to. He adds, "I am in his debt, Barbara - and besides that, kicking him out isn't going to solve anything." Barbara stands there, stony-faced.

David is in Fiona's flat at the boarding house in Sydney, with Fiona and Irene. He's talking on the 'phone, telling Leigh that he'll send her a postcard from Rio. Leigh comments sadly that it sounds so exotic. In the kitchen at the country house, Charlie approaches Leigh as she tells David, "I hate to say goodbye." David assures her that he shouldn't be too long. Charlie calls down the 'phone, "Give my love to Patricia when you find her," and David says he will. Leigh tells him to take care, and David says he will. The two of them then hang up. At the country house, Beryl tells Leigh from the kitchen table, "He'll be back." Leigh, looking upset, cries, "I know. It's just going to be hard without him. The thing is, how long is he going to be away?" Going to sit down at the table with Beryl and Charlie, she goes on, "Everything seems to be coming down on me at the moment: Brett doesn't seem to be interested, and you're going back to Sydney..." Charlie insists that she doesn't have to go back; there's no reason for her not to stay in Melbourne. Leigh tells her that she'd feel a lot better if she did. Beryl points out that things aren't that bad, then, and Leigh sighs that she guesses not. She then heads off to check on Shane.

Outside, Andy is approaching the back door with Sally, telling her that his mum was really keen for him to go to uni, but he was too interested in music! Sally laughs, "You should have heard my dad when he heard I wanted to go on. We had an awful fight over it." Andy asks her what she's studying and she explains, "Art conservation: fixing up paintings and old books; stuff like that." Looking interested, Andy tells her, "I went to the Louvre when I was overseas." Sally asks him if he saw the Mona Lisa. Andy smiles, "That's an old Nat King Cole song, isn't it?" They head inside, where Charlie comments that the two of them sound as though they're enjoying themselves. Andy explains that he just came in to get a drink for Brett and him. Beryl goes to the 'fridge to get it. Charlie smiles at Andy that it's very good of him to give Brett a hand - she sees she's going to have to replace him when he leaves! Andy tells her to take Samantha on - she's out there getting right stuck into it! Beryl hands him his drink and he heads back out. When he's gone, Charlie comments to Sally that she's glad to see her and Andy getting on so well. Sally smiles that he's a really nice guy - not that she knows him that well. Charlie asks her, "Would you go out with him if he asked you?" Sally, though, suddenly looking annoyed, retorts, "I don't know. He hasn't asked me so I really couldn't say." With that, she storms off to the lounge room. Charlie remarks to Beryl that she's going to have to do something to help those two along. Beryl suggests that she let nature take its course, but Charlie tells her that sometimes nature needs a little help. She continues that Sally needs to get out a little more; she spends far too much time poring over her books. Beryl suggests that surely Sally knows what she wants, but Charlie replies, "Not necessarily, darling. It took me years to find out what I wanted and I was furious I wasted so much time. I'd have been more than grateful if someone had given me a helping hand!"

Colin is walking across the grounds at Woombai, carrying a pickaxe and a shovel, when Wayne approaches him. Colin stops in his tracks and asks tautly, "You want something?" Wayne retorts, "You were going to take me on when I was drunk. Thought we should see how you go when I'm sober." Colin just snaps at him to grow up. Wayne asks angrily if that's the easy way out, but Colin retorts that he doesn't see the sense in fighting. Wayne snarls, "It was good enough for you when I wasn't up to scratch. Let's see how you go now." Colin cries, "For God's sake, will you--?" Wayne, though, pokes a finger in his chest and snaps, "Come on. I reckon you're a wimp. I reckon you only take on blokes who are drunk." Colin, looking thoughtful, smiles, "Not necessarily..." Wayne growls, "Then prove it." Colin lets the pickaxe and shovel drop to the ground. The two men then square up to each other and Wayne punches Colin in the stomach. Colin bends over double but quickly regains his composure and dodges another punch from Wayne. He then lands a punch on Wayne's nose and Wayne drops to the ground and stays there, blood beginning to spurt over his face. Colin snaps at him, "I didn't want to fight. You remember that." With that, he picks up his tools and walks off, leaving Wayne to snarl, "You wait. I'm not going to forget this."

Andy heads into the kitchen at the country house and Charlie immediately asks him if he can do her a favour: ask Sally out. Andy, looking taken aback, says, "Um... I'm not sure she's quite my type, Charlie." Charlie tells him that if he took her out, he'd find she's a different girl underneath. Andy, giving in, suggests that he could take her along to the job he's got on tonight, and he asks if she likes disco. Charlie smiles, "If you took her, I'm sure she would!" Still looking dubious, Andy asks if she's in the lounge, and he heads out there. When he's gone, Beryl tells Charlie that if she'd have stuck her nose in with her kids, she'd have had it bitten off. Charlie insists that Sally's not like that, but Beryl warns her, "If you're not careful, you'll turn her against you and the whole idea of going out with boys." Charlie smiles that that's nonsense: once Sally's been out and enjoyed herself, she'll be a different girl. Beryl comments that she still thinks Charlie's asking for trouble. She then asks, "Pride wouldn't have anything to do with it, would it?" Charlie asks her what she means, and Beryl asks, "You wouldn't be worried about her being left on the shelf?" Charlie cries at her not to be silly. She adds, "Really, Beryl, I've never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life."

In the lounge room, Sally, looking taken aback, tells Andy, "Oh, well, I have got rather a lot to do before I've finished - and I've got a part-time job. I don't really have much time." Andy explains that he's taking the disco out and thought she might like to give him a hand. Sally sighs that she doesn't know. She then suggests that he ask Leigh, but Andy tells her, "I'd rather ask you." Sally, looking surprised, asks, "Are you serious?" and Andy assures her, "Cross my heart and hope to die." With that, Sally accepts. Andy heads out to get back to work. When he's gone, Charlie comes in and starts dusting 'subtly'! After a few seconds, Sally says, "Andy asked me out tonight." Charlie smiles, "Oh, really? Isn't that nice of him! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time." There's silence before Charlie checks, "You did accept?" Sally nods, "Yes." Charlie stands there, looking pleased with herself!

Wayne is sitting in a barn at Woombai, patting at his bloodied nose with a tissue and looking sorry for himself. He suddenly looks up and notices, in the distance, Caroline approaching Colin and putting her arm round him. She tells him that he's got to let go of that depression. Colin insists that he's not depressed, but Caroline tells him that she could see it before she reached him. She adds, "Look, I told you: it can happen to anyone; you're not the first man to get nervous." Colin asks her if she's sure that's all it really is, and Caroline smiles that of course it is. She adds that she bets he thought he had some incurable disease - but it's going to be alright! She then gives him a gentle kiss on the cheek and he tells her, "Next time, I hope it will be." Suddenly looking slightly wary, Caroline comments that it looks like he's got an awful lot of work to do, and she leaves him to get on with it. In the barn, Wayne watches her walking off, looking thoughtful.

Charlie is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen at Woombai, thanking the person at the other end for squeezing her in without an appointment. She hangs up and Leigh - who's sitting at the table - immediately asks her why she's in such a rush to get to a beauty parlour. Charlie, though, explains that she's not; she's sending Sally. At that moment, Sally comes in from the lounge room and Charlie quickly says to her, "I've just finished organising it: I was supposed to go to the beauty parlour this afternoon, but you can go in my place." Looking surprised, Sally asks, "What on earth for?" Charlie tells her that she's sure Andy would be flattered if she went to a bit of trouble. Sally points out, "He's just going to work and I'm going with him, that's all," but Charlie tells her, "You could still look wonderful for him. I thought we'd go to the beauty parlour first and then on to Lisa Cook's and pick out a special dress..." Sally sighs, "I'm not a model, you know?" Charlie tells her, "Nothing to say you couldn't be," but Sally cries, "Don't be silly." Charlie insists that it's a wonderful opportunity to dress up. Sally says she'd rather be her. Charlie insists, "You will be - the real you." Sally suddenly warns, "Charlie, don't try and run my life for me." Charlie cries that she isn't, but Sally retorts, "You are. If you want something to dress up, buy yourself a Barbie doll." With that, she walks off, leaving Charlie looking disappointed. Brett and Samantha suddenly come in from outside and Brett suggests to Samantha that they go out tonight and relax a bit. Samantha smiles, "Why not?!" Leigh growls that she thought they were all going to watch videos, but Brett points out that she can watch them without him and Samantha there. Leigh points out that, if he doesn't see them, he'll have wasted his money. Samantha tells Brett, "I don't mind. Whatever." Brett suggests to her that they go out tomorrow night, then, and Samantha smiles, "Sure." Leigh sits there, looking pleased with herself...

Wayne is walking along the verandah at Woombai. He suddenly spots Colin approaching and he walks up to him, a nasty smile on his face, and says, "I saw you out there having a bit of a kiss and a cuddle. I reckon you're making an idiot of yourself; she's probably having a good old laugh. Mark you, she couldn't be safer with you: you wouldn't know what to do with a real woman if she fell all over you." Colin glares at him and then snaps, "For your interest--" He then breaks off before continuing, "She has fallen for me - and I knew exactly what to do." With that, he storms off, leaving Wayne looking pleased with himself.

Jenny is laying the table inside, while Stephen, Gordon and Barbara sit in the lounge room. Colin comes in and heads into the kitchen to get cleaned up. Jenny asks Stephen if Caroline is still coming, and Stephen replies, "As far as I know." Gordon comments to Barbara, "It seems a bit silly to go back before the wedding," but Barbara reminds him that Simon is coming back the day after tomorrow and she'd hate not to meet him. She then suggests to Gordon, "Why don't you stay here? I'll go back and pick him up and bring him back here." Gordon mutters, "Fine by me." Wayne suddenly wanders in and Stephen, standing up, growls, "I thought you would have had the decency to have left by now." Wayne retorts, "I can't. The police wouldn't like it - although when they've given me the go-ahead, you won't see me for dust." Stephen mutters, "In that case, I'll arrange a room for you at the Reid House." Wayne growls, "Sure, I wouldn't want to stay here anyway," and he storms off to his room to pack, leaving Gordon, Barbara and Stephen looking embarrassed.

At the country house, Charlie is telling Beryl in the lounge room that she doesn't know what to do: Sally hasn't shown her face since the argument. Leigh - who's sitting in one of the armchairs, as is Samantha - points out that she had an essay to do, adding that it's probably helping her cool down. Beryl tells Charlie that it'll be alright: she doesn't agree with what Charlie did, but Sally is going out with Andy and that's what she wanted, isn't it? Charlie admits that she supposes so. Beryl then announces that, as they're going to be watching videotapes later, she thought they might have an early dinner. She heads out. Samantha goes to follow her, saying she'll give her a hand. This, though, prompts Leigh to snap, "Oh, turned into a real little worker, haven't we? Even getting our hands dirty in the kitchen now." Samantha retorts, "It beats talking about it," and she storms out. When she's gone, Charlie asks Leigh why she has to bait Samantha. Leigh mutters that she's just getting sick and tired of her 'Little Miss. Goody-Two-Shoes' act. She adds slyly, "We'll see how long that lasts..." She then stands up and walks over to check the tape lying on top of the TV. Brett comes in and Charlie asks him what he's got lined up for them tonight. Brett replies that it's the second horror film: Fangs. He suddenly notices that one of his blank tapes has disappeared from the top of TV. Leigh quickly tells him that it can't have gone too far; it'll turn up somewhere. She then places a tape in her hand into the video and smiles, "There we are: already to go when we've finished eating." Charlie grimaces, "Can't wait..." Leigh smiles nastily, "No. Nor can I..."

Caroline heads into the lounge room at the Woombai homestead and smiles, "Hello, everybody." Gordon stands up and tells her that, to clear the air completely, now that he knows why she wanted Roland out of the company and the reason behind it, he understands why she acted as she did. Caroline thanks him, adding that it wasn't very easy. Gordon adds, "I think you should know that Wayne is going to sell his shares and become simply an employee." Wayne, staring at his father, a smirk on his face, says, "If I could butt-in, I'd like to say something." He stands up and goes on, "I've had a good think about it and I've decided against selling." Glaring at his father, he adds, "Let's face it, you can't make me - and after all the work I've put into the business, I'll be damned if give it away for nothing." Gordon warns him angrily, "There is no way you can function as a Director. No one will work with you; you realise that?" Caroline adds, "Roland certainly wouldn't have anything to do with you and I certainly won't. You'll be frozen out, from my point of view." Wayne smiles at her nastily and muses, "It seems a bit odd, Caroline, you being so moral." At that moment, Jenny comes out of the kitchen and says, "Hello, Caroline." Wayne turns to her and asks her, "Did you know she was having it off with your son?" Looking taken aback, Jenny asks, "I beg your pardon?" Wayne insists, "It's true. Cross my heart. Look at them." Stephen snaps that that's ridiculous, but Wayne insists that he's not being ridiculous. He repeats, "Look at them." Jenny glares at the guilty expressions on Colin's and Caroline's faces and then snaps at Caroline, "And you weren't coming here to make trouble? My God, how gullible could we be? You're out to do everything you can to break up this family. Well I've got news, you bitch!" As she calls Caroline a bitch, she lashes out and wallops her round the face.


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