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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

A while later, there are two detectives at Woombai. One of them is saying to Denise that she's being very vague: she says she knows her attacker was Wayne Hamilton but she can't tell them how she knows. Denise explains, "The way he grabbed me, I remember thinking 'It's Wayne', but I can't remember why I thought it." The detective asks if he said anything or made any noises that gave her a clue, but Denise cries that she doesn't think so - she was so scared; she wants to remember but she can't. The detective assures her that she will in time. He then asks Stephen for a word, and Jenny leads Denise out to the kitchen to get her something to calm her down. As she goes, Denise tells the detective, "Look, I know it's Wayne." She goes, and the detective then asks Stephen if she has an axe to grind with Wayne. Stephen replies that Denise is wild, but she's not malicious. The detective says, "Tell me about Mr. Hamilton." Stephen replies, "He's capable of a lot. Rape, I don't know - certainly not a series of attacks. The detective asks if Wayne has been pestering Denise at all, and Stephen admits, "In a way..." The detective asks him, "In what way?"and Stephen explains that Wayne was a bit drunk and Denise was being a bit of a tease... The detective realises, "He made a pass which she rejected." He then asks, "How did he react? Angry? Frustrated?" Stephen, though, tells him, "Look, I have no reason to like Wayne, but you're barking up the wrong tree: he's not the rapist type." The detective retorts that Stephen shouldn't kid himself with the type. He then goes on that there's been Denise and two others and he asks if Wayne has been home the last three nights. Stephen admits, "No." The detective asks, "Did he stay out late?" and Stephen nods reluctantly, "Yes..."

In the kitchen, Jenny offers Denise some nice warm milk. Denise, though, just cries that it was awful - he-- Jenny tells her to try not to think about it, and she gives her a hug. As she does so, Denise suddenly pulls away and cries, "It's the aftershave - the one I gave Wayne: that's how I knew it was him: I smelt it on him when he attacked me."

The next morning, Wayne is walking across the grounds, approaching the homestead and looking the worse for wear. Stephen comes out of the house and growls at him, "You'd better have a damn good explanation for where you were last night."

A few minutes later, Wayne is sitting down inside, telling the detectives sourly that he can think of better ways for them to waste their time. The first detective asks him curtly where he was last night, but Wayne just retorts that plenty of men in the district could wear the same aftershave as him. The detective points out, "You're the only one who's made advances to Miss. Turner in the last few days." He then goes on, "What was it? You didn't like the knock-back so you got what you wanted by pretending to be the Woombai rapist?" Wayne laughs bitterly. The detective then asks him, "Are you the Woombai rapist?" Wayne retorts, "Some men don't have to force women into sex." The detective suggests, "Playboys like you, right?" and Wayne agrees, "Spot on." Looking annoyed, the detective tells him to stop being a smart-aleck and tell them where he was. Standing up, Wayne heads over to the 'phone and, starting to dial, snaps that he'll expect an apology when it's all cleared up. The 'phone rings at the other end and a female voice answers. Wayne says, "Hi, it's me!" and the voice at the other end teases, "Don't you ever sleep?!" Wayne explains, "I've got the police here. They want to know where I was for the last three days; could you do me a favour and tell them?" He then turns to the detective and says, "Her name is Monica Foster. I was with her and it was hardly 'rape'." The detective takes the 'phone from him and says, "Miss. Foster? Detective Sergeant Dunross here. Mr. Hamilton says he was with you the last three nights. Is that correct?" Monica Foster, though, replies, "Er, no. It's not. I don't know what harm he's done, but he can't drag me into it. I was home on my own - it's Mrs. Foster, Sergeant. I'm a married woman." Looking unsurprised, the detective growls, "Thankyou, Mrs. Foster. Sorry for troubling you." He hangs up as Wayne stands there with a smirk on his face. The detective tells him, "You're in strife, my friend." Wayne's face drops.

Beryl is lighting the fire in the stove in the kitchen at the country house when Samantha comes in, wearing the dressing gown she had on the night before. Beryl apologises to her that they couldn't find her anything more fashionable to wear! She then heads off to have a shower. When she's gone, Samantha goes and checks that the hallway is clear before returning to the kitchen and closing the door behind her. She then takes the videotape out of her dressing gown pocket and places it in the fire, looking relieved.

Jenny is with Stephen in the kitchen at Woombai when Colin comes in and comments that the police are really giving Wayne the once-over. He adds that it's about time he got what's coming to him. Stephen, though, tells him sternly to keep his opinions to himself - Wayne's in enough trouble without the police hearing him shouting his mouth off. He then quickly apologises, but it's too late: Colin storms off. When he's gone, Stephen comments to Jenny that he's blotted his copy book, but Jenny tells him that Colin has been in a strange mood for a couple of days. She then sighs that they were such lovely kids when they were little; why did they have to grow up?!

Colin heads outside, just as Caroline is heading towards the homestead. She tells him that she heard what happened, but Colin explains that it's up to the police now. Caroline tells him that she meant to Denise, and she asks how the girl is. Colin replies that he reckons she'll stay in bed most of the day. Caroline then asks him how he is, and he retorts that he's just angry: he doesn't want to see that creep get away with it. Looking surprised, Caroline asks him who he's talking about, and Colin replies. "Wayne. I thought you said you heard." Caroline explains that she heard about Denise being attacked. Colin rants that Denise said Wayne did it, and he asks Caroline what she reckons: does she think he might? Caroline replies that she wouldn't put anything past him. Colin comments, "At least someone's showing a few brains. Still, I'm not surprised..." Looking bemused, Caroline asks if that's supposed to be a veiled compliment, and Colin admits, "Yeah." Caroline assures him that if Wayne is guilty, she'll see he gets everything he deserves. She walks off, leaving Colin with a smile on his face.

Inside, in the lounge room, Wayne snaps at the detective, "How many times to I have to tell you? Monica's husband's away. She's probably freaked that he'll find out that I was with her. OK, I was being too smart for my own good earlier, but you don't have to take it out on me now. You know you haven't got a case." The detective, though, points out that Denise Turner says it was him who attacked her and he has no alibi - and, in fact, the one he tried to establish fell through: his call sounded as though he was prompting Mrs. Foster to lie and she wouldn't. Wayne cries that they should talk to Monica and tell her how important it is that she tells the truth; that's all they have to do. The detective suggests, "I think you'd better come to the station while we do it." Wayne cries, "You're not arresting me?" but the detective retorts, "Just taking you into custody - the arrest will come later." Wayne growls, "I wouldn't be too sure of that." The detective snaps, "I would."

Brett is having breakfast in the kitchen at the country house. Beryl is standing by the stove as Leigh comes in and exclaims, "What stinks?!" Beryl explains that it's some rubbish Samantha threw on the fire. Leigh, sniffing, asks if it was something plastic. Beryl replies, "Yes, adding, "I can't imagine what." Leigh, a sly smile on her face, muses, "I can..." Brett stands up and says he'd better make a start. Leigh tells him to stay and have a cup of tea, but he replies that he's as full as a goog, and he heads out. Leigh sits down and Beryl offers her a cup of tea, but Leigh, looking glum, mutters that she's just lost her appetite. She adds bitterly that she bets it would have been different if Samantha had asked him. Beryl comments, "You're really taken by Brett, aren't you?" Leigh nods and asks, "So?" Beryl points out, "Leigh, the boy's only 19." Leigh replies, "That's right: about twelve months younger than me." Beryl, looking surprised, blusters, "Oh, er, well, it's just that you act so much older, I suppose." Leigh mutters, "What do you expect after the sort of life I've had? All the guys I've ever known have just used me. Brett's different - he's honest and he likes Shane. We could have some fun together." Beryl tells her that she's not going to have fun if she spends her time being jealous of Samantha. Leigh, though, snaps, "I don't like stuck-up rich girls coming in and taking over. Samantha's like Richard - like all kids with money: they think they can walk all over you." Beryl points out that going out with Adam to make Brett jealous is childish, but Leigh snaps that she wouldn't have had to if Samantha hadn't stuck her nose in. With that, she storms out.

A while later, Beryl heads into the lounge room, where Leigh is sitting on the couch, looking angry. Beryl announces that she's going to the shops, but Leigh mutters that she doesn't want to go. She then asks where everybody else is, and Beryl tells her that Andy and Samantha are out with Brett and Charlie's out for a walk. Leigh asks if she has the place to herself, then, and Beryl agrees that it looks like it. She then adds that, if Leigh gets lonely, she can join the others outside. Leigh, though, says airily, "No thanks." Beryl sighs that Samantha is a nice girl and Leigh should give her a chance. Leigh, however, just retorts, "See you when you get back," and Beryl heads out. When she's gone, Leigh jumps up and walks over to the drawer in a nearby cabinet. She takes out a videotape, walks over to the video and the TV, places the video in the machine and starts watching it as it plays. After a few moments, she raises an eyebrow and, looking pleased with herself, murmurs nastily, "Oh yes, she's a very nice girl..."

Sometime later, Leigh heads into the kitchen, holding the tape. She stops by the door, where she hears Brett, Samantha and Andy talking and laughing outside. Brett heads off to start work, leaving Andy to tell Samantha that it's good to see her happy again. Samantha replies that all that's left of that tape is a nasty smell in the kitchen, and Andy agrees that it's a relief. He then asks her if she's in a rush to get back home and she says she isn't. Andy suggests that he tell Charlie that they've decided to stay on a bit, adding that he reckons they've both earned a holiday. He goes on that he doesn't think Brett will have anything to complain about...! Leigh stands inside, looking annoyed. She storms back into the lounge room and picks up the case of one of the horror movies that Brett hired. She then takes out the tape that's inside and places the tape of Samantha and the cult members in there in its place... She heads back to the kitchen, where Samantha is warming her hands by the fire. Leigh asks her cheerily if she and Andy are doing anything special tonight, and Samantha replies that she isn't. Leigh suggests that they could watch the other movie Brett hired. Samantha smiles, "Not another horror movie?!" but Leigh laughs, "You guessed it." Samantha smiles, "Oh well, I guess it'll be good for a laugh." Leigh assures her, "Yeah, well I'm sure this one will be..."

Stephen is sitting at the living room table at the Woombai homestead, some papers in front of him. Jenny and Caroline come in, Jenny telling Caroline as they do so that Denise didn't each much breakfast but she'll make her a filling lunch. Stephen asks how she is, and Jenny replies that there's a little more colour back in her cheeks. With that, she heads off to the kitchen. Caroline asks Stephen if Colin isn't home yet, and Stephen explains that he went for a walk. Caroline tells him that she passed the boy on the way in and he seemed to have no doubts that Wayne was guilty. Stephen tells her, "I have doubts, but I won't cry if he has to sweat it out for a couple of days, though." Caroline agrees, "No, nor will I. He can be so damned arrogant: thinks he can say or do whatever he feels like." Stephen comments, "And get away with it." Caroline mutters, "Yeah, exactly."

In Sydney, Irene is making coffee in the kitchen of her flat at the boarding house. Roland is with her and, tapping a spanner lightly against one of the taps over the sink, announces that Fiona has one less dripping tap to contend with! Irene hands him a cup of coffee and he says, "Thankyou, Dr. Fisher!" Irene, though, corrects, "Uh uh - no, just plain Irene Fisher - until two o'clock." Roland asks her if she's nervous and she tells him that she's got this horrible feeling that she's going to open the doors and just sit there, day after day, and nobody's going to turn up! Roland points out that every businessman fears that when he starts out: is the product he's offering good enough? Irene tells him, "Doctors' is worse: ours is 'Am I good enough?'" Roland laughs that maybe he's biased - but he thinks she is! He kisses her, and she smiles that at least she has one fan. Roland tells her, "You're as good a doctor as I am a plumber!" He then looks at the tap he's just fixed to find it's dripping again!

Gordon and Barbara pull up at Woombai in Gordon's car. Barbara asks Gordon if he's sure he doesn't want her to come with him, and Gordon nods, "Yes." Barbara tells him to call her and let her know what the police say. With that, she gets out of the car and Gordon drives off.

A few moments later, inside, Barbara is saying to Stephen, "Poor Gordon. If it's not one thing with Wayne, it's another." Stephen asks how he's bearing up, and Barbara replies that he's fine: he's just very disappointed - not that he thinks Wayne did it, but it just depresses him the way the idiot jumps from one scrape into the next. Caroline sighs, "He doesn't know the half of it." Barbara looks at her and she goes on, "Look what happened when I was blackmailed: everything brushed under the carpet just to save Gordon's feelings. I think he'd be far better off if he was handed the hard facts and booted Wayne out, rather than having to cope with years of the little disappointments." She adds, "Stephen agrees with me." Barbara, glaring at them both, comments sourly, "Oh, you've been discussing it, have you?" Stephen tells her, "We agree that whether Wayne attacked Denise or not, he's got away with far too much for far too long. Now, if Gordon's health can cope with knowing his son's under suspicion of rape, I think he should know everything. It's time we stopped treating him like a child." Barbara insists curtly, "I have no reason to protect Wayne; I just don't want to risk it - and if it's anybody's decision, it's mine." Caroline asks why, and Barbara points out that she's Gordon's wife. Caroline comments, "I don't see that gives you any veto power." Barbara looks at Jenny, but Jenny says it's none of her business. Barbara tells Stephen and Caroline that she knows how they both feel, but she'd rather they kept it to themselves. She adds that she knows she can't make them, but she is asking. Stephen and Caroline look at each other.

Sometime later, outside, Colin is approaching the house when he sees Wayne and Gordon climbing out of Gordon's car, nearby. He immediately storms over to them and snaps at Wayne, "I should have known you'd lie your way out of it. How come they haven't arrested you yet?" Wayne growls that he's not in the mood for a chat, but Colin goes on that he reckons he should tell the cops that he saw Wayne mauling Denise the other day: he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer then, either. Gordon warns Colin that this is not the time nor the place. Colin snaps that someone has to make the police wake up to Wayne, but Gordon retorts, "The police know what happened at the party. I suggest you calm down." Colin growls at Wayne, "If there is any way that I can help them get you, I will. I can promise you that." Wayne, glaring at him, snarls, "Look, pal, Denise has thrown herself at me since I arrived. I could have had her any time I liked; I didn't have to force her." Colin yells that that's a lie: Denise does the big flirt, but that's as far as it goes. Caroline comes out of the house and stands nearby, listening as Wayne taunts Colin, "You reckon? Can't read dishonestly well, can you?" He goes on, "You ever picked up a girl? Bet you wouldn't even know what to do." Colin suddenly notices Caroline standing there as he snaps at Wayne, "I'd know as well as you." He then glances at Caroline and storms off. Wayne yells after him, "You haven't done it, though, have you?" Gordon warns, "Wayne," but Wayne retorts, "He started it." Caroline snaps at him, "You really are despicable." She then calls after Colin, but he calls back, "Forget about it," and walks off. Wayne muses to Caroline, "Looks like I hit a raw nerve." Caroline watches Colin walking away. She looks concerned.

A few minutes later, inside, Wayne is sitting with Barbara, Gordon and Stephen muttering that it was police harassment. Barbara points out that they have better things to do than form the Wayne Hamilton Persecution Society, but Wayne retorts that they should have checked Monica out before they dragged him down to the station, then; it was obvious she was lying. Gordon suggests that it's been a long, long day and they shouldn't make it any worse by arguing - the main thing is that Monica finally backed up his alibi. Stephen suggests to Wayne curtly, "Might teach you not to fool around with married women," but Wayne laughs sarcastically, "You're a fine one to talk. I've heard enough stories about you." Gordon chips in and suggests that that's enough - they should be celebrating: Wayne's finally cleared and the police can now spend their time looking for the right man. Holding up a glass, he suggests, "A toast, eh? To justice?" Barbara and Stephen just sit there.

A few moments later, Barbara storms into the kitchen and mutters to Jenny, "Justice? Huh!" Jenny looks at her, but Barbara quickly explains that it's just too much of Wayne for one day. Jenny asks what he's done now, and Barbara retorts that he's in the lounge room playing the poor, hard-done-by victim. She goes on angrily, "When I think of what he's done over the past few years, and now he's acting as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth... I'm beginning to think Stephen and Caroline were right." Jenny asks, "About telling Gordon?" and Barbara nods, "Yeah." She adds, "It's a good thing Caroline's not here - it's all Stephen and I can do to hold our tongues; I don't think she'd be able to."

Colin is sitting in an old shack in the grounds outside, looking thoughtful. Caroline approaches him and asks, "Deep in thought?" He just nods, "Yeah." He then explains sadly that he was always building cubby houses in the shack when he was a kid - up in the loft. He goes on that an old carpet snake slept there sometimes; he wanted to kill it, but his dad said it kept the mice down. He then looks over into the distance and comments that there used to be a feed shed over there, but it's all gone now. There's silence for a few seconds until Caroline says, "I'm sorry Wayne upset you." Colin quickly insists, "He didn't," but Caroline tells him that it seemed like he did to her. She then says gently, "Trust me? I know about your suicide attempt. You've obviously got problems. Jenny said you weren't the sort to talk about them. I think you'll find it a help." Colin asks why he should, and Caroline tells him, "Because you want to. I feel it." Colin climbs down from where he's sitting and, looking worried, says, "I'm very attracted to you. Didn't you guess?" Caroline admits, "No." Colin then asks, "Does it worry you?" but Caroline assures him, "No. You behave like a gentleman." Colin sighs and then tells her, "The day before I tried to kill myself, I slept with a girl at uni. Oh - not the first... but there haven't been that many. It was a disaster - like the others. I know it's just a question of finding the right woman. If I could just once... properly... then maybe I could sort myself out..." Caroline stares at him and then takes his hand and squeezes it, smiling at him enticingly...

Barbara and Jenny are laying the table at the homestead as Wayne sits with Gordon and Stephen in the lounge room, muttering that what gets him down the most is everyone there: none of them stood up for him; there's nothing like a bit of family support. Gordon warns, "Wayne..." but Wayne snaps that it's true: just because Denise got a sniff of aftershave, they all thought he'd done it. Stephen starts to say, "We didn't necessarily--" but Wayne interrupts him and goes on, "You all thought what you wanted to. No one ever gives me a go. You all think the worst of me, the lot of you." Stephen mutters, "Is it any wonder?" Wayne snaps sharply, "What?" Barbara warns, "Stephen..." but Stephen goes on, "I said 'Is it any wonder?'" Standing up, he continues, "I'm sorry, Barbara, but I'm fed up with his hypocritical whinging." Turning to his brother-in-law, he goes on, "He may not be a rapist, Gordon, but there are a few other things we've been keeping from you, and it's high time you knew. Top of the list is blackmailer." Gordon looks at Stephen and then at Wayne in shock.

The door to Caroline's room at the guest house opens and Caroline leads Colin inside, still holding his hand. She stares at him seductively and then, placing her hands on his shoulders, pulls him towards her and begins to kiss him passionately...


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