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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

The electronic doors close behind Neville Spencer's car as it heads up the driveway.

Charlie is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, a glum expression on her face. Leigh comes in and offers her a cup of tea, but Charlie declines, sighing that she'll wait until Beryl arrives. Leigh asks her if she's OK, and she explains that it's Adam and Eric: she's starting to wish the whole business had never blown up. Leigh, a sly expression on her face, muses, "Oh, I don't know. There still might be a chance that things will work out." Charlie looks away disbelievingly. Leigh tells her that she's having a cup of tea whether she likes it or not! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Charlie gets up and answers it. Andy comes on and explains that he was wondering if Samantha was there. Charlie comments that she thought she was with him, and Andy quickly explains that she was, but she's gone out again and didn't say where. Charlie says she's sorry, but Samantha isn't at the farm. Andy hangs up, looking worried. At the country house, Charlie hangs up and tells Leigh that that was Andy: he's lost Samantha and he's in quite a hurry to find her, too. Leigh mutters, "I can't see why." Charlie comments that she did seem a little preoccupied this morning; she wonders what's on her mind. Leigh growls, "I thought it was obvious: Brett Keegan."

Samantha and Neville Spencer are walking along a pathway outside the building Spencer has taken Samantha to. After a few moments, Spencer tells Samantha to wait there, and he heads off. He approaches the man sitting nearby and, after mouthing a few words to him, indicates to Samantha to follow him. As she does so, a look of shock crosses her face: Lloyd Donovan's skin is horribly red and covered in what is apparently sweat. He holds out his hand and says, "Hello, Samantha. I never expected to see you again." Samantha shakes his hand as he tells her, "You'll have to excuse my condition. Life hasn't been as good to me as I would have liked it to be, lately. Not that the same can be said about you..." Samantha glares at him.

Beryl is sitting with Charlie at the kitchen table at the country house, while Leigh is standing putting some biscuits in a tin on the counter. Beryl says to Charlie that she hopes it won't be too much trouble with two extra mouths to feed, but Charlie assures her that of course it won't. Beryl goes on that she expects to pull her weight and do her fair share of the housework. Charlie tells her not to be silly, but Beryl insists, "It's only fair. Besides, from what David tells me, you have your own problems." There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Leigh goes to get it. Charlie tells Beryl to mix in with everyone and enjoy herself, and Beryl smiles, "I'll do my best." Leigh comes back into the room - followed by Adam. Charlie stands up, a look of shock on her face. Adam tells her that he has to talk to her alone. Beryl quickly stands up and says she'll put her things in the spare room. Leigh heads outside to water the plants. Charlie invites Adam to sit down, but he declines. He then tells her, "Look, I don't know how to say this, except that I'm sorry: I made a mistake blaming you for pulling the family apart." Charlie stares at him and he explains, "Leigh dug up a transcript of your court case. It's pretty obvious it all happened because dad gave you a rough time." Charlie smiles in delight as she tells him, "I had to do something or I'd have had a nervous breakdown." Adam assures her that he understands that now. He then adds that he thinks they should start setting things right. Charlie smiles happily.

Leigh is watering the plants just outside the kitchen door when a male voice comes up behind her and says in a Transylvanian accent, "I vant to drink your blood!" It's Brett, and he tells Leigh that he's just getting in the mood for the videos he's picked up: Fangs then Return of the Son of Wolfman. Looking disgusted, Leigh cries, "Horror movies?" Brett tells her enthusiastically that they're great. He adds that he got a couple of blanks to tape the footie, as well. Leigh warns him that he'll end up with square eyes, but Brett counters, "We'll end up with square eyes - that's if you can handle Dracula fighting with Wolfman!" Leigh smiles that she thinks she might be able to cope! Brett goes to head inside, but Leigh tells him to hold off for a while as Adam's in there having a heart-to-heart with Charlie. Brett pauses before saying he was thinking he might invite Andy and Samantha over to watch the movie; they can make it a foursome. Leigh, looking annoyed, mutters that she thought it was only going to be the two of them. Brett insists that he was just trying to be neighbourly, but Leigh snaps, "Neighbours like her I can do without. She's too stuck-up for her own good." Brett quickly tells her that it was only a suggestion; they'll keep it that way. Leigh smiles at him again.

Lloyd Donovan is lying back in a chair with a blanket over his legs and a cane in his left hand. Neville Spencer and Samantha are sitting with him as he tells Samantha, "Finding out about my being sick gave them the excuse they needed to push me out. My fault, I suppose, for teaching them how to mix religion with business in the first place." Samantha asks him, "How sick are you?" Donovan replies, "I might see Christmas." Samantha murmurs that she's sorry. Donovan comments that he'd have thought she'd be pleased that he was getting his just desserts, but Samantha retorts that she didn't come to gloat over a dying man; she came for something else. Donovan, looking intrigued, asks what that might be, and Samantha tells him, "A video. The one you made of me in America. I want to buy it back. I'm willing to pay you $20,000." Donovan, looking surprised, exclaims, "A lot of money for a home movie." He then asks sarcastically, "Samantha, what am I going to do with $20,000? Put in the bank and wait for the interest?" Samantha comments that she'd have thought the cult would grab it, but Donovan assures her that he's not about to line their pockets. Samantha cries, "Why can't you just give it to me, then? It's no use to you." Donovan admits that that's true - except that her family, when they pulled her out, caused him a lot of problems; he made enemies out of that - people who couldn't wait to push him out when they found out he was sick. He goes on, "As far as I'm concerned, you have no grounds at all to stand on asking for favours. I'm sorry. No deal."

A moment later, Samantha cries at Donovan that he knows she wasn't in her right mind when she made that tape; why make her pay for it now? Looking at Neville Spencer, Donovan mutters that he really can't be bothered arguing, and he tells him to get Samantha a cab back to the hotel and bring him some tablets. Samantha snaps at Donovan, "Not even dying has taught you anything, has it?" Donovan retorts, "It's taught me I don't have to be pestered if I don't want to." Samantha snaps, "You're going to die full of hate, you know that? The only chance you've ever had to do anything decent for anyone and you're not even interested." Donovan looks away. Samantha murmurs, "I pity you, Lloyd. I really do." She goes to storm off, but Donovan suddenly calls, "Wait." She turns to look at him again and he sighs, "I'll destroy the tape if you want. We only kept them for insurance purposes, anyway - against legal actions." Looking relieved, Samantha insists that she'll have to check it's the right one - and she'll need all the copies. Donovan assures her, "There's only the master." Samantha asks him how she knows he's telling the truth, and Donovan replies in frustration, "Because I'm telling you. There's no point in lying about it." He adds, "If you want to, you can destroy it yourself." Samantha asks him when he wants the money, but Donovan shakes his head and mutters, "Forget it." Looking incredulous, Neville Spencer points out, "Twenty grand..." Donovan, though, ignores this and suggests to Samantha, "Let's say I just wanted to see what it felt like to do something nice for someone for a change." He then tells Samantha to be there sometime tomorrow and she can have her tape. With that, Samantha walks off. Donovan watches her go.

Andy is pacing the floor of Samantha's motel room, looking frustrated. The door suddenly opens and Samantha walks in. Andy immediately demands to know where she got to, adding that he called Stephen a minute ago and he hadn't even spoken to her since she left Sydney. He asks who was really on the 'phone this afternoon, but Samantha tells him not to worry about it. Andy asks, "Was it Spencer?" Samantha concedes, "Yes - and he took me to see Lloyd, and he's going to give me the tape back tomorrow." Andy shouts at her that he's probably going to try to drag her back into the cult, but Samantha tells him, "The man is dying. He's got nothing to do with the cult now." Andy asks her what she's going to do with the tape, and she replies that she'll destroy it - just as soon as she's sure it's the one she's after. Changing the subject, Andy tells her that Charlie called before - she's still hassling them to stay at the farm. He suggests that maybe she could use Charlie's video to check out the tape, and Samantha smiles, "You're not just a pretty face, are you?!"

Stephen, Jenny and Denise climb out of Stephen's car at Woombai and Stephen tells one of the workers to put the car in the garage. As they head inside, carrying some bags of shopping, Jenny tells Stephen that she heard some more about that rapist while they were in town: there were another two attacks last night. Stephen sighs that the police should have picked him up by now. Jenny says she's worried about Denise, but Stephen tells her not to get too panicky. They catch up with Denise, who's gone ahead, and Denise tells her mother that she met a friend in town today and she's asked her to go to a party tonight. Jenny, looking wary, says she doesn't think that's a very good idea. Looking annoyed, Denise cries, "Why not?" and Jenny points out that there's been that trouble. Denise insists that she'll be alright. She adds that she doesn't want to sit at home doing crosswords until they catch the attacker; life goes on. Stephen suggests that he could drive her over and pick her up afterwards, and Denise smiles that that's great! Jenny sighs, "Alright, but no later than 10:30pm." Looking horrified, Denise cries that it won't start 'til 10pm; they'll all think she's a wimp. Jenny, though, growls that it's then or not at all, and Denise storms off, snapping as she does so that it may as well be not at all. Jenny looks at Stephen.

Adam is sitting with Leigh and Brett in the kitchen at the country house, and he tells Leigh that he's glad she gave him the transcripts of the court case; he wishes he'd known earlier what Charlie went through. He then asks her if she'd like to go out to dinner tonight, to sort of say 'thankyou'. Brett chips in that he's sorry, but they've got videos on tonight. Leigh suggests to Adam that they could make it another night, but Adam explains that he's working night shift all next week. Glancing at Brett, Leigh sighs that tonight it'll have to be, then. Brett snaps, "Great. I might as well start watching now if I'm going to be the only audience," and he storms off to the lounge room. As he does so, Beryl comes in and asks Leigh what's wrong with him. Leigh explains, "He's upset because I won't be around to cheer Dracula on against the Wolfman!" Adam suggests to Leigh that if she said she was going to watch movies-- Leigh, though, interrupts and points out that she said she'd have dinner with him. Adam stands up and heads off to the lounge room, saying he'll watch the first part of the movie while Leigh gets changed. Left alone with Leigh, Beryl says to her that she gathers she just stood Brett up for Adam. Leigh agrees curtly, "Something like that." Beryl asks her if she hadn't better tell Brett that he's wasting his time. Leigh, though, asks, "Who said he's wasting his time?" Beryl glares at her and Leigh goes on, "Samantha Morrell came over earlier, with Andy. Brett couldn't keep his eyes off her. I think it's time I showed him two can play at that game..."

Samantha is packing her clothes into a suitcase in her room at the motel in Melbourne when there's a knock on the door. She calls, "Come in, Andy, it's not locked." It's Neville Spencer who walks in, though, and Samantha immediately demands, "What are you doing here?" Spencer tells her that there's been a slight change of plan: it's going to cost her for the tapes after all. Samantha protests, "But Lloyd said--" Spencer interrupts and retorts, "It's not him who's charging, it's me. Thirty thousand dollars." Samantha snaps, "You're kidding. I haven't got it." Spencer points out, "You said you got twenty. I'm sure you could raise another ten if you tried hard enough." As Samantha stares at him in shock, he tells her, "You don't, no tape. Simple as that."

A while later, Andy is sitting with Samantha in her motel room, and he points out that he told her that they were just taking her for a ride. Samantha, though, insists that it's got nothing to do with Lloyd; Neville's in it for himself. She then sighs that she's going to have to think up an excuse and ask her mum for the rest of the money. Andy asks when Spencer said she had to have it by and Samantha replies, "Tomorrow, midday." Looking thoughtful, Andy muses, "Don't ask just yet. There might still be a way round it..."

Sometime later, Samantha and Andy are back at Lloyd Donovan's property, staring at him from a distance as he sits in the grounds. Another man is standing next to him. Samantha says to Andy warily, "I hope it works," and Andy comments, "We'll be in trouble if it doesn't." Samantha reminds him that it was his idea. They look at each other and then start to approach Donovan. The man with him walks off as Donovan says to Samantha that he thought they had everything organised. Samantha muses, "So did I." Donovan then stares at Andy and adds, "I've seen you before, haven't I?" Andy explains, "I was one of your bunnies when you were running the Geelong branch." Donovan recalls, "Oh yes, I remember. Another troublemaker." He then asks what the problem is, and Andy replies, "Do you know you're being ripped off?" Donovan asks, "Am I?" Andy explains, "Your right-hand man, Neville Spencer: he's using you to make himself a dollar - while he can..." Donovan looks interested.

Irene, Gordon and Barbara are sitting with Fiona in her flat at the boarding house in Sydney. She's telling them that she supposes the main reason she's going is to help soften the blow if the search proves fruitless. Barbara exclaims that surely David doesn't believe Patricia is still alive, and Gordon adds that Charlie showed them the death certificate. Fiona sighs that David is convinced that anyone could have signed it - and maybe he's right. Irene asks about, even if he does bring her back, won't she have to face the Luke Carlyle murder charge? Fiona explains that David said that, if that's the case, he's prepared to stay with her in Brazil - which is part of the reason she's invited them all there: it could be the last time they see him... The front door suddenly bursts open and David and Roland come in. David is laughing, and he tells Fiona to break out the champagne glasses. He starts opening a bottle of bubbly. As he does so, Irene tells him that he should keep a bottle to launch her new surgery: smash it against a door knob, or something! David asks her if she's found somewhere, and Irene explains that she's using Mrs. Longhurst's old rooms - and she got a whole lot of stuff from a retiring GP, too, so she should be able to start in a week or so. David smiles that he always knew she would, sometime. Gordon tells her that he wishes it all works out for her. Irene laughs that they'll all have to contract minor little contagious diseases for a while, just to keep her busy! Fiona hands the glasses of champagne around and Roland then addresses the gathering and says, "I think the first toast should be the 'good luck' one: let's all hope that David's trip to Brazil, and his search to find his wife, is successful, and the two are happily reunited." He then proposes, "To Patricia's safe return." There's an embarrassed silence, which Irene eventually breaks by saying, "Safe trip, CB..."

Neville Spencer drives his car up the driveway at Lloyd Donovan's property, turns off the engine and climbs out. Donovan is approaching him, using a cane to support himself as he walks along. He asks Spencer if he's got the tape and Spencer replies that it's in the car. Donovan says, "Good - she's here to collect it." Samantha and Andy appear in the distance as Spencer comments to Donovan that Samantha isn't supposed to be there until tomorrow. Donovan snaps, "No 'buts'. Get it." Spencer stands there and Donovan tells him, "I know what you're thinking and the answer's 'yes': they told me what you're up to." Spencer continues to stand there and snaps, "You want it, you get it." Donovan warns, "Don't play tough with me, boy. I may not be able to fight you, but I can sure as hell give you a rough time with the cops - and don't think I won't if I have to." Spencer warns him, "You'd get a lot rougher time than I would," but Donovan growls, "Me? I'll be dead before the trial starts." Spencer, realising he's facing a losing battle, gives in, opens the car door, takes out a package and, holding it out to Donovan, snaps, "Take your damn tape." Donovan, though, indicating Samantha, retorts, "It belongs to her," and Samantha grabs it. Spencer then asks Donovan, "Satisfied?" Donovan snaps, "Very." He then holds out his hand for the car keys. Spencer goes to place them into his palm, but then lets them fall to the ground. Donovan tells him curtly, "It's been nice knowing you." As Spencer walks off, Samantha clutches the tape tightly, looking relieved.

That night, at Woombai, Wayne is sitting reading a magazine when Denise comes in - all dressed up - and says a warm, "Hi..." Wayne stares at her and asks what the occasion is, and she tells him that she's going to a party. She then adds, "I knocked on your door last night." Wayne mutters, "I don't remember inviting you." Denise tells him, "I stayed up late." She then asks him what time he got in, but Wayne retorts that that's his business, and he warns her not to come calling in the middle of the night, as people talk. Denise asks him if he'd like to come to the party, but Wayne mutters, "Sorry, I've got something else planned." Denise sits down next to him and says flirtatiously, "I didn't get dressed up for nothing..." Wayne, though, retorts, "I reckon you did, kiddo." He stands up and adds, "Have a good night." He goes to walk out, but Denise calls after him, "I bought some aftershave for you in town. It's nice - try some." Wayne just grabs it and walks out, leaving Denise looking disappointed.

Samantha and Andy are standing in the kitchen at the country house. Charlie is telling Samantha that she's sure Leigh won't mind sharing with her; she'll have Sally in with her, and if Andy doesn't mind bunking in the sleep hut with Brett, they'll all be one big happy family! Samantha, looking dubious, laughs sarcastically and says, "Thanks again for the offer..." She then comments that Andy was saying they have a video, and Charlie replies that that's right. She asks, "Why?" and Samantha quickly tells her that she just wanted to check in case she gets the urge to borrow something. Beryl comes in and asks the two of them if they've eaten. Samantha and Andy accept the offer. At that moment, Leigh comes in, all dressed up, followed by Adam. She's saying to him, "I bet you say that to all the girls!" Brett follows them in. Leigh acknowledges Andy and Samantha and Andy tells her that they've decided to take up Charlie's offer and stay a couple of days. Brett exclaims that that's great, adding that there's nothing like some friendly faces. Charlie comments to Leigh and Adam that she thought they were going out to dinner. Leigh replies that they are, but Adam had trouble tearing himself away from the Wolfman! Adam, looking at Samantha, introduces himself and explains that he's Charlie's son. The two of them shake hands and Andy shakes with Adam as well. Brett announces that he was thinking of going out tonight - maybe to a disco or something. He asks Samantha if she's interested. Leigh says to him that she thought he wanted to watch the other movie, but Brett retorts that he'll watch it tomorrow night; the late fee won't be much. He asks Samantha what she says, and she smiles, "Sure. Why not? I'll be good to relax for a while." Leigh glares at her.

Jenny is sitting reading a book at the Woombai homestead when the 'phone starts ringing. She answers it and Stephen comes on and asks if Denise is home. Jenny points out that he's supposed to be picking her up, but Stephen explains that, apparently, she had an argument with a girlfriend and left early. Jenny, suddenly looking worried, cries, "By herself?" Stephen says he's not sure: a few others left about the same time and she probably got a lift with one of them. Jenny asks him if he can't find out, and he replies that he'll try. He then tells Jenny not to worry; he's sure she's alright. Jenny asks him to let her know as soon as he finds her and Stephen says he will. Jenny hangs up, looking fearful.

Charlie is pouring coffee for Leigh and Adam in the kitchen at the country house as Leigh tells her enthusiastically that she should have seen the look on the waiter's face when Adam tried to speak French to him! Adam insists that he looked French and it was a French restaurant! Brett and Samantha come in and Brett asks how dinner was. Leigh replies that it was great. She then asks after the disco and Brett tells her that it was unreal. Samantha adds, "He danced me off my feet!" Leigh's face drops. Charlie offers them coffee, but Samantha declines, saying she might go to bed. Adam adds that he'd better get going, too, and he thanks Leigh for a great night. With that, he heads out. Samantha asks Charlie, Brett and Leigh if they're staying up for a while, but Charlie laughs that she only had to stay up to make sure they all got in safely, and she heads off to bed. Brett says to Samantha that he might as well hit the hay, too. When he's gone, Leigh says to Samantha, "Think I'll do the same. Coming?" Samantha, though, replies that she thinks she'll have a shower first; she's a bit sticky after dancing all night. Leigh mutters, "Fair enough. I'll see you in the morning." She heads off. Samantha sighs heavily.

Stephen is back at Woombai. Jenny is crying that if Denise had gone to a friend's place, why wouldn't she let them know? She adds that it's eleven o'clock; she would have rung by now. Stephen tells her that the police are on their way, but Jenny retorts that, in the meanwhile, Denise could be-- She breaks off and then announces that she's going out to look for her. Stephen, though, says, "No. Let me. You shouldn't be out there by yourself, either." Jenny pleads, "Find her, Stephen. Please?" Stephen nods and heads out, leaving Jenny looking worried.

Gordon, Irene, David, Fiona, Roland and Barbara are all sitting round Fiona's living room table, and David smiles that he's going to miss the Aussie tucker! Roland heads out to the kitchen to make some coffee, and Barbara goes with him to lend a hand. When she's out of earshot, Irene asks Gordon what's wrong with her, as she's hardly said 'boo' all night. Gordon explains quietly that he thinks it has something to do with her son, Simon. In the kitchen, Barbara is telling Roland, "I had a letter from him this morning: he's coming home. I think he would have been back a lot earlier except for the problems you and I were having." Roland comments that it'll be good to see him again, and Barbara agrees, "Yes, it will - but what if he can't accept that we're not together?" Roland asks what Simon can do about it, and Barbara concedes warily that there's nothing, she supposes; she just thinks he's going to cause a problem.

Samantha is sitting in the lounge room at the country house, watching the videotape from the cult. Leigh suddenly appears in the doorway and switches on the light. Samantha hurriedly gets up and turns off the TV. Leigh asks her suspiciously what she's doing, and Samantha quickly replies, "Watching a video. Anything wrong?" Leigh asks her if she always watches them with the sound off, and Samantha retorts, "If I feel like it. I didn't want to wake anyone." She pulls the tape out of the machine as Leigh asks what's on it. Samantha snaps, "Nothing. Don't worry about it, OK?" She then runs out, taking the tape with her. When she's gone Leigh walks over to the TV. The two blank tapes that Brett bought are lying on top, and Leigh picks one up and, a sly expression on her face, puts it in the pocket of her dressing gown...

At Woombai, Jenny cries, "My God, Denise, what happened?" Stephen and a middle-aged woman are helping Denise into the room. She's looking dishevelled, and Stephen explains, "Susan found her in the scrub off Kellett's Road." Susan explains, "I saw a man in the headlights standing over her. He ran off when he saw me coming." Stephen adds, "He didn't have time to do anything." He and Jenny help Denise onto the couch, where Jenny gives her daughter a hug and cries, "Oh, my poor baby." Stephen snaps that the police should have been here by now. Jenny assures Denise that it's all over now; she's safe. Denise, though, shakes her head and, looking scared, cries, "No I'm not. I know who it was, mum. It was Wayne." Jenny and Stephen stare at her in shock.


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