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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

David snaps at Eric that he wasn't invited so he can get out. Eric, though, insists, "But I'm right." Turning to Charlie, he adds nastily, "Aren't I?" Sally looks at her mother and Charlie admits, "Well it's sort of true. I was going to tell you about it tonight." Sally asks her what she means by 'sort of' and Charlie explains, "I was arrested for stealing, but it--" Adam interrupts her and growls that she's never been short of money; she could always buy anything she wanted. Eric agrees, "Exactly - she used to spend it like it was going out of fashion. When we got married, I tried to put a stop to it - I gave her an allowance - but I never realised what an effect it would have." Charlie cries that it wasn't like that. Eric, though, goes on, "I'm sorry. I kept it to myself for as long as I could." David snaps at him that he's said his piece, so now he can buzz off. Eric retorts, "I'm going - but I'm take Adam and Sally with me. I'm sorry to break up the party, but I'm sure they'd rather not stay." Leigh chips in that that's up to them, doesn't he think? Charlie looks at her children. After a momentary pause, Adam walks over and stands next to this father. Charlie pleads, "Adam..." but Adam retorts, "In my job I see plenty of people get pinched for stealing. I can understand the ones who don't know any better or haven't got two cents to rub together, but the ones who do it for kicks...? It's no excuse." Charlie cries, "It wasn't for kicks." Eric then turns to his daughter and says, "Come on, Sally." Sally, though, retorts, "I'm staying." Eric tells her, "No you're not."David, however, growls, "She can if she wants to." Eric snaps at his daughter that she's being very silly, and he leads Adam out to the front door. Sally gives Charlie a hug.

In Melbourne, Samantha and Andy walk into a room in a motel and Samantha mutters that it was a wasted day. Andy points out that at least they found out that Donovan isn't running the cult from Geelong anymore. Samantha, lying down on her bed, asks where they look next. Andy suggests that maybe they should forget the whole thing, but Samantha retorts that she has to get that tape back. Andy says he can't see how she thinks she's going to do it: Donovan's not going to do her any favours. Samantha pauses and then says, "Mum put $20,000 away for me in a trust fund. Donovan's greedy. He'll sell." Andy, though, points out that the trouble with greedy people is that they want more and more; what if he wants $50,000? Samantha retorts that she'll just have to find it. She then pleads with him to shut up and go away if he can't be of any help. Andy sighs, "OK, OK. But there's no way I'm letting you handle things on your own. I'm afraid you're stuck with me." Samantha comments that they're not going to be able to do anything if they can't find Donovan. Andy suggests that they should sleep on it; there's nothing they can do until the morning. Samantha tells him that she's sorry for snapping, adding that it can't be easy for him, going back to the cult. Andy muses, "We're the lucky ones - we got away." Samantha, sitting up, thanks him for coming, adding that it's great of him, especially as they hardly know each other. Andy explains that Amanda was like a sister to him; he guesses that makes him and Samantha 'related' - he feels sort of 'responsible'. Samantha smiles, "Goodnight, Andy." Andy adds, "Don't worry - we'll think of something," and he heads out of the room, leaving Samantha looking thoughtful.

Leigh and Sally are clearing up in the kitchen at the country house. David comes in and Leigh asks if Charlie's OK. He replies that she's still upset. He then tells Sally that Charlie gave him her side of the story. Sally asks, "What is it?" and David replies, "It seems your father grew tired of Charlie - your mother - not long after they were married, and started seeing other women. He didn't put himself out to hide it, either. That's when she started shoplifting; she didn't know what she was doing and then she was caught and your father found out, of course, and then she realised it was a sort of subconscious thing, trying to get attention." Sally asks, "As soon as she realised, she stopped...?" David insists that she was only doing it because Eric made her look like a fool. He goes on that she was let off the charges and put on a good-behaviour bond, but it seems Eric wouldn't let her forget it and kept on saying that it broke up the marriage; he used that to get custody of her and Adam. Sally asks if her mother's friends wouldn't listen to her, but David explains that it happened there in Melbourne - she and Eric came down there because of Eric's job - and all of Charlie's friends are up in Sydney; that's why she went back there when she got the divorce. Leigh chips in and tells Sally that Charlie wouldn't have told anyone she'd been caught stealing; her social set are a snobby lot, but she guesses they were all she had left. At that moment, Charlie comes in and David says to her gently that he's told Sally. Leigh assures Charlie that nobody blames her. Charlie tells Sally, "Don't think you have to choose between your father and me. I know he's been good to you." Sally admits, "Yes, he has - but I'd like to be with you for a while, too." She then asks David if it's alright if she stays, and David smiles, "Sure." Sally says she'll go home and pack, and Leigh volunteers to come and help her. Looking at Charlie, Sally adds warmly, "I won't be long, mum." She and Leigh then head out, leaving Charlie with a smile on her face.

At the Tate house, Adam is sitting staring into space. Eric is with him and he offers him a drink, adding that it might cheer him up a bit. Adam just muses, "It's hard to credit a woman worth a fortune would want to steal." Eric replies that he supposes it's a way of getting her kicks - society women are always neurotic. Adam then tells his father that he was pretty cruel: barging in and shooting his mouth off like that was a bit much. Eric insists, "She was trying to weasel her way back into your affections. I don't want you and Sally upset again; she did enough of that when you were young." The front door suddenly opens and Sally and Leigh come in. Eric smiles, "Sal, I'm glad you've had enough--" Sally, though, interrupts and retorts, "I'm staying at the Palmers' for a few days." Looking taken aback, Eric exclaims, "What?" Sally points out curtly that she can't stop him. Eric retorts that he can at least try and make her see some reason. Sally, though, pleads, "Dad, I love you, but Charlie's my mother. What's wrong with me wanting to get to know her?" Eric tells her that Charlie will try and make out that he's the one she should steer clear of, but Sally asks, "Isn't that exactly what you're trying to do? You want Adam and me to hate her." Adam snaps at her to cut it out, but Sally retorts that he left too soon; he missed all the good parts of the story. Eric tells her that they don't want to hear about that, but Sally snaps, "I bet you don't, anyway." Turning to Adam, she adds, "Ask him how he used to treat our mother - and if he won't tell you, come and see me." With that, she leads Leigh off to her bedroom to pack.

Samantha is undressing in her motel room when there's a sudden knock on the door. She goes to answer it to find a menacing-looking middle-aged man standing there. He asks her if she's Samantha Morrell and Samantha says she is. The man, walking in, then continues, "The name's Neville Spencer. Mind if we have a chat?" Samantha retorts that she was about to go to bed. Ignoring this, Spencer tells her, "Lloyd Donovan wants to know why you want to see him." Samantha stares at him in surprise.

A few moments later, Samantha explains that she just wants to talk to Donovan, that's all - he's an old friend. Spencer comments that Donovan has never mentioned her - not that he takes much interest in ex-girlfriends these days. Samantha smiles, "I'm sure he'd want to see me." Spencer then asks her where her boyfriend is - the one she took to Geelong when she was asking questions. Samantha, though, quickly explains that Andy isn't her boyfriend; he just used to belong to the cult and knows the people down there; she asked him to come along. Spencer points out sharply, "You didn't answer the question." Samantha tells him, "He's on his way back to Sydney. You don't have to worry about him." She then asks, "Will you take me to see Lloyd?" Andy suddenly calls from the hallway, "Samantha?" Samantha quickly goes and leans against the door, but Andy pushes it open and asks what's up. He walks in and Spencer, glaring at Samantha, mutters, "Sydney, huh?" Andy asks Samantha who Spencer is. Spencer retorts, "Look, I'm here to give you both a friendly warning: you're heading for trouble. I don't know why you want to see Mr. Donovan, but drop it. Got the message?" With that, he walks out, and Samantha shuts the door. Andy immediately demands to know why she didn't yell for help. Samantha, though, retorts that she didn't need it. Andy growls at her that she's lucky to be in one piece, but Samantha snaps that Spencer was going to take her to Donovan. She adds angrily, "Then you turned up. Thanks for nothing."

The next morning, Charlie serves Sally with some breakfast in the kitchen at the country house. Sally asks her if she's not having any, but Charlie, sitting down, says she doesn't have much of an appetite. Sally asks her if she's still worrying about Adam, and Charlie explains that she hates the idea of her two children being at loggerheads because of her. Sally tells her that Adam can be pretty stubborn sometimes - like when he joined the police force: he and their dad had a real set-to over that. She then suggests that maybe she should have stayed and made him listen. Charlie, though, tells her that Adam will only believe what he wants to. Sally suggests that what they need is a copy of the court transcripts; they'll explain everything. Charlie points out that it was years ago; the records might not exist. Sally tells her, "One of my friends at uni's doing law. I'll ask her about it." At that moment, Leigh comes in, followed by David, who's carrying a suitcase. He announces that he's about to head off, and Charlie cries, "Oh, yes, of course, I nearly forgot." She then tells David to give her best to Fiona, adding that she hopes Fiona can help him. She goes on, "Best of luck finding Patricia. I hope you do, but, er..." David just suggests, "Fingers crossed." With that, he goes to head out, adding that he's going to call and say goodbye to Beryl: it must be pretty lonely for her these days with Brett working there at the farm. He then asks Charlie how she'd feel if he asked Beryl to come and stay at the farm for a while, and Charlie assures him that it's OK by her. David goes on that there's plenty of money in the joint cheque account if anything needs doing - around the farm, that is; he doesn't want to come back to find she's bought a dishwasher! With that, he heads out. Leigh follows him. Looking at the expression on Charlie's face, Sally tells her, "Come on, cheer up. You'll be alright when Adam comes to see you." Charlie muses, "If and when." Sally, though, assures her, "He will."

Just outside, Leigh tells David that she wishes he wasn't going. David points out that she'll have Charlie... Sally... Brett... and probably Beryl as well. Leigh cries that she'll be worried about him: he'll be alone in Rio. David tells her, "Pat will be there." Leigh asks, "What if she isn't?" but David insists that she will be. Leigh tells him that he could be wrong; she doesn't want to see him get hurt. David replies that he's got to find out one way or another. Leigh realises, "It means a lot to you, doesn't it?" and David nods. Leigh gives him a hug and he assures her, "I'll be back, and I'll find a way to bring Pat back, too." At that moment, Brett comes round the corner and tells them to break it up! He then notices the suitcase and comments that today's the big day, eh? David confirms, "Yep." He adds that he's given Leigh some instructions about the market garden to pass on to him, and Brett assures him that he'll look after everything. With that, David goes. Leigh, looking upset, sobs to Brett, "I might never see him again." Brett, though, places his hands on her shoulders and assures her, "Come off it. Of course you will - and I'll take care of you." Leigh stares at him and cries, "I suppose you think I'm silly?" Brett, though, tells her, "No. You're going to miss him - it's only natural. I bet he misses you too. I know I would if I was going away." Leigh manages to smile through her tears.

Samantha opens the door of her motel room and lets Andy in. She tells him that she's ordered them some breakfast and then, sitting down, asks him wearily if he dreamed up any bright ideas last night. Andy comments that he was hoping she'd have second thoughts, but Samantha retorts, "Hardly." She then picks up the Yellow Pages and Andy asks her what she's looking for. Samantha explains, "I am going to call every massage parlour in Melbourne. Maybe Donovan has started up his own business?" Andy tells her that it's hopeless, but Samantha asks him if he's chickening out because Spencer warned them off. Andy points out that the guy was serious; anything could happen. Samantha tells him sharply to buzz off back to Sydney, then. Andy, though, snaps that someone has to make her listen to sense. Samantha points out that they knew they'd have to take risks, and Andy realises, "You're not going to give up, are you?" He then suggests to her that she give it a rest for a bit and have a day off; she can come and see Dave Palmer - he told Charlie she would. Samantha sighs, "Alright - but we can't waste too much time."

Beryl is walking along the road in Albert Park, weighed down with shopping bags, when David pulls up in his car and asks her if she needs a lift. Beryl thanks him and walks over to the boot. David gets out of the car and comments that she's a long way from home. Beryl smiles that it's at times like this that she feels like buying a car. David opens the boot and Beryl, noticing the case packed in there, asks him if he's going somewhere. David explains, "I'm going to Sydney. Fiona's pulling a few strings to get me my passport. You know about the money from Rio?" Beryl replies, "Yes, but there's not a chance in a thousand of finding Patricia alive, David." David, though, insists, "If it was one in a million, I'd still go," and Beryl concedes that she supposes she would, too, in his position. She adds that she'll miss him. David replies, "I'll miss you, too - and Charlie and Leigh. I hope they're going to be alright out on that farm by themselves." Beryl points out that Brett's there. David, though, remarks that Charlie's as dizzy as a dingbat and Leigh's not all that reliable. Beryl offers to pop in on them from time-to-time, and David smiles that that would be great. He then adds brightly, "In fact, why don't you stay there for a while?" Beryl, looking wary, says she doesn't know about that, but David tells her that he'd feel a lot easier about going knowing she was there to keep an eye on things. Beryl admits that she wouldn't mind the company, and David thanks her. He adds that it'll save a packet on postage if he only needs to send one postcard!

In the kitchen at the country house, Sally is writing down an address on a piece of paper. She hands it to Leigh and explains that it's the address of the Court Reporting Centre and all the details they'll need to get a transcript of Charlie's case. Leigh smiles that she'll go into the city as soon as she can and then take it straight to Adam. Charlie comes in just as Sally starts packing up her books. She asks her daughter if she's off to uni and Sally smiles, "See you tonight." She then heads out. Brett comes in and sits down. Leigh tells Charlie that Beryl called and said she's coming to stay. Charlie tells Brett that that will mean he's staying there too, and Brett smiles, "That's fine by me." Leigh turns to Brett and asks him if he's still going to hire some movies tonight. Brett enthuses, "Yep, there's a great one I haven't seen, called Bloodsuckers." Her face dropping, Leigh asks if they can't get a happy movie; something with animals in it. Brett tells her that Bloodsuckers is full of animals: nice cuddly bats! Leigh cries, "Yuck!" Brett tells her that she can hide behind him if it gets too scary! There's suddenly a knock on the door and Andy and Samantha come in. Charlie, looking delighted to see them, exclaims, "Andy!" Andy starts introducing, "Charlie Bartlett, Leigh Palmer: Samantha Morrell." He then looks at Brett, who introduces himself. Charlie adds that he's Beryl Palmer's nephew. She then asks Andy what brings him back to Melbourne, and he quickly tells her that he's running a disco for a week or two, standing in for a mate; Samantha wanted a break so she came along for the ride. He asks if David is around, but Charlie explains that he left for Sydney this morning. Leigh asks them if they'd like morning tea. Samantha mutters, "Not really," but Andy says politely, "I will, thankyou," and he sits down. Charlie then asks them where they're staying and Andy explains that it's a motel in town. Charlie suggests that they could move into the farm, but Leigh points out that there isn't enough room with Brett and Beryl as well. Samantha chips in that she'd rather be close to town, but Brett tells her that she'll like the peace and quiet once she gets used to it. Looking annoyed, Leigh mutters to him, "I'm sure Samantha knows what she likes."

Fiona and Irene are in Fiona's flat at the boarding house. As they emerge from the kitchen with some tea things, Fiona comments that it's a shame about Mrs. Longhurst: she'd been there so long she was almost a fixture! Irene comments that she got a bit lonely at times - she'll be happy living with her daughter. Fiona points out, "At least it solves your hunt for a surgery." Irene asks her if she's sure she doesn't mind, as there'll be people tramping past her flat all day. Fiona, pouring the tea, just murmurs, "I don't mind." Irene stares at her and asks her if she's OK. Fiona sighs that she's at a bit of a loose end, lately: she has no aim. She goes on, "You setting up your practice... David whizzing off searching for Patricia... everybody's doing something with their life except me." Irene grunts that David is obsessed by Patricia. Fiona agrees that that may be, but she knows that he felt as if his life had stopped when she left; at least he's doing something about it. Irene suggests, "Perhaps it's time you did something, too?" Fiona sits there, looking thoughtful.

Eric opens the front door at the place Adam and Sally share to find Leigh standing there. She demands, "I want to talk to Adam." Eric retorts that he's not home, but Adam suddenly calls out, "Who is it, dad?" and Eric has to let her in. Looking surprised to see her, Adam asks her what she's doing there and she explains that Sally asked her to give him something. A look of horror crosses Eric's face as Leigh hands over some files to Adam and tells him that it's a copy of the transcript of Charlie's court. She adds that it makes very interesting reading... Eric snaps at his son to get rid of it. Leigh, though, continues, "It's an unbiased account of what happened." Eric cries, "Unbiased? She lied like hell to get out of going to prison." Leigh, ignoring this, tells Adam, "It'll only take an hour or so. You may as well read it. See if you think it's lies or not." Eric tells Adam curtly, "Throw it away, son." Adam stands there, looking at the two of them.

A while later, Adam is sitting with the files in front of him. Eric is standing looking sheepish as Adam says to him, "It's true, isn't it? You were having affairs?" Eric just continues to stand there as Adam points out, "Dad, one was even a witness." Eric sighs and admits that, alright, he was, but it was no big deal. Adam points out that Charlie obviously thought it was, as she started stealing to get his attention. Eric growls that Charlie hired the best solicitor in the business to get her off the hook; he blew everything out of proportion. Adam points out, "He didn't lie, though, did he?" Eric sighs, "You've no idea what it was like being married to Aggie." Adam accuses, "So you took us away and got a divorce?" Eric insists that it was for their own good. Adam just stares at him and then throws down the file and says, "I'm going to see her after work. At the very least, she deserves an apology."

Irene and Fiona are still sitting at Fiona's living room table. Fiona asks Irene if she's sure she won't stay for lunch, but Irene tells her that there's a lot needing doing now she knows where her surgery's going to be! Fiona asks her if she's sure she's going to have time to run the boarding house, but Irene points out that Roland will help. Fiona then thanks her for listening, adding that she really needed to talk to someone before she made up her mind. Irene tells her, "You're doing the right thing, I'm sure."

Samantha and Andy are back in Samantha's room at the motel. Andy is saying that he still thinks they should go and stay at David's place, but Samantha retorts that she doesn't: Leigh's a pain, for a start. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Samantha goes and answers it. A male voice comes on and says bluntly, "It's me. Neville. If your boyfriend's there, don't let on who's calling." Samantha quickly replies airily, "Sorry, dad. What was that?" Spencer goes on, "If you still want to see Donovan, be in Farlow Motel in five minutes. Make sure you're alone." Samantha says cheerily, "Yeah, fine. Look, dad, it's a pretty bad line. Why don't I ring you back tonight, alright?" With that, she hangs up and tells Andy that she could hardly hear him. She then adds that she's got a splitting headache. Andy offers to go down to reception and get her a tablet, but Samantha replies that it's alright: she'll go - and the fresh air might help. She heads off, leaving Andy in her room.

David has arrived at the boarding house and he's standing in Fiona's flat. He's telling her, "No way, Fiona." Fiona points out that he can't really stop her: she is over 21 and she's always had a burning desire to see Rio! David, sitting down, tells her that it's not going to be easy trying to find Pat, but Fiona comments that that's all the more reason he needs help. David tells her that it's not on: he's going to leave as soon as he gets a passport. Fiona smiles, "Good, good, I've already got mine. We can buy our tickets together!" David realises reluctantly, "You're serious, aren't you?" Fiona agrees, "Very." David sighs, "As long as you know what you're letting yourself in for." Fiona assures him, "I don't mind roughing it - if we have to. In fact, I'm quite looking forward to it!"

Andy is standing in Samantha's room, looking annoyed that she hasn't come back. He heads out into the corridor where a cleaner is standing with a trolley of fresh linen. He tells her that he's a friend of the girl who's staying there, and the cleaner asks, "What about her?" Andy explains that he was wondering if the cleaner had seen her. The cleaner replies, "She was standing out front a minute ago. Is there anything wrong?" Andy muses, "No, I hope not..."

A car pulls up into the driveway of an expensive-looking house. Neville Spencer is driving and Samantha is sitting in the passenger seat. Spencer presses a button on a gadget in his hand and a set of gates in front of the car swing open. A young man appears and indicates to them to come through. Spencer says to Samantha, "It's been quite a while since you last saw him, hasn't it?" Samantha confirms, "Yes." Spencer goes on, "Well, then you'd better brace yourself for a little shock. He's nothing like the man you remember." Samantha looks puzzled as they head up the driveway, approaching a man sitting nearby...


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