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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Leigh asks Charlie if she wants to see him. Looking concerned, Charlie murmurs that she supposes she'll have to. Leigh comments, "He really frightens you, doesn't he?" Charlie replies quietly that she went through a bad time when they were married; she doesn't like to remember it, but she doesn't suppose she can avoid it now. Leigh, taking Shane with her, goes to let Eric in. After a few seconds, a middle-aged man comes into the kitchen and says to Charlie, "Hello, Aggie. I thought I was going to be left waiting at the front door." Charlie suggests that they go into the lounge room, but Eric assures her, "Kitchen's fine. Wasn't often I saw you there." Charlie growls, "You know I don't like to be called Aggie." Eric points out, "It's your name: Agatha Charlotte." Charlie, though, retorts, "My friends call me Charlie." Eric tells her, "I'll call you Aggie." Charlie snaps at him that he hasn't changed much. Eric retorts, "Neither have you. Showing your age a bit, but that's all." Charlie, a frown on her face, asks him if that's why he came there: to insult her? Eric growls, "I came here to tell you to keep away from my kids." Charlie retorts, "They're as much mine as they are yours," but Eric snaps, "Like hell they are. I brought them up. You deserted them." Charlie snaps that that's not true. Eric goes on, "I am sure you've managed to find justification through the years, but the fact remains that you walked out on them. Don't think that you can walk back into their lives again." Leigh suddenly comes into the room, but Eric growls, "Do you mind? We're talking." Leigh asks Charlie if she'd like her to stay, but Charlie tells her that it's probably best if she doesn't, and so Leigh heads out through the back door. Eric picks up a bread roll from the kitchen table and starts eating it. Charlie glares at him and snaps, "Just in the hell do you think you are?"

Sally is watching TV at the Tate house when the front door opens and Adam comes in. She tells him that it's about time - the spaghetti is getting all soggy. Adam replies that he's sorry - he went to see their dad and Pamela. Sally glares at him and asks, "Did you tell dad about Charlie?" Adam nods that of course he did. Sally asks in frustration whether he didn't think it would have been better to keep quiet about for a while, but Adam insists that their dad had a right to know. Sally asks how he took it, and Adam replies that he hit the roof. Sally cries that that's why it would have been better not to mention it; what's the point of stirring up arguments? Adam insists that their dad won't interfere: he just thinks Charlie has got a damn gall trying to get back into their good books after all these years. Sally growls, "Got to you, hasn't he? I thought you'd at least give her a chance." Adam asks, "To do what?" and Sally replies, "To get to know us. And to let us get to know her." Adam insists that he already knows her: the most important thing in her life is the next party and what she's going to wear to it; she spends a fortune on clothes and make-up-- Sally interrupts him and points out curtly, "Now you're condemning her for doing what you're always complaining I don't. You're always saying I don't care enough about how I look, but you're pretty quick to put Charlie down because she does. It's a bit hard to win with you, Adam." Adam concedes that he guesses talking to their dad did make him a bit tough on her, but he adds that he reckons their dad went through a pretty rough time when they were married.

In the kitchen at the country house, Charlie snaps at Eric that he's being as utterly unreasonable as he always was; it's pointless trying to talk to him. Eric retorts, "Nothing you ever said had very much point to it, Aggie." He then asks her what she's doing in a place like the farm, adding that it's hardly her style: "Don't say you've fallen on hard times?" Charlie cries, "I've got more money than I ever had, thanks to wise business investments. I want to get to know my children, that's all." Eric retorts, "Well they don't want to know you." Charlie snaps, "Only because you spent years turning them against me." Eric, though, snaps back, "I didn't need to. Once they discovered you dumped them, they decided you weren't worth knowing." Charlie cries, "I didn't dump them. You forced me to leave." Eric goes on, "You ignored them for years, and if you hadn't bumped into Adam, you'd still be ignoring them. It's a novelty now, isn't it? See how the kids have turned out and then trot off again as soon as it suits you." Leigh is standing just outside the kitchen door and listens as Charlie cries, "That's not fair. I left because I had to." David suddenly rocks up outside and asks Leigh what's going on. Leigh explains that Charlie's ex-husband turned up and he's giving her a rough time. David immediately heads inside and, glaring at Eric Tate, demands of him, "What do you think you're doing, mate?" Eric glares at him and asks Charlie who he is. David explains, "I own the place." Eric snaps at Charlie, "Oh, so he's the reason you're living here, is he? Do anything to hang on to a man, won't you, Aggie?" Charlie starts to protest that David's not-- David interrupts, though, and asks Eric threateningly if he wants a fat lip. Leigh suggests to him curtly that he'd better go. Eric concedes, "Yes, alright." Turning back to Charlie, he adds, "But you stay away from Adam and Sally or I'll tell them the truth about you - all of it. And I'm sure you don't want that." Charlie stands there, looking horrified, as David escorts Eric to the front door. Leigh asks Charlie what Eric meant, but Charlie replies hesitantly, "I don't know. I've no idea what he's talking about..."

A few moments later, Charlie is sitting down at the kitchen table when David comes back in and tells her that Eric has gone. He then asks what the guy was on about, but Charlie quickly explains that it was a bluff; he was just trying to frighten her. She adds that maybe she shouldn't have Adam and Sally round tonight. Leigh, though, points out she was really looking forward to it - and if Eric was only bluffing, why let him stop her? Charlie cries that she doesn't want to cause any more trouble. She then announces that she's got an awful headache, and she heads off to lie down for a while. Leigh looks at David and comments, "I didn't think she'd give in so easily." David agrees that the mongrel must have really put the wind up her. Changing the subject, Leigh tells him, "I was getting a bit worried about you. You're awfully late." David, sitting down, explains that he stopped off and had a few beers with the guys from the truck depot. He adds that he's had a hell of a day: he's got a sore throat, he spent hours at the passport office and when he finally got to the front of the queue they said he needed this and he needed that; it's going to take weeks. He adds that they reckon he needs a birth certificate, of all things, and he doesn't know where the hell that is. Leigh smiles that she's pleased he's not rushing off at the drop of a hat; he'll just have to wait. David, though, retorts, "I'm not going to wait. There must be something I can do to speed things up. I've got to find Pat - as soon as I can." Leigh looks worried.

At Woombai, Colin, Denise, Jenny, Stephen, Caroline and Wayne are all sitting round the living room table. Caroline is telling Jenny about a book she's read, and she offers to lend it to her. Stephen muses that he wishes he had time to read, but there's so much damn work these days. Colin chips in, "Wayne is supposed to be giving you a hand, isn't he?" Wayne glares at him and growls, "I'll help out whenever I can. Stephen knows that." Caroline stands up and announces that she'd better be making tracks. Colin tells her eagerly that he'll come with her and he can bring that book back for his mum. Stephen tells Caroline that the landscape architect who's designing the development project is coming tomorrow, and he asks her if she'd like to meet him. Caroline smiles that she'd love to. Stephen tells her that he'll give her a call when he arrives, and Caroline and Colin head off. Stephen yawns, and Jenny points out that it's been a big day; he should get some shut-eye. With that, she heads out to the kitchen. Stephen notices that Denise and Wayne are left alone, and he asks Denise, "What about you?" Denise, staring at Wayne, replies that she thinks she'll stay up for a while. Wayne, though, stands up and announces that he's off, and he goes. Denise, looking disappointed, stands up and mutters that she supposes she may as well go too, if everyone else is. She goes to follow Wayne out, but Stephen murmurs, "Denise..." She stops in her tracks and Stephen warns her to steer clear of Wayne, adding that they don't want a repeat of this afternoon's performance. Denise snaps, "Look, I'm not a kid. I can take care of myself." She storms out. Stephen sighs heavily and goes and joins Jenny in the kitchen. She comments to him that she thought he was going to bed, but Stephen tells her that he'll help her first. Jenny remarks that Colin and Wayne seem to have taken a dislike to each other. Stephen replies carefully, "There was a bit of trouble today: when Wayne was drunk, he made a pretty heavy pass at Denise." Jenny asks what happened, and Stephen explains, "Colin went charging to the rescue and I had to break up a fight." Jenny asks him why he didn't tell her, and Stephen replies that he didn't want to spoil the party - and he's not entirely convinced it's Wayne's fault... Jenny sighs that she'll have to have a talk to Denise - after all the trouble with Colin, she doesn't want Denise being silly. Stephen warns her to be careful, as he just had a word with Denise himself and she didn't take it too well. Jenny asks him if he's sure he knows what he's doing, marrying into a ready-made family. Stephen smiles, puts his arms around her and assures her, "I'm prepared to take the risk."

Caroline and Colin approach the door to Caroline 's room at the guest house. As they do so, Caroline says she thinks she'll stay on for a few days; it would be nice to relax for a while. Colin asks her if she knows the area very well, but Caroline replies that, when she was there before, she didn't have much time for sightseeing. Colin suggests that maybe he could show her around, and Caroline smiles that that would be lovely. Colin tells her that he'll be free at about 4pm-ish tomorrow. Caroline opens the door to her room, and they head inside. As they do so, Caroline smiles, "I hope your girlfriend knows what a chivalrous young man she's got!" Colin, though, suddenly looking nervous, tells her, "I, er, haven't got a girlfriend." Caroline comments that she thought there'd be lots of nice girls in the area, but Colin explains that he's been at uni, in Sydney. Caroline asks, "No nice girls round there?" Colin, though, suddenly snaps, "I told you: I don't have a girlfriend. Alright?" Caroline stares at him and assures him gently that she didn't mean to pry. Colin explains sadly and more calmly that he's just had a few problems lately, that's all. Caroline hands him the book for Jenny and he turns to go. He then turns back and apologises for snapping. Caroline puts her hand on his arm, but he pulls it away quickly, explaining that he guesses he's a little nervous. Caroline asks, "Of me?" Colin tells her, "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." With that, he runs off, leaving Caroline looking surprised.

It's late at night, and Wayne walks into the kitchen at the homestead. Denise suddenly appears behind him, dressed in a lightweight nightdress, and comments, "I thought I heard you go past my door. I was hoping you were going to come in." Wayne explains that he was feeling a bit seedy; he thought he'd take a couple of aspirin. Denise asks him if he's running a temperature, and she places her palm on his forehead. Wayne, though, suggests to her that she get back to bed, adding that the last thing he needs is for Jenny or Stephen to catch him with her dressed like she is. Denise teases, "Does it worry you? I don't have to be dressed like this..." Wayne mutters, "Go and cuddle your teddybear." Denise, though, tells him, "I'd rather cuddle you..." and she starts kissing him, passionately...

A few moments later, Denise pulls away and smiles, "Now I'll go back to bed and cuddle my teddybear!" Wayne stares at her in surprise and mutters, "Women!" She goes as Colin comes in and demands, "What's going on?" Wayne growls, "Nothing. Why?" Colin snaps that he just saw Denise going into her room. Wayne laughs sarcastically, "Oh, wow! What could it mean? Maybe she's going to bed?!" He then announces that he's going out for a while, he heads off. Colin sighs heavily.

The next morning, Denise, Jenny and Colin are having breakfast, and Jenny is saying that she's sure she heard somebody moving about at about 3am this morning. Colin explains that it was probably Wayne coming home - he was going out when he got back from Caroline's. Jenny muses that she wonders what he was wandering around the house at that time of morning for, and Denise comments slyly, "Must have had something on his mind..." Jenny, standing up, changes the subject and says she has go over to the farm today and see if Joe's managing alright. Colin chips in that he was going to give him a hand today, and Jenny asks him if he feels alright about that now. Colin nods, "Yeah. I've got go back sometime. It's home, after all." Stephen comes into the room and laughs incredulously that they're still having breakfast! He then asks where Wayne is, and Jenny replies that he's still in bed. Stephen mutters that he'll have to get up soon, as the architect will be there. Jenny asks him if he's told Caroline, and Stephen nods, "Yeah." Changing the subject, he then asks Jenny if she heard about last night. Jenny looks at him and he tells her, "Valerie Dawson was attacked and raped." Jenny cries, "Oh no... she's only a kid." Stephen confirms, "Sixteen. She went to some dance in town, and apparently, the boy who took her dropped her off in front of the farm and drove off. She was attacked before she even got through the gates. He must have been lying in wait. Jenny exclaims that that's dreadful. She asks if the girl knows who it was, but Stephen explains that it was dark and she was in shock; she didn't even get a good look at him. Denise comments sadly that Valerie is a really nice girl, and Colin adds that he hopes they get the mongrel. Stephen, changing the subject again, says he'd better get some sandwiches, but Jenny quickly tells him that Denise can get them for him. Denise reluctantly gets up and heads into the kitchen. Jenny follows her and, in the kitchen, Denise asks her if she should go across and see Valerie. Jenny, though, suggests that she leave it for a couple of days; she doesn't think Valerie would feel like seeing anyone at the moment. She then asks, "Now do you see why I was so worried about you hitching?" Denise insists that she can look after herself, but Jenny tells her not to be stupid, adding that it's about time she started to be a bit careful. Denise sighs, "Alright." Jenny then goes on, "Stephen told me about you and Wayne." Denise cries, "Look, mum, there was nothing in it. I was flirting with him and I didn't know he was so drunk." Jenny tells her that she shouldn't have been flirting with him; for one thing, he's far too old for her. Denise points out, "Only about as much older as dad was than you," but Jenny retorts that that's different. Denise sighs that it always is. Jenny goes on that, secondly, Wayne is on the rebound from a broken engagement. Denise asks why she shouldn't try to cheer him up, then, and Jenny tells her that she'll be the one who ends up getting hurt. She warns, "Treat him pleasantly and don't lead him on." Denise smiles, "But he's cute - and he likes me. I can tell." Jenny snaps, "Now listen here, my girl. I know I told you you could stay here for a few days until Stephen and I got all this sorted out, but if there's any more talk like that, you will go back to school tomorrow and you will stay there for the whole of the school holidays." Denise glares at her and then returns to making Stephen's sandwiches.

Colin is heading outside, but as he closes the front door, he looks worried as he spots Caroline approaches him. She says a cheery, "Good morning." He quickly tells her that Stephen is inside, and Caroline smiles, "Good," adding, "I'm looking forward to our sightseeing tour this afternoon." Colin tells her nervously that he didn't think she'd still want to go after the stupid remark he made last night, but Caroline assures him that she was very flattered. Colin then says nervously that he'd better get across to the farm, and he heads off. Caroline heads inside.

David is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, saying, "I am sure she's alive, Fiona." At the other end, in her flat at the boarding house, Fiona tells him that it seems to her that he's jumping to a lot of conclusions; even if the money did come from Patricia, she could have arranged it before she died. David retorts, "You can talk 'til you're blue in the face, but I'm going to South America sooner or later. The only problem is all the red tape with the passport. You've got contacts. You must know someone that could speed things up?" Fiona concedes, "Maybe." David goes on that he doesn't want to do anything illegal; he just wants to... skip the queue a bit. Fiona smiles, "Alright, I'll see what I can do." David asks her how long she thinks it'll take, and Fiona asks him if he's found his birth certificate yet. David replies that he got a copy this afternoon, and so Fiona tells him that it'll probably take just a couple of days. With that, David says he'll see her tomorrow and he hangs up. He then turns to Leigh - who's wiping up some dishes - and tells her, "I knew she'd be able to help." Leigh asks mutedly, "You're going to Sydney tomorrow?" David replies, "Yep. Then to Rio, I hope." Charlie suddenly calls from outside, "Open the door, darling," and Leigh goes and lets her in. Charlie staggers in, loaded down with bags of groceries, which she places on the table. Leigh, looking surprised, asks what they're all for, and Charlie explains, "I am going to cook the most marvellous dinner. I'm going to show Adam and Sally that their mother is une chef de la haute cuisine." Leigh comments that she thought Charlie was going to tell Adam and Sally that it was all off, but Charlie explains that she changed her mind: she decided she's not going to let Eric browbeat her any longer; they're going to have dinner and then she's going to tell Adam and Sally the truth herself. She adds that she doesn't know how they'll react, but she's going to tell them anyway - then they can decide for themselves if they want to know her.

That evening, a table has been laid out decoratively in the living room, and Leigh tells Charlie that it looks lovely. David comes in from the hallway and, looking surprised, asks if he's supposed to get dressed up. Charlie smiles that smart casual would be nice! She then asks how Brett's working out, and David replies that he's fine - he seems a good worker. Charlie tells him, "I'm glad you didn't mind me taking him on without talking to you first," but David points out, "While I'm away, you've got to make a lot of decisions off your own bat." There's suddenly a knock at the back door and Leigh goes to get it. A few seconds later, she, Adam and Sally come into the room and Sally tells Charlie that she's looking good. Charlie smiles, "Thankyou." Adam is holding a bottle of wine, and he tells Charlie that he's not sure if it's going to go with the meal or not. Charlie smiles, "It'll be fine. Open it now and let it breathe." Leigh leads him off back to the kitchen to get the corkscrew. Alone with Charlie, Sally asks if she can do anything, but Charlie explains that it's all done. She then tells Sally that she was frightened she might change her mind about coming. Sally assures her, "No chance - not with me, anyway. Adam did think twice when dad got cross about it." Charlie, looking horrified, asks why Adam had to mention it to him, adding that she wishes he hadn't. Sally replies that so does she - their dad got really uptight about it, but she thinks that's silly; why shouldn't they get to know her? Charlie replies hesitantly, "Exactly." She then adds, "There's something I've got to discuss with you both, later. But first we're going to have a wonderful meal!"

Caroline opens the door to her room at the guest house and she and Colin head inside, their tour of the area over. Caroline says to Colin that she just has to get freshened up before going down to dinner. She then asks him if he'd like to eat with her, and he replies that he'd love to, but his mum's expecting him back. He closes the door and Caroline thanks him for a lovely afternoon, adding that she had no idea there were so many beautiful spots in Woombai. Colin tells her that there are still a few places he hasn't taken her yet. Caroline recalls that she heard some of the other guests say that there's a fantastic view from Harper's lookout. Colin's face suddenly drops and Caroline asks if there's something the matter. Colin explains nervously that he's not really keen on going there; he had a bit of an accident - it was his own fault; he-- He breaks off before explaining, "To tell you the truth, I was going to jump off." Caroline, looking surprised by sympathetic, asks why. She then adds that he doesn't have to tell her. Colin just replies that it's not too bad now. Caroline muses, "It isn't always easy, is it? I remember what it was like at your age: I was hopelessly shy; a real mouse." Colin comments that he can't believe it, but Caroline insists that she was: she thought nobody liked her, so she was so scared to open her mouth. She adds, "I was so grateful when Stephen fell in love with me... and so terribly hurt when he got involved with other women." She continues, "It took a long time, but then finally I learnt to stand on my own two feet. That's when life became really enjoyable." Colin stares into her eyes as she tells him, "If you ever want to talk about anything, I'd be glad to listen."

Jenny and Denise are laying the table at the homestead as Stephen holds a set of plans in his hands and talks to Wayne about them. Wayne, though, is clearly miles away, and as Stephen realises, he asks him impatiently if he can't concentrate. Wayne mutters that he's a bit tired, and Stephen retorts that he's not surprised, with him staying up half the night. Jenny calls to Stephen to come and calve the roast. Stephen hands the plans to Wayne and asks him to at least try and form an opinion. He then heads to the kitchen with Jenny. Denise finds herself alone with Wayne and she wanders over to him and comments that she's hardly seen him all day. Wayne mutters that he didn't think it would worry her, but Denise tells him that she got the impression he was rather interested last night; he must have been upset to have gone rushing out like that. She asks him where he went, but Wayne snaps, "It's none of your damn business. Call me when dinner's ready," and he storms out, leaving Denise looking annoyed.

Charlie and Leigh head into the kitchen at the country house, carrying some empty plates, and Charlie smiles at Leigh that it's going marvellously, doesn't she think? Leigh agrees that she certainly does - everyone's relaxed. Adam and Sally come in with some more dishes and Sally tells her mother that she's a great cook. Adam adds that they should teach Sally how to cook like that! The back door suddenly bursts opens and Eric walks in. Charlie's face drops and she demands, "What are you doing here?" Eric retorts nastily, "I thought you must have neglected to invite me. After all, I am one of the family, aren't I?" He then turns to Sally and Adam and comments sourly that dinner's going well, he sees? Sally retorts, "It was..." and Eric sighs sarcastically that that's a charming welcome. David comes in from the hallway, but stops in his tracks as he finds Eric standing there. Eric tells the gathering, "I won't stay. I just popped in because I thought it would be a good time to let Sally and Adam know a few facts about their mother." Charlie, looking worried, pleads, "Eric, don't." Eric, though, goes on, "I'm sure there are one or two things she's neglected to tell you. For example, she's a common thief with a police record." Charlie stares at him, looking upset.


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