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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Inside, Denise is pouring herself a drink as Wayne sits staring at her. He warns her that she'll on her ear if she's not careful, but Denise retorts that she's used to it. Wayne comments that he doesn't suppose Jenny knows that, but Denise mutters t that she doesn't care if she knows or not. Wayne muses, "That's why you're drinking gin and tonic and carrying a mineral water bottle around?" He then adds, "Used to do the same thing, at your age." Denise insists, "All the girls at school drink; it's no big deal." Wayne tells her that he used to say that, too; he was still worried about his dad finding out, though! Stephen and Jenny suddenly walk in, followed by Caroline. Stephen asks Wayne and Denise if they can have the room to themselves, adding that they have a few things to talk about. Looking at Caroline, Wayne laughs, "I bet you have! Top marks for turning up, Caroline - real bad taste!" He then says to Denise, "Come on, kid. Don't forget your 'mineral water'." He heads out. As Denise goes to follow, Jenny introduces her to Caroline and the two of them shake hands. Denise then leaves. Caroline sits down and says to Stephen and Jenny that she knows a lot of people think that accepting their invitation was bad taste, but she didn't mean it to be. Jenny tells her that they just wanted today to be as happy as possible. Caroline looks at Stephen and asks him to open the present she brought. As he does so, she tells him that she thinks it'll show him the way she feels. Stephen opens it and a look of surprise crosses his face. Caroline tells Jenny, "It's a family heirloom. Stephen gave it to me the day he proposed and I thought you should have it." Jenny exclaims that it's beautiful. It's a necklace, and Stephen places it around Jenny's neck. Jenny smiles at Caroline gratefully. Caroline then stands up and says she's really sorry for the things she's done. She gives Stephen a hug and tells him, "Be happy, Stephen." Stephen smiles, "You too."

Barbara is walking along in the grounds outside. Gordon is with her and he asks her what he has to do to get her to smile, adding that there are so many miserable faces there today! Barbara asks him if he's saying she's a misery guts, and Gordon agrees, "Uh huh!" Barbara replies that it's his fault in the first place: not enough TLC! They stop walking, and Gordon, taking Barbara's arm, kisses it three times, saying between kisses, "Tender... loving... care..." He then gives Barbara a warm hug and she bursts out laughing! Wayne, who's sitting on a garden chair nearby, suddenly mutters at them, "Talk about a second childhood." He's holding a bottle of scotch, some of which he's pouring into a glass, and Barbara comments to Gordon, "I see what you mean about miserable faces." Wayne asks his father what he's trying to be: a one-man happy squad? Gordon retorts that someone has to, what with him and Caroline turning up. Wayne takes a deep gulp of his drink and Gordon asks him if it isn't time he started to get over Julie. Wayne, though, slurs, "You don't know the half of it." Barbara warns him that Gordon isn't interested in his troubles - at least, not today. With that, she leads Gordon back to the party. As he goes, Gordon calls to his son, "Cheer up, eh? Things will get better." Wayne, pouring himself another drink, mutters, "Easy enough to say..."

At the country house, there's a box of young chicks on the kitchen table. Leigh is picking one of them up and she comments happily that they're all cute! Brett, Beryl and Charlie are with her, and Brett, who's also holding one, tells it, "You'd better end up a good layer, kiddo, or you'll end up in the oven!" Leigh takes the chick from him in shock, but Brett points out that it's a fact of life on a farm: the chicks that don't lay get the chop. Charlie points out that they have a market garden - the chickens there live to be a ripe old age. Brett smiles that she's a softy! Charlie, though, tells him that Leigh is ten times worse: she's got names for every one of them! With that, Leigh places a chick back in the box, saying to it as she does so, "There you are. Your name's 'Posie'. You're safe now!" Brett laughs that he'd call it 'Bill' or 'Bob' or something - unless she wants to give the poor thing hang-ups: it's a boy! Leigh asks him how you can tell, and Brett explains that his dad taught him to sex chickens back home on the farm! He adds that the day it lets out its first cock-a-doodle-doo, he expects an apology! Leigh looks at the chick and tells it, "Alright, your name's 'Brett'!" Charlie comments to Brett, "You're the first real-life chicken sexer I've ever met. What a bizarre way to earn a living!" Brett explains that his dad taught him everything to know about the farm. Charlie, looking impressed, asks him how he'd like to work there at David's. She adds by way of explanation that David's popping off overseas for a while, and they'll need someone. Leigh exclaims that that's a great idea. Brett says he doesn't know... Beryl chips in to tell him not to feel obliged to say yes, but Brett assures her that he doesn't. He adds that he came down there to make enough money to put himself through Vet School, and one job's just as good as another... so she's got a deal! Charlie exclaims that that's wonderful! Brett asks Leigh if she reckons she can cope with him round the place. She smiles, "I reckon I can manage!"

Adam arrives home at the place he shares with Sally, who's sitting working at the table. He's wearing his police uniform. Sally comments that he looks like he's just been asked to jump out of the cake at the next policemen's ball! He goes and gets a drink and sits down. Sally then tells him she's been reading about quarks: the smallest particles in the universe. She goes on that it's incredible that everyone is made up of them: millions of tiny particles. Adam, sounding disinterested, asks, "So?" Sally tells him that it's a pretty amazing universe, that's all - it makes you realise how unimportant your problems are. Adam, realising what she's implying, snaps that he doesn't want to talk about it. Sally retorts, "She's our mother," but Adam tells her to give it a rest, and she reluctantly returns to her work.

Wayne is sitting with his head in his hands in the grounds at Woombai. Denise makes her way over to him and tells him brightly that she's been looking for him. Wayne groans, "Why?" and Denise points out flirtatiously that they were just getting to know each other inside... Wayne stands up and, looking the worse for wear, slurs, "Did I ask how old you are?" Denise nods, "Uh huh," and Wayne asks her what she said. Denise replies teasingly, "That I was old enough to drink gin..." With that, Wayne pulls her towards him and they start kissing passionately...

A short time later, Wayne and Denise are lying on the ground, still kissing, Wayne holding Denise tightly. As he places his hand on her thigh, she suddenly cries out to him to stop it. He carries on, though, and Denise shouts, "Would you stop?" Wayne, still not letting go, asks what's wrong, and Denise cries that she's changed her mind. Wayne growls angrily, "Great. I might have known it was all a bluff at your age." Denise snaps that maybe if he wasn't so drunk it would be different, but she hates kissing someone who's drunk. Wayne slurs that she'd enjoy it if she just relaxed; it's no big deal. He's still holding her, but Denise starts struggling and cries that she said she doesn't want to. Wayne growls, "Look, you started it. Let's finish it, eh?" Denise cries in panic, "Stop mauling me, would you?" Wayne, though, slurs, "I'm sick of women giving me the run-around. Come here." A male voice suddenly shouts, "Let her go." It's Colin. As Wayne is distracted, Denise stands up and, running over to her brother, cries to her him that she was just talking to Wayne and he suddenly started grabbing at her. Colin, though, snaps, "It's me, Denise, not Jenny. I can guess what happened." He then suggests to Wayne that he go back to the party. Wayne growls, "It's none of your business." Colin, though, retorts, "If my sister's stupid enough to lead some drunk on, somebody has to protect her. Looks like it's me." Wayne glares at him.

Elsewhere in the grounds, Caroline and Stephen are walking along slowly by the tables with the drink on them. Caroline is saying that she supposes she can understand why Samantha wanted to get to Melbourne, but surely she must have realised how much he wanted her there? Stephen muses that that's Samantha: more impulsive than sentimental. They suddenly hear Wayne, in the distance, shouting, "Your sister gave me the come-on, so leave it to her and me to sort out. You hang around much longer and I'll flatten you." They then hear Colin shouting back, "You're drunk. I'm not much of a fighter, but I know who's going to come off the worst if you push it." Stephen, following the noise, storms over to them and snaps that that's enough. Colin, Wayne and Denise look at him, and he goes on that he's not having the day spoiled by them fighting. He tells Colin to go inside and calm down and he tells Denise to come with him and Caroline. He adds that Wayne can stay where he is, with his bottle. He adds angrily, "And if any of you does anything to spoil this day for Jenny, I'll take you apart myself." He then tells Colin to get moving, and Colin walks off. Stephen stares at Wayne and growls, "Look at you. Smarten up, Wayne, or I'll throw you off the property myself. You're at a civilised party, not a booze-up." Stephen suddenly notices a glass on the ground by Denise's feet, and he picks it up and smells it. He tells her, "And I'd stay off the gin if I were you, Denise. You're too young to handle it." He glares again at Wayne and adds, "In fact, you're too young to handle a lot of things." He leads Denise back to the house, leaving Caroline to gloat at Wayne, "Sixteen year old girls? You're pathetic..." She walks off.

Beryl is wiping up some dishes in the kitchen at the country house when Charlie comes in from the hallway with baby Shane and gets some juice out of the 'fridge for him. She then asks Beryl where Leigh is, and Beryl replies that she's just coming back from the hen-house. Charlie looks out of the window and comments that that sweet dog from next door is out there. She adds that it looks like Leigh's giving Brett introductions to all the animals in the neighbourhood! She then continues that it looks like they've taken quite a shine to each other, and Beryl muses that that's what worries her. Looking surprised, Charlie asks what's for, adding that Patch is a lovely dog... Beryl starts to say that she didn't mean that, but at that moment, Brett and Leigh come in, chatting happily about dogs. Charlie hands Shane over to Leigh, and Brett laughs, "Little chickens... now babies? What have you got here: a nursery?" Charlie explains that he's Leigh's actually. Leigh takes him and tells Brett, "I'm a single mother." Brett, his face dropping slightly, muses, "You never can tell, can you?" He adds that she's pretty young, but Leigh points out that there are a lot of single mothers who are younger than her. Brett quickly assures her, "Oh, sure, I know that. Sarah Foster back home - she was only 14." He adds that he can really admire girls like Leigh and her - it would be so easy to give your kid away. Leigh looks at him and he then asks if he can feed Shane, adding that he loves babies. Leigh hands her son over, happily.

Sally is still working at the living room table at her and Adam's place. Adam comes into the room and joins her. He's wearing a tracksuit and announces that he won't be long. Sally tells him to take his keys as she might not be there when he gets back; there's someone she's got to see. Adam asks teasingly what his name is, but Sally retorts sadly, "With this face?" Adam sighs that he wishes she wouldn't put herself down all the time. With that, he heads out. Once the door is shut, Sally gets up and heads over to his police uniform, which is lying on the couch. She takes his notebook out of his jacket and starts looking through it until she finds what she wants...

Beryl and Brett are back at Beryl's, and Brett is laughing that it's not bad for one day's work: he only rocked into the city last night and he's already got a job, a load of new friends and a chicken named after him! He adds that he reckons he might write to his family and tell them all about it - although he'll skip last night; his mum thinks Melbourne is sin city as it is! He goes on happily that he'd say things are going to work out OK: he's even got a cute-looking girl to work with, too; he likes Leigh; she's nice. Beryl, looking worried, says hesitantly, "Brett... about Leigh: be careful. There is a side to her..." She breaks off before saying, "Well, just be careful. I think that's all that needs to be said." She heads into the kitchen, leaving Brett looking surprised.

Charlie is feeding Shane in the kitchen at the country house. She takes a sip of his food herself, and exclaims that it's absolutely hideous! She goes to the 'fridge to look for something more interesting and tells Shane that there's a nice Grand Marnier pâté in there! Outside, Sally is approaching the back door. It's open, and she knocks. Inside, Charlie turns to see who's there and, looking shocked, exclaims, "Sally!" Sally replies, "Hello, mother."

A few moments later, Sally is sitting in the area just outside the kitchen, while inside, Charlie is telling David and Leigh that if anyone 'phones, they're to tell them that she'll call back; they don't want to be disturbed. She then joins Sally outside, with a tray of coffee things, and tells her that she owns a fashion house down there; the Lisa Cook label. She adds that perhaps Sally knows it? Sally, though, looking embarrassed and placing her hand on the slightly dowdy top she's wearing, murmurs, "Hardly." Charlie then asks her how she has her coffee. Before Sally can answer, she adds, "Oh, isn't that awful, having to ask your daughter how she takes her coffee...?" Looking serious, she tells Sally, "It's very important, that's all." Sally assures her that it's important to both of them; they're in the same boat. Charlie pours the coffee.

Stephen is pouring glasses of champagne for himself, Jenny, Barbara and Gordon at the Woombai homestead. Barbara tells Jenny that it's been a wonderful afternoon, and adds that she's sure the wedding will be just as nice! Stephen thanks Gordon for coming, adding that he was the life of the party as usual! Gordon muses that he doesn't know about that - Fiona's jokes got everybody going towards the end. Barbara thanks Stephen for being so nice to Caroline. Stephen says he's just glad the ill-will's out of the way. Jenny chips in that she's asked Caroline to stay on for a few days at the riding school: she's nothing to rush home for, with Samantha away; it'll be relaxing. Gordon comments that that's a good idea, adding that he hopes she takes Jenny up on it. Barbara warns Jenny that, if she does, they should watch her with Wayne - he's going to be there on business and things have been rather touchy between them. Stephen remarks that it seems to him that things are rather touchy between Wayne and just about anybody - and if he creates any trouble, he'll be off the property in ten minutes flat.

Denise - who has changed out of her party dress - is walking in the grounds just outside the homestead. Colin joins her and asks her where she's going, but, in reply, Denise asks him angrily if he's trying to keep tabs on her. She adds curtly that she's going for a ride - alone. Colin snaps that he doesn't know who she's mixing with at school, but she's turning into a real little smart-aleck. Denise retorts, "And you've turned into a pain in the neck. No wonder you haven't got a girlfriend; who'd put up with you? Oh no - of course, I forgot: you're scared of them, aren't you? And you think I've got problems?" She walks off, leaving Colin looking upset. Caroline walks over and joins him and comments that he's in the doghouse, is he? She adds by way of explanation that Denise didn't look too happy. Colin muses, "Little sisters, you know?" Caroline assures him that he was right about what he did with her and Wayne. Colin retorts, "You tell her." Caroline smiles, "I'll be around for a few days. Why not? I might do just that." She places her hand on his arm and then walks off. Looking surprised, Colin puts his hand on the spot that she touched as he watches her go...

Sally and Charlie are still sitting just outside the kitchen at the country house, and Sally is saying to Charlie that her father used to call Charlie a flibbertigibbet. Charlie recalls sadly that, in the good days - and there were some; they loved each other once - he used to call her that: 'my little flibbertigibbet' - and she didn't mind then. She adds that it's sad when a term of affection turns into a put-down. She then goes on that she may have been a bad wife, but she was never a bad mother. Sally asks her why she didn't come and visit them after the divorce, then - she was away for fifteen years and their dad couldn't have kept her away if she wanted to come. Charlie explains that she went overseas for a long time, and when she came back, neither she or Adam remembered her very well and Eric convinced her that it was best left like that. Sally asks her why she let him, if she loved them. Charlie insists, "Your father can be very persuasive - he has a way of making people 'do what he wants' - and he wanted me out of your life." Sally suddenly suggests, "Maybe it would help with Adam if you and dad talked? You know, sort your problems out first and then Adam would have to be OK." Charlie, though, looking worried, cries that she doesn't want to see Eric - it wouldn't help anything. Sally comments that she sounds almost scared of him, but Charlie quickly counters that that's a silly idea. With that, she pours some more coffee.

In the lounge room at the Woombai homestead, Wayne is drinking from a bottle of mineral water when Stephen comes in and asks him if he's sobered-up yet. Wayne retorts, "Gordy stopped lecturing me about drinking ages ago. If you want to play dad, talk to 'Lolita'; she could do with it." Stephen mutters, "I'm not going to waste my time giving you fatherly advice, Wayne. You can drink as much as you like, except when you're in my house." Wayne retorts, "The house belongs to the business." Stephen tells him curtly that Jenny, Colin and Denise are going to be staying there for a few days and he wants Wayne to be sober, polite and a lot more sociable than his normal 'charming' self or he'll send him packing. Wayne snaps, "Alright." Stephen goes on curtly, "And keep your hands off Denise." Wayne retorts indignantly that she was chasing him. Stephen, though, snaps, "She's a scatty 16-year-old with a very bad taste in men - and you're old enough to know better." Wayne glares at him and mutters, "Country life's getting to you, Stephen. You're turning into a real old woman." With that he storms off.

Wayne heads outside. Denise is just about to head inside, and as she bumps into Wayne, she asks him if he's heard that they're staying on for a while. Wayne, not looking at her, retorts, "Just then." Denise tells him flirtatiously that she's glad... Wayne retorts, "I'm the drunk, remember? The one you had to be rescued from?" Denise smiles, "Hopefully you won't be drunk next time. That's all that was worrying me. Otherwise..." She then heads inside, brushing past Wayne as she does so...

Caroline is out riding. Colin is leaning against a fence, watching her, and they wave at each other. Colin smiles to himself.

Adam is sitting at the living room table at the Tate place, eating pizza, when Sally comes in. He comments that she was gone long enough, and she explains nervously that she went to see their mother. She adds that she likes her. Adam, looking annoyed, just grunts. Sally goes on that, OK, she seems scatty, but scatty doesn't necessarily mean bad. She sits down as she goes on that Charlie said some things that really got to her: she said she might have been a bad wife, but she was never a bad mother - and after talking to her, she believes her. She continues that Charlie is gentle. Adam snaps, "She left us. How gentle was that?" Sally insists that it was how their dad wanted it - he made her think it would be best for them. Adam growls, "I bet." Sally, though, points out that Adam knows what their father is like when he wants his way, and she reminds him of the fights he had on his hands when he wanted to join the Force. Adam just stares at her and she goes on that she told Charlie that they'd go out there tomorrow night. Adam exclaims in annoyance, "You did what?" Sally tells him that Charlie can explain it to him personally - he can sit down and really get to know her. Adam starts to say, "If you think I'm going round--" Sally interrupts him and retorts, "It's all arranged. If you don't, we are going to have big trouble."

That evening, Charlie is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, telling Sally that that's wonderful - she'll make the best dinner she's ever made. She asks if there's anything he doesn't like, but Sally laughs that he's the original garbage-guts! Charlie tells her daughter that she can't thank her enough. Sally warns her not to get her hopes up too high, but Charlie insists that it's a start, and she thanks Sally and hangs up. She then turns to Leigh, who's sitting at the kitchen table with Shane, and tells her that she thinks she'll have to do a big shop tomorrow night. Leigh comments, "Thank goodness for Sally," and Charlie agrees that the girl is a gem. Leigh muses that it's a shame Adam doesn't take after her, but Charlie tells her, "He will after tomorrow night. It's going to work; I know it is." There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Leigh goes to answer it. Charlie sits down at the kitchen table and starts making a shopping list for the meal. After a few seconds, Leigh comes back in, a serious expression on her face, and says, "Charlie?" Charlie asks what it is. Leigh replies hesitantly, "There's a man at the door who wants to see you." Charlie smiles, "Well bring him in; don't leave the poor thing standing out in the cold!" Leigh cries, "Charlie... it's your ex-husband. Eric." Charlie stares at her in shock.


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