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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Ron is still talking to Caroline from a public 'phone box. Looking strained, he tells her that he doesn't know what to do; he didn't find the letter; it's all gone wrong; Wayne caught him in the house. Caroline tells him to calm down, but Ron cries that he had to knock Wayne out - he was going to call the cops and they'll put him back in the home. Caroline pleads with him to listen: she's got the letter; it's alright. Ron ignores her, though, going on that he had to bring Wayne with him; he was going to call the cops. Caroline assures him that Wayne won't call the cops if she talks to him first. She then asks Ron where he is. Ron asks her suspiciously if she won't tell anybody, and Caroline insists that she just wants to help him. Ron murmurs, "The old fishing shack. Remember? We spent a couple of days there." Caroline replies that she remembers and she tells him that she'll be over there as soon as she can. Ron cries that he's scared, but Caroline insists that it's all going to be alright. Ron pleads with her to hurry and she says she will. They two of them hang up. At the Morrell apartment, Caroline goes and takes a map out of a drawer. However, there's suddenly a knock on the front door and, looking annoyed, she goes to answer it. It's Barbara, who explains that she just came over to see if Caroline was alright and to see if the diary Irene gave her was the one Wayne was... She trails off as Caroline quickly assures her that it was. Barbara goes on that she supposes Caroline is wondering why she and Irene got involved in the first place. Caroline, though, replies that, actually, that's the last thing on her mind at the moment...

Colin is tying a chain to one of the large branches of the tree that has fallen onto Stephen and Fred. Stephen tells him, "OK. Now get on with it." Colin turns and looks at the tractor and suddenly has a flashback to his childhood and the death of his father. After a few seconds, he cries, "I can't. I can't drive the tractor." Stephen insists that he's going to have to, but Colin asks what he'll do if the tree rolls the wrong way; it could crush Stephen. Stephen, glaring at him, snaps, "Colin, what in God's name is wrong with you? Get on the tractor." He stares at the boy, who starts making his way slowly towards the vehicle, which is parked a few yards away.

At the homestead, Andy is dialling a number on the telephone. Jenny is busy dusting the room, and, as Andy waits for the call to be answered, he assures her that Stephen and Colin will end up getting on OK. After a few seconds, he hangs up and comments that Fiona isn't answering; she must be at Irene's. He starts dialling another number.

At Irene's, Irene is clearing away some plates from the table, and she asks Roland - who's sitting at the table - to answer the 'phone. He goes and does so. STD pips sound and Andy then comes on, asking uncertainly if Fiona is there. Roland explains that she's gone to Melbourne for a few days. Recognising Andy's voice, he asks if he can take a message, but Andy replies bluntly that he just wanted to say hello. Roland asks how Woombai is, but Andy just replies that it's good for a break. Roland muses that he's sure it is. Andy goes on that he'll probably be heading up to Sydney pretty soon, and Roland comments that they're probably bound to run into each other. Andy just mutters, "Yeah. Well say 'hello' to Irene for me." With that, they end the call. Roland hangs up and turns to Irene, who's back in the room, and tells her that Andy says to say hello. Irene remarks to him that she's surprised he didn't hang up on the boy. Roland just murmurs, "No," and Irene comments that that's good. Roland tells her that there's still a long way to go - and even then, he doubts Andy will ever think of his as his father.

Colin is driving the tractor very slowly, pulling the branch away from Stephen. After a few seconds, Stephen stands up, and Colin, climbing down from the tractor, runs over to him in relief and asks if there's anything broken. Stephen replies that there isn't. He then checks on Fred, and Colin asks how he is. Stephen replies that he's still unconscious, and he tells Colin to go back to the house and get an ambulance. As Colin runs off, Stephen calls, "Thanks."

At the old fishing shack. Wayne, who's still tied to a pillar, tells Ron calmly that he won't go to the police. Ron, though, cries that there's no way he's going back in the Institution. Wayne asks him if he's been in jail, but Ron explains that it's a place for people they reckon are sick in the head. Wayne insists that, if Ron lets him go, he won't say anything to anyone. Ron snaps, "No." Wayne yells that people are going to start to wonder where he is, but Ron shouts, "I said 'no'. Now shut up." He then runs over to Wayne and ties a gag around his mouth, snarling as he does so, "No one's going to put me away again, you understand? No one."

Barbara is at Irene's flat at the boarding house, with Irene and Roland, and Irene asks incredulously, "She's gone to find him?" Barbara explains that that's what worries her: what if he turns violent? Roland says he thinks they should call the police, but Barbara tells him that Caroline won't have a bar of it: she's frightened Ron will panic completely if they turn up. Irene agrees that she's probably right. Barbara adds that the subject of the letter might come up and they can't do that to Samantha. Roland asks her if she knows where Caroline was heading, and Barbara replies that Caroline showed her a map. Roland tells her, "Good, you can show me. I'll get one from the service station." He stands up and Irene asks if he's going after Caroline. Roland points out that the man is unpredictable - he could become violent, even towards Caroline. Irene stands up and tells him that she'll come with him, but Roland quickly tells her that it's too dangerous; he'd rather know she was safe there. Barbara suggests to Roland that they go, as she has to get back to see Gordon in case he rings Woombai and finds out Wayne's not there. Looking worried, Irene tells Roland, "Be careful." He assures her, "I will," and he goes, leaving Irene standing there, fear etched on her face.

Adam approaches the front door at Beryl's and goes to lay a bunch of flowers on the step. The door suddenly opens and Fiona appears in the doorway. Adam quickly explains that the flowers are for Beryl - he knows it's the funeral today and he thought she could do with a bit of cheering up. He then asks Fiona if she's going, but she explains that it's just close relatives - and David and Leigh. Adam, accepting this, says he'd better get going, but Fiona invites him in for a cup of coffee. Adam asks nervously if Mrs. Bartlett's inside, but Fiona laughs, "No!" They head inside, and Fiona goes on that, actually, Charlie is over at David's place - looking after her investments, she expects! Adam asks if she went by herself, but Fiona says she doesn't know. Adam tells her that Stafford is still on the loose; it's not likely, since they're still looking for him, but there's still a chance. He suggests to Fiona that she could ring Charlie and suggest that she'd be safer back at Beryl's, but Fiona says she doesn't think Charlie will be back there by now - she was calling on the telecom people to try and arrange for another 'phone to be put on out there before she went shopping; she'd have to call a taxi because she doesn't have any transport of her own. Adam says he should get out there and wait for her himself, he guesses. Fiona smiles, "If you think that's best." Adam then quickly adds that perhaps Fiona would like to come with him, and they head out.

At the Woombai homestead, Jenny is tying a bandage around Stephen's leg. Andy asks him if he shouldn't have an x-ray, but Stephen insists that he'll be fine. He then goes on that it's strange: Colin didn't want to get on that tractor. Jenny asks why not, and Stephen replies that it's because of what happened to his father, he supposes; it took a while to convince him. Jenny assures him that Colin has never been afraid of tractors, even after Ralph was killed. Stephen starts to muse, "If he had been there when it happened..." Jenny, though, replies quickly, "He was nowhere near the accident - as far as I know..." Andy, looking uncomfortable, chips in that there are couple of jobs Alan wants him to do, and he heads out. Jenny tells Stephen that she doesn't know what she would have done if anything had happened to him. She gives him a hug as she goes on that she can't understand Colin behaving like that; it's not like him.

Caroline pulls up her car on an old track, stops and studies her map and then drives off up a track to the right.

At Woombai, Colin walks into the lounge room and Jenny asks him if he feels better. He murmurs, "Yeah." There's silence, which Jenny breaks by saying, "I'm trying to figure out why you're scared of tractors." Colin quickly cries, "I'm not," but Jenny tells him, "Stephen says you are." Colin asks tetchily what he would know, and he turns away. Jenny, standing behind him, tells him, "I remember the day your father was killed. I had to tell you what had happened: that the handbrake had somehow released itself and the tractor had rolled..." She breaks off before continuing, "You went into shock fairly quickly, but... but I suppose for a few seconds you seemed so calm..." Colin stands there on the verge of tears as Jenny goes on, "You already knew, didn't you? You where there when it happened." Colin sobs quietly, "There were some logs caught up underneath. Dad was trying to free them. I only wanted to help. I didn't mean it, honestly..." He breaks down into tears and cries, "It was all my fault. I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I didn't say anything because I knew you'd hate me." Jenny, becoming upset herself, asks, "How could I hate you for something that was an accident...? No one blames you. I don't." She throws her arms round him and gives him a tight hug.

Caroline climbs out of her car outside an old shack and starts heading towards the door.

Inside, Ron is tying Wayne's bonds tighter. There's suddenly a knock on the door and he goes and opens it to find Caroline standing there. He tells her curtly that she'd better help him try and work out what to do, and Caroline insists that she will. She then tells him that she's sure Wayne isn't going to go to the police, but Ron snaps that of course he will - she can't trust him; he's been blackmailing her. Caroline, though, points out that he can't now: she's got the letter, so it's no good holding onto him. Ron stares at Wayne and then mutters, "No. No, there's no telling what he might do if we let him go." Caroline insists that they can't keep him tied up there forever. Ron mutters, "No. No, we gotta take care of him. We'll have to kill him." Wayne starts at him in horror.

A few moments later, Caroline cries at Ron that he can't kill Wayne, but Ron snaps that they don't have any choice. Caroline insists that of course they do, but Ron growls that he's not going back to the home. Caroline assures him that he won't have to if he lets Wayne go. She then suggests that they let Wayne have his say and she's sure he'll tell them that he's not going to call the police. She goes to remove his gag, but Ron snaps at her to stay away from him. Caroline assures him that she's not going to untie him, but Ron cries at her not to remove his gag. He then cries, "You've got to help me, Caroline." Caroline tells him that she'll do whatever he wants. Ron asks her what she's going to do, but Caroline just murmurs, "I don't know yet. I'll have to think of something."

Colin is sitting with Stephen and Jenny at Woombai, telling them that, once it's all out, you feel so stupid and wonder why you kept it to yourself for so long. Andy comes in and asks how the hero is, and Jenny smiles that he's still a bit shaky. Colin adds that he'll be alright. Turning to Stephen, Andy tells him that he hopes he's not going to inconvenience him, but there are a few loose ends he'd like to tie up in Sydney. Stephen tells him that he's sure they can manage without him and he asks him when he wants to head off. Andy replies that it'll be this arvo - he was hoping to get a ticket on the train. Stephen, though, recalls that there's a charter flight going back in an hour, and he says he'll try and get Andy a freebie. Andy thanks him, gratefully. Stephen then stands up and asks Jenny if she'll drive the cripple over to the office! The two of them head out. Andy sits down with Colin, who tells him, "They know - about me and dad." Andy asks how Jenny took it, and Colin admits, "Fantastic." Andy points out, "I told you!" Colin goes on, "I owe you a lot, too." Andy smiles, "I'll send you the bill." He then tells Colin that Colin fronting up to his problems has been like a lesson to him; it's made him realise he's got to do the same thing back in Sydney...

Roland's car pulls up on the track near the fishing shack. He looks at his map, reverses and then turns up the road to the right that Caroline took.

Fiona is sorting out some flowers in a vase on the kitchen table at David's country house while Adam paces the floor and comments that Charlie certainly knows how to take her time. Fiona laughs that once she gets out shopping...! Adam remarks sourly that she's out wasting her money, but Fiona asks what makes him say that. Adam explains that life's a bit of a game for Charlie - she doesn't seem to take anything seriously. Fiona, looking surprised, says she knows how Charlie appears to people, but she's a very generous woman and very loyal to her friends. They suddenly hear a car pull up and Charlie calls inside, "Who's there?" Fiona calls back, "Just us chickens!" Charlie laughs and then tells her taxi driver that he can go. She heads up to the back door, loaded down with gifts. As she comes in, she explains that she didn't recognise the car, and Adam explains that it's his. Fiona adds that Adam thought - and she agreed - that if Stafford is still in the district, he might come back. Charlie smiles, pats Adam's shoulder and flirts, "You were worried about me. How kind." Adam suggests that they'd better be getting back to the Palmers', but Charlie explains that she's expecting a delivery - and she's got to unpack her shopping. She shows Fiona some curtains that she's bought, explaining as she does so that the place needs cheering up. Adam stands there, looking stern-faced as Charlie goes on that David needs more motherly care from now on. Adam mutters that he wouldn't have thought she was the motherly type: she's never had a family of her own, has she? Charlie stares at him and replies quietly, "I did once, Adam. A boy and a girl." Quickly regaining her exuberance, she trills to Fiona, "Wait to see what's coming with the delivery man!" Adam stands there looking thoughtful.

At the fishing shack, Caroline asks Ron how they're going to see tonight, and Ron explains that he has a lamp in the car. Caroline suggests to him that he get it now - it'll save them messing around in the dark, trying to light it. Ron tells her to keep an eye on Wayne and he heads out. As soon as she's gone, Caroline removes the gag from Wayne's mouth and he tells her to get the ropes. Caroline snaps that that's what she's doing. As she goes to untie him, he warns her, "You're making a big mistake if you think I'm not going to the police." Caroline, though, threatens, "If you go to the police, I'll go to Gordon. Let's see what he thinks of his son after a few words with me." Wayne retorts, "What happens to your precious Samantha? You tell dad and I'll make sure dad finds out about the tapes, right?" Caroline stares at him and he snaps, "Just untie me." Caroline gets back to work, but cries that Ron has tied them too tight. Neither of them hears as Ron reappears at the doorway. He listens as Wayne snaps that Ron is a nutcase and should be locked up. Caroline cries that she can't undo the ropes, but Wayne snaps, "Loosen them - I might be able to make a run for it while biscuit-brain's asleep." Ron suddenly bangs the door shut and Caroline and Wayne jump as they stare at him.

A few moments later, Caroline is telling Ron that Wayne wasn't going to call the police; she wouldn't have let him. Ron is tying her up, too, and she gasps in pain as he pulls a rope tight around her arms. Ron growls, "I trusted you." Caroline insists, "You still can," but Ron retorts that he heard what she was saying: all she wanted was her blasted letter back and too bad if he cops it in the neck on the way. Caroline insists that that's not true, but Ron, pointing at Wayne, snaps at her, "You were going to let this mongrel go. Now, he goes to the cops and I go back to the wards." Having finished tying Caroline up, he lights the oil lamp that he brought in from the car, places it on a small table and then goes on, "You ruined my life once before, Caroline, and you're not getting a chance to do it again." Caroline sits there, looking scared.

Charlie is standing at the kitchen door at the country house, thanking a delivery driver for coming out so late. He goes. Fiona and Adam are busy looking at the goods the guy brought with him. Adam is plugging in a microwave, and Charlie smiles that it would be wonderful to give it a try-out - scones in five minutes, and all that! Adam, though, suggests that they should be leaving, as Mrs. Palmer will be wondering where they are. Charlie realises, "Of course. How selfish of me." She then thanks Adam for helping, adding that he's been an absolute darling - well and truly above the call of duty! She goes on that she must mail the Commissioner in the Victoria Police Force or something, and she asks Adam what his last name is, adding that she'll have him put up for a commendation! Adam, looking wary, tells her to forget it. Fiona, though, chips in, "It's 'Tate', isn't it? Constable Tate." Charlie suddenly stares at Adam in shock. Adam quickly says he'll move the car round to the front. As he goes, Charlie mouths, "Adam Tate...?" She then runs outside after him and stops him, crying, "Wait! How long have you known?" Adam asks, "Known what?" Charlie cries, "Why didn't you tell me?" Adam tells her sternly, "Mrs. Bartlett, I don't know what you're talking about." Charlie, though, insists, "That you're my son." Adam retorts curtly, "I've never met you before in my life. There's no way we could be related." With that, he walks off, leaving Charlie looking shocked.

It's dark, and Roland is standing outside the fishing shack. He starts walking towards it.

Inside, Ron is holding a knife at Wayne's throat, snapping, "'Your friend's a nutcase. Should be locked up'. That's what you said. Yeah, I heard you. You're a funny man, aren't you? Real funny. Yeah, well let's see how funny you are." He then turns to Caroline and points the knife at her, snapping, "I suppose you had a good laugh too, eh?" Roland peers in through one of the windows as Caroline cries, "No. You're acting--" Ron interrupts and asks, "Crazy?" Caroline quickly says, "No," but Ron asks her, "I'm doing the right thing, then? Is that what you're trying to say?" Caroline insists that she just wants him to let them go. Ron snaps that he can't do that. Caroline insists that they won't call the police, but Ron snarls, "Yeah, well I don't believe you." The door suddenly opens and Roland bursts in. Caroline quickly warns him that Ron has a knife. Ron lunges for him but he dodges out of the way. The two men stare at each other, and Roland suddenly kicks up his leg and knocks the knife out of Ron's hand. They start struggling with each other, but in the process, they knock over the table with the oil lamp on it. It falls to the ground and lands on some newspapers, which immediately catch fire. Wayne and Caroline stare at the flames in horror...


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