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    Written by: Anthony Wheeler    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

At Beryl's, Beryl, Leigh and David are sitting at the living room table as Adam, who's standing with another officer, asks David if he's saying he shot Richard Crampton. David, though, retorts that he's saying someone else must have; he fired over his head. Adam points out that David had the gun. David, though, retorts that he had a gun; someone else must have been around. Adam asks, "Whose?" but David says he doesn't know. The other officer asks him why he took a day to tell them, and David explains that he panicked; he threw Crampton's body down a mineshaft-- Leigh suddenly interrupts and cries, "That's not true." David warns, "Leigh..." but Leigh insists that there's no need to protect her. She stands up and tells Adam and the other officer that the mineshaft was her idea; she was the one who found the body and she thought that if she got rid of it, that would be the end of it. The second officer tells her and David that they'll have to come down to the station. Leigh glares at Beryl and snaps, "Satisfied?" She then storms out.

Irene knocks on the door of the Morrell apartment. Caroline is just coming along the corridor, though, and Irene congratulates her on the court case. She opens the door and the two of them head inside. Irene takes out the letter and, handing it to Caroline, asks, "Is this yours?" Caroline stares at her and asks, "How on earth did you get hold of this?" Irene explains, "I played burglar while you were all at court..."

At Beryl's, Beryl is playing with Shane in his playpen, telling him that mummy and granddad will be home soon. The 'phone suddenly rings and Beryl dashes to answer it, looking hopeful of good news. However, there are STD pips and Charlie comes on. She tells Beryl that she's so sorry about Jim, and Beryl thanks her. Charlie then asks if Leigh is around, but Beryl explains that she isn't at the moment; she and David are with the police - they might be charging David with Richard Crampton's death and Leigh as an accessory. Charlie exclaims, "You're joking? What on earth happened?" Beryl explains that Richard was shot - accidentally, of course - and David said he couldn't have done it, but he was the only one with a gun. Charlie immediately announces that she's coming down. Beryl insists that there's no need for that, but Charlie tells her that she'll be on the next 'plane. Beryl accepts this and then asks her if she could call into the boarding house on the way; she's been trying to contact Fiona but can't get her. Charlie assures her, "Of course, darling," and adds that she'll see Beryl in a few hours.

Leigh is sitting in an interview room at a police station, looking nervous. She tells a detective sitting opposite her that she didn't know what to do at first; then she remembered the mineshaft. The detective tells her to go on. Leigh continues, "So I dragged him out of the house--" Another detective chips in, "Must have been quite a job?" Leigh just insists that she had to do it. She goes on that she pushed Richard in and pushed the cover on so that no one would find him. The first detective thanks her. Leigh then asks, "What will happen to my father?" The detective replies, "Officially, I wouldn't like to say. If he's telling the truth, nothing. If ballistics prove otherwise, he'll probably be charged with manslaughter." Leigh looks worried.

At the Morrell apartment, Irene picks up a cup of coffee and says to Caroline, "I can see why you were worried." Caroline asks, "What if Wayne had run into him?" but Irene explains that Barbara 'phoned and Wayne had already left for Woombai. Caroline realises that he couldn't have run into Ron, then. Irene says she can't understand why Caroline didn't tell Barbara that Wayne was blackmailing her in the first place. Caroline sighs, "Because of what was in the letter - obviously." She stands up and explains, "It's to do with Samantha - when she was involved with the cult. They did some things... terribly sick...; they even videotaped it. When Stephen and I went over to bring her back home, we were going to sue them. They said that if we did, they'd make copies of the tapes and put them out on the market. Samantha doesn't know anything about it - she was so brainwashed, she can hardly remember anything. If she found out, she'd just die..." Irene points out that there's no reason why she should. She adds, "I didn't read it." Caroline cries that she shouldn't have written the letter, but she needed someone to talk to and she never though Amanda would keep it." The front door suddenly opens and Caroline quickly sits on the letter as Samantha comes in with a bottle of champagne. She tells Caroline that there was a call for her earlier; the guy seemed pretty put-out when she said Caroline wasn't in. Caroline asks who it was. Samantha replies that he didn't say, but he left a message and said he'd call back later: something about it had all gone wrong and he didn't know what to do. Caroline asks where he was 'phoning from, but Samantha replies that he didn't say that, either. She asks if it makes any sense, but Caroline shakes her head and, looking worried, tells her, "Not to me..."

A short time later, Irene is alone with Caroline and asks her if she thinks it was Ron. Caroline agrees that it must have been, but she doesn't know what he means about it all having gone wrong. Irene suggests that he probably means not being able to find the letter. Caroline, though, adds, "Or else he ran into Wayne..." Irene tells her that there's no point panicking; she should give Wayne time to reach Woombai and then check if he's arrived; get stuck into the bubbly and forget all about it for a while!

Later that day, Beryl is serving a tray of tea things to Charlie and Fiona, who are sitting at her living room table. As she does so, she tells Fiona that she didn't expect her to fly down; she only wanted to talk to her. Fiona explains that she knew how upset Beryl would be and she's not one to upset her friends. Charlie asks if David and Leigh are still at the police station and Beryl sighs that they've been there all afternoon. The front door suddenly bangs and Leigh comes in. Beryl asks what happened, but before she answers, Leigh asks Charlie and Fiona brightly what they're doing there. Charlie explains that they heard that she and David were in a spot of bother. Beryl asks where David is, and Leigh explains that they're still holding him. Beryl asks if they've charged him, but Leigh replies that they're still checking the evidence - ballistics and all that. Beryl says she hopes he's alright, but Leigh retorts, "Bit late to worry now..." She turns to Charlie and Fiona and asks them nastily if Beryl told them that it was all her fault. Fiona retorts dismissively, "No, she didn't." Leigh goes on, "Well, if she hadn't have opened her big mouth, nothing would have happened." Beryl points out that David told the police, not her. Leigh retorts that David wouldn't have known about Richard if Beryl hadn't told him, but Beryl points out, "I wouldn't have known if you hadn't told me. The buck stops with you, madam." Charlie suddenly stands up and, changing the subject, says breezily that she'd love to see Shane. Leigh goes to get him for his bath and Charlie goes with her. Beryl sits down as Fiona growls that there are times when she could strangle that girl. Beryl tells her that Mike and Heather arrive today for Jim's funeral tomorrow; she'd hoped David could come along, but... Fiona suggests gently, "Just wait and see."

Jenny sets down a vase of flowers on the living room table at Woombai. Stephen comes in and, after commenting on the strength of the wind, he slips a ring onto Jenny's finger, telling her, "Just a little something to go with the marriage certificate." Jenny hugs him and cries that it's lovely - but she wonders how Colin will take it. Stephen insists that he'll be fine, but Jenny says she doesn't know; she thinks they should keep it to themselves for a little while. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Jenny answers it. STD pips sound and Caroline comes on and asks if Stephen is there. Stephen takes the handset from his fiancée and asks Caroline how the court case went. Caroline explains that she got off with a stiff fine. She then asks if Wayne has arrived yet. Stephen muses, "No... Gordon said he was on his way, but he hasn't shown up yet." Caroline comments that he should have been there by now. Stephen asks her if she wants to talk to him when he does get there, and Caroline replies, "Yes, thanks." Stephen asks if he can help, but Caroline says she'll wait and talk to Wayne. She hangs up, looking concerned.

A while later, Caroline is letting Irene and Roland into the apartment, and she apologises to Irene for dragging her back again. Irene asks what's happened, as she sounded pretty upset on the 'phone. Caroline turns to Roland and tells him that she wanted to apologise. Roland, however, assures her that there's no need: Irene explained - and he knows what Wayne's like: he told him that he intended to get him out of the company. Irene asks if Ron has been in touch, but Caroline cries that he hasn't and Wayne hasn't got to Woombai. She cries, "Supposing Ron has killed him?" Roland asks if he might have. Caroline rants that she doesn't know - he's mentally unstable - and she can't call the police because they'll find out about the letter... and about the videotape... Roland suggests that Ron might not have killed Wayne, but might have him bailed-up somewhere. Irene adds that Wayne might simply have got a flat tyre on the way to Woombai. Caroline asks why Ron has disappeared, then, but Irene says she doesn't know; they'll just have to wait until he calls back...

David is sitting in an interview room at the police station. A detective sits down opposite him and asks him if he still claims he fired over Crampton's head. David retorts that he was trying to warn him off. The detective asks, "But he kept on running?" David sighs, "Yes. I was firing in the air." The detective then asks him if he never heard any other shots and David confirms, "No." He goes on that he doesn't know what happened, but he knows he couldn't have hit him. Another detective tells him that that's not much use as an alibi: they haven't received a ballistics report yet, but he's been speaking to pathology: Crampton was shot in the chest from a few feet away. David looks shocked as the detective adds, "No chance of this being manslaughter now. Uh-uh. Either we're after a mysterious person with a gun - that no one heard or saw - or you murdered Richard Crampton."

Beryl, Charlie, Leigh and Fiona are all in the kitchen at Beryl's. Charlie tells Leigh not to worry - she'll see that David gets the best lawyers in Melbourne. Leigh snaps that she shouldn't have had to get anyone. There's suddenly a knock on the back door and Beryl opens it to find Adam standing there. She invites him in and asks if there's any news of David. Adam, though, explains that he's just come off duty; he hasn't been back to the station. He adds that he's sorry - he had to take him in. Beryl assures him that he had no choice. Leigh snaps at Beryl, "You did," but Fiona tells her not to start that again. Leigh storms out, ranting that she sometimes wonders if Charlie, Beryl and Fiona really care or if doing the right thing is more important than trying to help a friend. Beryl invites Adam to stay for dinner and he accepts. A gleam in her eye, Charlie smiles at him, "Come and sit down," and she flirtatiously indicates the seat next to her own...!

Colin, Stephen and Jenny are having dinner at Woombai. Stephen is saying that Wayne's going to be going over the new development scheme tomorrow; Ken's going to support it this time, so they should get it through council. Colin looks miles away, and Stephen comments to him that he supposes he'd rather be in town at the disco. Colin, though, muses that you can't dance with a sprained ankle. Stephen tells him, "Then you'll just have to celebrate with us." Colin stares at him and he explains, "Jenny and I are engaged." Colin looks down at his plate and mutters, "Congratulations ." Jenny puts her hand on his and tells him that they wanted him to be the first to know. He pulls his hand away, though. Jenny pleads, "Colin, please... I loved Ralph. I won't ever forget him - we had a good life together - but he's gone. Try to understand." Colin stares at her and then nods, "Yeah, I know. It's hard, that's all. Just don't ask me to make a speech at the wedding, OK?" Jenny smiles weakly at Stephen, looking partially relieved.

Beryl is serving up dinner in her living room. Charlie asks if she should call Leigh, but Beryl tells her that she'll come when she's ready. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and David comes in. Looking surprised to see him, Beryl asks what happened, and he announces, "They let me off!" Leigh comes in and gives him a relieved hug. Beryl asks if it's just for tonight, but David explains that the ballistics proved that the bullet that killed Crampton was from another gun. Adam asks if they know whose, and David tells him, "They reckon Stafford. He must have had another gun in the car and a silencer. Crampton must have threatened him or something and Stafford shot him. They had a bit of a barney when I had them bailed up." Beryl points out that the main thing is that it's over, but David reminds her that they haven't found Stafford yet; they're out of the woods, though. Changing the subject, he asks Charlie and Fiona when they got in, and Charlie explains that it was this afternoon: she and Fiona rushed down to save him from the gallows! David laughs. Still hugging Leigh, he tells her to cheer up. The two of them head into the kitchen. At the dinner table, Fiona smiles that they can all relax now. Charlie looks at Adam and flirts, "I feel as if you're waiting for me to slip the family silver in my handbag!" Adam, looking puzzled, asks, "Sorry?!" Charlie explains, "The uniform, darling. I can't wait to see you out of it - in ordinary clothes, I mean...!" In the kitchen, David tells a glum-looking Leigh that it's all over. Leigh cries that it's all her fault: she should have stayed in Sydney. David hugs her again and reminds her, "You're my daughter." Leigh murmurs that she hasn't acted like one, but David assures her that she hasn't done too badly lately: it took a lot of guts to hide Crampton's body and not many kids would stick their neck out that far for their old man. Beryl comes in and asks David if she'd like him to serve-up for him. David, though, explains that he had something down at the station. Beryl says she's glad it's all over and David agrees that so is he. Back at the living room table, Charlie flirts with Adam, "Are you sure you wouldn't like a second helping, officer? A good-looking young man like you needs to keep his strength up!" Adam muses, "No thanks - and my name's Adam." Charlie realises that they've haven't been properly introduced, and she introduces Fiona and herself. Adam comments that 'Charlie' is a funny name for a woman, and Charlie explains that it's 'Charlotte', actually. Fiona laughs, "And the rest!" Charlie, glaring at her, sighs, "Alright..." She then tells Adam, "To be perfectly frank, it's 'Agatha Charlotte'. I'll never forgive my parents for calling me that - I mean, do I look like an Agatha?" Adam suddenly appears to be deep in thought, and he asks her what her surname is. Charlie tells him, "Bartlett - two Ts; well, three if you count the one in the middle! But my friends call me Charlie." Adam suddenly stands up and says he'd better get going. He heads off, leaving a surprised-looking Charlie to ask Fiona, "Was it something I said?" Fiona replies, "Search me." She then adds, "I quite like 'Agatha'!"

A short time later, Fiona suggests that they break out the bubbly. David and Leigh come in and David says he's got some tinnies in the 'fridge. Charlie, though, tells him that he'll find some bottles in there! Leigh asks what happened to Adam, and Fiona tells her that he apologised but he had to go. Charlie muses that he's an odd young man, but Leigh replies that she likes him: he's really nice and he gets on great with Shane. Fiona calls to Beryl, who's standing by the 'phone, and asks her if she's going to join them. Beryl explains that she was just thinking of the funeral tomorrow. She heads into the kitchen, where she tells David, who's at the 'fridge, that Heather rang today: she and Mike would like him to go to the funeral. David assures her that he'll be there. He suddenly notices Leigh standing in the doorway and, with several tinnies in his hand, smiles, "Hey, champ! You old enough to drink?!" Leigh smiles weakly, "You just watch me, sport!" David heads back into the lounge room. Leigh asks Beryl if she's got a moment. Beryl stares at her and Leigh tells her, "I'm sorry for saying it was your fault. I knew it wasn't, but I just say stupid things sometimes." Beryl suggests curtly that they just forget it. Leigh pleads, "Beryl, please. Look, I know I'm usually the one who ends up snapping, but when I'm under pressure, well, it's like a defence. It's just me, I suppose, but... I don't want us to fight." Beryl nods, "I know." Leigh asks, "Would you mind if I came to Jim's funeral too?" Beryl smiles weakly, "It probably would be nice if you did."

The next morning, Colin joins his mother and Stephen as they have breakfast at Woombai. He asks where Andy is and Stephen explains that he went out early: the wind took the roof off one of the sheds last night. Colin says he'll go and give him a hand. Jenny tells him to have some breakfast, but Colin says he'll have some later. Jenny insists that he's got to eat something, and Colin retorts, "I will - later." Jenny pleads, "Colin..." and he gives in and sits down. Jenny asks Stephen if there was any other damage and Stephen replies that there were some power lines down and a couple of trees uprooted in the top paddock; it could have been worse. He then asks Colin if he'd like to come with him to see how the men are getting on with clearing it. Colin looks at Jenny, who nods gently. Colin smiles at Stephen, "Yeah, sure. OK."

A while later, Colin is sitting in the passenger seat in Stephen's jeep as Stephen drives along a track in the grounds. Stephen tells him, "Jenny wants me to talk to you, but you're not too keen, are you?" Colin asks him what he wants to talk about, and Stephen replies, "You're upset about us getting married." Colin mutters that it's not his business, but Stephen tells him that of course it is; Jenny wants them all to be happy. He stops the jeep, turns off the engine and sits there. He then asks, "Colin, is it just me or would you feel like this about any bloke your mother wanted to marry?" Colin hesitates and then says, "No... it's not you. You're not my dad." Stephen insists that he's not trying to be. He goes on, "You really miss him, don't you? And now you feel you're going to lose Jenny too?" Colin murmurs, "I hardly remember my real mother. Jenny's always been mum." Stephen assures him, "I couldn't take her away from you if I wanted to - and that's the reason that I'm... well, asking for your consent, I suppose." Colin tells him to come off it, but Stephen insists that he's serious. He continues, "Your dad remarried after your mother died; you accepted Jenny." Colin muses that he was just a kid then. Stephen assures him, "I don't want you to forget your father. I just want you to accept me so we can all get along. If you want to talk to me about anything... an older person... problems with girlfriends or something... Well, what do you think?" Colin looks at him.

The 'phone is ringing at the Morrell apartment and Samantha dashes to answer it. STD pips sound as Caroline comes in from the bedroom. Ron comes on and asks if Caroline's there. Samantha asks who's calling, but Ron just retorts, "Is she there? I gotta talk to her." Samantha tells him to hang on. She then turns to her mother and tells her that it's a weirdo. She hands over the 'phone and heads out. Caroline says on the 'phone, "Ron?"

Stephen has pulled his jeep up near to where a worker is using a chainsaw to chop down a tree. The two of them get out and Colin comments to Stephen that he thinks the bloke with the chainsaw is doing more damage than the storm! Stephen laughs and explains that they guy must be clearing for the new access road. Colin remarks that it's a pity the tree has to come down, but Stephen tells him that, to be perfectly honest, he didn't know it was: he thought the road was going in further down towards the creek. The guy with the chainsaw suddenly starts running away as the tree begins to topple. He yells at Stephen and Colin, "Watch out." They suddenly realise that the falling tree is heading straight for them. The guy with the chainsaw runs towards them and pushes Stephen out of the way. Colin steps backwards and trips and lands on the ground as the tree crashes down in front of him. Stephen and the worker disappear from his sight. After a few seconds, Colin manages to get up and he starts hunting round for the others. He funds Stephen underneath several large branches and, looking terrified, he asks him if he's OK. Stephen replies that he thinks so, but he can't get out. Colin asks what they do; there's too much for him to move. Stephen tells him that Fred could be badly hurt; he's going to have to get the tractor to pull it off. Colin stands up and says, "No, no, I'll go and get help." He starts walking off. Stephen, though, calls out to him to insist, "The tractor." As Colin stops in his tracks, he cries, "I can't..."


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