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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

As Leigh approaches the kitchen door, to head back inside, she hears David in the kitchen saying to someone that Richard's car is still there so he could be out in the bush somewhere; he'll keep watch in case he tries to get back. He hangs up the 'phone and suddenly becomes aware of Leigh standing in the doorway. He immediately points the gun at her and she jumps. Realising that she's not Richard, he then runs over to her, pulls her inside and closes the door, demanding to know what she's doing there. Leigh asks him who he was talking to and he explains that it was the police; Crampton's out there somewhere. Leigh asks anxiously what happened and David tells her that he had the mongrel there at gunpoint and he was going to kill him-- Leigh interrupts and asks, "You didn't?" David explains that Richard took off - he fired a few shots over his head but he just ran into the bush. Leigh asks him if he's sure he didn't hit him and David insists that he is. He then asks Leigh what she's doing there and whether the police are with her. Leigh murmurs that she gave them the slip. David asks tautly what for, and Leigh cries that she was worried about him; he was away so long and... David snaps at her, "Are you crazy or something? You could have got yourself killed..." He throws the gun down on the table and Leigh asks him where he got it. David explains that it came from the bloke who was there; he knew he worked for Crampton so he got him to call him and get him down there. Leigh asks him why he didn't call the police; was he going to shoot him...? David nods, "Yeah... didn't have the guts..." Leigh gives him a hug as he adds, "Crampton better not come back again, though." Leigh quickly replies that he won't. David asks her how she can be so sure, and Leigh replies that he's a coward; he won't risk getting shot at again. David murmurs that he hopes so.

At the Morrell apartment, Ron asks Caroline what kind of bloke would hold a thing like that over her. Caroline retorts that Wayne is just about as low as you can get. She goes on that Ron was the only person she could think of who might be able to help her. Ron assures her that he'll get Wayne for her. Caroline, though, tells him that he doesn't have to do anything about Wayne; she just wants him to get into the house and search Wayne's room until he finds the letter. Ron asks, "What? Let him get away with blackmail?" Caroline, though, assures him that, once she's destroyed the letter, she'll go to Gordon and tell him what his son's done. Ron points out that if she destroys the letter, she's got no proof, but Caroline asks him just to let her worry about that. Ron asks how he breaks into the house, but Caroline tells him that he doesn't have to: the Hamiltons are going to court and what she's going to do is drop in in the morning and make sure the back door is unlocked. Ron asks about finding the right room, and Caroline tells him that she'll make him a rough plan of the house. She asks him, "Will you be able to help me?" Ron assures her, "Of course I'll help you." He then asks, "What about after? Do you reckon we could make a go of it again?" Caroline, though, looking away, says she's got too much on her mind to make any promises. Ron growls, "You will see me again?" Caroline quickly assures him that of course she will; she's just under a lot of pressure at the moment and she doesn't want to have to make decisions under pressure. Ron retorts that he knows all about being under pressure: she doesn't know what he went through when she left him - it was pretty rough and he didn't cope too well. Caroline, handing him a drink, just suggests that they see how it goes once she's got the letter back...

Barbara is coming downstairs at Dural as Wayne comes in through the front door. He goes and puts his keys down on the telephone table and then asks if Gordon is around. Barbara indicates the lounge room and Wayne heads in there. Barbara looks at his bunch of keys. In the lounge room, Gordon asks his son how Keith was, and Wayne, holding up a file, replies that he's signed. Gordon smiles, "Good." Changing the subject, he then goes on that he knows things haven't been easy for Wayne since Julie left, and he suggests to him that he get away for a while; perhaps go up to Woombai for a few days and help Stephen organise some new tourist developments. Wayne asks Gordon if he can manage without him, and Gordon assures him that he can take on a bit more now - and if Roland helps, that will take the pressure off. Wayne, looking annoyed, mutters that he thought Roland was out of the company. Gordon, though, retorts that he's not at the moment; he'll wait until the court case is over and then talk to Caroline and see if he can change her mind; and if not, he wants a damn good reason as to why she won't work with him. Out in the hallway, Barbara reaches out to Wayne's key fob, picks it up and takes off a key. The lounge room door suddenly opens, and she quickly drops the keys and, picking up the telephone handset, says into it, "That will be fine." Wayne heads upstairs and Barbara hangs up in relief. As soon as she does this, the 'phone starts ringing and Barbara answers it. Caroline comes on and tells her that she had to call back to apologise. She goes on that Samantha is going out tonight and she really doesn't want to be on her own, so she was wondering if she could come over. Barbara tells her that she's more than welcome. Caroline continues that the Hamiltons will all be at the court tomorrow, aren't they? Barbara assures her that they'll be there, and Caroline thanks her. She then asks if it would be a dreadful imposition if she stayed the night, so they can all go together in the morning. Barbara smiles that that's fine by her. She adds that Caroline's to try not to worry - she's sure things will start looking up for her soon... She hangs up and looks at Wayne's key clasped in her hand.

David is in the kitchen at Beryl's, telling Beryl that he was able to pick out Nick Stafford's photo from the mugshots that the cops showed him, so now they're after Stafford and Crampton. Beryl asks if the police think they might be together, and David explains that one of his neighbours saw Stafford drive off; the police think Crampton has made his way back to the road and Stafford's picked him up. Beryl asks him if he was in any trouble for having the gun, but David replies, "No... turned out to be Adam's police pistol." As Leigh stands there looking worried, he adds, "Thank God they didn't know how close I came to using it on Crampton." He then tells Leigh and Beryl that Adam and his partner are outside keeping an eye on them, so he'll see if they want a cuppa. He heads out. When he's gone, Beryl chides Leigh that she doesn't know what she was thinking of, slipping out of the house like that; she doesn't even know why she went. Leigh looks at her guiltily, then looks down at the ground and explains that, when she called the farm, Richard answered; he said he'd been shot; he sounded in a bad way. Beryl asks her why on earth she didn't say anything, and Leigh explains that she knew David had done it. Beryl points out that he said he shot over Richard's head, but Leigh retorts that he only thinks that; he was the only one with a gun. She goes on that, when she got to the farm, Richard was dead; David must have hit him without realising and while he was out searching the bush, Richard must have dragged himself back to the house to call for help. Beryl asks sternly, "If you found him dead, what happened to the body?" Leigh admits, "I dragged him out of the house and put him in the mineshaft." Beryl cries, "Oh my God, Leigh..." Leigh insists that she had to do it because she thought David had murdered him. Beryl suggests that once she knew it was an accident... Leigh, though, asks if the police will believe it was an accident after the way David carried on about getting Richard himself; they can't tell anyone - not even David; it's best if he never knows what he's done. Beryl points out that they can't turn a blind eye; a man is dead. Leigh asks who's going to take the rap. Beryl retorts that David wouldn't go to jail, but Leigh snaps, "You want a bet? So would I, probably, for being an accomplice or something." She goes on that she only told Beryl because she's got to help keep David there for a while. Beryl insists that they can't, but Leigh cries that they have to for his sake. David suddenly calls out from the doorway, "They'll have a cuppa, Beryl." Beryl calls back, "OK." She then looks at Leigh and sighs reluctantly, "Alright."

Barbara is sitting in Irene's flat at the boarding house, telling Irene and Fiona that, unfortunately, Wayne spent the whole afternoon writing letters and she doubts if she'll be able to see what's in the strongbox tonight. Fiona suggests to her that she tells Gordon that she thinks Wayne is holding something over Caroline and confront him with it. Barbara, though, says she can't; if she's wrong, she'll upset him for nothing. Irene agrees that they should see what's in the strongbox first. Fiona asks why it should be in there; or what makes Barbara think it's on paper? - maybe it's just something in his mind? Barbara points out that they have to start somewhere - and in fact, she thought she might make some excuse and not go to court with him, as long as it doesn't sound odd. Irene, who is listening carefully, says she has a better idea and she asks Barbara if she has a spare key to the house. Barbara replies that she has and she asks why. Irene replies, "If you give me that and the key to Wayne's strongbox, I'll check it out while you're all at court." Fiona, looking dubious, asks Irene if she should really go through someone's personal papers. Irene, though, replies that she thinks this is one time when the end really does justify the means. Barbara says she agrees. She then adds that she'd better go and pick up Caroline. Irene asks her if she's going to ask Caroline anything, but Barbara says she won't: the last time she suggested Wayne had something over her, she turned very defensive; she'll just keep quiet and just wait until they're sure. She then hands Irene the keys to the strongbox and the front door and tells her that there shouldn't be any problem; no one should be at the house.

Two police officers are standing in the lounge room at Beryl's and David is introducing them to Beryl and Leigh as Senior Detective Marks and Detective Harris. Harris tells them that they shouldn't have to take up too much of their time, but there are a few questions they have to ask. Marks turns to David and tells him that, when they were searching the bush for Mr. Crampton, they found some blood; is he sure he didn't hit him? David smiles that he can't see how; he was firing over his head. Marks goes on that, once they were both in the bush, did David fire at all? David replies that he heard a noise and let off a round and told him to stay where he was, but it turned out to be a possum. Marks asks him if he saw no sign of any blood, and David replies, "No." He then asks if they're sure it's human blood, and Marks tells him, "According to forensic." He then asks David what angle the gun was when he shot into the bush. David indicates how he aimed from above his head, adding that he was only trying to bail Crampton up, waiting for the police to arrive. Leigh chips in that even if it is Richard's blood, it doesn't mean he was shot; he could have fallen and hurt himself. Marks replies that they thought of that but they have to follow every lead. Beryl suddenly asks, "Um... what would happen to David if he had killed him?" Leigh looks at her sharply as she goes on, "He did some dreadful things." Marks points out that that doesn't justify murder. Beryl asks if it wouldn't be self-defence, but Marks replies that it can hardly be called self-defence when the man was unarmed and running away; if Mr. Palmer had killed him, it would be a very different story. Leigh snaps, "Well he didn't, did he, so there's no point talking about it, is there?" Beryl quietly agrees that she's right; she shouldn't be asking silly questions... Marks turns back to David and tells him that he'd prefer it if he didn't leave the state until they find Mr. Crampton. David assures him that he understands - and he's positive he didn't wing Richard.

The next morning, Caroline is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, telling Samantha that she'll see her later in court. She then hangs up and tells Barbara and Wayne - who are sitting on the couch - that Samantha sounds as nervous as she is; she thinks she's been having visions of her mother behind bars! Barbara says she thought Caroline's solicitor was fairly confident and Caroline agrees that he seemed to be. Wayne chips in, "Well, I'm the one who was shot, and I'm going to tell the judge no hard feelings." Caroline muses tautly, "Very kind, Wayne..." Gordon comes in from the kitchen and asks if everyone's ready. Wayne and Barbara stand up. Caroline says she'll go and pop her hat on for the judge and she heads out to the hallway. She stands there, looking worried...

In her flat at the boarding house, Irene smiles at Fiona, "Well, here I go a burglaring!" Fiona tells her to stop joking about it; what if something goes wrong? Irene, though, asks what can go wrong. Fiona points out that Wayne would be very nasty if he caught her, but Irene reminds her that he's at court. She then adds that she doesn't like this any more than Fiona does, but she's doing it for Roland's sake; if Wayne is forcing Caroline to edge him out of the company, then she thinks something should be done about it. Fiona sighs that she supposes Irene is right, and she wishes her good luck. Irene heads off.

A while later, Caroline, Barbara, Gordon and Wayne are walking up the steps to the courthouse. Caroline muses, "Well, here we go." Barbara assures her that she'll be alright.

Ron Castle is standing in the hallway at Dural. He wanders into the lounge room, looking round carefully, when he suddenly hears a noise at the front door, and he quickly hides behind the lounge room doors. Irene comes in through the front door and calls out, "Anybody home?" Ron stands behind the lounge room door in silence. Irene heads upstairs. Ron comes out from his hiding place and watches her.

Sometime later, Wayne is running back down the steps outside the courthouse. Barbara is following him and she asks him anxiously where he's going. Wayne explains that, now that he's given his evidence, he's off up to Woombai. Barbara asks, "Straight from here?" but Wayne laughs that he has to go home first; he hasn't packed yet! Looking worried, Barbara quickly tells him that he may as well stay and come back with them in the car. Wayne, though, insists that he'll get a cab. Barbara suggests that she thought he might stay and hear the verdict, but Wayne points out that he's done his bit; he'll give her a ring from Woombai. With that, he walks off, leaving Barbara looking panicky.

A short time later, the 'phone rings at Irene's and Fiona answers it. Barbara comes on and asks if Irene's there. Fiona replies that she isn't; she just came up there to collect the rent book. She asks if something's wrong and Barbara explains that Wayne gave his evidence and headed straight home. Fiona cries, "Oh no... she's probably still there." She asks if there's any way they can warn her, but Barbara points out that Irene won't answer the 'phone at Dural and there's no way they can get there before Wayne. Fiona suggests that all they can do is pray that she leaves there before Wayne gets back.

Irene comes downstairs at Dural, holding a letter in her hand, and heads out through the front door, a triumphant expression on her face. When she's gone, Ron Castle emerges from the lounge room and steps into the hallway. He goes and stands by the front door, listening as Irene drives off. He then starts walking upstairs, quietly.

Caroline emerges from the courthouse with Gordon and Barbara, and Gordon asks her brightly if she saw her solicitor's face when Samantha kissed him?! Caroline laughs that she could have kissed him herself - he did the most wonderful job! Barbara suddenly spots Irene a short distance away, and she says she'll go and tell her the good news. She goes and joins her and, after exchanging polite greetings, asks, "Did you run into Wayne? He left here about an hour ago." Irene, though, replies that she must have missed him. She then asks how it went in court and Barbara explains that Caroline got a fairly stiff fine for having an illegal firearm, but the rest of the charges were dropped. Changing the subject, she asks what was in the strongbox. Irene explains, "A letter to Amanda. It had Caroline's name and address on it; I didn't want to read it." Barbara suggests that they give it to Caroline, then; if Wayne has been using it to blackmail her, maybe this will be the end of things. However, they look round to see Caroline just getting into a cab, which drives off. Barbara cries that she thought Caroline would wait for Samantha. Gordon joins them and tells them that Caroline said she had to see somebody. He then tells Irene that it was good of her to come by. Irene replies hesitantly that she thought she'd pop-in and see what had happened. She adds that she might pop around and see Caroline later. Barbara agrees, "What a good idea... yes, she'll be very pleased to see you..."

Wayne has dialled a number on the 'phone on the bar at Dural. A woman answers, "Woombai Riding School," and Wayne asks to speak to Stephen. The woman explains that she's afraid Stephen is out at the moment. Out in the hallway, Ron is creeping downstairs, and can overhear Wayne telling the woman that he'll be coming up for a couple of days; he should be there this afternoon. Ron looks into the lounge room as Wayne hangs up. Wayne suddenly notices him standing there and snaps, "What the hell?" Ron retorts, "So you're the guy that's been leaning on Caroline..."

A few moments later, Wayne is snapping at Ron, "What letter? What the hell are you talking about?" Ron growls, "The letter you've been using to get at Caroline. Now, you'd better hand it over." Wayne snaps at him to get out or he'll call the police. Ron, though, doesn't move, and so Wayne picks up the telephone. As he goes to dial, Ron puts his hand on a bottle of wine that's standing on the bar and lunges with it at him. Wayne cries, "No..."

Beryl is doing some sewing in the lounge room at her house. Leigh comes in and asks if she should start getting lunch ready, and Beryl thanks her. David comes in from the back garden and tells Beryl that he's finished the mowing. He then goes on that he might return to the farm after lunch. Looking concerned, Beryl asks why, and David points out that he should be working on the market garden. Leigh comes back in from the kitchen and points out that he knows it's safer if he stays there in Albert Park. David, though, says he doesn't think Crampton's going to go back to the farm; not after the scare he gave him. Beryl cries, "Please, David, I'll be worried sick if you go back." David raises his hands in surrender and agrees to stay a day or so, as they might have found Crampton by then. He heads off to wash-up. When he's gone, Leigh tells Beryl that they've got to stop David from going back to the farm for a while: they body might start to-- Beryl interrupts her and snaps, "Oh don't, Leigh." Leigh, though, goes on that that's what happens - and Beryl doesn't think David would find it...? Beryl insists, "We have to tell him. I couldn't sleep a wink last night."

There's an open bottle of red wine lying on the floor in the lounge room at Dural; wine has spilt everywhere. Gordon comes in and Barbara mutters that if Wayne knocked the bottle down, he should have had the decency to pick it up again. Gordon comments that he must have been anxious to get away, as his room's in a mess, too. Barbara, looking surprised, asks, "Is it? He's not usually untidy." Gordon points out that he hasn't had an easy time lately; hopefully, now he can relax a bit.

Ron Castle is tying Wayne's feet together in a dingy room; Wayne is only semi-conscious. He begins to come-to, but then falls into unconsciousness again.

David sits down at the living room table at Beryl's, looking shocked as Leigh explains, "I didn't want you to know." Beryl adds that she's sorry, but she had to tell him. David murmurs, "Yeah..." Leigh tells him that no one will ever find Richard in the mineshaft; they can fill it in a bit... put some more boards over it... it'll be right. David, though, insists that they have to tell the police. He stands up and says he'll have a talk to Adam. Leigh cries at him that they'll lock him up. David, though, tells her that they won't. He goes on that he doesn't know what happened, but he didn't kill anyone - and as soon as the police match the bullet with the gun, they'll see that. Leigh looks dubious.

Caroline walks up the path to the house she shared with Ron and knocks on the front door. She waits a few seconds and the door is eventually opened by a middle-aged woman. Caroline explains that she wanted to see Ron, but the woman replies that he's gone away for a few days. Looking surprised, Caroline asks where, but the woman tells her, "I'm not sure. I'm his sister, Ruth. He rang and asked me to come over and lock up the house for him." Caroline insists that it's very important that she sees him, and she asks Ruth if she has any idea where he might have gone. Ruth, though, replies that he never bothered to say. She asks Caroline if she's a friend, and Caroline tells her, "Yes, a close friend." The woman hesitates and then says, "I think he may have gone back for more therapy." She adds, "You know about his breakdown...?" Caroline, looking surprised, comments that it must have happened after she left. Ruth realises, "You're Caroline, aren't you?" Caroline nods and Ruth snaps, "You're no damn friend, then. Broke his heart when you walked out on him; ended up in an institution. He's still not right if you ask me." Caroline says she didn't realise, and Ruth snaps, "You wouldn't. You hadn't bothered to get in touch with him, had you? Well, I can tell you he was pretty damn sick." She sighs and then tells Caroline that she'd better stay right out of it; if anything upsets him again, she doesn't know what he might do. Caroline walks off.

Wayne is coming-to in the ramshackle place that Ron has taken him to. He groans in pain as Ron asks him how he's going. Wayne just asks what's going on. Ron tells him that he didn't want to hit him, but he didn't know what else to do when he started calling the cops. Wayne groans, "Let's forget about the cops. You just let me go, I'll--" Ron, though, snaps, "You think I'm crazy? You'll go straight to the cops and I'll--" He breaks off and tells Wayne that he can't pull the wool over his eyes. Wayne asks where they are, and Ron tells him, "Back of Burke - so don't waste your breath yelling." Wayne asks him what he wants and Ron tells him, "The letter. The one you've been blackmailing Caroline with." Wayne murmurs, "Alright. You take me home and I'll get it for you. It's in a strongbox under my bed." Ron, grabbing Wayne's hair and yanking his head back, snaps, "I checked that. It was empty." Wayne, after yelling out in pain, cries at him that he must have missed it. Ron, though, snaps, "You're going to stay here until you tell me where it really is - and if you don't, you're going to be very sorry..."


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