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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Colin is trapped part-way down the cliff. He cries for help and Andy tells him to grab the bush next to him and pull himself up. He then runs off to get help, leaving Colin clutching his fingers to the rocks and panting heavily.

Samantha and Barbara emerge from the kitchen into the living room at Dural, carrying some tea things, Samantha asking Barbara as they do so if Caroline gave her no hint at all as to her reasons. Barbara replies that Caroline gave her a few justifications, none of which rang true. They sit down as Barbara adds that Caroline even tried to make her believe it was for her own good: with Roland out the way she needn't worry about Gordon's relationship with her. She goes on that she's known Caroline a long time and it's very obvious that she's worried about something she wants them to know nothing about. Samantha sighs that she wishes she'd tell her; she's sure she could help her. Barbara growls that she's sure Wayne has got something to do with it. Samantha concurs that so does she, and she explains to Barbara that he's already been around trying to get Caroline to get rid of Roland and she wouldn't listen to him; then an hour after he and Eloise left together, Eloise came back and stuck the knife into the poor man and Caroline listened to her. Barbara asks Samantha if she thinks Wayne is trying to bribe Eloise. Samantha replies that that's the way it looks - but Caroline knows now that Eloise is a fake but she's still dead against Roland - so Wayne must have some other hold over her; and the only thing she can come up with is that it's something to do with Amanda's personal papers: Eloise had them and if she and Wayne are in cahoots then he could easily have found out what's in them. Barbara suggests that they'll have to try and find them, then. Samantha asks how, and Barbara replies that she'll search Wayne's room - and if he has got anything of Amanda's up there, she'll find it; that and anything else...

Caroline is walking down a pathway outside a house. She steps onto the pavement as a truck pulls up; the driver is Ron Castle. He turns off the engine and gets out, looking surprised to see Caroline standing there. He asks her how she is, adding that she's looking great. Caroline thanks him. She then explains that she went to look for him at his work, but they said he'd gone. Ron explains that he chucked the job a while back; he reckoned it was time for a change. He then tells Caroline that he misses her; she should come round more often. Caroline assures him that she's been meaning to, but she hasn't had much time lately. Ron tells her to come inside, but quickly Caroline replies that she can't; she has to be somewhere. She then explains that, to be honest, she needs his help. Looking surprised, Ron asks why him, and Caroline tells him that it needs to kept quiet and she couldn't think of anyone else. Ron, beginning to look annoyed, mutters that she wants his help but she can't come inside to talk to him. Caroline retorts that she doesn't have the time; she's already been waiting half an hour. Ron growls that he should have realised she wouldn't be back unless she wanted something. He then tells her angrily to forget it: she put him through hell, but he's over that now; he's not going to come running, though, every time she wants someone to carry her bags. Caroline insists that there's no one else she can trust. She adds teasingly that she'd be very grateful... Ron asks, "How grateful?" Caroline flirts, "You know how much..." Ron, however, snaps that she hasn't changed - she still puts a price on everything and he's not buying it. He goes to walk off, but Caroline pleads, "Please...," adding that she'll never ask anything of him again. She continues, "Just do this one thing for me. Please? You're my last chance." Ron asks angrily, "What about when you were my last chance and you dropped me for your rich friends?" Caroline insists that she loved him; she would have stayed with him if he'd trusted her. Ron, though, growls that he needed her and she dumped him; if she needs him now, that's her bad luck. With that, he storms inside.

Andy has used a rope to lower himself down the cliff-face, and he and Colin are tied together, trying to pull themselves back up. He pleads with Colin to keep going. By combining their efforts, they manage to get up onto the ledge at the top. Colin turns onto his back and lies there, panting heavily.

Samantha is standing by the bar in the lounge room at Dural when Barbara comes in carrying a strongbox. She asks Samantha if she knows anything about them, but Samantha admits, "Not much." She then adds that she wonders what's in it. Barbara tells her that she made a quick search of Wayne's room and if he's got something to hide, it'll be in the strongbox because there's nowhere else. She then asks if they can open it without a key, but Samantha says she doesn't think so. Barbara muses that Wayne keeps all his keys on one ring, so it shouldn't be too hard to get hold of one. Samantha looks dubious. Barbara assures her that she doesn't like the idea of going through his personal papers, either, but they have no choice; they have to prove they're right. Samantha comments carefully, "We don't tell mum about this, do we?" Barbara quickly replies, "No, not a word - she'd only try and stop us. And then if we do find something, we'll just destroy it and she'll never know we had anything to do with it."

Colin is sitting in the passenger seat in the jeep that Andy used when tracking him down; Andy himself is standing next to him just outside. Colin says to Andy that he supposes he's going to tell everyone, but Andy denies this. He adds that if Colin wants his advice, he should get himself together and then sit down and talk to someone about it. He adds that Jenny might be a good start. Colin, though, cries, "I can't." Andy asks why not, and Colin cries, "I just... I can't." Andy mutters, "You do whatever you like. But next time, when you pull a crazy stunt like that, you're on your own." Colin insists that he won't try it again; five minutes ago he thought he was dead and he found out he didn't want to be. He goes on that he doesn't know what the answer is, but it's not falling off a cliff or cutting his wrists. He adds that it might be best if he just packs up and clears out. Andy asks what that would solve, and Colin points out that his mum could get on with her life without worrying about him. Andy points out curtly that if he clears off without a word, Jenny will worry more, and he suggests to Colin that he just stop and talk about it. Colin then tells him there was something he didn't say before: 'thanks'. Andy mutters, "Think nothing of it."

Nick Stafford is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. David is looking out through the window, pointing a gun at Stafford the whole time. They hear a vehicle pull up outside and David warns Stafford, "Not a sound..." He goes and hides behind the kitchen door, which begins to open slowly. Richard Crampton comes in and, glaring at Stafford sitting at the table, snaps, "You'd better have a hell of a good story up your sleeve." He doesn't notice David standing behind the door as he demands, "Where's Shane?" David suddenly lunges out, grabs Richard and spins him round, pointing the gun to his chest. Looking furious, Richard yells at Stafford, "You can't get a damn thing right, can you?" David points the gun to Richard's throat, cocks it and warns, "You're dead, fella..."

A moment later, Richard growls at David that he wouldn't just kill him in cold blood. David asks angrily, "What makes you think I care?" Richard, looking frightened, insists that he never meant to hurt anyone, but David shouts, "You had my daughter raped, you terrorised my family, you killed two people and you tried to kill me." Richard cries that he wanted Shane back, that's all. Indicating Stafford, he adds, "It was him. I never told him to go putting bombs around the place." Hearing this, Stafford leaps up from his seat, grabs Richard and pushes him against the stove, snarling, "You lying mongrel." He starts laying into Richard, but David yells, "That's enough." Richard and Stafford keep fighting, though, and David yells again, "I said that's enough." He then fires a shot into the air and the two men instantly stop struggling and turn to look at him. He glares at them both for several seconds before growling, "Now one's hurt as bad as the other. You both deserve to be shot." Richard yells that he had a right to the child; any court would see that. David snarls at him to shut up. He then cocks the trigger of the gun again and points it at the two of them. He growls, "The police can have you," and he pushes them over to the sink while he makes his way over to the 'phone and starts fumbling around with his spare hand to pick up the receiver. He takes his eyes off the two men for one second, so that he can lift the handset, but it's all Stafford needs, and he lifts up the kitchen table and throws it in David's direction. As it hits David, he falls to the ground. Richard immediately runs out through the back door and Stafford heads off out the front. David gets himself back on his feet and goes after Richard.

As Richard runs off outside, David quickly begins to catch up with him. He's not quite fast enough, though, and Richard begins to get away. David fires another shot in the air, but he keeps running.

Leigh is sitting with Shane in the kitchen at Beryl's as Beryl does some wiping up. Leigh tells Beryl to leave the dishes, but Beryl insists that she needs to do something. Leigh then tells her that, at a time like this, Beryl should have a friend there - a real friend. She adds that Beryl has treated her better than she deserves, but it's not the same; she should have someone there that she can trust and talk to. Beryl thanks her, but insists that she doesn't want to talk to anyone. Leigh pleads with Beryl to let her do the dishes, then, but Beryl assures her that, all that time wondering if she'd ever see again makes her appreciate the simple things, like washing dishes and being able to see that they're clean. They suddenly hear a noise at the front door and a male voice calls, "Open up. Police here!" Leigh smiles that it's Adam, and Beryl asks teasingly, "Professional or social, do we think?!" She goes to open the door, and, as she does so, Adam asks her how it's going. Beryl smiles that she's getting better all the time. She invites him in and, as they head into the lounge room, he laughs that he thought she must be improving: this time, he didn't get a kettle thrown at him! They head into the kitchen and Beryl comments that he doesn't look as if he got much sleep. Adam explains that he nodded off for an hour or so. He sits down with Leigh and goes on that they're a bit short-staffed at the moment, so he volunteered to do a bit of extra duty; he can't have Leigh going unprotected. Leigh comments wryly that they don't seem too short-staffed to her; they've had one police car after another checking on them... Adam tells her that, if it's a bother, he can get them to keep a distance. Beryl, though, quickly assures him that they appreciate it. Adam then asks where David is, and Beryl replies that he's gone back to pick up a few things that they didn't get on the first trip. She adds that she doesn't know what's happened to him; he should be back by now. Adam suggests that he's probably driving around cooling off a bit. He goes on that it's lucky David is the level-headed sort, not likely to do anything stupid. Leigh, suddenly looking worried, asks Adam to take Shane. She hands her son over to him, explaining as she does so that there's something she wants David to bring back and she'll see if she can catch him on the 'phone.

The 'phone starts ringing in the kitchen at the country house. Richard staggers in through the back door, clutching his chest and panting heavily. He then collapses onto the floor. At Beryl's, Leigh is standing with the 'phone in her hand, waiting for an answer. At the country house, Richard manages to reach out with his hand to grab the handset. As he lies there, unable to say anything, Leigh asks, "David? Is that you?" There's no answer and Leigh asks, "Hello? Who's there?" Richard sniffs and cries weakly, "Help..." Leigh asks, "Who's that?" Richard just murmurs, "I've been shot..." Realisation dawning, Leigh asks, "Richard? Is that you? Can you hear me?" In Sunbury, the 'phone suddenly falls out of Richard's hand and his body becomes still. He's dead. In Albert Park, Leigh says several times, "Hello.... hello...?" but there's no answer. Beryl joins her from the kitchen and asks her if she got David, but Leigh replies that he wasn't there. Beryl asks her who she was talking to, then, and Leigh quickly explains that she thought someone answered, but it was just a crossed line. Seeing the look on the girl's face, Beryl tells her that she's sure David will be alright, but Leigh replies that it's not that: she guesses things are catching up with her and she feels kind of shaky; maybe she should lie down for a bit? Beryl agrees that that's a good idea. She then smiles that Adam will be disappointed - she's sure she's the only reason he dropped by for. Leigh just shrugs, "Yeah, well..." Beryl returns to the kitchen to talk to Adam. Leigh turns and heads out through the front door.

Jenny is sitting with Stephen at the living room table at the Woombai homestead, telling him that Colin has always blamed her for his father's death; somehow, he holds her responsible. Stephen asks what makes her think that, and Jenny explains that, ever since it happened, he's been distant... cold... polite enough on the surface, but hating her underneath. Stephen asks her if Colin has ever told her that. Jenny replies that he hasn't, but she can sense it. Stephen suggests that maybe she's misinterpreting it. The front door suddenly bangs shut and Stephen and Jenny look round in anticipation. Colin and Andy come in and Jenny, seeing the state of her son, asks in concern what happened. Colin tells her that he went off walking and slipped down a bank; he caught his ankle in a tree root and Andy had to climb down and get him loose. Andy chips in that it's tricky country. With that, Colin goes off to get cleaned up. When he's gone, Jenny demands of Andy, "Alright, what really happened?" Andy replies that, like he said, it's tricky country. Jenny, though, snaps at him not to treat her like an idiot. She goes on that they can all see how Colin's been behaving lately; she can guess what went on. Andy just assures her that Colin is alright; they talked about the way he feels and he won't do anything stupid now. He then heads off to get cleaned up. Jenny stands there, looking worried, and says to Stephen that she supposes she should just thank God that Colin is alive. Stephen points out that she heard what Andy said. Jenny, though, murmurs, "He was just saying what Colin wanted him to say." Stephen agrees that he probably was, but at least they're getting friendly; isn't that what they wanted? Jenny cries, "I just want him to snap out of it and be normal." Stephen assures her, "He will. Give him a chance."

Leigh approaches the kitchen door from outside the country house; the door is still open. She pauses before going in, but then steps inside. The kitchen is in a mess. With the upturned table in the way, she doesn't spot Richard lying there immediately - but as she walks round, she suddenly notices him and walks over to him. She bends down and asks quietly, "Richard?" She then feels his pulse and realises he's dead. Looking shocked, she murmurs, "David... no..."

A few moments later, Leigh is dragging Richard's body outside.

Samantha is fixing up a vase of flowers at the Morrell apartment when Caroline comes in. Samantha asks her if she got the help she wanted, but Caroline replies airily that she just went to see the lawyer about the trial, that's all. She sits down, and Samantha comments that she thought it might have been more than that. Caroline snaps, "No." Samantha suggests that they go out and have a cup of coffee, but Caroline says she doesn't feel like it. Samantha suggests that they go for a walk, then; anything to forget the trial for a bit. Caroline, though, replies that she's feeling too tired, and she adds that Samantha's not to worry about her. Samantha offers her some coffee, but Caroline says she'd prefer a scotch. Samantha, taking a glass down from the bar, remarks, "I suppose I can understand. I mean, from what I know of Wayne, some of the things he'd do would be enough to upset anyone." Caroline looks at her sharply and asks her what she's talking about. Samantha replies, "Well it is something he's done that's upset you, isn't it?" Caroline asks her why she should think that, and Samantha points out that she went to see him yesterday and has been like this ever since; she just assumed... Caroline snaps, "Well you were wrong." Samantha says she's sorry. She then asks her mother why she went to see him, then. Caroline, ignoring this, just mutters, "Are you getting that drink for me or not?" Samantha explains that they're out of it - someone's left an empty bottle on the bar. Caroline says there'll be another bottle behind the bar, but Samantha looks and says there isn't. She adds that she'll go out and get some. As she heads to the door, she asks her mother if she'll be alright for a few minutes, and Caroline snaps that of course she will. Samantha heads out into the corridor to find a man standing there. It's Ron, but she doesn't realise this. He just indicates the door opposite and tells her, "Nobody home..." Samantha accepts this and walks off. When she's out of sight, Ron knocks on the door of the Morrell apartment and Caroline goes to answer it. As she stares at him standing there, he tells her, "Don't look so surprised. You paid me a visit so why can't repay the courtesy?" Caroline asks him what he wants, and he tells her that he doesn't know why, but he's changed his mind. He asks, "What do you want me to help you with?" Caroline smiles at him, gratefully.

At Woombai, Colin has a bandaged foot up on the coffee table. Andy comes in and asks him how his foot is, and he replies that it's not as bad as it looks. Andy then asks him if Stephen is around, but Colin says he doesn't know where he is - he and Jenny drove off somewhere a while ago. There's silence for a few moments until Andy says, "It's more than the Jenny and Stephen thing, isn't it, that's got you off your fence?" Colin just looks at him. Andy goes on, "I don't know what's bothering you, but you wonder what can be so bad that you'd want to do yourself in without even talking about it." Colin stares into space and then, after several seconds, replies, "I killed my father." Andy stares at him in shock. Colin goes on bitterly, "You wanted to know what it was? Well that's it: I killed my father." Andy sits down slowly and asks how it happened. Colin explains, "When I was a kid, he, um... he used to take me on the tractor sometimes... when he was working... This one day, he had to stop and shift a log that was caught-up underneath... I bumped the handbrake and it rolled back..." Andy murmurs, "That's awful... but it was an accident." Colin cries that he didn't mean to do it. Andy tells him that it wasn't his fault - he was just a kid - but Colin cries that he was eleven. He adds that it wouldn't have happened if he'd sat still like his father told him to, but he had to be messing around and turning back in his seat to see what his father was doing. Andy points out that kids do that, but Colin mutters that he still killed him. Andy asks if Jenny knows, but Colin shakes his head and replies, "Nobody knows - except you - and I only told you because you risked your life to drag me back up that cliff." Andy tells him that he can't go through his whole life putting the screws into himself over something that was not his fault; Jenny would say the same. He suggests that Colin tell her and get it off his mind, but Colin cries that she'd hate him and he could never face her again. He adds that he only told Andy because he trusts him not to tell anyone else; no one. Andy agrees reluctantly, "Whatever you want - but I think you're mad."

Leigh is still dragging Richard's body along in the grounds at the country house in Sunbury. His shirt is covered in blood. She eventually stops next to the abandoned mineshaft and starts lifting up one of the large wooden panels that's covering it. She moves it enough to reveal a decent-sized gap, and she then grabs Richard's legs and drags him over to the hole, panting heavily as she pushes his body down through the opening...


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