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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: David C. Wilson

Nick reaches out and grabs the poker from Beryl. She gasps in shock as she struggles to hold onto it. Nick pushes her back out into the hallway and Beryl begins to feel her way into the kitchen. Nick follows her and pushes her against the 'fridge, snarling as he does so, "Enough playing." He then demands, "Where's the baby?" Beryl manages to stay upright and she feels her way to the stove, where the kettle is boiling. She picks it up and, holding onto it, flings scalding water in the direction of Nick's voice. Some of it it hits him, and he immediately picks up a napkin from the table and wraps it round his right hand, warning Beryl angrily as he does so, "You'll pay for that..." Outside, Adam has recovered consciousness and he runs up to the back door and finds Leigh lying outside. He then hears Nick inside demanding, "Where's the kid?" He appears in the doorway and pushes the door slightly. Beryl hears this noise and throws the kettle in Adam's direction. Fortunately, it misses him completely. Nick spots Adam and immediately runs off past Beryl. Adam quickly takes Beryl's arms and comforts her that it's him. He tells her to calm down and stay there. He then goes after Nick.

Roland is at the Morrell apartment, telling Caroline that he wondered if they could have a talk about her decision. As Samantha looks on, Caroline replies that there isn't anything to discuss; she decided what she believed is right. Roland asks her if she doesn't think he's competent enough, but Caroline retorts that she explained everything to Gordon; it's up to him whichever way he wants to go. Roland retorts that he can't see Gordon has much choice - she has the major share in the company - but he thinks the least she owes him is an explanation. Caroline, though, tells him that she's sorry: she can't explain why she made the decision, but that's the way it has to be. She gets up and walks away. Roland follows her and asks her if she's sure she's not letting all this psychic nonsense upset her too much. Caroline retorts that she doesn't think it is nonsense. Roland adds that she realises, doesn't she, that he'll have to resign? - he can't let Gordon and the others down because he insists on remaining a Director. Caroline just says blankly, "Do whatever you have to do." Roland goes on that he was enjoying being back in the workforce; now he'll have to find some other way of getting started. Caroline suggests that there's nothing more to discuss, so perhaps he'd leave? Samantha warns, "Mum..." Roland, though, tells her that it's alright - he doesn't know what he's done to upset Caroline, but whatever it is, he's sorry. With that, he goes. Samantha says to her mother incredulously, "What are you doing?"

A while later, Roland is back in Fiona's flat at the boarding house. Irene joins him and tells him that Fiona is making the coffee. Roland sighs that, for the life of him, he can't understand what's behind it; there was no explanation, nothing; towards the end, her attitude was as though they'd never been friends. Irene points out that he's still got his money; there's nothing to stop him starting up again on his own. Roland, though, comments that it's not as easy as it sounds; he's been out of action for almost two years and he really wouldn't know where to begin. Irene laughs that she's been using all sorts of excuses to put off starting her practise again, but it all boils down to good old-fashioned fear; they're two cowards together! Roland, who's not laughing, insists that he'd like to know what's behind it: there's got to be a reason and he can't help feeling that it's not going to be anything to do with him...

Leigh is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house with Shane and Adam, as Beryl stands by the stove, looking angry. Adam says to Leigh that although he didn't get the guy who was after her, at least he didn't get Shane. Leigh asks if they'll catch him. Adam replies that he radioed the car and the description, but he'll have to go with caution because the guy's got his gun. He adds that he feels like a complete idiot. Leigh asks him if he'll get into trouble and Adam admits that it won't look good on his record. Beryl suddenly looks round and makes her way over to where the kettle is lying on the floor. She picks it up. Leigh stares at her and asks, "Beryl... how did you know where the kettle was?" Beryl stares at it and murmurs, "I'm... I'm starting to see again." Leigh exclaims that she can't believe it: when she needed to before, she couldn't, and now that it's all over... Beryl just stands there, looking thoughtful.

A short time later, David is back at the country house and as he walks into the kitchen, he says to Leigh and Beryl that the policeman outside told him what happened. He asks them if they're alright, and Beryl assures him that they're fine. David goes on that the police said she's getting her sight back, and Beryl confirms that it's a bit blurry, but yes. He then turns to Adam and demands, "And what are you blokes doing about catching the maniac?" Adam tells him that they haven't tracked him down yet, but they will. David asks incredulously, "You realise they could have killed these two?" but Beryl tells him that if it hadn't been for Adam, there's no saying what he would have done - he certainly would have taken Shane. David snaps that Crampton is still out there running free; there's no flaming justice. Adam tells him that Richard Crampton's bail is going to be revoked, but it's still not a good idea them staying there, even though they've got protection. Beryl says she agrees; she thinks it would be much better if she went home. She adds more sadly that there's still Jim's funeral... David says he'll go and sort that out, and when he comes back they can start to pack. Beryl, though, retorts that she wants to come. David warns, "Beryl..." but Beryl insists curtly, "I want to." Adam tells them that he's about to go off duty and can take care of Leigh if they like. David thanks him.

Stephen and Jenny are sitting on the couch at Woombai. Stephen puts a cup down on the coffee table and then smiles that she didn't just invite him over from the office for morning tea, did she? Jenny admits, "I'm worried about Colin and us. I think he's a bit upset at finding that we're perhaps a little more serious than he thought." Stephen suggests that maybe it's time that he's told just how serious they are. Jenny points out that they haven't really decided that, but Stephen tells her, "I have. I know exactly how I feel. I want to marry you. It's been long enough. Admit it, Jen, you know it's the right thing to do." Jenny, though, says she thinks they should wait until Colin gets over his problem - it might only make things worse. Stephen points out that it could have the opposite effect - it could give him a sense of security. Jenny muses that she doesn't know... she didn't tell him about Ken... She goes on that Colin thought so much of his father; she doesn't know how he's going to react to another man taking his place. Stephen says he can understand that, but he's bound to sense that there's more than just friendship between them; why make it worse by trying to hide it? Jenny looks at him, an expression of concern on her face.

Colin and Andy are out walking in the grounds, and Andy is saying to Colin that he told him it would be messy! Colin points out that he has worked with horses before! He suddenly spots a tractor approaching them and he stops in his tracks, staring at it. The driver brings the machine to a halt and he calls over to Andy and Colin, "Can either of you blokes drive one of these?" Andy smiles that he probably could, but he hasn't. As he stands there, Colin begins to experience flashbacks to when he was a child. Andy tells him, "You should be able to, Colin. I mean, most farm kids are driving tractors before they're at High School." Colin is thinking back to the death of his father, and him running away after the accident, and he cries, "No. No, I can't." He then turns and starts walking away. Andy goes after him and asks what's up, but Colin snaps, "Just leave me alone."

At the homestead, Stephen asks Jenny if he should go and look for Colin, but Jenny replies that he shouldn't be long: he was in the stables with Andy. At that moment, Colin runs in and Stephen smiles, "Good, you're back. We wanted to have a word with you." Colin stares at him as he goes on, "You've probably noticed that your mother and I have become very close over the past few months. Well, we thought you should know that we've decided to take it a step further: get married." Colin glares at the two of them for several seconds before snapping at Jenny, "You lied to me, didn't you, about why we're here? You only wanted to see him. Nothing to do with me. What about dad? Don't you care about dad?" Stephen points out that Jenny has to get on with her life; it doesn't mean she loved Ralph any less. Colin, though, snaps, "You keep out of it. It's got nothing to do with you. You've got nothing to do with us." Jenny stands up and her stepson not to get so excited. She goes on that she loved his father but it's not fair that her life should stop because he's not there anymore; she needs more than his memory - she needs to feel loved. Colin cries, "Denise and I love you. Or isn't that enough?" With that, he storms off. Stephen tells Jenny to let him go, and he gives her a hug.

Colin is running along outside. As he runs, he thinks back to when he was running towards his father as a child. He had climbed onto his dad's tractor and his dad had warned him not to fool around. Colin had laughed, "I can drive it, no worries!" His father had gone round to the back of the vehicle as Colin had sat there excitedly making, "Brrrrm, brrrm," noises and turning the steering wheel." He'd then leant over and had knocked the brake off. The tractor had rolled back and his father had suddenly cried, "Arrrgh...." Colin had looked round to see him trapped underneath, his hand just falling to the ground. He'd sat there, looking scared, and had then climbed down from the tractor and run off. Back in the present, Colin is still running, looking upset...

Elsewhere in the grounds, Stephen is walking with Andy, telling him that Colin ran off. He asks Andy if he might be able to do any good with him, but Andy says he doubts it; he was pretty upset when he left him - that's why he took Stephen's news so badly. Stephen asked what caused it, but Andy replies, "Search me. We were having a great time. Then he got a bit funny and headed towards the house." Stephen comments that it's all the more reason to find him. Andy heads off to search. Stephen is standing by the worker with the tractor, who comments, "That Colin's a bit of a funny one, Mr. Morrell." Stephen asks, "Why do you say that, Jack?" and Jack explains, "He was such a nice kid when he was younger. Something's happened to him." Stephen just murmurs, "Yeah..." and walks off.

Irene is at the Morrell apartment, telling Samantha that she thought she'd pop in and say hello to Caroline. Samantha, though, explains that her mother has gone to see the solicitor about the court case next week. Irene asks her how Caroline is feeling, and Samantha replies that she's really worried about her - she's been a bit odd lately. Irene hesitates and then says she won't beat about the bush: the real reason she's there is to find out why Caroline is being so hard on Roland. Samantha assures her, "You and me both. It doesn't make sense." Irene asks her if Caroline has said anything that might give her a clue. Samantha replies that she hasn't, but she has a feeling that Wayne could have something to do with it: he came round wanting her mum to do something about getting rid of Roland, but she was against it; if she's changed her mind, it could be because of something else Wayne has said or done.

A while later, Irene is sitting with Barbara in the lounge room at Dural. Barbara is saying, "I have no idea. Maybe it's got something to do with Caroline's trial - I mean Wayne threatening to be a hostile witness, or something of that nature." Irene, though, suggests that if Wayne is behind her change of mind about Roland, it'll need to be something with more life than the court case; after the case, he won't have any further hold on her. Barbara sighs, "History tells me that whenever there's trouble, Wayne is never far behind - and it's a pretty safe guess he's had something to do with this. I mean, it's too much of a coincidence: he's been after Caroline to get rid of Roland before and now suddenly Caroline goes ahead and does it." Irene asks her if she has any idea how they can find out. Barbara just suggests that she could try with Caroline; see what she could get out of her.

Beryl is standing in the hallway at the country house. She can hear as David, Leigh and Adam finish their packing in the kitchen. Adam and Leigh head outside to pack the car, and Beryl wanders slowly into the kitchen. She murmurs to her ex-husband sadly, "I still can't believe he's gone, David. Every time I close my eyes, I see the truck burst into flames and I can't concentrate on anything else." David puts his arms round her as she sobs, "Why? Jim never harmed anyone. Why would anyone do that?" David mutters, "Some people are born animals. Crampton's one of them. He should be made to suffer the way you and Leigh have. He deserves to get it in the neck..."

Samantha is checking her appearance in the wall mirror when the front door opens at the Morrell apartment and Caroline comes in. Samantha asks her how she went and Caroline replies that the solicitor talked a lot, but she wishes she had Stephen with her; even his being there would be a help. Samantha asks her if she realises that she's making it awfully difficult for anyone to give her any sympathy, the way she's treating Roland. Caroline looks away, but Samantha goes on forcefully, "I don't know how you can treat him like that. The poor man's had a dreadful two years and all you're doing is making things worse." Caroline snaps at her, "Look, Samantha, I thought I made it quite clear that I can't explain. I'd like to, but I can't." Samantha points out, "You could at least tell me. You know I won't repeat it." Caroline, though, snaps at her that she's sounding like a cracked record. Samantha retorts that she thinks the way Caroline is treating Roland is disgusting; she knows she's having a bad time, but that's no excuse for ruining a man's life when there's no need to. Caroline, sitting down, insists, "There is a good reason, I swear." Samantha persists, "Then tell me," but Caroline retorts, "I've told you. I can't." Samantha snaps, "Then I'll tell you something. It's certainly changed the way I feel about you - and I doubt very much whether there's anything you could say that would convince me that you're doing it for any sort of right reason." With that, she storms off, leaving Caroline looking annoyed with herself.

Stephen and Jenny are sitting at the living room table at Woombai, looking worried. Andy comes in and says he had to give up - he's been all over the place. He adds that he did find out from a few of the people that they'd seen Colin getting a lift from a couple of the guests. Jenny asks where to, and Andy replies, "Harper's Lookout." Jenny asks Stephen why Colin would want to go there, and Stephen suggests, "Probably just wanted to be on his own for a while." Jenny stands up and says they'd better get after him, but Andy quickly tells her that it's probably best if he goes by himself. Stephen says he agrees, and he tells Andy to take a car and get there as quickly as he can.

Colin is sitting on some rocks overlooking a large stretch of water. There are two other young guys and a young woman there as well, and one of the other guys says to the other guy and the woman that they'd better be off. He then turns to Colin and asks him if he's ready to go, but Colin says he'll be right. The guy points out that it's a hell of a walk, but Colin insists that he could do with the exercise. The guy accepts this and he and the two others walk off. When they've gone, Colin stands up and looks down at the water a long way below him...

Nick Stafford is in a public 'phone box, talking to Richard Crampton. He's telling him that he managed to get his hand looked at; then he went out to the farm and they'd all left. Richard snaps at him to find out where they've gone, but Stafford retorts that it's not going to be that easy: even the cops have left, so they've skipped for good. Richard snarls, "I still want my son." Stafford tells him that he thinks he's pushing it, but Richard threatens, "If you're thinking of giving up, think again. You don't have the money yet. I could very easily give the police a lead on you; with your record, it won't take them long to track you down." Stafford snaps, "Don't threaten me. I'll find out where they are; I'm just not sure how." He adds that he's going to need some more money, too. Richard snaps, "You'll be paid." He then suggests that Stafford try breaking into the house - there might be something there to give him a lead. He adds, "I'll hear from you," and Stafford hangs up.

Caroline is talking to Barbara on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment, but she's telling her that she's wasting her time asking any more questions. Barbara says she's sure Caroline can give her one good reason why she's so against Roland, but Caroline retorts that she's not going to give her one. Barbara accuses, "It's got something to do with Wayne, hasn't it?" Caroline asks her if she's grabbing at straws now, adding that it's nothing to do with Barbara anyway - and if the truth be known, Barbara should be glad that she's doing something about getting rid of Roland, as it'll make it easier for her. She then adds nastily, "Or would it? Is that why you're so upset? Do you mean you still have some plans for the two of you getting together?" At Dural, Barbara growls "I don't find that very amusing at all, Caroline. Goodbye." She hangs up. At the Morrell apartment, Caroline does likewise. Samantha wanders over to her and stares at her. Caroline just says, "Darling, I need some help - and I know who can give it to me. See you in a moment." With that, she heads out. Samantha watches her go, a puzzled look on her face.

Nick Stafford is standing outside the kitchen door at the country house. He looks around carefully and then places a crowbar into the small gap between the lock and the doorframe. He forces the door open and heads inside. He then starts looking around the kitchen, opening drawers and cupboards and taking out sheets of paper. Finding nothing there, he heads out to the lounge room. Unknown to him, David has just turned up outside and he's found the back door open. He heads quietly into the kitchen and looks around. He then heads out to the hallway and makes his way to the lounge room. He peers inside and sees Nick Stafford riffling through papers on the coffee table. He heads into the room and creeps up behind the guy, lunging at him and pushing him onto the floor. Stafford tries to fight back, but can't do much with his right hand covered in bandages. David pushes the hand to the floor and stamps on it. He then grabs the gun that Stafford is trying to hold onto. He forces Stafford to his feet, points the weapon at his head and threatens, "The only way you're going to stay alive is by getting Crampton over here. I'm going to make sure he gets what he deserves. Now you get on the 'phone. " Stafford snarls, "He's not going to come; he's not that stupid. Why do you think he sent for me in the first place?" Still aiming the pistol at his head, David snaps, "You've got five seconds..."

Andy has pulled a jeep up at Harper's Lookout and has spotted Colin standing staring at the water. He starts approaching him slowly before stopping and calling out, "Heard you were heading up here." Colin looks round as Andy goes on that it's a good view; it's a bit hazy, but normally you can see all the way to Chandler. Colin mutters, "Yeah, well I didn't come for the view." Andy starts walking towards him and tells him that he's seen all there is to see; he'll give him a lift back to Woombai now. Colin, though, turns and snaps, "Get away. I'm not stupid. Don't come any closer." Andy quickly assures him that he won't - he's terrified of heights; he doesn't know how Colin can stand being that close. Colin murmurs, "It's only air. It can't hurt you." Andy points out that the ground at the bottom can, but Colin retorts, "Close your eyes. Wouldn't even know when you hit. Be all over; you wouldn't feel a thing." Andy, taking another step forward, says he's got a feeling that it wouldn't be that simple. Colin, though, snaps, "Stand still. You move again and I'm going over." Andy asks him if that isn't what he's going to do anyway. Colin cries, "When I'm ready. Just stay there and leave me alone."

At Woombai, Jenny tells Stephen that Andy is just a boy; if things get difficult, he's not going to know the best way to handle it. Stephen, though, assures her that he will. Jenny cries that she should be with Colin; after the strain he's been under, there's no knowing what he'll do. Stephen tells her that he'll more than likely do nothing; he just wanted a chance to get away and think. Jenny snaps, "On top of Harbour's Lookout?" Stephen tells her calmly that he's not going to say it's not possible, but if the thing that triggered him off was seeing them together, the worst thing they could do would be to go after him. He continues that it's going to be alright, he's sure; he just needs a bit of time to think and someone like Andy who he can talk to without any emotional pressure. Jenny looks at him, sadly.

On the rocks at Harper's Lookout, Andy asks Colin if he isn't making a big thing out of this; OK, his life isn't going the way he wants it to, but does he think he's the only one it's ever happened to? He goes on that he got tangled up with religious freaks a while back and did the same thing Colin's doing: he turned his back on his friends and family; he's just glad they didn't turn their backs on him. Colin snaps sarcastically, "Aren't you the lucky one?" Andy continues that, OK, Colin flunked a couple of exams, but big deal; is that the end of the world? Colin cries, "It's not that... it's..." He hesitates before going on, "It's everything. It's just not worth the effort anymore." Andy tells him, "You know what your problem is, mate? You can't handle seeing your mother and Stephen getting it on together. You reckon you're going to be left out on your own. Well, you ought to be happy she's found someone as decent as Stephen. Don't you think she's been left out on her own long enough?" Colin snaps, "No I don't. She owes dad more than that." Andy retorts, "So you want her to throw her life away, too?" He continues, "Stephen is a great bloke. If you just give him a chance and put in a bit of effort, you'll get on with him." Colin, though, cries, "I won't. There's no way." He pauses before going on, "I don't care what they do." Andy asks gently, "Why should you? It's nothing to get uptight about." Colin stares at him and then cries, "It's nothing to do with them. Just get away from me." He starts backing away, but suddenly loses his footing. He topples off the edge of the rocks and starts plummeting downwards as Andy looks on in shock...


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