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    Written by: Colin Bowles   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: David C. Wilson

Eloise stands up and snaps that she doesn't have to listen to Samantha. Caroline asks if it's true but Eloise retorts that of course it isn't. Samantha tells Caroline not to listen to her. Caroline slowly realises, "It was all a fraud from the start, wasn't it?" Eloise suddenly announces that she has to go, as some clients insisted she see them today. Caroline cries sarcastically, "Oh, and who have they lost? A son? A husband?" Eloise snaps that she doesn't know what Caroline's talking about. Caroline announces that she's going to call the police, but Eloise asks what they're going to arrest her for. Desmond chips in that Eloise is right - they can't prove anything. Caroline glares at Eloise and snarls, "People like you should be locked up." She then starts to run at her, but Samantha grabs her and pulls her back. Eloise warns, "You lay a finger on me and I'll sue for assault." Caroline warns Eloise that she's not going to get another penny out of her; she's going to cancel the cheque now. Sounding disinterested, Eloise just sighs, "Win some, lose some." With that, she heads to the door and goes. Caroline stands there, looking upset.

Fiona is cleaning her flat when Beryl emerges from her bedroom and starts feeling her way into the lounge room. She's holding a large box. Fiona, looking surprised to see her tells her that she should be resting, but Beryl replies that she can't. She asks if David is there, but Fiona explains that he's gone out for a while: the coroner's office rang and they want him to make a formal identification. Changing the subject, she goes on that she rang the airport and the 'plane leaves at 3:30pm. She then asks what's in the box. Beryl lifts off the lid to reveal a pink dress. She tells Fiona sadly that Jim bought it the other day - it was the dress she was to be married in, but she's going to throw it out. David comes in the front door and overhears this. Beryl sobs, "Why did it have to happen? We could have been so happy..." David looks on sympathetically.

At the Morrell apartment, Caroline says she still thinks they ought to call the police, but Desmond points out that it won't do any good. Samantha suggests Wayne, and Caroline asks how he could stop her. Desmond explains that they think he put Eloise up to the bit about Roland. Samantha tells her mother that Wayne came round wanting her to push Roland out of the company; she wouldn't, but half an hour after she and Wayne left together, Eloise came back wanting Caroline to get rid of Roland too. Desmond adds that they know Eloise is a fraud; why else would she say that unless someone paid her to? Caroline stands up and Desmond asks her where she's going. She retorts that she's going to see Wayne: one way or another, she's going to get the truth out of him. With that, she heads out. Samantha comments to Desmond that she supposes if they can get Wayne to admit to bribing Eloise, they can prove she's a fraud. Desmond, though, points out that it's hardly the the sort of thing Wayne will admit - although it'll give Caroline a chance to let off some steam and that's probably just as important...

Eloise is at Dural with Wayne. As the two of them head into the lounge room, Wayne asks Eloise angrily what she came there for, as someone might see her. Eloise retorts that they have to talk. Wayne asks her sarcastically if she hasn't heard about 'phones. Ignoring this, Eloise asks if they're alone. Wayne retorts, "Luckily, yes. Now what do you want?" Eloise explains calmly, "I've decided not to do any more readings for Caroline. I just couldn't go through with it; I suppose my conscience was bothering me." Wayne growls, "I didn't know you had one." Eloise goes on that the thing is, she might be leaving Sydney for a while; Wayne immediately realises that she wants her money. He heads to the bar, but Eloise adds that, before he writes the cheque, they should have a little chat. Wayne points out that they agreed on a price; she's not getting any more. Eloise, though, suddenly places Amanda's diary and letters on the bar and tells Wayne that she thinks he might be interested in them. Wayne asks her suspiciously where she got them, but Eloise retorts that that's her business. She asks, "Well?" Wayne asks, "How much?" and Eloise tells him, "Double. Write it out to cash." He starts writing the cheque. Eloise asks him if he doesn't want to know what's in the diary, but Wayne retorts that he's doing it for Amanda; he doesn't want to read them. Eloise tells him, "They're very interesting - I think you should. In fact, I think you've got a bargain..." Wayne signs the cheque, rips it from the book, hands it over and snaps at Eloise to get out. He then tosses the diary onto the floor near the couch and heads out to the hallway. Eloise adds that he'd better not do anything silly - if anything should happen to the cheque... Wayne assures her curtly that it won't bounce, and Eloise smiles, "Good. Well, nice doing business with you." The two of them head to the door, leaving the diary and letters on the floor...

Fiona hangs up the 'phone in her flat as David emerges from his bedroom with some cases, saying he's just about ready. Fiona tells him to take care of himself and look after Beryl. David assures her that he will. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Fiona opens it to find Leigh standing there. She comes in and David asks her in surprise how she got there. Leigh explains animatedly that Charlie drove her; she's waiting in the car with Shane and has offered to drive them all to the airport. David asks, "You coming to see us off, eh?" Leigh, though, admits, "No, I've got my case with me. I want to come with you." David tells her that there's no way. Leigh cries that they're a family; they ought to be together. David, though, points out that Crampton could have another go at her to get Shane if she came back to Melbourne. Leigh asks him angrily what makes him think Sydney is any safer - Richard managed to get at his truck, didn't he? Fiona, who is escorting Beryl into the room, tells David that Leigh might be right. David sighs that he knows, but Beryl's going to be staying with him for a while. Leigh tells him that he can't look after her all the time - and maybe it's the chance she needs to make it up to Beryl. David looks at his ex-wife and asks, "Beryl?" Beryl retorts, "It's your house." David replies that he knows, but they're all going to be staying there and he doesn't want to make it any harder than it has to be. Beryl just retorts, "I don't care, David. Let her come if she wants to." With that, Fiona leads her to the front door and David suggests to Leigh that they go.

Wayne is standing at the bar in the lounge room at Dural, Amanda's diary in his hand. He pulls out a letter that's stuck inside, opens it up and starts reading. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and he quickly puts the diary down and places a newspaper over it. He doesn't notice one of the letters falling off the edge of the bar and floating to the floor... He goes and opens the door to find Caroline standing there. She marches in and snaps, "I want to talk to you." She heads into the lounge room and puts her handbag down on the bar. Wayne rejoins her and she snaps, "It was a set-up, wasn't it? How much did you pay her?" Wayne asks 'innocently', "Pay who?" Caroline snaps, "You wanted Roland out of the company so you got Eloise to do your dirty work." Wayne, though, assures her, "Sorry. I'm not following you." Caroline looks down in annoyance and suddenly notices the letter lying there. She looks at Wayne, who quickly goes to pick it up. He's not fast enough, though, because Caroline puts her foot on it and picks it up herself. She looks at it and then snarls at Wayne, "You were in on this right from the start, weren't you?" Wayne asks curtly, "In on what?" Caroline demands, "Where are the other letters and the diary? Have you got them or has Eloise?" Wayne insists that he doesn't know what she's talking about, but Caroline, holding out the letter, retorts, "Then where did this come from?" Wayne snaps at her that she'd better leave. Caroline, though, tells him that she hasn't finished - and as soon as she tells Gordon what he's been up to, it's going to be him who's going to be out of the company. Wayne pauses and then sighs that, alright, he did get Eloise to say a little bit about Roland but he had nothing to do with the rest of it. He then warns Caroline that she should think twice before saying anything to Gordon. Uncovering the diary on the bar, he goes on that Eloise was there about twenty minutes ago. He hands the diary back to Caroline, but, holding onto the letter he was reading before Caroline arrived, adds, "Not this one, though. It was tucked into the diary cover. I can only guess that Eloise didn't find it - because if she had, it would have been worth a fortune to her. It's a letter you sent to Amanda from overseas - about Samantha. It makes great reading; I wouldn't have thought she had it in her..." Caroline goes to snatch the letter away, but Wayne smiles nastily, "Not so fast. It's my insurance. You say one word to Gordy and I'll make sure everybody gets a copy - including Samantha." Caroline looks worried.

A few moments later, Caroline says to Wayne, "You wouldn't actually use that letter, would you?" Wayne murmurs, "If I have to." Caroline asks him angrily if he realises what that would do to Samantha, but Wayne asks her if she realises what telling Gordy would do to him. He then adds that, of course, Roland has to stay out of the company. Caroline cries, "What have you got against him?" Wayne explains that he doesn't want Roland anywhere near Barbara or Gordon; he nearly split them up when he first came back and he's not going to get a second chance. Caroline mutters sarcastically, "That's loyal of you." Wayne retorts, "Gordon's my father. I'm not going to see him hurt." Caroline smiles nastily, "I'd say you were frightened of Roland. You know very well that if he stayed on in the company, he'd end up by showing you up for what you are: second rate." Wayne ignores this and growls, "Either Roland stays out or Samantha gets a copy. It's up to you."

A while later, Caroline is back at the Morrell apartment, looking worried. Samantha joins her and asks her if she talked to Wayne. Caroline hesitates and then says, "Maybe he had nothing to do with it." Samantha insists that he must have, but Caroline tells her that there's nothing they can do - and at least there's been no harm done: she'll cancel the cheques and drop the whole matter. Samantha says to her that she'll ring Roland, won't she, and let him know it's all a big mistake? Caroline retorts that she'll think about it. Samantha asks incredulously what there is to think about, but Caroline snaps that she doesn't want to discuss it any more, and she storms off. Samantha sits there, looking puzzled.

It's dark when David opens the back door at the country house and heads inside, carrying his case. A police officer follows him in and puts down some more cases. He then turns to Beryl and guides her to a seat at the table. Leigh comes in behind them and sits down with Shane. David tells the officer that it's good to see one of them there already, and the officer explains that they've been keeping an eye on the place since they heard what happened in Sydney. He adds that you can't be too careful, and David laughs that that's the understatement of the year! He then introduces himself and the police officer shakes his hand, introducing himself as Adam Tate. David then introduces Beryl and Leigh. Looking at Leigh, Adam smiles, "I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other for a while." Leigh smiles back at him and then heads to the stove to get Shane something to eat. David walks off to the bedrooms with the cases. Adam asks Leigh if she needs a hand, adding that he'll take Shane. Leigh hands over her son, and Adam smiles that he's a cute little fellow! Beryl has made her way to the 'fridge, but as David comes back in and sees what she's doing, he asks her if she's sure she can manage. Beryl snaps, "Yes, thankyou, David." He leaves the room again. Adam goes to put Shane in his playpen. Beryl closes the 'fridge door, a number of groceries balanced in her arms. She heads in the direction of the table, but the groceries suddenly fall out of her arms and she cries out. Leigh quickly runs over to help, but Beryl snaps that she can manage. She bends down to start picking things up. Leigh bends down with her and says, "Look, I know how you feel about me and I'm sorry. I'd like to make it up." Beryl asks her how she's going to do that, and Leigh insists, "I'd like to try." Beryl growls quietly, "If you really want to do something for me, Leigh, you'll stay right out of my way. Alright?" Leigh looks upset.

The guy who placed the bomb in David's truck is in a public 'phone box. Richard is on the other end of the 'phone and the guy says to him, "It's Nick." Richard demands, "Where are you?" and Nick tells him, "I'm out near the farmhouse. I came down from Sydney this afternoon and followed them down." Richard asks if Shane is with them and Nick says he is. Richard snaps, "Right. Then you know what to do." Nick explains that it might be a bit difficult - they've brought a woman down with them and there's a copper hanging around at the front. Richard snaps, "That's your problem. Just do it. I'm booked on a flight to the States on Wednesday and I want my son with me." Nick assures him, "Don't worry. He'll be there," and he hangs up.

The next morning, Jenny and Stephen are having breakfast at the Woombai homestead as Andy lies on the couch. Jenny asks where Colin is and Andy replies that he should be out in a minute. He then tells her that he needs to ask her something a bit personal: her husband: how long ago did he die? Jenny replies that it was almost ten years ago. Andy asks what happened, and she explains, "It was an accident: he was doing some work in one of the paddocks on the tractor. It seems he got off to move a log out the way and he mustn't've put the handbrake on properly. It rolled backwards... he was crushed..." Andy asks if Colin was there, but Jenny replies that he wasn't, thank God; he took it hard enough as it was. She then asks why all the questions, and Andy explains that Colin woke up screaming last night and he just thought-- He breaks off as Colin comes in and says a cheery, "Morning." Stephen offers him some breakfast, but he declines, saying he's ready to get started. Looking at Andy, he asks what they're doing today. Andy asks him if he wants to help out and he smiles, "Of course - you're looking at a keen student of agricultural science!" Andy tells him that he can give him a hand cleaning out the stables, then, and they head out. When they've gone, Stephen asks Jenny what Andy was saying about last night. Jenny replies that Colin had a nightmare or something - although he seems bright enough this morning. Stephen suggests they hope it keeps up.

Adam Tate knocks on the back door at the country house and heads inside. Everyone is having breakfast. He asks if they all slept OK, and Leigh smiles that it made a big difference knowing he was there. He then offers to feed Shane so that Leigh can have her own breakfast, and Leigh thanks him. David asks him what time he knocks off, and he replies, "Nine o'clock. Another hour." David asks him if someone will be taking over from him, as he has to go out and he doesn't want to leave Beryl, Leigh and Shane on their own. Adam assures him that there'll be someone on duty 24 hours a day. Beryl asks David where he's going, and David explains that that truck he took to Sydney belonged to a mate, so he wants to see the insurance company and make sure he gets a replacement as soon as possible. Leigh suddenly notices that Adam has got some baby food on his jacket, and she drags him to the sink to wipe it off! David says he'd better get going. He asks Adam to look after the others and he says he will. David goes. As Leigh wipes Adam's jacket, he realises it's going to stain, and he tells Leigh that he'll take it to the cleaners on the way home. Leigh tells him that he must let her pay for it. Adam suddenly notices that David has left his jacket behind, and he picks it up and heads outside.

Richard's henchman, Nick, is watching David through a pair of binoculars as Adam Tate runs up to him and tells him that Leigh thought he might need his coat. David thanks him and gets in his car. He starts the engine and drives off. Adam heads back towards the house, Nick watching him the whole time...

A short time later, Nick pulls up outside the house in a bright yellow car. He gets out and walks over to Adam, introducing himself as Doctor Stafford and handing over an ID card. He explains that Miss. Palmer wants him to have a look at her baby. Looking surprised, Adam asks what's wrong with him. Nick replies that he doesn't think it's anything serious, but Miss. Palmer sounds a little anxious. Adam says he's just been inside and Leigh didn't mention anything. Nick tells him that she must have forgotten. He adds that he'll wait outside if Adam would like to go and check first. Adam hesitates and then says, "OK, come this way, sir." He heads towards the back door. As the two of them walk along, Nick says to Adam that Mr. Palmer tells him they've had some trouble out there recently, adding that it's a nasty business. They head up to the back door and pause just outside. Adam asks Nick to wait there while he goes in and has a quick word. He turns his back on Nick and goes to open the back door, but as he does so, Nick takes a cosh out of his jacket and hits Adam with it. He crumples to the ground.

Inside, the kettle is boiling in the kitchen. Beryl is standing in the doorway to the hall, making her way into the kitchen, when Leigh comes in past her and says she'll get it. Beryl offers to hold Shane, but Leigh says it's alright - he's in his playpen. She then asks if Adam stayed outside and Beryl tells her that he must have. She turns towards to the back door, adding that she'll see if he wants to come in again. She feels her way to the door and opens it. Nick is outside with Adam, who's lying on the ground, unconscious. Beryl calls, "Adam? Adam?" but there's no response. Nick looks at her as she heads back into the kitchen. Leigh asks if Adam is coming in, but Beryl replies that he must be round the front; she'll call him again in a moment.

Jenny opens the window in Colin and Andy's room at Woombai and stares out of it. Stephen comes into the room and comments that she's miles away. Jenny explains that she was thinking about Ralph: talking to Andy brought it all back. She hugs Stephen as he tells her gently to try not to think about it. Jenny sighs, "What would I do without you?" The front door suddenly bangs shut and Colin walks in. Jenny and Stephen turn to look at him and Jenny says she thought he was down at the stables. Seeing the two of them in their embrace, Colin snaps, "Obviously." He then adds that he needs some thicker socks for his boots. Stephen says he'd better get on with some work, and he leaves them. When he's gone, Colin snarls at his mother, "You two didn't waste any time - I've only been out of the house a few minutes." Jenny retorts that he's jumping the gun a little, but Colin snaps that it isn't hard to guess why she was so keen to stay there. Jenny tells him that Stephen is a very good friend, but Colin retorts that it looks more than that to him. He then asks bluntly, "Are you sleeping with him?" Jenny growls, "How dare you?" but Colin goes on, "What about dad? Doesn't he count anymore?" Jenny points out that Ralph is dead, but Colin cries that she can't just forget him. Jenny insists that she'll never forget him, but it was a long time ago. Colin suddenly says, "I'm sorry. I just love him, that's all. I thought you did, too." With that, he storms off.

Leigh fills the kettle in the kitchen at the country house and then goes and puts it on the stove. Beryl makes her way into the room from the hallway, saying to Leigh as she does so that she doesn't know where Adam is; she's been calling out the front but he doesn't seem to be there either. Leigh says cheerily that she'll go and find him and she heads to the back door. She opens it to find Nick standing there - dressed in a police uniform. He says, "Hello, Miss. Palmer. Everything alright?" Leigh stares at him and asks him who he is. He tells her that he's Bill Forbes - he'll be there during the day. Leigh asks where Adam is and Nick tells her that he's gone off-duty. Leigh muses that he said he didn't get off until 9am. Nick tells her that he needed to get some sleep. Leigh comments that it's funny he didn't come and say goodbye, but Nick tells her that he said he'd see her tonight. Leigh looks down and suddenly notices that 'PC. Forbes'' jacket has a stain on it - in exactly the same position as the stain on Adam's. She murmurs, "That jacket... it's Adam's..." She then shouts, "Beryl, they've done something to Adam." Nick grabs her and starts trying to put his hand over her mouth. As she struggles, Leigh cries, "Beryl, get Shane. Get him away. Don't let them..." Her words become muffled as Nick fights her to the ground. Beryl starts feeling her way to the lounge room, where Shane is in his playpen. She picks him up as Nick quietly makes his way along the hallway. Beryl heads to the front door and puts Shane down against the wall outside. She then heads back inside. Nick is still walking along quietly along the hallway. Beryl feels her way around in the lounge room and picks up a poker. She then raises it above her head, not realising that Nick is right behind her...


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