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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: David C. Wilson

A short time later, Beryl is sitting alone in her own room at the hospital when there's a knock on the door and David comes in. He tells her that he saw the doctor... Beryl says quietly, "They were too late, weren't they?" David murmurs, "Yeah." Beryl says she'll have to go back home this morning, but David tells her that she's not well enough to go anywhere. Beryl points out that somebody will have to make Jim's funeral arrangements, but David tells her that Mike and Heather will be doing that when they come down from Queensland. Beryl though, insists, "I want to do it, David. There's not much else I can do for Jim now. I didn't even get a chance to say I was sorry." David assures her that Jim knew how she felt. Beryl explains, "Last time we talked, he accused me of not loving him." David tells her that he didn't mean it, but Beryl goes on sadly, "I wasn't satisfied until I pushed him into something I could be proud of. I was so stupid..." David tells her that Jim wouldn't have been hitching a ride with him if he thought she didn't care. Beryl murmurs, "He wouldn't have had to if I'd shown more understanding." David suggests, "We can't keep blaming ourselves. If I'd listened to that psychic bloke... but what's the point of it now? It's not going to bring Jim and Neil back." Beryl just sits, looking upset.

In the hallway at Dural, Wayne rants at Julie that that's it: she's going to walk out on him with no explanation? Julie, though, points out that she told him why: it wouldn't work; it would be better for both of them if she and her dad went back to Melbourne. Wayne snaps that he wants them to get married. Julie, though, retorts that it's hopeless: they're poles apart and they always will be. Wayne cries, "I love you," but Julie tells him that it isn't enough - not when two people are as different as they are. She adds that she's sorry but she's made up her mind. Wayne asks if his feelings don't count. Julie insists that of course they do, but it had to end sometime and it's better now than after they're married. She adds sadly that she has to go; the taxi's waiting. Wayne cries, "Julie..." Julie just kisses him and heads outside, leaving Wayne looking lost and upset.

Charlie is out in her front garden, wearing her nightclothes as she picks up the newspaper. Spider suddenly approaches her and says, "Morning, Charlie." Looking shocked at being caught in her nightwear, Charlie asks if it isn't rather early to be visiting! She adds that Leigh is still asleep. Spider asks how she was last night, and Charlie replies that she was rather shocked. She then invites him to come inside and have breakfast with her. Spider, though, tells her that he'd like to but he and Julie are going back to Melbourne this morning. Charlie asks if Julie and Wayne have had another argument, and Spider explains that the wedding's off. Charlie sighs, "Oh dear - although I can't say I'm surprised: socially, she and Wayne are worlds apart." She then quickly apologises, but Spider assures her that he and Jules aren't ashamed of being working class; the fancy sort of living there in Sydney just isn't natural to them. Charlie comments that she thought he enjoyed staying with the Hamiltons. Spider explains that he could have taken a bit more, but Julie was getting very upset. Charlie tells him that she's going to miss him. Spider smiles, "Same here." Charlie then tells him that she'll visit him next time she's in Melbourne, and he walks off.

Later that morning, Wayne is sitting at the bar in the lounge room. Gordon and Roland are sitting on one of the couches as Gordon tells his son that Roland has some interesting ideas for the company. Roland asks Gordon if he thinks they're viable, and he replies that he does. He then adds that, in fact, he'd like to start implementing one or two of them straight away; it'll save them a heap of money. He heads off to get some expenditure sheets, leaving Roland alone with Wayne. Roland tells Wayne that he was sorry to hear about Julie. Wayne just mutters that news travels fast. Roland explains that Julie dropped in to see Irene. He goes on that he thinks they made a very wise decision - they would both have been very unhappy. Wayne glares at him and growls, "That's what sickens me most about you: you think you're an expert on everybody else's problems." Roland suggests that sometimes an outsider can be more objective, but Wayne asks, "Is that the excuse you used when you tried to get Barbara back?" Roland warns, "Now just a minute--" Wayne, though, interrupts and continues, "I know damn well you're still after her. That's why you're working so hard to make Gordon think you're indispensable. But we managed before you came along - and we'll manage when I get rid of you, too." Roland retorts, "I'm not still after Barbara. But, you do your worst - and when you slip-up, Gordon will see how worthless you really are. At least Julie woke up to you in time." Wayne stares at him angrily, but before he can respond, Gordon comes back in with some computer printouts. Sitting down again with Roland, he tells him that they're not very exciting reading, but he'll get the general drift. Seeing Wayne and Roland staring at each other, he asks if anything's wrong. Roland assures him, "Nothing of any consequence..." Wayne glares at him.

Caroline emerges from her bedroom at the Morrell apartment, wearing her nightclothes. Desmond Bourke is sitting on the couch and Samantha is making him a cup of coffee. Caroline says hello to Bourke, who asks her if she had a late night. Caroline explains that she hasn't been sleeping very well. Bourke ask if Eloise hasn't been making any progress, but Caroline insists, "She will - soon." She then asks him what he wants, and he explains that it's his day off at the pharmacy; he thought he'd drop in. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Caroline goes and answers it to find Wayne standing there. Seeing her still in her nightclothes, he apologises for dropping in so early, and adds that he'd like to talk to her. Caroline asks what it's about, and Wayne, looking at Samantha and Bourke there as well, smiles, "I'd like to apologise for upsetting you at the meeting." Caroline acknowledges this and then asks if that's all. Wayne quickly says, "No." He hesitates momentarily before asking, "What do you think of Roland Armstrong being a Director in the company?" Caroline smiles that she's thrilled - he's an excellent businessman. Wayne tells her sourly that it sticks out a mile that he plans to take over, but Caroline asks, "Does it? You could have fooled me!" Samantha listens from the couch as Wayne tells her mother, "I've been watching the way he works. I know he's out to cause trouble." Caroline sighs and replies that if he came there to get her on-side, he's wasting his time: Roland's a very good friend and she's got the utmost respect-- She breaks off as the 'phone starts ringing, and she goes to answer it. Samantha offers Wayne some coffee, which he accepts. He comes into the apartment and sits down. Caroline answers the 'phone and Eloise comes on. She tells Caroline apologetically that she can't make it today. Looking disappointed, Caroline cries, "But you must come, Eloise." Eloise assures her that she doesn't like to let her down, but she does have other clients - and she has to make a living... Caroline cries at her that she can't walk out on her now; she'll double what her other clients pay her. Samantha and Desmond Bourke both look at her, sharply. Eloise hesitates and then says, "Alright. I'll be there as soon as I can." Caroline hangs up and then asks Samantha to make some fresh coffee, as Eloise is coming round. She heads to her bedroom. When she's gone, Wayne asks, "Isn't she the fortune teller?" Samantha agrees, "Sort of, yes." Wayne asks, "How much are her house calls?" Samantha muses, "More than they were yesterday..." Bourke looks at her in concern.

Spider is sitting at a picnic table, next to a woman who's looking at a travel brochure. He asks her if she's planning a cruise, but she doesn't respond, and he says, "Sorry." The woman quickly says she's sorry, and she explains that she is thinking about one, but she doesn't know where to go. Spider asks her if she'd take some advice from an ex-naval officer, and the woman tells him that that would be very kind of him. A short distance away, Julie and Irene walk away from a ticket kiosk, Julie saying to Irene as they do so that she doesn't want to spend her whole time looking after her dad, but he's hopeless on his own. Irene asks if he can't go back to the retirement home, but Julie explains that they gave his room to somebody else. They suddenly spot Spider chatting to the woman, and Irene laughs, "I don't think he's too hopeless on his own! He could charm the leg off a chair, that one. He'll never be lonely!"

Fiona opens the door of her flat. David and Beryl are standing in the corridor and Fiona immediately grabs Beryl's arm and starts leading her inside. She asks the two of them how they are, and David murmurs, "Coping." Beryl thanks Fiona for having them, adding that it'll only be for the night, as she wants to get back to Melbourne. Roland joins them and takes Beryl's hands, telling her that he was sorry to hear about Jim. Beryl doesn't respond, instead asking if she can lay down for a while. Fiona assures her that the spare room is all made up, and she helps Beryl to the doorway. She makes the rest of the way on her own. When she's out of earshot, Fiona sighs at David and Roland, "I just don't know how the hospital could have let her out." David explains that they couldn't stop her - she's set on making the funeral arrangements. Roland asks if she'll get her sight back, and David replies that she should do, sooner or later. Fiona says she's sure it'll be sooner. David murmurs, "I hope so..."

Eloise has arrived at the Morrell apartment, and as Caroline lets her in and she spots her audience, she comments that she thought they'd be alone. Looking at Samantha, Desmond and Wayne, Caroline asks, "Do you mind?" Wayne, a smile on his face, says, "Actually, do you mind if I stay?" Eloise stares at him and tells him that she finds it difficult to concentrate when strangers are around. Wayne, though, assures her that he's hardly a stranger - he was married to Amanda; he may be able to help. Eloise reluctantly accepts this. Bourke says he'd better be going, and Samantha sees him to the door. Eloise asks Caroline if she has the bracelet, and Caroline takes it out of her pocket and hands it over. Eloise goes and sits down on one of the chairs and, closing her eyes, clasps the jewellery to her and murmurs, "Yes... the feeling is very strong today..." Caroline asks her eagerly if she can contact Amanda. Eloise murmurs, "Someone is trying to reach me... but I can't make out... might be..." Wayne looks at her suspiciously as she goes on, "She's coming closer... stretching out her hands... a fair, pretty girl..." Caroline exclaims, "It must be Amanda!" Eloise continues, "Yes... I can see her more clearly now... it is... she's telling me... her name's Amanda..." Caroline smiles happily. Wayne sits there, a smile of bemused disbelief on his face.

A few moments later, Wayne is still looking bemused as Eloise says, "She's giving me a message, but I can't work out..." Caroline asks what it is, and Eloise tells her, "It's for Samantha. She's saying 'Stay away from Bill'. That's all." Samantha muses, "Bit late." Caroline asks Eloise, "Where is she?" Eloise, still gripping the bracelet tightly, whispers, "I'm trying... it's no good... I can't see her anymore... she's gone... I've lost her..." She sits back and pants that she's sorry. Caroline insists, "You were so close," but Eloise tells her, "Never mind. Each time's a little easier." Wayne sits there, staring at her, a smile still on his face. Eloise suddenly tells Caroline that she'll have to go; one or two clients insisted that she see them today. Caroline asks her if she'll come back, and Eloise assures her that of course she will. She adds that Caroline will see Amanda again; she's sure of it. Caroline takes out a cheque and hands it over, saying she hopes it's enough. Samantha looks on suspiciously as Eloise tells Caroline that she's very generous. Wayne stands up and announces that he'll have to go too. He thanks Caroline for letting him stay and adds that he'll get back to her about that business matter. Caroline insists that she couldn't be happier that Roland has become a Director. Wayne reluctantly murmurs, "If that's how you feel..." and he heads out. Eloise tells Caroline that she'll be in touch and she goes. Caroline closes the door behind her. Wayne is still standing in the corridor and Eloise says to him, "Nice meeting you, Mr., er..." Wayne completes, "Hamilton." Eloise then asks him if he'll be sitting in on any more sessions, but Wayne smiles that he doesn't think so - he's seen all he needs to. Eloise goes to walk off, but Wayne continues, "You're a great actress. You've certainly got Caroline bluffed." Eloise stops in her tracks and asks quietly, "I'm sorry?" Wayne tells her that he doesn't know where she's getting her information from, but she's obviously got a very reliable source and she knows how to hit her targets: Caroline's a wealthy woman. Eloise insists, "I never asked her for any money. I'm only interested in helping her." Wayne nods in amusement and then comments, "What a pity. I was about to make you an offer myself, but if you're not interested..." He goes to walk off, but Eloise quickly says, "Just a moment... I don't suppose it would hurt to listen. How about we go for a drive?" Wayne, heading off down the corridor, smiles, "Why not...?"

David slams down the 'phone at Fiona's apartment and snaps at Roland that the police reckon they can't pin a thing on Crampton: apparently, he can prove that he hasn't left Victoria since he was released on bail. Roland assures him that the police will continue to watch Crampton; even if he's got someone working with him, they'll soon know. David mutters that he's not going to get away with it, even if he has to string him up himself. Changing the subject, Roland comments that he thinks Irene must have gone to Melbourne with Julie and Spider. Fiona, though, assures him that she's probably decided to do some shopping on the way. She invites him to stay to lunch, but he declines. Fiona insists that she could use the extra hand, and Roland gives in. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and David goes to get it. Desmond Bourke is standing in the corridor, and he looks surprised to see David there. David invites him in and Bourke asks how Beryl is. David replies, "Coping. Just." He then adds that he supposes Bourke is going to say 'I told you so'. Bourke, though, points out that it wouldn't change anything; he's just very sorry it happened. Fiona and Roland emerge from the kitchen and David heads off to the spare room to see if Beryl needs anything. When he's gone, Bourke tells Fiona that he came to see how David was, but he had no idea he'd be there. Fiona explains that he's still pretty upset, but Bourke shouldn't take it to heart. Bourke murmurs, "I can't blame him. I don't think I'm anybody's favourite person at the moment..."

Wayne pulls his car into the side of a road. Eloise is sitting in the passenger seat and she tells him that no one can overhear them now, so what's his offer? Wayne replies that it's nothing she'll find too difficult: she's got Caroline Morrell wrapped round her little finger and it could be useful to him. Eloise tells him to go on. Wayne explains, "She and I have a mutual business acquaintance. I've tried to warn her that he's bad news; unfortunately, she won't listen to me." Eloise asks, "And you think she will to me?" Wayne assures her, "You can tell her pigs fly and she'd believe it." He adds that Eloise will be well-paid. Eloise asks him, "What's the man done to you?" Wayne replies that it's more what he's going to do. He then asks, "Interested?"

A while later, Eloise is once again standing in the doorway at the Morrell apartment, and Caroline is telling in her surprise that she wasn't expecting her back today. Eloise explains that she couldn't ignore it; she had to warn her. Caroline asks if it's about Amanda, but Eloise explains that it's a name she heard when she was leaving. She then asks Caroline if she knows a man named Roland, and Caroline confirms, "Yes." Eloise goes on, "He's a partner of some sort... business?" Caroline nods, "That's right, yes." Eloise continues, "No, it isn't. You shouldn't be involved with him." Samantha stares at her and demands, "What's wrong with Uncle Roland?" Eloise tells her, "I'm not sure... but it's dangerous for your mother to have anything more to do with him." Caroline insists that he's a very close friend. Eloise tells her that, even so, for her own sake, she should keep right away from him. Caroline stands there, looking puzzled.

A few moments later, Eloise and Samantha are sitting on the couch, listening as Caroline talks on the 'phone at the bar, telling Gordon that she knows the amount of work that Roland has put into the company, but it's all going to backfire; either Roland resigns from the company, or she has to withdraw her financial support; she's sorry, but that's final. Gordon tells her that he'll need time to think about it. Caroline retorts, "Fair enough. But I'm not going to change my mind. Goodbye." With that, she hangs up. Eloise immediately tells her that she's done the right thing, and Caroline murmurs that she hopes so. Eloise then suggests that they try to contact Amanda again, but she asks if she can freshen up first. Caroline points out the bathroom and Eloise heads off. When she's gone, Samantha snaps at her mother incredulously, "Do you know what you're doing? She could be completely wrong. She was pretty vague when you talked about details." Caroline, though, retorts, "I couldn't ignore it. Look what happened to David Palmer." Samantha retorts, "That was Desmond. I'd trust him before I trust her." Caroline mutters that she can't see why - at least Eloise has done something about contacting Amanda. Samantha, though, retorts, "Oh, has she? When you think about it--" Caroline interrupts her and snaps that she's not in the mood for an argument. She then warns her daughter that if she can't keep her thoughts to herself, she should go out for the afternoon; she doesn't want Eloise upset. Samantha growls, "What's the use?" and she storms off.

A while later, Samantha is sitting with Desmond and Fiona at Fiona's flat, and she comments that she can't understand it: Eloise has never even met Roland. Fiona muses that that explains why he and Irene dashed off after Gordon called. Samantha suggests that it seems like a big coincidence to her: Wayne comes round wanting her mum to ditch her Uncle Roland, then he and Eloise leave at the same time and before you know it, she wants her mum to ditch him, too. She asks Fiona if Wayne could have talked Eloise into it. Fiona laughs bitterly and replies that she thinks Wayne has talked with his chequebook; Mrs. Treece is rather short on scruples. Bourke chips in to suggest that maybe she's been faking everything. Samantha, though, asks how she'd know that stuff about Amanda. Bourke asks if Wayne could have told her about that too. Samantha asks incredulously, "When? She turned up out of the blue one night and knew everything." Fiona tells her, "Wayne paid a lady to pretend she was Jill's mother once. She turned up out of the blue, too..." She then heads into the kitchen. Alone with Bourke, Samantha says to him, "No, it's not right. She knew things Wayne wouldn't have. The name of her teddybear... the fight at Woombai... she couldn't have read or heard about any of that, not even in the papers." She then adds, "I suppose it could have been in Amanda's diary, but that's under the bed in mum's room." Bourke asks, "Is it?" Samantha replies, "Last I looked. We haven't been burgled and I didn't give it to her - and mum certainly didn't. Anyway, she knew it all when she walked in." Bourke suggests that maybe she's not faking about Amanda. Samantha, looking thoughtful, recalls, "She turned up the night after the meeting. Mum was exhausted - I think she'd been a bit hungover all day; she'd gone out the night before and painted the town red. She picked up that guy, Clive. What a dreg..." Bourke asks if he could have read Amanda's diary. Samantha, though, replies, "No, he wouldn't have had the time. He couldn't have taken--" She breaks off as she suddenly realises, "Hang on... he might have... yes, if they are gone, he's the only one who could have taken them. And he left a number; it's at the apartment." Bourke, looking wary, suggests that it might be a coincidence - and if he is involved, he's not likely to admit it. He then suggests that they try a bluff and see how far they get. The two of them head out.

Sometime later, Eloise is sitting in the Morrell apartment, her eyes closed tightly. She tells Caroline, though, that it's no good. Caroline asks what's wrong, but Eloise says she's not sure - she can't seem to contact her. The front door suddenly opens and Samantha and Desmond walk in. Samantha asks how it's going, but Caroline admits, "Not too well." Samantha then goes on that she's sorry she was angry before. She adds that she met Desmond at Fiona's - he thinks he might be able to help. Bourke tells the women that he started getting a strong feeling about Amanda after he left this morning. Caroline assures him that she'd be grateful if he could try to reach her; Eloise seems exhausted. With Caroline and Eloise's eyes on Bourke, Samantha slips off to the bedrooms. Eloise tells Bourke that he doesn't think he'll do any good, but Bourke points out that it can't hurt, and he suggests they give it a try. Eloise closes her eyes.

Roland is sitting at the living room table at Dural with Gordon and Irene, saying he can't understand it: they were such good friends. Irene asks if Caroline didn't offer any explanation, but Gordon replies that she didn't; he hoped Roland knew what was going on. Wayne comes in from the hallway and calls over that he was just after a drink. He goes to the bar and listens as Roland tells Gordon and Irene that it's a rather tricky situation: Caroline's money is the company's backbone. Gordon muses that it's the last thing he wants, but he doesn't know that he can afford to go against her wishes. A nasty smile crosses Wayne's face as Roland announces, "I'll have to resign."

At the Morrell apartment, Desmond Bourke is clasping Amanda's bracelet and saying, "I think I'm picking up something..." Caroline is watching him intently as Eloise sits next to her, staring into space. Bourke goes on, "I can't pinpoint it..." Caroline asks, "Where is she?" but Bourke murmurs, "I don't..." Samantha suddenly rejoins them and Bourke looks at her. She nods at him very slightly. He then suddenly goes on, "No, it's not Amanda. It's about her." Samantha, playing along, asks, "What is it?" and Bourke continues, "It's Eloise... with a man, talking about Amanda." Eloise glares at him and asks, "What are you trying to do?" Samantha warns her curtly, "Let him finish." Bourke goes on, "The man's handing something to her... letters, I think... and some sort of book... no... it's a diary... Amanda's." Caroline looks at Eloise and asks what Desmond's talking about. Eloise insists that Bourke is trying to discredit her; it's all a plot. Bourke, though, insists, "It's true, though, isn't it." Samantha tells her mother, "Amanda's diaries and letters are missing, mum. I just looked. Eloise must have them." Eloise starts to protest that she doesn't know what Samantha is talking about-- Samantha, however, interrupts her and snaps, "Clive Redford took them, didn't he?" Eloise insists, "I don't know anyone called Clive..." She breaks off as she realises she's been rumbled. Samantha tells her mother triumphantly, "They were in it together, mum. She's no psychic; she's after your money. The whole thing's been a huge con-job." Caroline looks at Eloise in shock.


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