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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: David C. Wilson

That evening, the 'phone rings at Dural and Gordon answers it at the bar. He listens and then asks, "Did you catch him?" There's another pause before he cries, "My God. Anyone hurt?" Out in the hallway, Barbara is standing by the front door, letting Charlie in. Charlie tells her that she really should have been there - it was so exciting! They head into the lounge room where she goes on about a designer who's come up with a brilliant collection. On the 'phone, Gordon says, "Let me know the moment you hear anything else." He listens further as Charlie talks to Barbara excitedly, before thanking the person for ringing and hanging up. He then turns to the two women and tells them, "He was right: Desmond, when he tried to warn them. David's truck exploded." The women stare at him in shock.

Leigh is standing in a hospital corridor with David, and she asks him if he's sure he's OK. He snaps back that he's standing there, isn't he? He then tells her more calmly that he's 'phoned Heather and Mike in Brisbane. Leigh asks if they're coming down, but David replies that there's no point until after Jim's operation. He then asks where Beryl is, and Leigh points out a nearby room, adding that Fiona's with her. David sits down, murmuring, "Hell... What have I done?" Leigh tells him that he didn't do anything, but David points out, "Neil's dead. Jim... God knows how bad he is... I mean, that bloke tried to warn me... I didn't listen to him." Leigh tells him gently to stop thinking about it - there's nothing he could have done. David, though, retorts that he could have been more careful where people's lives were concerned. With that, he gets up to go and see how Beryl is.

Beryl is lying a bed in a separate room, apparently unconscious, with Fiona sitting next to her. There's a knock on the door and David comes in. Fiona asks if there's any news of Jim, but David shakes his head. Beryl suddenly starts to come round, and David comments to Fiona that she's waking up. Beryl murmurs, "Jim...?" David tells her softly that it's alright, and Fiona adds that the doctors are with Jim, in surgery. Beryl sits up and suddenly asks, "Why's the room so dark?" She starts breathing heavily in panic as David asks, "Beryl?" She then starts reaching out with her hands and touching him as he tells her, "I'm right here. You see? I'm right here?" Beryl, though, cries, "I can't. I can't see..."

Barbara is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, looking upset, when Wayne comes in, followed by Julie and Spider. He tells Barbara brightly that they've been checking out Spider's new unit, and he asks if Gordon is around, as he wants his opinion on the best way to handle the conveyancing. Barbara, though, tells him, "Gordon's at the hospital. David's truck... there's been some sort of explosion. Neil Duffy was killed." A look of shock crosses Julie's face and she goes and sits down as Wayne asks about the others. Barbara explains that Jim was hurt, but David's OK - and Beryl's in hospital, but with her, apparently it's just shock. Spider sits down with his daughter and murmurs that he's sorry. Julie cries, "He's dead..." Wayne stares at her. Barbara explains that the men stopped to buy some fruit and Neil stayed in the cabin. Wayne says he supposes they should be thankful it wasn't a lot worse. Julie immediately snaps, "You mean thankful it was only Neil that was killed." Wayne stares at her again as Spider tells her that it's alright; it's just shock.

At the hospital, a doctor is with Beryl, as she lies back in bed. He's checking her eyes and he asks her to look up and then down. He then tells her that there's no physical damage that he can see, but they'll have to run some tests to confirm it. Beryl asks what's wrong, then, and the doctor explains that it could be a reaction to shock. Beryl asks if it's permanent, but the doctor replies that he shouldn't think so. He goes on that they'll just have to wait and see. He then adds that he'll leave her to rest for a while. Beryl asks how Mr. O'Brien is, but the doctor says he's sorry, but he hasn't heard - but he couldn't be out of surgery yet. Beryl cries that someone must know something. The doctor just tells her that he's sure there'll be some news soon, and he leaves the room. Beryl lies there, looking worried.

Fiona and Leigh are sitting with David in the corridor outside. None of them is saying anything. The doctor joins them and David asks how bad Beryl is. The doctor replies that he can't be sure without tests, but he doesn't think it's physical; it's more likely a hysterical reaction. Leigh comments that she didn't seem hysterical, but the doctor explains that he means in the clinical sense: when the truck exploded, if she saw something too terrible for her mind to accept, her subconscious could be protecting itself by refusing to see what happened - and he didn't want to ask her what she remembered about the explosion in case it upset her again. David muses, "I can tell you that: she saw the man she was engaged to practically blown apart." The doctor agrees that that would account for it, but he adds that, if that's the cause, it should only be temporary. He then heads off to see another patient. When he's gone, Leigh suggests to David that they go, as there's nothing more he can do there. David, though, says he wants so see how Jim is. Charlie and Gordon suddenly round the corner, and Gordon tells everyone that he knows there's not a lot they can do, but they thought they'd come over anyway. Charlie asks how everyone is, and Fiona replies that they don't know about Jim; Beryl's alright, but the shock has affected her eyesight. Charlie exclaims, "How terrible." A nurse joins them and tells David that the police would like to talk to him. He heads off. Charlie asks Leigh if David is alright, as he looks terribly shaken. Leigh explains that he's blaming himself for not listening to the psychic guy. Fiona stares into space, looking worried, as Leigh continues, "It's no use saying 'I told you so'. Maybe it was a coincidence. One thing I do know, it wasn't David's fault."

In another part of the corridor, David is telling two police officers, "Richard Crampton." One of the officers asks him why Crampton would want to kill him, and David retorts, "Let's say we just don't like each other." The other officer protests that lots of people don't like each other, but David insists, "It was him. He made plenty of threats at me and my daughter. He's got the money and connections to set it up." The first officer asks how they get hold of him, and David replies, "Melbourne. Talk to the coppers down there - they'll have the whole story. He's out on bail for stealing my grandson." The first officer says they'll see what the Melbourne police can tell them. David growls, "I should have wrung his neck when I had the chance." The first officer, though, warns him not to say that sort of thing too loudly. He and his colleague then walk off.

Andy walks into the lounge room at the Woombai homestead with Stephen, telling him that he doesn't mind helping out. Jenny is already in the room as Stephen thanks Andy, adding that they've moved Colin in with him, as it'll make it easier to keep an eye on him. Jenny tells Andy that Colin knows it's his room, but he's very tense at the moment; they don't even know how he's going to take to Woombai, let alone sharing a room with someone he doesn't know. Stephen warns Andy to remember that Colin tried to commit suicide; he's obviously very mixed up and they don't want him doing anything to hurt himself. Jenny tells Andy to come on and she'll introduce him. Andy, though, assures her that that's OK, adding that it's probably best if he just goes in. He leaves the room.

Colin is sitting in the dark in Andy's bedroom when the door opens and Andy switches the light on. Andy holds out his hand and says cheerily, "Hi. I'm Andy. Jenny and Stephen told me you were moving in." Colin ignores the hand, though, and just mutters, "Sharing wasn't my idea." Andy replies that he doesn't mind - and there are no free bedrooms. Colin, not looking at him, snaps, "They've told you to watch me, haven't they?" Andy asks, "Sorry?" Colin snaps, "I don't need a minder." Andy asks him what he's talking about, but Colin cries, "You know. I bet they told you all about me." Andy retorts, "They told me you had a bit of trouble at uni, that's all." Colin snaps, "And your job's to make sure I don't... do anything silly." He adds that Andy must think he's stupid. Andy admits that, alright, he knows what happened, but Jenny and Stephen are worried about him - and what's wrong with a bit of company? He suggests that they give it a go, but Colin just mutters, "Suit yourself." Andy sits down on his bed. Colin then turns to face him and growls, "I'll tell you something: you don't know as much about me as you think. If you did, you wouldn't want to be within a mile of me..."

A few moments later, Andy comments that it can't be too awful; Jenny and Stephen told him most of what happened and he reckons he can understand. Colin, though retorts that Jenny and Stephen don't know as much as they think. Andy tells Colin that he doesn't look like the type of person to do anything too terrible, but Colin snaps that that shows how much he knows. Andy asks, "Do you want to tell me?" Colin, though, snaps that Andy would really love that: he'd be able to give Stephen and Jenny a full report. Andy tells Colin that it's obvious he's got something on his mind. Colin, though, snaps that it's got nothing to do with Andy. Andy tells him to calm down, but Colin cries, "Don't tell me to calm down. I don't take orders from spies." Andy growls, "For God's sake, act your age." Jenny suddenly comes in and asks what all the shouting's about. Andy quickly replies that they were just mucking around. Jenny muses that it didn't sound like it, but Andy assures her that it's fine and she goes. Left alone again with Colin, Andy snaps, "I am not spying for your mother or anyone else - and that's the last time I'm going to say it because frankly I'm not interested in whether you believe me or not. If you want to tell me, fine, I'll listen, but if you don't, I'm not going to make you try. Fair enough?" Colin stares at him and then looks away again.

Out in the lounge room, Jenny cries at Stephen that they were arguing; she could see how tense Colin was. She adds that Andy said they were just mucking about. Stephen asks what Colin said, and Jenny retorts, "Nothing - but I could see he was very worked up." She adds angrily that she asked Andy not to upset him. Stephen, though, tells her to take it easy, adding that, if it was anything serious, he would have said. Jenny suggests that, if Andy and Colin aren't going to get on, she thinks she should move to the Reid House. Stephen, though, points out that they can't expect to solve the problem straight away - Colin is bound to be a bit suspicious for a while. Andy suddenly comes in and Jenny immediately demands to know what was going on in the bedroom. Andy explains that Colin was just a bit uptight. Jenny asks him why they were fighting, but Andy retorts that they weren't. Jenny snaps that they could hear them. Andy asks angrily if he's going to cop these questions every time he comes out. Changing tack, Jenny asks if Colin said anything. Andy sighs, "Look, if you want me to keep an eye on him, I'll do it. But I'm not going to spy on him for you. Anything he tells me in confidence... well, that's how it will stay." Jenny cries that she and Stephen have to know what's worrying him - that's the whole point of this. She then adds, "He's already said something to you, hasn't he?" Andy, though, denies this, adding that, if Colin has anything to tell them, they'll find out when he's ready - if they give him a chance. Stephen suggests to Jenny that Andy is making sense; they have to show Colin that they can trust him; they just have to be patient.

Fiona and David are back in Beryl's room at the hospital. Fiona is clutching Beryl's hands. The door opens and the doctor comes in. He asks Beryl how she's going. In reply, Beryl asks him how the tests went, and he replies that it's pretty much as he thought: the problem could be related to concussion but it's more likely to be from shock - which means that the loss of her eyesight could last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. He adds that the best thing he can suggest is complete rest - and they'd like to keep her there for another couple of days, under observation. Beryl asks if there's any news of Mr. O'Brien. The doctor just replies mutedly, "Well, he's, er, out of surgery." Beryl asks if she can talk to him. The doctor, though, just tells her, "Later, perhaps." Beryl asks if he's still unconscious, and the doctor replies that he'd say so. Looking worried, Beryl asks, "What is his condition?" The doctor, however, tells her not to worry, as he's receiving the best possible care. Beryl insists that if he doesn't want her to worry, he should tell her what's happening. The doctor, giving in, explains, "His condition is critical, but he's putting up a good fight." Beryl asks, "Will he live?" The doctor tells her, "There's a good chance." Beryl asks, "How good?" The doctor assures her, "We're doing everything we can."

Barbara, Wayne, Julie and Spider are all sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Barbara is sorting through some magazines, but Wayne keeps picking them up, and she snaps at him that they've been lying around the house for months; why does he want to read them now, when she's about to throw them out? Wayne slams them down on the table and stands up, angrily. The front door suddenly bangs and Gordon comes in. Barbara asks anxiously if there's any news, and Gordon replies that Jim's out of surgery, but they're not saying much, so it can't be too good. He adds that they seem to think Beryl will be OK in a day or two. Barbara asks about David, and Gordon tells her that he seems to be a bit down, that's all. He goes and sits down. As he does so, Barbara tells him that Desmond called and would like Gordon to ring him back. Gordon says he'll do it in a minute. He puts his hand to his head and Barbara realises, "You really are exhausted, aren't you?" Gordon explains that hospitals depress him, that's all. Wayne chips in that at least David wasn't hurt, and he's sure Jim will pull through. Barbara agrees, "He's a fighter, you have to give him that." Julie suddenly stands up and cries, "Look, someone was killed, remember? Or isn't anybody worried about Neil?" Barbara insists that of course they are, but Julie cries, "You wouldn't think so. You should hear yourselves." With that, she storms out of the room. Spider quickly follows her. Wayne looks at Gordon and Barbara and then heads out too.

Julie is sitting on the stairs in the hallway. Spider sits down with her and tells her not to let it get to her - there's nothing she can do to bring him back. Julie, though, cries, "It's my fault." Spider asks how. Wayne appears in the lounge room doorway and listens as Julie explains sadly, "If it wasn't for me, he would have stayed if I'd wanted him to. I know he would've." Wayne walks over to her and asks suspiciously, "What was all that?" Spider explains that Jules is just a bit upset about young Neil. Wayne tells his fiancée, "We all are. It's very sad - but you hardly knew him." Spider tells him that that Julie's sensitive; that's her nature. Wayne ignores this and asks Julie what she meant when she said Neil would have stayed if she'd wanted him. Spider insists, "She didn't mean--" Wayne interrupts and, indicating Julie, snaps, "Will you let her answer?" Julie stands up and cries, "Alright, I'll answer. I liked Neil." Wayne points out, "Obviously he liked you too. What exactly's been going on?" Julie retorts, "You wouldn't understand, would you? You couldn't understand liking someone else for their own sake without there being anything in it for you." Wayne snaps, "At least I know what it's like to have a bit of loyalty." Indicating Spider, he continues, "I only just spent all my money on a unit for him - and all you can do is go picking up someone behind my back. That's what's happened, isn't it?" Julie glares at him and cries, "It was someone I could talk to; a friend, like Rick was; like you were when I first met you - before I found out what you were really like." She goes on angrily, "I mean, I actually thought you were a nice bloke. It was a good act and it fooled me for a while, but not anymore. Poor Neil's dead. I've lost someone I cared about and all you can think about is, because I'm upset, that we must have been on together. Well as far as I'm concerned, that makes you the most miserable excuse for a human being I've ever known." With that, she runs off, leaving Wayne looking puzzled.

A short time later, Julie is standing back on the stairs as Wayne stands in the hallway, demanding of her, "If you never did more than talk to the guy, how come he's so wonderful and I'm suddenly Mr. Nasty?" Julie retorts, "If the cap fits... I mean, look at you now: you're carrying-on like a two-year-old." Wayne snaps incredulously, "I'm acting like a two-year-old? You want to know the truth? You're just trying to shift the blame." Julie asks in disbelief, "What?" Wayne goes on, "You have an argument with this guy. He goes off and gets killed and now you're trying to convince yourself it's my fault." Julie insists that that's not true, but Wayne snaps, "Yes it is. You've done it all your life. Whenever anything goes wrong, you always manage to blame someone else. Don't you? Well?" Spider tells him to give it a rest, but Wayne asks angrily, "Why? It's the truth. You ought to know - she's blamed you more than anyone." Spider retorts that he admits that he's never given Julie an easy time of it, but she's still turned out to be the nicest girl Wayne is ever likely to meet - and he's beginning to wonder if Wayne still deserves her. Wayne, looking stunned, growls, "Oh, I give up. What's the point in trying to talk sense when you're as bad as each other? You can both go to hell for all I care." With that, he storms off to the lounge room. Spider tells Julie comfortingly, "Don't worry, girl. Your old dad's here."

It's the middle of the night, and at Woombai, Colin is panting heavily as he endures a nightmare. He suddenly sits bolt upright, crying, "Dad! Look out!" He wakes up as Andy comes-to and asks in a tired voice what's wrong. Colin pants that it was nothing; a dream, that's all. Andy switches on his bedside light and walks over to Colin's bed, switching on his light, as well. He asks him if he wants a drink, but Colin just lies there, breathing heavily. After a few seconds, Andy returns to his own bed and sits down on the edge. There's a pause until Colin asks, "Don't you want to know what I dreamt about?" Andy yawns, "If you want to tell me." Colin tells him, "I don't, but I thought you'd want to find out." Andy, though, retorts, "I'm sorry to disappoint you. When you want to tell me, I'll be interested, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it." With that, he turns off his bedside light and tells Colin that he'll see him in the morning. Colin switches off his light as well, but lies there looking upset.

The next morning, a nurse opens the blinds in Beryl's room and asks Beryl if she'd like to listen to the radio. She declines, though. The door suddenly opens and the doctor comes in. He asks the nurse if there's any improvement, but she shakes her head. The doctor then says to Beryl, "Mrs. Palmer... about Mr. O'Brien: I'm afraid his condition is worsening and I thought, if you felt up to it, you might want to visit with him now." Beryl replies that she would and the doctor asks the nurse to get a wheelchair. She goes. The doctor adds that David has been contacted and is on his way; they thought she might like to have someone with her. Beryl thanks him.

Julie and Spider come downstairs at Dural, carrying packed suitcases. Spider says he'll take them outside and then duck over and say goodbye to Charlie. Julie says to him that he does understand, doesn't he? Spider assures her that he won't fight her on it - although he has to say he'll be a bit unhappy to leave Dural behind. He heads outside and Julie walks into the living room, where Barbara, Gordon and Wayne are having breakfast. Wayne stands up from the table and says to her that, before she sits down, he thinks they should talk. Julie, though, tells him that there's nothing more to talk about. Wayne pleads, "Please, Julie. I over-reacted. I just want to be sure--" Julie interrupts and tells retorts, "It's too late, Wayne. I'm leaving you. I just stopped in to say goodbye." Wayne looks shocked.

Beryl is sitting in Jim's room at the hospital. A heart monitor is beeping in a regular pattern; it's connected to Jim, who's lying in bed, swathed in bandages. David is standing by one of the walls, looking worried. Jim suddenly starts making quiet noises, and David says to Beryl that he thinks he's waking up. Jim starts moving his hand, and David tells Beryl, "Here, he wants your hand." Beryl reaches out and, feeling around for it, takes it, telling Jim, "I'm here." Jim murmurs, "I'm sorry..." Beryl smiles sadly, "It's alright, Jim." Jim goes on sluggishly, "I just wanted to make things up and..." Beryl assures him, "I know. I love you, too." Jim's hand suddenly drops down onto the bed and the heart monitor begins emitting one long continuous pulse. He's dead. Beryl sits at his side, tears beginning to stream from her eyes.


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